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Thursday, July 1, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/01 - Are You Ready for Cannabis?

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/01 - Are You Ready for Cannabis?


2021/07/01 - Are You Ready for Cannabis?

[NEW EPISODE] Are You Ready for Cannabis?

The new, less taboo, world of Cannabis has sent many people looking for answers to their questions on the plant. There are patients researching whether the medicinal effects will have an impact for their ailment. There are medical practitioners, pharmacists, and nurses who are looking to have more information.

While there is plenty of information that is widely available via Google, people from all angles are trying to increase their awareness and knowledge on the subject...and they turn to our special guest for guidance in the world of Cannabis.

Visiting Planet Pakalolo is Dr. Bridget Goodwin, Medical Herbalist, Apitherapist, and Medical Cannabis Educator at Ready for Cannabis, an independent education website providing evidence-based information to those interested in upscaling their knowledge about all elements of the use of cannabis as medicine. These courses help you understand why this dramatic shift is occurring and what the cannabis plant can do for humanity.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny introduces Bridget Goodwin, a doctor concerned with how Cannabis can help people with sensitive skin. Her PhD was about secret war-time experiments on human skin that found that, after a while, the skin heals itself. Cannabis is effective at helping skin heal on it’s own. Cannabis can help through both internal ingestion and topical application, which makes it different from pharmaceuticals.It may be effective in treating skin cancer, and other disorders. Jonny and Dr Goodwin talk about cannabis education in a post-prohibition era.

Segment 2

Dr Goodwin talks about the ways Cannabis can also help with anti-aging. Bee products have very effective skin care advantages, being used in skincare all over the world and throughout history. Goodwin found that Cannabis and Bee Products were used in tandem in Ancient Egypt. She warns against use of Botox as a first resort for skincare, urging listeners to opt instead for Natural options.

Segment 3

Jonny introduces the 3rd segment by bringing up Skin Cancer, and urges Dr Goodwin to share a personal anecdote about her father, who was a life saver and a surfer in Australia, and was always at risk of skin cancer. Her background in being outside all the time under heavy sun, and witnessing her family members be at risk of skin cancer, with her mother fully contracting it, and treating it with cannabis topicals. Her mother reports being calmer, sleeping better, having better memory, and gaining other side benefits through ingestion of cannabis oil for her skin.

Segment 4

Jonny and Dr Goodwin talk about Beauty Blast, her skincare line. She mentions past patients that have been helped by natural skincare. She talks about her desire for more natural skin care to be accessible to people, and for CBD products to be legalised.


00:00:35.460 --> 00:00:48.840 Jonny Tsunami: Good evening everyone i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet pato low low a less taboo view For those of you who don't know pato low low is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:00:49.200 --> 00:00:58.680 Jonny Tsunami: Also, known as marijuana but this show is about removing the taboos stereotypes and stigmas connected to this illustrious plant.

00:00:59.070 --> 00:01:13.320 Jonny Tsunami: Tonight I have a special guest, all the way from down under in Australia, which is actually 8am on Friday morning over there, Dr Bridget Goodwin Dr Bridget how are you today welcome to the show.

00:01:14.520 --> 00:01:17.760 Bridget Goodwin: Very well, thank you Johnny Thank you so much for having me on your show.

00:01:18.330 --> 00:01:33.330 Jonny Tsunami: My pleasure so Dr Bridget Goodwin PhD has a background in medical education and publishing her doctoral thesis was on medical experimentation on human skin and her special areas of interest, our medical herbs herbal ISM.

00:01:33.960 --> 00:01:47.310 Jonny Tsunami: And specializes in aroma therapy aba therapy and organic skincare formulations she also has the dermal therapy college which he's created so Dr good one.

00:01:47.910 --> 00:01:58.530 Jonny Tsunami: Let me introduce you to my audience tell me a little bit about yourself, because we were chatting just briefly before and i'm excited to hear your story to share with talk radio in yc.

00:02:00.720 --> 00:02:18.150 Bridget Goodwin: Well, thank you Johnny I guess i've come to cannabis from an unusual angle, mostly i've come to it because of skin cancer, Australia, has the most skin cancer in the world, because of our beautiful sun are beautiful beaches and the fact that a lot of us have.

00:02:19.410 --> 00:02:34.260 Bridget Goodwin: skin that's totally inappropriate for this climate and it's only been in recent times that were being encouraged to be more careful, but I personally came from my father, who was actually in the Second World War.

00:02:35.430 --> 00:02:45.030 Bridget Goodwin: was a great body surfer but he had beautiful pale Irish skin that went bright red in the sun and he, of course, wanted us to be like him out surfing on the beach.

00:02:45.660 --> 00:02:58.470 Bridget Goodwin: And our sun protection was a big hand with coke you know covered in sand with coconut oil book for the whole day and we would roast like Beatrice on the beach as kids so everybody in my family has terrible skin cancer and.

00:02:59.220 --> 00:03:12.900 Bridget Goodwin: You know, except me because I studied, how do we turn this around and that's kind of when I learned to that cannabis and how it can help with this, I couldn't help but want to know more that's my story.

00:03:14.340 --> 00:03:23.130 Jonny Tsunami: and tell me a little bit about what you wrote about with a PhD the history behind it, because that fascinated me.

00:03:25.320 --> 00:03:35.850 Bridget Goodwin: Well, it actually does, because the experiments on human skin were done by British and American researchers very secretly top secret in Australia during the Second World War.

00:03:36.360 --> 00:03:48.270 Bridget Goodwin: When before Hiroshima the plan plan a was to use mustard gas, so they carried out secret experiments over during the whole war time very, very secret and.

00:03:48.870 --> 00:03:57.360 Bridget Goodwin: They exposed Australian soldiers to these chemical weapons and then studied had a skin reacted they studied techniques to heal the skin.

00:03:58.920 --> 00:04:16.740 Bridget Goodwin: There was a lot of a lot of science in it that it was all hushed up, so my PhD was about these secret wartime experiments, where the ultimate finding was despite all of their testing they found that the skin actually will heal itself, which I thought was a fascinating thing so.

00:04:17.820 --> 00:04:28.020 Bridget Goodwin: That was, you know my PhD and during my work with double therapy College on people who've been suffering from some damage like myself.

00:04:29.190 --> 00:04:42.330 Bridget Goodwin: It was interesting to work on how do we encourage the skin to heal itself and it turns out that cannabis and b products and natural therapies are actually very, very effective, but.

00:04:42.840 --> 00:04:59.550 Bridget Goodwin: I still think that's not well known, and when I learned about the benefits of cannabis for the skin and for the body and for health, of course I needed to know more, and then I just became passionate about wanting to tell people about it.

00:05:00.840 --> 00:05:07.020 Jonny Tsunami: So now we had looked at an article and was something interesting in there, it said that.

00:05:07.470 --> 00:05:25.260 Jonny Tsunami: cannabinoids and skin cancer, it could help as far as tumor cell growth or reducing melanoma progression and mustaches tumor cell proliferation and migration and angiogenesis so what's your thoughts on that or perhaps any studies that you've come across that would add to that.

00:05:30.060 --> 00:05:41.490 Bridget Goodwin: Well, I think there's been quite a bit of research on cannabis and cancer and cannabis and skin cancer, but, like many serious illnesses people only attempt.

00:05:41.970 --> 00:05:49.410 Bridget Goodwin: A drug like cannabis, as a last resort, so they're not really giving it a chance because they they think it's not going to work.

00:05:49.890 --> 00:06:00.960 Bridget Goodwin: they've been told that herbal medicine is week whatever, but what they've learned is that you know cannabis can do a whole lot of things inside the endocannabinoid system so.

00:06:01.710 --> 00:06:08.820 Bridget Goodwin: let's say it works on two levels if we're looking at inflammation a lot of cancer, a lot of asthma arthritis.

00:06:09.390 --> 00:06:21.090 Bridget Goodwin: Even outside as a triggered by inflammation which is starting off from stress from bad diet bad lifestyle cannabis can bring something to this that helps suit that inflammation internally.

00:06:22.470 --> 00:06:32.220 Bridget Goodwin: Through topical through ingesting cannabis through taking cannabis pharmaceuticals, but also topically on the skin so.

00:06:33.660 --> 00:06:48.360 Bridget Goodwin: that's the marvelous thing about cannabis that it actually works on so many body systems through the endocannabinoid system and the skin being the largest organ in the body of course it's going to benefit from that and they've I think in the research they've shown that.

00:06:49.860 --> 00:07:00.090 Bridget Goodwin: compounds in cannabis can encourage what they call a pop toast us, that means encouraging cancer cells to commit suicide, which is such a good word so.

00:07:01.620 --> 00:07:08.220 Bridget Goodwin: But that in in the courses i've written i'm i'm encouraging people to not just take cannabis like.

00:07:08.970 --> 00:07:16.680 Bridget Goodwin: A pharmaceutical to fix it because they also need to address their lifestyle, the need to look at their stress look at their addictions, and then.

00:07:17.520 --> 00:07:29.010 Bridget Goodwin: A drug like cannabis can actually really help very naturally so you kind of work through the endocannabinoid system that way, and there has been a lot of research to show that.

00:07:29.520 --> 00:07:36.420 Bridget Goodwin: It can be very effective, so a lot of people think cannabis oil yeah that's just for people to get stoned while they're in pain.

00:07:37.230 --> 00:07:51.990 Bridget Goodwin: With cancer, but it actually can do more and I think that, as our research continues, we learn more about how cannabis can be very, very helpful for cancer and for skin cancer and many, many other health conditions.

00:07:52.860 --> 00:08:01.020 Jonny Tsunami: Now you said education so when we think of education, here we have a little article we pulled out New York colleges increase cannabis courses.

00:08:01.410 --> 00:08:09.720 Jonny Tsunami: Amid weed legalization higher education is taking on a new meeting in New York, after the state legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

00:08:10.050 --> 00:08:22.290 Jonny Tsunami: And there are other courses coming out as such as excelsior college having a master's degree in marijuana leading to a graduate certificate in cannabis control so what's your take on on all this and education.

00:08:22.860 --> 00:08:37.140 Bridget Goodwin: In cannabis well I think it's necessary because we've come out of nearly what 80 years of of prohibition we've been encouraged to think that this is an nasty evil plant.

00:08:37.740 --> 00:08:47.820 Bridget Goodwin: Nobody told the plant that it was illegal isn't that funny but but it's important for the education, because we have been so programmed by the war on drugs to think that it's evil.

00:08:48.270 --> 00:08:56.730 Bridget Goodwin: that people are stoners that it's not going to have any benefits and, for me, seeing the benefits in so many people with so many different illnesses.

00:08:57.240 --> 00:09:05.100 Bridget Goodwin: it's just so important to help people understand that that's so not the case, so I think the education is important.

00:09:05.580 --> 00:09:17.490 Bridget Goodwin: We all know that the industry has exploded in in the United States it's starting to take off in Australia it's taken off in many parts of the world as prohibition becomes dismantled.

00:09:18.120 --> 00:09:30.210 Bridget Goodwin: And I think the education is very, very important because Well, first of all, apparently only 10% of medical courses in the United States teach the endocannabinoid system so doctors don't know about it.

00:09:30.810 --> 00:09:48.780 Bridget Goodwin: They certainly don't learn about herbal medicine and there's just a massive gap in people's understanding about what this plant can do for us, so I think it's very exciting and very, very needed, because we have to work so hard to overcome nearly a century of propaganda against it.

00:09:50.010 --> 00:10:01.200 Jonny Tsunami: hmm and then, as I said before, I was a public school teacher for 10 years so to me, one of the things that I always questioned was the business of education and.

00:10:01.560 --> 00:10:09.540 Jonny Tsunami: Do we treat education as a business or do they have something in common, or sometimes I looked at the education set and said to myself.

00:10:09.990 --> 00:10:17.430 Jonny Tsunami: The education system and said to myself, probably needs a little bit more business minded people, and then there were other times when I said to myself.

00:10:17.970 --> 00:10:32.460 Jonny Tsunami: Probably needs a little bit more of a nurturing educational hand to intervene so when you think about the balance of business and education, as far as ready for cannabis and what's a thermal college, where do you fit in how do you feel about.

00:10:35.160 --> 00:10:40.740 Bridget Goodwin: Oh well, I think that there's a fair bit of hand holding involved because.

00:10:41.190 --> 00:10:51.690 Bridget Goodwin: When we going out to our clients, they can have a variety of levels of understanding patients really need help understanding how it can help them doctors.

00:10:52.200 --> 00:11:03.540 Bridget Goodwin: really need help to upscale in a few areas, and we have to be mindful of the fact that these people are highly professional highly intelligent people who've spent years at university.

00:11:03.930 --> 00:11:12.360 Bridget Goodwin: So it's pretty hard for them to COP that this is a whole new industry that they haven't been trained in and they're expected to start prescribing so.

00:11:13.800 --> 00:11:20.310 Bridget Goodwin: I think that it's important to be nurturing to bring them along and you know to be.

00:11:21.900 --> 00:11:25.170 Bridget Goodwin: try and have a bit of fun with it, rather than be didactic so.

00:11:26.370 --> 00:11:34.710 Bridget Goodwin: You can see here we're having a bit of fun with them on board with the cannabis tassel I try and bring some humor to it and also just.

00:11:36.120 --> 00:11:44.160 Bridget Goodwin: You know, as I was saying to before that the story of cannabis reads like a ripping thrilla so it's very, very interesting.

00:11:44.730 --> 00:11:52.470 Bridget Goodwin: And, but people still don't know, for example, you know, William randolph hearst, who was the Rupert Murdoch of his day in the 1930s.

00:11:53.190 --> 00:12:11.100 Bridget Goodwin: wanted to outlaw cannabis, because it directly conflicted with his pint with his timber plantations to make paper for his newspaper so there's a lot of vested interest behind that war on drugs that people just don't know about and also the racial connotations of.

00:12:12.330 --> 00:12:19.470 Bridget Goodwin: You know, accusing Mexicans and African Americans for being corrupting the you know.

00:12:20.220 --> 00:12:31.620 Bridget Goodwin: Pure white Americans, you know that there was a lot of propaganda to discredit it and let's face it, the pharmaceutical industries had a big role in not wanting this plant to compete with.

00:12:32.190 --> 00:12:41.460 Bridget Goodwin: very expensive synthetic drugs so there's a lot at stake there's a lot of information that people need to know to get across it and.

00:12:42.060 --> 00:12:55.290 Bridget Goodwin: I think it's important to bring them along kindly with some fun and also just upscale I mean you see the light bulbs go on in people's minds when they start to learn.

00:12:55.800 --> 00:13:06.150 Bridget Goodwin: And I really think that, little by little, people are starting to understand how much this plant can bring to us for our our health and well being.

00:13:07.500 --> 00:13:17.550 Jonny Tsunami: yeah and I would agree, being a parent father of two children 12 year old and a 10 year old it's over it's happened already where they've questioned and and what its purposes.

00:13:18.750 --> 00:13:29.670 Jonny Tsunami: When I had the farm and the answer was always the same it's medicine it's a it's a plant it grows like anything else, and it serves its purpose like anything else.

00:13:30.090 --> 00:13:35.970 Jonny Tsunami: it's a balance, as all things are it's not all one or the other in the 1930s, there was a lot of.

00:13:36.300 --> 00:13:46.710 Jonny Tsunami: extremism, as you said it was there's nothing good about this plant, followed by the outliers that were saying everything's amazing, and now it shifted more towards everything's amazing.

00:13:47.130 --> 00:13:54.390 Jonny Tsunami: And there's nothing wrong with it, and I think it's really a happy medium, because depending on each person and what they need.

00:13:55.170 --> 00:14:05.160 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis suit may suit may or may not suit them in their life at some way, shape or form but that doesn't mean that we have force it on them What it means is that.

00:14:05.550 --> 00:14:14.700 Jonny Tsunami: As you said, educate them and educate the youth, I also think that there will be a space that will open up if doctors don't want to.

00:14:15.000 --> 00:14:21.870 Jonny Tsunami: bring this and implemented in there, I mean we have a nutrition counseling team that's coming on and they integrate cannabis into it.

00:14:22.320 --> 00:14:34.800 Jonny Tsunami: So other industries or other smaller groups within the health community which aren't doctors per se, but are people that are let's say physical therapists or massage therapists or Whatever the case may be.

00:14:35.430 --> 00:14:45.810 Jonny Tsunami: Are figuring out ways to introduce cannabis and I think those people may be more open, because they look at those people for more holistic remedies, whereas traditionally they would go to their doctor.

00:14:46.200 --> 00:14:51.960 Jonny Tsunami: And it would be well he's going to write you a prescription and that's it and that's the End of story so.

00:14:52.770 --> 00:15:08.490 Jonny Tsunami: That was great nicely Oh, Dr Bridget i'm happy, you came on this is going to be a lot of fun we're going to take a little bit of a break, though, and when we come back Dr Bridget flying in all the way from Australia to visit planet pato low low we're going to be talking in more depth.

00:15:09.510 --> 00:15:15.270 Jonny Tsunami: About cannabis and health all right take care, thank you.

00:17:42.870 --> 00:17:49.620 Jonny Tsunami: Hello everyone we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planet taco low low a less taboo view.

00:17:50.010 --> 00:18:03.900 Jonny Tsunami: Today we're here with Dr Bridget Goodwin PhD medical background medical herbal ISM evidence based the Roma therapy therapy and organic skincare formulations, all the way in from Australia.

00:18:04.620 --> 00:18:18.720 Jonny Tsunami: morning time for her evening for us, but yet on planet pukka Lola we meet in the middle, we find a way to bridge that gap and bring to life lovely plant of cannabis, so thank you and welcome back Dr British.

00:18:20.910 --> 00:18:28.080 Jonny Tsunami: let's see Thank you know, whenever I get into know you're welcome you know what I want to get into I want to get into dermal therapy college.

00:18:28.500 --> 00:18:42.750 Jonny Tsunami: Okay, you got the high tech anti aging treatments and training for doctors and beauty therapist which is dermal therapy we'd be checking on on your linkedin and we'll put all that stuff up there, so tell me a little bit about don't be called.

00:18:45.240 --> 00:18:59.280 Bridget Goodwin: Like endemol therapy college, as I said, because of my interest in skin rejuvenation and also I just got to be passionate about wanting to teach as citizens aestheticians beauty therapist doctors about what what's possible.

00:19:00.540 --> 00:19:18.270 Bridget Goodwin: studied laser you know which is, you know very well established for skin and also there's been a lot of new high tech devices that have been invented and that are popularly used that are still not well known, like plasma fibroblasts called plasma.

00:19:20.100 --> 00:19:20.550 Bridget Goodwin: and

00:19:21.720 --> 00:19:28.170 Bridget Goodwin: So what we do is we train as dietitians and beauty therapists and doctors in laser plasma.

00:19:29.730 --> 00:19:38.580 Bridget Goodwin: And what we do is we we we bring them to our CB campus or we go to their cell phone or clinic wherever they are around Australia.

00:19:39.750 --> 00:19:54.690 Bridget Goodwin: And again it's like the Aha moment that you have when you show them new techniques and personally i'm passionate about researching the latest high tech equipment and and mixing it up with natural therapies so.

00:19:56.640 --> 00:20:06.060 Bridget Goodwin: because it concerns me that people think of the anti aging industry that they just need to be injecting botox and fillers into their face but there's so much more that can be done.

00:20:07.170 --> 00:20:15.120 Bridget Goodwin: Because people don't understand I just think I can getting a few wrinkles I just going to get some botox here and that'll be fine really.

00:20:15.810 --> 00:20:30.210 Bridget Goodwin: A try and bring in some education about health about diet about natural skincare and then mix it up with some high tech and that to me it's i'm a no brainer because it's so effective.

00:20:30.660 --> 00:20:41.760 Bridget Goodwin: But I realized that most people think that injections botox that's the way to go, so we've we've sort of had a bit of a passion for showing people what's possible.

00:20:42.210 --> 00:20:53.010 Bridget Goodwin: And in our clinic in Sydney, for example, we have a lot of people come to us and they say look, you know I need to look younger Can you help me and, of course, of course, we can.

00:20:53.430 --> 00:21:03.180 Bridget Goodwin: And so every day we're able to take 20 years of somebody's space in a very, very non toxic natural way and they're really.

00:21:04.080 --> 00:21:13.500 Bridget Goodwin: fascinated and blown away by it and we on our instagram hashtag dermal therapy college, we have so many before and after photographs of work we've done with people.

00:21:13.980 --> 00:21:29.940 Bridget Goodwin: And it it's becomes a passion, because it's so successful and it's you know non toxic so again, this is where cannabis comes into it and also i've met a special study of the medicine, because you know.

00:21:30.960 --> 00:21:41.580 Bridget Goodwin: I was studying Korean skincare because they have black the most amazing skincare in the world, and I wanted to find out what are the Korean so into honey and populace and bee venom and.

00:21:42.990 --> 00:21:56.760 Bridget Goodwin: I worked on a colleague of mine who was also an aesthetician who didn't want to have her basal cell carcinoma cut off her face she said, can you do something, please you know because I don't want to have my face carved up.

00:21:58.020 --> 00:22:06.240 Bridget Goodwin: Like all good women and men, she was just didn't want to you know we're all a bit vain we all want to look our best.

00:22:06.810 --> 00:22:16.380 Bridget Goodwin: And I said, well, I really can't do that because you really need to be going to a doctor and she said she went to the doctor she came back the doctor said yes it's basal cell carcinoma.

00:22:17.160 --> 00:22:28.080 Bridget Goodwin: I want you to do something, and if it doesn't work come back and i'll cut it out, so I performed a bit of an experiment with her insisting, and I must say I was crossing the line somewhat.

00:22:29.100 --> 00:22:36.270 Bridget Goodwin: Because we normally just stop at beauty therapy we don't cross over into skin cancer, but in this case.

00:22:37.320 --> 00:22:42.570 Bridget Goodwin: I used a very high tech device from Korea, which is a cold plasma device, and then I.

00:22:43.710 --> 00:23:02.130 Bridget Goodwin: gave her some be products, which is bee venom propellers and honey and encouraged her to take proper plus capsules internally What happened was her skin cancer scabs fell off on a bed sheets, a few days later, and a skin regrew as the skin can do, and she just so gorgeous so.

00:23:03.390 --> 00:23:09.240 Bridget Goodwin: She turned 65 she was sending you all these selfies about how great she looked and how everyone's telling you how great she looked and.

00:23:10.020 --> 00:23:17.460 Bridget Goodwin: You know this was just quite amazing So when I did my a therapy deployment last year I I said to the.

00:23:18.000 --> 00:23:27.030 Bridget Goodwin: doctor that I was studying with who's Dr Stefan stonecutter who's in Romania can I write my iPad therapy thesis about this basal cell carcinoma treatment.

00:23:27.660 --> 00:23:41.070 Bridget Goodwin: And I said, of course, and then he invited me to give a paper to the World Congress on it therapy in May about this and, of course, at the therapists, this is not new to them, this is not new, they know that the products.

00:23:42.150 --> 00:23:53.610 Bridget Goodwin: Are anti tumor anti you know skin reviving whatever, but when you actually study cannabis there's so many parallels and cannabis has very similar qualities so.

00:23:54.300 --> 00:24:08.970 Bridget Goodwin: The two go together so beautifully and I was delighted to learn that in ancient Egypt, the Egyptians always put be products, together with cannabis for skincare cleopatra's right into it so.

00:24:10.980 --> 00:24:29.130 Bridget Goodwin: This is the great discovery, so I think in prohibition information about cannabis has been pushed right down we weren't allowed to talk about it, but when you start mixing CBD with the venom and manuka honey and proper us he gets some pretty powerful skin reduce emanating qualities.

00:24:30.180 --> 00:24:35.760 Bridget Goodwin: But also, you can take these things internally, as well as natural medicine so.

00:24:36.630 --> 00:24:44.190 Bridget Goodwin: mixing it up with high tech and natural medicine is there if given my my secrets away this is actually a very powerful combination and.

00:24:44.670 --> 00:25:00.480 Bridget Goodwin: no need for this poison in your face, you know that's actually toxic so that's kind of my how we run them on therapy college and it's kind of something that people want to know more about and i'm very, very happy to teach them that's amazing.

00:25:01.770 --> 00:25:10.500 Jonny Tsunami: You know botox well, the institutions are supporting it, because when I drive down the highway and there's a billboard.

00:25:12.330 --> 00:25:23.760 Jonny Tsunami: botox covered by insurance they're using it to deal with migrates they're using it not not just necessarily for skincare now which correct me if i'm wrong I i'm pretty sure.

00:25:24.210 --> 00:25:30.960 Jonny Tsunami: That botox is essentially a synthetic version of a jellyfish in the maddest essentially it's a.

00:25:31.530 --> 00:25:47.370 Jonny Tsunami: it's a it's a it's a venom but at the same time it's not the actual true raw version it's a synthesizer version that people are using and what do you think the side effects are when you're comparing let's say something like botox to the methods that you speak of.

00:25:49.230 --> 00:25:57.870 Bridget Goodwin: And what well I think there's certainly a place for botox in medicine, for the reasons you saying like migraines or whatever and i'm not criticizing that at all, but.

00:25:58.800 --> 00:26:12.150 Bridget Goodwin: I think it's like think of it like a stasis do you know about a specific, as we know about as best as that it's toxic it causes mesothelioma it's and we didn't know that for many years.

00:26:12.690 --> 00:26:20.490 Bridget Goodwin: And we don't know about the long term effects of everybody, putting botox in their face, you know what it does to you live.

00:26:21.600 --> 00:26:34.200 Bridget Goodwin: it's toxic that the the methods, I described are purely natural I mean be products are purely natural cannabis is a purely natural product using high tech devices.

00:26:34.860 --> 00:26:45.930 Bridget Goodwin: really just stimulate the skin, to encourage the skin to regrow so you're not in these methods on talking about these are purely natural methods, and I think you know.

00:26:46.380 --> 00:26:52.590 Bridget Goodwin: People don't realize that he natural medicine, I think, are yes it's week it's not as powerful as pharmaceutical medicine, but.

00:26:53.880 --> 00:26:58.710 Bridget Goodwin: I think that science has proven that Rome and suddenly the papers that.

00:26:59.730 --> 00:27:08.910 Bridget Goodwin: That we see the you know iPad therapy conferences coming out of Turkey and Eastern Europe in Germany and China and Japan and Korea.

00:27:09.870 --> 00:27:18.060 Bridget Goodwin: People giving papers on how the venom will kill cancer tumors in rats and in breast cancer and Australia and researcher here.

00:27:18.810 --> 00:27:31.560 Bridget Goodwin: Did her PhD doctor Dr Duffy did a PhD in public got made worldwide news last year about how even and will shrink breast cancer tumors in rats, we need to do, human trials and.

00:27:32.670 --> 00:27:41.160 Bridget Goodwin: I would love to organize some human trials i've actually set up the Australian iPad therapy association with some other people here.

00:27:41.670 --> 00:27:50.670 Bridget Goodwin: And we are linked to the international iPad therapy federation and i'm delighted that, through these international connection some scientists.

00:27:51.240 --> 00:28:03.270 Bridget Goodwin: The Turkish Health Minister have said to me let's set up some joint research let's do some research projects is of course the so many opportunities to research cancer skin cancer.

00:28:04.290 --> 00:28:12.300 Bridget Goodwin: With people that understand the power of these natural medicines but very much like cannabis natural medicines don't attract big funding.

00:28:12.840 --> 00:28:21.930 Bridget Goodwin: it's you know you can't patent a natural product, so therefore it's very, very difficult to get the word out, but these these these products are.

00:28:22.530 --> 00:28:31.350 Bridget Goodwin: very effective than ancient and it's interesting, I think, also through cannabis we're rediscovering the power of natural medicine so that's great.

00:28:32.250 --> 00:28:40.410 Jonny Tsunami: And if they wanted to access, do you are you able to do supply through the dermal therapy college website, or how do you.

00:28:40.710 --> 00:28:41.400 Bridget Goodwin: organize that.

00:28:41.520 --> 00:28:48.120 Bridget Goodwin: Absolutely, well, we, we have a lot of online courses and I, we can also do zoom training.

00:28:49.320 --> 00:28:56.940 Bridget Goodwin: We have traveled around Australia to do training if anybody wants me to come to their place in the world i'm happy to be there coven permitting.

00:28:58.800 --> 00:29:09.390 Bridget Goodwin: You know it's something that i'm passionate about and really happy to to speak about and train people in and the crossovers with cannabis so just obvious you know we we're.

00:29:10.200 --> 00:29:25.530 Bridget Goodwin: Exploring skincare with CBD apparently CBD is 50% more antioxidant than vitamin C mean who knew I think that's starting to become known because vitamin c's been a very popular skin rejuvenation.

00:29:26.730 --> 00:29:29.850 Bridget Goodwin: compound for a long, long time so.

00:29:31.020 --> 00:29:34.290 Bridget Goodwin: The possibilities to cannabis in skincare or just exploding.

00:29:35.310 --> 00:29:43.860 Bridget Goodwin: But then, as I said, it's also through internal managing lifestyle you're like let's face it, your lifestyle shows on your face doesn't it.

00:29:43.950 --> 00:29:44.640 Jonny Tsunami: Well, you like.

00:29:44.670 --> 00:29:45.900 Bridget Goodwin: It shows in your face.

00:29:46.260 --> 00:29:51.030 Jonny Tsunami: I want to talk to you more about this because yeah my lifestyle definitely shows on my face.

00:29:51.240 --> 00:29:51.540 So.

00:29:53.400 --> 00:30:06.570 Jonny Tsunami: We when we come back planet parka Lola here with Dr Bridget good when we will be right back after this break, thank you for listening to talk radio nyc.

00:32:49.230 --> 00:32:53.850 Jonny Tsunami: hey everybody we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planted pato low low.

00:32:54.330 --> 00:33:12.510 Jonny Tsunami: Less taboo view we're here with Dr Bridget Goodwin PhD Sydney new South Wales, Australia, with the owner of ready for cannabis dermal therapy college and beauty blast she's here today to talk us a little bit about cannabis and how it can make us beautiful.

00:33:13.530 --> 00:33:16.590 Jonny Tsunami: And so, Dr Bridget welcome back.

00:33:17.700 --> 00:33:25.890 Jonny Tsunami: We want to get into the personal part of the show okay and there's something that I actually it hit me the moment, you told me.

00:33:27.210 --> 00:33:34.170 Jonny Tsunami: Your dad the surfer they call me tsunami alum Sir okay so let's let's start there because.

00:33:34.560 --> 00:33:48.900 Jonny Tsunami: To me this the heart of this story keeps on going back to live in a country where people have fair skin and the skin cancer is something that's prominent with not only people within i'm sure you know your family, as you said, but then, a lot of people.

00:33:49.800 --> 00:34:00.510 Jonny Tsunami: Being down on the beach just give me a little bit of a taste take me back to those nice beautiful blue waters and and the days when you were you know with your dad and he was showing you how to serve.

00:34:03.660 --> 00:34:22.230 Bridget Goodwin: We didn't have much choice not to my dad was on know six foot six it was a giant of a man he'd been a lifesaver you know what a lifesaver is in Australia they're the really sort of strong all the blokes that were recruited through the surf clubs to go to the Middle East.

00:34:23.430 --> 00:34:32.640 Bridget Goodwin: For the Second World War, there were recruited through the surf clubs, because when I took soldiers, they took the country boys that could ride horses and I took the surface, who was strong and healthy.

00:34:33.060 --> 00:34:45.720 Bridget Goodwin: And he was one of those he went with many people from the bar and base of club on the Queen Mary to Alexandria, and you know, like many young Australians please a job to go.

00:34:47.790 --> 00:34:57.420 Bridget Goodwin: Within the Middle East was in one of the greatest battles cold to broke, which is very well known, so my dad was a rat have to brooke which is kind of you know.

00:34:58.110 --> 00:35:09.450 Bridget Goodwin: The apparently historians, have said that the Germans regarding the Australian soldiers as being absolutely terrifying because they had this amazing sense of humor and great bravery.

00:35:09.840 --> 00:35:18.660 Bridget Goodwin: That actually scared hell out of people, so you know my dad was one of them, and so coming back to Australia after the war he became a country headmaster.

00:35:19.080 --> 00:35:27.840 Bridget Goodwin: But he just lived he lived for surfing, and when he told us great stories about when he was growing up at Byron Byron bay and I should just go back a bit my.

00:35:28.170 --> 00:35:38.370 Bridget Goodwin: Irish grandfather came to Byron Bay on a ship that strict on the beach and called the volleyball, which is still there and it's the it's called the wreck it's a place that surface that bar and baser.

00:35:39.060 --> 00:35:46.950 Bridget Goodwin: My dad used to when he was growing up there, he used to school to serve to body surf and they didn't have boards they didn't have.

00:35:47.400 --> 00:35:58.590 Bridget Goodwin: They he wanted to show us the what they called heroes technique of body surfing, that is, you know you make your body rigid you watch your back you come down through the wave and he used to always.

00:35:59.040 --> 00:36:09.090 Bridget Goodwin: land on the sand and I never know how he did it he's bald head used to come through the way that us, and it was always read because he was always sunburned but see his very distinctive in the surf.

00:36:11.070 --> 00:36:19.290 Bridget Goodwin: just such a great body SOFA, but I just remember have such great memories as a little girl that he'd be like okay bridging just pick you up.

00:36:19.770 --> 00:36:29.820 Bridget Goodwin: be covered in coconut oil, so he was always slippery right and he didn't really get a soft introduction to this, he just crashed for the waves and our Member trying to hang on because.

00:36:30.810 --> 00:36:42.510 Bridget Goodwin: He was so slippery and you just had to learn, he just throw you on a wave, and that was it so this was a great thing on love surfing I grew up with passion for the beach for being a Byron bay.

00:36:43.980 --> 00:36:53.340 Bridget Goodwin: I remember you know just being roasted on the beach he didn't care about sun protection, he didn't worry about that, when he was a kid so he didn't worry about that with us.

00:36:54.840 --> 00:36:56.700 Bridget Goodwin: You know, so that was how it was.

00:36:58.050 --> 00:37:09.720 Bridget Goodwin: And then you know the surfing, is still in me I used to have asthma I don't have it anymore, because i've really tackled lifestyle issues, but I took up ocean swimming.

00:37:10.200 --> 00:37:18.750 Bridget Goodwin: At Byron Bay they have every year, they have a swim from the what it goes beach around the head land to the surf club, which is a 2.2 kilometer swim so.

00:37:19.890 --> 00:37:28.470 Bridget Goodwin: You know 20 years ago when I wanted to tackle and I asked her I started doing this swim and I felt like I was connecting with my ancestry doing that, which was really gorgeous but.

00:37:29.460 --> 00:37:43.770 Bridget Goodwin: I love to see I love being out in the in the sun, but my skin should be unfiltered Irish light genetically so I shouldn't be out there in the sun, and neither should have haiping but we just were and.

00:37:44.580 --> 00:37:50.190 Bridget Goodwin: You know, there was no talk about hats and shirts and that sort of thing was no sun protection so.

00:37:51.420 --> 00:38:00.030 Bridget Goodwin: We just had to live with it and I, I have to say, until I started researching ways to recover I didn't realize, you could actually repair that damage so.

00:38:01.020 --> 00:38:21.420 Bridget Goodwin: My mother who's 84 used to roast herself in the sun in the 1970s when everybody had to have a 10 from the sun, no such thing as fake tan in those days, everybody just have to be out there roasting well now she just has terrible skin cancer and i've been working a lot with her.

00:38:22.530 --> 00:38:29.160 Bridget Goodwin: Encouraging her to have cannabis kind of tropicals cannibals internals have given her.

00:38:30.330 --> 00:38:33.150 Bridget Goodwin: plasma treatments i've given her natural skincare.

00:38:34.260 --> 00:38:37.950 Bridget Goodwin: And, and she even at 84 you can see benefits so.

00:38:39.030 --> 00:38:46.590 Bridget Goodwin: She has people said to her, but you look so young, for your age and just get that's my daughter that's my daughter so we're just sort of cute you know but.

00:38:47.280 --> 00:38:56.670 Bridget Goodwin: We we had such an indoctrination in the beach from my dad the body so for that there was no avoiding this and I still love it us to want to go out in it, but.

00:38:57.390 --> 00:39:08.340 Bridget Goodwin: We know lots of zinc cream lots of covering up and going early in the morning late at night and not out in the middle of the day, like what used to when I was a kid you know that was.

00:39:09.030 --> 00:39:16.260 Bridget Goodwin: People are smarter now than they were then, but you know this has been very powerful for me in terms of understanding.

00:39:17.100 --> 00:39:28.380 Bridget Goodwin: How to manage your health and you can see why Australia, has the biggest rate of skin cancer in the world, because so many people have lived like this, particularly those older generation.

00:39:29.940 --> 00:39:35.580 Jonny Tsunami: So you had mentioned mom and the cannabis so was she apprehensive at first.

00:39:38.700 --> 00:39:39.180 Bridget Goodwin: i've got.

00:39:39.690 --> 00:39:42.090 Bridget Goodwin: Somebody to do a lot of work with her.

00:39:43.560 --> 00:39:46.500 Bridget Goodwin: Okay, so you know the baby boomers.

00:39:47.730 --> 00:39:56.010 Bridget Goodwin: are the ones will be I guess i'm right at the tail end of the baby boomers but they're, the ones who really got the full blast of the war on drugs okay.

00:39:56.670 --> 00:40:04.590 Bridget Goodwin: They had the Reagan war on drugs we've had it here in Australia it's disgusting people have stoners that's a gateway drug to addiction.

00:40:04.980 --> 00:40:14.460 Bridget Goodwin: it's dangerous it's evil, this has been an intensive propaganda campaign for 18 years or something like that, so when I suggested to her, you know mum.

00:40:15.210 --> 00:40:21.780 Bridget Goodwin: You know I can really help you, with your skin cancer, if you look at taking cannabis, please go and get a prescription.

00:40:22.440 --> 00:40:38.190 Bridget Goodwin: You know she just was like Oh, I would never do that I would no no that's that's just she was absolutely horrified at me I had to really work on her and she has and she has had amazing benefits just unexpected benefits.

00:40:39.900 --> 00:40:46.890 Bridget Goodwin: impressively she does a cryptic crossword every day, which I could never attempt because she's terrified of getting alzheimer's.

00:40:47.520 --> 00:40:53.460 Bridget Goodwin: She says, now that she's been having some cannabis oil in the evenings helps asleep beautifully.

00:40:53.970 --> 00:41:02.310 Bridget Goodwin: She races through a cryptic crossword because she feels that have memories improved to brains improved The other thing, she said to me, was.

00:41:03.270 --> 00:41:14.250 Bridget Goodwin: Her sleep is not troubled by anxious dreams and if she's in the traffic she doesn't feel panic stricken at all, she felt funds that she cruises through the day.

00:41:14.820 --> 00:41:20.340 Bridget Goodwin: She she admits that you'd normally be a little bit neurotic about little things that would throw her during the day, but she said.

00:41:20.940 --> 00:41:25.110 Bridget Goodwin: Taking cannabis oil she's not stoned she's worked out that she's not stoned.

00:41:25.950 --> 00:41:34.800 Bridget Goodwin: it's what it's doing is it's toning her endocannabinoid system, and she she's able to cope with things she feels really well she's a gardener.

00:41:35.220 --> 00:41:40.020 Bridget Goodwin: And she's gardening all day you know her apartment building on the Gold Coast and.

00:41:41.010 --> 00:41:48.780 Bridget Goodwin: scary that she's it for and she's still so fit in well but she's finding a lot of benefits from cannabis and i'm delighted at that.

00:41:49.200 --> 00:41:56.520 Bridget Goodwin: And i've been encouraging her to with the topical, because even recently she had a whole lot of plastic surgery on skin cancer.

00:41:57.060 --> 00:42:09.750 Bridget Goodwin: Because you know years later that skin cancer just keeps coming up, you know so i'm trying to help her work with cannabis and be products to sort of really just.

00:42:10.380 --> 00:42:22.410 Bridget Goodwin: Try and slow that down calm that down turn it around stop it, and I think she now has seen the benefits and that's great because she was someone who was very influenced by the propaganda.

00:42:24.150 --> 00:42:30.270 Jonny Tsunami: I think it's really important and i've sensed that throughout all the guests that i've had so far.

00:42:30.630 --> 00:42:39.570 Jonny Tsunami: Many of them have a similar story where they had someone in their family that they had to we use the word cross the line before the phrase.

00:42:40.260 --> 00:42:48.480 Jonny Tsunami: Where they had to do that, I think it says a lot about a person when they're willing to I don't want to use the word experiment, but when they're willing to.

00:42:49.050 --> 00:43:02.490 Jonny Tsunami: share what cannabis can do medicinal Lee for people within their own family as a staple to the rest of the Community, the medical community whatever Community they serve that hey listen.

00:43:02.970 --> 00:43:13.770 Jonny Tsunami: i'm not trying to just flip this to two people out there, for no reason I wholeheartedly believe in this I did this with my mother, where I did this with my child or I did this with my.

00:43:14.250 --> 00:43:16.980 Jonny Tsunami: brother Whatever the case may be, or I did this for myself.

00:43:17.970 --> 00:43:25.560 Jonny Tsunami: that's where credibility and the integrity comes into play, because people start to say, well, this is somebody who's.

00:43:25.920 --> 00:43:34.440 Jonny Tsunami: got a PhD and doing all of this medical research, and on top of that has real life examples, not only close to home near the heart but.

00:43:34.740 --> 00:43:43.410 Jonny Tsunami: outside of that through multiple avenues business, it says a lot about who that person is and it says a lot about the value of cannabis.

00:43:43.740 --> 00:43:50.100 Jonny Tsunami: which I think is very important to say hey i'm here so that's a great way to stop for now because we're going to take a little break that was.

00:43:50.580 --> 00:44:01.710 Jonny Tsunami: a really great story, I appreciate you having you on the show we're here with Dr Bridget Goodwin this is planet taco low low on Johnny tsunami, this is talk radio nyc stay tuned.

00:44:08.190 --> 00:44:10.170 Left edge case in.

00:46:18.630 --> 00:46:23.400 Jonny Tsunami: Oh yes, we're back that soft ukulele brings me to the.

00:46:23.850 --> 00:46:33.570 Jonny Tsunami: ocean and those nice rolling waves yes out in Hawaii but today we're actually talking to someone all the way out from Australia here on planet pocket low low.

00:46:33.900 --> 00:46:43.650 Jonny Tsunami: Dr Bridget good when we're in towards the end of the show which I have to say is actually sad for me, but at the same time we've uncovered some really great stuff.

00:46:44.250 --> 00:46:50.310 Jonny Tsunami: Thank you, Dr Bridget for coming on and speaking to us it's been an absolute pleasure so.

00:46:50.850 --> 00:47:10.770 Jonny Tsunami: let's see here, I actually wanted to cover one more thing, before we left, and that was beauty blast because towards the end we like to focus on this is who this cannabis professional, it is, and obviously you're more than just a cannabis professional you're somebody who's a well.

00:47:10.770 --> 00:47:19.140 Jonny Tsunami: versed PhD science and looking at the medical field and skincare but applying cannabis and infusing it.

00:47:19.590 --> 00:47:31.740 Jonny Tsunami: I want to get that message out there to help people can reach you how you can help people and just a little bit more about beauty blast since we didn't get into that so tell us a little bit about beauty blast.

00:47:32.580 --> 00:47:39.420 Bridget Goodwin: Okay well beauty blast came about because I was experimenting a lot with natural medicine with be products with.

00:47:40.230 --> 00:47:48.240 Bridget Goodwin: ingredients that would help skin rejuvenation and we just had such good results with my personal formulas that I developed that.

00:47:49.140 --> 00:48:05.220 Bridget Goodwin: I decided to make them and sell them we sell them in acid me clinic and we use them all the time on our clients and in our training, so it kind of came out from there, because I couldn't find products that would do what I wanted many products.

00:48:06.240 --> 00:48:15.210 Bridget Goodwin: very expensive you're paying for advertising you're paying for marketing you're paying for a lot of preservatives it's possible to have natural skincare.

00:48:16.050 --> 00:48:26.640 Bridget Goodwin: With natural preservatives that are not toxic they're not carcinogenic, so I wanted to make products that were really natural really work and.

00:48:27.690 --> 00:48:40.170 Bridget Goodwin: that's how it came about so beauty blast is there, but also, I started importing devices from Korea and China and America to help with skin rejuvenation and.

00:48:41.700 --> 00:48:53.280 Bridget Goodwin: That they're for sale on my website so, for example, the American style micra channeling device, I think it always wins the best of us for us that aestheticians in America.

00:48:53.940 --> 00:49:06.030 Bridget Goodwin: Has the most wonderful results for acne scarring and for skin rejuvenation we did a trial with a 17 year old boy with terrible acne scarring he was very embarrassed.

00:49:06.540 --> 00:49:12.960 Bridget Goodwin: And we said, could we work on your skin, in exchange for you, showing you know we take photographs, as your skin recovers.

00:49:13.320 --> 00:49:26.340 Bridget Goodwin: So he was willing to do it and he's mother, told us that he cried because he was so excited he had such terrible acne that he was really embarrassed about being in society and it it affected his personality and.

00:49:26.880 --> 00:49:34.800 Bridget Goodwin: So we worked on him with the process micro channeling device and also gave him some of my fpc rooms and be products.

00:49:35.760 --> 00:49:46.050 Bridget Goodwin: To use natural skincare and just as i've been saying his skin regroup so on the beauty blast website, you can see a video of this treatment of this 17 year old boy.

00:49:46.590 --> 00:49:59.370 Bridget Goodwin: And it's just amazing what's possible so to me, I wanted to put these things together, the high tech devices, the natural skincare and you know, make them available for people to buy so.

00:50:00.480 --> 00:50:10.980 Bridget Goodwin: You know, in the future, I hope to have CBD products as our law permits because it's a no brainer that the CBD products will bring a lot to the table.

00:50:12.000 --> 00:50:23.940 Jonny Tsunami: And I, and when you think about a 17 year old boy as many young adolescents when they fall into that age of puberty or for for those people that are full grown adults that still suffer from acne.

00:50:25.260 --> 00:50:43.050 Jonny Tsunami: But, especially in a society that we live in today where we're constantly on social media channels and all of these influencers that exist, who essentially have perfect everything perfect skin perfect bodies perfect houses perfect lives.

00:50:44.130 --> 00:50:58.770 Jonny Tsunami: It was a little bit different you know we we talked about the 1930s 1970s, as far as the timeline of everything right, but when we look now present day with the technology it's right there in your face every minute of every day and for these young kids.

00:50:59.790 --> 00:51:11.250 Jonny Tsunami: it's it could be probably even more overwhelming than it was for for you and me when we didn't have the access to scrolling through a million different beautiful people on.

00:51:11.820 --> 00:51:27.000 Jonny Tsunami: Facebook or instagram and which is where these kids hang out, so I think it's very important that we're looking at alternative means to be able to help these kids because I remember a period of time, where I had acne and it was.

00:51:28.590 --> 00:51:33.060 Jonny Tsunami: It was definitely a pharmaceutical grade kind of thing, and I would have never considered.

00:51:33.990 --> 00:51:41.100 Jonny Tsunami: Using something like that, but do you find that you have that maybe that 17 year old boy who had tried other.

00:51:41.580 --> 00:51:51.390 Jonny Tsunami: avenues of skincare and then he came to you or what do you, what do you see that happens is that people that try like are you a last resort, or first resort or somewhere in the middle.

00:51:52.530 --> 00:51:56.430 Bridget Goodwin: Well, I think people don't realize it's possible and even having the pharmaceutical medicine.

00:51:57.450 --> 00:52:07.560 Bridget Goodwin: That boy had had row accutane yes, that it stopped the acne but it hadn't dealt with the scarring and I think people don't realize, you can you can work with the scarring you can.

00:52:08.040 --> 00:52:17.160 Bridget Goodwin: You can work with the skin and get the skin to regrow that's what i'm on about that you can use the high tech devices in combination with natural skincare and.

00:52:17.880 --> 00:52:25.680 Bridget Goodwin: The skin takes maybe 12 weeks to sort of grow from right down to the fibroblasts out to the outer layers.

00:52:26.640 --> 00:52:41.820 Bridget Goodwin: So it's a process and it doesn't people want a quick fix they they think i'll just go and get plastic surgery or whatever I don't know what they think but it's possible to approach it as a process, and I think for that boy, we gave him three treatments in a six month period.

00:52:43.050 --> 00:52:51.930 Bridget Goodwin: First of all, you can see, the improvement in the first month, but then there was still a little bit of scarring so we gave him another treatment and another treatment until his skin was.

00:52:52.530 --> 00:53:01.650 Bridget Goodwin: He couldn't tell that he'd had acne acne scarring but we're honest and we say this is the process, the skin, where the the technology actually.

00:53:02.460 --> 00:53:07.440 Bridget Goodwin: That talk about a wound cascade so how it works as the technology gives the skin a shock.

00:53:08.160 --> 00:53:24.750 Bridget Goodwin: And, and then the your skin will automatically start generating collagen and elastin deepness fibroblasts and it will take ultimately 12 weeks for that skin to regrow and when it regrows its new skin, this is how it's possible to get rid of acne scarring without chemicals.

00:53:25.800 --> 00:53:34.590 Bridget Goodwin: But certainly the pharmaceuticals don't address that you can have some strong acids, or whatever in skincare they'll do something, but.

00:53:35.250 --> 00:53:50.790 Bridget Goodwin: What I really like about these products is that they're not toxic they're not pharmaceuticals it's a it's a combination of a physical stimulation of the skin, with just nurturing from natural skincare and it's terrific very, very good I love it.

00:53:51.750 --> 00:54:03.390 Jonny Tsunami: I think it's safe to say then that you're offering a viable option for people that don't want to get trapped in a prescription cycle, because let's face it.

00:54:04.590 --> 00:54:07.830 Jonny Tsunami: You use the medicine it works, but the second you stop using it.

00:54:08.670 --> 00:54:22.050 Jonny Tsunami: It doesn't and then you have to continue to refill the prescription and these prescriptions can cost a lot of money, because the whole process and, as you said before you wanted to create an alternative for people So where do you see.

00:54:22.800 --> 00:54:26.550 Jonny Tsunami: The future of cannabis going as far as being infused in skincare.

00:54:28.590 --> 00:54:33.960 Bridget Goodwin: Well, I think there's been a lot of research on how cannabis can help with acne but can you know actually sort of.

00:54:34.470 --> 00:54:43.680 Bridget Goodwin: ton down to see them generation, the generation of the skin so that's been very successful, but it also encourages collagen and elastin.

00:54:44.310 --> 00:54:53.640 Bridget Goodwin: So I think that, as people learn more about how cannabis can be helpful, I think it will be used in a lot more skincare products, and I think that's happening now.

00:54:55.140 --> 00:55:05.970 Bridget Goodwin: But I think what what really need people really need to understand is address then lifestyle and, yes, you can take cannabis internally, but you also need to address your diet and your addictions.

00:55:06.330 --> 00:55:16.290 Bridget Goodwin: You know the smoking, the alcohol, the opioids cannabis can really help with that too, and you know, there are so many ways it can it can work.

00:55:16.740 --> 00:55:24.750 Bridget Goodwin: I think we've seen in the states that the future of cannabis has gone way beyond what people expected at could do you know we've gone into.

00:55:25.590 --> 00:55:33.420 Bridget Goodwin: nano technology to make water soluble treatments, I had a woman told me that she's been having water soluble CBD eyedrops and.

00:55:34.380 --> 00:55:41.490 Bridget Goodwin: After wearing glasses, since she was 17 and now she's 17 she doesn't need the glasses anymore so.

00:55:42.150 --> 00:55:46.710 Bridget Goodwin: These are the stories that are actually just extraordinary that you know cannabis can help.

00:55:47.310 --> 00:55:54.510 Bridget Goodwin: You know our immune system can help all the body systems so beautifully and I think that there's a lot more potential, something I did.

00:55:55.080 --> 00:56:07.950 Bridget Goodwin: like to read about was Dr ethan Russo the great cannabis researcher saying he would like to you know so many of the plants have been you know over since the 1970s, since.

00:56:09.030 --> 00:56:13.170 Bridget Goodwin: You know people collected the land races around the world that bred cannabis, to be.

00:56:14.220 --> 00:56:22.650 Bridget Goodwin: Stronger thc stronger CBD but he's saying we need to look at the whole plan and what what really comes with it, that you know the terrapins the flavonoids the.

00:56:22.950 --> 00:56:30.720 Bridget Goodwin: phytochemicals that will bring so much more to health care and alzheimer's and all of these difficult to treat diseases.

00:56:31.200 --> 00:56:44.520 Bridget Goodwin: That maybe we need to go back to some of those original came a virus and reap reintroduce something so there's a lot more work to be done in the genetics in the education and the exploration of what's possible.

00:56:45.570 --> 00:56:58.110 Jonny Tsunami: sensational Dr Bridget good when it has been an absolute pleasure, having you on planet pato lolo thank you from flying in all the way from Australia we're going to have all of your information up so that people can reach out to you.

00:56:58.500 --> 00:57:04.500 Jonny Tsunami: And we're just going to keep you in the loop because I would love to have you back you have a lot to say now.

00:57:04.830 --> 00:57:14.880 Jonny Tsunami: Next week, we have our virtual Bud tender software addition without a devo Chief Executive Officer of herb tech so that's coming out next week.

00:57:15.810 --> 00:57:30.960 Jonny Tsunami: Everybody it has been an absolute pleasure Thursday 6pm evening cannabis podcast planet pocket lolo i'm Johnny tsunami your host here with Dr Bridget we're going to say good night and everybody have an amazing evening.

00:57:31.440 --> 00:57:32.310 Jonny Tsunami: Thank you Johnny.

00:57:32.880 --> 00:57:34.380 Jonny Tsunami: Thanks thanks Dr Bridget.

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