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Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/060/1 - Music, An Epic Road Trip, and Mental Health

Facebook Live Video from 2021/060/1 - Music, An Epic Road Trip, and Mental Health


2021/060/1 - Music, An Epic Road Trip, and Mental Health

[NEW EPISODE] Music, An Epic Road Trip, and Mental Health

Owning my own LIVE music production and promotion company is fun and exciting.  I have loved music my entire life and having the ability to be a promoter fits my personality.  There is a huge risk and gamble and in this business you have to be a tough businessman.  You have to be assertive or you will get taken advantage of.  I talk this week about some of those challenges.  

However, one great thing I love about music is that it has led my on some incredible adventures.  My best friend, Kramer (yes, he just goes by one name) is also a HUGE music buff and collector.  We are going to share one of our epic road trip stories that music took us on in 2017 to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The second half of my show, I have an acting friend who is also a huge music lover and lives a very unique lifestyle,; similar to mine. Marco Rosario (IG and @djmarcofromphilly) joins me to chat about music and his life as a Mental Health Professional.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin introduces his guests for today, his best friend Kramer and Marco Rosario. They discuss branding as an actor and how they manage their appearance. Recently Kevin has had 12 auditions and it is important that he looks the same. Casting directors will often get mad when you arrive at a callback looking significantly different from your audition. Kevin shares his experience with the coolest audition he had this week. They also discuss their road trip through Ireland to see the band U2 and Kramer’s extensive collection of albums.

Segment 2

Kevin takes pride in being a great companion for road trips. Kramer was the one who approached him with the idea to follow U2 as they toured across Ireland. They cruised through the country without a GPS and stumbled upon interesting sites like a cemetery where Kramer hoped to find family. After searching for the oldest headstones at the plot Kramer and Kevin found something even better.

Segment 3

Kevin welcomes his second guest, Marco Rosario, mental health professional, fellow actor and DJ. Marco talks about his acting experience and embracing his brand. He also shares love of music and aspiration to be a radio DJ at a young age. Much like Kevin and his new chapter, Marco pursues his career as a mental health professional later in life. Marco began studying mental behavioural health and fell in love with behavioral health.

Segment 4

Marco talks about the stigma against mental health and explores how this specifically presents in men. He also notes that many are unable to explore who they are deep down and how therapy helps people confront this. He also shares ways to assist people you know in a way that makes them feel validated. There are a number of resources and apps that people can turn to for emotional guidance. Kevin and Marco talk about the emotional impact that music has on people.


00:00:30.030 --> 00:00:39.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone i'm Kevin barbro and you're listening to coffee talk XL here on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching me live right now.

00:00:40.560 --> 00:00:59.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On slash talk radio nyc just all one word so today's episode we're going to be talking music we're going to be talking traveling I got my best friend in the world Kramer is joining us I you're muted brother you gotta you gotta bounce that mute off brother.

00:01:00.600 --> 00:01:14.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And yeah man and he's my my rider die we've been on massive road trips all over the world, and he has a huge music collection behind him right now, and so.

00:01:15.390 --> 00:01:25.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to be talking about a road trip that we took that was that was essentially done out of music, for the most part, and then after that.

00:01:25.590 --> 00:01:40.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I am going to have my buddy Marco rosario who I don't know if everybody else can see anybody background working on his computer right out and i'm going to have him on in about a half an hour here second hour show but crazy week bro dude.

00:01:42.150 --> 00:01:45.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kramer you tell me if you feel the same way right but.

00:01:46.980 --> 00:01:51.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't like to shave bro I don't know how often you get a shape for work because, like you get a real job.

00:01:53.250 --> 00:02:04.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I can't stand it, so I talked last week on my show about as an actor and the branding that goes behind me as an actor.

00:02:05.910 --> 00:02:19.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I actually this go to you bro I mean I cultivate this man, I called me I I talked to this go to my cat licks this go to at night all right that's how I grow this bad boy and.

00:02:20.610 --> 00:02:24.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So somebody wants me to shave they gotta pay.

00:02:25.260 --> 00:02:26.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I got a price to pay.

00:02:26.610 --> 00:02:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I I can't stand to shake I don't know how you feel about a girl I can't stand.

00:02:32.460 --> 00:02:40.710 Rob Warren: It I mean luckily i've been working from home for the last year, so i've been able to you know just let it go I don't have to really look very good for anybody.

00:02:41.220 --> 00:02:58.320 Rob Warren: Just to actually this morning, though, just to just to prime up for your show I shaved off about a three week beard I trimmed it down a little bit, but I never get clean shaven i'll trim it down some but it's very, very rare I bet in the last year i've been clean shaven maybe twice.

00:02:59.910 --> 00:03:10.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well dude in the world of acting you know, obviously they commercials sometimes they want me to be clean shaven, and I mean it's actually rare because.

00:03:10.980 --> 00:03:30.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm telling you 95% of the time they they want this particular look right here, but I did get an email today hey we'd like for you to do this, show it's a it's a commercial I don't even actually know it's a commercial because it sounds more like a PSA on vaccinations and it'll one.

00:03:31.470 --> 00:03:43.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the New York City, you know tri state area market, it was labeled as a commercial but I actually think it's probably more like a PSA but anyway long story short, they asked me hey man, would you be willing to shake.

00:03:44.340 --> 00:03:44.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now.

00:03:46.050 --> 00:03:56.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is my sweet spot bro okay my sweet spot is right around $1,000 i'm just throwing it out there to the hacking right so.

00:03:56.400 --> 00:04:01.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have a price if there's a certain price for me to just be on a show there's a certain price for me to shake.

00:04:02.340 --> 00:04:13.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that price to shave is higher and the sweet spots 1000 these cats are coming in a little under the sweet spot bro so i'm actually in a position right yeah I you know what I don't need that.

00:04:13.560 --> 00:04:14.760 Rob Warren: might not be worth it.

00:04:15.540 --> 00:04:19.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yet, because the problem is i'm not going to look like this.

00:04:19.350 --> 00:04:40.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah for like two weeks if I shave it off, you know what i'm saying so, and not only that no exaggeration, I probably had minimal I haven't even counted it, but if I were to guess iPad 12 auditions in the last 10 days I mean that's a walk in and was a holiday to.

00:04:40.710 --> 00:04:52.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and i've already i've already cranked out like eight or nine of those and I had to go to so if all of a sudden listen casting directors can't stand it when you show up.

00:04:52.890 --> 00:04:59.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you don't look like you did in the audition when you get called back for this yeah for call back you know I mean, obviously.

00:05:00.210 --> 00:05:11.520 Rob Warren: You know you've got a particular look, you know you've got like though the working man every day look, you know and without to go it goes away completely your you look like a totally different person and So do I.

00:05:12.210 --> 00:05:13.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude i'm telling you.

00:05:14.730 --> 00:05:18.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I probably can shave 15 years off my face just by good.

00:05:20.430 --> 00:05:29.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm serious that I get like Greg it way back bad just get rid of the Gray, but probably the coolest audition I had this week.

00:05:30.480 --> 00:05:46.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then we'll get to our story man, but probably the coolest audition I had this week is for like what I would consider to be the absolute perfect gig for me, so I think I might have mentioned that to you, so I got asked to audition.

00:05:47.640 --> 00:06:08.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is kind of like about the second or third round of this at this point, but it's to be the host of a TV show on an undisclosed station and I can't give away too much about the whole thing, but essentially this is to be the host of a of a nationally on national TV show.

00:06:09.270 --> 00:06:10.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: about the unexplained.

00:06:11.910 --> 00:06:12.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And dude.

00:06:13.500 --> 00:06:16.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm telling you that it's almost as if this show was made for me.

00:06:17.430 --> 00:06:18.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, you bet.

00:06:20.010 --> 00:06:20.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everything.

00:06:20.670 --> 00:06:25.950 Rob Warren: yeah yeah we've had so many conversations about that kind of stuff over the years, you know.

00:06:26.220 --> 00:06:43.020 Rob Warren: The great pyramids ufo is all sorts of stuff I mean if you look into the great pyramid oh my God, there is so much just wild stuff about the dynamics of that pyramid that there's no way humans 4000 years ago could have built that thing, no.

00:06:43.530 --> 00:06:45.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There is no way and.

00:06:47.430 --> 00:06:56.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All if you add up all the little things because we've had this discussion before right, the fact that it's exactly the world's largest pyramid we're talking about the viewers.

00:06:57.270 --> 00:07:07.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The world's largest pyramid is located exactly at the equator like not even not even like a hair off man it's exactly the equator.

00:07:08.640 --> 00:07:10.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And not only is it exactly the way.

00:07:11.220 --> 00:07:12.870 Rob Warren: It is to in the world.

00:07:14.460 --> 00:07:15.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, and.

00:07:16.830 --> 00:07:24.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The sides of it, the bottom, the sides of it run exactly north, south and east, west.

00:07:25.710 --> 00:07:28.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the height of it.

00:07:29.400 --> 00:07:35.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The height of it is exactly the mean height.

00:07:37.110 --> 00:07:40.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: elevation of the world of the earth.

00:07:40.800 --> 00:07:46.230 Rob Warren: That there is absolutely no way humans 4000 years ago could have known that be.

00:07:46.260 --> 00:07:48.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm telling you it goes beyond that.

00:07:49.020 --> 00:07:50.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What do you know how they.

00:07:50.070 --> 00:07:51.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: built it yeah.

00:07:51.390 --> 00:08:02.580 Rob Warren: Is it aliens is it you know, a religious being who knows, but how the hell did humans know that 4000 years ago there's no way.

00:08:03.210 --> 00:08:12.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, long story short, this by far, if I don't get this listen if I I killed the audition i'm going to be straight up real good.

00:08:13.710 --> 00:08:31.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If I don't at least get to the next round i'd be i'd be falling down stand on this one now I obviously have like this crazy overconfidence myself at times, which has led to I don't know my own demise from time to time, as you know it for for the viewers Kramer.

00:08:33.000 --> 00:08:47.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is my one friend, I said this last week on the show I said listen you got to find somebody that is going to be honest with you, because we all have people in our lives are going to tell us, whatever it is, we want to hear, but you got to find somebody.

00:08:49.080 --> 00:08:58.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That has the wherewithal to be straight up honest with you that's Kramer in my life, so I mean multiple times in my life.

00:08:59.760 --> 00:09:08.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm probably looking for the advice that I think that that i'm looking for somebody to tell me what I want to hear creamers I thought God.

00:09:08.730 --> 00:09:14.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: don't wanna Kramer for information and because he's I mean when I resigned almost a decade ago.

00:09:15.750 --> 00:09:18.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm on espn, and I mean they're talking about it.

00:09:19.980 --> 00:09:23.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You your advice to me in terms of talking to the press was what.

00:09:23.640 --> 00:09:29.160 Rob Warren: yeah I do public relations for a living i've done it for 27 years I told you to shut up don't talk to anybody.

00:09:29.610 --> 00:09:30.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly and what did I do.

00:09:31.380 --> 00:09:31.950 Rob Warren: You talk.

00:09:32.550 --> 00:09:35.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, yes, that because that's how I roll man and.

00:09:36.750 --> 00:09:46.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It can, too, two months ago when an ex girlfriend hits me up through instagram you know about some ridiculous stuff.

00:09:47.070 --> 00:09:48.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What was your advice.

00:09:48.660 --> 00:09:51.690 Rob Warren: I said don't even reply to that nothing good can come from this.

00:09:52.170 --> 00:09:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly and what did I do.

00:09:54.030 --> 00:09:55.290 Rob Warren: you realize, of course.

00:09:55.380 --> 00:09:56.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I would not yeah.

00:09:58.440 --> 00:09:59.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway.

00:10:01.800 --> 00:10:12.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I wanted to talk about this week, besides the whole acting thing is a ball, as you know, our trip to Ireland and to Northern Ireland to see you too.

00:10:12.600 --> 00:10:22.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Down just a little bit of a background for the people listening in and you're going to guess is that the is that the joshua tree.

00:10:23.130 --> 00:10:27.030 Rob Warren: josh Sri originally from 1887 still sealed.

00:10:27.450 --> 00:10:29.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Still seal not even notice.

00:10:29.610 --> 00:10:30.630 Rob Warren: worth a lot of money.

00:10:31.080 --> 00:10:31.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where do you find that.

00:10:32.370 --> 00:10:36.570 Rob Warren: I bought it originally in a 1987 still had to have it ever since.

00:10:37.620 --> 00:10:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So it survived.

00:10:39.330 --> 00:10:41.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is her name.

00:10:41.550 --> 00:10:43.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, it okay.

00:10:43.680 --> 00:10:47.490 Rob Warren: That record and about 50 other record survivors.

00:10:48.510 --> 00:10:51.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah so Kramer.

00:10:52.440 --> 00:10:56.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is eminent wisdom back in the day, where, how many years was this 20 years ago.

00:10:58.470 --> 00:10:59.760 Rob Warren: 20 years ago yeah.

00:11:00.030 --> 00:11:01.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah so.

00:11:02.790 --> 00:11:07.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He was in a relationship that was oh geez what's the word i'm looking.

00:11:07.230 --> 00:11:08.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On toxic.

00:11:13.680 --> 00:11:16.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the woman, he was with convinced him.

00:11:17.670 --> 00:11:18.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Somehow.

00:11:19.770 --> 00:11:29.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To get rid of an album and music collection that he had started when he was in a high I mean we were grown ass men.

00:11:29.640 --> 00:11:41.010 Rob Warren: gigantic collection thousands and thousands of pieces, it was literally taking up an entire room in mine and my girlfriend's house and she hated it with a passion.

00:11:41.430 --> 00:12:02.370 Rob Warren: Just determined to get rid of it, and you know in my in infinite wisdom back then sold it off, I hung on to about maybe two or 300 of the nearly 1500 CDs and I hung on to about 50 of the about 1000 albums.

00:12:03.720 --> 00:12:11.850 Rob Warren: And it's The worst thing I ever did in my life getting rid of that I have built it back up, as you can see behind me.

00:12:14.430 --> 00:12:16.710 Rob Warren: About 2000 albums right there.

00:12:17.610 --> 00:12:31.350 Rob Warren: That I got over the last been really intense about it over the last three or four years and matter of fact there's a stack of records sitting right here next to me that came in the mail today I am i'm increasing it every day and.

00:12:32.070 --> 00:12:35.670 Rob Warren: Just wish I had never gotten rid of that back in the day there's only about.

00:12:37.110 --> 00:12:51.990 Rob Warren: Maybe 20 or 30 albums from back in the day that I hadn't replenish mostly i'll be honest, it was the grateful dead, because they are super expensive right now they're just ridiculous how much grateful dead vinyl is going for now.

00:12:52.440 --> 00:12:58.530 Rob Warren: And really and i'm just not into it like I was back then, so I haven't replenished that aspect of the collection.

00:12:58.830 --> 00:12:59.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But pretty much.

00:13:00.240 --> 00:13:04.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Are not only expensive but it's but i'm guessing it's hard to find as well.

00:13:04.770 --> 00:13:06.720 Rob Warren: is to a point yeah yeah.

00:13:07.620 --> 00:13:13.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, listen we're going to be heading to our first commercial break here in a second, then, when we come back, I want to talk about our trip.

00:13:14.100 --> 00:13:31.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: to Ireland, Northern Ireland, the reason we went was to watch you to we had six days plan, but the real adventure was outside of that we're going to talk about in just a minute i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc and we'll be back in just a minute.

00:15:58.620 --> 00:16:06.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and welcome back everybody to coffee talk so i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on coffee talk dot nyc are you watching us live right now.

00:16:07.230 --> 00:16:16.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: on Facebook COM slash talk radio nyc all just one word and just make sure that take a second follow me on Facebook, you can find me at.

00:16:17.190 --> 00:16:35.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kevin slash Kevin Barbara productions, or you can follow me on instagram at Kevin Barbara relaxing yada yada that's my self plug but i'm here with my best friend creamer and we're going to be talking about a road trip that we took so he and I have taken.

00:16:36.990 --> 00:16:44.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A ridiculous amount of road trips in our life we, I mean I can't i'm a i'm a listen, you can correct me if i'm wrong but.

00:16:46.110 --> 00:16:47.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm a great guy to road trip because.

00:16:47.970 --> 00:16:51.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have a dude I am up for anything.

00:16:52.230 --> 00:17:00.000 Rob Warren: I don't want to wrote your with anybody with you, I go on a road trip with other people and i'm so disappointed, because I know how great it is when you and I road trip together.

00:17:00.750 --> 00:17:19.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because dude I just roll with it man and and so anyway back in 2000 I think it was 2017 Kramer gets judged me he's like hey man i'm thinking about going to Ireland and following you to around because they're going to be playing Dublin and dude YouTube in Dublin Hello.

00:17:20.400 --> 00:17:23.490 Rob Warren: Is it's a bucket list item for me, you know.

00:17:23.910 --> 00:17:28.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: unreal yeah now how many how many YouTube concerts have you been to in your life.

00:17:28.350 --> 00:17:30.900 Rob Warren: I have seen you to 39 times.

00:17:31.170 --> 00:17:34.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly, so this is a YouTube efficient auto.

00:17:35.010 --> 00:17:41.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and they were going to be playing the oxygen Center in Dublin and then they were going to be heading up to Belfast to play.

00:17:42.270 --> 00:17:52.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A small place there now normally they're playing you know soldier field which we've seen them at they're playing huge awkward stadiums and they packed in these small indoor ice arenas.

00:17:53.190 --> 00:18:09.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And scaled it down so anyway, that was the reason we went and listen, if it comes a road trip and don't dare me, I mean just in real life don't dare me about anything, because if you dare me i'm going to do you know your APP dash twice don't even double dog dare me.

00:18:09.810 --> 00:18:10.380 Rob Warren: yeah so.

00:18:11.760 --> 00:18:20.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway, we road trip to Dublin flying to Dublin and kramer's fans now is it your mom's side your dad side that yeah.

00:18:20.760 --> 00:18:25.770 Rob Warren: My mom's side, so my mom's parents were born just outside of Belfast and.

00:18:26.430 --> 00:18:34.710 Rob Warren: I talked to my mom just before we went and she said, you know I remember going back there with my mom with her once with her mom who was born there.

00:18:35.190 --> 00:18:41.850 Rob Warren: And when my mom was about maybe 20 or 25 years old, something like that, and she says um all she remembered was.

00:18:42.330 --> 00:18:53.190 Rob Warren: She remembered going to this cemetery that was attached to a Catholic Church and she remember her uncle was there with them and the uncle said, you can go back to.

00:18:53.970 --> 00:19:02.640 Rob Warren: The up the hill there in the back of the cemetery you'll see some graves that are down graves Gal was my grandmother's maiden name okay.

00:19:03.450 --> 00:19:21.870 Rob Warren: So that's all we have my mom didn't know what town, this was in we knew it was in the general vicinity of Belfast that's it that's all we knew a cemetery that had a hill that had graves on top that were downloaded and it was attached to a Catholic Church that's all we knew so.

00:19:22.080 --> 00:19:22.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I thought.

00:19:22.770 --> 00:19:37.500 Rob Warren: Here, and we, so we go to my grandmother's hometown which is randalstown about 20 miles outside of Belfast and we scour every Catholic Church, with a cemetery within about a 30 mile radius of that area.

00:19:38.280 --> 00:19:51.240 Rob Warren: And Sure enough, after like the fifth or sixth one we find a cemetery that has a little bit of a deal I go up the hill Sure enough, there are Gallo graves, on top of that hill unbelievable we.

00:19:52.260 --> 00:19:55.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Do and and and the story doesn't even in there.

00:19:55.530 --> 00:20:00.480 Rob Warren: Because that makes the beginning of how crazy this story is okay.

00:20:00.540 --> 00:20:00.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So so.

00:20:02.040 --> 00:20:12.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To recap it, it was we had no idea where we were go, I mean I we've never been to Northern Ireland i've been to Ireland like seven times Kramer and I went there back in the day.

00:20:13.680 --> 00:20:24.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And traveled around this was this like 10 years ago, or so, but we had no idea now we're only there to just go and see you too, but this is just like hey man let's rent a car.

00:20:25.320 --> 00:20:36.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: let's head out into the countryside and let's try to find this so we stop as Kramer was saying we stop at the small Catholic churches and we're at one one we've got a nun.

00:20:37.260 --> 00:20:39.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah the rectory yeah.

00:20:40.140 --> 00:20:50.310 Rob Warren: We we went into the rectory I explained my family history to the nun she pulls she's like well I don't know Maybe it was our Parish and she pulls out the old books.

00:20:50.700 --> 00:21:02.070 Rob Warren: And you know from 100 years ago, but we can't find my grandma's name in there, or the family name anywhere so and their cemetery was very small and it didn't ever do so, we move off.

00:21:03.390 --> 00:21:03.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly.

00:21:04.680 --> 00:21:07.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know so we're driving up through the countryside.

00:21:08.730 --> 00:21:17.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We go, we find a cemetery it doesn't meet all of the criteria that we're looking for, but there's somebody inside, they say, you know what.

00:21:18.060 --> 00:21:28.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That this sounds like possibly there's a place in in in our county you know because Ireland is divided up into like 36 counties or whatever it is, and.

00:21:29.760 --> 00:21:33.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You should try it out, I mean we were just literally flying blind and.

00:21:34.140 --> 00:21:35.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We don't have a GPS, we don't have anything.

00:21:35.850 --> 00:21:45.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're just we're literally just kind of cruising through so anyway we're coming up over this hill we see this burned out church.

00:21:46.020 --> 00:21:46.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the same.

00:21:46.650 --> 00:21:58.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: property as a brand new church and this long sloping uphill and there's a a cemetery in it right so anyway, as Kramer was saying we roll up to this place.

00:21:59.220 --> 00:22:09.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we we, it is the cemetery we're looking for, I mean, and this is beginning of the story, no way in the world, we could have been able to find this place.

00:22:10.080 --> 00:22:12.570 Rob Warren: Right wow so.

00:22:12.870 --> 00:22:19.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're there and kramer's i'm going around and he's looking at the different site look, you know, for his family.

00:22:20.550 --> 00:22:28.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm just kind of walking around you know just looking at it i'm like a nine year old i'm looking for the oldest grieve I can find right.

00:22:28.800 --> 00:22:40.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I don't have any connection whatsoever i'm just thinking about the next pint of Guinness that we're going to get and this older guy maybe a little maybe 10 years older than us.

00:22:41.670 --> 00:22:47.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe a little more he rolls up and he's like hey what are you guys doing and we're just like.

00:22:47.310 --> 00:22:51.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well we're just you know looking for my buddies family.

00:22:52.050 --> 00:22:52.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: he's like why.

00:22:53.310 --> 00:22:56.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I saw you were looking at this grave over there.

00:22:57.120 --> 00:23:10.140 Rob Warren: yeah i'm actually standing on when he comes up i'm standing on top of one of the doubt graves and i'm taking a picture of the headstone and he comes up and he's kind of angry actually and he's like What do you do.

00:23:11.190 --> 00:23:23.520 Rob Warren: And I was kind of taken aback i'm like whoa hey everything's cool here man no worries and I go I you know i'm from America explain, who we are and I go, I think this might be one of my relatives.

00:23:24.420 --> 00:23:34.200 Rob Warren: And he goes just dead silent and blank for a second and then he looks at me for the face and he goes that's one of my relatives.

00:23:34.440 --> 00:23:36.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and so.

00:23:38.400 --> 00:23:39.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As it turns out.

00:23:41.730 --> 00:23:42.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not only.

00:23:43.950 --> 00:24:00.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Do we find this grave, not only do we find this random cemetery but this guy's daughter was picking up her kid this time I life works man anybody anybody's ever been around me they will tell you that.

00:24:01.260 --> 00:24:08.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm lucky and most unlucky guy that you don't know and if you're with me you're going to experience both the lucky and unlucky side of that right.

00:24:11.910 --> 00:24:12.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hold on.

00:24:14.460 --> 00:24:15.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sorry about that my cat.

00:24:17.670 --> 00:24:19.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you got a cat rescue that's what you do with me.

00:24:19.800 --> 00:24:22.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway i'm.

00:24:25.650 --> 00:24:26.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: His.

00:24:27.390 --> 00:24:44.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: daughter is picking up or it from daycare that's located right at the back of the cemetery and she calls her dad hey there's these guys are hanging around like the family plot, you know me, as it turns out Kramer is related to these people, I mean we're.

00:24:44.490 --> 00:24:47.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're in Northern Ireland we are in the.

00:24:48.750 --> 00:24:53.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: East nowhere BSP of Northern Ireland.

00:24:55.200 --> 00:25:10.590 Rob Warren: Maybe 2000 people and is in a small town like that, if you find somebody that you can go back 100 years and they got the same last name is you you're definitely related to them.

00:25:11.190 --> 00:25:22.410 Rob Warren: Absolutely, we figure out that we're like fourth or fifth cousins and we randomly happened to me freaking grave site.

00:25:23.730 --> 00:25:25.860 Rob Warren: 5000 miles away from my home.

00:25:26.040 --> 00:25:26.610 I mean.

00:25:28.200 --> 00:25:28.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:25:29.280 --> 00:25:43.590 Rob Warren: he's like he from he almost instantly goes from being upset with me to like being overjoyed and he's he's he becomes the friendliest guy in the world, and he calls up his brother.

00:25:44.040 --> 00:25:57.180 Rob Warren: Or it was either his brother or his cousin I can't remember which and he goes hey I you know you need to tell them the story, and these guys are super excited and he calls his mom who's like 85 years old, she lives down the street.

00:25:59.640 --> 00:26:01.860 Rob Warren: Bring the Americans over for tea.

00:26:05.820 --> 00:26:06.360 Rob Warren: house.

00:26:08.370 --> 00:26:08.790 Rob Warren: Her.

00:26:11.340 --> 00:26:15.090 Rob Warren: promise, or what led to their.

00:26:16.470 --> 00:26:26.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Absolutely just read taking this man it and that the whole thing Okay, by the way, YouTube was amazing, of course, you know, but that really was.

00:26:27.090 --> 00:26:42.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: everything except for I will say one other thing that was really impressive to me, besides what we were able to live experience there were the walls and Belfast and the walls are painted you know factoring the resistance with.

00:26:43.140 --> 00:26:59.220 Rob Warren: Your roles and all that stuff and we found out very quickly here my grandfather lived in Belfast like just a block away from the Bobby Sands IRA, which is like the most prominent mural in all of Belfast on.

00:27:00.990 --> 00:27:01.680 Rob Warren: Close to that.

00:27:02.190 --> 00:27:08.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: crazy and we found his church as well, so anyway Kramer dude i'm going to have you back here.

00:27:08.670 --> 00:27:15.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the next couple of weeks and we're going to go through some of our other road trips but great to see your brother keep collecting the music.

00:27:15.750 --> 00:27:31.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're going to be back here i'm going to have Marco rosario that's that's that's DJ Marco from philly baby he's going to be on here to talk about music and mental health and we're gonna be back here in just a couple of minutes on on coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:27:36.060 --> 00:27:36.510 And my.

00:30:17.490 --> 00:30:24.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey welcome back everybody to coffee talk X oh i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching this live.

00:30:25.380 --> 00:30:36.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On slash talk radio in nyc just one word I got my next guest on the show now my good acting buddy Marco rosario what's up brother.

00:30:36.270 --> 00:30:37.320 Marco Rosario: what's up CAFE been.

00:30:38.640 --> 00:30:39.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know hi Ben bro.

00:30:42.450 --> 00:30:55.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They kill it in there, but uh interesting just to give people kind of a brief overview of our connection we actually were cast originally now we've been in multiple things together, but.

00:30:56.250 --> 00:31:06.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We were cast originally to be a part of like this rebranding campaign by Ocean is the ocean city what what was what was the name of that.

00:31:07.620 --> 00:31:12.000 Marco Rosario: ocean say Marilyn I think it's um oceans Downs ocean Downs casino.

00:31:12.690 --> 00:31:24.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's what it was so myself and Marco they paired the two of us up with like three gorgeous women and beta seemed like we were like these high roller khakis.

00:31:24.990 --> 00:31:34.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, if you go to ocean Downs guaranteed when you walking around you see all the pictures, you see the billboard and stuff that that's us.

00:31:37.530 --> 00:31:39.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But interestingly enough.

00:31:40.470 --> 00:31:42.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I think part of it is.

00:31:43.770 --> 00:31:50.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In in that kind of mid Atlantic region on the actor side of things so we're going to talk about music and mental health here in a SEC, but.

00:31:52.410 --> 00:31:55.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the actually there's just not a whole lot of.

00:31:56.910 --> 00:32:06.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: actors, particularly middle aged guys that that are like us Okay, so we ended up we've done it, we would randomly show up.

00:32:08.100 --> 00:32:10.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then we realize it we're on a shoot for we've done.

00:32:12.870 --> 00:32:14.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Two black and Decker.

00:32:15.480 --> 00:32:17.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: gate one with the commercial.

00:32:17.580 --> 00:32:20.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You had your own urschel I had my own.

00:32:23.790 --> 00:32:33.420 Marco Rosario: We both were hired for like a print shoot which when we're together, I think, was like a collection of actors and models and then we've had our own separate black and Decker shoots.

00:32:33.900 --> 00:32:39.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly, and then we were also there was a TV commercial.

00:32:40.890 --> 00:32:44.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That ran it was an energy company or something.

00:32:44.400 --> 00:32:44.880 Marco Rosario: yeah and.

00:32:45.030 --> 00:32:45.600 randomly.

00:32:46.680 --> 00:32:49.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: got cast in that as well, so.

00:32:49.770 --> 00:32:51.600 Marco Rosario: I had the name escapes me but yeah.

00:32:53.100 --> 00:32:53.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude.

00:32:54.240 --> 00:33:00.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can't exactly somebody like a man, I saw you on such and such commercial I don't even remember man.

00:33:01.410 --> 00:33:03.000 Marco Rosario: Okay yeah okay thanks.

00:33:06.990 --> 00:33:11.760 Marco Rosario: I say that humbly because, like even like when you asked me earlier, like the bio and I was like trying to think of.

00:33:12.240 --> 00:33:27.990 Marco Rosario: Like how to solve the acting side of it, I was like wow 20 commercials like i've done that, and for myself when i'm in a short span i've only been acting actually for years now, I was actually take to this day today was the first day or four years ago today, I cast my first commercial.

00:33:28.740 --> 00:33:29.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No good.

00:33:29.310 --> 00:33:35.310 Marco Rosario: yeah I know it shows me my my memories and was like wow time flies and that for years ago today, and here you know.

00:33:35.700 --> 00:33:43.410 Marco Rosario: Putting the bios like wow it's been 20 plus since and only as good as me i'm able to because, like I said I couldn't list the names of the companies they all they all come and go.

00:33:44.760 --> 00:33:50.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah no exactly, and you know, I think that part of this thing I was talking, because a lot of actors watch this.

00:33:51.150 --> 00:34:01.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was talking about, yes, last weekend, I think the week before about just like branding and and you one one big thing is, you have to be.

00:34:01.680 --> 00:34:12.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, a of all you have to be comfortable in your own skin, but you, you have to also, I think you have to identify what kind of a type, you are what kind of an.

00:34:13.200 --> 00:34:26.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Act, what are, what are you most likely to be cast as now you're in a unique situation or even more so than I am, I mean we're both Italian, but you can actually be cast is as ambiguous.

00:34:26.940 --> 00:34:27.960 Marco Rosario: ethnically ambiguous.

00:34:29.280 --> 00:34:37.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah so you know you can be somebody that's Latino you could be somebody that's Italian Middle Eastern I mean you just have like a.

00:34:37.620 --> 00:34:49.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Really adaptable look and and that just opens up more avenues for you and because you know that that that that's part of who you are and your brand yeah.

00:34:49.440 --> 00:34:55.230 Marco Rosario: And you have to be you have to be receptive to that, too, I think I mean i've seen it for myself that like I understand.

00:34:55.920 --> 00:35:11.280 Marco Rosario: getting into this at an older age as opposed to starting out as a child or even as a teenager understanding like you said, this is, this is the role, I am suited for, and you know not not so much like as far as the stereotype or like a negative, you know.

00:35:12.360 --> 00:35:21.090 Marco Rosario: type or anything like that, but this is the role, whether it's the fun dad or you know the the or the older uncle or Whatever the case may be, that they're looking for.

00:35:21.960 --> 00:35:31.980 Marco Rosario: But embracing that and the last two three commercials that i've done now i've had the I think the ambiguous or even like the mixed family looked at the the casting is looking for.

00:35:32.850 --> 00:35:42.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly, and I think that a big part of it is of course just being honest with yourself like like for me personally.

00:35:44.280 --> 00:35:57.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I tell everybody all the time, probably the reason why i've been cast as many times I have is because i'm not model hot, I mean you know I i'm not a bad looking guy bro but you know but i'm not model hot.

00:35:57.540 --> 00:35:59.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My buddies that are model.

00:35:59.220 --> 00:36:06.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Hot in New York City those guys don't work like once a year for like a Gucci commercial or a BMW.

00:36:07.020 --> 00:36:07.650 Marco Rosario: Well, but.

00:36:07.980 --> 00:36:10.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get cast, and you know what i'm cool with that.

00:36:11.670 --> 00:36:16.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get it man I get it, you know i'm moderately attractive i'm your next door neighbor yeah.

00:36:18.420 --> 00:36:20.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But anyway, I wanted to talk about.

00:36:21.270 --> 00:36:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and obviously it's great to connect with you on the acting stuff but I, you have music is a big part of my life, you know I own my own concert production company and.

00:36:32.370 --> 00:36:33.300 Marco Rosario: Promotion company.

00:36:33.750 --> 00:36:37.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I get to travel literally all over the world for that and.

00:36:39.420 --> 00:36:55.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I love live music I love music, in general I you know and i'm kind of you and I are similar and I love the 80s, I I think you know down, you know the greatest era of dance music ever invented right.

00:36:57.060 --> 00:37:00.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so you have a life as a DJ.

00:37:00.660 --> 00:37:06.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then you also have this other life as a mental health professional and.

00:37:07.140 --> 00:37:18.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Tell me a little bit and tell us a little bit about how you ended up because this happened later in life to you know, obviously we're in your 30s yeah how did you decide that this was going to be like.

00:37:19.200 --> 00:37:22.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your next adventure and and what made you passionate about that.

00:37:22.800 --> 00:37:32.850 Marco Rosario: um the dual the DJ i'll start there because I came first the DJ was it was a hobby like anything like the same thing you have the passion for music and the love for music and I always thought.

00:37:34.050 --> 00:37:38.760 Marco Rosario: I was the kid growing up that I wasn't really out drinking and doing like the.

00:37:39.810 --> 00:37:41.490 Marco Rosario: teenage stuff I guess you could say.

00:37:42.660 --> 00:37:51.510 Marco Rosario: I mean, I was out playing sports and whatnot but I knew that I was racing home at 8pm because I had the record the top a to date on the radio.

00:37:51.840 --> 00:37:59.940 Marco Rosario: And and be able to catch those songs you know, in whatever order and have them, so it was always the passion of being able to get involved to get invested with the.

00:37:59.940 --> 00:38:04.050 Marco Rosario: Music and my first love was wanting to be on the radio that a radio DJ.

00:38:06.060 --> 00:38:13.680 Marco Rosario: Radio is taken on a life of its own as as time goes on, but DJ and in the music side of it was always like wow I like the way these songs.

00:38:14.070 --> 00:38:17.130 Marco Rosario: Together I like the way the you know the the vibe and the feel of it.

00:38:17.640 --> 00:38:25.890 Marco Rosario: and obviously going to parties and going to events, I was always bugging the DJ at family events before I got into it and you know hey why don't you try this song hey What about this and then.

00:38:26.370 --> 00:38:40.110 Marco Rosario: It just got to the point where I was like i'm going to try this for myself and I well my father's friend fell into some DJ equipment and I kind of picked on.

00:38:41.670 --> 00:38:44.850 Marco Rosario: You know, read through the lines there, but I picked up from it from there and.

00:38:45.750 --> 00:38:52.710 Marco Rosario: yeah I guess that a hobby turned into more of a passion and then more of a profession, I started doing small gigs here and their.

00:38:54.210 --> 00:38:59.490 Marco Rosario: Family events and everything oh ultimately weddings and into the point where i'm traveling and doing that.

00:39:00.030 --> 00:39:07.860 Marco Rosario: But as any career goes or any profession goes you start to think of what could be the next step, what lies ahead and.

00:39:08.730 --> 00:39:23.730 Marco Rosario: While doing all the company parties and weddings and you know, making nice money, making a nice name for myself, I got to travel the country doing gigs as well, but I in the back of my mind I didn't want to be that quote unquote 50 year old DJ who does sweet 16 you know.

00:39:24.810 --> 00:39:29.070 Marco Rosario: What while music itself is timeless I didn't want to be the guy who like kind of.

00:39:29.820 --> 00:39:34.020 Marco Rosario: kind of worn out as welcome you know, in that sense, and it got to the point where.

00:39:34.290 --> 00:39:45.240 Marco Rosario: Like I love playing the music, I know that I enjoy and others enjoy but I, at the time I didn't really have the outlet for that, because you have to give you know what the client is paying for what the venue is asking for.

00:39:45.720 --> 00:39:57.690 Marco Rosario: So I thought Plan B and my original plan was to go back to school in my 30s and be a health and physical health and physical education teacher, that was the initial plan going in.

00:39:58.980 --> 00:40:05.790 Marco Rosario: I surveyed the landscape of education in fill in not just filled with the school districts and whatnot.

00:40:06.330 --> 00:40:20.820 Marco Rosario: And I thought I don't know I feel like I would have been would have been handcuffed and I think the blessing, and that is that I went back to school in my 30s as opposed to right out of high school 1819 years old, where I had a little more.

00:40:22.020 --> 00:40:37.470 Marco Rosario: than one life experience that were critical thinking skills and that I wasn't just being told what to do, I was kind of you know, laying my own foundation saying this is what I ultimately want to do so, I made the parallel into going from health and visit into mental behavioral health.

00:40:38.910 --> 00:40:43.320 Marco Rosario: yeah dotting the i's and crossing the t's as far as transferring credits and everything.

00:40:45.000 --> 00:41:00.120 Marco Rosario: And I just I fell in love with my internship that I did I did my senior internship at a behavioral health facility here in Philadelphia, and I fell in love with it, I fell in love with the fact that every day it's it's um.

00:41:01.230 --> 00:41:07.170 Marco Rosario: it's never a dull moment put it that way you're seeing people from all walks of life from 18 to 65.

00:41:08.940 --> 00:41:18.780 Marco Rosario: You know anything anxiety depression bipolar schizophrenia anything as far as their diagnoses and you know what they deal with on a day to day basis and.

00:41:19.530 --> 00:41:30.540 Marco Rosario: It taught me to meet people where they are and i've been able to like translate that into not just what I do as a mental health professional, but also with music and understanding that.

00:41:30.570 --> 00:41:48.930 Marco Rosario: music is also therapy music is such a amazing dynamic that maybe you and I may have taken for granted and that we were always you know consumed by it and you know and surrounded by but others really just have that outlet, as you know, what do I do with this, you know how can I cope.

00:41:49.980 --> 00:42:03.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly and I, and I think that music itself has such an amazing healing quality to it, it doesn't matter, what kind of music, it is there's something about music and you see this.

00:42:04.530 --> 00:42:15.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In your profession, and you know that that people are able to connect to it, you know there's something about music it's almost it's almost.

00:42:15.600 --> 00:42:28.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like a smell, you can connect to it and and we're going to talk about that a little bit more when we come back here just a second from the first break and I want to hear more about music and and how that that plays into your.

00:42:29.250 --> 00:42:35.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your advice so i'm Kevin Barbara we're on talk, talk excel on talk radio dot nyc will be back in just a SEC.

00:44:49.650 --> 00:44:59.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL we're in our final segment now listening on talk radio dot nyc i've got my good buddy Marco rosario you can follow him on instagram.

00:45:00.270 --> 00:45:08.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At DJ Marco from philly all one word DJ Marco from philly or you can follow him on twitch because he does have a weekly.

00:45:09.330 --> 00:45:29.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Mental health Monday night nine o'clock live on eastern nine o'clock Eastern live on twitch so go to DJ Marco from philly and you'll be able to watch that show as well, so anyway, I want to talk a little bit more about the whole mental health, a good listen man.

00:45:32.880 --> 00:45:46.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that probably the smartest decision that I made as an adult was when I decided to go and talk to somebody about how I was feeling I.

00:45:46.470 --> 00:45:55.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had gone through I don't want it just reader's digest went through something really dramatic and lost everything and was my own fault.

00:45:56.580 --> 00:46:05.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it was hard to it was hard to process all of that, and probably the best thing that I could have done was to go to somebody.

00:46:05.760 --> 00:46:21.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Who didn't have a vested interest in telling me what I wanted to hear, I went to somebody that to a counselor that can be completely objective and help me just start putting these things into place in the world of mental, what do you think, because I was nervous about going.

00:46:22.800 --> 00:46:32.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what do you think it is about the stigma of mental health and even just talking about it with what you think it is that keeps people from seeking help.

00:46:33.780 --> 00:46:42.750 Marco Rosario: You weren't used you hit the keyword stigma the that feeling of, especially with men it's that feeling of i'm not allowed, or I can't be vulnerable.

00:46:43.380 --> 00:46:49.440 Marco Rosario: um I think a lot of times we are conditioned as men, especially older men and, depending on their generation.

00:46:49.980 --> 00:46:56.100 Marco Rosario: we're conditioned that he we don't show emotion, we don't discuss those things we just you know either.

00:46:56.640 --> 00:47:09.750 Marco Rosario: Take it on the chin or suck it up, you know as as we were told, or you know you know we don't cry about it and we just move on, you know we just you know either distract ourselves with work or whatever else and we just we just pick up and move on.

00:47:11.550 --> 00:47:20.040 Marco Rosario: And that's part of the stigma attached to it um there's other factors that fall into play as far as like you know, in terms of with not just men but.

00:47:20.040 --> 00:47:21.360 Marco Rosario: Individuals as.

00:47:22.170 --> 00:47:27.330 Marco Rosario: Really really not wanting to incur front, you know who they are, you know.

00:47:27.840 --> 00:47:41.790 Marco Rosario: A lot of people have us the average person, and I do this on my on my on my show on twitch when I have guests on the first question I asked them is is not that i'm not interested in what you do i'm interested in who you are, but please tell me who are you.

00:47:42.360 --> 00:47:49.680 Marco Rosario: yeah because a lot of times, people will identify themselves with what they do their work or you know their their role in life as a.

00:47:49.920 --> 00:47:59.760 Marco Rosario: You know, a father or husband whichever the case may be, but but who are you, you know inside a lot of people don't really know how to connect or even identify with that so.

00:48:00.180 --> 00:48:10.410 Marco Rosario: going to therapy or going to someone to talk to, but you said their objective they're going to offer you some perspective and insight that maybe you kind of were aware of.

00:48:10.830 --> 00:48:16.440 Marco Rosario: You know self conscious self awareness, you know in that aspect but subconsciously you weren't putting it out into into.

00:48:17.040 --> 00:48:25.650 Marco Rosario: into the into the work you weren't putting the effort out there to to confront it and that's where I tell people just having a simple conversation meeting people where they are.

00:48:26.520 --> 00:48:42.450 Marco Rosario: And it's it's it's been for myself like I said, not just as a mental health professional but as an individual, but as a father, you know as a DJ even just having simple conversations and allowing people to just yeah open up yeah.

00:48:42.600 --> 00:48:46.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that a big part of it is that if the end of the day.

00:48:48.270 --> 00:48:53.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: because not only is there a stigma where people are free to go and seek help.

00:48:55.140 --> 00:49:02.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Also, as somebody who, if you have a loved one or friend or a colleague or or a worker a.

00:49:03.810 --> 00:49:09.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Work colleague that comes to you and it's obvious that they're struggling with something not only are they afraid to talk about it.

00:49:10.650 --> 00:49:19.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But, for some reason we don't want to open up to that person or left or even touch on it, because we don't know what to say.

00:49:19.530 --> 00:49:21.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah, what do you.

00:49:24.210 --> 00:49:24.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Think.

00:49:25.650 --> 00:49:36.420 Marco Rosario: I get that too, because a lot of times it's it's you know hey I don't know what to say so, go to a service it's not saying to point them in the finger, but our role as again a Co worker or a friend or an acquaintance is to be that bridge.

00:49:36.960 --> 00:49:44.760 Marco Rosario: and saying listen, you may not want to admit it, or you may not want to you don't have to tell me, but I know something's up I know you're not yourself.

00:49:45.150 --> 00:49:56.100 Marco Rosario: And when you're ready or if you're willing i'm willing to listen, because a lot of times people when they you know they have something on their mind or something they didn't know they they need to deal with.

00:49:56.610 --> 00:50:03.420 Marco Rosario: Three they're looking for answers are looking for some kind of like label like what is this i'm feeling, what is this i'm going through.

00:50:03.870 --> 00:50:07.650 Marco Rosario: And if you're someone who likes to be a problem solver.

00:50:08.250 --> 00:50:17.970 Marco Rosario: right away we're quick to Oh, this is what you need to do, or just get over it, or you know and they think back to their past trauma, you know the way they were raised, you know just get over it, or stop worrying about it and that's.

00:50:18.240 --> 00:50:29.700 Marco Rosario: really not what they want to hear it's really not what they need, at that time so simple things like I may not have what you're looking for, I mean, I have the answers but i'm here to listen and if there's any way we can go.

00:50:30.840 --> 00:50:33.090 Marco Rosario: let's do that so being with.

00:50:34.290 --> 00:50:38.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It, what do you think so, to me it seems like.

00:50:40.320 --> 00:50:59.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Mental health issues are way more in front of us and in the open now than they happen in the past and we're just coming out of a worldwide pandemic people have been holed up in their home state they there they they don't know what direction to go in, because entire world has changed.

00:50:59.730 --> 00:51:04.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah there's nothing that hasn't changed in this world and.

00:51:05.400 --> 00:51:22.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In your in your professional experience and advice here, what do you think it is that we need to really focus on as a society to to move forward, to make sure that we're taking care of people that can't take care of themselves.

00:51:23.100 --> 00:51:32.880 Marco Rosario: um I think I think first and foremost, before we you know we have to confront ourselves because we're all going through we've all been through this pandemic, or you know are going through it.

00:51:33.750 --> 00:51:42.600 Marco Rosario: So, aside from me as a professional i'm looking at me as an individual and understanding that while the entire world stopped it came to a stop.

00:51:43.380 --> 00:51:52.950 Marco Rosario: And while it did that allowed other things in our world and our lives to catch up so maybe things that we kind of did not prioritize are things that we really did not want to give attention to.

00:51:53.400 --> 00:52:01.410 Marco Rosario: Now we have no choice but to So this is the, this is the opportune time for a lot of us to be you know honest with ourselves and say.

00:52:02.100 --> 00:52:09.120 Marco Rosario: You know that job that I hate it 16 months ago Do I really want to go back to it, you know, like even myself like i'm.

00:52:09.630 --> 00:52:22.500 Marco Rosario: valuation like the acting aspect you know what where do I want to go once things do you'll come back into play, or even with teaching, I want to go out back on the road as much you know so having that conversation with myself and then again.

00:52:23.580 --> 00:52:28.590 Marco Rosario: offering the outlet to others, you know there's number of not just therapists now that you can speak to.

00:52:28.830 --> 00:52:37.170 Marco Rosario: Virtually on zoom you know Skype or anything like that, but there's a number of Apps talk space, there are a number of things that you know that can help people and point them in the right direction.

00:52:38.100 --> 00:52:42.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right and and i'm now, we were talking about music earlier.

00:52:44.160 --> 00:52:47.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What do you think it is about music, that is.

00:52:49.680 --> 00:53:02.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Pretty or soothing to people what it because I mean you're deep in that in the music world i'm deep in the music world I have ideas, but I was curious what you think the connection is with people.

00:53:03.060 --> 00:53:08.730 Marco Rosario: I think like anything with with feeling there's going to be, you know.

00:53:09.210 --> 00:53:18.930 Marco Rosario: it's subjective what you what you find comforting I might find you know it hurts my ears, you know down the aisle that's just being extreme, but I think anything that involves a feeling.

00:53:19.590 --> 00:53:25.740 Marco Rosario: You know, has the impact to change your life, you know a lot of people say you know with music, you know.

00:53:26.040 --> 00:53:34.650 Marco Rosario: What is it about music that you love well it's comforting it's soothing it distracts me Okay, but also keep in mind that music can keep you in that feeling that you're having.

00:53:35.040 --> 00:53:41.400 Marco Rosario: You know, like if you're feeling depressed are you still seeing the sad music, are you still listening to things that you know, keep you in that light.

00:53:41.700 --> 00:53:44.790 Marco Rosario: You know, or are you using it as a coping strategy where.

00:53:45.120 --> 00:53:56.460 Marco Rosario: You know hey I don't want to feel this way you know i'm going to find music is going to pick me up and I want to dance I go to the gym I got you know my up tempo music that's all you know those are all coping techniques and strategies using music.

00:53:56.790 --> 00:54:03.840 Marco Rosario: And utilizing it I think it's a feeling I tell bride and groom's that when I meet with them that hey i'm going to meet you closer to the date of your wedding.

00:54:04.230 --> 00:54:11.850 Marco Rosario: Because if we meet six months from the the event you're going to change your mind three months in advance, your mind, but a month or so out music is feeling.

00:54:12.300 --> 00:54:15.180 Marco Rosario: And I want to get as close to the feeling for your big day as possible.

00:54:15.570 --> 00:54:26.730 Marco Rosario: And then that changes the perspective, because it really is like you know in any song, it can be a mood changer you know we all have that song that you hear the first two notes and it's like Oh yes, like that's really what it is.

00:54:29.340 --> 00:54:43.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah that's I mean I obviously I agree, I I love music I think it's it's probably the greatest invention that we have at least one of we're going to end up the show here in a minute feel quick.

00:54:44.460 --> 00:54:49.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: greatest most talented artists, of the 80s, who would you say off the top of your head.

00:54:49.710 --> 00:54:50.580 Marco Rosario: Of the 80s.

00:54:53.010 --> 00:54:54.570 Marco Rosario: They did in the 80s you're saying are.

00:54:55.350 --> 00:54:58.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They signify the 80s well i'll tell you like.

00:54:59.760 --> 00:55:03.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm just i'm just throwing this out there, I think the Prince.

00:55:03.720 --> 00:55:04.650 Marco Rosario: Okay, is.

00:55:05.340 --> 00:55:06.720 For the most talented.

00:55:08.550 --> 00:55:08.820 Marco Rosario: They.

00:55:09.150 --> 00:55:10.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of all time I.

00:55:10.170 --> 00:55:13.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: mean we're not even talking to ED bro what what, what do you think.

00:55:14.010 --> 00:55:15.120 Marco Rosario: We agree, we agree.

00:55:17.580 --> 00:55:18.300 Marco Rosario: Definitely great.

00:55:21.540 --> 00:55:35.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude he so talented great singer great dancer to play like 25 instruments anyway dude thanks so much for being on coffee talk XL i'll have you back here soon best of luck with the DJ and the barbering the husband dad.

00:55:36.480 --> 00:55:53.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That the acting everything else and and with your show to on Monday so follow them on instagram at DJ Marco from philly i'm Kevin Barber oh thanks for listening in to another coffee talk XL be back next week on talk radio dot nyc and we'll see that.

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