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Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/29 - The Heat Of Running & Just Stop Acting

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/29 - The Heat Of Running & Just Stop Acting


2021/06/29 - The Heat Of Running & Just Stop Acting

[NEW EPISODE] The Heat Of Running & Just Stop Acting

With special guest Richard Kline.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin starts his show off by reiterating the variety of topics that are present in CoffeeTalk XL and how this is a reflection of the multitude of things he has done in his own life. Because a lot happened in the world of Track and Field in the Olympics, Kevin is eager to share his opinion and musings about the different things that have unfolded so far. From the temperatures rising to US Track and Field controversies, there are many topics Kevin will be covering in tonight’s episode. Based on the number of women’s entries in the Olympics, controversy is sparked when the events are switched to two heats and more women get cut from participating. This brings Kevin back to revisit the topic of Shelby Houlihan and the choice to have her run in the Olympics. With the extreme heat, Kevin is frustrated how there were no choices made to postpone events to prevent athletes passing out or being overheated.

Segment 2

The conversation about the US Track and Field Olympic Trials continues as Kevin goes into the specifics of lapping others during an event. Some people believe if runners are being lapped they should move their spot in the lane to accommodate that, however Kevin disagrees with this. He says there should be a rule when runners should stay put in their lane and pass the other runners in the lane they are in, even if it’s on the outside lane. Another controversy Kevin addresses is others wanting a male athlete to be disqualified because of his placement when running to the finish line. Lastly, he discusses the controversy regarding Gwen Berry and her choice to not participate in the national anthem.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Kevin is joined by his guest, Richard Kline, an actor and fellow mentor. Richard talks about how he landed his role in Three’s Company. With the help of his agent and auditioning for the guest role, he got called in for the guest spot which later turned into a regular role in this show. Richard also felt that because he clicked with his fellow castmate, John, the chemistry between them helped what viewers saw on the show. When speaking about comedy as a whole, they talk about various factors that contribute to the comedic effect of the shows produced at the time. They then compare sitcoms today to back then in terms of the number of cameras and the presence or absence of an audience. Richard continues the conversation by explaining more about his experience with commercial acting, with Kevin weighing in on his experience with acting in a scotch commercial.

Segment 4

Richard then talks about how even today, he still goes through the audition process and how he works as an acting coach. Broadway shows and musicals are brought into the conversation and how Richard has had some memorable experiences in live shows. He loves the feeling of getting a live audience to laugh and being on the stage because it’s where he started his career. As actors, Kevin talks about the importance of consistently working on your craft. Richard works on his craft by teaching others about acting, as it helped him stay refreshed and prepared about the different factors that contribute to acting. Technique to him comes naturally because of his many years of experience and the repetition of the shows he has performed in multiple times a week. By bringing in the human quality of conversation into acting, it creates a natural performance. You can reach Richard at for more information on his workshops!


00:00:32.820 --> 00:00:35.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good afternoon, everybody and welcome to coffee.

00:00:35.340 --> 00:00:38.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Talk XL i'm giving barbro and you're listening.

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00:00:58.380 --> 00:01:18.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: apple spotify Google podcast so just if you just go to Google and just and and Google it coffee dog XL you'll be able to get the replay the audio replay of the show every week and very excited got a great show tonight my buddy.

00:01:20.010 --> 00:01:37.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My acting coach my friend great guy Richard client is going to be on the show tonight, he is he was Larry Dallas for those people that watch three's company or watch it now in reruns from back in the day he was he was jack tripper who was.

00:01:38.760 --> 00:01:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: john ritter's character so best friend from the regal beagle and he's going to be on the show tonight, of course, he's done many more things than that he's also now.

00:01:50.280 --> 00:01:58.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Doing stage and musical theatre so he's going to join us for the second half of the show first half of the show tonight i'm going to be talking about.

00:01:59.520 --> 00:02:07.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Another aspect of my life as Anyone who follows this show or watches this show knows that coffee talk XL is about.

00:02:07.860 --> 00:02:18.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's it's an eclectic show it's a variety show, because I have an eclectic variety of things that I do in my life, so I used to be, for many, many years.

00:02:19.170 --> 00:02:26.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For over 22 years I was an nc double a division one head coach for track and field and cross country and I.

00:02:26.880 --> 00:02:36.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Actually coached runners and athletes to not only the nc double a championships, but world rankings and the World Championships the.

00:02:37.500 --> 00:02:52.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: European Championships I had five runners that were ranked in the top 25 in the world when they ran for me in college and so i've I still have it now things when if you've been listening to this show or any one of the other shows that I bet.

00:02:55.170 --> 00:03:12.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and on in the last decade, you know the things went belly up about a decade ago, which is fine that's life man, but I still am involved with track and field, I still do play by play and color commentary for northeast sports network, as well as i've done espn and and whatnot so.

00:03:13.140 --> 00:03:22.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: still have a vested interest in the world of track and field and we're just coming off the Olympic trials for Tokyo.

00:03:22.560 --> 00:03:32.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the sport of track and field which happened over the course of essentially was two weeks, but you know, there was a break in there, whether or a few days that there were no events but.

00:03:33.120 --> 00:03:45.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot happen man, a lot happened, and there are some kind of I want to call them hot takes that I have about some of the.

00:03:46.080 --> 00:03:54.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Whether they were controversies or just things that had happened over the course of the two weeks, but because i'm i'm in that world and.

00:03:54.600 --> 00:04:11.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's my show, so I got opinions i'm gonna bring those out and I got a lot of friends that and and followers that are from the world of track and field still that listen to the show every week, whether it's live or whether they're listening to the podcast so.

00:04:12.540 --> 00:04:30.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A couple of things, I mean those people that were watching it if you're a just a sports fan, not necessarily track and field fans, specifically, you would have seen it on NBC or NBC sports network or the peacock network or you saw it on the.

00:04:31.530 --> 00:04:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Olympics channel.

00:04:34.890 --> 00:04:37.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was amazing this was probably.

00:04:38.970 --> 00:04:48.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my lifetime, the greatest track meet that i've ever seen this this was by far the most amazing.

00:04:49.980 --> 00:04:51.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Collection of.

00:04:52.500 --> 00:05:05.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: cumulative Lee i'm incredible performances, not only that, but you've got the drama that was building in the different events, not only that.

00:05:05.520 --> 00:05:20.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you've got this incredible stadium up in eugene that they're using for the very first time that Nike built essentially for the University of Oregon, and this is a state of the this, this would be a stadium, that would be state of the art, whether it was track football.

00:05:22.860 --> 00:05:28.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: soccer it doesn't matter, this is one of the best stadiums in the world and it's going to host the world championships.

00:05:29.100 --> 00:05:35.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Here in the United States, for the very first time in 2022 it's also going to hold the diamond league championships.

00:05:36.030 --> 00:05:51.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It has it hosted the nc double a's and now it's hosting it hosted the the Olympic trials what was crazy what was crazy about last week was the temperatures you talking about the Pacific Northwest man, I mean I bet I bet listen.

00:05:52.770 --> 00:06:07.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've been all over the world i've been to 26 different countries i've been all 50 states have been the most of Canada, etc, etc, I love the Pacific Northwest one of the things I love about Pacific Northwest is that it never really gets that hot.

00:06:10.890 --> 00:06:28.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: scratch that because temperatures over 100 degrees, I mean it's almost unheard of, I want to say that that that the final day it reached like 107105 it was hotter there than it was down in Texas so.

00:06:32.190 --> 00:06:41.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Part of the controversy around this so I talked about USA track and field So these are my hot takes okay we're going to talk about USA track and field we're going to talk about.

00:06:42.180 --> 00:06:47.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Some of the different individual performances, we talked about the women's 10,000 we talked about the men's 5000 final.

00:06:48.630 --> 00:07:00.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The final 200 meters of it and we're going to talk about when Barry who's been on the news here on mainstream media as well CNN and fox news the thrower the hammer thrower.

00:07:01.290 --> 00:07:11.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the controversy around that i'm going to touch on that first time they're talking about USA track and field so here's the deal man, I was a head coach.

00:07:12.510 --> 00:07:13.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean I.

00:07:16.290 --> 00:07:27.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I coach will rank runners I coach athletes at the US championships I don't really I of course now in my adult life in my second adult life I don't have anything to do with USA track view.

00:07:29.100 --> 00:07:35.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have no vested interest, I have no pony in the race, so I really don't care, but.

00:07:37.200 --> 00:07:38.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I love track and field, I do care.

00:07:39.840 --> 00:07:47.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They don't have anything to do with me, so I have no problem voicing my opinion about USA track and field, you say track and field.

00:07:49.500 --> 00:08:00.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They screwed the pooch on a couple of things over the course of the Olympic trials and actually even leading up to the Olympic trials now I dealt with it the first situation is the women's 10,000.

00:08:02.670 --> 00:08:04.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The lack of communication.

00:08:05.670 --> 00:08:11.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From USA track and field, about whether there was going to be one here, or more than one he.

00:08:12.180 --> 00:08:30.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Was ridiculous and i'll i'll give an analogy or not even analogy is a quick story so back in 2005 at the US championships, which was the trials for the world championships, I had a runner that was in the women steeplechase so brianna shook who's.

00:08:32.250 --> 00:08:37.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Was former American record holder and was the top ranked American woman.

00:08:38.520 --> 00:08:42.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Going into those championships, the US championships that year.

00:08:44.130 --> 00:08:47.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She was dinged up she had a she she had an injury to her ankle.

00:08:48.960 --> 00:08:57.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That we had to tape up, and you know she had a an issue with a meniscus the chance of getting surgery for after but long story short.

00:08:59.130 --> 00:09:10.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The controversy was that leading up to it, based on the number of entries in the women's steeplechase we were planning on their only being one heat just a final.

00:09:11.730 --> 00:09:23.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We plant all the training everything and really it's her best option, because of the way that she runs and anybody that remembers her from back in the day, knows that she was a front runner will get out really are excited.

00:09:24.210 --> 00:09:33.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But Sean Sean bomb ankle so we're banking on the fact there's only gonna be one heats just going to be a final life is good, you want to the world championships, you can heal up.

00:09:34.110 --> 00:09:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We get there, only to find out later that it's been switched to two heats and they're going to have two heats just to eliminate like for women to head to the final and long story short, she ends up forth.

00:09:49.260 --> 00:09:55.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's life right but same scenario 10,000 meters you don't know what you're planning for you plan for to each plan for one heat.

00:09:56.400 --> 00:10:03.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have no idea and the lack of communication ridiculous that's one the other, the next thing the Shelby houlahan.

00:10:04.290 --> 00:10:14.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: controversy, so my buddy Kevin Beck was on the show two weeks ago, we talked about the Shelby houlahan situation her being banned having to miss the Olympic trials.

00:10:15.840 --> 00:10:29.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I personally, as I mentioned two weeks ago hey man i'm open to the fact that that she's potentially telling the truth i'm not going to say that she's lying i'm not going to say that she's for sure.

00:10:30.720 --> 00:10:38.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On nandrolone but I mean obviously right now the second she tested positive for it and that's where it stands.

00:10:39.330 --> 00:10:57.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: However, I do believe that there's a chance that she's telling the truth that she doesn't know where it came from that she's guessing that it came from some burrito of pork, but that's only a guest because she doesn't know where it came from and that's the basis of her appeal to CES.

00:10:58.380 --> 00:11:06.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's fine, the problem is USA USA atf comes out and said oh yeah you know what we're just we're gonna let her run.

00:11:07.290 --> 00:11:11.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, even though I believe her, even though I, I believe.

00:11:12.360 --> 00:11:23.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That it's that it's possible that she's telling the truth she's been you can't run her so they come out USA track and field, and they say oh yeah you know because there's an ongoing.

00:11:27.030 --> 00:11:33.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: appeal which actually at that point, there really isn't quite frankly being honest, but because there's appeal we're gonna let.

00:11:33.720 --> 00:11:39.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now we've had other runners heading to the US championships and the Olympic trials that we're in the process of.

00:11:40.440 --> 00:11:57.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Appealing bands for one reason or another, and they weren't able to run, they were also in they're gonna let this one person run so then world athletics, who governs track and field comes out like the next do they didn't even wait 24 hours they come out hey listen.

00:11:58.260 --> 00:12:05.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you're banned you're banned here's the rules, you can't you can't just decide on your own so now all of a sudden.

00:12:06.720 --> 00:12:12.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A USA track and field is got to eat crow on it right okay that's fine that's another issue.

00:12:14.580 --> 00:12:32.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then you've got the heat, now we knew going in to the you to to the the last few days, though it's not like the weather just shows up with technology today with meteorology today we know what it's going to be like well ahead of time.

00:12:33.780 --> 00:12:43.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even weeks ahead of time, you know what it's going to be like so they did make the right decision to move the women's 10,000 so the morning and they move the men's 5000.

00:12:45.330 --> 00:12:56.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But the problem is they sit around they don't do anything all day it's 100 degrees out the heptathlon on it, these these women are having to compete all day long.

00:12:57.690 --> 00:13:05.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: out over 100 degrees you've got one of them, who is a contender she's in like fourth place she ends up passing out.

00:13:06.120 --> 00:13:16.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Literally passing out has to drop out of the entire competition and all of a sudden, you decide at the last minute, well, maybe we should you know postpone it for like three or four hours.

00:13:17.340 --> 00:13:24.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or six hours or whatever it was and it's like, how can you how can you not make that decision ahead of time.

00:13:25.680 --> 00:13:36.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have all the same information, the entire world has, how do you not make that decision ahead of time, so my hot take on USA track and field which no shocker because i'm no fan of it.

00:13:37.170 --> 00:13:44.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They really they were tripping over themselves it's almost like you've got the blind leading the blind over there and.

00:13:45.150 --> 00:13:53.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my opinion, they need to clean house they got to get new people in there and they need to rebrand track and field, bringing gambling.

00:13:53.760 --> 00:13:59.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They need to get somebody from nascar or minor league baseball that knows how to market a sport.

00:13:59.670 --> 00:14:09.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that's where it needs to go i'm going to take my first commercial break i'll be back in just a couple of minutes i'll talk about my other hot takes and then later on, join me I got Richard client coming on.

00:14:10.230 --> 00:14:19.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the bottom of the half hour and he's going to be my guest, for the second half i'm Kevin barbro you listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:16:46.350 --> 00:16:54.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good evening everybody i'm Kevin barbro and you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching on Facebook right now live.

00:16:55.290 --> 00:16:59.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At Facebook COM slash talk radio nyc all one word.

00:16:59.970 --> 00:17:10.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: again try try to if you, if you like to hear the podcast go to Google go to apple go to spotify it's available on all of those so right now, this.

00:17:10.560 --> 00:17:18.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This next this second segment of the show we're going to be talking continuing to my talk about USA track and field finals whoops there was my microphone.

00:17:18.960 --> 00:17:37.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: USA track and field finals Olympic trials, I should say that finished up last week and a couple of my hot takes, as I mentioned, I just talked about USA track and field, and my opinion about their handling of the meat couple other things that kind of came up during the course of the meat.

00:17:40.500 --> 00:17:51.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That were somewhat controversial or that that at least had initiated some kind of discussion on less run and on the on the various message boards.

00:17:51.690 --> 00:18:00.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And one of them is getting back to the women's 10,000 so the women's Center thousand, as I mentioned, they didn't know it's gonna be one he's gonna be two heats yada yada.

00:18:00.930 --> 00:18:15.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They made the right decision my opinion one he you got to do one heat if, if at all possible, because it is the Olympic trials this isn't some all comers meet but they make the right decision to get they got all these women in there, so.

00:18:17.520 --> 00:18:34.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Emily sisson dominated if you're she ends up laughing, and this is the Olympic trials, I mean you've got to run incredibly fast just to make it to this me she ends up laughing almost the entire field, she laughed I think all the way to seventh place or something like this and.

00:18:36.060 --> 00:18:48.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What people were going crazy about was the fact that the runners that we're getting lapped didn't move out into lane two or three or whatever it was right.

00:18:49.620 --> 00:19:00.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and some people that I really respect you know kyle marber and and and some other people that you know I respect these guys I they have opinions I got opinions we all got opinions right.

00:19:01.560 --> 00:19:01.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But.

00:19:03.540 --> 00:19:12.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In this situation, i've been in this situation before as a coach I get it if you're a runner, particularly if you're a good runner if you're not one of the runners being lacked.

00:19:13.650 --> 00:19:20.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In your a good runner who asked to end up in certain parts of the race or maybe even the last few laps you're running.

00:19:21.030 --> 00:19:29.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On the outside of lane when they say lane to but you're really not running all the way out in the lane to you're running on the outside lane one is 14 inches wide so.

00:19:29.880 --> 00:19:41.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, and it's single file by the time you get to the point where you're laughing anybody it's single file it's not like you have to go all the way out to move around some big group so they.

00:19:44.460 --> 00:19:48.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People some people are like well hey you know the runners are being laughed they should move out.

00:19:48.900 --> 00:19:58.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's the worst idea ever that's literally the worst idea ever this came up many times in my coaching career, because I had some incredibly good distance runners.

00:19:59.340 --> 00:20:08.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not just for the nc double a but like world rank people and then, when we go to the conference meet particularly indoors where the track is only 200 or 300 meters around right.

00:20:10.710 --> 00:20:19.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I even had the conversation we had the conversation at the coaches meeting at when they nc double a when the MAC championships were going to be a central Michigan.

00:20:20.250 --> 00:20:26.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I knew for a fact that the woman that I had Eric Fisher was going to probably lap the entire field.

00:20:27.240 --> 00:20:33.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's how much better, she was in everybody, and she ends up she did lap almost the entire feel, I want to say, all the way to second place or something.

00:20:34.710 --> 00:20:42.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I brought it up to the coach miss, we need to have this hard rule, where people just stay where they are.

00:20:43.020 --> 00:20:54.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And let the person who's running faster move out to the outside and just go around it, yes they're going to run slightly slower but here's the deal you're already in the lead you're already.

00:20:55.410 --> 00:21:03.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Further in, even if this was a bunch of people that were in contention for a championship like it, the like at the Olympic trials.

00:21:03.930 --> 00:21:14.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's the same for all of them it's not like it's going to be different from one person to the next, if it's three people battling and three people, those three people are laughing everybody they get the same amount of distance that they gotta run I mean it's not like.

00:21:15.510 --> 00:21:18.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not he's gonna be different from one person to the next.

00:21:18.300 --> 00:21:25.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, in reality, the reason why you tell people to stay where they're at is because.

00:21:27.450 --> 00:21:38.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude they don't have eyes in the back of their head and at this point they're getting lab for a reason that's because they're running slower and it's hot it's like it's like 90 degrees out so.

00:21:38.730 --> 00:21:44.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They can't be trying to concentrate on nsc Olympic trials it can't be to concentrate on on finishing.

00:21:45.630 --> 00:21:54.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And at the same time randomly having to move out into lanes two or three and watching what's happening behind them, the safer thing, just like on the highway.

00:21:55.470 --> 00:22:05.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's a reason why the slow lane is here, then you got a little bit faster and the real rule on the highway which most people don't either follow or understand is.

00:22:05.550 --> 00:22:14.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You only move out when you are getting ready to pass somebody when you're not passing any one you're supposed to be in the slow lane, even if you're going fast.

00:22:15.420 --> 00:22:21.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's actually it's actually against the law in some states called camping you camp out in the outer link right.

00:22:21.870 --> 00:22:32.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So way more dangerous if people don't move out so that was one controversy, in my opinion they did the right thing, the officials told everybody, I want to say kellen Taylor even mentioned.

00:22:33.360 --> 00:22:47.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey they told us, at a time just stay where yet absolutely by far the best decision and it actually should be a rule, no matter what Okay, then another controversy came up in the final of the men's 5000 meters so partially mo.

00:22:49.530 --> 00:22:59.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As they were coming through the the the final I don't know if I can share this right now, I think that I can but they were coming through the final 200 meters.

00:23:00.120 --> 00:23:10.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And this is what happened i'm going to share this is, of course I gotta give props to NBC sports because that's where this comes from, but i'm going to share this right now i'm going to share my screen.

00:23:12.000 --> 00:23:15.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And here is that final.

00:23:17.670 --> 00:23:18.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 200 meters.

00:23:27.360 --> 00:23:31.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So you've got all three of these guys you got Paul on the inside, in the blue.

00:23:34.890 --> 00:23:36.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he starts moving out.

00:23:39.240 --> 00:23:46.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the joker is going all the way out it's almost lane, for he finishes and lane for and those guys follow them out so.

00:23:48.600 --> 00:23:59.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My the controversy is some people are saying hey man, he should have been disqualified because he was moving all the way out in the lane for here's the deal bro.

00:24:00.060 --> 00:24:06.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The real rule as long as he's not impeding anybody he's entitled to that space he's entitled to all of the space in front of him.

00:24:06.840 --> 00:24:15.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he's already ahead of those guys he's already ahead of those guys not like he's just cutting and the other thing is being real.

00:24:16.170 --> 00:24:25.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Those Dudes have the option of going old, why did they followed him out in the lane, for he wasn't pushing them out, they were behind him.

00:24:25.890 --> 00:24:35.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They followed him out there if they if they had any chance at all, they should have just stayed in lane one or two instead of follow them all the way out there, they were already behind him so.

00:24:35.940 --> 00:24:41.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No controversy I can't believe that being people would even even even think they should be disqualified for them.

00:24:43.290 --> 00:24:49.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The last thing that we're going to talk about that and have my buddy Richard Kline on because I see him there waiting on us baby.

00:24:50.610 --> 00:25:04.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The last thing I talked about is the controversy with when Barry so if even if you're not attracting field fan you've probably seen this on either CNN or or any of the other major news outlets so gwen.

00:25:05.640 --> 00:25:17.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: is one of the top hammer throwers in the United States, and she has been very outspoken she's an activist she African American and.

00:25:18.840 --> 00:25:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She was actually sanctioned back after the Pan American games, she was the gold medals of the Pan American games in the women's hammer want on the Stan she held her fist up um as a sign of solidarity, while the national anthem was playing she ends up getting sanction for that and.

00:25:40.830 --> 00:25:52.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's a rule now heading into the Olympics that that the IOC and and and world athletics has made that you're not allowed to use that platform.

00:25:52.410 --> 00:26:01.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For activism you're not allowed to you know, make any kind of statement or whatever, so it is what it is, you know you either follow it don't follow it whatever.

00:26:02.370 --> 00:26:14.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well gwen is very outspoken about it she's very she is very passionate, of course, about black lives matter and whatnot so anyway, she goes out for the the.

00:26:16.380 --> 00:26:22.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The awards for the women's hammer and she she finished third she was a bronze bronze medalists she earned the right to go to Tokyo.

00:26:23.280 --> 00:26:30.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As as they're out there on the stand getting their awards they start playing the national anthem now here's the deal.

00:26:31.350 --> 00:26:36.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the at the Olympic trials, they only play the national anthem once a day.

00:26:37.350 --> 00:26:46.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because if the Olympics, if you win whatever country you're from they play your national anthem that's kind of part of the whole you know history behind it, but at the national.

00:26:46.710 --> 00:26:52.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At our own championships we're not going to play the national anthem after every event, obviously we just play it once a day well.

00:26:53.520 --> 00:27:03.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They played it while she was up on the stand okay now, it was scheduled to be played basically at that time her awards were basically scheduled to be at that time.

00:27:03.720 --> 00:27:17.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But she says that she was told that it was going to happen before she got out there, so, while she was out there, she was visibly upset about the situation and she she put up.

00:27:18.330 --> 00:27:34.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She had a a black or an athlete activists black T shirt and she kind of put it overhead and she didn't participate in the national anthem she's gotten a lot of heat over this from Ben crenshaw and a whole bunch of other jokers right.

00:27:35.490 --> 00:27:49.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's my take on it real quick I got like less than two minutes here she's entitled to her opinion she's in touch she feels the way that she feels okay for Ben crenshaw and these other.

00:27:51.480 --> 00:28:05.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Politicians to come out and say that she shouldn't be able to go to Tokyo to represent the United States because she has a problem with what she believes, deep down, is it is a system of systemic.

00:28:08.580 --> 00:28:18.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Racism she's still proud to be an American she's still proud to represent the United States it's just that that's she wants to use that platform.

00:28:18.450 --> 00:28:26.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: so that she can have a voice and the reality is listen i'm a middle of the road guy i'm not i'm not a right wing guy i'm not a left wing guy right.

00:28:26.490 --> 00:28:42.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm straight up in the middle of the road, but on something like this dude isn't that what America is right we're allowing we're allowed to have an opinion we're allowed to voice i've been i'm not African American I can't put myself in her shoes I don't know what it's like.

00:28:46.170 --> 00:28:50.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean, all I can oh I can't be empathetic I all I can be a sympathetic because I I don't know.

00:28:51.540 --> 00:28:56.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'll tell you what for for politicians to come out and say she shouldn't be going to the Olympics.

00:28:56.460 --> 00:29:06.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude peaceful protest is every bit of American as the flag itself and I I think it's ridiculous that anybody is having a problem with her.

00:29:07.080 --> 00:29:15.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and I straight up think that it that the real racism, I mean honestly you're just being racist.

00:29:15.780 --> 00:29:29.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Ben crenshaw I think she'd be embarrassed anyway i'm gonna be back here in a couple of minutes I got my buddy Richard Kline he's going to be on the show here after the commercial break and i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk to excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:29:31.650 --> 00:29:34.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listening to talk radio and my Co.

00:29:37.410 --> 00:29:37.620 In.

00:32:15.690 --> 00:32:35.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey everybody i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching us live on Facebook right now and I got my good buddy my acting coach my mentor my my my quad man Richard Kline on the show tonight hi Richard how you doing brother.

00:32:35.550 --> 00:32:37.860 Richard Kline: Kevin long time no see.

00:32:38.250 --> 00:32:43.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man, I mean well you know if it wasn't for the I don't know a little bitty thing we call the pandemic we'd.

00:32:44.970 --> 00:32:45.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: still be.

00:32:46.530 --> 00:32:54.450 Richard Kline: You know just first of all, you don't know you may you don't know this, but I, I have a new studio i'm no longer at the producers Club in New York.

00:32:54.870 --> 00:32:55.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh we're.

00:32:56.130 --> 00:33:08.160 Richard Kline: At on 29th between seventh and eighth it's my own floor whatever it's it's really cool and so we came back may, as I think, for the first time, and whatever you know.

00:33:08.460 --> 00:33:11.280 Richard Kline: Man but i've been holding zoom classes.

00:33:12.600 --> 00:33:21.210 Richard Kline: In the meantime, and the people were so so happy with the zoom classes that they wanted to do both in person, and soon.

00:33:22.770 --> 00:33:26.490 Richard Kline: So I got I got Mondays and Thursdays Monday Monday live.

00:33:27.240 --> 00:33:28.320 Richard Kline: And Thursdays oh.

00:33:29.220 --> 00:33:36.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man dude i'm excited I I i've been spending most of my time down in South Carolina and just kind of commuting around but.

00:33:36.720 --> 00:33:49.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The goal here, now that the pandemic is well, hopefully, you know if a bunch of knuckleheads no screw it up is you know, on the tail and then i'll be back in the city more and we can, and I can drop in and.

00:33:50.430 --> 00:33:59.880 Richard Kline: end up in anytime and check out the new space and really liked very quiet there's no other nothing else happening on the floor, so I enjoyed that a lot yeah.

00:34:00.090 --> 00:34:08.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Nice well you know um I wanted to talk about obviously I want to talk about your acting career and so.

00:34:11.790 --> 00:34:22.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For those people that are watching you know, Richard was his most famous for being Larry Dallas on three's company back in the day 1977 I want to say the 1984 ish.

00:34:22.560 --> 00:34:26.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and, but of course he's done much more than that, I you know he's been on.

00:34:27.570 --> 00:34:42.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pretty much all of the mainstays shows back in the day, like MOD and whatnot but then also he's even more recently he's got a reoccurring role on blue bloods and he had a recurring role on the Americans but dude I want to talk to you about.

00:34:44.160 --> 00:34:48.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Going back to when you landed three's company.

00:34:49.350 --> 00:34:54.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, because you know, obviously, the goal of any actor, is to land, a role.

00:34:54.360 --> 00:34:54.870 Richard Kline: sure.

00:34:54.960 --> 00:35:04.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, like that, and so yeah hey going back to that what was the what was the whole process and how did, how did you get into that was it three.

00:35:04.770 --> 00:35:05.220 Richard Kline: So.

00:35:06.060 --> 00:35:09.480 Richard Kline: You very quickly you're not at work out a.

00:35:10.590 --> 00:35:21.450 Richard Kline: Two minute resume I mean I was a university trained actor I got my master's degree in theatre from northwestern university undergraduate at queen's cars and then I graduated.

00:35:22.830 --> 00:35:27.540 Richard Kline: northwestern and went literally like three months later, into the army, I was drafted.

00:35:28.710 --> 00:35:37.740 Richard Kline: So then, three years later I came out of the army, and I was working in New York from New York, and I was you know I did stage work in New York.

00:35:38.640 --> 00:35:49.170 Richard Kline: And my agent said, you know you really should go in California you what they want, then they called on spec mean you go out there for a couple months and see what you know what the wire.

00:35:49.890 --> 00:36:07.950 Richard Kline: What will happen, and I was very lucky when I went out there, I got a couple of shows the bonds that you talked about it at three of them, and I did some one episodic show nobody remembers called executive suite and for CBS and then.

00:36:09.870 --> 00:36:17.670 Richard Kline: Then three's company came along as a guest spot just one shot so yeah so I auditioned with a whole bunch of other people.

00:36:19.260 --> 00:36:21.120 Richard Kline: I believe one of them was actually Jeff goldblum.

00:36:21.840 --> 00:36:23.640 Richard Kline: wow The fly.

00:36:23.910 --> 00:36:26.820 Richard Kline: yeah and and.

00:36:27.990 --> 00:36:34.170 Richard Kline: So I landed that guest spot and they just started having me back and then the following year.

00:36:35.760 --> 00:36:46.410 Richard Kline: 7078 I they gave me a regular contract contract, and so I was, I was on it for the next five six years so.

00:36:46.920 --> 00:36:50.100 Richard Kline: Man I just very, very fortunate that john and I.

00:36:51.750 --> 00:36:59.730 Richard Kline: clicked I mean we just we had the same sense of humor and we're both big fans of Jerry Lewis and Berlin all the old comics and whatever.

00:37:00.840 --> 00:37:07.620 Richard Kline: You know, he was passed with Robin Williams and I was a big fan of Robin Williams, so the three of us we get together and go friggin nuts and.

00:37:08.760 --> 00:37:15.750 Richard Kline: So, you know that chemistry translated to what you saw on the show, because we were very comfortable with each other.

00:37:16.170 --> 00:37:27.900 Richard Kline: I never thought john and eddie even remote, you know possibility to have a big ego he was it was a very giving guide and not only to be at the other cast members, but people that gets it on the show.

00:37:28.380 --> 00:37:35.520 Richard Kline: years later, with told me, you know your set so so friendly and john was so welcoming and I go yeah that's the kind of guy he works, you know.

00:37:36.120 --> 00:37:38.250 Richard Kline: yeah you never thought you read the presence of.

00:37:39.570 --> 00:37:40.830 Richard Kline: You know, a star.

00:37:40.920 --> 00:37:43.590 Richard Kline: Even though he was the star show.

00:37:44.220 --> 00:37:46.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh, I you know, in my opinion.

00:37:47.670 --> 00:37:56.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: His physical comedy not just his you know his ability his comedic timing, but this physical comedy it was really kind of.

00:37:56.820 --> 00:38:08.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A groundbreaking, so to speak, for television, I mean it was really very Jerry Lewis as you're saying you know yeah and it was it was really his sense of humor and it was amazing.

00:38:08.550 --> 00:38:19.260 Richard Kline: yeah well that kind of physical comedy I mean people have compared him to Dick van dyke but he is his real the real genesis of his comedy is back in the.

00:38:20.130 --> 00:38:26.970 Richard Kline: You know the days of buster keaton and Harold Lloyd at some of the old time you know silent movie comes guy said, we do stunts.

00:38:27.870 --> 00:38:44.400 Richard Kline: You know by themselves, and I have a stuntman in the service of comedy but they would write that they would write just one line in the script and then john would improv physical conduct, for example, it says john has trouble following the ironing board.

00:38:46.350 --> 00:38:52.590 Richard Kline: Okay, so maybe two minutes of sunshine so badly with an.

00:38:53.310 --> 00:39:07.380 Richard Kline: E book, I mean that's the kind of stuff that habit and and it's like you know if you got sluggers laughter whatever they need fall over the couch there be padding behind the cash that nobody, so you know but, but that would be the son, you know, he did it better than anybody.

00:39:09.000 --> 00:39:26.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, with when you guys were filming three's company, a lot of the sitcom's now like modern family and whatnot these are multi camera they're grabbing like a gazillion different angles all at the same time.

00:39:26.520 --> 00:39:28.440 Richard Kline: we're actually going to Kevin they're saying what they're.

00:39:28.440 --> 00:39:42.870 Richard Kline: Saying okay there's an eight camera to be counted we we determine multi cameras what we shot, which was on videotape has four cameras, the latest one of the latest examples of that is big bang theory that's a four camera show.

00:39:43.260 --> 00:39:43.980 Richard Kline: But you're right.

00:39:44.910 --> 00:39:47.520 Richard Kline: Modern family was single camera.

00:39:48.750 --> 00:39:57.720 Richard Kline: The office of single camera um but yeah we when we film with four cameras, I mean you know it's like filming a one act play.

00:39:58.710 --> 00:40:01.530 Richard Kline: Man, you know we only stopped from wardrobe or a subject.

00:40:02.880 --> 00:40:06.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And were you guys was it live audience or no.

00:40:06.540 --> 00:40:08.370 Richard Kline: Yes to to audiences a night.

00:40:09.120 --> 00:40:09.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No kidding.

00:40:09.960 --> 00:40:14.220 Richard Kline: With you know we taped on Friday nights a five o'clock today the clock.

00:40:15.300 --> 00:40:17.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they would just take the best scenes out of.

00:40:17.940 --> 00:40:18.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Each one is that.

00:40:18.930 --> 00:40:20.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly okay.

00:40:20.730 --> 00:40:29.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Exactly and now when you're doing something like that, because obviously i've never been on anything like that, before so when.

00:40:32.460 --> 00:40:39.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're doing something like that are there, multiple takes or you guys just running through the entire 22 minute script or whatever it is you.

00:40:39.480 --> 00:40:44.040 Richard Kline: you write it right through unless there's a line slob or some technical Bible.

00:40:45.360 --> 00:40:51.780 Richard Kline: And yes, there were lines, I think you could go on YouTube and go three's company blowers and you'll find some stuff.

00:40:52.860 --> 00:40:59.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All i'm sure yeah well, I mean it's like theater I mean literally I mean you're you're on a stage, and you have a set and.

00:40:59.970 --> 00:41:04.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got an audience and you know you're you're one and done you got it you got to come up with it.

00:41:04.410 --> 00:41:12.420 Richard Kline: And then the genius of the director of that show was a guy named Dave powers and Dave Ferris it spent 10 years directing Carol burnett before us.

00:41:12.870 --> 00:41:17.160 Richard Kline: So wow yeah he had that technique down, you know big bang boom.

00:41:18.390 --> 00:41:21.600 Richard Kline: yeah it was very, very smooth, for example, man's.

00:41:21.810 --> 00:41:25.530 Richard Kline: and start we'll start at eight o'clock right.

00:41:25.950 --> 00:41:30.420 Richard Kline: We start typing in eight o'clock we'd be out by 916 which is unheard of, I mean that's.

00:41:30.750 --> 00:41:31.980 Richard Kline: crazy yeah.

00:41:32.040 --> 00:41:37.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah that's me dude i've done 15 second TV commercials and it took six hours.

00:41:39.840 --> 00:41:44.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's just yeah baby it's probably me let's be honest, no.

00:41:44.580 --> 00:41:58.980 Richard Kline: No, no, no, no, I know I i've done commercials and they're like that it's insane detail and need can we do it again let's do it again no brain oh it's not sharing that with the peanut butter is too soft whatever please yeah.

00:41:59.310 --> 00:42:02.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and now you were a commercial X.

00:42:02.760 --> 00:42:03.150 yeah.

00:42:04.890 --> 00:42:11.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're also while you're out now where you commercial actor before three's company after or during or ivory.

00:42:11.250 --> 00:42:13.170 Richard Kline: Before and then after.

00:42:13.620 --> 00:42:14.730 Richard Kline: Before and up.

00:42:14.820 --> 00:42:24.210 Richard Kline: From 1971 when I got out of the army to 1976 when I moved to California, I did.

00:42:25.560 --> 00:42:27.210 Richard Kline: About 75 corrections.

00:42:27.810 --> 00:42:40.080 Richard Kline: wow yeah some of them, not all the national but you're right but I never I was very fortunate that I never had a take any kind of other survival job as they, as they call it yeah.

00:42:40.170 --> 00:42:44.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right right, I know you had a shampoo commercial was a head and shoulders or no.

00:42:44.970 --> 00:42:45.600 Richard Kline: Can you show.

00:42:46.260 --> 00:42:47.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah.

00:42:47.970 --> 00:42:51.690 Richard Kline: For three days afterwards parts of my scalp peeling off.

00:42:53.370 --> 00:42:53.970 Richard Kline: i'm serious.

00:42:56.520 --> 00:42:56.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now.

00:42:57.000 --> 00:43:03.780 Richard Kline: You know, think of think about it from like nine o'clock in the morning to five o'clock at night, your shampoo your hair me please.

00:43:04.110 --> 00:43:05.160 Richard Kline: yeah you know.

00:43:05.190 --> 00:43:14.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude I did not to because this isn't about me but an aside here, I did a commercial of course i've done like 150 commercials now.

00:43:14.280 --> 00:43:21.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know right local, national, whatever anyway, I did one for a Scotch okay.

00:43:22.140 --> 00:43:23.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll call the Freud I don't know if you're a.

00:43:23.850 --> 00:43:46.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Scotch guy but there's there's a Scotch called the floyd which is really smoky anyway long story short, they it was filmed in a in a warehouse out at the Pier navy Pier right in that area there anyway on the set they gave me the booze and they wanted me to drink it while I.

00:43:49.170 --> 00:43:59.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was being filmed right and to give my honest opinion on it well dude I pour like three fingers on this thing man I I polished off like half the bottle i'm there for like an hour holding court yeah.

00:44:01.200 --> 00:44:07.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's just you know so that's my head and shoulders story I get spanked.

00:44:09.000 --> 00:44:09.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But.

00:44:10.410 --> 00:44:13.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Its life man, but anyway we're gonna head to our first commercial.

00:44:13.710 --> 00:44:13.980 Richard Kline: break.

00:44:14.310 --> 00:44:24.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I want to come back, I want to talk more about like what's happening now and musical theater and all that kind of stuff and and and obviously being an acting coach i'll be back in just a minute, this is.

00:44:27.360 --> 00:44:30.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kevin Barbara we're on coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:46:45.720 --> 00:46:56.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk so on Kevin Barbara when you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching on slash talk radio nyc make sure that you download.

00:46:57.030 --> 00:47:11.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The podcast when you get a chance off of spotify apple Google and a bunch of others I don't even know what the names of them are so I got my buddy Richard client on from back in the day three's company now.

00:47:12.600 --> 00:47:25.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Back in New York City, you know, is an acting coach which is my acting coach and we were talking about you know, obviously, when you came off of three's company, and you are doing the.

00:47:27.090 --> 00:47:28.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You were doing um.

00:47:29.850 --> 00:47:38.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: commercials after the fact, fast forward to now, because I know there's a whole bunch of stuff that happened in the middle there obviously but.

00:47:39.450 --> 00:47:44.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, in your career now how often would you say.

00:47:45.540 --> 00:47:50.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your do going through the audition process or do you even have to go through the audition process anymore, I mean.

00:47:53.700 --> 00:48:07.260 Richard Kline: i'm pretty much always have gone through the audition process, the only time I didn't go through the process was when I was a regular on three's company, and they would like throw a love boat at me or or burnish you wrote or.

00:48:08.280 --> 00:48:16.890 Richard Kline: What usually, I think, or maybe not I was gonna say an ABC show which would make sense but.

00:48:18.180 --> 00:48:25.170 Richard Kline: I did Father dally I mean I didn't I didn't think that they actually give you the job, but that was during you know the height of.

00:48:26.040 --> 00:48:26.640 Richard Kline: That right.

00:48:27.090 --> 00:48:30.150 Richard Kline: Since then, I know I do have to audition I do have to self tape.

00:48:32.100 --> 00:48:45.990 Richard Kline: You know and but i've returned to stage work twice in the last five years, I did national tour of wicked and the national tour of waitress musical, which was a whole whole lot of fun.

00:48:46.590 --> 00:48:47.130 yeah.

00:48:49.710 --> 00:48:49.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I.

00:48:51.960 --> 00:48:52.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You.

00:48:55.320 --> 00:48:58.860 Richard Kline: Kevin you got a lot of static I don't know what's going on check your audio.

00:48:59.280 --> 00:48:59.580 Oh.

00:49:02.310 --> 00:49:03.930 Richard Kline: Yes, real staticky.

00:49:05.340 --> 00:49:07.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hang on one second yeah I can feel.

00:49:07.980 --> 00:49:08.310 Good.

00:49:10.500 --> 00:49:12.000 hang on one second.

00:49:16.710 --> 00:49:17.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Can you hear me better now.

00:49:17.940 --> 00:49:30.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, okay great so um when it comes to the musical theatre, as what were you studying musical theatre when you were in college and that's how you got into it, because.

00:49:30.360 --> 00:49:31.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, obviously we know is you.

00:49:34.410 --> 00:49:37.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is a TV actor, but you but you do musical theater now.

00:49:38.460 --> 00:49:49.140 Richard Kline: yeah no i'm I question let's see what happened, I didn't start studying voice until I got to back to New York after college or after the army.

00:49:50.190 --> 00:49:59.070 Richard Kline: And then I studied voice for about five years and actually my first equity job was a musical do I hear a waltz.

00:50:00.030 --> 00:50:12.840 Richard Kline: And so i've been going back and forth between musicals straight plays and comedies but I really, really enjoyed doing musicals as a matter of fact, my first broadway show was city of angels.

00:50:14.460 --> 00:50:19.290 Richard Kline: With I did that with Tom will pat from dukes of hazzard he was this one of the stars of the show.

00:50:21.000 --> 00:50:24.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah yeah yeah and a mutual friend of ours also.

00:50:25.020 --> 00:50:25.500 Richard Kline: Oh yeah.

00:50:27.600 --> 00:50:33.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: what's your name there's a she she helped out with the thing over at the.

00:50:34.650 --> 00:50:36.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That that idol competition.

00:50:37.620 --> 00:50:40.050 Richard Kline: Oh, oh yeah.

00:50:41.490 --> 00:50:42.240 Richard Kline: Oh, this word.

00:50:42.330 --> 00:50:43.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Elizabeth Warren yes.

00:50:43.920 --> 00:50:47.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yes, yeah she was on that with you guys, I think.

00:50:47.760 --> 00:50:49.170 Richard Kline: Did you just toss a cat.

00:50:50.070 --> 00:50:52.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I did that's that's grayson.

00:50:53.700 --> 00:50:57.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He said he's reading it, let me take my cats don't want anything.

00:51:00.780 --> 00:51:07.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To do with me until i'm either taping an audition or i'm doing this show, then all of a sudden, they you know that's how they roll man.

00:51:07.830 --> 00:51:09.420 Richard Kline: Well, they want some air time I don't blame.

00:51:10.290 --> 00:51:17.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah well you got it, you know that's how I am i'm here don't invite me to be on a show i'm in front of the camera the whole time.

00:51:19.860 --> 00:51:27.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But, but what do you what is it that you like the most about the stage, what is it that excites you.

00:51:27.780 --> 00:51:30.540 Richard Kline: about the first of all it's live.

00:51:31.560 --> 00:51:35.430 Richard Kline: You know you can't you can't say cut can we do that again.

00:51:36.750 --> 00:51:46.320 Richard Kline: You know, one of the toughest thing, especially in a comedy is getting a live audience to laugh, you know I mean that's a challenge.

00:51:47.460 --> 00:51:50.520 Richard Kline: I just I just love the stage that's where it started.

00:51:51.990 --> 00:52:01.680 Richard Kline: that's where I actually feel most comfortable, believe it or not, i've never had stage fright have always just been I guess it became side, and you know, since junior high school.

00:52:02.820 --> 00:52:08.730 Richard Kline: I love being I love being on stage, you know people say, well, he eight shows a week it doesn't get boring and I go no.

00:52:10.560 --> 00:52:11.640 Richard Kline: never gets boring.

00:52:13.770 --> 00:52:26.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: notes, no good and what would you say so, you know, obviously I think one of the biggest things that we need to work on as actors, I know that that I do, obviously I have an acting coach obviously.

00:52:27.570 --> 00:52:44.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We constantly need to be working on our craft and evolving and and just getting better, just like any other profession, you know, or sometimes even more so in our profession, but what do you do because.

00:52:46.980 --> 00:52:55.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now I mean you've been doing this for so long, but I would imagine you still are learning constantly something, how do you work on the craft.

00:52:55.050 --> 00:53:16.470 Richard Kline: Or is it through LG that's that's a really good good question, because this is how I answered by teaching since 1998 in Los Angeles, and since 2006 often on when i'm not you know, on tour doing a gig whatever that keeps me fresh just by.

00:53:17.550 --> 00:53:27.720 Richard Kline: Teaching this by going over the craft and and asking students, you know what do you want, what do you after what you know why are you saying this model you got a model of what you're saying.

00:53:28.290 --> 00:53:35.880 Richard Kline: what's the what's the reason behind you know you just don't come in with a model like it's all neatly wrapped and going oh I rehearse this in the shower 4000 times.

00:53:36.330 --> 00:53:48.840 Richard Kline: Know there's a reason why you're saying and to whom you're saying, are you saying to yourself what you say to the audience you saying that God who you say it to and why, and so that kind of preparation.

00:53:50.040 --> 00:53:57.270 Richard Kline: Helping other actors helps me right, and on top of that Kevin I don't have to tell you i've been doing this for.

00:53:58.290 --> 00:53:58.890 Richard Kline: A long time.

00:54:00.510 --> 00:54:07.830 Richard Kline: The technique to me comes naturally I did so, I can tell you, because because of repetition of over the years of doing this.

00:54:08.370 --> 00:54:21.660 Richard Kline: You know, I was on tour like I said 13 months with waited 12 months with with weighted when you you do a show eight times a week every night, you know the technique kick kicks in you don't have to be.

00:54:22.320 --> 00:54:32.460 Richard Kline: You know, using the actor studio method you know, whatever my grandmother died refresh every time I mean you know Come on, you gotta it's a technique involved like anything else, like.

00:54:32.970 --> 00:54:46.770 Richard Kline: Like okay Roger federer it's 4000 frickin back here on Tuesday, because he's playing on a Thursday at the tournament, and so the backhand and Thursday becomes second nature to it right right.

00:54:47.070 --> 00:54:48.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah no.

00:54:48.960 --> 00:54:50.970 Richard Kline: that's that's one analogy, I like to use I.

00:54:50.970 --> 00:54:51.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: mean.

00:54:51.390 --> 00:55:11.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Definitely, I mean to me, I think you know i've only been 10 years but I I I think part of it is that you either get it, or you don't get it, and if you don't get it you better work twice as hard, if you get it, you still got to work really are yeah so that it becomes second nature.

00:55:11.850 --> 00:55:12.660 Richard Kline: Absolutely and.

00:55:13.020 --> 00:55:13.860 Richard Kline: yeah because I.

00:55:14.070 --> 00:55:30.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Probably the best advice I got when I first moved to New York Daniel o'shea, who was a student of yours, for a little bit and he's very accomplished actor he actually listened to my show this show when it was.

00:55:33.570 --> 00:55:36.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Back in the city about you know, eight years or so ago.

00:55:36.480 --> 00:55:50.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he was really like listen man, you know you're only going to get so far by being a nice guy you're only going to get so you, you need to you need to learn the craft and he and he told me the best person, you need to talk you got to go to Richard client.

00:55:51.120 --> 00:56:04.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh, and there, and the reason was that that because you have the less is more approach to acting, which to me, I mean everybody is going to be different, but to me that.

00:56:10.500 --> 00:56:12.630 Richard Kline: that's great it's great great to hear.

00:56:13.260 --> 00:56:15.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah it Daniel.

00:56:15.180 --> 00:56:24.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That that was probably the best and he was basically a stranger to me and but he got me he gave me your number and and and now here we are talking about my show.

00:56:25.470 --> 00:56:30.060 Richard Kline: If I Kevin if I wrote a book title would be please stop acting.

00:56:31.350 --> 00:56:32.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah no literally I.

00:56:35.010 --> 00:56:41.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was before, but it really it is, I mean, because at the end of the day, you know it's human interaction.

00:56:41.460 --> 00:56:53.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah but human interactions here and it just so happens, I know, ahead of time what i'm going to say, but other than that we're just having a conversation, just like well, thank you.

00:56:53.730 --> 00:56:54.180 brilliant.

00:56:55.380 --> 00:56:56.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen Richard.

00:56:56.790 --> 00:57:04.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I gotta go man with the end of the show but i'm so thankful for you being on and i'll send you the $10 and 18 cents.

00:57:07.890 --> 00:57:09.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For your parents fee here.

00:57:09.120 --> 00:57:11.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For your actors equity just to give it.

00:57:13.050 --> 00:57:13.350 Richard Kline: To.

00:57:13.650 --> 00:57:23.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listening I love you man, I hope I get to be in the city again soon and check out the new space and quickly, let us know the email to hit you up if somebody wants to take class with you.

00:57:23.700 --> 00:57:27.450 Richard Kline: rk workshops plural at gmail.

00:57:28.350 --> 00:57:35.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: rk workshops plural at gmail COM i'm going to put it on the replay for us, Richard thanks a lot brother, I really appreciate it.

00:57:35.940 --> 00:57:54.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thank you again for listening in or watching in here on talk radio dot nyc i'm Kevin barbro you can catch me every Tuesday at 8pm live or you can get the podcast on apple spotify Google and everything else i'll be back next week actually broadcasting live from Vegas baby.

00:57:55.530 --> 00:57:56.220 whoa.

00:57:57.960 --> 00:58:01.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From the link and let's hope I got some money left.

00:58:02.520 --> 00:58:04.140 All right, i'm Kevin Barbara we'll see you next week.

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