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Thursday, June 24, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/24 - Cannabis & Kushi Culture

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/24 - Cannabis & Kushi Culture


2021/06/24 - Cannabis & Kushi Culture

[NEW EPISODE] Cannabis & Kushi Culture

With guest Rubeil Chughtai.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Jonny Tsunami introduces Rubeil Chughtai then gives Rubeil the floor to speak about how he makes his edibles, Kushi on Demand. Next, Rubeil talks about how a lot of edible companies choose to mimic popular brands. He argues that doing this is only useful in the short term. On the contrary to these edible companies, Rubeil talks about how he creates his own unique, organic products inspired by Desi desserts.

Segment 2

Returning to the podcast, Rubeil describes how he started his own brand. Beginning with a conversation he had with his wife, Rubeil created his first cannabis-infused dessert and it was a success. He then invited friends over and made more. Soon, his friends started asking for batches for their parties, and it was at that point that Rubeil says he realized this could be something big. Jonny and Rubeil begin talking about the art of research and product development when it comes to the dosage. Rubeil details that it’s an extensive battle of repeated testing and that so far he has products for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cannabis consumers.

Segment 3

Next, Jonny asks Rubeil to paint a picture of what it was like growing up with Desi desserts. Rubeil obliges, describing what it was like, before talking about how, in order to survive racism and xenophobia that worsened following 9/11, he had to hide his culture. As he got older, he eventually felt safe enough to show his pride in his culture. Moreover, he talks about how cannabis could help his family members with aches and pains, but how in order to best help, he felt that he needed to package the cannabis into a familiar food. And therefore, this contributed to him creating Desi desserts infused with cannabis.

Segment 4

Concluding the podcast, Rubeil talks about different opportunities within the company. He describes that his company is in the stage of growing and continuing to market. By the end of July, he states that Kushi on Demand will be fully open. As time passes, Rubeil has hopes that the U.S. will eventually legalize cannabis.


00:00:35.220 --> 00:00:44.700 Jonny Tsunami: Hello everybody i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is planted pato low low less taboo view For those of you who don't know pocket low low.

00:00:45.030 --> 00:00:56.730 Jonny Tsunami: Is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco, also known as marijuana but this show is about debunking the stereotypes and stigmas and taboos connected to this illustrious plant.

00:00:57.090 --> 00:01:06.630 Jonny Tsunami: and dealing with people who are specialists in the cannabis space talking about how they've entered how they've remained and how they continue to build themselves.

00:01:07.080 --> 00:01:18.480 Jonny Tsunami: Today, in the episode we're calling it cannabis and cushy culture, our guests rubio chuck tie, also known as Robbie is the founder and CEO at cushy on demand.

00:01:18.930 --> 00:01:29.250 Jonny Tsunami: it's a one of a kind story our special guest childhood was full of yummy penis he grew up eating delicious myth I glob damone July be all the Desi desserts it was hard.

00:01:29.550 --> 00:01:38.790 Jonny Tsunami: To imagine anything better until the idea of having edibles in Matthias form was conceived now Robbie welcome to the show.

00:01:39.390 --> 00:01:41.220 Rubeil Chughtai: Johnny Thank you thanks for having me.

00:01:41.490 --> 00:01:57.780 Jonny Tsunami: You you gave a smile when I threw out the pronunciation of some of those desserts so i'm sure i've probably maybe deviated from the proper pronunciation on a few of them, but you know listen, this is new to me but i'll tell you this much after trying your dessert.

00:01:59.310 --> 00:02:06.120 Jonny Tsunami: they're awesome so welcome to the show and just give the audience a little Hello tell us a little brief about yourself.

00:02:06.990 --> 00:02:11.160 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah thanks for having me your pronunciation was actually pretty good it's metallic, though.

00:02:11.310 --> 00:02:12.090 metallic.

00:02:13.290 --> 00:02:13.860 Jonny Tsunami: Okay.

00:02:14.340 --> 00:02:18.000 Rubeil Chughtai: That they have yeah cushy on demand it's a.

00:02:18.060 --> 00:02:21.600 Rubeil Chughtai: infuse daisey metallic greets desserts.

00:02:23.280 --> 00:02:36.600 Rubeil Chughtai: Great I mean growing up, you have these at resume dinners at parties functions you're having these desserts And what better way to get it even one step better and infusing it with some cannabis.

00:02:36.870 --> 00:02:44.220 Jonny Tsunami: So you know where what you're doing is essentially almost food processing right you're talking about creating cultural treats.

00:02:44.820 --> 00:02:57.870 Jonny Tsunami: Using cannabis and fusion with them, and so one of the current events that I wanted to kind of talk about, especially in the food processing industry, where a lot of the big brands reside is that.

00:02:58.800 --> 00:03:07.950 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis companies are actually copying this so one of the companies we had talked about prior was broadway, which was a spin off of.

00:03:09.210 --> 00:03:11.250 Jonny Tsunami: subway no bad.

00:03:12.450 --> 00:03:13.890 Jonny Tsunami: I see it, there it is.

00:03:15.300 --> 00:03:27.000 Jonny Tsunami: Huge brand presence, but then that company ended up getting sued for obviously likely less than they have the logo and everything like that, so there was broadway there was also herbs are us to play with toys R Us.

00:03:27.570 --> 00:03:38.610 Jonny Tsunami: In the US fredo ladies had issues Mars is an issues so it's kind of funny when you think about it, because they were saying that in many ways, especially processed foods are.

00:03:39.300 --> 00:03:45.270 Jonny Tsunami: Very addictive and so much so that it's easy to build a brand when you have an addictive product.

00:03:45.750 --> 00:03:57.390 Jonny Tsunami: Something like potato chips or a candy bar and so on and so forth, so they've created there's these architect archetype icons in the food processing industry.

00:03:58.110 --> 00:04:07.830 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis companies that are creating food based processed products are mimicking and using that wave for maybe just a period of time, like you said before.

00:04:08.100 --> 00:04:21.060 Jonny Tsunami: So you know what I was thinking is like Why is this happening, why are people inclined to want to copy broadway or play off of subway or twice a roster so on your spin on that since you're processing guy.

00:04:21.960 --> 00:04:28.200 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah I yeah I hope yeah the subway is actually real tuna, there are real herb at the bud way but uh.

00:04:29.130 --> 00:04:45.990 Rubeil Chughtai: But yeah so I guess the thoughts behind it it's it's tough to build a brand in the cannabis industry, because when you're doing food processing there's it's hard to relate and market that properly in a broad avenue, so a lot of people what i've seen.

00:04:46.410 --> 00:04:58.620 Rubeil Chughtai: Is it create something very close to what people resonate with right, as you said, broadway you see the candies the article that we read fritos things that people resonate with, but I think.

00:04:58.920 --> 00:05:06.510 Rubeil Chughtai: Like I had mentioned earlier, I think those are very short term things because you're not building your own brand you're exactly just taking the.

00:05:07.500 --> 00:05:16.890 Rubeil Chughtai: The likeness and the actual images of the actual established companies and you got to stand still, you could only go so far and.

00:05:17.190 --> 00:05:29.490 Rubeil Chughtai: it's again I think these companies are doing it for that short term pocket let's get the brandon let's get the money in let's get some revenue and let's try to put a spin on it and then cross that bridge later on and do what they need to do.

00:05:29.820 --> 00:05:38.520 Jonny Tsunami: Well, how do you see yourself, maybe then we can ask this question now is being different than that, I mean i'm sure there's other people in the cannabis industry who feel.

00:05:39.030 --> 00:05:52.560 Jonny Tsunami: Similar that way you do, which is describing as it should be more of an organic experience, where brands should be something that are organic that come from something that's deep rooted whether it's in a culture or community and cannabis.

00:05:53.010 --> 00:06:00.840 Jonny Tsunami: Is a culture and a community of itself, so you know how do you see yourself differentiating from the copycats let's call them.

00:06:01.530 --> 00:06:11.400 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah so it's a good question so yeah cushy on demand cushy which in Indian Pakistani language is called is meant happiness right so.

00:06:11.790 --> 00:06:27.750 Rubeil Chughtai: that's what's what to better things provide happiness than food and cannabis so having that type of it's tough but, having those two combinations it's building the awareness and learning on not doing that traditional route we could have easily done a.

00:06:28.950 --> 00:06:32.370 Rubeil Chughtai: Very well established AC or Indian Pakistani.

00:06:33.360 --> 00:06:40.620 Rubeil Chughtai: Company and kind of played off of that, but we wanted to build something organic that people can resonate with that really does bring happiness and organic products and.

00:06:40.890 --> 00:06:46.050 Rubeil Chughtai: Probably bringing the best quality because we're not here for the short term, this is a space that we're looking to.

00:06:46.530 --> 00:06:58.950 Rubeil Chughtai: grow and expand and now that the doors are opening up and the acceptance is there slowly, especially in the DC heritage Community it's it's it's tough it's uphill battle to there's a taboo around it.

00:06:59.730 --> 00:07:11.040 Rubeil Chughtai: But doing it this way it's a longer process, but in my opinion it's it's long term as opposed to doing the copycat thing getting some eyes towards you get some quick cash and.

00:07:11.580 --> 00:07:25.050 Rubeil Chughtai: you're done for me, this is a brand that you could build an especially with fruit process and people could relate to it once they taste it and really understand where that what it's going for and the quality is the biggest thing for me.

00:07:25.560 --> 00:07:28.020 Jonny Tsunami: Well that's that's important there you go that's a great.

00:07:29.730 --> 00:07:36.810 Jonny Tsunami: concept or statement in and of itself, because when we look at the traditional treat oles Mars even today.

00:07:37.500 --> 00:07:47.970 Jonny Tsunami: I was walking my dog in the neighborhood and there's this guy always walked by with his dog he's like oh my dogs live forever because I give them, you know quality ingredients.

00:07:48.660 --> 00:07:58.410 Jonny Tsunami: And you know, I was looking at him and oddly enough, he wasn't in shape so his dog might be 23 years old, which is time seven pretty long year and dog years.

00:07:58.890 --> 00:08:08.430 Jonny Tsunami: I don't know about this guy and I said to him, and you know me i'm very much into fitness and I pride myself on that because cannabis and health and wellness are infused with each other.

00:08:09.000 --> 00:08:15.330 Jonny Tsunami: That I said to almost like you give your dog you cook all this beautiful stuff for your dog, but you don't give a dog food.

00:08:15.990 --> 00:08:27.750 Jonny Tsunami: Traditional kibble is processed food and then you eat processed food yourself and Look how long you know it's proof in the matter that you know when you eat organic products.

00:08:28.140 --> 00:08:34.950 Jonny Tsunami: They are better for you, so if you really trying to build a brand where people trust, and I think people are more conscientious to have.

00:08:35.700 --> 00:08:44.490 Jonny Tsunami: Organic or they're more willing now to pay for it 5100 years ago if you said to somebody organic they'd be like everything's organic What do you mean I don't even know what you're talking about.

00:08:44.850 --> 00:08:54.300 Jonny Tsunami: But people are becoming more aware of that, I sometimes think that maybe even the cannabis Community might be even more prone to organic.

00:08:54.990 --> 00:09:05.250 Jonny Tsunami: Because they seem to kind of like you said they're almost like foodies a lot of them right because they they're very sensory based I you know I have this cushy on demand treat.

00:09:05.970 --> 00:09:22.140 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, something starts to feel good, then I go Have a nice meal, maybe it's an Indian meal, its effect standing meal that'd be great, but any meal right so organic and real products so tell me a little bit more for cushy on demand, where that's important for you.

00:09:22.620 --> 00:09:28.230 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah and I think you bring up a really good point on that, because when you consume something right being in the fitness.

00:09:28.650 --> 00:09:35.010 Rubeil Chughtai: How do you feel afterwards is the biggest thing right, then you can't really take in that moment, and again going back to the short term long term.

00:09:35.340 --> 00:09:39.750 Rubeil Chughtai: In that moment you're like Oh, this is delicious this This is great, but it being processed.

00:09:40.290 --> 00:09:47.340 Rubeil Chughtai: you're not going to feel better long the next day, two days, three days you're not gonna it becomes a compounding problem so with us.

00:09:47.670 --> 00:09:59.940 Rubeil Chughtai: Everything we wanted to make a product that when you eat it obviously the effects, you get from it is great, but you're also feeling good you're not feeling like I shouldn't have had that it's organic fresh products that.

00:10:00.570 --> 00:10:05.520 Rubeil Chughtai: cut out the amount of sugar that we're trying we're putting into it so you're not feeling.

00:10:05.910 --> 00:10:13.020 Rubeil Chughtai: sluggish the next day you're not feeling down about your stuff you really want to embody the cushy the happiness.

00:10:13.320 --> 00:10:19.890 Rubeil Chughtai: aspect of it, so you eat it you feel good the next day he didn't feel good as well, you wake up in the morning.

00:10:20.160 --> 00:10:28.890 Rubeil Chughtai: It there's no side effects as far as feeling bad about yourself and that's the biggest thing and bringing back to that community of cannabis yeah we I think the cannabis community.

00:10:29.820 --> 00:10:43.500 Rubeil Chughtai: that's a fair point because we're looking at the best quality ingredients to grow crop right so much like that you need to have those proper nutrients that goes into the crop itself so yeah I think the Community is a lot more aware of.

00:10:43.890 --> 00:10:48.630 Rubeil Chughtai: That type of product and willing to spend a little bit more to feel better about yourself.

00:10:48.990 --> 00:11:00.390 Jonny Tsunami: And you had said taboo for taboo is within, and this is a show about breaking taboo or less taboo view in the Desi Community there's a tablet and you just to touch upon that just.

00:11:00.930 --> 00:11:07.560 Jonny Tsunami: Briefly, where cannabis it's you know taboo within that community itself, I would be like to know a little bit about that.

00:11:08.100 --> 00:11:15.120 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah absolutely well taboo for degeneration above us so a lot of things that we're seeing now.

00:11:16.140 --> 00:11:29.460 Rubeil Chughtai: Are by generation our generation it's more acceptable but growing up, I mean i'm open with my parents being like hey there's ways there's cannabis, this is it but scrolling up in the Community, seeing a lot of people.

00:11:29.790 --> 00:11:40.320 Rubeil Chughtai: hide the fact that their smoke high, the fact that they smell we're doing the long walks I get it, but you're 30 years old, you don't need to hide the fact that there's cannabis, when your parents drink alcohol.

00:11:40.770 --> 00:11:51.630 Rubeil Chughtai: that's the biggest thing for me crack trying to explain that to the Community, the health benefits versus alcohol you're drinking a six pack every day versus.

00:11:52.260 --> 00:12:01.650 Rubeil Chughtai: The benefits that true cannabis can bring to you is obviously when it's done properly, but those are the biggest things in growing up stuff I mean.

00:12:02.040 --> 00:12:12.000 Rubeil Chughtai: Even everyone had to face it, I mean that what's that smell, and so it goes in my head when we took those long walks and come back there's a pungent skunky smell, we would get all the time.

00:12:13.080 --> 00:12:22.650 Rubeil Chughtai: So just looking at that directly and the next generations on I don't want those things to be taboo within the Community and make it more acceptable yeah.

00:12:23.070 --> 00:12:31.200 Jonny Tsunami: And and It made me think of you know, same thing, use the word skunk but actually my mother in law she's.

00:12:32.700 --> 00:12:45.660 Jonny Tsunami: first generation Italian and I just hear her voice I smell his gun, but you know now we've had a conversation where i'm like mom you can call it oregano you code ever you want, but you know what it is.

00:12:45.750 --> 00:12:46.140 Rubeil Chughtai: And she said.

00:12:46.860 --> 00:12:51.780 Jonny Tsunami: i'm going to try one day i'm gonna try i'm gonna whenever you're ready i'm here.

00:12:52.770 --> 00:12:52.980 Rubeil Chughtai: But.

00:12:53.370 --> 00:12:57.570 Jonny Tsunami: it's about educating people now here's The other thing too and.

00:12:58.530 --> 00:13:10.170 Jonny Tsunami: When you think about the United States historically it's about assimilation it's about cultures coming in and becoming kind of assimilated and becoming americanized and I think correct me if i'm wrong.

00:13:10.530 --> 00:13:16.500 Jonny Tsunami: When you know if you're looking at Desi Community you're coming in you're trying to establish yourself as an American right but.

00:13:16.500 --> 00:13:18.000 Jonny Tsunami: Also, as an Indian American or a.

00:13:18.000 --> 00:13:29.280 Jonny Tsunami: Pakistani American or an Italian American or Chinese right so those groups that come over also have to kind of like almost have a better demeanor about themselves because.

00:13:29.670 --> 00:13:39.150 Jonny Tsunami: the older generation Americans are always kind of like watching and observing so there's this thing like well I don't want to make my culture look bad by saying you know we use cannabis and this and that.

00:13:39.570 --> 00:13:49.050 Jonny Tsunami: But now that's changed because we're almost near I mean we're recreationally legal in New Jersey yay and we're federally growing more and more double yay.

00:13:49.560 --> 00:13:57.510 Jonny Tsunami: But that then allows those older archetypes within your community within my Community because listen, even the old school Italians are not about.

00:13:57.960 --> 00:14:04.530 Jonny Tsunami: Cannabis I mean some of the things that would come out of their mouth when you hear you know why you're smoking cannabis it's like well you know.

00:14:04.980 --> 00:14:13.860 Jonny Tsunami: that's you know that's for and it's just that's a stigma that is now starting to be removed, and I think that's important for that.

00:14:14.130 --> 00:14:28.110 Jonny Tsunami: To be expressed to the older culture or the older generation and say hey listen we're not going to be judged wrong for here because there believe you me, there are big people out there, Joe rogan you know the endless amount of.

00:14:29.160 --> 00:14:37.680 Jonny Tsunami: professional people, especially in the entertainment industry that are being open about it and even in the sports industry as well, so once those archetypes come on board.

00:14:38.250 --> 00:14:44.250 Jonny Tsunami: it's just a domino effect from that point you can't stop it we're not moving back we're moving forward so.

00:14:45.030 --> 00:14:49.950 Jonny Tsunami: I think what we're saying here is is that it's about educating people and it's about.

00:14:50.670 --> 00:15:00.420 Jonny Tsunami: Building a Community with for you it's starting in the Community where we've really pushed it from the Desi community, as you call it, but then I think, as we go through this up to this.

00:15:01.080 --> 00:15:18.480 Jonny Tsunami: Show we might find out and say this might be a treat that everybody will love so when we come back, we will talk a little bit more about the business and science, about how my man Robbie here is creating these daily See also treats, so we will be right back planning taco low low.

00:15:19.710 --> 00:15:20.610 Jonny Tsunami: c see it a little bit.

00:17:48.660 --> 00:18:02.670 Jonny Tsunami: Hello everybody i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pocket Hello today's episode, I am here with rubio chug time founder and CEO of cushy on demand and we.

00:18:03.000 --> 00:18:15.270 Jonny Tsunami: call him Robbie he's flying into planet pato lolo stopping for a little bit and telling us about cushy on demand, which is a delicious Desi Community or Indian Pakistani Community based.

00:18:15.990 --> 00:18:24.630 Jonny Tsunami: That you would enjoy maybe after dinner in between, maybe there's a little plate on the table, something like this, where you're like walking by the kitchen.

00:18:24.810 --> 00:18:35.370 Jonny Tsunami: And all of a sudden, you know there's a little treat home, and you know you grew up as a young dude walking around your House and he's treats whoever made him, maybe the anti maybe grandma maybe mom whatever it was.

00:18:35.700 --> 00:18:43.950 Jonny Tsunami: But he's here and he's telling us about his lovely new brand called pushy on demand so Robbie, thank you for coming in.

00:18:45.450 --> 00:18:46.170 Rubeil Chughtai: Thank you Johnny.

00:18:46.590 --> 00:18:53.820 Jonny Tsunami: So we talked a little bit before about some current events copy cats that are in the food processing industry for candidates that are using.

00:18:54.420 --> 00:19:01.290 Jonny Tsunami: All the big names and playing off that energy and then we finished off by saying it's about being organic having organic brand.

00:19:01.740 --> 00:19:06.840 Jonny Tsunami: Building a real organic community and building an organic product for people to enjoy.

00:19:07.320 --> 00:19:18.570 Jonny Tsunami: And so, through that the next question I kind of want to ask you is what is through the process of building your brand and providing the freshest ingredients and how you work through that to where you are currently in this moment.

00:19:19.530 --> 00:19:25.800 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah that's a good question, so I guess i'll start with the origin of where this this this came from.

00:19:26.580 --> 00:19:41.400 Rubeil Chughtai: I think that'd be a good start here for for this, so it basically my wife and sister both are avid cannabis smokers they my sister and my wife quick conversation of hey we should infuse it with some tasty foods.

00:19:41.910 --> 00:19:49.950 Rubeil Chughtai: And my idea of being involved in the cannabis industry for a little bit now i'm like oh wow that's that's actually a good idea, so.

00:19:50.460 --> 00:20:02.820 Rubeil Chughtai: That idea stemmed from let's see if we can do this, so the next day, I went out made a batch of some some mid type, it was a God Jehovah, which is a carrot infused.

00:20:04.080 --> 00:20:13.230 Rubeil Chughtai: ball love do it with your its debts delicious Oh, you know about it, so I we infused it tasted it i'm like hey This is great.

00:20:13.920 --> 00:20:22.800 Rubeil Chughtai: an hour later i'm like oh wow this is originally great the activation time so i'm at that point we got to the point where like let's see if other people.

00:20:23.310 --> 00:20:29.340 Rubeil Chughtai: Would would enjoy this so got to the stage of having some friends over gave them desert here you go.

00:20:30.150 --> 00:20:42.120 Rubeil Chughtai: It became Oh, my goodness orders after orders friends to friends to friends hey can you make a batch we have a party going on and i'm like wow this this really can build and grow to be something huge.

00:20:43.110 --> 00:20:51.390 Rubeil Chughtai: At that point, I went in to ensure that the freshest products came in, I wanted to know how much of what is going into what.

00:20:52.020 --> 00:21:01.470 Rubeil Chughtai: How can you calculate what is if I take this piece and a buddy of ours was like hey let's process this and understand if I take a bite of this.

00:21:01.890 --> 00:21:14.700 Rubeil Chughtai: How will I feel afterwards, how will the effects come into it so part of that processes continuing growing dealing with connecting with manufacturers and people who provide.

00:21:15.870 --> 00:21:23.610 Rubeil Chughtai: Cannabis through CBD and thc getting the finest products through that and ensuring that this doesn't become.

00:21:24.720 --> 00:21:31.140 Rubeil Chughtai: Over saturated in terms of let's put the cheapest products and no I want the freshest if it's going to cost a little bit more.

00:21:31.470 --> 00:21:43.020 Rubeil Chughtai: We know the industry that we're in that people will pay a little bit more for better tasting better quality products so that's the stage that we're in now, as far as ensuring taste testing RD.

00:21:44.430 --> 00:21:45.390 Rubeil Chughtai: To go forward.

00:21:46.740 --> 00:21:47.760 Jonny Tsunami: yeah and when you think.

00:21:47.760 --> 00:21:48.030 Of.

00:21:49.320 --> 00:22:00.480 Jonny Tsunami: Food so there's different ways of obviously injecting ingesting cannabis and everybody loves their own way, and maybe it's situational sometimes you know I think this is why.

00:22:01.050 --> 00:22:10.380 Jonny Tsunami: The traditional felt flower method, although flower itself will always be there because it's the foundation of everything that it's built upon it, but now let's say i'm an older.

00:22:11.550 --> 00:22:16.590 Jonny Tsunami: Somebody a little bit more mature i'm going out to the movie theater I don't want everybody to know that I.

00:22:17.070 --> 00:22:25.860 Jonny Tsunami: You know smell like cannabis or whatever, where, even if I don't care, maybe I just don't want to be that person who smells like that it's the same thing as somebody smokes a cigarette and your next to them and you're like.

00:22:26.610 --> 00:22:33.270 Jonny Tsunami: Really that cigarette smokes on your body and it annoys you so sometimes people want to be constantly conscientious of that.

00:22:33.840 --> 00:22:41.850 Jonny Tsunami: You need a tree right and there's no older, but all the effect, but then the mastery of being able to create a tree where.

00:22:42.360 --> 00:22:50.310 Jonny Tsunami: The balance is right and that's that's that's a really important thing when you're creating a brand and then the other thing is when you thinking about food.

00:22:50.970 --> 00:23:08.250 Jonny Tsunami: Food has such a close personal connection to who we are, especially when you talk about culture right it brings us back your you know, a meeting this tree and it takes you back in time to a moment where things were more simple right there's certain foods.

00:23:08.250 --> 00:23:09.090 Rubeil Chughtai: That do this this.

00:23:09.150 --> 00:23:25.170 Jonny Tsunami: Certain senses that bring on certain healing and that's where brand awareness comes into but now when you're dealing with cannabis tree feeling becomes very intense if the dosages right so now let's talk about a little bit of you know, the art of.

00:23:27.060 --> 00:23:31.170 Jonny Tsunami: research and product development as far as dosage goes.

00:23:32.580 --> 00:23:36.810 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah well going back to your point, I just wanted to touch on that did.

00:23:37.260 --> 00:23:48.900 Rubeil Chughtai: not go back into the other segment, but the stigma behind it, I think you bring up a really good point that's why these edibles and consuming edibles are a way to not be conscientious of other people you don't want to.

00:23:49.740 --> 00:23:52.890 Rubeil Chughtai: You want those effects, but you don't want that smell or you don't want that.

00:23:53.910 --> 00:23:56.040 Rubeil Chughtai: to affect the other people around you that aren't.

00:23:57.060 --> 00:24:11.040 Rubeil Chughtai: Like accepting of this so that's another way to kind of maneuver around and still feel those effects so within this Community, obviously the stigma behind it, this is taboo let's try to figure out another way, we can consume it and and enjoy the effects.

00:24:12.180 --> 00:24:20.010 Rubeil Chughtai: to your point about the did the dosage that's a never ending battle of testing testing testing.

00:24:21.240 --> 00:24:30.810 Rubeil Chughtai: Going connecting with to the biggest thing at the stage that we're in is connecting with the like I had mentioned, with the best company that sees division that does the proper testing.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:41.610 Rubeil Chughtai: and understanding hey, how will, I feel that this, I think the biggest thing with this is seeing what's on the market that's similar that creates the same doses and save effect.

00:24:42.090 --> 00:24:47.550 Rubeil Chughtai: But you can consume it later, and you can take a bite and consume it at a later date and.

00:24:47.910 --> 00:24:58.650 Rubeil Chughtai: you'll feel the effects you'll know the exact dosage show having that on the labels, ensuring the effects and giving you that testing, I think, is an important part, especially in the stage that we're in.

00:24:59.370 --> 00:25:07.170 Jonny Tsunami: And life is all about balance so you know if you were thinking of these treats a lot of them can fit in the palm of your hand so.

00:25:08.220 --> 00:25:17.040 Jonny Tsunami: You know, then it becomes the balance of do I have want to have a tree or a brand where it's well you know these are great tasting treats maybe I want to eat.

00:25:17.460 --> 00:25:22.560 Jonny Tsunami: A serving size can be just a nutritional level, not necessarily a cannabis dosage.

00:25:23.190 --> 00:25:31.740 Jonny Tsunami: But just about I like the way these things taste, maybe i'd rather have lower milligrams and be able to eat a few more treats.

00:25:32.220 --> 00:25:40.470 Jonny Tsunami: Or is it more well I want something that's a higher dose in one singular treat So how do you kind of how are you approaching that situation.

00:25:40.770 --> 00:25:51.210 Jonny Tsunami: Do you see it being like well, maybe there's a couple of different products that i'm going to create the low dose for the beginner or maybe the person who wants to actually feed that sweet tooth a little bit.

00:25:51.690 --> 00:25:52.080 Rubeil Chughtai: And not.

00:25:52.140 --> 00:26:01.050 Jonny Tsunami: be completely anesthetize so that they don't get anything came off the couch but then there's also people that are using it for medical therapy where it's the end of the day.

00:26:01.470 --> 00:26:10.650 Jonny Tsunami: i'm not driving anywhere it's been a long day the kids are driving me crazy it's time to have a cushy on demand tree and be able to relax and, hopefully, you know.

00:26:11.160 --> 00:26:25.140 Jonny Tsunami: put me down to sleep, whereas I find with me personally edibles do have that effect So how are you going to kind of deal with the balance of creating a brand in that regard, how are you going to deal with the maybe beginner intermediate and advanced.

00:26:25.470 --> 00:26:33.030 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah that's spot on that that was the biggest thing for us, we wanted to see at what stage and what person could control what so the.

00:26:33.360 --> 00:26:44.130 Rubeil Chughtai: Small Medium large dosage or the intermediate basic are doing more advanced stuff consumer can feel effects, so we didn't want to a product that someone who's an avid smoker doesn't.

00:26:45.060 --> 00:26:52.230 Rubeil Chughtai: get a high as a newbie we wanted to ensure that person still has enough with the nutritional facts where they're not eating.

00:26:52.770 --> 00:27:04.800 Rubeil Chughtai: 10 of these ties and feeling bad about themselves because they over over eight account there in calorie intake in that day so we're non stop testing on each individual dosage of having the.

00:27:05.220 --> 00:27:16.440 Rubeil Chughtai: Basic intermediate and the advanced level, so you will know what stage what item obviously what dosages in there, the late, I think the biggest thing is packaging and the education piece.

00:27:17.700 --> 00:27:21.900 Jonny Tsunami: Packaging I have this this is from rose lens edibles.

00:27:23.010 --> 00:27:24.780 Jonny Tsunami: Look at this, I mean it's like.

00:27:25.890 --> 00:27:28.200 Rubeil Chughtai: Right it's the easy monologue bagger.

00:27:28.230 --> 00:27:29.640 Jonny Tsunami: The best thing in the world.

00:27:29.730 --> 00:27:35.220 Jonny Tsunami: This can be the best thing in the world, but we are a branding society and so.

00:27:35.910 --> 00:27:48.210 Jonny Tsunami: People can visit your website cushy on demand and be able to see not just the treats that you have but also tell me a little bit about the you know you got T shirts you got a few things going on over there, so why is that important to you to have that.

00:27:49.560 --> 00:27:58.710 Rubeil Chughtai: As far as the merchandise, I mean i'm wearing one of these it's cushy on demand it's a it's a Hindu Kush strain, which is actually grown in the.

00:27:59.820 --> 00:28:01.890 Jonny Tsunami: You got to send me these shirts, by the way.

00:28:02.130 --> 00:28:05.010 Rubeil Chughtai: like this yeah we got a couple of these Hindu Kush.

00:28:05.670 --> 00:28:17.370 Rubeil Chughtai: Afghan he coached packs at valley crush, these are all grown in the mountains between India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and, obviously, as a consumer weed everyone has heard of the strains very popular.

00:28:17.940 --> 00:28:37.620 Rubeil Chughtai: We wanted to keep that we'd mentality of keeping authentic as far as what the effects are of Hindu Kush elite leaving those labels also having novelty items that people have seen growing up Bollywood films and iconic scenes but put a little twist on it that people could relate to.

00:28:38.730 --> 00:28:49.080 Rubeil Chughtai: As far as a scene, where a famous Indian actors shahrukh Khan is blowing smoke into an actress his mouth is a form of a shoddy.

00:28:49.770 --> 00:29:00.030 Rubeil Chughtai: But we think the generation, I mean, yes, those are all PG movies, but making it a little bit more our flavor of understanding this this lane that we're getting into and.

00:29:00.990 --> 00:29:07.230 Rubeil Chughtai: Having a lot of a lot of people liking, the items so part of that is to connect with an audience that.

00:29:07.470 --> 00:29:20.430 Rubeil Chughtai: Yes, this is our childhood growing up, this is what we loved but we're weed smokers were avid cannabis users let's we want to be proud of that, and also have our roots and where we grew up from.

00:29:21.780 --> 00:29:26.760 Jonny Tsunami: And do cush wanting my favorite strains and cushy on demand.

00:29:27.150 --> 00:29:36.930 Jonny Tsunami: And amazing treats so when we come back we're going to talk a little bit of more about personally little narrative of how you became so immersed in the space, and it really just.

00:29:37.260 --> 00:29:46.320 Jonny Tsunami: hit the ground running with cushy on demand so i'm Johnny tsunami here with Robbie this is planet taco lolo we will be right back after these messages take care.

00:32:32.730 --> 00:32:48.690 Jonny Tsunami: Oh Hello everybody we're back it's Johnny tsunami planet bako low low and my guest flying in today the planet bucko low low is rubio chuck dive, also known as my man Robbie founder and CEO of cushy on demand and.

00:32:49.800 --> 00:32:50.460 Jonny Tsunami: I just had.

00:32:51.510 --> 00:32:52.470 Jonny Tsunami: I just had a little.

00:32:53.520 --> 00:33:00.900 Jonny Tsunami: snack I tried rose lands edibles we'll find out if it was CBD or thc in about a half hour.

00:33:01.920 --> 00:33:03.090 Jonny Tsunami: Hopefully the show be.

00:33:04.170 --> 00:33:13.530 Jonny Tsunami: You know we'll be able to just to post conversation then we'll we'll do the after hours editing for that one but uh Robbie, thank you for coming onto the show.

00:33:13.770 --> 00:33:14.400 It is a pleasure.

00:33:15.660 --> 00:33:19.140 Jonny Tsunami: And you know we've been talking we've been chatting we've been having fun.

00:33:19.680 --> 00:33:27.420 Jonny Tsunami: And in this section, you know in this portion of the show I like to kind of talk about the personal side of who you are because when you think about.

00:33:27.900 --> 00:33:34.950 Jonny Tsunami: Your brand cushy on demand or anybody who's in the cannabis space, because the show is about bringing cannabis professionals together.

00:33:35.370 --> 00:33:42.810 Jonny Tsunami: there's a story behind each and every one of those people, and when when people start to understand our story, then they feel more.

00:33:43.680 --> 00:34:00.720 Jonny Tsunami: prone to wanting to learn more about whatever it is you're creating whether it's a brand a service so tell me a little bit i'm growing up in the dessie culture with these types of treats paint us a picture of how it was back then, and what folks are missing now.

00:34:02.820 --> 00:34:16.560 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah so as far as the treats growing up, I mean like I said earlier, this was these desserts that we had there's you'd always go go to dinner afterwards they were we'd go to the shop to get boxes metallic you would always go to.

00:34:17.070 --> 00:34:23.460 Rubeil Chughtai: cousins families or if you're going to go to power speed over that last part of the time they.

00:34:23.760 --> 00:34:24.960 Rubeil Chughtai: They weigh the pounds and.

00:34:24.990 --> 00:34:33.660 Rubeil Chughtai: kind of see what it is and bring it over and nobody after just after dinner, everyone would enjoy some different variations of of the metallic.

00:34:34.680 --> 00:34:46.290 Rubeil Chughtai: As far as growing up i've been moving to in on the personal side of things, I knew I wanted to explore this avenue I we moved down South during a time.

00:34:47.160 --> 00:34:58.290 Rubeil Chughtai: During a tough time down down South Jersey near military base and it 911 had just happened and walking on eggshells, was a huge thing I was one of maybe two Pakistani.

00:34:59.160 --> 00:35:09.330 Rubeil Chughtai: kids in school, so it became a tough environment, I mean I had to kind of shelter my culture, because I had to it was just a survival at that point.

00:35:10.440 --> 00:35:13.980 Rubeil Chughtai: But recently last year I just went to Pakistan, for the first time.

00:35:15.180 --> 00:35:23.190 Rubeil Chughtai: and experienced a feeling that i'd never experienced before and on the flight home I knew I wanted to get.

00:35:24.660 --> 00:35:29.580 Rubeil Chughtai: I want to do something to bring my culture to light that i've been kind of.

00:35:29.880 --> 00:35:37.050 Rubeil Chughtai: sheltering away from and do something within the industry that kids and next generations don't have to feel there's someone out there.

00:35:37.230 --> 00:35:50.880 Rubeil Chughtai: Who is in this space in every space that they could relate to look watch TV and see someone in that avenue much in the cannabis space, this is the space that we chose to go in and I wanted to have a presence within my community and have people proud of this.

00:35:51.630 --> 00:36:04.860 Rubeil Chughtai: So when these ideas and conversation started I knew from the very jump from the very beginning, or the origins of the conversation I knew this is something that could expand and blow up and be something people could be proud of.

00:36:05.640 --> 00:36:12.570 Rubeil Chughtai: And also have benefits, I mean going on the CBD realm of things side of things, I wanted, I see I brought.

00:36:13.170 --> 00:36:15.990 Rubeil Chughtai: guns and health benefits to my grandmother, and my mother.

00:36:16.260 --> 00:36:27.480 Rubeil Chughtai: But they don't it's companies they don't they didn't grow up eating that so what's, the best thing have an idea of these treats that they can enjoy but still feel the health benefits so even bring over CBD.

00:36:27.990 --> 00:36:42.510 Rubeil Chughtai: me tied to my grandmother was a great feeling because she enjoyed the taste of home and she also got the feelings of feeling better of the aches and pains that she had so or those are the ideas so those were the real origins and.

00:36:43.530 --> 00:37:02.340 Rubeil Chughtai: That trip last year really changed for change my attitude and perspective of the balancing act between growing up in America and having that culture and being proud of it so that's where I that's where I see the vision and see a lot of growth within this company, because she on demand.

00:37:02.940 --> 00:37:15.510 Jonny Tsunami: So I have Italian heritage, and we have family over in Italy and we've been my wife and I have kids even a couple years ago we went to Italy and then three weeks driving around all over the countryside.

00:37:15.990 --> 00:37:28.290 Jonny Tsunami: And it's like over there we'd is not available, I mean it is but it's expensive it's crappy and most of the time, the Italians are cheap, so they split it up with tobacco and so.

00:37:29.460 --> 00:37:47.610 Jonny Tsunami: Now it's starting to evolve, but imagine, I am thinking about my mom and how it would be almost nearly impossible to convince her to partake and, ironically enough she's somebody who suffers from anxiety and uses on more you know pharmaceutical.

00:37:48.990 --> 00:37:57.270 Jonny Tsunami: drugs to be able to deal with that right so anti depressant not much, but I mean it's the small amount, where she uses it when she has like you know.

00:37:57.390 --> 00:37:57.990 Rubeil Chughtai: Those moments.

00:37:58.590 --> 00:38:08.940 Jonny Tsunami: And I say to myself, like anxiety is one of those things that a lot of society, especially in a postcode world, especially in the US, where people have signed to feel anxious.

00:38:10.560 --> 00:38:19.290 Jonny Tsunami: is a big deal, and I think cannabis, can be a great way to deal with that, so you know, for your grandmother aches and pains for my mother, it could be dealing with anxiety, but imagine, I had made you know.

00:38:19.800 --> 00:38:31.890 Jonny Tsunami: cannoli or gelato that was actually just amazing there's a gentleman out in Oregon, who was a chocolatier for godiva and he opened up a truffle shop in Oregon, and I mean the line is out the door.

00:38:32.520 --> 00:38:41.820 Jonny Tsunami: Not because it's a cannabis infused product it's that's like a part of it it's because the guy was a chocolate Eric dive and he can make a damn good truffle.

00:38:42.150 --> 00:38:46.890 Jonny Tsunami: And he knows how to balance that and that's why the lines out the door because he's built.

00:38:47.460 --> 00:38:57.030 Jonny Tsunami: A brand around a story So when I think about you and how that's a that's a that's a great way when you think about tying to the audience and connecting to the audience.

00:38:57.720 --> 00:39:05.220 Jonny Tsunami: When you're developing business development, a product brand or whatever, whatever it may be that the story behind this is about.

00:39:05.820 --> 00:39:17.610 Jonny Tsunami: Breaking barriers in your culture and using cannabis, as a way to heal people and help people and allowing and breaking that barrier by using culture and food.

00:39:17.940 --> 00:39:22.020 Jonny Tsunami: To bring people together and that's that's really amazing so you know.

00:39:22.380 --> 00:39:34.470 Jonny Tsunami: Why did you come to that instinctual feeling that this was going to be a success, a cultural based treatments before you had mentioned, you were talking, I think it was you said, your mom and your girlfriend I believe it was or.

00:39:34.500 --> 00:39:36.930 Rubeil Chughtai: No my my sister and my wife.

00:39:37.710 --> 00:39:43.050 Jonny Tsunami: your wife I flipped it, but so you're sitting there, and you know tell me a little bit about that it will, why was that.

00:39:45.420 --> 00:39:49.410 Jonny Tsunami: Why that instinct come Derek that moment, and then you know catapult.

00:39:49.440 --> 00:39:59.820 Rubeil Chughtai: From that point, it was it was one of those things that it's it sounds corny, but it was really unexplainable I my sister is she comes up with wacky ideas, all the time, so.

00:40:00.150 --> 00:40:12.540 Rubeil Chughtai: Literally were at their at my house where i'm walking paths and just hear the conversation hit and I like I delve back and I come back and like hey What did you say, and she said infusing.

00:40:13.440 --> 00:40:25.530 Rubeil Chughtai: We are cannabis with tasty food and i'm like huh that can be that really can be something and being again in the Community of cannabis i'm like wow this is, I know.

00:40:26.220 --> 00:40:36.750 Rubeil Chughtai: People who would love to consume this cat is this possible, and from that very second after that I went to the computer research to a bunch of things so that there's.

00:40:37.260 --> 00:40:41.910 Rubeil Chughtai: there's a whole opportunity for people to provide this and i'm like can this be done.

00:40:42.360 --> 00:40:54.360 Rubeil Chughtai: I then again tested it tasted it tried it moved from there, and the next stage was hey can can we manufacturers can we can we produce this in a larger scale and.

00:40:55.050 --> 00:41:02.220 Rubeil Chughtai: It just the passion behind it continued to grow and that flame hasn't burned out and it's it's something that I really feel strongly for and.

00:41:02.460 --> 00:41:12.990 Rubeil Chughtai: Again I it's it's one of those things that are kind of unexplainable it's just something I could I like I said flying back on the plane is something that I really wanted to do and be part of the culture.

00:41:14.010 --> 00:41:23.520 Rubeil Chughtai: and balance that between my American in Pakistan heritage and do something great and cannabis, I mean where's the best cannabis grown obviously California and Oregon.

00:41:24.060 --> 00:41:33.270 Rubeil Chughtai: Or the west coast right where we get the best quality of food and infusing it with the best tasting, in my opinion, best tasting desserts.

00:41:34.500 --> 00:41:49.020 Rubeil Chughtai: And that's really how I felt for it again it's it's one of those things that had just kind of took a life on their own, I on accident and put what the website I didn't launch the full DVD purchases and the orders were just.

00:41:49.590 --> 00:42:01.800 Rubeil Chughtai: insane within two hours of mean promoting on instagram and i'm like wow this is this is this is crazy This is more than I could even do didn't even think it would get that big and then going to that stage and.

00:42:02.550 --> 00:42:09.300 Rubeil Chughtai: Again with roadblocks of finding instagram shutting down line accounts multiple times and kind of finding these other.

00:42:09.900 --> 00:42:25.530 Rubeil Chughtai: pivots to maneuver around and roadblocks and these things I think things like that would really shut down someone's hopes and to build a business and for me it's just figuring out another way and driving me to continue and then continue to grow.

00:42:26.190 --> 00:42:33.600 Jonny Tsunami: So, and I think, by doing what you're doing right now, you are going to I think you'll be creating a.

00:42:34.800 --> 00:42:42.180 Jonny Tsunami: building bridges and where there's a gap, you know you had said back before kid in high school my 11 you gotta you know you're dealing with.

00:42:42.570 --> 00:42:48.000 Jonny Tsunami: crap which it happens historically in the US there's, a thing that occurs, you know, a generation.

00:42:48.570 --> 00:42:52.710 Jonny Tsunami: A wave of immigrants come in, they get kind of tortured for a period of time.

00:42:53.130 --> 00:43:00.690 Jonny Tsunami: Then they become assimilated to become accepted and then the next wave of immigrants come in and the previous immigrants give shift to the next wave and so on the buck is.

00:43:01.200 --> 00:43:16.470 Jonny Tsunami: Passed forward so now, I can look at us and we say cannabis, also to you're using cannabis to almost bridge the gap, the gap of people who might not know about you know let's say.

00:43:17.490 --> 00:43:22.350 Jonny Tsunami: The treats that you're talking about right now all sudden they try to treat because it's cannabis infused.

00:43:23.130 --> 00:43:25.770 Jonny Tsunami: And then they go said oh my God the street is amazing.

00:43:26.100 --> 00:43:33.570 Jonny Tsunami: You know, you can see, at some point that maybe somebody just goes into a patel brother store and just picks up these treats just for the hell of it, because they taste amazing.

00:43:33.870 --> 00:43:38.130 Jonny Tsunami: which then allows you to have an appreciation for a culture that's how powerful food is.

00:43:38.640 --> 00:43:57.000 Jonny Tsunami: I mean that's what makes us wonderful to we go to New York City and how many different kinds of restaurants, there are out there and the ability that you can now show people by using cannabis as a common denominator to bring cultures together and that's this bigger message above everything.

00:43:57.930 --> 00:44:06.720 Rubeil Chughtai: Absolutely, and some someone said why candidates to me and I looked at it, what brings people together, besides cannabis and foods, someone said alcohol.

00:44:06.990 --> 00:44:11.610 Rubeil Chughtai: i've seen a lot more fights with people consuming alcohol than i've seen what we just.

00:44:11.910 --> 00:44:17.280 Rubeil Chughtai: You get to know someone you get to connect and bond with them it's like an unspoken language and then you add that with food.

00:44:17.580 --> 00:44:27.720 Rubeil Chughtai: Okay you're definitely building that bridge you're building that gap that you had mentioned earlier, and I think you can get it, I couldn't have said it better those two things, bringing people together and there's there's nothing like it.

00:44:28.140 --> 00:44:30.480 Jonny Tsunami: Well then, let's just go like this for a second.

00:44:33.570 --> 00:44:46.230 Jonny Tsunami: find that cheese Center and bring ourselves together, while we come and take a little break, we will come back and when we do we'll just talk a little bit about what's the final message that my man Robbie has to the cannabis world and.

00:44:47.010 --> 00:44:51.150 Jonny Tsunami: we'll go from there, so this is planet Poc although i'm Johnny tsunami, and we.

00:44:51.240 --> 00:44:51.840 Rubeil Chughtai: will be reading.

00:47:08.310 --> 00:47:24.090 Jonny Tsunami: Hello everyone it's Johnny tsunami, and this is planet pocket Hello we're back and we're talking to reveal chug ty everybody calls him Robbie owner of cushy on demand good looking dude look at that man face look at that smile.

00:47:25.380 --> 00:47:29.580 Jonny Tsunami: He has wonderful experience me telling us some great things about cushy on demand.

00:47:29.640 --> 00:47:32.370 Rubeil Chughtai: Which is a delicious Indian and Pakistani treat.

00:47:33.270 --> 00:47:43.830 Jonny Tsunami: there's the logo right there some images of what it would look like, if you were to receive it, and I know last 15 minutes of the show you just want to talk a little bit about.

00:47:45.690 --> 00:47:50.580 Jonny Tsunami: The message that you have to the to the cannabis Community because this show is about.

00:47:51.450 --> 00:47:57.960 Jonny Tsunami: Building a cannabis Community a cannabis awareness and a cannabis culture by removing the statements of.

00:47:58.620 --> 00:48:05.010 Jonny Tsunami: taco Lola or crazy tobacco there's really nothing too crazy about it actually when we think about.

00:48:05.430 --> 00:48:10.110 Jonny Tsunami: All the other things that are out there, alcohol, cigarettes from Sue pig grade drugs.

00:48:10.470 --> 00:48:28.380 Jonny Tsunami: That stuff seems pretty crazy to me, so this, this is a great opportunity and we're talking to a wonderful gentleman so Robbie in this last kind of part of our discussion i'd like to ask you a question, what are some opportunities to explore within your organization pushing the man.

00:48:30.450 --> 00:48:34.590 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah so opportunities would be definitely looking at.

00:48:37.410 --> 00:48:39.240 Rubeil Chughtai: pasting it, for one, obviously.

00:48:40.290 --> 00:48:48.840 Rubeil Chughtai: But continue to grow i've been from like I said from the premises of the company there's been tons of people wanting to.

00:48:49.350 --> 00:48:54.150 Rubeil Chughtai: kind of invest and do certain things and pull out other elements and.

00:48:54.780 --> 00:49:02.730 Rubeil Chughtai: Increased elements that we didn't want, so the opportunity now is really fine tuning the product, I think a lot of the pieces that we did.

00:49:03.180 --> 00:49:14.070 Rubeil Chughtai: Initially, were to get the recipes down perfectly now it comes to the dosage so working on people who are already in the industry that have a good knowledge around it.

00:49:14.520 --> 00:49:21.930 Rubeil Chughtai: would absolutely something that they could explore, obviously the merchandise, is something they can enjoy and were all season round.

00:49:22.980 --> 00:49:33.120 Rubeil Chughtai: I think the items really cool I wear it myself everyone around us, whereas it so it's gonna be really nice So those are some things that you could kind of explore at the current stage.

00:49:33.960 --> 00:49:39.900 Jonny Tsunami: Now can dispensaries and other establishments order your products for distribution.

00:49:40.770 --> 00:49:46.560 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah like I mentioned we're so we're at this stage the infancy stages, I would say, like I said this was.

00:49:46.950 --> 00:50:01.410 Rubeil Chughtai: an explosion of what we what we thought was going to happen so taking a step back and fine tuning everything, ensuring that the proper dosage is everything, ensuring the CBD products do not have the thc content that.

00:50:01.770 --> 00:50:10.680 Rubeil Chughtai: Over exerts it and then vice versa, on the thc ensuring that it's not over the top, that people could actually handle it so we're at the stage of just.

00:50:11.130 --> 00:50:24.240 Rubeil Chughtai: Growing and continuing to bring it to market we're doing again tasting testing so within the next month, I would say, by end of July will be fully active for people to consume.

00:50:27.150 --> 00:50:33.480 Jonny Tsunami: And then the other question a cater dinner or affair, would you ever consider.

00:50:34.650 --> 00:50:46.140 Jonny Tsunami: Working in that kind of space, do you see pushing on demand being something that maybe you can dive into the catered dinner or a fair space for you see if there's a synergy there.

00:50:47.100 --> 00:50:54.480 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah I think there's definitely a synergy and, to be honest shunning this the initial thoughts of where this cushy on demand was going to go.

00:50:54.870 --> 00:51:01.500 Rubeil Chughtai: The path that is taken, and it could be anywhere, I mean the thoughts of where I thought it was going to go may May.

00:51:02.340 --> 00:51:15.570 Rubeil Chughtai: Primarily online versus the delivering it, but the orders like I said we hosted an event actually and I was like someone asked us hey can you were having a huge party can we get some coaching on demand.

00:51:16.110 --> 00:51:21.750 Rubeil Chughtai: We played we did the order and we're like wow this is this could be really an avenue that we didn't even consider so.

00:51:21.990 --> 00:51:30.780 Rubeil Chughtai: To that yeah absolutely as this continues to grow, I really do see a vision, where the products can be catered and in every store grocery store.

00:51:31.170 --> 00:51:39.330 Rubeil Chughtai: In the like you said mentioned patel brothers anywhere restaurants desserts at you go to a local Indian Pakistani Bengali restaurant.

00:51:39.690 --> 00:51:49.920 Rubeil Chughtai: there's a there's a dessert bar right there, people are getting the desert there, so I do see envision those things being in those doors for people to taste everywhere.

00:51:50.730 --> 00:51:59.430 Jonny Tsunami: Wonderful and when you think about it, where do you see the future of cannabis and in the US, specifically.

00:52:00.810 --> 00:52:12.720 Rubeil Chughtai: I think slowly, I mean you heard that the I don't know if you follow basketball in Texas, the lakers point guard just got arrested for having.

00:52:13.530 --> 00:52:19.230 Rubeil Chughtai: A little bit of weed in his grinder gate going going from California to Texas, I think it was.

00:52:19.890 --> 00:52:28.170 Rubeil Chughtai: How you get arrested for that the the the limelight on that the negative press on that I think slowly that the the.

00:52:28.680 --> 00:52:39.330 Rubeil Chughtai: For the I guess what happened that the negative feedback with Texas being such a conservative state in certain aspects, but in other aspects they're not so I think slowly as.

00:52:39.660 --> 00:52:48.360 Rubeil Chughtai: The Community starts to grow within the cannabis and we start building it outward and more acceptable people really see the the benefits behind it, I think.

00:52:48.840 --> 00:52:57.030 Rubeil Chughtai: In America, I think federally hopefully knock on wood slowly all these states are going to continue to approve and regulate this properly.

00:52:57.690 --> 00:53:02.940 Jonny Tsunami: Now, all the snacks and options and treats that you have on cushy on demand, which is your favorite.

00:53:04.110 --> 00:53:13.260 Rubeil Chughtai: I would have to say it's my favorite treat as a kid regularly without the extra clicks genus and it's still my favorite as.

00:53:14.310 --> 00:53:17.850 Rubeil Chughtai: With the extra cushy it's it's fluffy it's a it's a ice cream.

00:53:19.290 --> 00:53:31.260 Rubeil Chughtai: it's a milk base, and you have we have the mango flavors as well it's probably the best thing I can eat it year round, so it's definitely my favorite and you'll definitely have some soon i'll send some over, along with the merchandise boy.

00:53:33.720 --> 00:53:37.770 Jonny Tsunami: Am and so when we talk about that treat just to give people a little bit of like.

00:53:38.970 --> 00:53:50.130 Jonny Tsunami: range Where are you right now, as far as developmentally will you would consider the dosage that that treats specifically is that you know serving size, what is it kind of look like, how would you compare it.

00:53:51.000 --> 00:53:52.560 Rubeil Chughtai: I don't think I would.

00:53:52.770 --> 00:53:54.120 Jonny Tsunami: Say like a scoop of ice cream.

00:53:54.180 --> 00:53:55.320 Rubeil Chughtai: Right right.

00:53:55.440 --> 00:54:00.810 Jonny Tsunami: Is it about that size, if you were going to compare it or how much are we taking in one week.

00:54:00.900 --> 00:54:05.760 Rubeil Chughtai: yeah so we're actually doing POPs so it's like ice cream pop where it's on a stick.

00:54:06.120 --> 00:54:14.700 Rubeil Chughtai: or each step click where we're in the range of playing around with 25 milligrams all the way up to 100 milligrams not exceeding those amounts, because obviously.

00:54:14.970 --> 00:54:26.070 Rubeil Chughtai: ice cream on a pop you can't save it for later it's going to be very tough, so we want someone who could handle it enjoy it and not overdose or not not feel those effects over the over the top, so.

00:54:26.370 --> 00:54:31.440 Rubeil Chughtai: that's been the stage we're at we're practicing tasting these things and kind of moving forward on that.

00:54:31.920 --> 00:54:45.300 Jonny Tsunami: And, and of course I had said this prior before we even got on the show is to say that I want you to be a reoccurring guest, because I believe well let's say three months down the road might my question three months from now, where do you see pushing on demand.

00:54:47.190 --> 00:54:52.410 Rubeil Chughtai: Three months from now, products already developed in stores slowly.

00:54:52.860 --> 00:55:06.360 Rubeil Chughtai: Online presence is going to be a key part for us, so I believe, in the presence of ordering the treats online, and I do believe catering events is probably the next stage of having this and slowly getting into retail stores.

00:55:07.260 --> 00:55:18.480 Rubeil Chughtai: I would say three to six months is the timeframe that i'm seeing this and that like I said the things are moving so fast within the industry regulations are kind of in New Jersey, opening up.

00:55:19.170 --> 00:55:26.220 Rubeil Chughtai: So, every day, something new, is changing so hopefully within those three months, we could get a lot of headway here.

00:55:26.580 --> 00:55:34.740 Jonny Tsunami: And who you know, this is a platform where a lot of people that are going to be listening or either people that are in the cannabis space or enjoy cannabis, for what it is.

00:55:35.100 --> 00:55:42.180 Jonny Tsunami: But building a network, who were the kind of people that should be reaching out to you as far as what you're looking for as maybe business partners.

00:55:42.450 --> 00:55:52.140 Jonny Tsunami: but also what you offer to businesses so who were like your the people that we would love to hear for you i'm sure manufacturing people that have a manufacturing background.

00:55:52.350 --> 00:55:57.300 Jonny Tsunami: would be of use to you so who do you see as the vital people that you want because it's.

00:55:57.840 --> 00:56:07.140 Jonny Tsunami: it's the people, the process, and then the product right the product is the treats the process in which you design these products is with you and the people that you designed it with.

00:56:07.410 --> 00:56:12.420 Jonny Tsunami: Is what's going to make it all to come together so who are the people that you know you want to reach out to.

00:56:12.870 --> 00:56:21.390 Rubeil Chughtai: that's it that's a great great question I think yeah manufacturers people within the industry that have the knowledge on dosage I think is the biggest thing.

00:56:21.900 --> 00:56:28.920 Rubeil Chughtai: We just chefs where we're always open what we just knew chefs creating different items I love the fact that we just connected with.

00:56:29.340 --> 00:56:34.830 Rubeil Chughtai: A chef recently and she had mentioned she's like hey do you mind if I put a little twist and add this ingredient.

00:56:35.580 --> 00:56:43.620 Rubeil Chughtai: i'm like i'm not attached to the recipes I think our recipes are great but i'm open to whatever came out great so and then on the opposite end.

00:56:44.340 --> 00:56:53.490 Rubeil Chughtai: It she did, one that didn't come out so great so i'm open to any aspect of that I think manufacturers are key and people within the industry that have a background of.

00:56:55.230 --> 00:56:56.970 Rubeil Chughtai: edibles right now I think that's huge.

00:56:57.570 --> 00:57:05.400 Jonny Tsunami: Regulators and so on and so forth, so we will be having you back and i'm sure when we do we'll have some really great discoveries.

00:57:05.790 --> 00:57:10.590 Jonny Tsunami: Robbie I want to thank you again for coming out on the show it has been an absolute pleasure.

00:57:11.160 --> 00:57:23.610 Jonny Tsunami: Next week we are going to have Dr Goodwin she has a background with helping young children with grand mal seizures and using cannabis as a means to help them, and not only that she's done with her own children.

00:57:24.060 --> 00:57:33.150 Jonny Tsunami: So we have so many wonderful things to explore on planet bako low low Bobby it has been an absolute pleasure, we look forward to hearing back from you soon.

00:57:34.110 --> 00:57:45.180 Jonny Tsunami: It has been just the greatest so 10 o'clock oh lolo we were here we uncovered it and Robbie helped us if anybody needs any treats go to cushy on demand.

00:57:46.860 --> 00:58:02.220 Jonny Tsunami: you're welcome we put up some information, where you can reach out to Robbie for direct contact i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planet pato low low a less taboo view talk radio dot nyc have a great evening everybody.

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