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Thursday, June 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/10 - Comprehensive Counsel for Cannabis

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/10 - Comprehensive Counsel for Cannabis


2021/06/10 - Comprehensive Counsel for Cannabis

[NEW EPISODE] Comprehensive Counsel for Cannabis

The legalization of recreational Cannabis presents both unique opportunities and interesting challenges. Businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals looking to enter this budding industry need experienced legal & business counsel to assist them in navigating the complex regulatory and legal issues at the state level, while being mindful of federal level limitations.

Our special guest has substantial experience navigating the wide spectrum of legal issues related to the marijuana and hemp industries. In addition, she actively supports projects that spotlight minority entrepreneurship within the Cannabis space.

Visiting Planet Pakalolo this week is Chirali Patel, Managing Partner & Chief Compliance Officer at Digital Venture Partners / Associate at Pashman Stein Walder & Hayden P.C.

Chirali believes there is a lack of education in the cannabis industry and she is striving to empower a new generation of leaders in the legal cannabis industry. We look forward to having Chirali fill in the blanks by sharing content on Cannabis, from the very basics to extreme specifics.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Steve fills in for Johnny in this episode, and begins by explaining the philosophy of the show in eliminating some of the stigma surrounding COVID-19. Chirali talks about some of the issues facing the cannabis industry in terms of legislation and regulation, many of which are similar to issues that have come up in past episodes, specifically with regards to New Jersey’s legislation of micro-licenses, and the possibility for upwards mobility within the cannabis industry.

Segment 2

Steve and Chirali express concern and frustration with new jersey’s laws about micro licenses, going further in depth about Chirali’s work as an attorney. The two talk about police training regarding drug use, and how it needs to be changed to include marijuana, and to exclude implicit bias of police officers against people of color.

Segment 3

Chirali is a part several organisations such as Digital Venture Partners, and Blaze Responsibly. She talks about her experience launching Blaze Responsibly, which is a business dedicated to educating people on the cannabis industry. She talks about what people want most out of her business, and their most prevalent concerns about the industry.

Segment 4

Steve and Chirali wrap up by further discussing different concerns and desires about the up and coming cannabis industry. They talk about he future of the industry, and other industries that may benefit from the significance of cannabis in mainstream medicine. Chirali closes by telling listeners to “Blaze Responsibly”


00:00:31.560 --> 00:00:41.280 Shaka Steve: Hello out there, everybody filling in for Johnny tsunami, today I am shaka Steve, and this is planet pocket lolo a less taboo view.

00:00:41.610 --> 00:00:52.500 Shaka Steve: On the world of cannabis great to be with everyone this evening, just so you guys are aware pack a low low is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco.

00:00:52.830 --> 00:01:09.000 Shaka Steve: And one thing that we're trying to do here on planet pocket lolo is really take some of the crazy out of cannabis that wonderful plant out there, that is going through the motions of both medicinal and recreational legalization throughout the country.

00:01:10.080 --> 00:01:22.020 Shaka Steve: Really dispel some of the real taboo discussions, the stigmas the real smoke blowing away, if you will, around the subject of legal cannabis so.

00:01:22.410 --> 00:01:31.500 Shaka Steve: What we're trying to do here is take away some of the crazy out of that and there's a lot of great discussion going on here, these days, a lot of current events.

00:01:32.550 --> 00:01:35.730 Shaka Steve: around the country there's more and more States adopting.

00:01:36.270 --> 00:01:46.590 Shaka Steve: legislation, if you will, and go to market strategies on how to really take the the positives out of this out of this wonderful plant that we've all come to learn a little bit more about.

00:01:46.950 --> 00:02:02.640 Shaka Steve: And joining us here today on planet pocket lolo visiting the wonderful world of plan apocalypto, if you will, is Charlie patel attorney at law in the world of cannabis recently working with passion Stein So surely nice to see you here this evening.

00:02:03.060 --> 00:02:04.500 Chirali Patel: It to see you to Steve.

00:02:05.820 --> 00:02:09.270 Chirali Patel: hello to Sam as well talker yeah.

00:02:10.260 --> 00:02:17.700 Shaka Steve: Thank you, thank you appreciate it so Johnny is really a sorry he's he's stuck up in Lake George is actually not really feeling too well this evening so.

00:02:18.690 --> 00:02:30.810 Shaka Steve: send me in his place so to raleigh yeah tell us a little bit about you know what's going on out there, I know you were very recently, you know started working with passion and Stein and they're a cannabis and have legal division.

00:02:31.110 --> 00:02:42.960 Shaka Steve: So you know tell us a little bit about what's really been been driving you these days there's a lot of topics we're going to i'm sure we're going to it, but you know, give us some of the primary current events that's been driving you these days.

00:02:43.410 --> 00:02:52.770 Chirali Patel: yeah sure, so I joined passionate sign recently actually just a couple of weeks ago but what's main right now in New Jersey, is the.

00:02:53.760 --> 00:03:07.470 Chirali Patel: emergence of the adult use industry, and so in November election day actually we voted New Jersey citizens to legalize don't use officially in New Jersey, I was part of that successful vote yes campaign i'm super happy about.

00:03:08.190 --> 00:03:16.350 Chirali Patel: Because that was historic and overwhelmingly new jersey's vote in New Jersey voted in favor over 67% of residents, so now that we passed.

00:03:16.860 --> 00:03:26.910 Chirali Patel: The voter referendum our constitution, as amended, there was enabling legislation that was put into place, so now we have a framework that the canvas regulatory Commission.

00:03:27.180 --> 00:03:34.890 Chirali Patel: can work from, and so what we're dealing with is the timeline issues, because the bill set some hard deadlines for the Commission to come out with.

00:03:35.130 --> 00:03:46.440 Chirali Patel: rules and regulations for the industry by August, the end of August and then 30 days after that they're supposed to be the first licensing round of adult use licenses and so that's been the primary focus.

00:03:47.010 --> 00:04:02.880 Chirali Patel: You know gearing up for all kinds of entrepreneurs multi state operators, all the way down to start up level and figuring out how to you know, create opportunities for everybody and really navigate the industry without rules and regs yet so it's a bit challenging but it's exciting times.

00:04:03.570 --> 00:04:08.280 Shaka Steve: No, I would agree, and the if you go back to the cannabis regulatory Commission for a second.

00:04:08.490 --> 00:04:18.540 Shaka Steve: You know it's a it's a group of folks that have been you know named to their post, if you will, but, and they have certain kind of framework of mandates that they need to carry forth but.

00:04:19.020 --> 00:04:28.440 Shaka Steve: Do they really have the, the body count the direction and and all of that that they need to really get things moving at this point, it seems like there's there's still a little bit of bottleneck.

00:04:29.040 --> 00:04:33.540 Chirali Patel: yeah so there's the six individuals who are named and appointed like you mentioned.

00:04:34.170 --> 00:04:42.780 Chirali Patel: The benefit is, though, the executive director Jeff Brown was part of the medicinal program he was the former Commissioner there so he's coming with a wealth of knowledge.

00:04:42.960 --> 00:04:52.140 Chirali Patel: And diane away new who's the chairwoman of the program comes from a background with aclu and championing you know the social justice efforts and so two people who are definitely knowledgeable.

00:04:52.380 --> 00:04:59.160 Chirali Patel: And so they're going to have to bring their team up to speed, but they're in the process of doing all the staffing right now and building out their infrastructure and.

00:04:59.370 --> 00:05:10.050 Chirali Patel: You know, putting in people in Council positions advisory positions because they need a lot of stakeholders, and you know voices to come together so that they can meet this deadline so it's crunch time and I think.

00:05:10.410 --> 00:05:20.790 Chirali Patel: something unique which they've been doing is transparent, open public meetings and asked me the public to come and comment so i've attended all those meetings so far testified at these meetings and given them suggestions.

00:05:21.000 --> 00:05:31.620 Chirali Patel: On what it is that they're asking about you know how to shape this industry, and so they have a lot of work cut out for them, but um I think they're you know they're taking it one day at a time and they're gonna have to figure out.

00:05:33.060 --> 00:05:41.970 Shaka Steve: yeah no I would agree that it's definitely going to be one day at a time it's a it's progress over perfection rather takes you know steps up the stairs and stare up the steps.

00:05:42.960 --> 00:05:54.570 Shaka Steve: You know you, you spoke recently this week at a conference that I wish I had a couple minutes to join actually but talk to us a little bit about what your topics of discussion were like at the cannabis conference you spoke at this week.

00:05:54.990 --> 00:06:04.380 Chirali Patel: yeah sure my panel specifically was on micro licenses and so these are licenses that are carved out for women, minorities disabled veterans.

00:06:05.100 --> 00:06:09.780 Chirali Patel: And you know people who were harmed by the war on drugs, essentially, and so the issue is, though.

00:06:09.990 --> 00:06:20.520 Chirali Patel: Is we talked about all the good things that come with micro licenses right because it creates a robust marketplace, we want the mom and POPs we want Main Street, we also want you know a good big business.

00:06:20.970 --> 00:06:28.920 Chirali Patel: To every everybody to work together, but we we address what are the barriers to getting a license in it the most obvious is access to capital.

00:06:29.310 --> 00:06:38.160 Chirali Patel: Because it's very difficult for individuals from you know black and brown communities to go and get the vcs to come to your door and give you money or the family offices it's just not traditional.

00:06:38.490 --> 00:06:50.070 Chirali Patel: To get the capital and then there's another issue which I don't want to get too crazy into but New Jersey did a 100% requirement of residency to hold a micro license.

00:06:50.580 --> 00:07:03.390 Chirali Patel: Which is, I get the good intentions, you want to benefit New Jersey residents, but other states like maine and Michigan and Oklahoma have said that that's actually unconstitutional at the core at the State Court level claiming you know.

00:07:03.690 --> 00:07:12.420 Chirali Patel: The dormant commerce clause applies can't have preferential treatment for in state at the detriment of out of state participants, and so I think.

00:07:13.020 --> 00:07:16.920 Chirali Patel: that's something that needs to get amended in the legislature, but it's it's also um.

00:07:17.340 --> 00:07:27.120 Chirali Patel: It ties individuals hands from raising equity and experience from out of state partners that they could potentially give you know say 5% to win and bolster their chances of winning and so.

00:07:27.330 --> 00:07:34.680 Chirali Patel: Much of the discussion was about micro licenses and how we can overcome these barriers, and you know strategies to help people really succeed.

00:07:35.880 --> 00:07:43.230 Shaka Steve: So one thing that's gets kicked around a lot that i've seen is that the folks it's common sentiment that the folks that are in.

00:07:43.470 --> 00:07:51.210 Shaka Steve: You know, as far as the medicinal licenses and certain your communities look locales, if you will, you know they're the ones that are best position to.

00:07:51.450 --> 00:07:57.600 Shaka Steve: to really take advantage of the of the recreational licenses you know, should they become available when they become available.

00:07:58.050 --> 00:08:03.540 Shaka Steve: Is do you find that there's there's merit to that or Can somebody who hasn't been involved with the medicinal side.

00:08:03.960 --> 00:08:17.310 Shaka Steve: You know, really decide they want to go on the recreational side and have a great business plan and really be ready to go to market that way but they're just they're like are they going to have a shot, or are there, nowhere without having the medicinal experience.

00:08:17.670 --> 00:08:19.770 Chirali Patel: yeah well that's a great point you know, I think.

00:08:20.880 --> 00:08:25.830 Chirali Patel: The State wants to wanted to grandfather in the medical operators because of supply.

00:08:26.190 --> 00:08:31.680 Chirali Patel: Right, because just because we legalized as any we could start sales automatically, and so the the notion is because.

00:08:31.890 --> 00:08:39.780 Chirali Patel: These operators are already vertically integrated and they have a footprint that makes sense for them to be able to start the cultivation for adult use sales first.

00:08:40.080 --> 00:08:47.580 Chirali Patel: and have that opportunity but that doesn't mean that just because you don't have that experience you can't expand into the adult use industry right.

00:08:48.300 --> 00:08:53.790 Chirali Patel: there's other things that if you come from a retail background, if you come from a manufacturing background or distribution background.

00:08:54.000 --> 00:08:59.640 Chirali Patel: there's a story there, and so I think Tom honing in on what your skill set really is, and the team that you assemble.

00:08:59.880 --> 00:09:10.230 Chirali Patel: And then ultimately what your Community plan and investment looks like right So if you have a really good business model and you're going to do good, and you have the experience and capital and were with all I think you do have the chances.

00:09:10.740 --> 00:09:20.490 Chirali Patel: So it's it's definitely an advantage for those ATC is already in the game there grandfathered in it's not like they're gonna have to apply for these licenses but for everybody else, there is still room for.

00:09:21.060 --> 00:09:24.750 Chirali Patel: opportunity because he's licensed that are going to be available for them and not to those he sees.

00:09:26.430 --> 00:09:33.990 Shaka Steve: The concept of vertical integration is a buzzword that gets passed around a lot and I feel like it's one of those that.

00:09:34.440 --> 00:09:47.040 Shaka Steve: That you know people who are up on this topic, and maybe even just in tune with similar topics in general are familiar with it, but humorous and talk to us a little bit about what vertical integration means to you.

00:09:48.000 --> 00:10:03.210 Chirali Patel: so simple terms from seed to sale right vertical in the industry, essentially means that you're growing your your crops you're processing them into products and then you're selling them to your consumers so you're doing all three cultivation manufacturing.

00:10:03.480 --> 00:10:13.770 Chirali Patel: And dispensing that's the traditional sense it's a vertical you can add other licenses to that as well, when you add delivery isn't it now you're doing even even better a.

00:10:14.310 --> 00:10:24.720 Chirali Patel: Wholesale distribution the vertical essentially means that you have all aspects of the supply chain down packed in House and you don't have to go out outside to you know facilitate any of those needs.

00:10:25.770 --> 00:10:32.460 Shaka Steve: Now that's that's great, and thank you for putting it out there that way, because the concept of vertical integration gets associated with.

00:10:32.760 --> 00:10:48.600 Shaka Steve: The cannabis discussion and it's something that happens kind of all the time out there, and a lot of people like overcomplicate it, you know saying a vertical integration, what does that mean it it's in something is that from seed to sale from being the manufacturer to being this distributor.

00:10:48.810 --> 00:10:56.700 Shaka Steve: right that happens in countless other industries, people can think of, and then they hear a couple of terms and it kind of throws them for a loop.

00:10:57.210 --> 00:11:04.410 Shaka Steve: So you know it brings up another good discussion, you know is their opportunity for people at this point in the game.

00:11:05.010 --> 00:11:16.770 Shaka Steve: To look to be vertically integrated if they haven't been involved, thus far, like if they decide their commercial real estate or industrial real estate enthusiasts, and they want to build some type of.

00:11:17.160 --> 00:11:30.150 Shaka Steve: You know wholesale grow facility operation from seed to sale, where they become the distributor at a retail dispensary location does that opportunity exist or is it just a complete ridiculous uphill battle at this point.

00:11:30.750 --> 00:11:41.040 Chirali Patel: So at this time, new jersey's decided that for the first 18 months of the program I believe it's 18 or 24 months of the program they will not allow vertical integration at all.

00:11:41.400 --> 00:11:49.650 Chirali Patel: So just the medical providers who are already vertical they they were made, but the future around you know however many rounds.

00:11:49.830 --> 00:11:59.280 Chirali Patel: They are they're going to have in these 18 to 24 months they're not gonna allow vertical integration, so you can't you can't do it, but that doesn't mean that after that you know Ben is lifted.

00:11:59.730 --> 00:12:04.230 Chirali Patel: You can expand and so I think being strategic and saying you know i'm going to go for the.

00:12:04.440 --> 00:12:12.840 Chirali Patel: cultivation and processing license right now and then down the road expand as a dispensary or vice versa right i'll start with the retail and delivery and they'll start i'll do.

00:12:13.290 --> 00:12:22.050 Chirali Patel: cultivation are processing down the road, so I think you can be strategic about it, it just isn't an opportunity to be vertical at this moment and New Jersey right.

00:12:22.080 --> 00:12:33.030 Shaka Steve: yeah, which is in some ways, maybe unfortunate but you know again just like you said, be prepared for the future right do things appropriately now with the anticipation of maybe.

00:12:33.360 --> 00:12:41.580 Shaka Steve: The landscapes, a little bit different down the road, because there are other States in fact that do allow vertical integration, am I wrong absolutely.

00:12:41.700 --> 00:12:45.990 Shaka Steve: Yes, so some you know some of those states, you know, do you consider it.

00:12:46.620 --> 00:12:54.690 Shaka Steve: A little bit of a disadvantage for somebody you know, trying to get into the industry in the State of New Jersey who's really trying to do everything.

00:12:55.260 --> 00:13:09.960 Shaka Steve: With grassroots, I guess, so to speak, you know really from from the ground up where they haven't been involved just yet, are they at a disadvantage, where you know the other States might be able to be very you know somebody could start really fresh today and be vertically integrated tomorrow.

00:13:10.980 --> 00:13:20.580 Chirali Patel: Not necessarily because, especially for micro licenses right it's so expensive to get started so imagine the cost with getting started with three licenses versus one or two.

00:13:20.820 --> 00:13:27.900 Chirali Patel: So I don't think it's like a disadvantage, I think it's just a timing thing right and it's just um and strategic planning so.

00:13:29.970 --> 00:13:36.630 Chirali Patel: yeah I think that's the trick it's funny because I don't want to discourage people from you know New Jersey there, there are opportunities here and it's going to.

00:13:36.630 --> 00:13:41.370 Shaka Steve: Change yeah honestly just because the bill says it right now but it's 18 months.

00:13:41.520 --> 00:13:44.430 Chirali Patel: doesn't mean it won't get amended right we've seen that in Colorado and.

00:13:44.910 --> 00:13:59.100 Chirali Patel: They love to go back to the legislation and make amendments and then people are spending money to come complying with those regulations, and you know do other changes, etc, and so I think that it's just a matter of time, so just because it is this way right now doesn't mean it won't change.

00:13:59.340 --> 00:14:05.880 Shaka Steve: Absolutely, and not to not to be mistaken, you know most most of the discussion on this show particularly is about.

00:14:06.210 --> 00:14:12.060 Shaka Steve: The opportunities in the industry and make no mistake, there are any number of opportunities around.

00:14:12.300 --> 00:14:20.220 Shaka Steve: New Jersey and some of the other areas that are, first, you know legalizing recreational cannabis, so that is you know a lot of what we're here to talk about but.

00:14:20.520 --> 00:14:28.980 Shaka Steve: The current events part of things is very interesting and you know, in addition to the things that we've been reading in headlines, one thing that we've seen it headlines is.

00:14:29.220 --> 00:14:34.710 Shaka Steve: This you recently being named to your attachment styles and cannabis and hemp law division.

00:14:35.010 --> 00:14:39.630 Shaka Steve: Which is very cool and something that we definitely want to talk about when we come back from this break.

00:14:39.930 --> 00:14:49.470 Shaka Steve: A little bit of the the method behind what you do, which is an interesting discussion here, because you know, there are some case law here and there, that are documented but.

00:14:49.980 --> 00:15:02.130 Shaka Steve: A lot of times this is fresh territory so some of it is still evolving as we speak, but we'll get right a little bit deeper into the method with surely patel when we come back from our break this is quite a popular stay here.

00:17:29.550 --> 00:17:39.990 Shaka Steve: Welcome back to planet back hello, a less taboo view on the world of cannabis i'm shaka Steve standing in for Johnny tsunami here with talk radio dot nyc.

00:17:40.740 --> 00:17:48.780 Shaka Steve: we're talking with surely patel attorney entrepreneur in the world of cannabis and surely we're going to talk a little bit about.

00:17:49.080 --> 00:17:55.650 Shaka Steve: The method behind you know what you do in the in the field of legalized cannabis, because you know, as we were just talking about a little bit.

00:17:56.280 --> 00:18:04.080 Shaka Steve: You know, there is certainly some some case law over the last decade and your State to State specific types of discussions going on, where.

00:18:04.350 --> 00:18:14.520 Shaka Steve: You know there's plenty of things documented, but you know this is somewhat of a moving target, so you know I personally live in the State of New Jersey, so it is Johnny tsunami and.

00:18:14.880 --> 00:18:22.590 Shaka Steve: You know this is this is one that's kind of fresh over here, you know as far as the method behind what you guys are doing talk to us a little bit about.

00:18:22.950 --> 00:18:37.500 Shaka Steve: You know how you really you know craft some of your advice and some of your offerings both utilizing not only the documented case law that's been around but kind of speculating a little bit on what the future holds just using past experience.

00:18:37.890 --> 00:18:47.310 Chirali Patel: Sure, so a lot of the case law that's a New Jersey is related to the medical market and it has to do a lot with them, you know the law against discrimination for patients.

00:18:47.970 --> 00:18:55.440 Chirali Patel: Workers compensation rights and whether your medical cannabis can be covered, or you know as a workers COMP claim and so.

00:18:55.830 --> 00:19:07.380 Chirali Patel: that's so we're limited as far as that type of case on New Jersey, but we've had to prior application around what we call our phase or request for applications in 2018 and 2019.

00:19:07.710 --> 00:19:14.130 Chirali Patel: And that's really where the bulk of experience comes from you know, seeing how the State issue these applications.

00:19:14.640 --> 00:19:19.860 Chirali Patel: See who the winners were for these applications and learning more about how they were awarded.

00:19:20.550 --> 00:19:32.610 Chirali Patel: learning about the scoring process dealing with the litigation that had happened, both in 2018 and 2019 2018 it was an issue with the scoring being flawed.

00:19:32.880 --> 00:19:41.490 Chirali Patel: A judge ruled that the scoring and deed was flawed, but they didn't provide a remedy, they said Department of Health figure it out, and so we don't have the.

00:19:41.910 --> 00:19:50.730 Chirali Patel: solution, yet, and then in 2019 there was a group of disqualified applicants that filed a lawsuit claiming you know, let us back in.

00:19:51.390 --> 00:19:57.030 Chirali Patel: State you guys had an error on your half and so that lawsuit held up the Round, which was recently resolved, but i'm.

00:19:57.600 --> 00:20:01.830 Chirali Patel: really just learning from the experience of those two rounds and me personally.

00:20:02.220 --> 00:20:14.040 Chirali Patel: being involved in in 2019 rounds, where I get a lot of the experience and so navigating the municipalities and getting letters of support Union agreements and banking, and so I think the hands on experience actually doing.

00:20:14.370 --> 00:20:28.590 Chirali Patel: A vertical medical application myself and being involved in was really where I learned and I can advise other individuals and then, of course, I talked to people, not just in in the legal world, but also in you know, in the industry and other states legacy individuals.

00:20:29.190 --> 00:20:37.260 Chirali Patel: And so that's where I just i'm like a sponge I try to get as much as I can, so that I can get better for my clients and people who I do want you know educate in general.

00:20:38.490 --> 00:20:46.710 Shaka Steve: yeah and that's I think that's a really good way to be right now it's I feel like the right so always the right blend of science and art with topics like this, where.

00:20:46.950 --> 00:20:52.080 Shaka Steve: You learn as much as you can that's documented and that's out there, but you also try to get the right.

00:20:52.440 --> 00:21:01.380 Shaka Steve: You know perspective on the landscape, but it also kind of puts folks in your position in a sticky situation, sometimes where your folks want kind of definitive direction.

00:21:02.010 --> 00:21:08.400 Shaka Steve: And it's almost impossible to give it to them, I mean i'm not i'm not somebody who likes to think of anything as impossible.

00:21:08.790 --> 00:21:19.470 Shaka Steve: And, and again, you know you're in the business also almost calculated risk when you're an attorney you, you know you look at you know all of the different variables and the different types of risks and whatnot and.

00:21:19.860 --> 00:21:34.530 Shaka Steve: You know you really make the best counsel and the best judgment call based on what you see, but you know that's with everything kind of continually evolving, you know it's it's it's kind of tough it's it did you feel like it puts you in a difficult situation, sometimes.

00:21:34.980 --> 00:21:40.650 Chirali Patel: Yes, I just feel bad you know when clients are asking you know when is the licensing ground going to happen.

00:21:41.460 --> 00:21:50.460 Chirali Patel: applications can be released, and you know I tell them listen, the best that I can do is tell you, based on what i'm hearing from the CRC based on my input.

00:21:50.700 --> 00:22:01.230 Chirali Patel: And then, on my role as one of the Executive Board members for the cannabis law committee for the state Bar Association that's that gives me a little bit more insight about you know just timing of rules and things and so.

00:22:01.710 --> 00:22:08.670 Chirali Patel: that's the best I can do is just share whatever it is that I know to help prepare them, but it gets frustrating because you're looking for clarity.

00:22:09.180 --> 00:22:22.350 Chirali Patel: From the State level and so you're just we're just kind of waiting but um I operate under the you know, whatever the legislation says, we have to use that as the basis and so until we find out more, this is what we have to work with.

00:22:23.670 --> 00:22:28.230 Shaka Steve: You know so get you know going a little bit deeper on on on some of the method here.

00:22:29.280 --> 00:22:40.410 Shaka Steve: You know, like I seen the mandates, you know circulated in the documentation about things like workplace impairment recognition experts and things like that, but it's.

00:22:41.070 --> 00:22:49.920 Shaka Steve: there's nothing really designed yet to kind of govern or execute anything to really look at that almost and a know another topic and correct me if i'm wrong.

00:22:50.190 --> 00:23:01.380 Shaka Steve: But another topic that you had spoken about at the recent conference you were speaking at this week was you know around measuring you know people who are behind the wheel of a car, as an example and if they are.

00:23:01.980 --> 00:23:12.570 Shaka Steve: You know too intoxicated under the influence whatever because of cannabis and it's a very kind of Gray area right alongside of things like workplace impairment recognition specialist.

00:23:12.810 --> 00:23:21.360 Shaka Steve: So you know talk to us a little bit about that you know there's a lot of opportunities out there in the small, medium sized business world, but some of it definitely comes with uncertainty, does it not.

00:23:21.720 --> 00:23:31.470 Chirali Patel: Absolutely, and the designation of a workplace recognition expert or dare a drug recognition expert is problematic.

00:23:31.980 --> 00:23:40.890 Chirali Patel: And also, for some, you know businesses it's kind of a necessity right in some in certain industries, the issue also is that dare.

00:23:41.700 --> 00:23:54.810 Chirali Patel: is not considered a scientifically reliable method, there is actually a case on ascii that's pending in court, right now, and so, in September they're supposed to be a decision on that and we'll know if that's even a good basis right.

00:23:55.140 --> 00:24:04.740 Chirali Patel: The other thing is the certification has to come through the Police Academy in conjunction with the police training academy so like you said that curriculum hasn't yet been developed.

00:24:05.130 --> 00:24:09.510 Chirali Patel: The issue, so I worked in municipal government before I went into private and where I am now.

00:24:09.780 --> 00:24:18.750 Chirali Patel: And you know, there is personalities that have been there for years and, in certain individuals didn't get along with somebody imagine empowering that individual.

00:24:19.110 --> 00:24:25.830 Chirali Patel: With the title of a workplace, you know dare and they can use it, potentially, they can abuse it right, so instead.

00:24:26.070 --> 00:24:33.990 Chirali Patel: You can contract with a third party so like you said, there is a business opportunity for third parties, but there's liability associated with that and so you're gonna have to have.

00:24:34.230 --> 00:24:43.050 Chirali Patel: Insurance etc, but um it's just not reliable yet and so it's going to be interesting to see what this court cases and then how the curriculum actually comes to fruition.

00:24:43.680 --> 00:24:54.690 Shaka Steve: So you know just like a lot of topics out there, and maybe you see it the same way, like when when there's discussion like this, you know, sometimes there's a an intermediary step I don't like to call it a band aid but.

00:24:54.990 --> 00:25:00.960 Shaka Steve: Ellis well you know, think of it in similar terms, but an intermediary step where while we're figuring this out.

00:25:01.350 --> 00:25:07.020 Shaka Steve: This is how we'll look at it in the meantime and and you know what i've read and what i've seen out there is.

00:25:07.380 --> 00:25:18.300 Shaka Steve: You know folks that have gone through police, you know military training that are trained in the field of drug recognition drug expertise, you know they're the ones that are be that would be best position to.

00:25:18.780 --> 00:25:24.720 Shaka Steve: advise as a subject matter expert on the topic of workplace impairment recognition and.

00:25:25.440 --> 00:25:30.540 Shaka Steve: there's there's definitely something to be said for that, like chokes have been through that training, perhaps they are best to.

00:25:30.870 --> 00:25:39.900 Shaka Steve: To be the first line of Defense now but that's definitely not an all encompassing you know discussion there's there's opportunity to actually grow it out there and to.

00:25:40.170 --> 00:25:46.050 Shaka Steve: to broaden the scope is there, is there not or is it something that you think will be kind of confined to the way it's been for years.

00:25:46.170 --> 00:25:55.620 Chirali Patel: No, I think it's gonna have to change because a lot of it also has to do with the implicit bias right when when we initially created these training programs, etc.

00:25:56.520 --> 00:26:04.920 Chirali Patel: It didn't have a lot to do with racial profiling and so that whole curriculum needs to be redone in its entirety to get rid of that bias.

00:26:05.280 --> 00:26:12.660 Chirali Patel: It takes a lot of work, so I think it's just going to be a an ongoing conversation and to your point also about impairment.

00:26:13.050 --> 00:26:19.890 Chirali Patel: What does impairment actually even look like right because the presence of so if i'm drunk at work and they.

00:26:20.160 --> 00:26:28.680 Chirali Patel: see me they're like okay you look drunk they can take me for a drug test and my blood alcohol level will tell tool tell them or not, if I am intoxicated or under the influence.

00:26:29.010 --> 00:26:37.830 Chirali Patel: That doesn't apply with cannabis, because I may have consumed a week ago and it's still going to come up positive right and the drug test and a urine tests and so.

00:26:38.340 --> 00:26:45.240 Chirali Patel: How does that How does that prove the impairment, I mean and so here's The other thing actually in New Jersey, which they added to make it even.

00:26:45.570 --> 00:26:57.660 Chirali Patel: throw it throw a wrench in there, but actually you if you whenever this program comes to light if you are suspected of impairment, you have to go through a drug test and the physical test.

00:26:58.290 --> 00:27:04.230 Chirali Patel: What that physical tests entails, we have no idea but New Jersey throw that in there, so we have that.

00:27:06.780 --> 00:27:10.530 Shaka Steve: that's just going to be a crapshoot as oh boy is like oh we'll see what the physical tested.

00:27:10.620 --> 00:27:20.700 Chirali Patel: don't see what that looks like yeah but it's just it just goes to the point that i'm when we are not we when the steep pass this bill, there were a lot of.

00:27:21.630 --> 00:27:32.760 Chirali Patel: Voices at the table, there was a lot of stakeholders, and so we have a lot in that bill that we need to potentially work through and that's why I see Amendments coming in the foreseeable future.

00:27:33.480 --> 00:27:42.270 Shaka Steve: But it's funny the last the last test that I heard a story about you know, but by the bonfire about somebody talking about a field sobriety test, I felt would have been.

00:27:42.630 --> 00:27:49.740 Shaka Steve: applicable for either alcohol or cannabis and that was give me the alphabet backwards, starting with you and ending with he.

00:27:52.230 --> 00:27:54.270 Shaka Steve: that's a tough one man like I mean it's.

00:27:56.280 --> 00:27:56.550 yeah.

00:27:57.600 --> 00:28:03.990 Chirali Patel: that's all we have right now right the field sobriety sobriety test that's what lights youtubers and police officers are currently using.

00:28:04.320 --> 00:28:12.240 Chirali Patel: For impairment there's no other tests that we can do, except for the standard I believe there's like three standard, you know the horizontal gays etc, but.

00:28:14.490 --> 00:28:15.000 Chirali Patel: Reliable.

00:28:15.780 --> 00:28:22.680 Shaka Steve: to your point, though, on some of the methodology behind all of this, a lot of it might have been contrived during different times under.

00:28:23.040 --> 00:28:32.520 Shaka Steve: You know, different types of lenses and training programs and you'd mentioned a certain types of racial profiling and ways that things might have been really outlined in the past.

00:28:32.820 --> 00:28:39.030 Shaka Steve: And it led me to think of some of the other things you've been involved in such as digital venture partner, so you want to talk to us a little bit about that.

00:28:39.570 --> 00:28:47.250 Chirali Patel: yeah and visual venture partners is amazing actually be the company was founded by two guys and your barrier and Ryan rappaport.

00:28:47.970 --> 00:28:57.990 Chirali Patel: Go to become like family for me now and it's a majority black owned minority owned portfolio company which is really unique and we essentially focus on creating.

00:28:58.410 --> 00:29:05.070 Chirali Patel: Creative IP and brand content by leveraging all of our partnerships through cannabis, music and tech so.

00:29:05.820 --> 00:29:18.900 Chirali Patel: We have a partnership with black enterprise, for example, and our series is called green enterprise and we highlight positive black achievements do that and, recently, and you had an interview with Chris webber talked about his hundred million dollar fun.

00:29:19.140 --> 00:29:31.890 Chirali Patel: Now our series is actually going to air on foxhole starting June 14 which is really exciting but there's a couple of awesome projects in the pipeline and so i'm super excited to be one of the Managing partners and also chief compliance officer.

00:29:32.280 --> 00:29:40.320 Shaka Steve: that's coming just this Monday, so we got to have people tuned into that before we talk about that any further we're going to take a quick break but we'll be right back with surely patel.

00:29:41.520 --> 00:29:48.180 Shaka Steve: on the board of digital venture partners, as well as attorney with with passionate style stay with us we'll talk Hello.

00:29:50.100 --> 00:29:52.950 Listening to radio and my.

00:29:55.140 --> 00:29:55.470 Key.

00:32:35.010 --> 00:32:45.510 Shaka Steve: Welcome back this is planet Poc hello, I am shaka Steve standing in for Johnny tsunami here on this wonderful Thursday evening we're chatting with surely patel ah.

00:32:46.200 --> 00:33:01.140 Shaka Steve: attorney entrepreneur in the world of cannabis passionate style and digital venture partners ways responsibly, which we haven't even spoken about yet ah you're involved in a whole bunch of different things in this space and I love it tell us a little bit about blaze responsibly.

00:33:01.710 --> 00:33:04.590 Chirali Patel: Yes, please responsibly, is my baby and.

00:33:06.090 --> 00:33:10.500 Chirali Patel: I actually was this is like the the legal nerd in me but.

00:33:11.220 --> 00:33:20.850 Chirali Patel: Back in 2013 I was just writing a business plan for my future cannabis operation, even though it wasn't legal 2018 in New Jersey, but I was writing the privacy yeah.

00:33:21.180 --> 00:33:33.840 Chirali Patel: I was writing the privacy policy for my future website and, at the end of it, I just typed blaze responsibly and I was like hold up this is the tagline for the industry, please responsibly.

00:33:34.410 --> 00:33:47.970 Chirali Patel: And I just I trademarked it for all in anything that I could like you know i'm ancillary products to protect my IP protected my domain bought all of that, and then I just thought and I thought about what is please responsibly actually mean.

00:33:48.450 --> 00:33:55.740 Chirali Patel: It means responsible cannabis culture in all different ways it's about educating it's about and pair and empowering individuals and so.

00:33:56.430 --> 00:33:57.750 Chirali Patel: Just recently, actually.

00:33:58.230 --> 00:34:06.420 Chirali Patel: I launched it officially on social media so instagram linkedin Twitter, etc, and what I do is share free information and education.

00:34:06.600 --> 00:34:12.120 Chirali Patel: And so I take rules and regulations that were recently passed and I break it down for the layperson to understand.

00:34:12.390 --> 00:34:19.980 Chirali Patel: Where can I consume responsibly, what are my rights with an employee if I come up with a positive drug test now no wonder application is going to be released.

00:34:20.160 --> 00:34:30.840 Chirali Patel: steps to secure a license I give out bank information anybody that's listening bcb bank Christie and Bridget all in New Jersey will open up a cannabis bank account, and you can use my name as a referral.

00:34:31.440 --> 00:34:39.900 Chirali Patel: There you go so so things like that so blaze responsibly exists to just really equip people without having to pay for an attorney or consultants basic information.

00:34:40.200 --> 00:34:49.080 Chirali Patel: all the way through to things that i'm doing as well, but i'm i'm hoping to flesh it out relatively soon we'll see what happens with a few partnerships to really create.

00:34:49.590 --> 00:35:01.800 Chirali Patel: workshops and seminars and New Jersey that come from a credible source and people can get guys and just you know it's really to equip people with education, so that they can make better decisions and become better entrepreneurs for the industry.

00:35:03.180 --> 00:35:09.990 Shaka Steve: I love it sounds awesome love the tagline and it goes a long way to this article that we were kicking around a little while ago.

00:35:10.320 --> 00:35:17.070 Shaka Steve: About you know impaired driving and you know it kind of like we were talking about before you know workplace impairment recognition it's.

00:35:17.310 --> 00:35:27.600 Shaka Steve: kind of an evolving discussion, you know this, the cannabis regulatory Commission there's going to have to be some formalization of the system and how to monitor all aspects of small and medium sized business but.

00:35:27.840 --> 00:35:35.910 Shaka Steve: You know there's folks like you know Members of the Department of Transportation and other types of government agencies, where you know it's always been a thing it's always going to be a thing.

00:35:36.270 --> 00:35:53.430 Shaka Steve: And you talk about blaze responsibly, you know talk to us a little bit about you know folks in driving and especially if driving as part of their profession bus driver train operator, etc, you know where did, where some of the crazy stories that come out in this field of discussion.

00:35:54.150 --> 00:36:07.770 Chirali Patel: yeah I mean so any any do T driver you're regulated me, you know by the railway system air maritime law, etc, you are subject to federal law, so you can't come up positive for drug screen for cannabis and.

00:36:08.370 --> 00:36:13.080 Chirali Patel: The, the issue is there's a lot of misinformation in this topic area and so.

00:36:13.590 --> 00:36:23.280 Chirali Patel: In Colorado there was two reports that came out one was by the Colorado state Criminal Justice Department division one was by the rocky mountain.

00:36:23.640 --> 00:36:27.570 Chirali Patel: High intensity drug trafficking area there another group.

00:36:28.050 --> 00:36:40.440 Chirali Patel: And that report claim that you know truck drivers were getting into more accidents and that cannabis was coming up positive and their drug screens therefore marijuana leads to traffic facilities, however.

00:36:41.010 --> 00:36:49.230 Chirali Patel: With the Colorado state report actually found it's not just cannabis it's cannabis and alcohol and cannabis and meth and cocaine and there's other drugs.

00:36:49.500 --> 00:36:59.850 Chirali Patel: That are there, they haven't isolated just cannabis right as being the main reason for these facilities and so or or incidences, and so I think that.

00:37:00.120 --> 00:37:08.130 Chirali Patel: There needs to be more education about that, and there needs to be more you know discussion because my husband's in the transportation industry yellow transport and.

00:37:08.460 --> 00:37:20.520 Chirali Patel: He told me, you know the most common substance abuse, for his drivers is math or cocaine to stay up and when they need to sleep they take pills, to help them sleep ambien etc.

00:37:21.180 --> 00:37:28.740 Chirali Patel: it's not cannabis is not the priority choice right they're not getting stone and driving because it's kind of really difficult to do that with the 18 wheeler.

00:37:29.370 --> 00:37:37.320 Chirali Patel: But they do with other substances, and so I feel like it's like part of what places constantly is like sharing real information from credible sources.

00:37:37.590 --> 00:37:50.250 Chirali Patel: And and diluting I mean not diluting going through all the information that's out there and finding what's credible and what's actually in the reality versus headline saying you know X causes this because it's not the reality.

00:37:50.790 --> 00:38:03.360 Shaka Steve: I yeah that's i'm happy that you went there because you know one thing that I had seen out there is that not only the same that it's typically linked to other other types of abuse substances but.

00:38:04.050 --> 00:38:15.180 Shaka Steve: there's also been tests out there that show you know what folks are like under the influence of cannabis and some of the field tests of driving and even professional driving that I saw where.

00:38:15.720 --> 00:38:26.910 Shaka Steve: There was very little difference, or very little impairment in in actual driving ability and and you know timeliness so things I did have you seen similar studies.

00:38:27.030 --> 00:38:28.770 Shaka Steve: That would take the same.

00:38:29.220 --> 00:38:37.470 Chirali Patel: yeah it really depends on the on like how quickly, in what form you consume and then depending on how fast you drive after that right, and so there is.

00:38:37.740 --> 00:38:41.970 Chirali Patel: I think it's iowa or Colorado I can't remember which state they're doing a study.

00:38:42.270 --> 00:38:54.270 Chirali Patel: they're basically saying will pay you to get high and then ride a car is the stimulation, so we can test out and so i'm actually going to be speaking July 21 on it's on does marijuana actually impair your ability to drive.

00:38:55.080 --> 00:38:58.560 Chirali Patel: with another woman who's a doctor, but she never tell who's a medical doctor.

00:38:58.860 --> 00:39:10.830 Chirali Patel: Scientists you know, and she has the scientific background and along with another attorney who's coming from the criminal Defense and municipal practice and so all three of us will be talking about this exact issue and giving more insight.

00:39:11.370 --> 00:39:12.840 Shaka Steve: that's July 21 you said.

00:39:13.020 --> 00:39:14.550 Chirali Patel: Yes, July 1.

00:39:14.640 --> 00:39:18.000 Shaka Steve: Where where can people access that content we're going to listen to its.

00:39:18.030 --> 00:39:25.950 Chirali Patel: parent P ar ar I n conferences, you can sign up it'll be at 2pm it's a virtual seminar awesome awesome.

00:39:26.010 --> 00:39:31.260 Shaka Steve: yeah that's I mean it's definitely a very relevant topic, especially now, where people can.

00:39:31.800 --> 00:39:42.360 Shaka Steve: You know, go get or even under the medicinal legalization side of the world where they can go get a prescription for it have it in their car and now it's where you know people are.

00:39:42.780 --> 00:39:57.000 Shaka Steve: able to start more and more going out and accessing recreational cannabis over the counter at a dispensary so where did where is the line and it's it seems like you know just like you would think with Robin thicke the lines are blurred our lives.

00:39:57.960 --> 00:40:06.120 Chirali Patel: If we don't have the science, yet we don't have the science yet and so everything we're going off is like you know just where we're taking just.

00:40:06.840 --> 00:40:15.150 Chirali Patel: experiences and we're when we're using them as like data points in actuality it's supposed to be years of color we don't even have years of data to go from right so.

00:40:15.510 --> 00:40:22.500 Chirali Patel: Starting with that it's like When did the first adult use State actually legalize it because that's when most of these impairments study started.

00:40:22.950 --> 00:40:38.640 Chirali Patel: Right and so that that we have about 10 years of data to go from that's not much, and so I feel like all of these hardline conclusive statements like it caught marijuana causes this it causes that we actually don't know it's better to say we don't know inconclusive.

00:40:39.780 --> 00:40:50.010 Shaka Steve: No Apps absolutely there's nothing wrong with saying you don't know, but you know moving forward, do you envision and i've heard plenty of buzz about this as i'm sure you've seen yeah but.

00:40:50.700 --> 00:41:00.630 Shaka Steve: Do you do you envision a spot in the in the near future, even 612 months down the road where you know somebody is enjoying recreational cannabis.

00:41:01.470 --> 00:41:10.770 Shaka Steve: And gets pulled over and then there's some type of field sobriety tests, where even if it's like a breathe on this piece of paper and it turns this color.

00:41:11.640 --> 00:41:19.260 Shaka Steve: And that person is detained for driving under the influence from cannabis, do you envision something like that happening in the near future.

00:41:20.100 --> 00:41:23.520 Chirali Patel: Potentially and, unfortunately, yes.

00:41:24.600 --> 00:41:34.320 Chirali Patel: I think there's two companies, one actually has a pan out there on this technology can't remember the name of their company, but there are definitely groups and it's like a billion dollar innovation actually.

00:41:35.130 --> 00:41:40.260 Chirali Patel: Whoever gets it right right because there's that's the key it's actually detecting impairment.

00:41:40.890 --> 00:41:49.950 Chirali Patel: When it is in fact impairment and not just presence of metabolites and so whoever is going to be able to figure that out, I mean they're a billionaire.

00:41:50.460 --> 00:41:57.510 Chirali Patel: So, will it have been relatively soon yeah because be there are companies that are actively working on figuring out what that technology even looks like.

00:41:57.900 --> 00:42:07.290 Chirali Patel: Because it is subjective right it's your it's your body fat to your teeth, the thc cells story your fan so there's so many other components that go involved into this.

00:42:08.940 --> 00:42:16.020 Shaka Steve: Just imagine all like my it's not enough that I have to go to a nutritionist ever get my body fat that's what I would have to do it by the COPs do eventually.

00:42:17.790 --> 00:42:27.240 Shaka Steve: But it's it, you know it's interesting tell us a little bit more about you know, in your capacity and some of the work that you've done both as an entrepreneur as and as counsel entrepreneurs.

00:42:28.560 --> 00:42:36.120 Shaka Steve: What are some of the crazy stories that you see out there, these days, because I i've seen some of them front line I know there's lots and lots of them.

00:42:36.360 --> 00:42:46.980 Shaka Steve: there's people that are really serious about these industry there's people who are dipping their toe in there's people who are just getting stoned all the time and they're like hey i'm gonna get it on the action type of discussion.

00:42:48.000 --> 00:42:55.050 Shaka Steve: What do you see out there, what our clients and and folks asking you about your counsel for more often than the normal.

00:42:56.400 --> 00:43:03.300 Chirali Patel: um it what's really interesting is that a lot of the client, this is the weird thing, but a lot of the clients that want to get into this space.

00:43:03.720 --> 00:43:20.820 Chirali Patel: Are they they're aware of the implications of irs section to eat and that they can't take normal business tax deductions, so they want to figure out ways essentially we create shell companies and in holding companies, and I have to explain that that's considered money laundering.

00:43:21.330 --> 00:43:22.950 Chirali Patel: Right, I can help you.

00:43:24.600 --> 00:43:33.930 Chirali Patel: That does that right, you probably find another lawyer that may help you do that, but that's not so it's really interesting that a lot of people they're trying to figure out clever ways, is there a way where I can.

00:43:34.200 --> 00:43:38.250 Chirali Patel: You know, have this retail holding company, and then I can do this and it's like no you can't do that.

00:43:38.910 --> 00:43:52.320 Chirali Patel: And the other thing that's scary that i'm seeing is the influx of consultants and law firms and application writers out of the woodworks in New Jersey saying we can help you and we're experienced and individuals who are.

00:43:52.860 --> 00:44:00.900 Chirali Patel: You know who may not be as sophisticated who don't have access to those kind of resources are taking these calls and consultations and then getting taken for a ride.

00:44:01.200 --> 00:44:15.780 Chirali Patel: i've had several clients come to me who said hey we got quoted $150,000 for a night for an application and i'm like that's crazy and then I see that same company being endorsed by publication that's even scarier and i'm.

00:44:16.410 --> 00:44:23.970 Chirali Patel: that's that's what i'm saying and that's my fear here a lot of people come to me saying we spoke to X y&z you know what do you think about them and and.

00:44:24.840 --> 00:44:31.620 Chirali Patel: that's something that I, I have to deal with on a regular basis now you know advising people that here, this is a red flag.

00:44:32.250 --> 00:44:40.620 Chirali Patel: You know i'd be aware i'd be cautious and do your due diligence, even if you don't choose to go with me ask these questions How long have you been in the industry, how many applications have you worked on.

00:44:40.860 --> 00:44:47.010 Chirali Patel: really like you're the client you're asking for a service and make sure your service provider can actually give you what you're looking for.

00:44:47.850 --> 00:44:56.400 Shaka Steve: You know it's like sometimes when it comes to the idea of giving references for services, you know a lot of times i'll have the opinion that is i'm not going to give you a bad reference but.

00:44:57.000 --> 00:45:01.740 Shaka Steve: Now, with this type of industry and with this type of discussion it's like well it's.

00:45:02.220 --> 00:45:07.920 Shaka Steve: been around all that long in this capacity, so can you give me somebody who you've worked with and that's.

00:45:08.220 --> 00:45:16.470 Shaka Steve: That can get to be you know feeling like an uncomfortable discussion because there are quite a few folks who are learned in this subject but.

00:45:16.950 --> 00:45:28.110 Shaka Steve: haven't necessarily been recognized for it and you know they're there creates a little bit of a of a Gray area but we're going to explore that in just a little bit more detail when we come back, but.

00:45:28.470 --> 00:45:35.160 Shaka Steve: we'll be right back with surely patel attorney entrepreneur in the cannabis space they would like to talk a little bit we'll be right back.

00:45:41.730 --> 00:45:42.900 Education in.

00:47:50.820 --> 00:47:55.740 Shaka Steve: And we're back this is planet Poc Hello i'm shaka Steve standing in for Johnny tsunami.

00:47:56.250 --> 00:48:07.650 Shaka Steve: Here by Apollo less taboo view on the world of cannabis, we are going to bring things home with ciarelli patel attorney entrepreneur in the world of cannabis pashman Stein.

00:48:07.920 --> 00:48:25.950 Shaka Steve: blaze responsibly digital venture partners, a woman of many talents surely there is no doubt that there is lots of opportunity around this space, these days, especially as it relates to the legal world, which again graduations on on working with fashion styling.

00:48:27.060 --> 00:48:36.480 Shaka Steve: there's a lot of folks out there, looking to seize the opportunity and not exactly the straightest of lines out there and you've you've talked about a number of different.

00:48:36.870 --> 00:48:43.170 Shaka Steve: avenues that people can go down here today, but you know talk to us a little bit about where you see the real.

00:48:43.590 --> 00:48:48.930 Shaka Steve: You know top opportunities, where where people can really capitalize on it, both for the ones who have.

00:48:49.350 --> 00:49:03.450 Shaka Steve: been career cannabis folks and career, whether it's the last couple years the last 10 years but also for those who are fresh to the party, but really want to take an active role, who aren't just you know, trying to muscle in on having some fun.

00:49:03.960 --> 00:49:09.150 Chirali Patel: Sure um I think everything starts with good intentions and the right intentions.

00:49:09.390 --> 00:49:19.050 Chirali Patel: And so, starting with you know figuring out what it is that you even want to accomplish in this industry because some people, you know they they just want to be an operator, so that they can get bought out.

00:49:19.380 --> 00:49:25.890 Chirali Patel: Fine, at least, you know that from the onset some people want to create generational wealth so that's you know, being an established brand.

00:49:26.160 --> 00:49:31.500 Chirali Patel: Potentially being a franchise, so I think figuring out, you know what your purposes and your end goal and then.

00:49:32.220 --> 00:49:38.490 Chirali Patel: Really figuring out what your skill set is and what value, you have and then navigating what opportunities exist.

00:49:38.700 --> 00:49:44.190 Chirali Patel: And I feel like there's a really prime opportunity for just like we've seen in the alcohol industry with craft breweries.

00:49:44.490 --> 00:49:48.480 Chirali Patel: we're going to have craft cultivators we're going to have crap dispensaries right we're going to have.

00:49:48.750 --> 00:50:01.680 Chirali Patel: An APP which we all want to see the mom and POPs of cannabis right, I want to be able to go to the best edible store or knowing that this culture of our this cultivation facility produces the best streams and the best like hybrids right.

00:50:02.880 --> 00:50:10.050 Chirali Patel: or they're getting getting deeper and educating people so there's so many I feel like branding and creating something unique.

00:50:10.530 --> 00:50:18.720 Chirali Patel: And really serving your customer base right that's the key and I think a lot of companies missed that because they don't real or you really do realize, and they forget.

00:50:19.080 --> 00:50:26.400 Chirali Patel: cannabis, even though it was illegal people have been using it for centuries, and thousands of years and the markets have been there.

00:50:26.640 --> 00:50:31.860 Chirali Patel: be the legacy market is billions of dollars right so you're competing with legacy operators.

00:50:32.160 --> 00:50:38.910 Chirali Patel: You need to figure out what does that what is that what are the streets want, what are the people really want I mean they don't want to walk in.

00:50:39.090 --> 00:50:49.200 Chirali Patel: Not everybody wants to walk into an apple store of cannabis and feel overwhelmed you know they might want to walk into a small little boutique and like have some to cater to them and ask questions, and so I feel like.

00:50:49.470 --> 00:50:53.820 Chirali Patel: When you create a unique environment for your customers and your consumers and you're really.

00:50:54.390 --> 00:50:59.490 Chirali Patel: Careful in particular about the products you keep in your stores or the or the ones that you process.

00:50:59.790 --> 00:51:13.560 Chirali Patel: that's where the real opportunity lies and figuring out, you know specific things and and i'll give an example, there was a great company that's no longer around due to management issues, but they had a topical that was targeted for women for menstrual pain and PMs.

00:51:13.950 --> 00:51:25.620 Chirali Patel: I use it, and my 92 year old grandma uses it for her sciatic pain great product right, and I would only go to Colorado to get that like product and and it was just it because it worked.

00:51:26.190 --> 00:51:32.550 Chirali Patel: And people can figure out you don't need to be you don't need to have this diverse portfolio you don't need to do everything but.

00:51:32.910 --> 00:51:43.530 Chirali Patel: If you have the means, by all means do it, but if you are limited in your resources if you are a social equity applicant figuring out what the best thing you can do and being true to that.

00:51:44.580 --> 00:51:53.220 Shaka Steve: And there's no doubt about it, I love what you said that this has been around for quite some time, the founding fathers of this country even longer ago than that.

00:51:53.700 --> 00:52:01.770 Shaka Steve: But you know, in addition to the opportunities that come from really being intimate with the beautiful plant here.

00:52:02.490 --> 00:52:09.570 Shaka Steve: there's a lot on the periphery a lot and I think that people routinely forget about that.

00:52:10.080 --> 00:52:25.110 Shaka Steve: And it's like whether you're talking about real estate or air filtration or hba see here yeah and there's there's a million different types of almost any industry, you could think of has some type of application, if you choose to do it.

00:52:25.830 --> 00:52:37.590 Chirali Patel: 100% and that's the whole ancillary market that is even more right right like the gold rush who got rich people who sold shovels levi's jeans I think got like really rich or jimin time.

00:52:37.770 --> 00:52:43.740 Chirali Patel: But not the people who are actually going shelf and getting the gold right and so that's the same thing with this cannabis industry they're going to be.

00:52:43.950 --> 00:52:50.790 Chirali Patel: A good amount of people who make money in the industry, but so many more who make it by providing services that support this industry.

00:52:51.000 --> 00:53:05.220 Chirali Patel: Whether it like you said it's H back lighting if i'm having titian I can start giving out like you know CBD lashes or something like there's so many ways, that you can be creative in this industry and add on to what you're already doing that it's it's It really is infinite.

00:53:05.850 --> 00:53:18.330 Shaka Steve: i've seen organizations re engineer reinvent things like a ziploc bag for the industry, and then it becomes the staple of the industry it's like.

00:53:19.050 --> 00:53:31.320 Shaka Steve: yeah it touches the product, but it doesn't touch the product it's like when you're making a whole bunch of bags to be labeled with different brand names and dispensary names and whatever around the country.

00:53:31.830 --> 00:53:39.390 Shaka Steve: it's it's just a it's a specialty wholesale type of thing for the cannabis, industry and that's you know, whether it be a promotional items like.

00:53:39.750 --> 00:53:48.750 Shaka Steve: You know other types of services, and you know we didn't even get like crazy into the whole you know banking end of things which is a rough subject because.

00:53:49.290 --> 00:54:02.160 Shaka Steve: Legal on a state by state basis other things here in their legal on a state by state basis where the Fed not necessarily shares they don't necessarily share the same viewpoint and it creates a little bit of you know.

00:54:04.170 --> 00:54:05.400 Shaka Steve: destroyed that approach.

00:54:06.240 --> 00:54:18.870 Chirali Patel: And if I can mention one more opportunity that I that I that is really why I love the plant so much is the future of the medicinal side of this plant right like wow how we can really.

00:54:19.680 --> 00:54:24.300 Chirali Patel: cure conditions and reverse conditions and help with ailments because.

00:54:24.630 --> 00:54:28.350 Chirali Patel: that's the power of this player, it is medicine in any which way you look at it and.

00:54:28.560 --> 00:54:38.880 Chirali Patel: figuring out the science behind that and the technology that's going to come that's what i'm really excited about in other countries already ahead of us, you know in this game so it's going to be a little bit of catching up it's exciting.

00:54:39.150 --> 00:54:47.460 Shaka Steve: The body has endocannabinoid receptors there's no doubt that it has you know medicinal application you hear proof and see proof of it even with.

00:54:47.850 --> 00:54:59.340 Shaka Steve: You know diseases that that induce seizures and and adults and children there's positive medicinal effects of the plan like there's there's evidence that supports that at this point.

00:54:59.700 --> 00:55:10.440 Shaka Steve: You know, for stuff like that you know now we're getting to a point where you know recreational cannabis, where things are starting to become more and more legal more widely accepted where people can walk into a store and buy it.

00:55:10.950 --> 00:55:25.110 Shaka Steve: Do you still see instances in your counsel in your travels where somebody has a medicinal medical condition that really almost necessitates alternative treatment, where it had of us might just be the answer and they still can't get it.

00:55:26.400 --> 00:55:29.100 Chirali Patel: happened for my dad who's no longer here anymore.

00:55:30.510 --> 00:55:36.690 Chirali Patel: she's an angel now, but you know when she came from India for treatment for a rare type of cancer in 2013.

00:55:36.990 --> 00:55:47.820 Chirali Patel: There was no product that can help her because she had lung cancer, she had bone cancer and it spread she couldn't smoke the flat wheel in medical program only had flower or vapes neither one of those products out there she's.

00:55:48.270 --> 00:55:59.670 Chirali Patel: she's a medical patient, and so you know I had to go to other States essentially and get her transdermal patches and oils, but to your point, there are patients that are suffering that either don't have the access and their state.

00:56:00.090 --> 00:56:08.700 Chirali Patel: live in a state that's not legalized right and don't it just so we need to do better for people like my aunt who you know, are no longer here for people to come and just.

00:56:09.180 --> 00:56:16.320 Chirali Patel: really be mindful, as we come with this adult use market not to forget about our patients and the medical program because there are really.

00:56:16.650 --> 00:56:25.680 Chirali Patel: sick people and people who are terminally ill that that need better and deserve better, and so I think it's it's all about wellness whether it's recreational or medical and I think just.

00:56:26.550 --> 00:56:34.890 Chirali Patel: making sure that we don't forget about the real reasons that we even got to this point, which was the medical you know the pushers, who who helped with these efforts yeah.

00:56:34.980 --> 00:56:43.050 Shaka Steve: And, in some ways, you know, thank God that has come that far if that was the way to kind of take a catalyst that, if not to get everything moving but.

00:56:43.320 --> 00:56:49.950 Shaka Steve: It to hear that it's even a hang up in certain circumstances where it really could do some good and it's hasn't had the opportunity to is.

00:56:50.310 --> 00:57:00.420 Shaka Steve: Is is upsetting to hear you know here and there, but there is opportunity, things are moving forward, you need to have the right counsel for the cannabis, industry and for that.

00:57:00.780 --> 00:57:15.090 Shaka Steve: I would urge everybody out there to seek out sure Alcatel add passion Stein at blaze responsibly at digital venture partners, a woman of many talents trolley Thank you so much for being on planet bungalow with your awesome we'll see you soon and we really appreciate it.

00:57:15.390 --> 00:57:17.010 Chirali Patel: appreciate the platform, thank you.

00:57:17.790 --> 00:57:32.640 Shaka Steve: And you know once again pocket Lola crazy tobacco in Hawaii and slang we hope you guys got a little bit of a lesser taboo view on the world of cannabis we'll see you next week Thursday 6pm Eastern time back here with Johnny tsunami bye bye everybody.

00:57:33.270 --> 00:57:34.470 Chirali Patel: Thanks, please responsibly.

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