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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/08 - Callback Tips, Concert Chaos and BigFoot Encounters

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/08 - Callback Tips, Concert Chaos and BigFoot Encounters


2021/06/08 - Callback Tips, Concert Chaos and BigFoot Encounters

[NEW EPISODE] Callback Tips, Concert Chaos and BigFoot Encounters

This week Kevin talks about the Jamey Johnson concert he promoted at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas. The concert industry is a complex and risky business. Making everyone happy is impossible. Kevin talks about the moving parts and how they can, or cannot, fit together.

Moving on to talking about acting and callback advice from Kevin's tremendous amount of experience, having done over 150 commercials and ads all over the country.

The second half of the show digs into a fascination of Kevin, which he touched on in the last show, which is the unexplained. 10 years ago, Kevin was hunting in the Shawnee State Forest in SE Ohio, alone, in the pitch black of the early morning and he had a terrifying encounter with...well...we aren't sure. Joining Kevin to talk about that experience is world-renowned Bigfoot expert and researcher, Joedy Cook.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin starts the show by talking about the concert industry. In past episodes he has talked about the impact this pandemic has had on independent promoters such as himself. Today Kevin shares his chaotic experience when managing a Jamey Johnson concert. Not everyone has been happy with the change in date and opening acts. This has led to some interesting experiences for Kevin.

Segment 2

Recently, Kevin got a callback! He shares some of his methods to be memorable and stand out during a callback. Many actors make the mistake of trying too hard to stand out. If you have gotten the audition they already like you so be yourself. Kevin introduces his guest Jodey Cook, renowned BigFoot expert. Kevin shares his experience in the Shawnee State Forest with the unknown.

Segment 3

While hunting in the forest, Kevin heard the sound of something walking. Initially he believed it was an animal but he only heard two feet. He quickly found that it was not a hunter. Later while watching people hunting cryptids on television, they played an all too familiar cry. Joedy tells the story of someone’s experience with a gorilla-like creature in the 1940s. He has been studying cryptozoology for over thirty years and offers some insight into the legends we’ve been told.

Segment 4

Joedy has always been interested in the subject of cryptozoology since he was a kid. He shares his experience with a cryptid while serving in the Army. In Michigan while on the road with his crew, their car hit a creature and Jodey got a very good view of it. He remembers vividly what the creature looks like. The base he was on had many BigFoot sightings. They talk about some of the videos captured of BigFoot and their legitimacy.


00:00:38.910 --> 00:00:43.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Good afternoon, everybody and welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbro.

00:00:43.290 --> 00:00:55.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're watching on slash talk radio nyc all one word or you listening on talk radio dot nyc and welcome back to fifth.

00:00:55.740 --> 00:01:07.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Week episode four or five you want to call it, that of coffee talk I got a great show, I want to try and get through a whole bunch of stuff because man i've got a story for you okay.

00:01:08.760 --> 00:01:14.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyone that knows me knows i'm a storyteller but man, but the thing about it is this is a true story.

00:01:15.450 --> 00:01:18.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is something that genuinely happened to me and.

00:01:18.750 --> 00:01:24.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and i'm going to get to it in a minute, but a couple of things i'm going to talk about today i'm going to be talking about concert production.

00:01:25.290 --> 00:01:39.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We just had a concert at the oil Palace Jamie Johnson Ben haggard and Sunday and said this past weekend i'm going to talk a little bit about all the moving parts that that it takes to put on a.

00:01:41.010 --> 00:01:57.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: full scale concert, which is a lot of moving parts you're not going to make everybody happy and i'm going to talk about that i'm also going to talk about had some callbacks this week i'm actually I recall back today and i'm going to be giving a little bit of advice on the whole callback.

00:01:59.220 --> 00:02:15.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Situation in the acting world, and I mean it kind of translates to regular life to if you if you're if you're if you're trying to apply for a job and you got a second interview or whatever, and I mean that's basically what a call back is your one of the finalists and.

00:02:16.590 --> 00:02:29.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, one more shot or one or two more shots and sealing the deal so that's what a callback is we'll be talking about that in a minute and and but the story i'm going to tell you.

00:02:30.930 --> 00:02:40.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On tonight's episode is something that happened to me 10 years ago actually 11 years ago now it's 2010 I was hunting.

00:02:41.010 --> 00:02:48.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In southeastern Ohio and I had an experience I had I had an encounter with something that.

00:02:49.650 --> 00:02:59.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is unexplained and that it's never happened to me before and I actually have one of the world's leading experts and researchers.

00:02:59.850 --> 00:03:11.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On sasquatch and bigfoot no exaggeration on the show tonight he's going to be joining me at about 820 years his name is Jody cook and he's also an author former military.

00:03:12.600 --> 00:03:23.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Incredibly intriguing and whether you believe in bigfoot whether you believe in sasquatch or dog man or any of the other things that if you think that they're fable or whatever.

00:03:25.410 --> 00:03:26.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Something is out there.

00:03:27.870 --> 00:03:44.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Something and something that's unexplained and maybe it's not a bigfoot but i'm telling you there's something I ran into this whatever it is, and i'm going to tell that story in just a little while but getting back to the whole concert production situation so.

00:03:45.480 --> 00:03:46.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's the deal with concerts man.

00:03:47.910 --> 00:03:58.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And here's the deal with the concert industry in general, we took a massive hit I talked about this a couple weeks ago, on one of the other episodes about how.

00:04:00.060 --> 00:04:06.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As promoters i'm promoter okay and independent promoter so I don't own my own venue.

00:04:07.380 --> 00:04:15.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Although i'm partners with my buddy Bobby man's L and oil palace, and the together we handle all of their live events.

00:04:15.810 --> 00:04:24.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And their live concerts and whatnot for everything from booking to advertising to contract negotiation to advancing the show which means.

00:04:25.170 --> 00:04:38.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you advance a show that that's the process as you're leading up to the show where you make sure that all of the as much as you can you have all the moving parts ready to go and everyone is on the same page.

00:04:38.970 --> 00:04:52.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then, on top of that man, we had dude he was he was an unintentional fall out of the fandom I mean not that any fallout was intentional, but one big thing that happened a lot of the.

00:04:53.490 --> 00:05:02.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: music industry so aspects of the music industry beyond the artists and the agencies.

00:05:02.820 --> 00:05:19.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: took a major hit if you can hear my cats in the background, they are ridiculous, I mean look these Dudes sleep 22 hours a day, and I can guarantee you the one hour that they're awake is during coffee talk, or if i'm doing an audition I guarantee they're awake but.

00:05:20.640 --> 00:05:22.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway um.

00:05:23.820 --> 00:05:28.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What one thing that happened was we had an exclusive deal.

00:05:29.220 --> 00:05:38.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the oil palace, with a company called seed advisors seed advisor was a ticketing company with very similar if anybody's ever been to a concert you've tried to buy your tickets from.

00:05:39.000 --> 00:05:49.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: ticketmaster or event bright or or any number of ticket fly Stub hub whatever while stuff up is, it is a third party site, but.

00:05:49.680 --> 00:05:58.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The seat advisor was what a venue would would have a contract with seat advisor and all the ticket sales would go through it.

00:05:59.220 --> 00:06:22.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, back in January we get an email from seed advisor saying as of December 31 we're no longer going to exist we're going out of business, the pandemic has destroyed us we're out and when they say out they didn't mean just like you know reorganizing they didn't mean that you know.

00:06:23.970 --> 00:06:38.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can't put it any other way than saying they were out to the point where on January 1 even their website didn't exist anymore well here's The problem we had several shows that we already had on sale.

00:06:39.390 --> 00:06:50.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On senior advisor so we had to go and find a new ticketing company negotiate all of those contracts and the one that we that we found video which these guys are great Bebo tickets.

00:06:51.720 --> 00:07:02.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The only problem was seat advisor was so antiquated that there was no way to automatically upload all of the tickets that had already been sold.

00:07:03.390 --> 00:07:11.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: into the new system, well, we had toby MAC which is Christian show already on sale 1800 tickets or more.

00:07:11.910 --> 00:07:31.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We had Jamie this concert Jamie Johnson, because it was on sale back in March of 2020 because got rescheduled so yeah at that point 800 and something tickets and we had for king and country, which is an another Christian show that we had already sold like 3000 tickets to.

00:07:32.250 --> 00:07:41.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All of these shows are already on sale on CD advisor i've got a transfer every single ticket, so that these people get the same exact seat.

00:07:41.970 --> 00:07:59.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That they already purchased into video tickets, and the only way to do it was I had to manually go through and enter all 5000 6000 tickets one, at a time it took me four months, no joke.

00:07:59.790 --> 00:08:09.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: to pull this off Well then, I gotta sweat it out, because now it's time for the show, and if there's a mistake.

00:08:10.170 --> 00:08:17.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's no way of me, knowing about the mistake until the concert actually shows up right, so, in any event.

00:08:18.660 --> 00:08:31.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This show this weekend was supposed it actually went you know so like what I was worried, last week I talked last week we had maybe a little bit of an issue that was coming up about the merchandise, one of the artists.

00:08:31.830 --> 00:08:43.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and thankfully that ate that artists agency rectify the situation because we already we did have a contract is that they said, we were going to get a certain percentage of the merchandise, they sold.

00:08:44.310 --> 00:08:53.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they were going to keep the the obviously way more than the majority of it, but we still were supposed to get a cut of it and they actually came through and there were no issues.

00:08:53.490 --> 00:09:04.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The other thing you got to worry about because you've got 100 employees or so that are coming in, and these aren't salaried employees, these are people that you've hired become in or tenders usher's ticket takers.

00:09:06.240 --> 00:09:12.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Security everything sound and lights or something like I had to come, all the way from Illinois.

00:09:13.500 --> 00:09:24.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Ben haggard who's who is merle haggard son incredibly talented Well he flew in so he didn't have any of his own what we call back line so back line.

00:09:25.260 --> 00:09:32.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the concert world is the instruments that they're going to need in order to pull this off and he needed a very specific.

00:09:33.150 --> 00:09:41.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: style of instrument and brands of inner instruments for us to get and so that was like another thing that went smooth Thank God.

00:09:42.150 --> 00:09:57.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All the all of our Labor showed up, thank God, because today's day and age anybody that owns a business knows that getting people to work right now is incredibly difficult so everyone showed up literally the entire nights going off without a hitch until.

00:09:59.070 --> 00:10:11.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I till this one cat comes up to the box office, so our show this past week was supposed to be back in March of 2020 and it was going to be jamey Johnson.

00:10:12.750 --> 00:10:31.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Wade bowen and Sunday and said no Sunday and said one the voice in 2016 jimmie johnson's like 11 time grammy winner and incredible but yeah now anything come out about 10 years but, in any event, and we bones really don't well wait bowens agency booked him.

00:10:33.330 --> 00:10:46.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In during the time that we were waiting for the reschedule they booked them him into a venue that was too close to our so it was within our radius clause so we had to get him swapped out with the Agency for another artist.

00:10:47.490 --> 00:10:59.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That happened months ago months ago this cat comes up to the to the window and he's upset because he said that he drove all the way from little rock to see Wade bowen.

00:11:00.060 --> 00:11:11.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now we bonus just an opening act he's just support, and when you purchase your ticket and listen if you go to concerts you know this, when you when you go to purchase your ticket.

00:11:11.520 --> 00:11:23.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It always says lineup date and time subject to change, particularly now during the pandemic the lineup meaning the artists now if the main act.

00:11:23.910 --> 00:11:30.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is swapped out people will get their money back there'll be a refund because, obviously, that is the main act that's why people are going.

00:11:30.960 --> 00:11:41.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If support get swapped out, then you don't get refunds because it's subject to change this guy comes up he is he just won't listen to reason.

00:11:42.360 --> 00:12:00.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And here's the thing about the concert industry any industry any service industry Okay, you are not going to make everybody happy plain and simple, you might as well, not even worry about it, because at the end of the day this guy's in a full on argument.

00:12:01.350 --> 00:12:18.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and obviously i'm trying to be diplomatic about this thing, but he won't stop this cat would stop and he's calling me it in a hole, and all this, I mean this is full on argument I even gave him his money back take your money man, we don't need your money.

00:12:19.620 --> 00:12:30.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: just go on get out of here I mean it, I mean it if you're not going to listen to reason because he was trying to say that we purposely misled him to believing that weight bone.

00:12:30.720 --> 00:12:41.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude I don't even know where you would have seen an advertisement for Wade bowen because he hasn't been advertised for over four months so anyway, that was my drama right.

00:12:43.680 --> 00:12:47.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, but other than that payment it went great.

00:12:48.900 --> 00:12:57.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everything from the parking lot to to the concert production and we made some money which Hello always good.

00:12:57.960 --> 00:13:12.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But the great thing is that the concert concert industry is coming back I got some shows planned for this summer we are putting on a journey tribute into cab so I get to see my boys from northern Illinois and.

00:13:13.980 --> 00:13:23.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: into cab Illinois in August beginning August we've got resurrection journey, and let me tell you something man and I don't know if I can share what I can learn how to share stuff on here.

00:13:24.690 --> 00:13:30.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This dude sounds more like Steve Perry then Steve Perry sounds like Steve Perry.

00:13:30.900 --> 00:13:44.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So uh that's a reschedule from like a year and a half ago and that's going to be in the cab and I just got to note that Illinois is now going to release all capacity.

00:13:44.910 --> 00:13:53.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: restrictions for concerts and large gatherings on June 11, which is a huge weight off my shoulder because otherwise.

00:13:54.270 --> 00:14:00.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At the at the current rate, I was going to be staring down a loss, but now they're going to open it up i'm not going to be staring down a loss.

00:14:01.110 --> 00:14:11.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And Daddy can get a new pair of shoes we're going to be back i'm going to talk about my callback and some quick advice and then we're going to go on to my story and have my guest joey.

00:14:11.610 --> 00:14:18.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Jody cook here in just a few minutes i'm Kevin barbro you're listening to coffee talk so on talk radio dot nyc.

00:16:45.270 --> 00:16:56.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm given Barbara you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or a watching us on slash talk radio nyc.

00:16:57.210 --> 00:17:05.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Also quickly you can follow me on Twitter at at barbro acting or you can follow me on instagram at Kevin Barbara relaxing and.

00:17:06.300 --> 00:17:16.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Great following here so far in the first five weeks you're bringing back coffee talk, I mean we're we're well into the thousands now of viewers listeners and i'm really.

00:17:17.580 --> 00:17:25.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just so pleased that that everybody's joining me and from all walks of life, getting back to the callback situation so had a call back today.

00:17:26.280 --> 00:17:27.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For a.

00:17:29.010 --> 00:17:46.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: TV a national TV commercial for a major brand that manufacturers power tools and now this is right up my alley this is this is kind of like my sweet spot when it comes to national TV commercials I mean i've been in.

00:17:47.880 --> 00:17:57.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't even know I mean I think i've probably been in two dozen national TV commercials and then, of course, on way way into the hundred 150 commercials total and.

00:17:58.290 --> 00:18:12.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A big part of that is the whole callback process, and now the callback process is really changed because of the pandemic and I think it's changed for good, whereas now everything is done by zoom and.

00:18:13.710 --> 00:18:25.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think I actually think it's advantageous to do by soon, because that way you're in your home you're comfortable when back in the back in the old days it's it's, so to speak.

00:18:26.550 --> 00:18:38.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you did a call back you had to go back into the city and it would be just in some room and some high rise in midtown or or in hell's kitchen somewhere and.

00:18:38.640 --> 00:18:49.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know you're rushing around and you gotta deal with subways and taxis newburgh, and all this, so this way you're just in your home okay now I had so anyway, my callback.

00:18:49.740 --> 00:19:03.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got kicked out, so I ended up getting only three hours after the call back I I hear from my agent and i'm on i'm on hold for the for the shoot on what we call first refusal so.

00:19:04.110 --> 00:19:16.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It doesn't mean it's a booking yet what it does mean is they've narrowed it down just one or two people and they'll make the final decision, but they want to make sure that everybody's available for the ship dates and for the.

00:19:17.580 --> 00:19:23.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the fitting and all the standard stuff is going to be about 40 affair next week, if.

00:19:23.550 --> 00:19:39.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If I end up getting called name for it, but in any event, I think it's really important, so people ask me all the time, about how i'm able to book so many gigs and and is there anything special that I do or any kind of special techniques or whatever.

00:19:40.650 --> 00:19:56.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One thing I will tell you, because I don't have all the answers i'm gonna be real with you, I mean I know my answers I know what i'm comfortable with, but I can tell you something's not to do because i've been in callbacks with other people, where it was.

00:19:57.840 --> 00:19:59.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where was it a situation.

00:20:00.600 --> 00:20:01.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: whoops i'm just.

00:20:04.680 --> 00:20:10.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Looking at my screen here whoops all right here we go um so.

00:20:14.010 --> 00:20:16.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay now i'm back so anyway.

00:20:18.360 --> 00:20:33.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What worked for me is that I was saying, I was on a call back recently and there were other people on the call back so I was actually a call back where I was going to be acting something out with another person, while the director was there online with us okay.

00:20:35.040 --> 00:20:38.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's what not to do okay this guy.

00:20:39.300 --> 00:20:40.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We they pull our screens up.

00:20:41.970 --> 00:20:43.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: he's at work.

00:20:44.340 --> 00:20:49.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And wherever he worked he had to wear a tuxedo and.

00:20:50.340 --> 00:20:57.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was obvious he was like in he was just using his iPhone and he was in a like a.

00:20:58.710 --> 00:21:14.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Storage room or something, and when you go to callbacks even back in the day there's no telling when you're getting in the callback maybe for 107 it may be 207 before you get in there that's just the way it is that's how long they take however long it takes that's how long it takes.

00:21:16.620 --> 00:21:31.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So this guy gets on and he's like I really gotta hurry, I really gotta hurry and of course i'm just playing a cool and the director is like okay you guys are going to do this, and this and then all of a sudden this dude goes i'm sorry I gotta go.

00:21:33.180 --> 00:21:42.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he just bounces out of the callback now, this was supposed to be a dialogue between him and I So for me at that point, all I could do.

00:21:43.170 --> 00:21:50.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: is to do the best that I can, and now i'm suddenly what was going to be a dialogue ends up being essentially me just acting out.

00:21:51.000 --> 00:22:08.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: almost like a monologue but I was ready for it and life is good and I ended up getting offered the gig this was the gig that I turned down because I didn't want to I didn't want to shave To be honest, because it just wasn't enough money for me to shave but, in any event, regardless.

00:22:09.810 --> 00:22:17.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: don't do that okay I don't know all the answers on what to do well, what I can tell you is when they tell you when the callback is.

00:22:18.060 --> 00:22:25.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You if you know that you've got to work, you know that you've got something else you got to do you need to just go ahead and declined it.

00:22:25.980 --> 00:22:38.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because the reality is you're not going to get it if you're just holding up your iPhone in your car or in some storage room and and trying to act this thing out it's just not going to happen for you and so.

00:22:39.510 --> 00:22:53.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Another thing that I think is really important, in the whole callback world Oh, am I, my buddy Jody cook is going to be coming on here on just a few minutes and i'm going to start my story and but one of the biggest things that I think that.

00:22:53.850 --> 00:23:03.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I do for me that works is making sure that I wear the same outfit that I did during the audition when I come back for the callback.

00:23:03.810 --> 00:23:11.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the reason being is because you want to be as familiar as possible, you want to walk in or you want to go into this.

00:23:12.120 --> 00:23:21.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This call back with them, recognizing you and triggering that memory that memory that they decided that you were good enough to be to go on a call back.

00:23:22.590 --> 00:23:31.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's one thing I think is really important The other thing that I think is is really important is making sure that you know how to use zoom okay.

00:23:32.580 --> 00:23:43.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Before you can't be trying to figure this out, while you're in this call back because that's happened before, to where i've been in there with another person in the room and i'm looking at this dude's ear for like 15 minutes.

00:23:44.310 --> 00:23:50.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the other thing and i'm going to get to my story because i'm really excited about the rest of the show here i'm.

00:23:51.570 --> 00:24:04.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: always make sure that you are in a place that has the same type of scenario for your audition and the reality is always keep this is this is, this is what helps me in the callbacks, is why I end up booking so many gigs.

00:24:05.460 --> 00:24:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is because i'm completely comfortable I, I know that the reason why they they picked me was because they already thought that I was good enough.

00:24:15.240 --> 00:24:21.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To be the person for that for that gig I don't need to do anything extraordinary.

00:24:21.510 --> 00:24:29.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that the big mistake that a lot of actors make when they come back to the callback is that they suddenly feel as though they've got to do something extraordinary.

00:24:29.880 --> 00:24:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: so that they can be the one that they choose, but the reality is you don't have to do anything extraordinary you just have to be what it was that they were attracted.

00:24:40.020 --> 00:24:49.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To you, by in the first place and that's going to be enough so that's just my a few callback tips here in the acting world there's a lot of actors and.

00:24:50.640 --> 00:25:03.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That join me here for coffee talk every week and and obviously a big part of my life but getting to another part of my life Okay, this is why this is why i've got jodi.

00:25:04.230 --> 00:25:25.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: jodi I think that you might be muted, so you may want to unmute yourself because everybody's muted when they come in and now Jody cook is, as I mentioned a little bit earlier is one of the world's foremost researchers authors experts in the world of some of the things that that are.

00:25:26.910 --> 00:25:39.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: unknown, so the the bigfoot the sasquatch the dog man, all of these things, the grass man, which is exactly which is actually the story that i'm going to tell my experience and.

00:25:41.880 --> 00:25:43.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I want to welcome Jody how you doing buddy.

00:25:44.460 --> 00:25:45.390 Joedy Cook: pretty good can you hear me.

00:25:45.900 --> 00:25:46.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can hear you.

00:25:46.650 --> 00:25:47.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: loud and clear, maybe.

00:25:47.640 --> 00:25:50.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're good yeah man, thank you for coming on the show.

00:25:50.580 --> 00:25:51.300 Joedy Cook: appreciate it.

00:25:51.870 --> 00:26:07.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah man so here's my story okay i'm going to try to be as brief as I can but I gotta lay the land out for people so here's what happened to me, I would i'm a hunter okay and back in 2010.

00:26:08.340 --> 00:26:15.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I in in Ohio they have in this where I go deer hunting in Ohio every year and in Ohio they have.

00:26:17.070 --> 00:26:32.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Usually most years they have what's called early muzzleloader season so early muzzleloader season, you can you can go and hunt for two or three days it's really refined so it's only in state forest so it's only on public land well, you can hold on your own private land but.

00:26:33.960 --> 00:26:41.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Public land, do you know, the only places on public land or there are two state force, one of which is the shawnee state forest okay.

00:26:42.300 --> 00:26:42.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So.

00:26:44.430 --> 00:26:51.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I decided i'm going to go the show me state worse and i'm going to go muzzleloader and I have an old fashioned cast iron.

00:26:53.310 --> 00:27:03.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: muzzle loader that is a black powder muzzle loader where you you load it through the end with the black powder and then you put the 50 caliber slug in and you use a ramrod and you.

00:27:03.450 --> 00:27:14.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: saw muzzle loader for those who don't hunt it's one shot you got one shot, then you got to go through the entire process to reload this thing okay it's like a musket essentially back in the day.

00:27:15.090 --> 00:27:25.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I go I scope out online on Google maps shawnee state forest I decide where i'm going to go i've never hunted there i've never been there.

00:27:26.040 --> 00:27:43.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I go down the night before opens and i'm i'm driving around now, these are logging roads through just desolate forest okay swamp lands all all types of terrain whatnot I find this little parking area where I can.

00:27:45.210 --> 00:27:53.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Park, the next day, and there was a trail that lead in and the tree what I did was I followed the trail in for about 300 meters, this is during the daylight.

00:27:54.450 --> 00:28:07.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's a huge oak tree, and you can see where this path splits and there's a hill and it's a perfect scenario I can see some runs so I see some trails where deer event, I can see some scrapes.

00:28:07.710 --> 00:28:18.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I can see signs that there are deer in the area and so i'm okay well this where i'm going to come back the next morning, so I get up at five o'clock in the morning and we're gonna have to go to a commercial break here and i'll continue but.

00:28:19.860 --> 00:28:26.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We I get up at five o'clock in the morning and I had to this spot now when I get there five o'clock in the morning.

00:28:26.850 --> 00:28:34.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In Ohio you can't hunt until 30 minutes before the sun comes up so whatever the weather.

00:28:35.250 --> 00:28:42.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: says the official sunrises 30 minutes before that you're not even allowed to load your gun until 30 minutes before.

00:28:42.810 --> 00:28:53.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I get there it's pitch black not just black because five o'clock in morning, but there was no ambient light there's no farms there's no streetlights.

00:28:53.670 --> 00:29:02.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was a low cloud cover because it was blotting out the moon, even so, I couldn't see more than like two feet in front of my face pitch black.

00:29:03.450 --> 00:29:06.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, before I go in the woods i'm going to go to commercial break here real quick and come back.

00:29:06.870 --> 00:29:12.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Before I go in the woods, I decided i'm going to do something that's it's not legal, but I was like effort man i'm doing it.

00:29:13.260 --> 00:29:29.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I loaded my my muzzle loader at the Van before I went into the woods and i'm going to continue the story in just a minute we'll be back here on coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc and slash talk radio nyc Thank you so much.

00:29:33.150 --> 00:29:33.630 And my.

00:29:35.550 --> 00:29:36.720 Education in.

00:32:12.390 --> 00:32:17.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbero and you're listening on talk radio dot.

00:32:17.250 --> 00:32:34.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nyc and i'm here with my special guest Jody cook who's one of the top experts researchers authors in the world on matters such as bigfoot sasquatch etc so getting my story I I load my muzzle loader.

00:32:34.590 --> 00:32:44.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I head into the woods now I can't see anything I can't see squat i'm about 300 meters in I find the oak tree that I decided, I was going to sit at.

00:32:44.760 --> 00:33:06.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got a little heated pad to sit down and, generally speaking, in the world of hunting that's naptime OK, so now, before I before I settle in and basically fall asleep I put up a rag of dear Esther so i've already so in the process of getting ready to hunt i've already.

00:33:07.590 --> 00:33:18.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sprayed myself with an agent that removes all human smell, so that you have a better chance of not being detected by the animals because they their sense of smell crazy right.

00:33:18.780 --> 00:33:27.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you use this neutralized her, and you can you can eliminate all the smell the director, I put about 30 meters in front of me down the trail, where I knew in the.

00:33:28.320 --> 00:33:39.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Once the sun comes up i'd be able to see it and that attracts the male dear to it because it's it's basically female Esther so anyway, but the ester up I sit down.

00:33:41.220 --> 00:33:43.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wake up, because I hear something.

00:33:44.310 --> 00:33:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay now in the middle of the night in the middle of the woods and there's no ambient noise.

00:33:49.950 --> 00:34:01.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You really can't tell how far away, anything is you can't really tell even how big something is, generally speaking, sometimes you'll hear a squirrel and you'll think it's a deer and it's just a squirrel right so.

00:34:02.280 --> 00:34:12.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's now six o'clock now the sun's not going to come up for another half an hour yet okay and i'm awakened because i've got this noise of this thing that's walking towards me.

00:34:13.380 --> 00:34:24.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's going slow and I can I can hear it taking one step at a time and i'm trying to run through my head first i'm thinking great it's a direct you know wait for the sun, to come up.

00:34:26.220 --> 00:34:36.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But then the longer it was there, and the more was walking it sounded to me like it was walking on two feet okay.

00:34:37.110 --> 00:34:45.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um I know what a deer sounds like when they walk as you'll hear all four feet when they run you hear or two at a time, but when they walk you'll hear all four.

00:34:45.720 --> 00:34:52.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So this sounds like it's only it's got two feet right so then i'm thinking, maybe it's another hunter.

00:34:52.980 --> 00:35:01.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you know he just doesn't know that up here, but I don't want to do anything or say anything i'm just sitting here in the pitch black and this thing is starting to get closer and closer to me.

00:35:01.830 --> 00:35:24.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I can tell that it's now in my head only about 30 meters away from me it's at the dear Esther right okay and it's and I can tell that that's approximately where it is so I make the decision that i'm going to make a whistling sound now if you're a hunter you know, and you hear somebody.

00:35:26.430 --> 00:35:34.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know that's not a real birds obviously you know but you're not going to necessarily scare off the deer if you do that, but it would alert.

00:35:35.370 --> 00:35:44.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Somebody that you know there's another hunter here, because you can tell that that's somebody listening right, so I make the decision, and this is where shit got crazy okay.

00:35:46.020 --> 00:35:48.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean the decision to whistle I go.

00:35:50.880 --> 00:35:53.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the walking stopped and there was nothing.

00:35:54.990 --> 00:35:56.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then, all of a sudden.

00:35:59.280 --> 00:36:12.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I hear this thing, whatever it is going back and forth back and forth back and forth, and then all of a sudden it stops and when it stops it lets out this how.

00:36:13.560 --> 00:36:27.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I have at that point i'd never heard in my life, and this is something that I mean my heart was racing i've never heard this before okay i've heard every time i've heard wolves i've heard coyotes everything okay.

00:36:28.950 --> 00:36:34.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It lets out this House and i'm going to play an audio of what it is in a second here.

00:36:36.330 --> 00:36:42.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm terrified it at this point and i'm not afraid of anything but i've been scared and i've been terrified this point i'm thinking.

00:36:43.440 --> 00:36:50.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: About ready to shoot this thing, whatever it is, because this is not a human, this is something else, this is something I don't even know what this is.

00:36:50.880 --> 00:36:57.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And if I miss it i'm going to turn this thing around and i'm just going to start swinging like a baseball BAT so anyway it lets out this House.

00:36:58.740 --> 00:37:14.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then it runs up this hill that I know that's there and it stops at the top of the Hill and it let's help the same how again and runs off dude I don't do anything until the sun comes up my heart can't stop beating right so.

00:37:15.930 --> 00:37:23.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I look and there's no trail there's no tracks or anything but you can see where this thing had scraped up the ground and whatnot and ran off, you know.

00:37:23.790 --> 00:37:35.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway fast forward I I leave the woods I generally forget about me was scary as hell, but I generally forget about it, then i'm watching TV a couple months later.

00:37:35.910 --> 00:37:46.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's and it's and it's the bigfoot hunter TV show on discovery or 80 or something and i'm going to try to share this right now on my screen.

00:37:47.670 --> 00:38:09.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: These hundreds were there and they had what they thought was a recording of of the grass man in Ohio i'm going to get God to talk about it here in a second, and this is what it said this, this is what I heard only I heard it from 30 maybe maybe 20 meters away from me.

00:38:10.800 --> 00:38:13.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And let me see if I can do this.

00:38:14.130 --> 00:38:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm hoping.

00:38:16.020 --> 00:38:17.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This was the sound.

00:38:32.490 --> 00:38:46.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They played this sound on that show that I was watching Okay, and immediately my heart started racing because that was exactly.

00:38:49.140 --> 00:38:58.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm back that was exactly what I heard and I heard that so much louder and so much closer.

00:39:00.120 --> 00:39:07.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know what it was man, but i'm here to ask you what kind of evidence, do we have God.

00:39:08.910 --> 00:39:22.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because this is this was not any animal i've ever heard before in my entire life and it sounded exactly like that i'm obviously you're familiar with that sound and tell me, lead us into this baby bring us in bro.

00:39:23.700 --> 00:39:43.350 Joedy Cook: Well, the thing about Ohio Ohio has been having sightings going all the way back until the early 1800s there was a author back in the 1800s by the name of William vanderbilt and William vanderbilt wrote all kinds of books in early 1800s going into the 1900s.

00:39:45.180 --> 00:39:58.380 Joedy Cook: He wrote this book in 1877 and it got published I believe in the early 1900s and I was called a buckeye boy good it was bad him growing up in Ohio.

00:39:59.130 --> 00:40:10.770 Joedy Cook: And there's a chapter in there called in the woods and he described things in Ohio that's no longer here, like the black panther the red flying squirrel.

00:40:11.850 --> 00:40:12.840 Joedy Cook: couple other.

00:40:14.100 --> 00:40:17.310 Joedy Cook: Little critters but he talked about this creature.

00:40:18.330 --> 00:40:27.330 Joedy Cook: That would harass people on the road to use it now you're a small town up by Columbus and there was a road from Cincinnati.

00:40:27.840 --> 00:40:40.500 Joedy Cook: which was, which I think it's old vine street to go up to you to go and this thing would harass people on the road, so he talks about now this takes place in the 1940s or 1840s.

00:40:41.130 --> 00:40:50.610 Joedy Cook: Okay, so he describes this thing as something between a gorilla and sinbad old man of the mountain and they called it to bow just.

00:40:52.830 --> 00:40:56.940 Joedy Cook: Which is really interesting best the name okay so.

00:40:57.960 --> 00:41:11.460 Joedy Cook: Through my 30 years of research in on cryptozoology mostly bigfoot involved in that I wanted to find out more about this this name, so I end up going up to akron.

00:41:12.270 --> 00:41:21.570 Joedy Cook: Where they hit we're having a lot of sightings up in an area called canal fulton and we're talking to the different people up in this area and they're coming up name called grasping.

00:41:23.460 --> 00:41:25.710 Joedy Cook: Okay, and I never heard that name before.

00:41:27.210 --> 00:41:38.640 Joedy Cook: ever so i'm talking to these people and doing my research so i'm wondering, you know, is there a connection between adjustment in grass man, and so what I found out through.

00:41:40.230 --> 00:42:00.270 Joedy Cook: Long long research Ohio when people were start immigrants were coming in here we're going to Ohio the ones that were coming Ohio either were German, English or done Okay, now the Dutch came from South Africa because it colonized Africa, so when they came here.

00:42:01.350 --> 00:42:09.690 Joedy Cook: They were seeing something here that they were seeing in South Africa, in an area called giant Castle pass, which is a.

00:42:10.920 --> 00:42:20.610 Joedy Cook: Large giant very giant like a bigfoot if there's actual cave paintings of these things in this area dying Castle pass well.

00:42:21.270 --> 00:42:29.070 Joedy Cook: adjustment was the name that came from South Africa these creatures that they were seeing so they were carrying on the name so throughout.

00:42:29.580 --> 00:42:39.000 Joedy Cook: time when families you're growing and you're going from generation to generation and you're starting to speak English a little bit better and you're not speaking their native tongue.

00:42:40.110 --> 00:42:44.010 Joedy Cook: Then things change from both JASMINE to grass man.

00:42:45.180 --> 00:42:48.840 Joedy Cook: So that's how the connection to came came there to very.

00:42:50.010 --> 00:42:50.340 Joedy Cook: yeah.

00:42:50.370 --> 00:43:04.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No that's incredibly interesting and Am I right in this i've heard that there are more sightings of bigfoot grass man in Ohio than almost anywhere else, and at least in the United States.

00:43:05.040 --> 00:43:07.680 Joedy Cook: is now actually Ohio is.

00:43:09.150 --> 00:43:10.950 Joedy Cook: bouncing between three and four.

00:43:11.430 --> 00:43:14.340 Joedy Cook: Okay okay when it when it comes to sightings.

00:43:15.900 --> 00:43:28.740 Joedy Cook: Now it varies, to be honest with you, through seasons, but as a whole or house basically been right around three sometimes it's dumps before it is a bone back to number three.

00:43:29.040 --> 00:43:32.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When it comes in, is that in the world, or is that in the world, or just in Ohio.

00:43:32.610 --> 00:43:34.950 Joedy Cook: Just just in the United States as a whole.

00:43:35.940 --> 00:43:48.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, and to your knowledge have there been sightings or reported sightings or interactions on every continent or yes, where are we talk.

00:43:48.780 --> 00:44:00.390 Joedy Cook: Every guy oh yeah the thing of it is you know every single continent of Africa as a variations of a big but like I said the adjustment that's in.

00:44:01.170 --> 00:44:19.290 Joedy Cook: South Africa and even like in Kenya, they have one day actually called X, because they know what a gorilla chimpanzee looks like and this thing doesn't look anything like it it's just a large hairy man, so they call it packs and then obviously in Australia, you have the yali.

00:44:20.430 --> 00:44:24.990 Joedy Cook: In Russia, you have the army ska China yeah the wild man or year on.

00:44:26.520 --> 00:44:31.440 Joedy Cook: The yeti Canada of the sasquatch so it's all over the world.

00:44:32.700 --> 00:44:45.840 Joedy Cook: But what kind of makes it interesting is that they're probably different breeds of the animal not it's all it's the same species, but different breeds of the speech got it.

00:44:46.080 --> 00:44:48.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey God we got to go to our last.

00:44:48.030 --> 00:44:56.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Commercial break real quick and then we'll come back in just a minute i'm Kevin barbro we're talking big foot here on coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:47:10.680 --> 00:47:21.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back to coffee talk XL here on on talk radio dot nyc i'm Kevin Barbara and i've got my special guest Jody cook here, who is an expert.

00:47:21.570 --> 00:47:43.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The expert on bigfoot and dog man sightings around the world and the research that goes behind that God, let me ask you two quick questions, one is what got you interested in this initially and have you yourself ever had any type of encounter like this.

00:47:44.310 --> 00:47:49.800 Joedy Cook: yeah I have i'm not an expert I really go like that you know I.

00:47:50.940 --> 00:47:51.870 Joedy Cook: I i'd be.

00:47:51.900 --> 00:47:58.860 Joedy Cook: doing the papers you're like hey I, I know, but you know I can't i'm not an expert i'm just a really good research.

00:47:59.610 --> 00:47:59.820 Like.

00:48:02.010 --> 00:48:05.430 Joedy Cook: yeah I I I saw one.

00:48:06.990 --> 00:48:16.350 Joedy Cook: Myself i've always been interested in the subject, even when I saw the legend of boggy creek as a kid that really got me.

00:48:17.370 --> 00:48:32.820 Joedy Cook: And i've always been interested in it, but you know I had my own sighting when I was in the army and I had three other individuals with me and actually facing grayling Michigan and not know Ohio but.

00:48:33.930 --> 00:48:48.450 Joedy Cook: We were, I was working on a range and we're breaking down the range hitting the ammunition back to the Asp and we're on the road, it was getting late because we wanted to get there before clothes, otherwise we ammunition.

00:48:49.590 --> 00:48:56.910 Joedy Cook: Excuse me, so we end up going off road okay to try and get there faster, which is kind of a no, no, on a military installation.

00:48:57.900 --> 00:49:10.500 Joedy Cook: So the wood line was getting really, really thick so we decided to stop and go back up on the road so as the vehicle was backing up, I was sitting in the passenger stevia driver and two guys in the back.

00:49:12.450 --> 00:49:24.450 Joedy Cook: It moved it was probably I would say 12 maybe 15 feet of us it was that closed, and this is, this is about 830 in the evening Okay, and you know July.

00:49:25.140 --> 00:49:36.690 Joedy Cook: late July early August, and it was still light out, and so we thought we hit a tree, I mean it was that big if it would not move move never seen it.

00:49:37.500 --> 00:49:55.470 Joedy Cook: So it was like if you're looking forward, it would have been on your left movie to your right, I remember every single detail about the saying he was that close to us like a brownish red, for it was definitely in mail long arms long legs, a very muscular.

00:49:56.550 --> 00:49:57.510 Joedy Cook: slender body.

00:49:58.950 --> 00:50:01.260 Joedy Cook: The eyes are almost like a black red.

00:50:02.340 --> 00:50:05.460 Joedy Cook: I mean literally like a black and spread no white whatsoever.

00:50:07.170 --> 00:50:15.780 Joedy Cook: He did have a natural crash very human looking face flat nose massive draw what was so odd about this.

00:50:16.920 --> 00:50:18.660 Joedy Cook: bigfoot is that.

00:50:19.680 --> 00:50:39.210 Joedy Cook: He his he had here that was kind of missing, and it was he was kind of like the skin was kind of flaky or skelly like mange and that was the one thing that really got me because you were seeing the missing air on the body and again his skin clothes was almost like a mocha.

00:50:40.560 --> 00:50:45.390 Joedy Cook: wasn't black it wasn't you know, like it was it was like in between.

00:50:46.350 --> 00:50:58.500 Joedy Cook: And he looked at us and we're looking at him and he's moving from left or right watch this all time and it was like it was lighting, that was the best way to describe it like lighting.

00:50:59.100 --> 00:51:13.170 Joedy Cook: And he when I went into the woods and that was it we get back up and we're going back into the common area didn't say a word each other, our vehicle got the ammunition out.

00:51:14.220 --> 00:51:20.610 Joedy Cook: went back into our area and we're like you know we're not going to saying, even though this base.

00:51:21.750 --> 00:51:24.000 Joedy Cook: So many bigfoot sightings on there.

00:51:25.050 --> 00:51:27.510 Joedy Cook: Just about everybody i've seen one.

00:51:28.680 --> 00:51:33.870 Joedy Cook: Your group of people have seen one on that base but you just never talked about it.

00:51:34.560 --> 00:51:51.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right God like and what would you say in all the research that you've done what what is the most compelling actual video evidence of a bigfoot anywhere in the world that you've seen.

00:51:52.200 --> 00:52:03.720 Joedy Cook: I you know, obviously, you know the Patterson film is is very a very good film, I think the Patterson film is legitimate, I really do I know.

00:52:04.200 --> 00:52:06.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One where people see him walking out and back.

00:52:06.540 --> 00:52:12.480 Joedy Cook: yeah I believe that I did see one film which I.

00:52:14.100 --> 00:52:32.430 Joedy Cook: It was just phenomenal and what it was, it was these two guys, there are hundreds and they're out in the field, and they see something in the north, in a tree move so they're videotaping it so they're zooming in on it and it.

00:52:33.540 --> 00:52:34.290 Joedy Cook: A bigfoot.

00:52:35.490 --> 00:52:45.450 Joedy Cook: In this looking this tree and you, it has its hand up like this and you see the fingers move you see the lips move you see the eyes move you see it move.

00:52:46.890 --> 00:52:50.190 Joedy Cook: I mean it's a really good detail of saying like.

00:52:51.690 --> 00:52:52.770 Joedy Cook: The guys said.

00:52:54.240 --> 00:52:58.020 Joedy Cook: mother was at this Bush that was like right there.

00:52:58.530 --> 00:52:59.880 Joedy Cook: They were able to see her.

00:53:00.420 --> 00:53:00.990 So.

00:53:02.100 --> 00:53:11.340 Joedy Cook: They knew they moved in further they run had to you know deal with her, and then the other hundred saw I guess the father that was up in the tree that was ready in balancing mode.

00:53:11.940 --> 00:53:32.940 Joedy Cook: But Dana backing off the video was probably the best i've ever seen of evidence of have a big and there's another one that that's been out and a lot of people think the same is videos row and it's not it's just one we're just bigfoot comes around a rock and he's carrying a baby.

00:53:34.380 --> 00:53:36.570 Joedy Cook: Okay, and it's a really clear video.

00:53:37.920 --> 00:53:44.520 Joedy Cook: it's not a real video of a of a bigfoot I actually met the guy who made that costume.

00:53:45.780 --> 00:53:46.080 Joedy Cook: He.

00:53:46.260 --> 00:54:00.090 Joedy Cook: Was into special effects loved it, I was trying to get a job in Hollywood film basically was what he Dudes and to to get a job, and it was his daughter that he made a costume but it's so realistic.

00:54:00.660 --> 00:54:13.290 Joedy Cook: And it is so good, of a bigfoot everybody believes it, I mean it's all over YouTube it's all over social media, but I mean i've actually seen pictures of the costume i've actually talked to the guy.

00:54:14.490 --> 00:54:16.410 Joedy Cook: you send me pictures of the costume.

00:54:17.520 --> 00:54:17.850 Joedy Cook: So.

00:54:18.900 --> 00:54:25.920 Joedy Cook: That was about the only other one that was like really I consider them but there's a lot there's a lot of stuff out there.

00:54:26.520 --> 00:54:39.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh man dude listen, I was talking last week, I had an audition to be the host of a TV show about the unexplained, this is why he decided to tell the story because i'm fascinated by what we don't know.

00:54:40.110 --> 00:54:49.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And man there's stuff out there, we probably don't want to know to be honest with you but we're gonna wrap up here in a minute, but let me ask you one more question.

00:54:50.280 --> 00:55:09.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, what do you think Where does this come from, I mean, do you think that this is someone tried to domestic size gorillas and it didn't work out or there was some breeding, what do you think is that it's kind of the the genesis of it but.

00:55:09.090 --> 00:55:21.960 Joedy Cook: The thing is, you know you take a humans are prime you have others for human chimpanzees gorillas and orangutans okay so somewhere along the line between.

00:55:23.490 --> 00:55:36.780 Joedy Cook: primates and the human a branch broke off with the species, because if you look at, if you look at the Patterson film okay there's a lot of human characteristics yeah but.

00:55:37.470 --> 00:55:47.610 Joedy Cook: that's a human characteristic okay gorillas and chimpanzees they don't have butts Okay, because they don't have that muscle to keep their body erect that's why they're quadruplets.

00:55:48.210 --> 00:56:03.300 Joedy Cook: Right hey to you before foot is another example which is a human trait the breasts that are on patty that her particular breasts are humans are breast primate breasts are quite are a lot different.

00:56:03.720 --> 00:56:15.060 Joedy Cook: yeah Oh, to be human and facial features of these things is definitely you know human the notes, especially you know when when people talk about.

00:56:15.990 --> 00:56:27.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah well listen God Thank you so much for coming on coffee talk man, I was glad I got to share my story with you and and to hear a little bit about because I like I said, I believe it dude I lived it.

00:56:28.470 --> 00:56:35.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you know it's great to know people out out there, like you, they're researching it and I really appreciate you coming on coffee talk.

00:56:35.850 --> 00:56:37.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And beyond again.

00:56:37.980 --> 00:56:39.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Definitely thanks a lot boss.

00:56:39.270 --> 00:56:40.110 Joedy Cook: Or you take care.

00:56:40.680 --> 00:56:58.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Of this week's edition of coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbro i'm here every Tuesday night at eight o'clock live on talk radio dot nyc or on Facebook COM slash talk radio in my see i'll be back next Tuesday night and maybe we'll talk more bigfoot more bigfoot we'll see you then.

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