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Thursday, June 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/03 - Mastering Cannabis Connections

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/03 - Mastering Cannabis Connections


2021/06/03 - Mastering Cannabis Connections

[NEW EPISODE] Mastering Cannabis Connections

There are a number of Cannabis related opportunities budding all over the country, and we know there are more coming...

If you have a great idea that centers around Cannabis, but also may require other resources (such as money, real estate, or strategic business planning), who do you connect with?

Our special guest spends most of his time connecting with serious, creative Private Funders and Large investment Groups, who are searching for the best Cannabis deals, backed with real estate included in the project.

Visiting Planet Pakalolo this week is Abe Serrano, Managing Director at All Cannabis Funding Solutions.  Abe lives for creative conversations about financing Cannabis facilities, or other types of Healthcare & MMJ related business & properties.

Tune in for this crazy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Johnny introduces Abe Serrano about his work in the real estate field in LA. Abe provides services from the perspective of someone in the healthcare, real estate, and finance industries. The two further discuss how corporations are expressing their support of the cannabis industry, whether its for their employees, or by profiting off of it themselves.

Segment 2

Johnny and Abe talk about the science, business, and method in cannabis real estate. Land is one of the most important parts of any cannabis business, and Abe talks about different ways to profit off of cannabis businesses through real estate. He gives advice on leases, how to take them out, and how to make them work for your business.

Segment 3

Johnny and Abe further discuss real estate in the cannabis industry. Johnny talks about how he wishes for Cannabis to no longer to be stigmatized, leaning towards a “Less Taboo View” before talking about other industries that are becoming more profitable such as A.I and Data Sharing, hoping that the acceptance of some of these new industries will allow people to accept Cannabis as an industry as well.

Segment 4

Abe discusses why and how real estate can be the most important part of any cannabis business.Johnny mentions some of the laws being passed in New Jersey, and how the legalisation process copies itself across state lines. The episode closes with an honest conversation about the merits of investing in real estate in the cannabis industry, with Abe advising listeners to break into the industry.


00:00:36.780 --> 00:00:42.300 Jonny Tsunami: Good evening everyone i'm Johnny tsunami, and this is blended Pasco low low well.

00:00:42.750 --> 00:00:51.060 Jonny Tsunami: it's a little dreary out there on the east coast, but fortunately enough on the west coast, we have my lovely man aged serrano with us this evening.

00:00:51.540 --> 00:01:03.180 Jonny Tsunami: We are going to be talking about all things cannabis and for those of you who don't know Papa lolo is hawaiian slang for crazy tobacco, also known as marijuana.

00:01:03.660 --> 00:01:24.300 Jonny Tsunami: But this show is about debunking and removing the crazy out of cannabis, by taking apart the stigmas and stereotypes and taboos and showing that this is a legitimate business burgeoning and ready to explode today my guest am serrano amy how are you today, my friend.

00:01:24.750 --> 00:01:26.610 Abe Serrano: i'm doing wonderful Thank you Johnny.

00:01:27.060 --> 00:01:28.200 Jonny Tsunami: You look wonderful.

00:01:28.530 --> 00:01:35.250 Jonny Tsunami: that's why I wish I was on the west coast, sometimes because I look like a zombie.

00:01:36.990 --> 00:01:42.000 Jonny Tsunami: and your you know your bronze bronze bronze so.

00:01:42.600 --> 00:01:44.520 Abe Serrano: hang out at the beach every Sunday.

00:01:45.450 --> 00:01:51.570 Jonny Tsunami: Beautiful thing but here's the thing, even if you only hang out the beach once a week.

00:01:53.190 --> 00:01:55.770 Jonny Tsunami: you're still in the sun seven days out of the week.

00:01:55.830 --> 00:01:58.710 Jonny Tsunami: You have once a week to go hang out on the east coast.

00:01:58.920 --> 00:02:01.350 Jonny Tsunami: The chances of getting sunshine not too good.

00:02:01.680 --> 00:02:12.960 Jonny Tsunami: One but not too good so amy, thank you for coming on the show today if serrano he has a really great background and what he essentially does is take.

00:02:13.290 --> 00:02:20.310 Jonny Tsunami: equity groups and put them together with the right people for package deals that are real estate backed.

00:02:20.910 --> 00:02:40.410 Jonny Tsunami: And he's done projects that are a smallest 2 million up to the hundred million so we're we're with a gentleman here who really knows what he's talking about and i'm passionate about real estate myself, and I think that everybody knows all businesses, they come back to the real estate.

00:02:42.570 --> 00:02:56.640 Jonny Tsunami: So we're also going to talk about Amazon and Mr b's us and them and how they feel about cannabis, but before we get into that for the current events for today and tell me just a little bit more.

00:02:57.540 --> 00:03:04.680 Jonny Tsunami: About yourself and and how you, you know just what you do specifically for cannabis professionals, or people.

00:03:04.800 --> 00:03:18.330 Abe Serrano: Literally space okay yeah so you know i'm i'm coming from the healthcare background so that's how I got into this cannabis, you know because i've been selling businesses for last.

00:03:18.870 --> 00:03:27.990 Abe Serrano: 30 years and the healthcare industry so i've been around a lot of doctors and nurses and, as I started looking into cannabis, I saw.

00:03:28.530 --> 00:03:40.920 Abe Serrano: The benefits and drive for veterans seniors and developmentally disabled, so the effects and the benefits for cannabis is like amazing so I started doing my research on the computer.

00:03:41.400 --> 00:03:55.290 Abe Serrano: So how it was helping children and all those different segments I just mentioned, so I was intrigued and so, then, as I got into a California at that point, a couple of years ago it was still making the transition from.

00:03:56.700 --> 00:04:06.120 Abe Serrano: You know the Gray market to the legal market, so I was out visiting a lot of different dispensaries and start you know mingling with the.

00:04:06.660 --> 00:04:12.450 Abe Serrano: You know dispensaries in a row facilities, so I went to go get a compliance class out of Colorado.

00:04:13.020 --> 00:04:20.400 Abe Serrano: and learn about the rules and regulations and so that's kind of what started the journey, because in the healthcare there's also rules and regulations so.

00:04:20.850 --> 00:04:37.080 Abe Serrano: Come to find out there wasn't a lot of professionalism back there, so I thought well okay i'm just gonna bring my transferable skills which is business my mo many businesses myself personally, and then i've also been in financing for many years i've own my own mortgage company.

00:04:38.130 --> 00:04:43.080 Abe Serrano: or business for a mortgage banker and that's how I got the financing background so.

00:04:43.620 --> 00:04:49.380 Abe Serrano: And what got me into the healthcare industry is that it was in the mortgage business and we had an earthquake here in California.

00:04:49.890 --> 00:04:56.460 Abe Serrano: And it changed my market, and so I had to look for something else, and I found that's the health care and so that's how I got into that.

00:04:56.880 --> 00:05:04.980 Abe Serrano: But before I was really into financing So when I got in the cannabis, then I found out that the biggest need is again money.

00:05:05.610 --> 00:05:15.360 Abe Serrano: And he got to have that money to make things work, and so this time around, I decided instead project from the business aspect to focus more on the.

00:05:16.080 --> 00:05:26.520 Abe Serrano: Financing and I I love both like you said real estate is and then you know i've been licensed for over 40 years I should say for decades.

00:05:27.150 --> 00:05:37.020 Abe Serrano: In California, and so you know, but I, like the financing and when I got into real estate, he was created a financing, there was no loans back there and.

00:05:37.470 --> 00:05:49.650 Abe Serrano: So that's how I learned financing as creatively and so through selling businesses I use creative financing and now I can use it again with cannabis because there really isn't any banks doing.

00:05:50.130 --> 00:05:57.720 Abe Serrano: Cannabis financing, and so I started out doing hedge funds, private offices.

00:05:58.320 --> 00:06:06.810 Abe Serrano: and working with those folks and found that I could find the deals that these guys couldn't find them fast enough, and they would only pick one out of 10.

00:06:07.740 --> 00:06:16.950 Abe Serrano: And I just couldn't get any momentum so there's how I started out of my journey say okay I gotta figure this out myself, so I started getting back in touch with a lot of private investors.

00:06:18.000 --> 00:06:25.950 Abe Serrano: In cultivating that found sources that's what brought us to today so i've got sources, now that it's my own private.

00:06:26.790 --> 00:06:35.070 Abe Serrano: Investor, and so we have many ways to fund deals that, so there are creative and i'm creative and so as great energy.

00:06:35.520 --> 00:06:49.050 Abe Serrano: So we like to the challenge of bringing on new deals and so we're looking at not just cannabis, but we can find just about anything come to find out and where we can now reach out to overseas so we're in Canada and other places.

00:06:49.200 --> 00:06:56.010 Jonny Tsunami: So when you talk about cannabis, though, specifically, and we think about money, as opposed to real estate.

00:06:56.550 --> 00:07:09.780 Jonny Tsunami: And, especially in the cannabis industry, money is it still primarily paper based so we all know that a lot of that that means that primarily paper based businesses can do a lot of fun daisy stuff on the side.

00:07:10.320 --> 00:07:21.750 Jonny Tsunami: And so what is it that we can hold to a business accountable for is its assets is it's real estate so when you look at a company like acreage holdings which specializes in cannabis back real estate those.

00:07:22.680 --> 00:07:35.340 Jonny Tsunami: companies like yourself out there to me if I was going to advise somebody because, again we what we're trying to do here is create a community of professionals that can network and.

00:07:36.480 --> 00:07:40.320 Jonny Tsunami: And also allow people that want to become that want to come into the space.

00:07:41.430 --> 00:07:46.140 Jonny Tsunami: That have passionate about the plant, but they don't have the guidance.

00:07:47.190 --> 00:07:52.230 Jonny Tsunami: And that's where it comes down to having to buy so that real estate being said sticking with the current events.

00:07:53.340 --> 00:08:04.230 Jonny Tsunami: Amazon is real estate me know how much warehouse space is the sky buying maybe one day he's going to turn them into to grow spaces, I don't know but it's I mean look at this guy.

00:08:05.070 --> 00:08:07.110 Jonny Tsunami: yeah I mean it's.

00:08:07.410 --> 00:08:16.110 Jonny Tsunami: yeah and and when we look at the tech tycoons when we look at our must we look at our let's look at the gates let's look at our man here visas.

00:08:17.550 --> 00:08:21.480 Jonny Tsunami: Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the US right now is buying up all that space.

00:08:23.130 --> 00:08:30.720 Jonny Tsunami: And so Amazon today released or not, today, but released an article, saying that they were in support for the Federal legalization of marijuana.

00:08:32.370 --> 00:08:49.290 Jonny Tsunami: And then from there, well, we know the more act right which is essentially decriminalized marijuana puts back you know removes it from that a list celebrity status and then also Amazon later on when say that they were not going to test certain employees.

00:08:50.550 --> 00:08:57.660 Jonny Tsunami: I listen i'm not i'm not i'm not against it all right, your Amazon, and you have somebody who works minimum wage in a factory.

00:08:58.620 --> 00:09:14.370 Jonny Tsunami: Now, in my mind i'm thinking like this unemployment right it's crazy nobody wants to go home to go to work, why would I work at Amazon, if I can just sit at home right and smoke weed at home wait a second Amazon goes huh.

00:09:16.140 --> 00:09:21.420 Jonny Tsunami: Alright well we'll let them smoke weed we won't drug tests certain people right, because at the end of the day.

00:09:21.690 --> 00:09:32.910 Jonny Tsunami: Those people that we don't really you know, are not huge high level positions somebody who's putting tape across the box what the guy stand there be stoned off as asked for the rest of the day yeah.

00:09:33.990 --> 00:09:36.660 Jonny Tsunami: What what's your take on this, please I would love to hear.

00:09:37.770 --> 00:09:39.780 Jonny Tsunami: Especially even in the real estate perspective to.

00:09:40.080 --> 00:09:55.080 Abe Serrano: yeah they you know I actually see it so i've been in operations where you know there's people still smoking, you know and and they'll go outside the break and they're smoking and so they're not testing heavily right now.

00:09:56.100 --> 00:10:07.620 Abe Serrano: In the economy is so weak, I believe that people you know, companies need people to come back to work so they're almost going to do whatever they have to do so.

00:10:08.040 --> 00:10:16.980 Abe Serrano: i'm not surprised that they're going to set that little bar there for these people to come back to work and be stoned well, but like you said.

00:10:17.520 --> 00:10:26.190 Abe Serrano: they're not highly skilled so then it's Okay, but in some companies are going to have to be a little bit more regulated can do that in the healthcare industry.

00:10:27.240 --> 00:10:34.020 Jonny Tsunami: I mean you can't do in health care, but even within Amazon Okay, obviously, if you have a cdo license you're not gonna be able to get stoned to go drive and deliver panels.

00:10:34.590 --> 00:10:35.130 Jonny Tsunami: But.

00:10:35.910 --> 00:10:46.920 Jonny Tsunami: At the end of the day, if Amazon is willing to make the comment which will it's Amazon, this is corporate capitalism at its highest yes, if it's willing to say.

00:10:48.000 --> 00:11:00.030 Jonny Tsunami: we're not going to test certain positions for cannabis and we also agree and approve upon federalisation of marijuana I would say that would lead the the vote.

00:11:01.290 --> 00:11:16.410 Jonny Tsunami: Usually when you're looking at how legislation and how things will kind of transgress from there, which is i'm not it's not a bad thing for for for us, because if somebody like these Oh, Sir or Amazon comes along and says.

00:11:17.490 --> 00:11:25.440 Jonny Tsunami: You know I want to get into this because I see there's an untapped market if Amazon starts delivering cannabis and cannabis is federally legal.

00:11:26.340 --> 00:11:41.550 Jonny Tsunami: hello, I mean the I build this business on delivery, yes, so how many people are going to be working from home, now that aren't going to be drug tested their white collar jobs what's not even worried about blue collar you know i'm driving a truck.

00:11:42.690 --> 00:11:44.220 Jonny Tsunami: Okay it's like.

00:11:45.330 --> 00:11:49.620 Jonny Tsunami: um let me weigh the options out there, and if somebody can get their job done.

00:11:50.640 --> 00:12:06.060 Jonny Tsunami: and be successful at what they do, it would be the same thing is saying all right we're gonna put a you know post prohibition, there was a bar and every but there was a liquor CAP closet in every office in every business in America.

00:12:07.200 --> 00:12:11.730 Jonny Tsunami: Nobody came in and was like freeze, you know stop we're going to.

00:12:13.170 --> 00:12:16.980 Jonny Tsunami: test how much alcohol you've consumed on your advertising day.

00:12:19.980 --> 00:12:31.980 Jonny Tsunami: And then it becomes down to the you know how it affects one person or another, and if it doesn't affect your productivity productivity levels or even furthermore enhances them.

00:12:34.320 --> 00:12:37.830 Jonny Tsunami: I don't know I think are worse alternatives as.

00:12:38.130 --> 00:12:51.660 Abe Serrano: it's true is there some industries like the entertainment industry, it creates a very good atmosphere for creativity, I mean it's just always been the fact, I mean so.

00:12:52.530 --> 00:13:05.910 Abe Serrano: So very good music's come out of people being high, so to speak, so, but you know and that's the creativity, then allows the mind to expand in all aspects.

00:13:06.300 --> 00:13:17.430 Abe Serrano: So it's been proven that you know you can do more if you're have that freedom in the mind to create let's say an artist or or somebody that's.

00:13:18.060 --> 00:13:27.690 Abe Serrano: Doing computer stuff that can still do their job and it's more mechanical than it is to to maybe speak, or you know act or something like that.

00:13:28.170 --> 00:13:37.560 Abe Serrano: there's a lot of industries that is going to benefit from so it it's a very creative in it it's got some great benefits, I mean I see.

00:13:38.160 --> 00:13:47.640 Abe Serrano: On the other side that you know, without this there's some people that wouldn't be able to function, I use CBD myself and i've used.

00:13:48.480 --> 00:14:02.070 Abe Serrano: thc in the past, you know when I was younger but down today it's it's over my head and it's so so good it's It is beyond me, but you know i'm not at that level yet so but.

00:14:02.910 --> 00:14:10.020 Abe Serrano: You know I think it's great I think it's very positive and there's no way and turning back is only going to get better.

00:14:10.710 --> 00:14:21.720 Abe Serrano: And people are going to need it more you know they're going to find out the benefits are far better than the negatives and and I see going through generations is the barrier.

00:14:22.920 --> 00:14:34.380 Abe Serrano: And that's why I mentioned seniors there's a big need for education and that population and my father's is one of them he's in that category is like, oh no that's not good.

00:14:34.800 --> 00:14:45.030 Abe Serrano: it's like well just try it, you know and just to get him try CBD is a challenge, because it's like that's not good it's like it's not the same thing so as education, really.

00:14:45.690 --> 00:14:55.470 Abe Serrano: And if we can educate people in all aspects of the need for the benefit then that's where I try to work with a lot of my.

00:14:55.830 --> 00:15:08.070 Abe Serrano: clients is you know they're just with CBD is like education is the key you got to get out there, and you got educated you got to get in front of the nurses and the doctors and show them and ask them clinical.

00:15:08.820 --> 00:15:17.700 Abe Serrano: Trials we're doing that some clinical trials with different types in same thing with thc there if we can get out there to the athletes and.

00:15:18.180 --> 00:15:29.130 Abe Serrano: Some of the people that really can benefit from this know we are going to do some amazing things and it's going to create a lot more creativity, I think.

00:15:30.150 --> 00:15:36.840 Jonny Tsunami: that's beautiful and let's be honest Dave i'm going to call you because i'm going to ask you a question when we get back i'm going to ask you some questions.

00:15:37.140 --> 00:15:44.670 Jonny Tsunami: Okay, take a little break into this break come right back planet pocket Lola i'm your host Johnny tsunami waves Toronto let's go.

00:18:16.680 --> 00:18:22.110 Jonny Tsunami: Alright folks we're back i'm Johnny tsunami, this is planning pocket low low episode two.

00:18:23.130 --> 00:18:32.550 Jonny Tsunami: Sorry segment do where they've Toronto, we are bringing it back segment two we like to talk about the science, the business and the method.

00:18:33.120 --> 00:18:43.950 Jonny Tsunami: So he he is a real estate guy he brings people together, you have an idea, you have a project, and this might not be necessarily be cannabis related but we're going to focus on cannabis.

00:18:44.490 --> 00:18:55.500 Jonny Tsunami: You have a project that you have in mind, he has the group he puts deals together and what he's been finding with cannabis is that real estate is really the most important component.

00:18:55.980 --> 00:19:05.370 Jonny Tsunami: That is needed when you're trying to structure these deals because it and I will agree and attest to this being from somebody who has already experienced this.

00:19:06.810 --> 00:19:12.180 Jonny Tsunami: I had a medical marijuana farm aid in up in maine and.

00:19:13.200 --> 00:19:31.350 Jonny Tsunami: The property is what's the most valuable thing out of that property, the land or in real estate world real property, so a why don't you kind of just take us a little bit through the the science or the business or the method of how you create these deals for people.

00:19:32.700 --> 00:19:36.510 Abe Serrano: Absolutely, a lot of the time you know.

00:19:36.540 --> 00:19:42.150 Abe Serrano: Our minimum loan amounts $2 million, so what what I do is lot.

00:19:43.170 --> 00:19:55.650 Abe Serrano: Many people say i'm just gonna go lease the property or the building of the land and that's okay if they have to get the address for that property to get it going so there's like.

00:19:56.220 --> 00:20:04.590 Abe Serrano: same thing in healthcare you got to have an address before you get an application and once you get approved, then you have to have some place to anchor down.

00:20:05.250 --> 00:20:12.000 Abe Serrano: So what I tell people is that a lot of them come to me, and they say, well, I don't need to make dollars it's like Okay, I understand.

00:20:12.510 --> 00:20:19.500 Abe Serrano: But let's think of down the road and and i've only learned this from my journey here with the cannabis is that people.

00:20:19.860 --> 00:20:29.550 Abe Serrano: get into a location, they leased the building or the land cultivation that will land landlord goes all you know you're making a lot of money, I want more rent.

00:20:30.240 --> 00:20:39.420 Abe Serrano: Or what happens is they'll force them out of that building, because now, they did all the tenant improvements and now that's hundreds of thousands of dollars that they spent.

00:20:39.840 --> 00:20:47.640 Abe Serrano: They can bring in somebody else to charge them more than they charge them initially so there's not a position, so I tell them.

00:20:48.360 --> 00:20:57.360 Abe Serrano: go in start with the lease with an option we have the option to buy them out will fund the money by that option out and buy the building of the property.

00:20:57.900 --> 00:21:05.970 Abe Serrano: So that's how I get them over $2 million so that's just like a word of caution and that's like I tell everybody and because my.

00:21:06.390 --> 00:21:14.550 Abe Serrano: My knowledge in the healthcare industry, especially and same thing with cannabis any business is that the business gives you cash flow.

00:21:15.030 --> 00:21:25.710 Abe Serrano: The real estate gives you wealth over the period of your career then your money is going to be made in that real estate and I I sold buildings.

00:21:26.100 --> 00:21:30.360 Abe Serrano: That are skilled nursing and hundred bed facilities and they are.

00:21:31.140 --> 00:21:39.630 Abe Serrano: Making more money out of that building when they sell it or they can sell the business portion and least the building to the next operator.

00:21:39.990 --> 00:21:43.860 Abe Serrano: and have income for the rest, your life and always leverage against the full cash out.

00:21:44.370 --> 00:21:50.130 Abe Serrano: And I do, that also you know we can, this is where a lot of my investors come from is from the healthcare industry, so they.

00:21:50.610 --> 00:21:56.910 Abe Serrano: You know I started, many years ago, know some 30 some years ago with healthcare, and so I started.

00:21:57.420 --> 00:22:04.080 Abe Serrano: And they paid off their billion so they've got abilities, now that I sold or 800 900,000 now that, with three 4 million.

00:22:04.710 --> 00:22:14.610 Abe Serrano: I can pull cash out of it put it into canvas business and they become my investors so there's how I what I know works is to have that real estate.

00:22:15.270 --> 00:22:21.060 Abe Serrano: And same thing out of Colorado Colorado I mean it's a great example is that all these guys that started.

00:22:21.600 --> 00:22:33.240 Abe Serrano: 1015 years ago they're getting out in the market, there was a big turnover there you know just as California was launching because they were take their equity out of their operations and help other people.

00:22:33.750 --> 00:22:41.130 Abe Serrano: You know, are their operations or go, you know by a bigger place or switch from the whatever is hot and at that time it was.

00:22:41.880 --> 00:22:58.320 Abe Serrano: extract so they went from motivation to extract the report their money, all the equity into extract in and benefited from the market as it was emerging in they benefit from it, so you can do that all the time, so real estate is powerful it's powerful.

00:22:59.610 --> 00:23:00.270 Abe Serrano: You know, and they.

00:23:00.450 --> 00:23:01.800 Jonny Tsunami: gave me chills can.

00:23:01.920 --> 00:23:02.820 Jonny Tsunami: You get well.

00:23:04.920 --> 00:23:10.650 Abe Serrano: I do it, I do it all the time, I mean I can take somebody and show them how to become wealthy.

00:23:11.370 --> 00:23:27.300 Abe Serrano: It with real estate and so that's the key and the business pays for the real estate now that's a tax benefit there's incentives, I mean sure there's a whole thing you know, so I do this with with with the boy in cannabis is not any different it's just that happens faster.

00:23:27.720 --> 00:23:30.210 Jonny Tsunami: But people in cannabis.

00:23:32.130 --> 00:23:40.590 Jonny Tsunami: In the past, have always just focused on the plan, which is what it should be that doesn't mean real estate, you know how many farmers, I know.

00:23:41.100 --> 00:24:00.120 Jonny Tsunami: who have been farming on other people's land yeah and thinking that they're walking away with cash flow, which are not walking away with the deed to that property, no, no, and there's a big difference so let's you mentioned leases right.

00:24:02.880 --> 00:24:10.830 Jonny Tsunami: what's the average maybe you come across people that have either been in a horrible situation or you're preventing them from getting into a horrible situation.

00:24:12.480 --> 00:24:17.670 Jonny Tsunami: Do you recommend if somebody says to you well you know here's a one year lease here's a five year lease.

00:24:18.780 --> 00:24:30.210 Jonny Tsunami: Where do you find it to be like if somebody where do you cross the line on that where it's like Okay, you know somebody is actually giving you a deal as opposed to they're not right.

00:24:31.200 --> 00:24:41.850 Abe Serrano: So you know you always want to do a lease with extension, so you know, a five year lease with three year to five year options.

00:24:42.300 --> 00:24:49.620 Abe Serrano: Because here's what most operators doing that i've been through this so many times that big thing here in the healthcare industry is that.

00:24:50.010 --> 00:24:59.910 Abe Serrano: I watched these guys build empires over on leases so they would take it a building build it out from scratch, they have assisted living skilled nursing.

00:25:00.300 --> 00:25:12.180 Abe Serrano: And then they had operated for a number of years and then they as operators and then they pulled out lease out the building and then move on to the next, building and build it again and again so here, what we have is that.

00:25:12.930 --> 00:25:21.990 Abe Serrano: If if, once you put that our anchor that license to that location it's good only in that location, you have to resubmit or another address somewhere else.

00:25:22.410 --> 00:25:29.550 Abe Serrano: So to do that, you know just pick it up and move it out in the middle of night you'd have a long journey ahead, they go get re qualified.

00:25:30.030 --> 00:25:37.800 Abe Serrano: And in some states like you're in California and then there's a more time, you can just you know there's green zones, you have to be in.

00:25:38.460 --> 00:25:50.430 Abe Serrano: It there's only so much space so much places to put new location, so you have to then if you're moving a location and take you years to get it ready and move it over.

00:25:50.850 --> 00:26:05.730 Abe Serrano: And so there's where five years goes like you know so fast that yeah people people don't realize it so five years is nothing i've had people say, well, I only want to do two years, maybe one year just to test it out, I said look.

00:26:06.900 --> 00:26:18.570 Abe Serrano: i'll take me back then, it was making a year to sell Assisted Living or skilled nursing facility so cannabis sells a little faster, but people don't are not all have money so.

00:26:18.630 --> 00:26:20.100 Jonny Tsunami: So here's my question.

00:26:21.180 --> 00:26:23.400 Jonny Tsunami: lease to own yes.

00:26:23.580 --> 00:26:24.030 Abe Serrano: that's it.

00:26:24.270 --> 00:26:26.370 Jonny Tsunami: that's the cannabis, are they allowing that.

00:26:26.940 --> 00:26:39.750 Abe Serrano: Oh yeah so option is so and I studied options option is the most powerful thing out there, I mean i've sold i've helped the operator buy and sell.

00:26:40.320 --> 00:26:51.990 Abe Serrano: They had an option to buy the real estate and had their business in there and that property and I sold out the auction so it's like real estate houses right, I feel.

00:26:52.350 --> 00:27:02.010 Abe Serrano: i've worked with a lot of flipping houses, you can flip an option, without paying for the real estate can sell the option and, over time, it goes up in value.

00:27:02.460 --> 00:27:10.170 Abe Serrano: So you're making money off of just the option so there's so many creative ways to do real estate is amazing so that's one of them, so yeah.

00:27:10.740 --> 00:27:15.210 Jonny Tsunami: I like that, because when you think about the cannabis industry, you have to be creative.

00:27:15.630 --> 00:27:16.380 Abe Serrano: yeah that's it.

00:27:16.470 --> 00:27:22.080 Jonny Tsunami: Now some businesses, while okay so here's another question your West Coast guy.

00:27:23.820 --> 00:27:31.650 Jonny Tsunami: Bad you do you want east coast at all, or is it just more too much business in the west coast are you guys trying to spread your wings and other locations are.

00:27:32.580 --> 00:27:39.300 Abe Serrano: Now, with my lender they'll go anywhere so yeah Michigan is hot florida's hot.

00:27:39.630 --> 00:27:43.560 Abe Serrano: Oklahoma Oklahoma is is is building up.

00:27:44.190 --> 00:27:46.080 Abe Serrano: You know and tagging along.

00:27:46.530 --> 00:27:52.620 Abe Serrano: New Jersey yeah yeah new the Northeast is is very hot New York New Jersey.

00:27:53.940 --> 00:28:03.720 Abe Serrano: upstate New York is very hot and it's a very good area, you know and but it's more seasonal because so it's got to be more indoors so.

00:28:04.410 --> 00:28:12.510 Abe Serrano: And and here's where I see the market emerging is that, eventually, and my prediction in the next two years, those States going to take a hit.

00:28:13.470 --> 00:28:23.520 Abe Serrano: rally the they had the only real estate is not going to take that hit is cannabis, you know so but they then again like you said get creative with the buildings.

00:28:23.880 --> 00:28:43.020 Abe Serrano: there's billions out there, that you can put grow facilities in as long as it's in the right area, so people, and now we just went through this take a movie house, for instance, a large theater here in California, there are several and then also was taken a big hit is shopping centers.

00:28:43.260 --> 00:28:46.740 Jonny Tsunami: They converted a movie House into a grow.

00:28:47.100 --> 00:28:48.090 Abe Serrano: Facility yes.

00:28:48.990 --> 00:28:53.820 Jonny Tsunami: This was like an old movie house that God knows how much kind of mold in this business and whatever the hell.

00:28:53.820 --> 00:28:58.980 Abe Serrano: was only they've shut him down through the code, so we, I mean there's been sitting there.

00:28:59.190 --> 00:29:01.590 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, like an out like a like a president AMC.

00:29:02.400 --> 00:29:02.760 Abe Serrano: Right.

00:29:03.060 --> 00:29:05.940 Jonny Tsunami: And oh my God and he just took a hit.

00:29:06.120 --> 00:29:12.180 Jonny Tsunami: So imagine a company like AMC says all right, what is our asset real estate right.

00:29:13.170 --> 00:29:30.990 Jonny Tsunami: Okay nobody's going to go in our theaters anymore, because everything's digital anyway and Kobe just did the complete paradigm shift yeah so everybody's ideologies thinking patterns and change let's just put a bunch of weed and our theaters so for every fucking haha.

00:29:31.350 --> 00:29:32.910 Jonny Tsunami: For every little tiny.

00:29:33.030 --> 00:29:48.150 Jonny Tsunami: person that paid a ticket it's a it's a plant sitting there and now it's canopy as opposed to it, is it as opposed to be so that's the kind of stuff a I love it go I gotta tell me, I know you want to tell me something.

00:29:48.690 --> 00:30:00.960 Abe Serrano: That i'm in right now here there's many balls that are going out of business, I mean shopping malls here, these big box companies are gone out, and all this like.

00:30:03.150 --> 00:30:09.000 Abe Serrano: companies like sears and and JC penney's and all these large, so the malls are just taking a hit.

00:30:09.510 --> 00:30:16.320 Abe Serrano: So, and they sit on a big piece of property so we're repurposing those are we're doing housing.

00:30:16.950 --> 00:30:23.220 Abe Serrano: And Community we're building a little Community so that's the trend same thing with cannabis, I mean, so you go in there.

00:30:23.640 --> 00:30:38.970 Abe Serrano: can either take the thing down and turn it all into cannabis or you could just convert it, you know the Shell and go in there and reconverted and have what here they do industrial parks and you lease out the space to rollers.

00:30:39.180 --> 00:30:40.950 Jonny Tsunami: All right, stop you're giving them too much.

00:30:41.850 --> 00:30:42.990 Jonny Tsunami: They give it as much.

00:30:43.920 --> 00:30:44.790 Jonny Tsunami: we're gonna take a break.

00:30:45.090 --> 00:30:56.040 Jonny Tsunami: we're going to take a break, we come back we're going to dive into it segment three aim, thank you, this has been a this is this is very good stuff will be back planet buckle low low take a break.

00:30:58.260 --> 00:31:00.660 Abe Serrano: you're listening to talk radio.

00:31:00.870 --> 00:31:01.620 Abe Serrano: And my see.

00:33:45.180 --> 00:33:56.490 Jonny Tsunami: Alright it's me joining tsunami, this is planet Puck oh Lola and I am here with a Toronto, and we were talking real estate I call him on a stage and I have to ask him a question at.

00:33:58.800 --> 00:34:03.330 Jonny Tsunami: This right here is our original logo.

00:34:08.940 --> 00:34:10.200 Jonny Tsunami: This right here is the update.

00:34:12.570 --> 00:34:14.100 Abe Serrano: Like the color looks good.

00:34:15.390 --> 00:34:16.530 Abe Serrano: And I like the plan.

00:34:18.060 --> 00:34:18.720 Jonny Tsunami: I grew that.

00:34:19.260 --> 00:34:20.430 Abe Serrano: there's you're really well.

00:34:21.960 --> 00:34:25.260 Jonny Tsunami: that's from organic living soil no notes.

00:34:26.670 --> 00:34:32.490 Jonny Tsunami: No, no it's very cali person and you've been out there long enough you respected oh yeah yeah.

00:34:34.470 --> 00:34:34.800 Abe Serrano: yeah.

00:34:35.070 --> 00:34:36.570 Abe Serrano: i'm very organic and my food.

00:34:37.200 --> 00:34:53.040 Jonny Tsunami: It was all built upon organic because, like listen what a bunch of expatriate hippies that came out it went up over there and they were growing tomatoes and vegetables and they grew up and a bunch of rough rough ian's came in and we're like we're just trying but.

00:34:54.630 --> 00:35:04.530 Jonny Tsunami: it's all about where the roots were from which was traditionally from a good place and all businesses where the roots in the real estate so.

00:35:05.010 --> 00:35:25.050 Jonny Tsunami: That being said, I wanted to ask you a question and the segment three, this is about the personal narrative something about you as a person, why you felt a calling to not necessarily just not shift, but to add cannabis to what you do as part of your repertoire of regular everyday.

00:35:28.170 --> 00:35:42.870 Abe Serrano: Oh, I see it as the future, and so I don't just like electronics are emerging animas is merging and to the point is in love the technology that the people that are involved.

00:35:43.470 --> 00:35:58.140 Abe Serrano: That you know this, this is scientists, the genetics, everything is just fascinating to be the technology with the banking that's coming cream, so my world is going to change and I won't have the opportunity to do what i'm doing now, so I have to.

00:35:59.190 --> 00:36:07.320 Abe Serrano: merge with the market which i've done it all my career so last four decades i've always moved with the marketing, so you know, one of.

00:36:07.740 --> 00:36:15.120 Abe Serrano: The earthquake head I moved to healthcare and then now i'm moving back to canvas This is like the future the rest of my career.

00:36:15.660 --> 00:36:25.560 Abe Serrano: So, as I emerged myself into real estate and financing i'm doing the same thing with animals, you know i'm out there, I visit dispensary's and cultivations and.

00:36:26.010 --> 00:36:35.070 Abe Serrano: And I study and look for the new technology and what's what's really coming on and it's fascinating to me because they have to tell me what what they've got.

00:36:35.520 --> 00:36:43.140 Abe Serrano: Because they want money and so these are the people that I come across so I see things that most people haven't seen yet or even heard about.

00:36:43.830 --> 00:37:01.500 Abe Serrano: And like and the bowls what it is, but it's it's fascinating to me it's like being able to be at the lab and watch these guys and that's another facet of the business just the laboratories testing, you know and government is going to be heavily involved in that.

00:37:02.520 --> 00:37:08.820 Abe Serrano: it's going to be needed and it all affects everybody down the chain of command is all the way down to you know that seed to sale.

00:37:09.390 --> 00:37:17.280 Abe Serrano: From the very beginning, so it's it's phenomenal and I, I believe that cannabis is going to see some great things in the future.

00:37:17.820 --> 00:37:35.280 Abe Serrano: And I want to be a part of it, I I like making history, and I was like and I lived through a lot of history and so i've seen a lot of things and so it's like i'm ready for this and it's it's basically to talk to people that are in the business, and I want to keep in touch with everyone.

00:37:36.090 --> 00:37:47.700 Jonny Tsunami: And, and I think part of what I want to try to achieve on the show it's about or something that we say here right, you can see it on the logo there a less tabular view but.

00:37:48.900 --> 00:37:49.350 Jonny Tsunami: You know.

00:37:50.790 --> 00:38:07.020 Jonny Tsunami: To be able to talk about these things at a dinner table at a family Barbecue on the radio on the news, whatever it may be, and to be able to speak about it in a way that it doesn't become something where people go cower in the corner or recovering people's ears.

00:38:08.040 --> 00:38:17.370 Jonny Tsunami: It has to be appreciated more, something that is really going to it, he said before, maybe in the second or first segment that we're not moving backward moving forward.

00:38:18.930 --> 00:38:23.730 Jonny Tsunami: Whether or not, and I deal a lot with artificial intelligence as well.

00:38:25.350 --> 00:38:26.820 Jonny Tsunami: And that's just one of those things like.

00:38:27.990 --> 00:38:31.110 Jonny Tsunami: That to go back into Amazon come on.

00:38:32.400 --> 00:38:38.610 Jonny Tsunami: Do you really they just released that Amazon wants to start allowing all of the Amazon devices to communicate.

00:38:39.660 --> 00:39:00.750 Jonny Tsunami: Right data is the new oil it's it is information Do you realize how much Amazon as a company is worth and when we start thinking about it in its assets sense of like real property is one thing when you start to think about it in its cloud space, the data itself is worth.

00:39:01.830 --> 00:39:11.820 Jonny Tsunami: I don't know I don't even want to venture, but the fact is, is that we're not moving backwards we're moving forward and these.

00:39:13.350 --> 00:39:18.540 Jonny Tsunami: Technology 3D printing artificial intelligence machine learning.

00:39:20.580 --> 00:39:27.840 Jonny Tsunami: 5g networks have 67 G whenever we go to the space exploration cannabis.

00:39:29.160 --> 00:39:34.500 Jonny Tsunami: alternative means of wellness I would think that as soon as a society as we evolve.

00:39:35.580 --> 00:39:36.840 Jonny Tsunami: and become more intelligent.

00:39:38.760 --> 00:39:45.270 Jonny Tsunami: We would also realize that the way that we approach medicine traditionally.

00:39:46.590 --> 00:39:48.540 Jonny Tsunami: which will be seen as a scientific approach.

00:39:49.590 --> 00:39:57.270 Jonny Tsunami: Which is not devalued, but at the same time that approach is the only way that we've been traditionally looking at getting some of these health better.

00:39:58.350 --> 00:40:03.180 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, I have a stomach ache then they're like well the doctor gave me this pill.

00:40:04.320 --> 00:40:12.990 Jonny Tsunami: And it's I don't even want to venture, how many other pills were added to that list before you know and and that's where.

00:40:13.710 --> 00:40:21.480 Jonny Tsunami: we're comfortable into accept certain things, but not others, and I think that's where I feel like this segment.

00:40:22.020 --> 00:40:27.660 Jonny Tsunami: You know, we talked a lot of business all right and honestly We keep talking about real estate business but.

00:40:28.440 --> 00:40:42.750 Jonny Tsunami: I would also want people to reach out reach out to you and learn more on a more intimate level, but I think that the part of it, also, that is important is to respect the plan for what it is, so you said now before.

00:40:43.950 --> 00:40:56.610 Jonny Tsunami: CBD is what you're on now because CBD and it's so funny because my friend has multiple friends that have hemp forms and you, you can smoke really good hemp and arm.

00:40:57.840 --> 00:41:01.440 Jonny Tsunami: feel almost the same effect and the way I mean I have friends that are.

00:41:03.420 --> 00:41:04.200 Jonny Tsunami: They they can't.

00:41:06.000 --> 00:41:14.430 Jonny Tsunami: See right and then so they enjoy it, but you were saying in the past, you did have thc tell me Come on, you got to give me some kind of story.

00:41:15.690 --> 00:41:20.130 Jonny Tsunami: Back in the past, you know and where are we still talking cali at this point.

00:41:20.730 --> 00:41:21.090 Jonny Tsunami: yeah.

00:41:21.540 --> 00:41:21.960 Well, no.

00:41:23.100 --> 00:41:38.580 Abe Serrano: No, I was in Kansas so there's like I mean they had their ship it in Mexico or you know Oregon or somewhere, I mean it's the way out there's always like by time ago it was not that great, but we thought it was.

00:41:40.620 --> 00:41:55.440 Jonny Tsunami: It was really like somebody like literally just tumbled all the way across the Midwest you're like all right well whatever you know and and it's funny when and when you look at that there's so many people that say that you know that are that have had it and.

00:41:56.550 --> 00:42:03.120 Jonny Tsunami: You know it's 20 3040 years ago and how the technology has really advanced it to a degree, where.

00:42:03.720 --> 00:42:15.540 Jonny Tsunami: somebody who may not have been some you know partaking cannabis let's say in like five years or 10 years and all of a sudden, they come back and somebody says hey try this shift from a dispensary and then they try it in there and they're just like.

00:42:17.520 --> 00:42:24.780 Jonny Tsunami: time warp you know they don't even know how they got there, so a lot at the same time.

00:42:26.460 --> 00:42:33.420 Jonny Tsunami: There is, how many people will have a tolerance to alcohol or pharmaceutical grade drugs Whatever the case may be.

00:42:34.470 --> 00:42:44.340 Jonny Tsunami: We still do know that it's it's definitely a healthier version, especially if you're not even smoking and then, once you can start to get into.

00:42:44.820 --> 00:42:51.900 Jonny Tsunami: The dosage end of it which you had said baking and edibles and the science of manufacturing, which will be getting.

00:42:52.830 --> 00:43:04.680 Jonny Tsunami: A guest coming out from special wants to just get that manufacturing license and i've met quite a few manufacturers there it's an art like anything else you have to get the right balance and.

00:43:05.790 --> 00:43:07.890 Jonny Tsunami: What people are looking for is consistency.

00:43:09.000 --> 00:43:17.100 Jonny Tsunami: Right, they want to make sure that if it's this dosage, this is what they get so and I think that's where.

00:43:18.030 --> 00:43:22.800 Jonny Tsunami: You know, we can look at it and say that's what we want to see in any kind of person who's running a business.

00:43:23.310 --> 00:43:30.420 Jonny Tsunami: We want to see that kind of consistency, not maybe not necessarily in the manufacturing sense, but if they have that real estate experience.

00:43:31.110 --> 00:43:39.390 Jonny Tsunami: or whatever kind of experience they bring to the table as somebody who's trying to be a professional getting into the cannabis space, you want to make sure all those ducks are in a row.

00:43:39.960 --> 00:43:49.770 Jonny Tsunami: So we are going to go into take a little break at the end of this segment next segment coming up, we will be in our final segment, our message or opportunity, were able tell us.

00:43:50.220 --> 00:44:00.570 Jonny Tsunami: This is what I recommend that you guys need to do before you even decide to go into something as crazy as cannabis i'm Johnny tsunami spock a Lola will be right back, are you.

00:44:06.240 --> 00:44:06.960 Education.

00:46:15.540 --> 00:46:25.470 Jonny Tsunami: Alright Hello everybody we're back at segment for planet Puck hello, a less taboo view, maybe I don't know yet i'm still half the battle with it.

00:46:26.730 --> 00:46:32.700 Jonny Tsunami: It feels good but, honestly, I told me, you know hey I like both but he did, like the colors on this one.

00:46:33.300 --> 00:46:42.600 Jonny Tsunami: So i'm starting to lean in this direction, either way it's always about budding opportunities on this show, so no pun intended.

00:46:43.200 --> 00:46:52.500 Jonny Tsunami: segment, for this is the message, or the opportunity to the audience, we talked to cannabis professionals that deal in different verticals throughout the industry.

00:46:52.890 --> 00:47:01.590 Jonny Tsunami: And we asked them their perspective right and a bus here today, and he spoke to us in detail about why real estate is.

00:47:01.920 --> 00:47:15.690 Jonny Tsunami: And I would agree with him, actually to be one of the most, if not most important aspects of structuring a proper cannabis deal So the first thing that i'd like to ask you know, a as far as when we're looking at.

00:47:17.550 --> 00:47:18.900 Jonny Tsunami: really getting into.

00:47:20.400 --> 00:47:32.910 Jonny Tsunami: A cannabis project, and you know, we know that there's different sizes smaller person who's larger person, but i'm going to speak to maybe now New Jersey there's a lot of micro licenses going out.

00:47:33.900 --> 00:47:40.320 Jonny Tsunami: So those people are you know, in your two to $5 million range, depending on how they want to outfit that.

00:47:41.790 --> 00:47:51.660 Jonny Tsunami: What would you recommend are the first steps somebody should take if they were looking to you know approach you or a pro cannabis deal.

00:47:53.400 --> 00:48:00.360 Abe Serrano: You know it's good to have a business plan, I would say that's where you start you got to have your plan together.

00:48:01.380 --> 00:48:19.320 Abe Serrano: You have your team, very important to have a good qualified team, you know there's people that are qualified that don't have credentials like you said they've been grown for 1520 years, and you know they've they've gone through the whole you know you know illegal to great the legal market.

00:48:20.610 --> 00:48:35.370 Abe Serrano: I have a nephew that is in that same situation he's retired now because of health but there's you know many people in that segment that are good qualified rollers and personnel or the team.

00:48:36.510 --> 00:48:47.640 Abe Serrano: That lends credibility, even though they don't have the official license or they're not you know from the labs or anything like that it's good to have people like that.

00:48:48.210 --> 00:49:03.720 Abe Serrano: That you want to build up your team so very important to have a good plan and good team have a project, you know, have an idea where you're headed it's like it's like everything you know planning your work and then work your plan right so that's how you would.

00:49:04.590 --> 00:49:16.680 Jonny Tsunami: Well, so okay so like Now let me get a little deeper into the New Jersey aspect of it but i'm only saying this because we all know that the States are mimicking each other right, and you know from the West Coast actually have a more.

00:49:18.150 --> 00:49:21.990 Jonny Tsunami: mature version of that because you've seen a State go through the whole process.

00:49:23.220 --> 00:49:37.770 Jonny Tsunami: So a micro license right now the big talk is, and I mean zero cultivation let's just talk i'm getting a micro license just the right to distribute right no growing know manufacturing.

00:49:38.910 --> 00:49:51.870 Jonny Tsunami: Maybe a delivery license but let's not even put that in there, so thinking in the real estate sense, what would probably be the message, or the opportunity for somebody in New Jersey was looking at micro lice real estate.

00:49:52.200 --> 00:50:02.520 Abe Serrano: The what what i'm seeing a lot of is they come to me, and they say they and it's a misconception, and they feel like they can get a license.

00:50:03.030 --> 00:50:09.930 Abe Serrano: They don't have any money, though they know they have a dream, they have an idea that they don't have their business plan so they've got to start somewhere.

00:50:10.440 --> 00:50:18.750 Abe Serrano: So there's two places the business plan pitch deck is what we call it now and then they perform a you know how you gonna be able to pay it back.

00:50:19.500 --> 00:50:30.960 Abe Serrano: And then the most important thing is credit, you know to you need seed capital, in other words, so I show and have done this and all kinds of businesses in the past, is how them how to show the.

00:50:32.010 --> 00:50:40.680 Abe Serrano: clients, how to get money seed capital they need money for that applications anybody, so you got to start your corporation, you need money for that so.

00:50:40.950 --> 00:50:50.700 Abe Serrano: got to start somewhere, you know so it's okay to go out to family, friends, but that runs out and only gets you so far, so I always tell people build up your business credit.

00:50:51.960 --> 00:50:58.830 Abe Serrano: And i've studied that many years, myself and i've done that now, I have people that helped me do that, so you build up your business credit.

00:50:59.280 --> 00:51:06.270 Abe Serrano: You get business lines of credit to do some of that seed capital which you don't want to do is is start giving away equity.

00:51:06.930 --> 00:51:14.490 Abe Serrano: And that's what these angel investors are doing they're taking your equity and so I advise people all the time it's like real estate.

00:51:14.820 --> 00:51:28.350 Abe Serrano: And there's things you don't want to do you don't want to start giving equity away early on in the venture is that, then you start you'll end up working for somebody else and that's not what we're in we're in it to russ and he's self employed.

00:51:29.070 --> 00:51:36.150 Jonny Tsunami: Let me ask you a question on the flip side that is it worth it, to give equity to a partner that brings value to the table.

00:51:37.290 --> 00:51:48.120 Abe Serrano: Yes, it is, in some cases, and we say it's you and a buddy and you've got ideas together you've got the business side and he's got the operational side.

00:51:48.600 --> 00:52:01.980 Abe Serrano: Those are the two sides of the business that it takes in any business and i've been in business, many times and there again financial so you have to you can hire that but somebody that's good and giving the.

00:52:03.240 --> 00:52:07.080 Abe Serrano: it'll take care of the operation is very vital so the day to day.

00:52:08.130 --> 00:52:14.190 Abe Serrano: And the creativity is the business side to be able to make sure all paperwork is done in state legal everything's got to be.

00:52:14.580 --> 00:52:23.910 Abe Serrano: The takes two sides it's like a marriage, almost you don't have that partnership or it's very difficult because i've tried to do it myself to run both sides.

00:52:24.330 --> 00:52:38.160 Abe Serrano: With help but it's almost impossible, you need a good relationship that's what the team is full you can delegate some of that out and have people help you in areas that you can't do everything you can wear all the hats and they get success.

00:52:39.030 --> 00:52:49.590 Jonny Tsunami: Thank you amy, thank you for drawing because dealing with consulting I have and I don't do any outbound marketing for anybody I don't reach out to anybody.

00:52:50.670 --> 00:52:51.330 Jonny Tsunami: I don't want that.

00:52:53.070 --> 00:52:55.890 Jonny Tsunami: People come to me and I shoot him straight.

00:52:56.940 --> 00:52:58.140 Jonny Tsunami: And this is what it is.

00:52:59.160 --> 00:53:11.730 Jonny Tsunami: But if you have money i'm going to play the flip side right because let's say you're building Kathy you're backing the capital of real estate but let's just say in the opposite end, I have a client who comes to me and says.

00:53:12.840 --> 00:53:13.500 i've got money.

00:53:14.940 --> 00:53:16.740 Jonny Tsunami: it's nice i'm a doctor.

00:53:17.940 --> 00:53:18.510 that's great.

00:53:19.530 --> 00:53:23.400 Are you a doctor of cannabis now Do you know anything about it.

00:53:25.230 --> 00:53:28.980 Jonny Tsunami: Oh, do you have your you have 10 offices, you have tons of real estate that's great.

00:53:30.390 --> 00:53:30.750 But.

00:53:32.070 --> 00:53:36.600 Just because you know how to give somebody a prescription for a drug isn't mean you know anything about Canada.

00:53:37.830 --> 00:53:40.410 Jonny Tsunami: or real estate or.

00:53:41.610 --> 00:53:49.530 Jonny Tsunami: payroll well, maybe depending on if you handle your own payroll which problem so to me it's like.

00:53:50.730 --> 00:54:01.380 Jonny Tsunami: You come across people on both sides one they have no money and they want to be part of it, but they're very passionate and then you have people that have a bunch of money, but you know they think that they know everything, because they have money and.

00:54:01.950 --> 00:54:17.220 Jonny Tsunami: They de facto should just be granted this situation and then all of a sudden, you have to smack them and say Oh, welcome to reality there's other things coming on and there's other powers that be i'm speaking in the more of legislative sense that you.

00:54:18.510 --> 00:54:24.150 Jonny Tsunami: You better have the right people in your pocket, if you want to get a license that's a whole nother story in relation to real estate.

00:54:24.990 --> 00:54:37.350 Jonny Tsunami: So I think it's very important to to also differentiate that and let people know that but, again, it brings us back to the beginning, which is why real estate in general isn't bad.

00:54:38.490 --> 00:54:44.970 Jonny Tsunami: You know it at the end of the day, even if that because there's people that will purchase real estate.

00:54:45.870 --> 00:54:53.580 Jonny Tsunami: Assuming that they think that they're going to be able to operate a license in that town either they don't get granted the paper.

00:54:54.210 --> 00:55:09.390 Jonny Tsunami: They don't get the license and now they have a property that they can't do anything with or the town, which is, as we all know, it's based on the individual municipality to vote whether they would agree to putting the property and the zoning on it xyz.

00:55:10.500 --> 00:55:16.980 Jonny Tsunami: And you go when you buy a property in a town that hasn't even officially said that they would even do it now you have a property that What do you do with that.

00:55:17.910 --> 00:55:25.410 Jonny Tsunami: So, to have someone like you to look at it in that perspective as just real estate and say you know, and I am.

00:55:25.950 --> 00:55:34.380 Jonny Tsunami: i'm very, as I said, very intrigued by the real estate, in the sense that say that well let's not look at this as just cannabis real estate let's look at this as.

00:55:34.920 --> 00:55:44.820 Jonny Tsunami: Real Estate that is real estate and the value of it as far as what it stands as a real property sitting xyz and then, when you look at it in that perspective.

00:55:46.380 --> 00:55:59.970 Jonny Tsunami: It helps the parties it'd be that are getting involved that might be throwing their own money in, or whether it's coming from a another alternate source and equity fund or whatever it's coming from they feel more comfortable, why is based on real estate.

00:56:01.380 --> 00:56:06.960 Jonny Tsunami: And that's where we are today, so as far as that goes um.

00:56:07.980 --> 00:56:21.060 Jonny Tsunami: A I really do want to say that this was a wonderful episode, I really appreciate you coming out or coming on zoom land and and hanging out with us at planet pocket oh low low, is there any final messages that you want to give to the audience.

00:56:22.170 --> 00:56:30.120 Abe Serrano: No, I just you know, encourage everybody to get involved and it's like I tell people get in where you fit in.

00:56:30.720 --> 00:56:39.270 Abe Serrano: And own and don't don't hold yourself back you know just get out there, learn it's okay to make mistakes, if you're not making mistakes you're.

00:56:39.930 --> 00:56:47.970 Abe Serrano: Not doing anything so that's how i've gotten to where i'm at you know it's like and I made my share, and I just encourage don't.

00:56:48.900 --> 00:57:01.620 Abe Serrano: don't just wait it going and don't because team up with somebody learn, you know that's education is so important, but now I wish everybody, the best, and you know i'm here to help if that's possible.

00:57:02.700 --> 00:57:06.120 Abe Serrano: And again, I give him my phone number to better know how to get old.

00:57:07.530 --> 00:57:09.480 Jonny Tsunami: Give it send it out shoot it out.

00:57:10.050 --> 00:57:29.100 Abe Serrano: In California 818-200-8067 that's my cell phone I pick up my own phone I usually take everything by appointment and i'm also on linkedin so you can reach me there, so they call me the master connector and linkedin so I connect people if you need something i'm here to help.

00:57:29.910 --> 00:57:35.010 Jonny Tsunami: Honestly, looking at this photo do you look like the master semi he's.

00:57:36.750 --> 00:57:53.070 Jonny Tsunami: A very much this is planet Popolo I am Johnny tsunami another episode in the bank respect the cannabis love the cannabis and let us move on, have a great evening everybody, please.

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