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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/25 - The Business of Acting II & Concert Promotion

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/25 - The Business of Acting II & Concert Promotion


2021/05/25 - The Business of Acting II & Concert Promotion

[NEW EPISODE] The Business of Acting II & Concert Promotion

I live a very unique life as an actor and a businessman. This week we continue the discussion of how I have navigated the acting world over the last 10 years.

From living out of my car for 18-months to booking over 150 commercials (no extra work) and numerous National TV and Feature Film roles. I treat my career as a business and these same principles apply to most businesses.

Many lessons were carried over from my 20+ years as a high-level college NCAA Division I Head Coach One of the three companies I own is a concert production and promotion company. We do live music and performing arts concerts at venues around the country. It is a very unique business and high risk.

I will touch on some of the issues we face on the music scene as we emerge from the pandemic.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

If you’re an actor you have to update your casting network profile, which is not always an easy task. Kevin has noticed many people asking how you connect all your profiles. He tells you a simple way to do this. When managing these profiles, Kevin encourages you to also consider what your brand is and how people perceive you. Kevin once believed that the world perceived his one way only to learn that it was the opposite. It was when he understood this that he got a better sense of what roles people would find more believable.

Segment 2

You have to run your career like a business and project positivity to move your career forward. One thing Kevin tries to do in terms of branding is when he is auditioning, if the style of dress is not specified, Kevin will wear the exact same outfit. Often these auditions are performed by the same casting agencies and directors so he wants to be consistent and memorable. A lot of actors inevitably make sacrifices for their survival jobs and are unable to put the time in to launching their acting career. For him that meant remaining fit. Kevin tells a story about a very humbling moment he experienced at an audition.

Segment 3

Kevin had to restart his life after the end of his coaching career. In order to remain motivated Kevin reminded himself that life is at least a two act play. You need to be fearless and go all in because this is your life. Coming out of this pandemic, Kevin is preparing for the changes in the entertainment industry as we emerge from the pandemic. At the beginning Kevin believed that something big must have been happening when the NCAA cancelled March Madness. Once the world shut down the bills unfortunately were still coming in for vendors.

Segment 4

As a promoter or a vendor you take on a lot of risk with each event you host. It is currently unclear what concerts will look like in the future due to the varying response from states and the way people feel about going out. If there is a low turnout, there is a chance that a profit will not be made. Kevin notes that artists will likely be making less now as well to compensate for less money potentially coming in from ticket sales and the concession stand. Next week Kevin will talk more about the changes in this industry.


00:00:28.080 --> 00:00:35.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk XO i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or.

00:00:36.150 --> 00:00:49.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Watch me on Facebook on Facebook COM slash talk radio nyc all just one word and welcome back to the fourth fourth week to the fourth edition of coffee talk and last week.

00:00:50.790 --> 00:01:03.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: highly successful like the viewership and the listenership continues to build and that's exciting visit been such a long time since I had my other show and it's great to see a lot of people.

00:01:03.450 --> 00:01:21.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That listen back then listening now and then, of course, a lot of people is as well, but i'm here every Tuesday nights at eight o'clock Eastern and just thankful everybody's joining me crazy week, this week, if you're an actor and I know that a lot of people listening or watching our actors.

00:01:22.230 --> 00:01:32.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unless you've been living under a rock you realize that you have to update your casting networks profile and.

00:01:34.170 --> 00:01:45.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: not the easiest thing in the world to do, you would think it'd be easy, but this is, this is not your grandfather's casting networks Okay, so one thing that I.

00:01:45.660 --> 00:01:59.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was kind of circulating on the Facebook on the Facebook groups for actors and Twitter and whatnot people were having a question about I actually stumbled on the answer to and i'm going to give you the answer to the question what it is, is.

00:02:02.130 --> 00:02:10.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you are acting in more than one area so like somebody like myself who I opened myself up to acting anywhere in the country so i've.

00:02:11.400 --> 00:02:28.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've auditioned and shot things in La your Seattle Denver everywhere in between, and so casting networks, as you know, if you're an actor, you can choose what area that you receive the casting notices.

00:02:29.550 --> 00:02:38.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can have more than one, so you can have more than one profile and somebody like me as well, I have multiple agencies that i'm with so I have.

00:02:39.420 --> 00:02:58.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A New York agency, I have philly I have Charlotte I have Florida Miami Orlando, I have my la agent, and they all have their own casting network profile, so that they can submit me for the casting calls to come into them they don't go out to the general public, like.

00:02:59.640 --> 00:03:03.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like the open calls or whatever it is so anyway, the question was.

00:03:04.890 --> 00:03:08.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we couldn't figure this out a lot of people couldn't figure it out was how do you connect all your.

00:03:10.290 --> 00:03:19.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: profiles, because once you log in you're only able to log in with one email, and then, when, and then there was no other options.

00:03:20.610 --> 00:03:30.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: here's what you do so if you had a casting networks if you had more than one, then you would have had more than one username.

00:03:31.200 --> 00:03:44.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So my username was just my username and then I had the neck, then I had multiple ones after that so it's like my username and the number one username number two cetera et cetera login with one of the additional.

00:03:45.420 --> 00:03:46.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Other.

00:03:47.250 --> 00:03:56.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: usernames that you have and it's automatically going to populate so that you can go through and connect all of your profile, so if you're an actor.

00:03:57.060 --> 00:04:06.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I know a lot of actors are watching this listening to this that's how you do it just logging on one of the other ones, so, and one thing you got to keep in mind too.

00:04:06.900 --> 00:04:24.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I I went through my luckily I took the time do usually listen i'm a really hard working guy I work or I you know, I have three companies to run and I got my acting career and I got my my my my cat rescue Rockies rescue.

00:04:25.530 --> 00:04:35.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I got a lot of things going on and so i'm a hard worker, but every once in a while i'll get lazy about something that's just that's just a glitch a.

00:04:36.210 --> 00:04:46.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: glitch in my personality, or a tick and sometimes sometimes things that I don't perceive to be important, I just kind of skim over kind of you know.

00:04:47.790 --> 00:04:50.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man look at, so to speak, and so.

00:04:51.600 --> 00:04:52.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um.

00:04:53.340 --> 00:05:02.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of the things I normally would just man look at is going down and through my profile on casting networks and finding out.

00:05:03.570 --> 00:05:18.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know all the different things like your credits and I like I said, well, I realized, as I went down it automatically had changed to a default on your settings so as you're going through on your settings.

00:05:19.890 --> 00:05:23.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You want to you want to make sure that everything is the way that you want it so like with me.

00:05:24.630 --> 00:05:26.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of the things on casting networks is sure.

00:05:28.260 --> 00:05:28.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your.

00:05:30.090 --> 00:05:41.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: facial here, and so it lists that i'm willing to have i'm willing to be clean shaven i'm willing to have a mustache i'm willing to have a goatee i'm willing to have a full beard.

00:05:42.270 --> 00:05:47.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But one thing for the men, one of the one of the items, there is, are you willing to shave.

00:05:49.410 --> 00:05:51.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or are you willing to grow out.

00:05:52.200 --> 00:06:06.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your facial here to fit the role and the default, for that is no apparently and I am i've run out my beard for movies have grown out or i've been clean shaven for TV or commercials you know.

00:06:07.320 --> 00:06:19.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As a guy, and this is tough, though this I don't blame anybody who doesn't want to shave first of all because you know and we're going to talk a little bit more about branding.

00:06:20.430 --> 00:06:27.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know and branding myself branding me as a career me as an actor, a big part of that branding is.

00:06:29.010 --> 00:06:35.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Honestly it's my goatee and, as a matter of fact, through i've probably been on.

00:06:37.020 --> 00:06:44.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No exaggeration, I think that i've done probably 4000 audition since I became an actor almost 10 years ago.

00:06:46.410 --> 00:06:59.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe even more at least 3000 probably 4000 audition I don't even get nervous right but, more often than not, and I would say, like 90% of the time when I get a call.

00:06:59.580 --> 00:07:20.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For either a call back or to be put on hold or permit them to book me nine times out of 10 they asked me do you still have to go to, and so I normally just wear the goatee now somebody wants me to be clean shaven because my brand This is my brand this look right here um.

00:07:21.300 --> 00:07:31.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They had to pay for me to shave not going to shave for free, so if if they're not because the problem, then, is i'm suddenly not going to look like my headshot for like.

00:07:32.670 --> 00:07:43.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At least 10 days to I mean to cultivate this man, it takes minimum three weeks to get it back to the exact style that I have in it and so uh.

00:07:44.640 --> 00:07:50.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's a question for guys make sure that you go through and and you check that so getting back to.

00:07:51.240 --> 00:08:01.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just the branding and reader's digest version what we talked about last week so last week to talk about how I had this whole other career.

00:08:02.490 --> 00:08:19.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it was my entire life and and I was, I was lucky enough to be really successful at it and and made a name for myself, you know around the country and got to travel world and everything else, and then things went belly up my own my own fault screwed it up.

00:08:20.880 --> 00:08:33.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And rock bottom, you know 40 years old, obviously you got it you got to find something else to do, and so what I did and readers it, you can go back and watch last week's episode right here on Facebook, but.

00:08:34.800 --> 00:08:43.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I moved to New York City took a chance on myself, starting from dead scratch living out of my car and built up.

00:08:44.010 --> 00:08:53.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: An acting career over the last you know, almost a decade now to where i've you know done, I have agencies all over the country you know i've been fortunate enough to do.

00:08:54.030 --> 00:09:00.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Hundreds of gigs and over 100 commercials almost hundred 50 commercials and things like this, so.

00:09:00.990 --> 00:09:13.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But one of the things we were talking about is just taking a chance and going on in, and this is this is this isn't just acting is acting this coaching so I know a lot of coaches watch the show.

00:09:15.780 --> 00:09:18.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From my coaching career and.

00:09:19.230 --> 00:09:20.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And just business in general.

00:09:22.380 --> 00:09:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A big part of moving your career ahead moving your businesses head is the branding.

00:09:31.200 --> 00:09:41.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What makes you different than everybody else, what makes your company stand out what makes you as a coach stand out What do people perceive you to be.

00:09:43.020 --> 00:09:52.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What do people say about you when you're not around because that's that's what's really circulating is what kind of a perception, do you have and what makes you memorable.

00:09:54.690 --> 00:09:55.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:09:57.060 --> 00:10:02.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think I don't think I know this is lost on a lot of people, I know that it was lost on me.

00:10:03.570 --> 00:10:06.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For years, and it was.

00:10:07.890 --> 00:10:21.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It ultimately led to my own demise was the fact that I wasn't conscious of what my brand was as a coach and what I mean by that is.

00:10:22.050 --> 00:10:34.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had an idea in my head what I thought that people thought of me I had an idea of what kind of perception, I was giving to the coaching world and to the world of athletics.

00:10:36.000 --> 00:10:37.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And let me tell you some.

00:10:39.060 --> 00:10:47.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: huge difference between the way that I thought that I was perceived and the actual perception that I gave on.

00:10:48.480 --> 00:11:00.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And unfortunately for me or fortunately I guess, because obviously my life turned out, you know great but uh but, unfortunately, for that career or that chunk of my life.

00:11:02.400 --> 00:11:19.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wasn't spending enough time being conscious of the brand that I was putting out there, you know I thought that people looked at me as a man he's a really great coach you know, he said, all these great teams yada yada nice guy funny etc, etc, in reality.

00:11:21.390 --> 00:11:22.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or your.

00:11:23.760 --> 00:11:32.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe a drunk you know womanizer you know cost is too much you know all of these things are worth it was a perception.

00:11:33.600 --> 00:11:42.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That I was giving off whether it was true or not didn't matter, because at the end of the day, people don't care about the truth and you'll hear me say that lots of times.

00:11:43.110 --> 00:11:53.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: People don't care about what they care about is perception is it believable when I see this person, what do I think when I hear this person's name, where do I think and so.

00:11:54.840 --> 00:12:06.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: actors and any businessman or any coach as you're moving forward, you have to be conscious about what is your brand what kind of perception you're putting out there.

00:12:06.690 --> 00:12:16.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're going to talk about that, when we get back from the first commercial break here on Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:15:11.640 --> 00:15:23.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody to coffee talk so i'm giving barbro and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching us live right now on slash talk radio nyc all one word.

00:15:24.480 --> 00:15:46.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we are talking about branding and the perception that you give off whether it's as a business as a coach as an actor, whatever it is that that that you do whatever your career is, you have to run your career, like its own business and just like.

00:15:48.120 --> 00:15:49.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to create.

00:15:50.430 --> 00:15:57.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A a sense about yourself that that the perception that you give off is positive, obviously.

00:15:58.230 --> 00:16:09.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unless your goal is to not be successful, the goal is that, for there to be a positive vibe about you and a positive perception about you and, through your branding of who you are, how you act.

00:16:10.200 --> 00:16:18.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How, you are perceived by people, then this is how you're going to help move your career forward, and this is something I was very conscious about.

00:16:19.080 --> 00:16:38.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As I started my second chapter of life, because the first chapter ended in tragedy, you know self destruction and homelessness and you know losing everything and then having to literally start from scratch, and so, when I was starting from scratch, I basically said hey.

00:16:40.020 --> 00:16:41.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's myself, obviously.

00:16:42.510 --> 00:16:51.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I need to be conscious about who I really am, and this has to adapt over time so like as an actor.

00:16:52.140 --> 00:17:03.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As an example, as I mentioned earlier, my goatee my goatee as part of my branding how I look, obviously I am my own, you know trademark, I guess, we want to put it.

00:17:04.320 --> 00:17:20.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so what I tried to do is I try to always keep unless i'm preparing for a role, I tried to keep the same physical appearance all the time, because that way i'm memorable and I see a lot of actors that.

00:17:22.140 --> 00:17:40.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: listen more power to you know if you're booking gigs awesome man, but if if you are constantly changing your appearance you're going to be kind of hit or miss on when it comes time to do these auditions and, like, for me, because i'm mostly commercial like mostly commercial actor.

00:17:41.670 --> 00:17:42.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know i'm doing.

00:17:43.860 --> 00:17:52.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It right now I mean I did I think a line say i've already done six slots additions this week it's only Tuesday, and so, but the one thing that I tried to do.

00:17:53.940 --> 00:18:05.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In terms of the branding of who I am is that when I do an audition unless they asked me to wear something specific so sometimes you'll get the sides.

00:18:06.390 --> 00:18:21.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you'll you'll you'll get the taping instructions and it will say that they wanted upscale or they they want to refined you are but or they want to date, they want to working class or whatever it is, if it doesn't say anything.

00:18:23.010 --> 00:18:31.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then, what I do and it works for me I don't know if it would work for other people, but you know it's part of my brand brought forth I am.

00:18:32.640 --> 00:18:44.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I do all my auditions in the same exact outfit and you're looking at it right now, if you're watching me on Facebook, this is what I audition in I would say 90% of the time.

00:18:45.330 --> 00:19:02.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Playing black fitted T shirt I have the same I I do my auditions to the same exact spot I am right now, I have a plane background behind me, I have invested because we talked last week you got to invest in yourself I invested in making sure that I have.

00:19:03.240 --> 00:19:17.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A great camera I, and I invested in ring lights because Hello you got to make sure that you've got good lighting, so I have my own studio set up your and so, and the reason why I do that.

00:19:18.270 --> 00:19:30.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is the same exact reason why, when I see red and gold I think mcdonald's when I see you know purple and white, I think fedex so.

00:19:32.730 --> 00:19:36.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because i'm doing a lot of auditions.

00:19:37.470 --> 00:19:47.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a lot of times it's the same casting companies, the same casting directors, because they have a lot of clients so i'm in front of.

00:19:48.990 --> 00:20:06.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I could, I could probably name off six or seven casting directors or casting agencies that i'm in front of probably once a week and, for me, I want there to be this consistent brand about myself when they when they see me because that first round of auditions.

00:20:07.770 --> 00:20:10.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I mean that's the make it or break it really I mean you're.

00:20:11.400 --> 00:20:18.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just like with anybody in any business you got about i'd say 1015 seconds.

00:20:19.530 --> 00:20:27.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they've already made their decision about 10 or 15 seconds, the other 45 seconds of your minute long audition is either to screw it up.

00:20:28.320 --> 00:20:36.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or to just validate what their initial feeling was Okay, and so that first round of auditions.

00:20:36.570 --> 00:20:43.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of times the casting directors, have a lot more to say a lot more advice to give to their clients on that first round.

00:20:43.920 --> 00:20:48.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Then, when it comes to the actual booking because at the end of the day, you're going to get you're going to get booked or you're not going to get booked.

00:20:49.290 --> 00:21:00.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you need to get you you got to be in the game in order to get bored and a big part of that is when you audition you've got a casting director that sitting there with their client.

00:21:01.140 --> 00:21:11.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's like oh this Kevin Barbara he's been in front of us a lot of times he's booked a lot of gigs with us very professional you know, this is, you know he's willing to shave whatever it is.

00:21:12.480 --> 00:21:24.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So when they see my audition once they asked for some specific, this is exactly what they see every time and then I just act out whatever it is that I got to act out but it's a consistent brand for myself.

00:21:25.260 --> 00:21:37.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And like I said, maybe it doesn't work for everybody, but it is part of this overall perception and the other thing too is like I said last week, making sure that I always look like my headshot.

00:21:38.520 --> 00:21:43.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a big part of that is making sure that i'm staying on top of of my hair make sure there's groomed.

00:21:44.190 --> 00:22:03.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that is cut because cut tell you, but I didn't really get all this when I first got into acting because you know, obviously, keep an acting from scratch, you know, and I remember going on an audition one time I forget what it was, for, but it was in New York City and I had kind of so.

00:22:04.260 --> 00:22:10.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had a survival job and my survival job was I was driving black car service my buddies.

00:22:11.970 --> 00:22:18.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Black car limousine service and and I was working at it cat rescue anyway.

00:22:20.190 --> 00:22:28.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And this is this actually led to me starting my own companies one company, and then it branched off became companies, but a.

00:22:29.400 --> 00:22:45.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: big thing was that, when I had my survival job and a lot of actors in New York, they get sucked into this or a lot of artists in general, you get sucked into you need to eat right, you need the money you need the survival job that's what's keeping you going to paying your rent.

00:22:46.590 --> 00:22:54.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what ends up happening inevitably this happens, everybody happy to meet happens every you start making sacrifices.

00:22:55.980 --> 00:23:03.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For the survival job and what you're sacrificing is your own dream your own goals your own career.

00:23:04.260 --> 00:23:12.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because you keep your it's this vicious cycle you just keep going it's like well I, I have to make the sacrifice I you know and you're missing auditions or you're.

00:23:13.830 --> 00:23:27.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know you're not able to put the time in and and really a big part of me and my branding is making sure that i'm always fit and making sure you know, I say that I look a certain way, well, I can tell you, like me, like five years ago, I had a real.

00:23:29.190 --> 00:23:34.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A real humbling awakening you know, like I I was in.

00:23:35.400 --> 00:23:49.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was twofold one was I went to an audition and like I said I don't remember what it was, but it's irrelevant, because what happened was as soon as I walked in there, the girl who was casting said oh.

00:23:51.090 --> 00:23:52.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't look like your headshot.

00:23:53.790 --> 00:24:01.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I I didn't even know what to say, because in my head, I thought that I did you know I mean.

00:24:03.690 --> 00:24:14.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The way I perceive myself was obviously way different than what was the real reality of it and and my only response was yeah I do.

00:24:14.730 --> 00:24:28.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But what else, am I gonna say you know no it's me, you know, but I kind of let myself go, you know I kind of you know, gain probably 15 balance, because I was just constantly you know.

00:24:29.040 --> 00:24:45.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: making sacrifices wasn't working out as much my hair gotten long, and you know I wasn't keeping up with it and and these kinds of things and so that was kind of the first kicker, then the other kick was up, I was dating I was dating an ex girlfriend.

00:24:46.470 --> 00:24:57.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: who lived in another state, and I went to visit now she was younger than me, of course, anybody that knows my story man knows I primarily do younger women whatever.

00:24:58.410 --> 00:25:17.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm an actor man right so anyway i'm visiting her and we go to a concert right we go to this concert and we're it's general admission so we're just got a package and we're kind of show that in pushing and I mean i'm actually you know i'm kind of a.

00:25:18.300 --> 00:25:28.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know what the right word is but I i'm a nice guy, of course, but I mean I can be assertive if I need to and i'm not afraid of confrontation.

00:25:29.160 --> 00:25:41.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so we ended up I ended up kind of getting in like a little bit of an argument with with this person because they just you know constantly running into us or whatever so anyway.

00:25:41.670 --> 00:25:53.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: long story short, the girl says something that man it hit like a dagger and she turned to my girlfriend at the time and said.

00:25:54.570 --> 00:25:56.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She says what did you.

00:25:57.630 --> 00:26:07.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She says what did you bring your dad oh yeah i'd be like I can't even tell you like how brutal that.

00:26:08.430 --> 00:26:09.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So anyway.

00:26:11.490 --> 00:26:21.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That coupled with right along that same time I you know I end up having this I usually say I don't look like my head shot so, then I had to completely rethink about.

00:26:23.580 --> 00:26:38.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What am I, I mean what what perception of my giving up what is my brand you know what what I because I have to start really focusing on running my my life as a business and.

00:26:38.730 --> 00:26:49.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One big Board of that was you know, obviously just working hard getting back in shape and and and actually I had actually invested in.

00:26:51.000 --> 00:26:58.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Getting somebody to give me advice in terms of my look and we can talk about this in a minute, when we come back, but.

00:26:59.040 --> 00:27:06.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that this is important, I think it's important if you're just a businessman, you need to find somebody to help you, with your branding.

00:27:06.960 --> 00:27:22.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All right, as a coach you need to have coaches that you respect that that aren't afraid to tell you the truth, right and I tell you which one here, we all got plenty of those people, so I actually invest, and I say you know what.

00:27:24.510 --> 00:27:27.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What would be the best version of me physically.

00:27:28.440 --> 00:27:44.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And how can I achieve that, and that was probably the best money i've ever spent was on figuring that out i'll talk more about it in a minute on given Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:30:30.180 --> 00:30:37.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin bar road you're listening on talk radio dot nyc.

00:30:37.800 --> 00:30:50.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just a quick plug if you want to follow me on other forms of social media, you can always follow me on instagram at Kevin bobrow acting or you can follow me on Twitter at just barbro acting.

00:30:51.540 --> 00:30:58.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: where you can follow me on Facebook just type in Kevin barbro or Kevin Barbara productions and you'd be able to link in like the fan page and.

00:30:59.580 --> 00:31:06.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That we can always keep updated on what's going on in in my role, not just my acting career, but also my.

00:31:07.110 --> 00:31:11.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: production company my concert production company we're going to talk a little bit about music industry here in a minute.

00:31:12.300 --> 00:31:20.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or my live event sports company called kb sports or Rockies rescue and my mind trap neuter release Program.

00:31:21.060 --> 00:31:32.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so follow me on social media and you'll be kept up to speed here and then join me every Tuesday night of course at eight o'clock but getting back to the whole branding and investing in yourself.

00:31:33.750 --> 00:31:34.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know.

00:31:36.210 --> 00:31:40.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had to restart my life, I had to restart from scratch.

00:31:42.750 --> 00:31:46.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had built up such a great career in coaching.

00:31:48.060 --> 00:32:03.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it all came tumbling down my own fall, as I mentioned a million times and I can be honest with myself and take 100% responsibility for it, ending and having to start from scratch.

00:32:04.560 --> 00:32:13.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The thing that motivated me the most because a lot of people are faced with adversity, I mean we're coming out of a pandemic man world is faced with adversity.

00:32:14.430 --> 00:32:26.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of companies have shut down a lot of businesses have shut down people lost their jobs, whether it's from the pandemic or or just life in general, I mean people all the time after restart their life.

00:32:27.810 --> 00:32:28.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:32:30.390 --> 00:32:31.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What do you do.

00:32:32.490 --> 00:32:39.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How you going to accomplish this because your whole life you've only done this other thing, whatever that is well for me.

00:32:40.830 --> 00:33:00.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What motivated me all the time, was the fact that I told myself that let's life is a to act place, sometimes even more than life is at least the to play, and you need to approach each day and approach your new career, or what you would like to do with this.

00:33:01.770 --> 00:33:11.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This controlled chaos this reckless abandon but you're you got to be fearless you have to be fearless you have to go all in.

00:33:12.750 --> 00:33:17.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can't halfway it because it's your life and no one is going to.

00:33:19.230 --> 00:33:28.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: care about you more than you, you know, so you you the thing that motivated me every day was I wasn't going to be defined by my worst one.

00:33:29.430 --> 00:33:42.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was going to be judged in life by the body of work that I present after the full lifetime and i'll be judged based on that and every day.

00:33:43.440 --> 00:33:50.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As I move forward in all of my businesses, and in my acting career i'm very conscious of the perception that I give them.

00:33:51.570 --> 00:34:06.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What is my brand who are you every business, you should be thinking this and you know, like I said I ain't investment you can't be a frequent visitor, so I invested in a meeting with a stylist.

00:34:07.560 --> 00:34:26.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Right, I mean at the end of the day, i've got to be appealing I gotta have curb appeal, and you know, one of the questions that I had because I I see as an example, I see actors, all the time male actors that particularly male actors that are my age they're middle aged or more.

00:34:27.600 --> 00:34:29.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they die they're here.

00:34:31.080 --> 00:34:33.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: bro I mean I.

00:34:34.080 --> 00:34:51.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't judge people manny that's where you want to roll this we were on role, but in my opinion, is just my opinion you have to embrace who you are embrace that you know embrace the grey baby right because you are that old and know you're not fooling anybody.

00:34:52.560 --> 00:35:00.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: By dying your hair jet black, not a single Gray here and you're 60 something years old, it just ain't gonna happen, you know so.

00:35:01.110 --> 00:35:07.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Things like this because I asked style, so what you know i'm starting to get a little Gray, what do you think let it go.

00:35:08.340 --> 00:35:25.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just like let it go man, I mean it is, it is who you are embrace it, you know so anyway moving forward and and we'll touch more on these things in coming weeks, as I want to start talking about one of the other aspects of my life which music industry.

00:35:26.700 --> 00:35:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and coming out of the pandemic and whatnot but.

00:35:30.960 --> 00:35:33.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My advice to anybody go for it.

00:35:34.530 --> 00:35:41.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: challenge yourself believe in yourself gamble on yourself don't be afraid of failure because.

00:35:42.210 --> 00:35:50.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're probably going to fail, that for me i'm not gonna i'm not going again to go to be your your fail, a lot, but you know Those are the things you're going to remember you remember the winds.

00:35:50.610 --> 00:35:58.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But talking about the music industry because I own Kevin Barbara productions given Barbara productions is a live.

00:35:59.670 --> 00:36:22.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: event company and we specialize are two branches kb productions which specializes in live music or performing arts and then kb sports, which obviously specializes in in athletics okay so right now we are coming out of the pandemic with the music industry and.

00:36:24.300 --> 00:36:37.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I tell you a little story about where i'm at because I know that I have musicians and artists typically musicians that and other agents and and promoters that listen to the show one of the things that.

00:36:38.700 --> 00:36:40.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We have to understand.

00:36:41.760 --> 00:36:44.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the music industry right now is that.

00:36:46.110 --> 00:36:47.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're all in this together.

00:36:48.480 --> 00:36:57.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's got to be a lot of give and take here Otherwise, what did we learn it all from the pandemic, you know.

00:36:58.980 --> 00:37:14.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll tell you what happened so back in March to 2020 this is when obviously the old world shut down, we were we were getting ready to do a concert at the royal palace in Texas, which my company helps to run with the manson family.

00:37:15.720 --> 00:37:26.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it was I want to say was the Monday of concert week, so we were supposed to have a concert, on Friday, the 13th okay.

00:37:27.690 --> 00:37:28.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:37:29.850 --> 00:37:32.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On Monday or Tuesday of that week.

00:37:33.240 --> 00:37:38.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now ticket sales have been going slow honestly and slower than expected.

00:37:39.480 --> 00:37:46.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What can we do, because obviously people were afraid at that point, there was so much uncertainty about what was going on, I call up the Agency.

00:37:48.090 --> 00:37:49.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, I say listen, you know.

00:37:50.850 --> 00:38:05.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that we need to reschedule this and push this back, because at that time, I want to say it was like a Tuesday the ncaa cancelled march madness.

00:38:07.050 --> 00:38:08.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Once that happened.

00:38:10.230 --> 00:38:15.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Coming from athletics all those years right and being as a double a division one head coach two decades right.

00:38:17.610 --> 00:38:22.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Let me tell you some the ncaa nonprofit, as they say.

00:38:24.810 --> 00:38:28.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It needs men's and women's particularly men's basketball, more than anything.

00:38:29.310 --> 00:38:48.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, because that is that's the cash cow, that is, the honey hole for the entire ncaa more than football, more than anything else it's basketball and their TV contracts and etc with march madness and the final four once they canceled that I was like.

00:38:50.220 --> 00:38:54.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man something big is going to happen, so I call it the Agency right.

00:38:55.440 --> 00:39:00.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: not going to say what agency, it is, and I can see what what artists, it was whatever but.

00:39:01.980 --> 00:39:05.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The agent literally starts cussing me out.

00:39:06.270 --> 00:39:18.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: he's like man if that you know you guys 95% of our shows are still going to happen, you just don't you just want to cancel it because of the ticket sales are doing well.

00:39:18.990 --> 00:39:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or you want to reschedule because I said listen man dude i'm not i'm not just making this up, or we didn't invent.

00:39:27.270 --> 00:39:40.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: coronavirus we didn't invent the ncaa just assigning they're going to cancel everything I think there's something something huge is happening here we need be ahead of the game so reluctantly they reschedule it.

00:39:41.430 --> 00:39:48.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After I mean serious they weren't willing to work with us, but then finally there's okay we'll reschedule it.

00:39:51.180 --> 00:39:57.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One day later, everything is cancelled and within a week, the entire world is shut down right.

00:39:58.770 --> 00:40:01.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So what's happened now is that.

00:40:02.850 --> 00:40:09.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All of those artists all of those venues, they all stopped working.

00:40:10.740 --> 00:40:20.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And this is a tremendous number of people, and this is a tremendous amount of money it wasn't just that it wasn't just music and the performing arts either that we're talking about.

00:40:21.150 --> 00:40:23.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sports world as well and.

00:40:24.630 --> 00:40:38.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: part of what our company does is we run like I said, with the man cell family we run 9000 capacity concert wide event venue in Tyler texts use texts and.

00:40:40.980 --> 00:40:42.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you go dark.

00:40:43.410 --> 00:40:52.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As a venue and as a promoter for, but particularly as a venue those bills are still coming in, you still have.

00:40:53.940 --> 00:41:11.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All of those bills all of the the taxes everything the bills are still going to come there's zero revenue coming in and what happened now is and the thing that people have to understand in the music industry and artists have to understand this.

00:41:12.210 --> 00:41:18.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know i'll talk more when we come back here in a minute, but the thing you understand if there's no venues.

00:41:19.290 --> 00:41:31.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's no promoters, there is no tour, there is no music industry because the venues, and the independent promoters like myself.

00:41:31.800 --> 00:41:50.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We are the only ones, assuming all the risk we are the only ones, putting ourselves out there i'm the one who is going on the nut for $100,000 hoping to breakeven and in a best case scenario turn a profit through ticket sales and.

00:41:51.300 --> 00:42:07.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: No venues know promoters know tours know concerts musicians will still exist, you know agencies will still exist but it's really it's the it's we're the ones that are going on the nut for everything and.

00:42:09.030 --> 00:42:22.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unfortunately, I think that that's kind of lost on some of the artists and some of the agencies, you know I i'm getting ready to promote a concert here in a couple of weeks and.

00:42:24.330 --> 00:42:41.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I haven't asked for a reduction, the negotiation for this contract was way before the pandemic and it's a lot of money and we may not break even on this one and but because hey it's a contract i'm going to honor it, you know we're going to follow through but.

00:42:43.080 --> 00:42:51.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When we come back from the break i'm going to tell you just how ridiculous it gets in this world in the music industry and how people just aren't learning.

00:42:51.390 --> 00:43:00.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: From what we just went through that we have to be in this together i'm Kevin Barbara be back in a minute, this is coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:45:15.210 --> 00:45:33.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hi everybody welcome back to coffee talk XL here on talk radio dot nyc we're in our final segment of this week's show and again make sure that you tune in every Tuesday night eight o'clock Eastern live here on talk radio dot nyc or Facebook slash talk radio and I see so.

00:45:34.860 --> 00:45:37.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're getting ready to promote a concert right.

00:45:38.820 --> 00:45:42.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and, and this is, this is where I think that there's a disconnect.

00:45:43.710 --> 00:45:59.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the music industry right so obviously the artists need to make money, obviously I mean if it's their craft it's their music, they need to make money and I get that i'm willing to pay a fair market value, of course, but i'm i'm willing to pay.

00:46:00.630 --> 00:46:07.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: them and guarantee them a certain amount of money, no matter what, even if I got to reach in my own pocket I gotta pay it right.

00:46:10.080 --> 00:46:14.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then from that the agencies are going to make money.

00:46:15.090 --> 00:46:30.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, so they're getting a percentage of what i'm paying out, you know that's that that's how it works okay their management, they get a cut of that also they get a cut of this money my money right so i'm the one putting the money out there as promoted.

00:46:31.350 --> 00:46:32.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As a venue.

00:46:34.080 --> 00:46:50.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If if we're doing shows at the oil palace, we are the venue so we have a variety of ways that we can make that money back obviously we're trying to sell tickets that obviously that's the number one way right, but if you're the venue.

00:46:52.080 --> 00:46:56.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like we are when we do shows the old house where the venue then.

00:46:57.300 --> 00:47:05.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're making money off of the parking, of course, we were making money off of like the facility fee or making money off of the bar clearly.

00:47:06.000 --> 00:47:12.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're making money off of concessions right, so we have it's called ancillary so we have ancillary money coming in.

00:47:12.840 --> 00:47:20.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To try to cover the money that we're spending on not just the artist, but sound and lights, which is expensive.

00:47:21.630 --> 00:47:34.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and advertising, obviously, and then you got other things like catering and you've got Labor and everything else, so all of these expenses added up together i've got to be able to cover all of that.

00:47:34.650 --> 00:47:40.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Through the ticket sales or as the venue through these other ancillary things, but when i'm just the promoter.

00:47:42.210 --> 00:47:53.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's not at the old back so i'm doing a five concert series at the north charleston Coliseum and for performing arts Center in 2022 it's going to be five different.

00:47:55.080 --> 00:48:03.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: really well known successful tributes and those do great in the performing arts centers and particularly in a place like North charleston.

00:48:04.590 --> 00:48:12.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And where's a lot of retirement communities and a lot of older money and they go to they go to shows you know so.

00:48:12.810 --> 00:48:22.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, when i'm when i'm writing that facility i'm i'm on the night for the rent the Labor the sound and lights.

00:48:22.740 --> 00:48:32.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: uh the artists themselves and the advertising that that all of that I am the only money I got coming in, the only money that i'm entitled to.

00:48:33.480 --> 00:48:45.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is the ticket sales that's it, I have to make my money on the ticket sales if I don't make my money on the ticket sales but don't sell enough tickets i'm in the hall, because the artist is guaranteed a certain amount of money and so.

00:48:47.010 --> 00:48:55.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: what's happened, right now, as I see it, you know as I live in in this in this environment, now we don't know.

00:48:55.800 --> 00:49:02.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If people are going to go out, I mean we assume that people are eager and they want to go out and they want to see.

00:49:02.430 --> 00:49:14.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Live events we're live sporting events or or or live music performing arts We assume that the problem is every state is different, so in Texas wide open like coronavirus never even existed.

00:49:15.540 --> 00:49:27.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: California is pretty much still in the same exact same place, that they were 14 months ago where everything is just locked down and you can't do any shows you can't do anything and so.

00:49:28.890 --> 00:49:38.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: We don't know as we move forward what kind of crowds we're even going to be able to have even at full capacity, do we even think that do even know.

00:49:38.820 --> 00:49:54.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that people are going to go out in such numbers, so that we can make our money back so as we move forward, we really have to as promoters and the artists have to understand this what you were getting for money before coven.

00:49:56.190 --> 00:50:00.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So there's before coven and then there's after code okay.

00:50:01.320 --> 00:50:03.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're not going to get the same offer.

00:50:04.170 --> 00:50:18.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As you were before, because now there's too many uncertainties and we we potentially have social distancing in the theaters we ticket caps, you know you have to understand that, like that's the way it is so we're getting ready to do this concert.

00:50:19.980 --> 00:50:27.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, of course, they you know we're still paying what we had agreed to pay to which was pre coated price for the artists that we're dealing with.

00:50:28.830 --> 00:50:43.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And in our world right musicians have a writer our ideal every musician is got a writer Okay, you have a contract and then you ever right okay you're a writer.

00:50:44.400 --> 00:50:54.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Are your what the contract is this, this is how much everyone's getting this is how its laid out the rider comes from the artist and they give it to the promoter.

00:50:55.800 --> 00:51:01.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that's their their well they call them needs but really what they are wants right so.

00:51:02.940 --> 00:51:20.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sometimes it's not much hey you know i'd like to have dinner for my crew and me two hours beforehand, can you make sure that there's you know, a dozen black towels you know these kinds of things sometimes it gets outrageous like what i'm doing right now right so.

00:51:21.870 --> 00:51:23.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Get the writer and.

00:51:24.930 --> 00:51:29.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: there's ridiculous stuff I mean it six bottles of tito's you know.

00:51:30.930 --> 00:51:45.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: they're asking for like four cases, if you were just like six Dudes right a sick vegan meals blah blah blah, I mean the writer just, and so I said listen, I talked to to manage right.

00:51:46.740 --> 00:52:01.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: any way we can kind of you know scale this back a little bit I mean i'm assuming that you made this before coven existed and straight up these Dudes would not bend on they would not been done.

00:52:02.820 --> 00:52:03.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:52:05.040 --> 00:52:10.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm thinking about this one i'm venting here on my show it's my show all back if i'm watching that.

00:52:13.980 --> 00:52:22.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: everybody's got to understand who is taking on all the risk here, and if you're an artist.

00:52:22.800 --> 00:52:31.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you want to continue to get booked and you want to continue to get gigs you've got to be flexible man you've got you've got to understand yeah.

00:52:32.400 --> 00:52:44.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get that you have a minimum that you'll work for it, I get that i'm an artist man i'm a i'm an actor there's a minimum amount of money that that I have to make or i'm going to turn a gig down.

00:52:45.030 --> 00:52:55.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If I can make a certain number of dollars in a day and then i'm going to you know net after my expenses if it's an answer about i'd rather not do.

00:52:56.370 --> 00:53:08.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because i'm at the point where any money isn't good money sometimes i'm better off just concentrating on spending the day on on one of my other companies than my acting right.

00:53:09.630 --> 00:53:15.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I get that there's a certain amount of money that you want to make okay.

00:53:16.830 --> 00:53:25.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's a certain amount you got to pay your band you got to pay travel you got whatever it is right, so and you need to turn a profit fish you're not doing this is a charity and you're not.

00:53:26.550 --> 00:53:37.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: doing it to breakeven we're not in the business of breaking even right, so I give what that is but, but now I see where we have to offer a fair price.

00:53:37.860 --> 00:53:45.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A fair guaranteed where no matter what, even if I sell one ticket i'm going to pay you X amount of dollars X amount of thousands of dollars right.

00:53:46.170 --> 00:53:57.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then work in a bonus structure so that, over the course of the bonus structure, you have an opportunity to not only make what you would have made if it was just a lump sum.

00:53:59.100 --> 00:54:14.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But make even more because I mean i'm not reading it, as we make more money, you should make more money you're the artist, and I mean, and so I see that it is going to go in and i'm telling you right now, like as a venue.

00:54:15.660 --> 00:54:30.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or countless millions or less fortunate millions of dollars right, I was bleeding 20 grand a month early on in the pandemic out of that out of my pocket gone, never to be seen again right.

00:54:32.820 --> 00:54:35.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, as the ones that are taking the risk.

00:54:36.630 --> 00:54:47.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All we're saying is to the agencies and to the artists recognize the fact that we've been losing money for the last 14 months and.

00:54:48.750 --> 00:54:56.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're still willing to take on this risk i'm still willing to gamble you if you're a concert promoter you're a gamble.

00:54:56.910 --> 00:55:06.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: me there's no other way to put it man you're a gambler you're no different of a gambler than anybody that's at a casino right now, because you're booting up.

00:55:06.900 --> 00:55:18.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sometimes over $100,000 sometimes even more right in hopes of just at least breaking even and so to the artists out there hey man dude.

00:55:19.560 --> 00:55:26.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got to work with the promoters you got to work with the venues and you've got to be willing to come down a little bit so you still make a profit.

00:55:27.120 --> 00:55:38.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But work on these sliding scales and these bonus structures so that we can all make money we can all get back to getting live performance live performing arts and live music back in front of people.

00:55:38.910 --> 00:55:49.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: will talk more about it next week join me every Tuesday 8pm for coffee talk XL i'm Kevin boardroom and you're watching or listening on talk radio dot nyc.

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