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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/18 - The Business of Acting - My Story

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/18 - The Business of Acting - My Story


2021/05/18 - The Business of Acting - My Story

[NEW EPISODE] The Business of Acting - My Story

Nearly a decade ago, I moved to NYC to become an actor. On a whim. I lived out of my car for 18 months to make it happen (two cold winters). Before I arrived, I had no connections. No training. No idea how I was going to do it. What I did have was a refusal to fail, a willingness to learn and an eagerness to succeed. What I learned was patience and the value of investing in myself and in the value of learning and working on the craft.

Despite making the decision right away to never do Background work or Extra work, over the last decade: I have done over 150 commercials, dozens of industrials, 8 feature films and a dozen co-star National TV show appearances. I earned my membership into the @sagaftra and I have representation from legit agencies around the country. I book a tremendous amount of my auditions and I’ve been able to parlay my finances into now owning three companies. 

Even if you’re not an actor, there’s a lot of great takeaways from my story. Much of the information is transferable to most businesses, careers and athletics.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

If you follow him on social media, you know that recently Kevin found a cat who mothered kittens.  She lives in a lumber yard and has hidden her kittens. He provides updates on their progress assisting the cats. Last week Kevin’s production company, KBProductions, hosted a concert at The Oil Palace. Was going to drive out but due to the gas shortage in the Southeast Kevin was unable to fill up his car.

Segment 2

Before acting, Kevin was a NCAA Division 1 coach for years. Unfortunately he lost his job, his house, and it was a very public fall. He went to California to see his friend __ who is a PR specialist. During his last night there __ asked him what his next move was. Kevin decided that he wanted to become an actor and __ encouraged him. When he got back to Ohio he talked to Wendy, Starbound, and discovered Katie Holmes. Kevin took the advice that he once provided to his athletes, you can’t just have one foot in, you have to be all in. He packed his car and drove to New York City where he lived in his car.

Segment 3

Kevin made a vow and gave him three years to progress his career as an actor and a businessman. He got a job working with a cat rescue and as a black car driver. When he wasn’t working, Kevin spent his days auditioning and taking acting classes. He would also listen to the advice of many notable actors, advice about the business side of acting. Kevin refused to be a background actor or an extra. While he has no problem with those roles it was not what he wanted to do. It was a bold choice and challenging but it’s what he wanted. Kevin shares a notable audition experience.

Segment 4

In order to get roles Kevin believed that he should become the best version of what they are looking for. He had to embrace who he is as an actor and identify his brand. For him this meant considering the roles that he would fit into and change his style to something more flattering for him. Once he made a greater investment to his appearance, his brand, and some better headshots Kevin saw real progress.


00:00:40.710 --> 00:00:56.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey good evening everybody and welcome back to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin barbro and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc or you're watching me live right now on slash talk radio nyc and.

00:00:57.690 --> 00:01:07.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: going to talk a little bit about my story and the business of acting and just kind of how I got into acting and.

00:01:08.070 --> 00:01:22.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With no experience no connections no training no anything almost 10 years ago now, and it built up my career to where now i'm i'm i've been in over 150 commercials and.

00:01:22.890 --> 00:01:34.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of print ads and and TV shows and feature films, and all this kind of stuff and have representation, now I earned my membership into the.

00:01:34.740 --> 00:01:41.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: screen actors Guild and all of these things kind of snowballed and we're going to talk about that story tonight and hopefully.

00:01:42.060 --> 00:01:47.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There are things to learn from it, whether you want to be an actor or there's friends of mine that are currently.

00:01:48.720 --> 00:01:55.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Either new to the business or they're in the business and they're trying to establish themselves or maybe you're just sitting there thinking man do.

00:01:56.250 --> 00:02:00.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think I like being an actor man and this might be a way for you to.

00:02:01.020 --> 00:02:10.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: get some knowledge out of me and and and play it forward here for you as well as whether you're just in business, you know business or athletics, I mean I came from athletics.

00:02:11.550 --> 00:02:23.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there's a lot of the correlations between my athletic career my coaching career and now me as an actor and he is a businessman because i've been able to parlay.

00:02:24.210 --> 00:02:38.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Myself into owning three different companies now and so that's what we're gonna be talking about I do want to touch on a couple of things big shout out and thank you to Jeff perlman who was my guest last week, you can see that.

00:02:39.690 --> 00:02:50.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: archive video if you go to slash talk radio nyc, which is the talking alternative broadcasting network, which is what we're on right now.

00:02:51.210 --> 00:03:07.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You can see that video, and you can get his books, particularly his his latest books off of Amazon and but the book, we talked about was football for a buck, which talked about Donald trump and the US fl and how that.

00:03:08.730 --> 00:03:15.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Marriage ended horribly so I also want to give everybody an update if you've been following me.

00:03:16.620 --> 00:03:31.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I, you know that I started my own animal rescue so rocky's rescue we talked about it last week on last week's show, and if you've been following me, you also saw that not only did we have our first.

00:03:32.250 --> 00:03:46.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Foster adopted out tiger music male cat, but we also located a straight female that had some kittens by so i'm i'm partners in one or two partners in a construction company, we have a warehouse.

00:03:47.250 --> 00:03:58.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: outside of myrtle beach out your coastal Carolina university and we actually were outside and this mama cackles walking across and she got a kitten in her mouth.

00:03:58.950 --> 00:04:11.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, basically long story short, we can't get to the kids, but we know that she's got him hidden, and so what we've been doing is I actually took a.

00:04:12.360 --> 00:04:23.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: kennel and an actual dog kennel smaller dog kennel took the door office, so that it's just always open we hit it under some trees so there's some covering there's some shade.

00:04:23.730 --> 00:04:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because man it gets hot and South Carolina tongue right now and we put a towel in there and we put some food, water, so anyway.

00:04:30.720 --> 00:04:34.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If you were following me on social media, then you already saw some of this but.

00:04:34.890 --> 00:04:42.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The good news is that the, it seems as though that a mama cat and the kittens are still safe they've actually she's actually hid themselves.

00:04:43.140 --> 00:04:52.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In a lumberyard right right next to where we live, but we don't I can't go in there and I don't even want to alert the people that are at the lumberyard the people to own that lumber yard.

00:04:53.370 --> 00:04:57.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because i'm afraid that they're not going to be as compassionate as we are so we're just going to leave where they're at.

00:04:58.350 --> 00:05:08.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But we put food, water out for and she's been going back and forth and eating all the food and then going back and course and taking care of and feeding the the kitten so.

00:05:09.000 --> 00:05:16.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's continuing on it, if it goes much longer i'm probably going to end up naming this gap i'm not bringing home just got six kids but.

00:05:17.010 --> 00:05:28.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What we're going to do is once we've passed, like the six week period and hopefully we can locate a way to get the kittens and the cat out of there without alerting people from the lumberyard.

00:05:28.800 --> 00:05:37.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to take her and we'll get her speed and actually and get her shots get her tested for HIV leukemia.

00:05:37.830 --> 00:05:43.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And either adopter out doesn't look like she's friendly, but if she's not friendly, which is disease free then we're going to just.

00:05:44.220 --> 00:05:54.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: put it right back where she was and she just take care of her kittens and and and maybe adopt them out so again, this will in all likelihood be friendly right right out of the gates here so.

00:05:55.320 --> 00:06:02.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anyway, that's just a little update on what's going on with rocky's rescue and Chris did we last week.

00:06:03.180 --> 00:06:18.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So one of my companies that I own is a live event production company, and so we do live concerts that's Kevin Barbara productions and we also do live sporting events that's kV sports separate company and.

00:06:20.100 --> 00:06:27.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Last week we had a huge concert that was going to be taking place or that did take place on Saturday at the royal palace which.

00:06:28.320 --> 00:06:37.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you'll hear me talk about a lot it's a it's a there's always an adventure at the old Palace and it's owned by the man's family that's my partner.

00:06:38.340 --> 00:06:46.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In that venture is Bobby manzo Bobby man's ld is the great uncle of Johnny manzo former.

00:06:46.890 --> 00:06:56.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: heisman trophy winner, and so the he built the oil Palace well his dad started to build it that's a whole nother episode me talking about that entire story, but.

00:06:57.210 --> 00:07:12.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was supposed to go out there, we had Google fear may, which is a Mexican band, that is, a Spanish or or Latin grammy winners and we had like 7000 people or something like this anyway, I was going to drive out.

00:07:13.350 --> 00:07:16.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And crown apple and diet vs.

00:07:19.350 --> 00:07:23.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I was going to drive out and leave on Wednesday now it's a bit of a hike but.

00:07:24.330 --> 00:07:32.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anybody that knows me knows that I am not afraid of road trip I travel all the time i'll drive 1000 miles doesn't.

00:07:32.220 --> 00:07:45.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Make even one bit of difference in a matter of fact i'll drive thousand miles I don't even have the radio I won't even listen to music, I can just figure out my life and world peace in that thousand miles, but I probably drive about.

00:07:47.220 --> 00:08:05.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man, I want to say I drive 50,000 miles a year and I fly about 150,000 miles a year so i'm constantly on the go anyway, I was going to drive out and in the southeast there was a gas shortage, as everybody unless you've been living under a rock you know that.

00:08:06.570 --> 00:08:23.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was a hack and they held it the data for ransom and shut down the pen pipeline and the entire southeast for the most part, all the way up to Virginia almost a DC were there was a massive shortage gas well.

00:08:24.210 --> 00:08:33.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I live in a resort town and I couldn't even I couldn't even you guess at one point on Wednesday or Tuesday of last week.

00:08:34.530 --> 00:08:42.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There was in the city of myrtle beach where the metropolitan area myrtle beach, there were zero gas stations ahead gas zero.

00:08:43.110 --> 00:08:57.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So here I am i'm thinking man i'm going to drive out to the oil palace, and I can't even gas up here in town so scratch that idea of going to fly right so by ticket last minute.

00:08:58.440 --> 00:09:08.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I actually this is gonna sound ridiculous but it's just me and the way I live my life, I made the decision and i'm going to talk about similar decisions like this.

00:09:09.150 --> 00:09:21.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With my acting career and whatnot but I made the decision business wise over a year ago, almost two years ago now that I am going to fly first class okay now.

00:09:22.620 --> 00:09:34.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Part of it, particularly during coven I was like if i'm going to fly them and flying first class, because then he got more space i'm only back at one person talks a lot of times it's one and two, and so I can just get the one seat on the side.

00:09:35.520 --> 00:09:37.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But you also get you know free luggage you give.

00:09:38.880 --> 00:09:48.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Priority seating priority ticketing and and and things like this, so there are benefits and PS those people that haven't flown first class.

00:09:49.560 --> 00:09:56.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's the only part of the plane, this still gets service never server so you still get your free drinks.

00:09:57.030 --> 00:10:05.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: in first class you still not only to get free drinks, but they give you food and everything else still and so anyway, I get my ticket.

00:10:06.660 --> 00:10:14.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And dude it's it's a 800 and something dollars and i'm like okay well it's not I mean it's not terrible but it's but it's not.

00:10:15.060 --> 00:10:29.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: ideal regardless get the ticket supposed to fly out on Friday conscious on Saturday Friday I only rent from a service, and I only fly on American Airlines Okay, because these were all my points go anyway.

00:10:31.980 --> 00:10:33.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get an email from avis.

00:10:35.100 --> 00:10:47.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: say they had to cancel my reservation for my rental car on Friday, because they have zero rental cars and we're not just talking at this we're talking every.

00:10:48.540 --> 00:10:57.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: rental car company in the entire State of Texas any major or Houston Dallas but to airports in Dallas where there's two airports in Houston.

00:10:59.370 --> 00:11:08.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Even tree for no rental cars is a massive shortage of rental cars out there, in addition to being a massive shorter gas out there.

00:11:09.060 --> 00:11:18.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So then i'm going to fly, so I can't I can't find a Dallas i'm flying to Tyler, which is where the oil balances and in East Texas halfway between Dallas and report.

00:11:19.500 --> 00:11:26.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: switch my ticket to that it's over like I don't know 1200 bucks or something like this at this point and i'm only on standby.

00:11:26.820 --> 00:11:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: long story short, but i've actually i'm not really making it that short but.

00:11:31.230 --> 00:11:41.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't even get to go out to it, I feel terrible because part of our business to help them run these large concerts over 7000 people packed in there and.

00:11:42.180 --> 00:11:57.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, Texas, like a different world man, you talk about Kobe and talk about safety and crowd sizes Yes, some states that have been opened up at all, yet some areas are some say Texas just said, you know what.

00:11:58.680 --> 00:12:11.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: let's just have that let's just pretend like it never even existed, and so in Texas, you can you can have live concerts you can have live sporting events and everything else and and full capacity.

00:12:11.880 --> 00:12:18.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They don't make you wear masks they don't make your social distance and oddly enough, oddly enough, I don't know how this is even possible.

00:12:19.470 --> 00:12:29.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But since they went full Open they've still had this massive decrease in the number of covert guests, I can't even wrap my head around it anyway.

00:12:30.600 --> 00:12:40.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That was my week man that was my weekend that's just a typical week in in my life, but when we come back we're going to take our first commercial break here in a second, and when we come back.

00:12:41.070 --> 00:12:49.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to be talking with you about and take you on a journey through my acting career, from the time that I decided, I was going to be an actor.

00:12:50.070 --> 00:13:01.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To you know struggling through it in the beginning and and the lessons that I learned and how I continue to adapt myself and adapt my career and put.

00:13:02.130 --> 00:13:08.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know limitations on what i'm willing to work, for you know I I I determine my value.

00:13:08.670 --> 00:13:14.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And these are great lessons free for anyone, whether you want to be an actor or it's just business or athletics, or whatever it is.

00:13:14.400 --> 00:13:25.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're going to start that little journey you're going to go on with me here in just a couple of minutes and we'll be right back this is coffee talk XL i'm Kevin oral and you're listening to talk radio dot nyc.

00:16:21.090 --> 00:16:34.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone to coffee talk xml i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc so little bit about me i'm going to give you a little reader's digest version here of my.

00:16:35.310 --> 00:16:53.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My entry into the world of acting and how it's kind of evolved over the years here, and you know a lot of the decisions that I made and the lessons I learned from just a business standpoint to make it happen so long story short and.

00:16:54.600 --> 00:17:07.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: let's start in that in the beginning, so I used to college, I was an nc double a division one coach for 22 years was actually the only real job real career i'd ever had I I was you know I I was.

00:17:08.490 --> 00:17:20.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was a really good coach I mean I want a lot of you know, coach of the year award winning championships and a lot of will rank runners and and nationally ranked runners nationally ranked teams and, unfortunately.

00:17:22.080 --> 00:17:33.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Things went belly up and that's a whole nother episode, but when things went belly up they really went belly up like I ended up losing not only my job I ended up losing my career.

00:17:34.380 --> 00:17:49.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: lost everything lost my house lost everything, and so, and it was public, it was a kind of an espn type thing and Yahoo, sports and everything else so anyway, needless to say, all of this goes down like a decade ago and.

00:17:51.420 --> 00:18:06.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I go out to California, so my best friend in the world is my buddy rob Warren we call them Kramer also and rob actually is a music aficionado he's actually gonna be one of my guests your next week we're gonna be talking about the rock and roll hall of fame but.

00:18:07.800 --> 00:18:13.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I go out to this place got a cool place out in Davis California he's got a great gig as a PR specialist.

00:18:14.640 --> 00:18:16.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He was like national PR.

00:18:17.850 --> 00:18:26.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: administrator of the year for veterinary hospitals around the country and he's a uc Davis, one of the best institutions in the world for veterinary medicine.

00:18:26.610 --> 00:18:38.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he actually has it built in his home, which is really cool I hope we can see it when he's on the show he built an Irish pub in his house for no other reason that he could.

00:18:39.450 --> 00:18:48.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So that is please I actually took the train all the way across the country, so I take the Amtrak from New York, all the way out to.

00:18:49.500 --> 00:18:59.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: California, it was a great trip i'm telling you if you have time on your hands, you want to see America dude take the train across country very cool.

00:19:00.720 --> 00:19:17.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I get out to California i'm there for like a week and just kind of let the dust settle and trying to decide, you know what it is i'm going to do so anyway last night that up there were sitting around the the we call it Nick Kramer the the Irish pub in his house and he's like dude.

00:19:19.650 --> 00:19:23.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What are you going to do man like what's the what's the plan down.

00:19:24.900 --> 00:19:27.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I sat there for a second I was like.

00:19:28.830 --> 00:19:30.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude, let me tell you, let me tell you.

00:19:31.800 --> 00:19:33.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're going to think that i'm crazy.

00:19:34.320 --> 00:19:35.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I said but.

00:19:37.230 --> 00:19:38.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to be an accurate man.

00:19:39.630 --> 00:19:41.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to be an actor i'm going to be like.

00:19:42.420 --> 00:19:51.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I want to be like a legit actor, not just somebody that you know, is in the background, see me neither I want to be that guy I want to be, I want to be an actor.

00:19:52.950 --> 00:19:56.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he sat there for a second, then he looked at me and he said.

00:19:58.170 --> 00:20:14.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't think that's crazy, you know, is a matter of fact you're just that guy you're that you're that guy you're the Center of attention guy you're the outgoing guy and and so that was the moment where decide this is what i'm going to do, and from that moment on.

00:20:15.930 --> 00:20:20.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It literally I had no training i'd never been in anything before now.

00:20:20.970 --> 00:20:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had because I was a coach and a successful coach and I was on national committee's three ncaa and these kinds of things i'm used to being in front of a lot of people.

00:20:31.020 --> 00:20:46.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm used to giving speeches in front of a lot of people I had my own radio show coffee talk XL which we have now my fourth version coffee talk began on the radio back during my coaching career, and so I used to be in front of people.

00:20:47.940 --> 00:21:00.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I had no idea how I was going to do it, I had no idea where to start or or how to even go about it so when what I ended up doing is I got back to Ohio and.

00:21:02.160 --> 00:21:17.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had a mutual friend that new a woman by the name of Wendy Davis Wendy own star bound talent agency which is in Toledo Ohio That was all and they're also in Miami and in La they got a New York office.

00:21:19.200 --> 00:21:30.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They actually discovered katie Holmes now katie Holmes is from Toledo Ohio went to Notre Dame academy right down the road from where I live, and so.

00:21:31.530 --> 00:21:32.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I gotta just rest, you know.

00:21:33.870 --> 00:21:35.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Maybe i'm crazy, I mean I don't know.

00:21:37.020 --> 00:21:42.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If if if it's even possible I said, but you know i'd really like to be an actor.

00:21:43.980 --> 00:21:44.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:21:45.870 --> 00:22:05.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, I just wanted to get your opinion, like what do you think you know so she said well just she gave me a mcdonald's commercial to memorize memorize this emotional and come back and i'm gonna have you acted out for me and and and i'll i'll just give him on spinning my sorry.

00:22:08.070 --> 00:22:15.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I have it memorized it and then rehearsing I tried to imagine if it really was a commercial what it would look like you know.

00:22:16.920 --> 00:22:18.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I go and I acted out.

00:22:19.650 --> 00:22:20.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:22:21.600 --> 00:22:22.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She says.

00:22:23.520 --> 00:22:27.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That was really good, you know that was really believable and.

00:22:28.140 --> 00:22:34.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have kind of a unique look like a memorable look people are going to remember you after they see you kind of look.

00:22:36.210 --> 00:22:43.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know little bit like woody harrelson I get all the time, but and innovations that you know I think this can happen so.

00:22:44.100 --> 00:22:55.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I ended up getting cast because right now i'm getting cast in a commercial for Hollywood casinos that was going to air in the cities that Hollywood casino serene and.

00:22:56.580 --> 00:23:11.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I started taking classes with her and started really kind of picking their brains and and and listening to not just how to act, but also how to go about doing it, how to how do, how do you even get an audition so.

00:23:13.230 --> 00:23:27.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I end up making the decision, because at this point, I had lost everything when I when when my coaching career ended, I mean I didn't do anything you know crazy didn't do anything illegal this I just and I just screwed up, I was, I was unethical just being honest.

00:23:28.350 --> 00:23:29.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so.

00:23:30.990 --> 00:23:35.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I decided that i'm really going to go for them i'm going to you know i'm going to be online.

00:23:36.990 --> 00:23:38.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And this is the first big decision right.

00:23:40.110 --> 00:23:47.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When I was coaching all those years I would tell people all the time don't just say that you want to be good anybody can say.

00:23:49.860 --> 00:23:56.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got to live it you got to believe it, you have to be all in you can't have one foot in and one foot out.

00:23:58.260 --> 00:24:03.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, taking my own advice I made the decision that.

00:24:04.410 --> 00:24:10.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to be all in i'm going to i'm going to treat this like my acting career and I treat this like my coaching career.

00:24:11.070 --> 00:24:20.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm going to be all in i'm going to do everything that I can i'm going to do it the right way i'm not going to do anything to mess it up i'm not going to try to shortcut this but.

00:24:21.660 --> 00:24:26.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to move to New York i'm going to live out of my car no exaggeration.

00:24:27.540 --> 00:24:35.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had a chevy H HR which is kind of a box to your version of a PT cruiser the backseat went down in it.

00:24:36.750 --> 00:24:41.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I literally had like a mattress that I had made.

00:24:42.540 --> 00:25:03.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I had comforters and I pillows so like the back, half of this car was essentially a giant single bed, and then the other half of that with both seats down was where I would keep like my bags and my backpack and everything else, and I headed to New York City and I told myself that.

00:25:04.590 --> 00:25:05.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: First of all.

00:25:07.320 --> 00:25:17.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to audition for anything that I asked to on this side of the Mississippi I don't care if I got a drive to it, I don't care where it is.

00:25:18.210 --> 00:25:20.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And at this time I don't really have.

00:25:22.440 --> 00:25:34.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The knowledge in terms of how to go about getting the auditions like I knew that I needed to have a profile on the different casting networks, including casting networks.

00:25:35.550 --> 00:25:45.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: my very first one that I got was on backstage and backstage for mostly for New York actors and, although it does work for other areas of the country, but it is a.

00:25:45.780 --> 00:25:56.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: really big New York based casting website so I made a profile again, you really can have any resume.

00:25:56.700 --> 00:26:15.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you don't really need a resume to get started, I mean need to have something, but even if you don't have anything you're going to have a headshot so I got professional headshots done at that time and I put together this casting and and really it it at the end of the day.

00:26:16.110 --> 00:26:25.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah now later on in my career where i've done a tremendous amount of things and I have a lot of examples of my acting whether it's movie clips or.

00:26:25.980 --> 00:26:36.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: TV clips or commercial clips or whatever it is, I have a tremendous library that I have uploaded into these these casting websites, but back then.

00:26:37.680 --> 00:26:51.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Really i'm just hoping that people see my headshot and think hey you know he kind of looks like a middle aged dad or you looks like somebody that you know we will at least give a chance to audition so.

00:26:52.530 --> 00:27:11.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At that point, I decided that you know I need to get a survival job, something that is flexible, something that that can bring in enough money for me to just continue to parlay, because one thing that I learned pretty quickly is that a lot of actors.

00:27:12.570 --> 00:27:25.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And a lot of aspiring actors, particularly are really hesitant to spend money on themselves, I mean the reality is like any business anybody I don't care what business that you're in.

00:27:26.640 --> 00:27:38.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're going to lose money at first, because you have to be investing in your business and I knew right from the beginning, just like with my with my coaching career that.

00:27:39.690 --> 00:27:48.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As a coach in my coaching career, you are your career, you are, that person you your coach coach is not just your job it's your career, it is we want.

00:27:49.440 --> 00:28:01.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I took that same approach with my acting career, it is me that I am a business and I need to run my acting career, I need to run my life.

00:28:01.500 --> 00:28:08.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like a business and if you're not willing to do that, then you're not willing to really go all in on business, whether it's acting or not.

00:28:08.850 --> 00:28:21.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I made that decision and i'll take you through some more that the steps here in a minute we're going to pause for another commercial i'm Kevin or bro and you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:06.840 --> 00:31:10.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone i'm jumping over you're listening to talk.

00:31:10.320 --> 00:31:23.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're listening to talk radio dot nyc, and this is coffee talk XL and we're going through my kind of evolution into the acting world and the business of acting and, as I was saying before the commercial break.

00:31:25.470 --> 00:31:29.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to treat your career like a business and.

00:31:30.420 --> 00:31:34.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of people that's lost on a lot of people so just like with any business.

00:31:35.160 --> 00:31:45.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to invest in it, and that that investments, not just in in time it's not just money but it's in time and emotion and everything else you have to invest.

00:31:46.560 --> 00:31:59.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Without any expectation that you're going to get a return on that investment right away, and so, when I decided okay hey man i'm going to go i'm going to live out of my car to try and make this happen.

00:32:01.140 --> 00:32:16.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I gave myself a time limit, now that time limit, what I said back then 10 years ago almost I said that i'm going to give it three years you know just like any business you got to give it three years to turn a profit.

00:32:18.030 --> 00:32:18.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and

00:32:19.590 --> 00:32:21.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sometimes will happen, faster and that.

00:32:22.320 --> 00:32:29.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Sometimes it may not even happen in those three years, but you you start to see you know some development, and it may go on, but.

00:32:30.330 --> 00:32:38.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my mind I said, you know I don't know what my talent level is just like when I was an athlete and just like when I was a coach.

00:32:39.270 --> 00:32:46.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't know how good I can be, but what I do know is i'm never going to find out how good I can be unless i'm all in.

00:32:47.130 --> 00:32:54.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because, at the end of the day, i'm responsible for my success, nobody else I can't sit around waiting on a lottery shot.

00:32:54.810 --> 00:32:58.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have to make it happen, I have to, I have to carve my own path.

00:32:59.400 --> 00:33:09.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I told myself that i'm going to give myself three years and, at the end of those three years I don't need to be in a list or Venus or even a seamless accurate, the end of three years.

00:33:09.540 --> 00:33:17.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But what I do need to do is I what I do need to see is that this was a good decision, I need to see some development.

00:33:18.570 --> 00:33:31.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I need to see some progression in it, not just in terms of finances coming in, obviously by booking gigs but, but also in my development as as an actor and as a businessman, and so.

00:33:33.210 --> 00:33:34.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I end up.

00:33:35.100 --> 00:33:44.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: getting a job I talked about it, last week I got a job, working with a cat rescue actually and I also got a job, from my buddy.

00:33:45.420 --> 00:33:54.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: out on long island driving black car service doing airport runs and limousine service, it was great because it was great money and.

00:33:55.380 --> 00:34:05.520 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Essentially you know you were in a position where I I he was cool with the fact that, like sometimes i'd have to go on in addition or i'd have to head into the city and I couldn't work these kinds of things so.

00:34:07.140 --> 00:34:09.330 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I decided that.

00:34:10.410 --> 00:34:22.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like I said i'm going to i'm going to i'm going to put myself in a position where I can audition for anything decided east coast, so there were times I mean no exaggeration, because back then now it's different in the audition.

00:34:23.490 --> 00:34:30.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In the audition world very rarely because of coven are you doing in person.

00:34:31.050 --> 00:34:39.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Casting now i'm the entire thing is changed the entire industry has changed and I don't see it going back I I see it, primarily being.

00:34:41.910 --> 00:34:50.490 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Either virtual or taped auditions and because even right now, some places have opened up i've done a couple of in person callbacks.

00:34:51.090 --> 00:35:05.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But the reality is pretty much everything is is on tape and which is great for actors now because you don't necessarily need to be in the city all the time because back then man, you had to live.

00:35:06.240 --> 00:35:15.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: either in the city or near the city, so that you can make it to these auditions well now it's completely changed, but in any event, I made the decision I was in so.

00:35:16.680 --> 00:35:33.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was living on my homework basically a typical day for me back then was that I would park my car in New York City park on riverside drive for free riverside drive and central park central park West, you can park for free.

00:35:35.760 --> 00:35:44.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But they got alternate side parking so you know every other day you got to move your car, so the street clean and then you gotta move it back into the spot, that you were in or find another spot.

00:35:46.230 --> 00:35:55.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And my car had attended windows and I would just sleep on the bed, and do, let me tell you something I mean for two winners in New York City it got.

00:35:57.150 --> 00:36:03.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, in the negatives multiple nights but in the car I wasn't really that.

00:36:05.460 --> 00:36:14.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I wasn't really that cold in the car because I had my own he i'm actually i'm an outdoorsman also, and so I had a.

00:36:16.350 --> 00:36:20.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had a sleeping bag that was tempered for.

00:36:22.080 --> 00:36:39.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Negative 40 so I could I could literally sleep all night and sleep comfortably in the car and wake up each day I would I would pack a bag backpack and I would have a duffel bag, with my workout clothes, and I would head into the city or take the subway down into into.

00:36:41.910 --> 00:36:46.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hell's kitchen or in that area, and I would um.

00:36:48.750 --> 00:37:01.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, spend most of my day auditioning or submitting myself for auditions or taking acting classes, one of the biggest things that I learned very early on, thank God, was that.

00:37:02.940 --> 00:37:04.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm only going to get so far.

00:37:06.930 --> 00:37:16.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unless I learned the tree, I have to learn the trade, just like any business, you have you have to immerse yourself in that business.

00:37:17.310 --> 00:37:28.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you have to be a sponge for knowledge one big thing with me was that I was actually so i'm kind of if i'm all in on something that i'm all in i'm going to remember.

00:37:29.850 --> 00:37:43.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everything that's told to me because any little piece of information is going to be great information for me for the future, so I would listen I would watch I was constantly watching YouTube videos of.

00:37:45.030 --> 00:37:59.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: of actors that I respected, and I was what I was watching not really was them acting, but I was watching videos of them in on in interviews talking about acting talking about the business of it and.

00:38:00.360 --> 00:38:09.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Kevin spacey now of course obviously his whole life went belly up since this time but, at the time, I had a tremendous amount of respect for the guy.

00:38:09.810 --> 00:38:22.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Who didn't for his acting career started from scratch lived in a studio apartment etc, etc, in New York City and one big thing that he said was hey know your lines be on time.

00:38:23.700 --> 00:38:32.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Those two things sadly enough most actors don't get it, and the reality is, if you think about it from like a business standpoint.

00:38:33.390 --> 00:38:37.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That happens out in the business world, to me, I i'm partners in construction company.

00:38:38.190 --> 00:38:55.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I can't tell you how many jobs that we've booked as a construction company, simply because you showed up on time, simply because we return the phone call I mean it's crazy to think that people that this is lost on Sunday, but anyway.

00:38:56.610 --> 00:38:57.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I started, you know.

00:38:59.040 --> 00:39:08.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Trying to you know make my way through the the rigors of New York City, and I was basically taking for the most part, I would just take anything with it was a student film.

00:39:09.090 --> 00:39:18.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now, the one thing that I made the decision early on that I would not do is I didn't want to be a background I didn't want to be an extra.

00:39:19.560 --> 00:39:28.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In my mind it's not acting now there's a need for background actors there's need for extras and and all these things and and for some people.

00:39:28.560 --> 00:39:41.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's great you know I don't judge them for me it's just it's not what I wanted it's not what I wanted to be a part of because to me it's not acting so I made the decision early on i'm not going to do background.

00:39:43.380 --> 00:39:50.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, of course, that puts a little bit more pressure on yourself, because at this point now you're saying that.

00:39:50.670 --> 00:40:01.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're only going to accept supporting roles or lead roles and it and that's kind of a bold statement or kind of a bold move or old gamble.

00:40:01.950 --> 00:40:10.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When you don't really you haven't really booked a lot of things so anyway, I mean it's not like it was easy I mean, obviously I mean it.

00:40:11.550 --> 00:40:24.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's one of the toughest professions to to to be a part of and to be successful and i'm really lucky, in my opinion that, then I am able to work so much and i've done so many things.

00:40:25.980 --> 00:40:30.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But it's a tough racket and I can tell you, like I.

00:40:32.640 --> 00:40:34.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not like I didn't think about quitting.

00:40:36.450 --> 00:40:45.840 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay anybody that has ever really wanted to do something and it's taken on a challenge and gambled on themselves because that's really what I was doing was gambling on myself right.

00:40:47.040 --> 00:40:58.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Anybody this gambled on themselves, has gotten, to the point where like man what am I do you know what what's going on here, and I can tell you that there was a point I can tell you the exact.

00:40:59.700 --> 00:41:14.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Time that this happened, I had an audition down on like 36 avenue or 30 36th street and 10th Okay, and it went terrible it went or both to this day, the worst audition ever and.

00:41:15.630 --> 00:41:28.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Part of it was that I didn't go into the audition with my side my my copy of the script I thought I was just going to go in, I was going to wow them with in my ability to memorize you know.

00:41:28.710 --> 00:41:39.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I go in it's a total disaster, you know I, and I just like you know what am I going to say guy says the casting director says listen.

00:41:39.870 --> 00:41:50.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're not going to catch you i'm gonna be awesome, but I can see there's some you know some talent there with you don't ever go into an audition without your site ever.

00:41:51.330 --> 00:42:05.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm like man filing that right, so I leave it's the middle of the winter time dude I got zero money in my pocket zero money in my wallet at this time, you needed the metro card was like to 25 to ride the subway.

00:42:06.060 --> 00:42:17.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I don't even have to 25 on my on my car, I mean I got I got less than that and i'm too proud to ask somebody to sway me in and i'm too proud to jump to the thing.

00:42:18.330 --> 00:42:29.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I walk 100 blocks or 100 blocks to where my car was parked it took me I don't even remember, was in the middle of the winter and snow and I was like an hour and a half.

00:42:30.450 --> 00:42:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: walked my car I get in my car and freezing cold and i'm like you know what this is this is crazy what am I doing.

00:42:39.810 --> 00:42:46.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'll finish the story when we come back from commercial but, basically, I wake up the next morning, I have a missed call.

00:42:46.830 --> 00:42:55.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's for my first speaking role and TV commercial which ended up ultimately leading to my screen actors Guild eligibility.

00:42:55.590 --> 00:43:05.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It happened that day day after I almost could see myself quit and we'll talk about more of that in a minute i'm Kevin Barbara you're listening to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:45:18.840 --> 00:45:21.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everyone you copy Doc XL.

00:45:21.510 --> 00:45:23.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And more bro you're listening on.

00:45:23.370 --> 00:45:27.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Talk radio dot nyc thanks for tuning in once again that's my last segment.

00:45:28.140 --> 00:45:39.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm going to continue this conversation in an probably the next episode, I mean I it's impossible for me to explain the entire business of acting in one shot, but in any event.

00:45:40.020 --> 00:45:47.010 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Taking you i've taken you up to the point where I could see that line I could see that line in front of me where.

00:45:47.580 --> 00:45:57.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think that the average person would have given up because at this point I I didn't feel as though things were happening, I mean I.

00:45:58.230 --> 00:46:07.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was doing all the right things, I was taking classes and I was working hard, and you know, making the sacrifices, making the investment myself.

00:46:08.130 --> 00:46:16.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and putting time into learning the craft I I have probably the best acting coach in the country in Richard Klein Richard.

00:46:17.220 --> 00:46:25.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: was on three's company, he was leery Dallas on three's company and but he's done so much more than that, but that that was really what kick started his career.

00:46:26.460 --> 00:46:37.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But he really taught me about the art of acting and I continue to go to him as a resource until we can get back to having actual acting classes together but.

00:46:38.370 --> 00:46:51.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Really taught me how to just be natural just be myself and that's really helped me so much in my career i'm like I was saying you've got to be all in.

00:46:51.840 --> 00:47:02.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your other on in my mind you're either all in or you're all out there no through direction you have to invest the time and the money, and you have to.

00:47:03.420 --> 00:47:21.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: be willing to take some hits because man i'm telling you I there was that line for me where I could have given up but I didn't and you know there were a lot of things that I mean you gotta kind of humble yourself to because acting is really I mean.

00:47:22.530 --> 00:47:29.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's a unique business and that you are constantly putting yourself out there and you're putting yourself out there.

00:47:30.090 --> 00:47:40.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Knowing that chances are you're going to get rejected because nobody I don't care how much you book nobody's booking 100% of their auditions you know, so you essentially you know.

00:47:42.090 --> 00:47:49.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I kind of used to use this analogy, when I was coaching track, excuse me let's go to track, I think you know in baseball.

00:47:50.850 --> 00:48:06.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You could fail 70% of the time, and you, you could still end up making it into the hall of fame you can be considered one of the best ever any field 70% of the time, and that really rings true in all aspects of life, listen.

00:48:06.780 --> 00:48:08.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You don't it's not going to be.

00:48:09.750 --> 00:48:13.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All sunshine and roses it's not going to be you're not going to bad at Dallas.

00:48:13.710 --> 00:48:31.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, you have to do is, you have to put yourself out there be willing to fail, that 70% or even 90% of the time, so that you can really enjoy those wins and those bookings or the or or in the world of business those those those big contracts or whatever it is that you do and so.

00:48:32.820 --> 00:48:37.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I I put myself out there, I gambled and really.

00:48:39.000 --> 00:48:42.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I had to really humble myself to was.

00:48:44.250 --> 00:48:54.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i've got to be the best version of myself when I go into these auditions I have to be the best version of what they're looking for.

00:48:55.080 --> 00:49:02.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That doesn't mean have to force it, but basically for me in my world I said, you know i've gotta I gotta have curb appeal.

00:49:02.850 --> 00:49:10.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Alright you're in real estate world you under you know you understand curb appeal it or just in the world of business, you can have a restaurant.

00:49:11.400 --> 00:49:29.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That has the greatest chefs in the world, you know Gordon Ramsay there, but if it looks like a dump on the outside, no one's going it doesn't matter How nice it is on the inside people want to see it to be inviting so as a person i'd say okay what What about me, can I improve.

00:49:31.050 --> 00:49:36.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, and this is this that you know you gotta be honest with yourself and so like with me.

00:49:37.740 --> 00:49:47.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I really had to embrace who, I am as an actor what is my brand what is, you know what is it that makes me special.

00:49:48.300 --> 00:49:57.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and every business should be thinking this all the time, and you need to be adapting also growing with it, but so I basically say you know listen.

00:49:58.680 --> 00:50:02.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not a bad looking guy run know model okay um yeah.

00:50:04.380 --> 00:50:15.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know you gotta be honest with yourself, I can be anybody's neighbor so I just need to be the best version of me the best version of anybody's neighbor that I can be.

00:50:16.110 --> 00:50:23.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And if you look at me now I mean for us being in shape and these kinds of things, I mean those are important for me it.

00:50:23.880 --> 00:50:29.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: doesn't have to be for everybody, but in order for me to be the best version that that's what I feel like I do, I have to be fit.

00:50:30.630 --> 00:50:37.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I also had to start realizing you know how what's the best haircut for me.

00:50:38.670 --> 00:50:48.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: what's the best facial here, for me, I I early on in my career, I didn't even think of these things because i'm just thinking about you know just be like I am you know I.

00:50:48.600 --> 00:50:54.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had the full goatee not that not that groomed one that I have now, and I would just take.

00:50:54.630 --> 00:51:00.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The clippers and I would just use a number two you know just to get it all the same I and then then once i'm.

00:51:01.140 --> 00:51:10.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On a on a gig and the end the hair and makeup girl is like do you mind if I shape your goatee now i'm like sure have added.

00:51:11.100 --> 00:51:21.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So she shapes it so that it's so that it tapers itself, you know and she's like you should do this, all the time and i'm thinking to myself how did I miss that.

00:51:22.170 --> 00:51:32.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I mean I bet i've had the same go to for like you know 10 years you know I i'm not even thinking about that, but she's like you know this suit your face more so, then it was like okay.

00:51:33.600 --> 00:51:42.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's interesting what else Should I be doing, you know and what else should I need to invest in joy, I need to invest more in how am I here style.

00:51:43.800 --> 00:51:44.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know how I look.

00:51:47.070 --> 00:51:49.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: moisturize telling you like.

00:51:51.690 --> 00:51:53.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have a friend that.

00:51:54.900 --> 00:51:58.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At our 10th highschool reunion.

00:51:59.250 --> 00:52:08.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At our 10th high school reunion his name is Ken and Ken I was like dude you don't look like you've aged a second you know this is back waiting for I was an actor.

00:52:09.480 --> 00:52:22.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: young age, a minute bro he's like I use moisturizer like who does that right what guy uses that was it like dying moisturizer he's like no it's women's moisturizer but like skin is skin.

00:52:23.730 --> 00:52:31.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And at the time I didn't think it would mean anything to me I just thought it was crazy now as an actor, I can tell you 100%.

00:52:32.220 --> 00:52:43.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I use women's I got to get it from the women's out because there is, there is no men's version of this but I use anti aging moisturizing cream.

00:52:44.310 --> 00:52:51.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: not afraid to say that man I gotta fight off Father time i'm you know i'm 51 years old, what am I i'm not getting any younger.

00:52:52.260 --> 00:53:10.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's just another investment in me it's another investment in in in my curb appeal as I go out there and same thing with my hair, you know stop getting a $10 haircut because that's just a haircut you need to invest get a hairstyle you know.

00:53:11.910 --> 00:53:27.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My head shots you look, if you look at my headshots now compared to my head shots back then, you know nine years ago 10 years ago it's crazy the difference, not just because I physically looks different I mean.

00:53:28.620 --> 00:53:38.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm in better shape now than I was in these kinds of things, but I invested, I went listen you don't have to do this, but I flew all the way to La for my headshots.

00:53:39.210 --> 00:53:51.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I I got Joanna the generous to do my headshots cheese Ellen degeneracy his sister in law and it wasn't cheap, but let me tell you something man.

00:53:51.270 --> 00:53:53.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was worth every penny.

00:53:53.250 --> 00:54:10.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To go out there and get my headshots done because I can tell you from the moment that I uploaded the my headshots my new headshots to my agencies and to just my own casting networks and and actors access and everything else.

00:54:11.130 --> 00:54:19.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had already been getting a lot of auditions i'm telling you, it has skyrocketed i'm doing bare minimum here minimum I get 10 on missions, a week.

00:54:20.220 --> 00:54:31.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And these are all principal rules, these are all you know speaking roles these these this is in background stuff and it's all because I have invested in that, and so.

00:54:33.480 --> 00:54:42.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like I said there's a lot more to this, and I can talk about it future episodes but really the main things to take away is you gotta gamble.

00:54:43.260 --> 00:54:45.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You gotta gamble you gotta go all in.

00:54:46.440 --> 00:54:54.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You got to take the attitude you're going to be all in or all out and i'd rather be all in you have to accept the fact that you're going to fail.

00:54:54.750 --> 00:55:08.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of times man, a lot of times you got to accept the fact that you may not turn a profit, this is any business, you may not turn a profit for three years, you may not see any any real wins for those that amount of time, but you got to keep plugging.

00:55:09.690 --> 00:55:23.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the biggest thing that to take away from all of this is, you have to invest invest in yourself believe in yourself, I have this unwavering belief in myself I know.

00:55:24.120 --> 00:55:33.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That i'm not going to fail, I know i'm not going to fail as an actor as a businessman and i'm personally as a as a human i'm not going to fail.

00:55:33.690 --> 00:55:41.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we'll talk about more of this in in future episodes hopefully you got a good brief overview of acting and how that relates to business and whatnot.

00:55:42.150 --> 00:55:55.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Next week i'm gonna have my buddy rob Warren or calling Kramer we're gonna be talking about the rock and roll hall of fame so join me next Tuesday night Live eight o'clock for coffee talk XL right here on talk radio dot nyc.

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