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Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/11 - Mother’s Day Madness

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/11 - Mother’s Day Madness


2021/05/11 - Mother’s Day Madness

[NEW EPISODE] Mother’s Day Madness

Kevin talks with New York Times Best-Selling Author, Jeff Pearlman @jeffpearlman about his book writing process. They talk about his book “Football For A Buck” that chronicles Donald Trump’s lies and corrupt involvement with the demise of the USFL.

They also chat about his book “Showtime” and it becoming a new TV series. As usual, Kevin also talks about the many diverse aspects of his life and touches on his Rocky’s Animal Rescue taking in their latest foster cat, Tiger. He also talks track and field and more.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kevin talks about Rocky’s Animal Rescue, a cat rescue service he named after his cat Rocky and how it all got started. Ten years ago he moved to New York City on a whim and his first job in the city was assisting with a cat rescue at a humane society. There were 36 feeding stations around the town where they would keep track of the strays. It was during his rounds that Kevin found a particularly special cat.

Segment 2

Kevin introduces Jeff Pearlman, author of “Football For A Buck” and “Three-Ring Circus.” The latter is about Kobe Bryant, The Lakers, Shaquille O’Neal and their relationship. The book was scheduled to release eight months after Kobe passed away. It was a confusing time for Jeff. When the book was released he anticipated heavy backlash but fortunately that was not the case. Jeff is currently working on a biography about Bo Jackson. In order to research he visits libraries and buys books on ebay to learn more about them. If possible he compiles a list of people that his subject has known and from that list determines who is alive so that he may contact them.

Segment 3

Jeff talks about the USFL, a spring football league that was an alternative to the NFL. They briefly operated from ‘83 to ‘85, only three seasons. A big blow for the NFL was when Herschel Walker, a Heisman Trophy winner from Georgia joined the USFL. The NFL tried to ignore the influence of the USFL but after signing big names like Lawrence Taylor.  Jeff talks about the major role that Donald Trump took in undermining the USFL. Trump tried to pretend that he didn’t have a vested interest in the fall of the USFL but Jeff points out the numerous attempts made to buy football teams. One of Jeff’s favorite Trump USFL stories is about Trump's recruitment of Doug Flutie. Trump made him the highest paid player. After signing him, Trump wrote a letter to every other owner in the league saying that he did them and the league a favor by hiring Flutie. He expected that they all contribute to Flutie’s salary. Jeff called this Trump’s first wall.

Segment 4

Kevin talks about Rocky’s Rescue and his work to establish it as a 501 (c3) so that it is officially a non-profit. He has also started a trap, neuter, release program. In addition to caring for his own cats, Kevin fosters many. Ultimately he’d like to start his own cat cafe, much like his friend in Rahway, NJ. Kevin would also like to start putting together a rescue plan for pets during natural disasters. He tells another story about a cat that he rescued and brought home with him. They have since established a very close trusting relationship.


00:00:27.180 --> 00:00:31.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey welcome back everybody to copy talk XL i'm Kevin barbro.

00:00:31.260 --> 00:00:40.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and the talking alternative, and we are back here for the second week in my new edition of.

00:00:40.980 --> 00:00:48.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My talk show that fourth edition that has evolved over the years and i'm excited for today's episode we're going to talk.

00:00:48.810 --> 00:00:57.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A little bit about what we talked about last week i'm going to touch on track and field just for a couple of minutes about DK metcalf and that hundred meters that I mentioned last week.

00:00:57.690 --> 00:01:05.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we are also going to talk about my rescue like I have an animal rescue that I started and it's called rocky's rescue.

00:01:05.760 --> 00:01:16.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: After my cat rocky and the genesis of that how I ended up getting into rescuing animals or getting into starting my own animal rescue.

00:01:16.680 --> 00:01:24.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we're going to talk about that and i'm going to have a special guest on for the last hour of the show well more than last after the show very special guests.

00:01:24.720 --> 00:01:33.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: New York Times bestselling author Jeff perlman Jeff has nine best selling books on the New York Times list and he's also a record for CNN and.

00:01:34.320 --> 00:01:40.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the athletic and many other things he's been around for a long time as a as a journalist and as an author.

00:01:40.770 --> 00:01:48.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he's got a lot of great things to say he's got a brand new book out called three ring circus, which is about the Kobe bryant or excuse me yeah.

00:01:49.440 --> 00:01:54.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: coby and and the lakers during that era of Kobe and shaq and then he also has.

00:01:55.350 --> 00:02:05.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A new TV show on HBO it's going to be coming out it's actually not his show but it's based on one of his best selling books called showtime which talks about the lakers from.

00:02:05.970 --> 00:02:16.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Back in their heyday with a coach Riley and magic Johnson Kareem Abdul Jabbar and all those guys so it's gonna be a new show we're gonna talk a little bit about that and talk a little bit about politics just briefly.

00:02:17.550 --> 00:02:29.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He is a pretty far left wing dude I kind of live somewhere in the middle, you know, and until we'll talk about that and actually how we ended up connecting in the first place, but.

00:02:29.760 --> 00:02:37.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: starting off, I want to talk a little bit about DK metcalf and that 100 years I said last week I said last week wanted.

00:02:39.150 --> 00:02:39.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That.

00:02:40.680 --> 00:02:52.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My opinion is the guys fast he's football fast for sure, but he's just not track best because the guy is from all my sports fans that that that watch my show.

00:02:52.950 --> 00:02:59.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: know that for many, many years over 20 years I was a college track coach at the highest level and i've seen some of the greatest sprinters come through.

00:03:00.330 --> 00:03:16.770 Kevin Barbaro Productions: E and that went on to the Olympics World Championships and whatnot DK is just too big man, I mean the dude 642 35 and I said on last week's episode I I think best case scenario, with 1029 That was my best case scenario and.

00:03:17.910 --> 00:03:34.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What I did say also was he may even be doing pretty well 40 meters, but it 80 meters at five meters he's going to start moonwalk and that's really exactly how it played itself out and but i'll tell you this, let me say one thing about DK Mecca okay.

00:03:35.430 --> 00:03:38.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You you got to have some kind of.

00:03:40.080 --> 00:03:45.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Confidence in yourself that is higher than the average person's confidence.

00:03:46.080 --> 00:03:50.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To be able to say you know what I haven't run track since high school I wasn't even a sprinter in high school.

00:03:50.820 --> 00:03:58.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I want to line up against some of the best sprinters in the United States, and I just want to see how fast, I am and the guy was humble.

00:03:59.490 --> 00:04:07.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You could see in his TV interview afterwards that he was very appreciative of the opportunity and very complimentary to.

00:04:07.530 --> 00:04:17.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The track fans and listen, it was great for track and field, it was great for track i'd love to see even more situations like this because track, in my opinion, is is the best for.

00:04:17.670 --> 00:04:27.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's the greatest sports original sport and and it needs it needs and deserves more attention than just once every four years so that's my little thing on DK and last week.

00:04:29.370 --> 00:04:34.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll have to talk about my animal rescue so Rockies animal rescue it's actually.

00:04:35.490 --> 00:04:46.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In we're in the first phase of it, right now, and how this came about i'm reason why i'm excited about is, if you follow me on Facebook, or you follow me on Twitter or instagram.

00:04:46.740 --> 00:04:56.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You would have seen that I put up for adoption, our first adoptable cat and tiger is a cat that came to us as a foster.

00:04:56.760 --> 00:05:06.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He was in a situation where the folks just couldn't take care of them is it because they had another cat he was getting along with it and etc, etc.

00:05:07.200 --> 00:05:10.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, as a matter of fact they're wrestling here in the corner right now but.

00:05:11.370 --> 00:05:25.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So we split up tiger for adoption and and thankfully, even within 24 hours we had somebody that was interested and we started the process, and now that person is is going to adopt tiger.

00:05:26.040 --> 00:05:36.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so it's our first cat that we've adopted out and i'm very excited about that how it all started it, this is a really unique story man really unique story so.

00:05:37.380 --> 00:05:42.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When I first moved to New York City almost 10 years ago to become an actor, so I moved to New York City on a whim.

00:05:44.310 --> 00:05:52.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: lived out of my car for 18 months and the very first job that I had was I answered a.

00:05:54.240 --> 00:06:01.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: craigslist ad somebody that wanted a to they needed somebody to help with this cat rescue.

00:06:02.040 --> 00:06:15.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so you know what i'm an animal lover i've always been an animal lover you know to me the greatest job in the world would be to retire on a farm and just have tons of animals run around and be like a safe haven for so.

00:06:16.410 --> 00:06:24.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I contact them that they end up hiring me and basically what it once was north of the bronx there was a.

00:06:28.110 --> 00:06:41.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A a humane society, there are no kill shelter and they had a tn our programs with dnr is, which is what Rockies rescue is GNR seeds for trap neuter and release and so basically what happens is.

00:06:42.120 --> 00:06:45.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That we had 36 feeding stations around the town.

00:06:46.440 --> 00:06:53.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Where we put food and water, we would track all of the strays come in and keep a log you would assess them to see if they were adoptable.

00:06:53.940 --> 00:06:59.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: which was very easy to figure out if a catalyst adoptable it was friendly it takes about two seconds.

00:06:59.430 --> 00:07:05.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we would bring them in they they adopted ones will just you know let's pick them up and you spray them into the main site.

00:07:06.330 --> 00:07:18.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they would test them for fit and for leukemia which run rampant in the feline population fit is the feline equivalent of each one HIV, so if a pet was.

00:07:18.990 --> 00:07:35.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If a pet if a cat was adoptable and disease free that was put up for adoption if it was adoptable but it had FN V, then what would happen is, and I see Jeff jumping in now and we're gonna bring him on in just a few minutes.

00:07:36.720 --> 00:07:46.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If I if it had fit, but it was adoptable is friendly, then it could be adopted out to a family that didn't have any other tasks just didn't want to spread.

00:07:47.010 --> 00:07:55.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The the other side of the program is it some Castle course are are fearful they you know they don't like humans will dude I don't like a lot so.

00:07:56.160 --> 00:08:05.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The reality is, these cats that that live in the in the environment in the town they they're just part of the Environment okay so.

00:08:05.490 --> 00:08:15.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: once a month, we would trap the Feral cats and the trap them, just like you track your trap a raccoon you know, in a cage so we have to keep ignoring them with can't get back out.

00:08:15.750 --> 00:08:19.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Take him to the vet they get tested for HIV leukemia.

00:08:20.280 --> 00:08:29.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And if they were fearful, and they were disease free than they were spayed or neutered on are done and put back where we found them because they they have their own.

00:08:29.640 --> 00:08:38.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: display the camp propagate they're not spreading disease and they're adding to the environment, you know they're catching mice you know so, but if.

00:08:38.550 --> 00:08:46.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If we found a cat that was that was Feral he wasn't friendly Andy nfib then unfortunately that's a situation where you.

00:08:47.040 --> 00:09:01.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: just have to humanely put them down because all he's going to do is go back and spread the fit to the other cats so anyway, I was working this cat rescue and the Friday before Labor day the very first year I was working with it's almost eight years ago now.

00:09:02.520 --> 00:09:08.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I I stopped with this lumberyard and there's this little kitten jumps up there, and little black and white kitten.

00:09:08.820 --> 00:09:13.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we had just taken the rest of the kittens out of this lumberyard just won't get left behind.

00:09:13.830 --> 00:09:22.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I picked them up, you know he's friendly and I put my hand under the fence and he rams is heading to my as all right so he's friendly, so I put I put it in the car.

00:09:22.860 --> 00:09:29.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I drive across I finished doing the feeding, because it was late at night, the humane society is not going to open up until Tuesday so.

00:09:31.350 --> 00:09:39.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And this Friday and I don't have any cats at that point so i'm like you know what i'll go to the store I go to save a lot I go in I get a little kitty litter.

00:09:39.600 --> 00:09:47.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I get a green flea collar and I get like some spray stuff to kill the fleas and ticks because he has fleas on and i'm in the parking lot.

00:09:48.090 --> 00:09:58.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I put the green flea collar on on the cat the kitten and I spray and when I sprayed him he got scared jumps under the car buttons into the woods and he won't come out.

00:10:01.890 --> 00:10:12.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At that point i've lost it skin right i've been doing and three miles from from where I found it i'm i'm clearly the other side of this of this town.

00:10:13.380 --> 00:10:20.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And he just ran into the woods so i'm devastated, because I know that this first one is tiny Secondly, I know it's adoptable.

00:10:21.120 --> 00:10:35.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I tell the lady that runs its lowest to food, water out and that'll be undefeated station, so all the September goes by no cat all of October Okay, I think about this cat every day right November goes by dude no cat.

00:10:36.690 --> 00:10:48.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: effin December row on December 10 of that so months later December 10 I was filming a TV commercial with Brett farr in.

00:10:50.640 --> 00:11:01.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: shaman commercial it Fort Lee what in Jersey city so i'm coming across the cheetah and it's not my day to help with the carrot she's not my day feed.

00:11:02.070 --> 00:11:09.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I call it the lady that runs I say hey you know I know that the leading the supposed to do it tonight is like 80 something frickin walks the whole thing.

00:11:10.530 --> 00:11:22.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Let me do the feeding today give her the day of no big deal i'm heading that way i'll just on the cross bronx and i'll be there no problem, so I get there today i'm not supposed to feed.

00:11:23.760 --> 00:11:34.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It when I get there every single time i've ever done this feeding route, I always started in the same place, except this day, so I show up.

00:11:35.190 --> 00:11:45.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I start the middle i'm doing the route i'm in a stop sign and this black and white kid goes walking across the street with a green flea collar i'm like.

00:11:47.160 --> 00:11:56.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What are the odds in a gazillion years that another black and white kitten stray is walking around with the Green flea collar I get out of the car.

00:11:57.420 --> 00:12:07.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I tap the ground with some some cat food this cat runs over to me lambs his head into my hand, just like he did when I found in three and a half months ago.

00:12:07.800 --> 00:12:22.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And it's the same cat the same cat on a day I wasn't supposed to feed I wasn't even doing it in the proper way the proper order that I normally would do it, and on top of all that this cat I found them in a.

00:12:23.460 --> 00:12:31.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: lumberyard on the one side of town I lose him in the woods three miles away, on the other side of town and when I found him.

00:12:32.790 --> 00:12:40.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is it, this is no joke at all halfway between where I lost him and where I found it, it was almost like.

00:12:41.640 --> 00:12:54.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This cat is kitten had been started to make his way back across the entire town to get back to the lumber yard, where it was that so anyway, I scooped him up yes and cuts and scrapes on them and scars on it.

00:12:55.980 --> 00:13:05.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Legal was barely even hanging on and bro and took them home I call them rock and so now I have rocky and we have Rockies rescue that's how it all came about.

00:13:06.330 --> 00:13:17.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're going to be back here in just a couple of minutes i'm going to welcome my guest Jeff promo and New York Times bestselling author and journalist and we'll be back here on talk radio dot nyc and the talking ultra.

00:13:20.430 --> 00:13:21.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: nyc.

00:16:13.260 --> 00:16:24.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey welcome back everyone to coffee talk XL here on talk radio dot nyc and the talking alternative and very excited to bring my guest on my first.

00:16:24.630 --> 00:16:31.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Second guessed that that i've had since the show came back on the year and it's Jeff perlman Jeff is a.

00:16:32.220 --> 00:16:45.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: New York Times bestselling author, he said, nine bestsellers and he is also a journalist he's written for CNN he's written for sports illustrated, etc, etc, and excited happy Jeff thanks for coming on the show brother.

00:16:45.570 --> 00:16:46.980 Jeff Pearlman: yeah my pleasure happy to do it.

00:16:47.280 --> 00:16:49.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah man dude I got your book right here bro.

00:16:50.220 --> 00:16:50.610 Like.

00:16:51.870 --> 00:17:11.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah man i'm contributing to the cause is a say now i'm actually I saw I read football for a buck and and i'm on showtime right now I haven't I haven't started even begin to start your latest book, which is available on Amazon right now, which is three ring circus but.

00:17:12.390 --> 00:17:23.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I want to talk real quick, I actually just watched it a interview an interview that you had done recently about three rings surface Okay, and I.

00:17:24.750 --> 00:17:30.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm really curious about this so for those people that don't know what three ring circus this three ring circus is.

00:17:31.140 --> 00:17:51.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Big is about Kobe bryant the lakers shaq their relationship and that dynasty and Jeff wrote a book about it that's what's available, right now, interestingly enough, ironically, coincidentally, whatever you want to call it, it, it was getting ready to be released when Kobe bryant died and.

00:17:52.650 --> 00:18:09.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The book is a very honest depiction of colby and their career and do tell me a little bit about what you were going through in your head, as you know that the book is going to come out, you know it's not necessarily flattering jacoby.

00:18:10.020 --> 00:18:13.590 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, as you know, and and how is that playing into everything for you.

00:18:14.880 --> 00:18:16.050 Jeff Pearlman: I mean, it was a.

00:18:17.820 --> 00:18:28.890 Jeff Pearlman: It was confusing you know the book The book was done or sitting in a coffee shop, a friend of mine text me and said that he had just died I didn't believe it.

00:18:31.290 --> 00:18:36.330 Jeff Pearlman: I was worried, I mean my first thought was about the book i'm not just saying that like when you hear someone died is young.

00:18:36.330 --> 00:18:43.140 Jeff Pearlman: And yeah your first thought is an oh my God my book, you know, like you'd rather the bright so zero copies, and this never happened so it's not.

00:18:43.560 --> 00:18:56.460 Jeff Pearlman: You I don't think your first instinct is itself is instinct but then you think about it and you're like well this might not go well and I had a book came out that came out about eight years before this about, it was a biography of Walter payton.

00:18:58.140 --> 00:18:59.640 Jeff Pearlman: Pictures hanging right behind me and.

00:18:59.820 --> 00:19:00.720 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah sweetness.

00:19:00.780 --> 00:19:01.980 Jeff Pearlman: My son's room and.

00:19:03.300 --> 00:19:09.120 Jeff Pearlman: That book sports illustrated read an excerpt about three weeks before that book came out.

00:19:09.540 --> 00:19:20.820 Jeff Pearlman: And the excerpt was about Walter payton the end of his life and also about infidelity and painkiller addiction and you know some tough stuff suicidal tendencies when the extrovert came out of the book wasn't out.

00:19:21.900 --> 00:19:23.970 Jeff Pearlman: It was the backlash was really bad.

00:19:24.090 --> 00:19:33.600 Jeff Pearlman: Who is this guy How dare you do this as Walter payton Baba Baba BA and it was not a fun experience at all so with colby and this book coming out.

00:19:34.530 --> 00:19:42.300 Jeff Pearlman: My survival instinct was this is this is going to be really bad like this book is not that kind of Kobe bryant it's not a term of art book but it's a pretty otters.

00:19:42.300 --> 00:19:42.690 threatened.

00:19:43.980 --> 00:19:51.120 Jeff Pearlman: And I was very nervous about it really nervous about it, I they let me add an early prologue to the book just sort of addressing coby death and.

00:19:51.570 --> 00:19:57.330 Jeff Pearlman: me explaining this is just a sliver of time in his life it's not the entirety of his life and take him for who he was a youngster.

00:19:57.840 --> 00:20:03.870 Jeff Pearlman: And then the book came out and all that nervousness was kind of for nothing, and I think the biggest different treat copywriter Walter payton.

00:20:04.710 --> 00:20:19.470 Jeff Pearlman: Is I don't think I think people knew who colby wise they knew he was kind of guy and they knew he was could be a pain in the ass and everyone knew about ego Colorado and the sexual assault case, and so I just think my my nervousness about it wasn't quite meant by the reality.

00:20:19.770 --> 00:20:33.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Happily right and and you had an opportunity, potentially, to consider pushing back the date but basically you guys just went forward with with the September release know you know six but.

00:20:34.500 --> 00:20:39.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Six months after after you pass basically just figuring it would be it's not going to get any better anyway.

00:20:40.290 --> 00:20:44.490 Jeff Pearlman: was actually I think was eight months total and I think it was eight months and.

00:20:44.790 --> 00:20:45.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah.

00:20:45.420 --> 00:20:53.880 Jeff Pearlman: see much to sound like a decent amount of time, you know if it was like the next month I 100% no doubt in my mind when we gotta move this back, we can't do this now yeah and.

00:20:54.360 --> 00:21:05.430 Jeff Pearlman: You know, there was some talk or I can reset people we talked about well do you move it up there that's no not moving up i'm not I don't want to be the guy who's taking advantage of someone's.

00:21:05.430 --> 00:21:06.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Death yeah.

00:21:07.350 --> 00:21:14.850 Jeff Pearlman: So we kept it a months, and I think it worked out Okay, there you every now and then every now and then I go on Amazon you look at your reviews all writers look at.

00:21:14.850 --> 00:21:15.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The reviews yeah man.

00:21:16.560 --> 00:21:27.420 Jeff Pearlman: You know you see someone given one Star and they'll be like this guy just attack, who will be in BA BA BA bum you know it's fine it's not it's not a big deal.

00:21:27.480 --> 00:21:31.350 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey listen bro we can't please everybody man that's that's 100% certainty.

00:21:31.800 --> 00:21:43.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, when you go into the process of writing these books, but when you went into the process, you know starting price okay i'm gonna write a book about Walter payton i'm going to write a book about the lakers during this time i'm going to write a book about us fl.

00:21:45.330 --> 00:21:46.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In your head.

00:21:47.700 --> 00:21:54.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At number one first goal do as much research as possible, obviously do you have in your mind.

00:21:55.890 --> 00:22:09.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: before you start the research, how you envision the book going and does that change as the research going because you may learn negative things that maybe you didn't know before, and how does that play into your writing.

00:22:10.080 --> 00:22:11.760 Jeff Pearlman: So I kind of view it this way, like you.

00:22:12.930 --> 00:22:15.510 Jeff Pearlman: As you know, i'm working on a Bo Jackson biography now and yeah.

00:22:17.250 --> 00:22:26.040 Jeff Pearlman: I have a skeletal idea of Bo jackson's life like I know the skeletons of it, I know he was born in Alabama I know he was growing poor he was poor.

00:22:26.340 --> 00:22:37.800 Jeff Pearlman: He went to auburn I knew he stuttered as a kid I knew he whatever could have gone play for the Tampa Bay buccaneers they drafted number one he went to the royals instead he played for the raiders he got already or does it, so I have the skeletal knowledge.

00:22:38.550 --> 00:22:41.460 Jeff Pearlman: And that's sort of the Foundation that's is the basis of and that's why.

00:22:41.940 --> 00:22:50.970 Jeff Pearlman: And then it's really just taking this thing and filling it up and filling it up building up and filling it up and taking all this information that you never knew before.

00:22:51.240 --> 00:22:56.010 Jeff Pearlman: And filling up the details because it's all about the details it's everything is about the details and.

00:22:56.730 --> 00:23:04.350 Jeff Pearlman: it's about knowing the color of the car he drove it's about knowing what the House, he lived in look like it's hearing stories from childhood friends sharing stories from teenagers.

00:23:04.770 --> 00:23:13.740 Jeff Pearlman: Building this color fall, you want to tell it's like people say why would you do a book about Brett farr Why would you do a book about Walter payton everyone knows everything about them.

00:23:14.310 --> 00:23:22.650 Jeff Pearlman: And my thing is no that's really not true, we know the basics of them, but these are historic figures and you know they matter in sports history, and therefore in American history.

00:23:23.280 --> 00:23:31.920 Jeff Pearlman: And I just want to be the guy who like fills in the gaps so that's my thing I know basis there hasn't been the subject of onto I didn't know these knowledge, but I want to fill it up.

00:23:33.210 --> 00:23:50.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And without how much how much time, do you think you average per book in terms of your the research part of it, and when do you have in your head Okay, I think i've found about as much as i'm going to find out, I need to start writing how long is the research part start.

00:23:50.430 --> 00:23:51.090 Jeff Pearlman: X, I know you're.

00:23:51.180 --> 00:23:53.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: getting ready to start to write the book about about now.

00:23:53.970 --> 00:24:02.100 Jeff Pearlman: Research is usually about a year and a half, so just for a year and a half, all do is research and that involves i'm, the first thing I always do is I go on eBay.

00:24:02.790 --> 00:24:08.160 Jeff Pearlman: And I buy everything I go to eBay because, like my us, so I buy every media guide annuals.

00:24:08.820 --> 00:24:19.170 Jeff Pearlman: Books about the person books about the teams, he was on etc, etc, etc, I just have I end up building these libraries for these people these invite I had a bread five library had a water main library for Bo Jackson library.

00:24:19.890 --> 00:24:27.030 Jeff Pearlman: And I spent a year and a half, I mean i've yet, for example, i'll get the with Walter payton I get the old Jackson state media ads.

00:24:27.540 --> 00:24:32.700 Jeff Pearlman: And I go to name by name player by flyer secretaries assistant coaches blah blah.

00:24:33.180 --> 00:24:40.020 Jeff Pearlman: And if they're alive, a make file for them and then i'll try tracking him down and you just go name by name to their life trying to find people and you end up.

00:24:40.650 --> 00:24:50.670 Jeff Pearlman: Probably reaching out to 1000 people per book and you hope that you get a decent number of them and then after a year and a half of just deep diving you write it up.

00:24:51.630 --> 00:25:06.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Oh dude I, I can only imagine what about the how long is it taking you on the average to write the book, then, from the time that you Okay, I think I got as much as i'm going to go now I got to start writing wow long is that process.

00:25:07.320 --> 00:25:16.290 Jeff Pearlman: Usually five to six months just writing every day right, I mean by the end of it it's like no one in this household needs to hear another story about any of the.

00:25:17.400 --> 00:25:24.570 Jeff Pearlman: You know, because all you want to do you become hyper obsessive hyper about the subjects and it's not a healthy.

00:25:25.320 --> 00:25:32.850 Jeff Pearlman: I don't think it's a particularly healthy way to be you know where but it's kind of how my mind works like I my wife jokes like.

00:25:33.360 --> 00:25:40.380 Jeff Pearlman: years and years ago when we were first dating I picked up for like 50 cent donny osmond autobiography I don't care about like picked it up.

00:25:41.070 --> 00:25:51.060 Jeff Pearlman: And I was all about donny osmond I just want to tell her facts about donny osmond or I bought like this book about blind melon the band blind melon I want to do is tell I get very single minded in my.

00:25:51.750 --> 00:25:57.540 Jeff Pearlman: thinking and for books that works very well, but it can lead you in a in an institution or mentoring.

00:25:58.260 --> 00:25:59.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well dude your wife already.

00:26:00.780 --> 00:26:03.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is a saint anyway, I mean a boss married you right.

00:26:04.080 --> 00:26:04.440 But yeah.

00:26:06.510 --> 00:26:07.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I mean.

00:26:08.670 --> 00:26:19.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: your wife donated a kidney to somebody she didn't even know bro I mean so already I mean already sheet sheet or under key Joe had been married.

00:26:19.560 --> 00:26:20.010 Jeff Pearlman: She doesn't.

00:26:20.460 --> 00:26:21.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everyone for all this stuff.

00:26:22.050 --> 00:26:34.950 Jeff Pearlman: should have a lifetime of sports stories like this is not something probably signed up for see that are marrying a nice guys Jewish he's in New York i'll get married This is great then she winds up with like that 7000 bread firestorm that's not a fair trade off at all.

00:26:36.360 --> 00:26:39.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah now what is she a sports person or no.

00:26:40.110 --> 00:26:44.100 Jeff Pearlman: she's a I mean she played you know tennyson hoops in the high school but.

00:26:44.700 --> 00:26:53.760 Jeff Pearlman: she's a moderate grew up a giants fan but she's a moderate sports fan, but not a major, but she reads all my books and she goes through, and she edits and she's a very good writer, and you know a great editor and.

00:26:54.330 --> 00:27:00.270 Jeff Pearlman: You know, but we don't we don't watch in our House my son's room right now is right deceptive there's my son's room, but we don't.

00:27:00.270 --> 00:27:01.740 Jeff Pearlman: Watch sports in our House.

00:27:04.470 --> 00:27:09.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah and your son is he I see the reason is, I follow you on Twitter, of course, I thought we.

00:27:10.380 --> 00:27:18.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: were connected and what I love about the stories about you, is what I like about you bro I mean I I like in general right but.

00:27:19.710 --> 00:27:23.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Your self deprecating you're not afraid to make fun of yourself and.

00:27:25.290 --> 00:27:32.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: that's kind of my own sense of humor to you know where it listen man, if I if I can't laugh at myself, you know.

00:27:33.330 --> 00:27:42.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's almost like I have free rein to laugh at other people, because I laugh at myself but but you're a family guy and and and that really comes out in.

00:27:43.560 --> 00:27:56.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In all of your platforms that that i've seen you on and and to me, you know that's obviously a lot more important than being a writer or being famous or or New York Times bestseller lists, so you know kudos to that bro.

00:27:57.540 --> 00:28:08.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But we're gonna be back in a minute when I come back with you here, I want to talk about a little bit about football for a buck and Donald trump because I don't think that people.

00:28:09.690 --> 00:28:16.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Have any clue as to what his involvement was with us, if I grew up during that era bro I didn't even realize.

00:28:17.520 --> 00:28:26.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Until until now, even as an adult I didn't even realize it until I read the book and man it just cast a whole different talk about negative information bro.

00:28:27.360 --> 00:28:37.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This is this is unreal but listen we're gonna be back here in just a couple of minutes with Jeff for a moment this is Kevin Barbara and coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:22.650 --> 00:31:32.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and welcome back everybody to coffee talk XL i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and talking alternative i've got my special guests with me.

00:31:32.280 --> 00:31:41.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Today in New York Times bestselling author Jeff perlman you've got a brand new book out, you can get on Amazon called three ring circus he's in the process of writing a.

00:31:42.660 --> 00:31:52.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: biography about my favorite athlete of all time by far my favorite athlete of all time Bo Jackson greatest athlete I think not just my favorite APP I think he was the greatest athlete that ever watch your.

00:31:53.940 --> 00:32:02.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But that's another story What I do want to talk about he has another book that came out what when they come out 2018, I think, maybe.

00:32:02.580 --> 00:32:03.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I think so.

00:32:03.720 --> 00:32:22.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah football for a buck it's about the rise and fall of the US fl and give for people that don't know me just give a reader's digest version, what was the nfl excuse me, what was the US fl what made it different than the nfl and just kind of go from there.

00:32:22.860 --> 00:32:29.550 Jeff Pearlman: I was a spring Football League professionally that came along start with lasted from 8385 so that three seasons.

00:32:30.210 --> 00:32:32.850 Jeff Pearlman: And it was basically an alternative to the nfl and.

00:32:34.710 --> 00:32:42.240 Jeff Pearlman: Their plan, the idea was we get one or two stars per team, but basically we're going to keep payrolls down.

00:32:42.600 --> 00:32:47.460 Jeff Pearlman: we're going to draft regionally, you can draft we have a national draft, but then every team has.

00:32:47.730 --> 00:32:55.980 Jeff Pearlman: designated schools in their region so like the Philadelphia stars had penn state pit Delaware blah blah blah blah blah, you know, so you were the idea was.

00:32:56.520 --> 00:32:59.760 Jeff Pearlman: fans of these college teams would be able to see their college players at the next level.

00:33:00.690 --> 00:33:05.640 Jeff Pearlman: that a lot of innovations, they were the first ones at the two point conversion a the coach challenge on and on and on a bunch of stuff.

00:33:06.240 --> 00:33:12.090 Jeff Pearlman: And they're they're big landmark was the big blow was herschel Walker the heisman trophy out of Georgia.

00:33:12.720 --> 00:33:27.180 Jeff Pearlman: went to the USA, because at the time underclassmen were not allowed in the nfl so herschel Walker jumped sign with the New Jersey generals and there was a spring arrival, to the nfl and it remains to this day, even through writing a book my favorite all time sports league by far.

00:33:29.190 --> 00:33:40.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah it was a unique league a day you know some of the cities were major markets, of course, New Jersey generals and what la but then it was a smaller markets too I think San Antonio omaha.

00:33:41.010 --> 00:33:49.890 Jeff Pearlman: don't have a tome I didn't get Birmingham yeah yeah you get a lot of smart it was it was a mix of nfl cities and also mid major cities.

00:33:50.370 --> 00:33:51.030 Jeff Pearlman: right message.

00:33:51.090 --> 00:34:14.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so what ended up happening, of course, the nfl i'm assuming hated the US fl this wasn't a thing like hey man let's work together, this was it was full on heat then talk a little bit about how the nfl what what measures they started to go through to try to take now in the US fl.

00:34:14.760 --> 00:34:20.640 Jeff Pearlman: Well, I mean you have to remember at that time or people who would know us avail sign three straight heisman trophy winners.

00:34:21.030 --> 00:34:28.050 Jeff Pearlman: Three straight heisman trophy winners went to the USA wow so it's herschel Walker and there's micro zeroed in nebraska and then uh Doug flutie at Boston college.

00:34:28.650 --> 00:34:34.980 Jeff Pearlman: They started getting players from the nfl and signing them so they start stealing nfl players and.

00:34:35.460 --> 00:34:47.790 Jeff Pearlman: They got Steve young out of byu to go straight to the US about Jim Kelly, out of Miami what St people forget reggie white out of Tennessee us fl like big time big time players and they were you know scaring the crap out of the nfl.

00:34:48.900 --> 00:34:58.860 Jeff Pearlman: The nfl started sort of what are we going to do here and they start coming up with these plans or we're going to have to start stealing players back and we're gonna have to.

00:34:59.370 --> 00:35:09.570 Jeff Pearlman: undermine them, but it was honestly, it was really the USA felt like the nfl a lot of it was trying to ignore the US about because, once we start paying attention to them, it makes them look like they're on our level.

00:35:09.990 --> 00:35:15.630 Jeff Pearlman: And the US fl meanwhile was like poke poke poke we're going to steal these guys they signed Lawrence to Donald trump.

00:35:16.050 --> 00:35:19.110 Jeff Pearlman: I mean trump did some smart think Donald trump was the owner of the New Jersey generals.

00:35:19.680 --> 00:35:31.200 Jeff Pearlman: And he signed Lawrence Taylor tweet futures contract, so he was under contract with the giants trump comes along and says look you contract runs out in three years i'm gonna sign you to a contract starting three years from now.

00:35:31.830 --> 00:35:37.500 Jeff Pearlman: And the nfl was like what the hell is this like what is going on here and but then things went very bad.

00:35:38.220 --> 00:35:39.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah clearly.

00:35:40.470 --> 00:35:44.250 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, so when you started writing this book.

00:35:45.840 --> 00:36:06.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Did you already have an idea about Donald trump and his involvement and the in the negative impact of Islam, did you have that idea or was it through your research that you started seeing like dude this guy really was the one is for the League and how did that come about.

00:36:06.450 --> 00:36:13.770 Jeff Pearlman: Right, so I just want to say, first, I am, this is a book I pry wanted to write for about 10 years and I kept getting rejected kicking rejecting kept getting rejected.

00:36:14.370 --> 00:36:20.100 Jeff Pearlman: It was weird timing, that I ended up writing it when Donald trump was running for President, I was literally researching this book, while trump was running.

00:36:21.750 --> 00:36:27.810 Jeff Pearlman: I knew trump ruin the US as well, I did not know the extent to which you know, so I knew he was largely responsible.

00:36:28.410 --> 00:36:36.210 Jeff Pearlman: I didn't know he was almost singularly responsible and sort of lengths he went I mean basically in a very brief nutshell.

00:36:36.780 --> 00:36:44.880 Jeff Pearlman: He he wanted nfl franchise and he saw the US to validate his way of getting an nfl franchise and he did not care about this league at all.

00:36:45.210 --> 00:36:52.200 Jeff Pearlman: And he did things that were really, really underhanded and scummy including meeting secretly with P roselle who is in the nfl, Commissioner.

00:36:52.650 --> 00:37:02.040 Jeff Pearlman: and basically making him an offer, I would throw this league under the bus if you give me an nfl franchise and resellers like I know who you are I know your reputation he literally said to him.

00:37:04.050 --> 00:37:11.250 Jeff Pearlman: As long as as long as I am involved in the nfl as long as my ears are involved, the nfl you Donald trump would never have a franchise in this league.

00:37:12.570 --> 00:37:30.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and Donald trump makes it seem as though he really didn't have a vested interest, but how many how many teams that he tried to purchase over the course of time, I mean he tried to buy it he made a limp offer at the patriots, I believe.

00:37:30.630 --> 00:37:34.500 Jeff Pearlman: So he the first time you try, but the thing is this with him.

00:37:35.310 --> 00:37:41.010 Jeff Pearlman: it's always a little questionable like how much of an effort to make and how much was it just to be in the headlines, so he.

00:37:41.340 --> 00:37:46.800 Jeff Pearlman: tried he reached out to the baltimore baltimore colts and Robert or say the owner at the time in like 1980.

00:37:47.550 --> 00:37:54.000 Jeff Pearlman: And called a bunch of times and her say was like yeah i'm not selling my team i'm definitely not selling it to you, so that died.

00:37:54.750 --> 00:38:04.860 Jeff Pearlman: He had an opportunity to buy the Dallas cowboys before Jerry Jones bought it and made the determination that the team would not be worth the money to pay now of course it's worth zillion dollars.

00:38:05.580 --> 00:38:15.330 Jeff Pearlman: He tried his best moment, if you really want to be entertained if you can find it entertaining he quote unquote tried buying the buffalo bills, this is not that long before he ran for President.

00:38:16.530 --> 00:38:23.040 Jeff Pearlman: sent in a lowball lowball offer and then, when the guy who actually bought the bills I forgot the family's name.

00:38:23.430 --> 00:38:32.370 Jeff Pearlman: He did a press conference and trump live tweeted the press conference bashing the guy who bought the team, while the press conference so yeah.

00:38:32.790 --> 00:38:40.020 Jeff Pearlman: How serious was the about getting I think he always wanted in that club, like the nfl was the old money club of the rooney's and the mares and and yeah.

00:38:40.200 --> 00:38:41.070 Jeff Pearlman: we've had that correct.

00:38:41.910 --> 00:38:51.120 Jeff Pearlman: yeah and trump was always had this sort of I mean to be blunt like the small penis envy of not being in that club not being allowed right, you know so yeah.

00:38:51.840 --> 00:38:59.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah I mean Obviously he wasn't he wasn't any more like to then then then 10 years now me, you know, particularly within.

00:38:59.580 --> 00:39:10.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Though the wealthy circle, because those all of those teams, as you mentioned, they were owned by all family money man, I mean even the bills, they were they were owned by the rich family.

00:39:11.460 --> 00:39:23.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: frozen meats and whatnot you know and and so he wants to be he wants to throw the US fl under the bus pete rose all he wants to get an nfl franchise.

00:39:24.330 --> 00:39:42.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He convinces and correct me from wrong he convinces them, they need to move the usl fl to the fall and go heads up against the nfl yes talk about that in in do you think that that that was pretty much the beginning of the end, obviously.

00:39:43.350 --> 00:39:49.050 Jeff Pearlman: Actually, it was um it was bonkers it's actually you know i'm not a trump fan, as I think you.

00:39:49.050 --> 00:39:49.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: might know yeah.

00:39:52.290 --> 00:40:00.900 Jeff Pearlman: He is one of the best salesman i've never seen i've never seen anything like him as a salesman It is remarkable it's truly remarkable and if he could use his powers to good.

00:40:01.440 --> 00:40:05.520 Jeff Pearlman: He could be an incredibly I don't think he's capable of it but you'd be an incredibly positive world force.

00:40:05.550 --> 00:40:14.970 Jeff Pearlman: But you basically had teams in the US about in cities like you like euston in cities like Chicago in cities like Tampa where.

00:40:15.330 --> 00:40:22.440 Jeff Pearlman: There would be no gain whatsoever Pittsburgh in moving to the fall going head to head, like you, literally would lose your franchise.

00:40:22.650 --> 00:40:30.450 Jeff Pearlman: Because a pillar monsters, are not going to be able to compete head to head with the Pittsburgh steelers it just won't happen to use and gamblers are not going to be able to compete with the then Houston or there's will not happen.

00:40:31.320 --> 00:40:39.600 Jeff Pearlman: And he amazingly convinced these owners, that it would be to their benefit to move to the fall it's one of the craziest things i've ever seen in my life and.

00:40:40.200 --> 00:40:46.860 Jeff Pearlman: My my favorite truly my favorite trump us of our story, these are just speaks to sort of him at the time was um.

00:40:47.670 --> 00:40:52.470 Jeff Pearlman: He decided they needed Doug flutie the reigning heisman trophy winner out of Boston columns.

00:40:52.920 --> 00:41:02.490 Jeff Pearlman: The New Jersey generals now the quarterback of the time was Brian site, the former nfl mvp they actually didn't need him but they trump didn't know very much about football he just new shiny objects and here's Doug.

00:41:02.490 --> 00:41:13.740 Jeff Pearlman: flutie shiny object and flutie I think flutie nowadays actually is a pretty high first round pick because sizes quarterback is doesn't matter back then he was probably a fourth or fifth round nfl draft pick you know.

00:41:15.120 --> 00:41:19.770 Jeff Pearlman: 510 yes yeah right so trump if he's in high you so trump.

00:41:21.840 --> 00:41:23.700 Jeff Pearlman: makes him the highest makes an offer.

00:41:24.720 --> 00:41:28.830 Jeff Pearlman: To and makes them the highest paid player in football Doug flutie.

00:41:29.880 --> 00:41:31.620 Jeff Pearlman: And the beauty of it is, is he.

00:41:32.730 --> 00:41:39.000 Jeff Pearlman: He signed and he writes a letter that I got Ahold of and he sends it to every other owner and the week and it says.

00:41:39.480 --> 00:41:50.490 Jeff Pearlman: I have done the League this amazing i've done all of you this amazing favor by signing Doug flutie and the dividends are already paying off I expected each of you to contribute to his salary.

00:41:51.000 --> 00:41:55.590 Jeff Pearlman: So he basically as I always say he was the mud Doug flutie was the Mexico wall before the.

00:41:55.590 --> 00:41:57.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: mascot I was literally just thinking that man.

00:41:58.260 --> 00:42:02.670 Jeff Pearlman: it's the same freaking playbook and i'll tell you when people were saying like.

00:42:03.510 --> 00:42:12.450 Jeff Pearlman: trump conspiring with Putin, he would never do that I was like he met with the nfl Commissioner and a volunteer to throw this league under the bus so like.

00:42:12.840 --> 00:42:19.680 Jeff Pearlman: The parallels are endless it was it's the bet i'm not saying this so people buy my book, I swear it's available at the library can get pregnant dollar Sir.

00:42:20.670 --> 00:42:28.590 Jeff Pearlman: It is the best parallel if you want to really understand trump there's no greater parallel than his time in the USA out to his time now yeah.

00:42:28.980 --> 00:42:36.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so the US fl ends up in we're gonna wrap up here in a second but us adele long story short, they sue the nfl.

00:42:37.500 --> 00:42:42.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: take them to court and they will be the case, but.

00:42:44.040 --> 00:42:49.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How did they land on $1 that's that's the that's the whole thing yeah I know it's about $3 but yeah.

00:42:49.470 --> 00:42:55.230 Jeff Pearlman: You know, it was $1 traveled to three under antitrust law so basically it's very fascinating I interviewed one of the jury members.

00:42:56.160 --> 00:43:02.610 Jeff Pearlman: And that, with the nfl busy usl was suing the nfl saying that the nfl was a monopolizing TV and.

00:43:02.970 --> 00:43:09.600 Jeff Pearlman: fall TV and and basically with the jury decided wise you're right you guys are actually at the US about you are.

00:43:09.870 --> 00:43:16.560 Jeff Pearlman: Correct the nfl has a monopoly, the nfl has been trying to wipe you guys out the nfl is doing a lot of things they shouldn't be doing.

00:43:17.160 --> 00:43:28.320 Jeff Pearlman: But then there was this Bible, and the but is it's your fault, like you, guys keep screwing up, you are the ones doing this and the jurors homie Donald trump made himself to start the trial he decided they'd all of these.

00:43:29.100 --> 00:43:32.640 Jeff Pearlman: players who are going to testify they didn't call anyone right.

00:43:33.450 --> 00:43:43.560 Jeff Pearlman: Donald trump decided, he should be the face and central figure of the trial a jury told me was a disaster, he was scowling at the jury blah blah blah and then of winning $1 trouble, two, three, and that was the death of the US about.

00:43:44.310 --> 00:44:01.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Unbelievable listen Jeff Thank you so much for coming on the show your book three ring circus available right now on Amazon, and like this, probably at the dollar store and, if you want to know about Donald trump he republican dude i'm middle of the road guy you know this.

00:44:01.200 --> 00:44:01.410 Jeff Pearlman: Right.

00:44:02.100 --> 00:44:10.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's fascinating bro it's a fascinating and and and I think you're a great writer best of luck and i'll have you back on the show here another time so thanks.

00:44:10.800 --> 00:44:16.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: for having me thank you and we'll be back here in just a minute on coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:46:31.710 --> 00:46:32.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Welcome back everybody.

00:46:32.910 --> 00:46:35.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Coffee talk so i'm Barbara and you're listening on.

00:46:35.970 --> 00:46:49.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Talk radio dot nyc and the talking alternative quick little shout out on the music the intro music and music for the show to my buddy Dave carpenter Dave is musician in Toledo Ohio.

00:46:50.190 --> 00:46:55.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I was track and field and cross country coach at the University of Toledo, many years 15 years.

00:46:55.440 --> 00:47:07.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and gave is a musician locally, but he was also a high school track coach and a former college track Star and he wrote that song, it was the theme song for coffee talk 3.0 and and and I continue to.

00:47:08.280 --> 00:47:15.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: use it as as our theme song your coffee Doc excel so nice little shout out to my buddy Dave carpenter back and Lido.

00:47:16.860 --> 00:47:37.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I want to talk finished up talking about Rockies rescue, so I talked about how I ended up getting rocky and that and that whole story, and so the ultimate goal for Rockies rescue is actually to a couple of things so we're right now we're working on trying to create a 501 C three.

00:47:39.120 --> 00:47:48.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, establish it as a 501 C three so that it is a nonprofit and the goal here is to create and we've.

00:47:48.720 --> 00:47:54.780 Kevin Barbaro Productions: already started, Korea, I mean I funded myself but a trap neuter and release program so we're I look for.

00:47:55.440 --> 00:48:04.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know if I see stray cats or or if somebody has a cat that they can't take care of take the cat in make sure you're getting those shots make sure it gets fixed.

00:48:04.800 --> 00:48:13.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then adopted out if it's if it's friendly Of course I end up becoming the crazy cat guy because I I end up fostering a bunch of cats and I have my own cats, you know.

00:48:13.980 --> 00:48:28.680 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, but ultimately, I would, I would like to do is here in myrtle beach South Carolina is to open up a cat CAFE now a friend of mine back in New York actually in in.

00:48:29.580 --> 00:48:40.560 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In New Jersey in rahway New Jersey, they have a cat CAFE That was my first ever even heard of it and basically what it is, is is we're looking for retail space, right now, where the.

00:48:40.980 --> 00:48:51.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: traffic and typically older people are you know, maybe at a Plaza that as a grocery store, but essentially take the retail space, create a diner.

00:48:52.590 --> 00:49:07.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Excuse me, create like a CAFE where people can come in, they can have coffee, they can sit and and and the in there are adoptable cats from the the Rockies rescue that are there.

00:49:07.560 --> 00:49:13.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they can interact with them if because there are a lot of people that want to have cats.

00:49:14.580 --> 00:49:20.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or want to have pets, but they can't so they come and they make a donation, so they can sit and.

00:49:20.700 --> 00:49:29.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And for an hour, they can they can they can play with the cats and and you know, feel that unconditional love that we get from pets and.

00:49:29.820 --> 00:49:43.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It but, at the at the same time it's to fund the tea and our program so that we are trying to humanely curb the stray cat population in the Community, I mean that's really what the goal is because.

00:49:44.670 --> 00:49:51.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Everybody is seems strange, you see, you know they they they propagate they live in the woods, they live in your backyard.

00:49:52.380 --> 00:49:59.850 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And really what needs am some of them are adoptable some of them can be adopted out but really what we need to do is, we need to spay and neuter.

00:50:00.630 --> 00:50:10.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, this entire program is set up, so that listen cats are part of the environment, you guys stray cats in your neighborhood that means you got plenty of mice to be or they wouldn't be there.

00:50:12.180 --> 00:50:21.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But the the cat CAFE is is kind of the second phase of it, and then the other thing too is, we want to provide a rescue.

00:50:21.690 --> 00:50:33.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: plan for pets during natural disasters, so here in myrtle beach South Carolina as an example, we are obviously in a flood zone or obviously in a hurricane zone.

00:50:33.930 --> 00:50:53.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And there are a lot of people, particularly senior citizens, particularly retired people that live here that have pets and when we have a situation where we have a natural disaster, which happens to be me basically every other year, so a lot of times the pets are left behind.

00:50:54.210 --> 00:51:02.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and on it's a sad situation because you have these people they there's nothing they can do they've got to pack up everything in their car they got to leave.

00:51:03.060 --> 00:51:12.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they leave the pets and they just hope that when they get back that that everything is okay, and sometimes it's not, and so this program Rockies rescue.

00:51:12.630 --> 00:51:22.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The goal here is to go into and usually these poor neighborhoods as well, where people have to leave and they leave the pets to go into those neighborhoods.

00:51:22.950 --> 00:51:27.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: rescue the pets during the time of disaster during the time of need.

00:51:28.320 --> 00:51:39.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hang on to them just foster them at Rockies rescue so that they can be reunited with their families, when everybody comes back from whatever the disaster happens to be so.

00:51:40.380 --> 00:51:50.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It really is kind of evolved from me being just tired when I first became an actor That was my first job in New York City.

00:51:51.270 --> 00:51:58.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To then taking in rocky and the story that I just told a few minutes ago, and then now it's evolved to where.

00:51:59.130 --> 00:52:09.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: we're taking in foster's making sure they've had their their their all their shots and make sure that they are spayed neutered make sure they're tested for if IV and leukemia.

00:52:10.020 --> 00:52:17.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then, adapting them out and another interesting story which added to all of this is that.

00:52:17.490 --> 00:52:27.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Back in July of last year I was at my office so i've got a couple of bombs so i'm one of two partners in a in a small construction company.

00:52:27.840 --> 00:52:34.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: will actually not even small anymore here in myrtle beach, I also have my concert production in live event production companies.

00:52:35.070 --> 00:52:43.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The two branches kb sports and Kevin Barbara productions, I have a separate office for that downtown myrtle beach near broadway the beach.

00:52:43.800 --> 00:52:52.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm in my office, I mean that offices, one in broadway broadway beach this calico cat goes walking across the parking lot like 11 o'clock at night July.

00:52:53.010 --> 00:53:05.400 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And July of last year, not not 2000 22,019 so it's 11 o'clock and there's no residential there aren't a whole and so i'm like man somebody dumped this cat you know so.

00:53:05.940 --> 00:53:11.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I called it over to me it comes over to me, and as soon as it gets over to me it lays down on his back was me, though.

00:53:12.480 --> 00:53:19.290 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, so I figured all right i'll take it, and you can be the office cat that was basically the whole plan here.

00:53:19.980 --> 00:53:25.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: That that and I named her cinnamon because she looked like kind of like cinnamon and sugar so.

00:53:26.460 --> 00:53:34.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I have her in the office and round about the middle of August i'm like i'm like dude she's getting fat.

00:53:35.070 --> 00:53:40.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Take her to the vet, as it turns out she's pregnant, she was pregnant when I found so.

00:53:40.860 --> 00:53:50.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One thing about cats people don't realize is that cats are the gestation period is 90 so almost exactly 63 days and then they'll have the kids.

00:53:50.850 --> 00:54:00.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So she has the kittens almost exactly 63 days later, my whole goal here at that point is that she had four of them three of them jet lag and one all great.

00:54:00.750 --> 00:54:18.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and so my my grand master plan is i'm going to adopt so anyway very first night that that the kittens are alive so she gives birth, I make a little bed, for her in the bathroom off my master bedroom and so that they can become for like when i'm laying in bed right.

00:54:19.350 --> 00:54:25.020 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And all of a sudden cinnamon jumps up on the end of the bed and she's got the runt of the litter.

00:54:25.800 --> 00:54:39.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In her mouth, one of the black black cats she comes over no exaggeration, she lays the kitten down in like the space break by my armpit she takes a couple of steps back least down and goes to sleep.

00:54:40.740 --> 00:54:50.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dude that's like the sweetest thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life I I don't even know that i've been anything sweeter or nicer happened to me with any relationship i've ever been in my life.

00:54:51.570 --> 00:54:56.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But it was like it was it was the greatest thing, so I wake up in the morning and she's got them all up on the bed.

00:54:57.600 --> 00:55:08.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well then, I put them back down I go off and do work come back day to she's got them all back up on the video all right, I guess that's what we're doing so I create a little for.

00:55:08.790 --> 00:55:12.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And all the the four kittens are in there and and and cinnamon.

00:55:13.140 --> 00:55:20.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm sleeping on the bed, I mean I got a king size bed i'm like sleeping over on the one side, because all the kill the kittens are in this little for that i've created.

00:55:21.750 --> 00:55:36.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, then you know my goal still is to adopt them out, and then I started giving them name, so the Gray, one I call them grace son because it's great it was a boy, and the runt of the litter is all black which get like a white.

00:55:38.190 --> 00:55:39.540 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I catch wrestling right now.

00:55:40.800 --> 00:55:52.620 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The little white patch on her so we call her Ruby and then, and then the other two black one is one is male and female is cardi B and and Jay Z.

00:55:53.070 --> 00:56:07.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, the funny thing about Jay Z was that it wasn't until about three months into his life, he was actually known as beyonce but then one day about three months later, I realized beyonce is actually Jay Z.

00:56:08.310 --> 00:56:19.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so now, you know they live here I mean I got a big place you know it is what it is probably another reason why I am eternally going to be single but.

00:56:19.500 --> 00:56:26.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know rocky's rescue it's a big it's a big part of my life and and you know I I I can't.

00:56:27.330 --> 00:56:36.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: really put into words how how great It makes me feel to take in you know these stories and and and and and some cases adopt them out so.

00:56:36.480 --> 00:56:42.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listen i'll be back next week i'll be back every week every Tuesday night at eight o'clock you can listen to the live here.

00:56:42.450 --> 00:56:57.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On talk radio dot nyc or you can go to slash talk radio in a nyc and you can watch the live feed next week i'm gonna have my best friend rob Warren golem Kramer we're going to be on to talk music and.

00:56:58.140 --> 00:57:07.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we'll be back then so we'll see you next week next Tuesday night eight o'clock Eastern here on talk radio dot nyc i'm Kevin rose, and this was coffee topic so thank you so much.

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