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Monday, May 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/10 - Sister Kate is Back

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/10 - Sister Kate is Back


2021/05/10 - Sister Kate is Back

[NEW EPISODE] Sister Kate is Back

Kate Taylor lives year-round on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts. She was raised in Chapel Hill, NC. She recorded her first album, “Sister Kate,” in 1971 with Peter Asher.

Her second album, “Kate Taylor,” was produced by her brother James Taylor for Columbia Records and was released in 1976. Her third record, “It’s in There and It’s Got to Come Out,” produced by Barry Beckett, was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and was released in 1978 on Columbia Records.

After starting her family, Kate took time from performing to raise her daughters. She now once again brings her original songs and her favorite covers to her beautiful audiences. Her recent albums include “Beautiful Road” and “Fair Time!”.

Kate is releasing a brand spanking new album in August 2021, working once again, at the 50-year anniversary of “Sister Kate”, with her first producer, Peter Asher.

Tune in for this important conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Albert starts off the show by introducing Kate Taylor and her background. She admires a portrait hanging on the wall that was created of her and her family when she was a young girl. It took multiple days to sketch. During the summers, she would live at the vineyards. She recalls how important music was while growing up. Folk was a genre that was popular at the time which eventually played a role in developing others. The music of her generation inspired her to become a musician. In addition, throughout the years, many songs were produced in reaction to public news events. This heavily influenced people’s emotions along with how they thought about music in general. Furthermore, her brother James introduced her to Peter Asher which eventually led to a collaboration featuring multiple albums.

Segment 2

In the 1970’s Peter Asher became Kate’s producer. They began working on songs for her and her brother. In the past, when Elton John was performing her first show in America, Kate was able to go. The place was packed. After the show, Kate realized she really wanted to record Ballad of a Well-Known Gun. Peter was able to contact Elton’s manager, the group met up which eventually led to him agreeing to let her cover the song. Also, there was a period of time when she was living in a teepee in order to refind herself. She admits that she was so young when she started her journey and just needed some time to herself. Later, James contacts her and asks if she wants to make a record while he is back working at Columbia Records and is able to produce an artist. This leads to them creating another track.

Segment 3

To begin this segment, Albert talks about his journey and mental health. He lost his brother and sister due to their mental health issues. Many people have different outlets to cope with pain. Albert’s was baseball which opened him up to other things like music. For Kate, whenever she felt down she was always able to turn to the creativity she was surrounded by on the vineyard. She cherishes every time she gets to make a record and sing in front of an audience. Albert states that meditation is great for him because it gives him a certain energy and feeling that he can get through his tasks. Also, Kate admits that she has an album releasing in August and a tour coming soon. Her brothers have been nothing but supportive. They love what she is doing. On the tour, she will be performing music of her’s and James’

Segment 4

In this segment, Albert asks Kate to give advice to younger people who are trying to find themselves. Many teenagers do not know what they want to do professionally. Her mother said that it is important to just watch what they gravitate towards when they are enjoying what they love doing. Eventually, the majority of people find some type of interest. The advice that she gives is to not let others influence you and just be yourself. If people just follow their passions doors can be opened. However, if help is needed, it should be sought after. It is vital to let go of anger and sadness whether it is with a friend or therapist. Practicing joy can definitely help improve one’s mental health. In addition, Kate will be performing at the vineyard August 23rd.


00:00:41.010 --> 00:00:47.880 Albert Dabah: hi everyone, my name is Albert dabba and welcome to extra innings covering all the bases.

00:00:48.600 --> 00:01:08.940 Albert Dabah: On extra innings we talk about many different aspects of life with many different kinds of people who have led all different kinds of lives and we talk about their journeys their ups and downs and cover topics such as wellness mental illness.

00:01:10.230 --> 00:01:24.330 Albert Dabah: what's it like to go through day in, day sometimes dealing with aspects of depression, anxiety and we've had many different people like therapists artists.

00:01:24.780 --> 00:01:36.150 Albert Dabah: Cast members from a film that I put together called extra innings which is now on Amazon prime and tonight we have on our show Kate Taylor.

00:01:36.690 --> 00:01:47.730 Albert Dabah: who lives in martha's vineyard and Kate has, I believe, a lot of aspects of her life that she can share with us tonight, and she comes from a very creative family.

00:01:48.510 --> 00:01:59.850 Albert Dabah: And uh you'll see as we saw talking to her the background of where she's sitting, which is quite exciting so hey how are you tonight.

00:02:00.180 --> 00:02:07.590 Kate Taylor: Well i'm so i'm so fine and i'm really glad to be here with you tonight Albert thanks for having me on your show.

00:02:07.650 --> 00:02:21.540 Albert Dabah: Oh sure I we've had some discussions previous to this, and the first thing I said tonight when I saw you, with your beautiful background is like how Carl awful, and all this and maybe you want to tell us a little bit about some things.

00:02:22.140 --> 00:02:23.010 Albert Dabah: you're gonna love it.

00:02:23.340 --> 00:02:29.010 Kate Taylor: yeah um well I, the first thing that maybe we could show is that this is that painting.

00:02:30.120 --> 00:02:33.300 Kate Taylor: that's behind me that's my dad and me.

00:02:33.540 --> 00:02:35.220 Kate Taylor: Well, playing crib ej.

00:02:35.820 --> 00:02:36.180 Albert Dabah: And I.

00:02:36.480 --> 00:02:40.260 Kate Taylor: I was 11 and he was in his mid 30s and.

00:02:41.400 --> 00:02:50.280 Kate Taylor: You know, I think it was hard for both of us to sit still with this paper this portrait but i'm so grateful to have it now.

00:02:51.000 --> 00:02:52.620 Albert Dabah: yeah people.

00:02:52.800 --> 00:02:59.850 Kate Taylor: You know my mom she she wanted to kind of memorialize or you know the our our.

00:03:01.140 --> 00:03:09.240 Kate Taylor: You know this, this relationship that we have where we put we would play cards together and and then this was painted on the vineyard and and my mother wanted to have.

00:03:10.320 --> 00:03:14.640 Kate Taylor: A sense of place so she brought those grasses in and the shells.

00:03:16.500 --> 00:03:25.590 Kate Taylor: blanket but she had gotten in in Ireland and, and so you know the wonderful artists here on the vineyard Stan Murphy.

00:03:27.990 --> 00:03:39.450 Kate Taylor: painted it and I can remember sitting out for the for the portrait and looking at the door of his studio it was one of the days I had to sit was a day that was my birthday.

00:03:40.020 --> 00:03:40.410 Albert Dabah: Oh wow.

00:03:40.680 --> 00:03:42.120 Kate Taylor: And I was.

00:03:43.320 --> 00:03:56.820 Kate Taylor: kind of you know lamenting I as I watched it once the traffic goodbye outside and I could see my friends heading down to oak bluffs which is you know was kind of fun city to go to the flying horses, well, I am sitting.

00:03:57.510 --> 00:04:07.350 Kate Taylor: Perfectly still and but you know years later, now, to have the portrait I just like to say, and just you know was worth everything was worth at all.

00:04:07.680 --> 00:04:09.270 Albert Dabah: How long did you have to sit for.

00:04:09.300 --> 00:04:15.870 Kate Taylor: You remember how long I don't remember you know, I was 11 and I think I stood up when I was about 14 no.

00:04:17.100 --> 00:04:22.200 Kate Taylor: wasn't that bad, but it was you know, it was a few days, he did he did a.

00:04:23.700 --> 00:04:29.550 Kate Taylor: You know, a sketch, which I also the sketches well of you know just my face and.

00:04:31.020 --> 00:04:33.150 Albert Dabah: So you grew up on the venue is that right.

00:04:33.450 --> 00:04:44.550 Kate Taylor: In the summers yeah yeah yeah we were most of us my my parents met in Boston and then most of us were born there.

00:04:45.420 --> 00:04:59.520 Kate Taylor: For four out of the five of us were born in Boston and then we moved down to North Carolina where my father was from because he took a job at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and in those days, the Medical School.

00:05:00.780 --> 00:05:08.250 Kate Taylor: had been a to was a two year program, and so they the university wanted to beef it up to four year program so they they brought in a lot of.

00:05:08.940 --> 00:05:20.730 Kate Taylor: You know, medical fresh freshly minted dement doctors and and brought them down to be professors and that's what my father was a professor of medicine, he ended up.

00:05:22.530 --> 00:05:40.410 Kate Taylor: Being the dean of the Medical School but they develop this work, for your program and they had a they actually there there my mother was instrumental in getting them to focus on public health as a as a you know, a discipline and the universe at the Medical School.

00:05:41.370 --> 00:05:43.740 Albert Dabah: wow so you spend summers in the vineyard.

00:05:44.430 --> 00:05:45.780 Kate Taylor: Look at the vineyard in the summer yeah.

00:05:46.020 --> 00:06:06.270 Albert Dabah: Nice so um you have what I learned about you is that you were for lack of better words or rock and roller and one time and Am I right or maybe not a rock and roller but how would you describe yourself going back and we're and then I know that you have something coming up soon.

00:06:06.450 --> 00:06:10.110 Albert Dabah: Yes, so tell me a little bit about that journey and.

00:06:11.520 --> 00:06:23.490 Albert Dabah: A little bit about your family, because you have such a background that and I read and talk to you a little bit about you lived in a teepee for for periods of time.

00:06:25.020 --> 00:06:36.570 Albert Dabah: which I find I I actually was married to a woman my ex wife, who lived in a teepee for a year out in western Canada on an Indian reservation.

00:06:36.720 --> 00:06:37.980 Kate Taylor: Oh, good for her.

00:06:38.070 --> 00:06:41.730 Albert Dabah: yo I have some knowledge of what that was like.

00:06:42.000 --> 00:06:45.300 Albert Dabah: yeah when I heard when I heard that from you, I said wow.

00:06:46.680 --> 00:06:47.850 Kate Taylor: We would coming up.

00:06:47.940 --> 00:06:49.230 Kate Taylor: When we were youngsters.

00:06:50.460 --> 00:06:56.250 Kate Taylor: That our music was the way that we communicated as a as a generation.

00:06:56.910 --> 00:06:57.240 Kate Taylor: and

00:06:57.330 --> 00:07:10.620 Kate Taylor: It was very important part of everybody's lives this this you know and everybody was listening to the same radio, the same same songs you know, and we had so much to communicate about and.

00:07:12.060 --> 00:07:24.360 Kate Taylor: Early on, it was there was the sort of the as my brother levinson calls the great folks scare of the early 60s and you know a lot of protest songs and and you know.

00:07:25.230 --> 00:07:36.360 Kate Taylor: folk folk songs and people can do it's a very you know important genre of music that we people were listening to and then it sort of morphed into.

00:07:37.500 --> 00:07:49.920 Kate Taylor: You know or up into the also the other genres of music, you know r&b and Gospel and r&b you know rock and roll so uh.

00:07:50.970 --> 00:08:02.700 Kate Taylor: He was just a very rich environment musically to grow up in and our parents were were very interested in in making sure that we had music instruction musical instruction if we wanted it and.

00:08:03.480 --> 00:08:19.440 Kate Taylor: So, most of us took took lessons of some sort of an instrument or another, and it just sort of developed into this thing, where you know I had a couple of brothers my brother James and brother livingston especially are these you know masterful songwriters and and.

00:08:20.520 --> 00:08:22.620 Kate Taylor: singers and players and.

00:08:24.360 --> 00:08:29.610 Kate Taylor: I was kind of like the little Gal would do felt, I think it felt like I had my finger in the socket.

00:08:32.760 --> 00:08:33.840 Albert Dabah: Well, how is that.

00:08:33.870 --> 00:08:35.670 Kate Taylor: Would I wouldn't very excitable.

00:08:37.110 --> 00:08:37.710 Albert Dabah: Okay.

00:08:37.830 --> 00:08:41.250 Kate Taylor: Well yeah and and so um.

00:08:43.050 --> 00:08:45.720 Kate Taylor: You know it, but it was also you know.

00:08:47.100 --> 00:08:50.130 Kate Taylor: my brother Alex who was our oldest brother and he died.

00:08:51.570 --> 00:09:02.430 Kate Taylor: In 93 he he and brother James had a band in high school the fabulous course there's with the sounds that abound with musical style.

00:09:03.120 --> 00:09:04.170 Albert Dabah: whoa okay.

00:09:04.650 --> 00:09:05.370 Kate Taylor: That was the.

00:09:06.450 --> 00:09:14.760 Kate Taylor: That was their their motto anyway, they played you know r&b and they played it, you know sock hops and you know frat parties and I kind of thing.

00:09:15.270 --> 00:09:29.190 Kate Taylor: And these sort of to write songs and they went to raleigh and they recorded some of these songs and then they took the recorded material over to the radio station in raleigh was in those days, we listened to, am you know.

00:09:29.970 --> 00:09:30.360 ready.

00:09:32.790 --> 00:09:41.970 Kate Taylor: You know and and they played the songs there they played their tapes there, so it was like anything is possible, you know this was not out of reach.

00:09:42.420 --> 00:10:00.960 Kate Taylor: This was something that you know you could make music, you could write a song, you know, a recorded and it could get on the air and it sort of paved it open doors for for them and and for me to, and I guess I you know I just sorta I think for us because.

00:10:02.490 --> 00:10:08.040 Kate Taylor: There was so much to talk about inter generationally for us.

00:10:09.270 --> 00:10:12.750 Kate Taylor: You know, there was the war, the Vietnam War, and there was the.

00:10:14.940 --> 00:10:32.820 Kate Taylor: You know the assassination of john Kennedy and there was a civil rights movement and there was the assassination of Martin Luther King, and all of these things, and you know we just as a as a generation, we were just forged in the fire of all of these experiences and we shared them.

00:10:33.870 --> 00:10:37.080 Kate Taylor: Through the music and you know I feel sort of.

00:10:39.780 --> 00:10:49.650 Kate Taylor: mean i'm sure that the subsequent generations have had their way of being able to communicate with each other, but I do feel like we were really, really plugged in on very deep way.

00:10:51.180 --> 00:10:53.640 Kate Taylor: Anyway, so so well I.

00:10:54.660 --> 00:10:57.750 Kate Taylor: james's musical path led him to.

00:10:59.490 --> 00:11:09.480 Kate Taylor: You know, having a band and in New York and and then, when that band broke up he he decided, he was going to go to London and and you know.

00:11:10.350 --> 00:11:22.740 Kate Taylor: see what he could do for gigs and you know meet you know and music over there and his friend Danny coach Maher said to them why don't you look up my friend, Peter asher he's just started the.

00:11:24.630 --> 00:11:27.360 Kate Taylor: he's just started working as a.

00:11:28.470 --> 00:11:33.000 Kate Taylor: head of a&r at that apple records, which was the new Beatles.

00:11:33.360 --> 00:11:36.090 Kate Taylor: record company so.

00:11:37.680 --> 00:11:48.930 Kate Taylor: James went to London met Peter Peter heard his songs he said i've got to take this these few of the songs over to the Beatles have them listen to these, because this is this is extraordinary.

00:11:49.560 --> 00:12:10.380 Kate Taylor: yeah i'm Sure enough, they they recorded it well, I saw james's first couldn't kind of you know record for fooling James Taylor record was was only apple label and I thought well i'm going to go over there to London, because I want to see just make sure they're taking good care of family.

00:12:12.240 --> 00:12:15.210 Albert Dabah: what's the difference in ages between you and James.

00:12:15.330 --> 00:12:20.160 Kate Taylor: About a year well let's eat no he was born in March, and I was born in the next year in August.

00:12:20.220 --> 00:12:21.900 Albert Dabah: Oh so like a year difference, I said.

00:12:21.930 --> 00:12:30.810 Kate Taylor: yeah you're a few months so we're very close it, though my five siblings were born within six years.

00:12:30.900 --> 00:12:32.160 Albert Dabah: Oh wow that is.

00:12:32.610 --> 00:12:43.320 Kate Taylor: So, so we, you know as a family unit, I think we have always felt very, very close, you know if this I can't speak for them, but I.

00:12:44.220 --> 00:12:53.490 Kate Taylor: I that's the feeling I get in us and certainly the way I feel about them i've got these the four brothers and although we did lose out like some like a say in 93 but.

00:12:55.770 --> 00:13:03.120 Kate Taylor: Anyway, so I went over and James introduced me to Peter, and so, then I got a chance to James and I.

00:13:04.350 --> 00:13:20.130 Kate Taylor: were saying at the bottom of this empty swimming pool that was out in Peters back yard out my country, and you know, must do South South good great well first off singing with James it's just always a treat but you know we sang some songs that we can song, since we were kids together.

00:13:21.330 --> 00:13:35.940 Kate Taylor: sounded great you know it like being in the shower you know this just ECHO we you know sound of the empty swimming pool, and that was fun that I went back, I went back home to go living that that by that time I was living on martha's vineyard.

00:13:38.400 --> 00:13:52.500 Kate Taylor: And uh you know a few weeks later again if the phone rings to pick it up and it's Peter asher and he says he's moving to La he's leaving apple records she's moving to Los Angeles, and did I want to make a record.

00:13:53.310 --> 00:13:53.880 Kate Taylor: Oh wow.

00:13:54.630 --> 00:13:56.700 Kate Taylor: You said, let me think about it, yes.

00:14:01.470 --> 00:14:01.980 Albert Dabah: Okay.

00:14:02.700 --> 00:14:11.910 Kate Taylor: Oh that's how that sort of started with me and Peter um you know, which is to say that Peter, and then I did go to Los Angeles, and this was a wonderful time to be in La.

00:14:14.430 --> 00:14:21.330 Kate Taylor: So many amazing artists music musical artists gathering there at that time there was you know.

00:14:23.400 --> 00:14:30.870 Kate Taylor: Carole king and joni Mitchell Linda ronstadt the eagles Jackson Browne bonnie raitt.

00:14:33.870 --> 00:14:37.170 Kate Taylor: Forgive me if i'm leaving anybody out there was so many other.

00:14:38.340 --> 00:14:44.880 Kate Taylor: writers, who were just starting out, you know we're just sort of on the cusp of these amazing careers.

00:14:45.570 --> 00:15:01.560 Albert Dabah: yeah I know I I mean i'm from around the same era there and I remember all that stuff going on, and it was a wild time I mean, I was not part of the music scene, but I certainly follow the music scene and.

00:15:03.810 --> 00:15:17.190 Albert Dabah: I mean I I just remember going to Manhattan like I was like and I remember listening to James songs on the jukebox and going wow that sounds so good, it was like in my head.

00:15:17.640 --> 00:15:20.760 Albert Dabah: i'm gonna have to break for a commercial spot.

00:15:20.820 --> 00:15:22.140 Albert Dabah: Right now we'll come back and.

00:15:22.140 --> 00:15:24.510 Albert Dabah: continue with hailer.

00:15:24.660 --> 00:15:26.130 Kate Taylor: Excellent let's talk in a minute.

00:15:26.460 --> 00:15:27.480 Albert Dabah: Okay, thank you.

00:15:27.690 --> 00:15:29.310 Kate Taylor: yeah yeah be right back.

00:18:25.950 --> 00:18:37.440 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with K Taylor we were discussing the early 1970s so tell us more katie what was that, like, for you.

00:18:37.740 --> 00:18:40.110 Albert Dabah: being introduced to Peter asher and.

00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:44.460 Kate Taylor: By the way, just from seeing this station has got a lot of great shows on it.

00:18:44.670 --> 00:18:45.990 Albert Dabah: yeah oh yeah it does.

00:18:46.080 --> 00:18:56.160 Kate Taylor: yeah I mean to be fantastic um so so i'm going to be tuning in but let's see so oh yeah so where were we were in Los Angeles near.

00:18:56.850 --> 00:18:59.640 Kate Taylor: 70 I was over the moon, I was only.

00:18:59.820 --> 00:19:01.020 Kate Taylor: Three years old.

00:19:02.460 --> 00:19:02.910 Albert Dabah: When.

00:19:03.420 --> 00:19:10.890 Kate Taylor: I was a teenager you know that no I mean I was I probably started this whole adventure, when I was 19.

00:19:12.150 --> 00:19:20.760 Kate Taylor: You know, but the Peter and I made a rent so Peter asher became a manager and became my producer and was my producer.

00:19:21.390 --> 00:19:39.570 Kate Taylor: And we used we had this amazing people on this record Carol Carol kane was just putting together her tapestry album and she had some songs on that record that I that she left me a record this was you know, probably just around the same time she was releasing this record.

00:19:42.090 --> 00:19:52.770 Kate Taylor: A tapestry I she let me, you know put a couple of times and she played on the record my friend Linda ronstadt came in saying backup with me.

00:19:53.640 --> 00:20:05.880 Kate Taylor: You know, there was a band that Peter had put together for james's record, which was the they call themselves, now the immediate family was Danny course mark that friend of james's and mutual friend of james's and and Peters.

00:20:08.130 --> 00:20:27.870 Kate Taylor: russ kunkel on drums least Golan base and these guys were you know amazing and they went on to play with James for about 20 years and then now they they tour with a lot of different amazing artists, but they were just starting out and they were they played on my record and.

00:20:30.180 --> 00:20:33.870 Kate Taylor: I the record came out and.

00:20:35.250 --> 00:20:36.570 Kate Taylor: I said to my.

00:20:37.860 --> 00:20:38.580 Kate Taylor: One point.

00:20:39.720 --> 00:20:48.090 Kate Taylor: While we were choosing songs for the record and recording I went to the troubadour, which is a club out in La Peter and I went and.

00:20:49.590 --> 00:20:58.710 Kate Taylor: Elton john was playing his very first concert in the United States at the troubadour and the place was packed.

00:20:59.730 --> 00:21:08.130 Kate Taylor: And you know people have heard about it, you know the you know he people had heard about how exciting and show was, but nobody had seen him in the States.

00:21:08.310 --> 00:21:09.390 Albert Dabah: You were there that night.

00:21:09.510 --> 00:21:16.110 Kate Taylor: Was there that night and and his and he he blew the roof off the place.

00:21:16.590 --> 00:21:25.320 Kate Taylor: And everybody went completely nuts, you know and within like months, he was playing Madison square garden, you know the guy was amazing but but, as we all know.

00:21:25.890 --> 00:21:39.930 Kate Taylor: But he, you know as much as I loved being in Los Angeles in that time frame, I was also very homesick for martha's vineyard where I where I had made my home moved there from Chapel hill.

00:21:41.250 --> 00:21:50.400 Kate Taylor: So I was, you know that was home base and when Elton john saying a song country comfort, I said I.

00:21:50.760 --> 00:21:58.920 Kate Taylor: I love that song, I want to record it and Peter said, well, I know his manager will invite them over will arrange a meeting, and you can ask Elton if you can record it.

00:21:59.580 --> 00:22:06.510 Kate Taylor: which he did that came over the band Elton in the band came over to peter's house the next day, James was there, we all hung around the pool.

00:22:07.350 --> 00:22:27.660 Kate Taylor: And I asked Elton john if I could record that song and another one that he done a ballad of a well known gun and he said, by all means, so I put those on them, you can put those on the record, and then it turned out that country comfort was was the first single off the record.

00:22:29.010 --> 00:22:33.540 Kate Taylor: So a few months later, my record just been released the single was without.

00:22:35.370 --> 00:22:41.550 Kate Taylor: My father and come out to La for some conference or something, and he and I met up and we were driving around on the on the freeway.

00:22:42.330 --> 00:22:51.270 Kate Taylor: And my dad said so key, what do you want to see happen with this a career you're embarking upon, and I said, well done.

00:22:51.930 --> 00:23:11.220 Kate Taylor: After having grown up with four brothers what i'd like is when I start singing in the car and someone leans over and terms on the radio, that would be me on the radio and it was just sort of tongue in cheek Well he leaned over turned on the radio and it was me.

00:23:11.400 --> 00:23:13.170 Albert Dabah: On the radio oh wow.

00:23:14.400 --> 00:23:14.970 Albert Dabah: cool.

00:23:15.120 --> 00:23:17.790 Kate Taylor: Pretty cool singing country comfort which.

00:23:18.240 --> 00:23:18.810 wow.

00:23:20.070 --> 00:23:26.280 Kate Taylor: So anyway, I you know I toured with that record and then I I came home.

00:23:27.840 --> 00:23:29.970 Kate Taylor: To the vineyard and.

00:23:33.150 --> 00:23:45.300 Kate Taylor: I realized right away that I needed this was you know i'd been on a tour the tour for but six six or seven months or something and I realized I needed to be um.

00:23:47.310 --> 00:24:05.250 Kate Taylor: I needed some grounding uh you know, I was I could see that you know I didn't have a lot of perspective on it, then, but I subconsciously mostly and maybe a little bit consciously I just felt like I needed a time to.

00:24:06.750 --> 00:24:18.510 Kate Taylor: Land, you know, I was still a kid, and this was quite up you know vibrant life, you know journey that I was embarking on and I needed.

00:24:19.380 --> 00:24:35.190 Kate Taylor: to know more about myself went into it friends tp you sat down on the ground there with a little fire going on the inside, and the nuns and looking out at the great the cosmos through this the small call that my God, I have one.

00:24:36.270 --> 00:24:37.980 Kate Taylor: So I went and got some canvas.

00:24:39.000 --> 00:24:42.600 Kate Taylor: And a pattern for making a teepee and my hand stitched a teepee.

00:24:43.710 --> 00:24:54.360 Kate Taylor: And then I went up to maine and got some polls, I harvest in some very tall thin pine trees for the for the polls to people's and I broke them down.

00:24:55.650 --> 00:25:09.210 Kate Taylor: To the vineyard and so you know that was that was kind of the ultimate grounding you know you sleep at all, no ground and there's not much between you and the great outdoors but you know, a couple layers of canvas and.

00:25:10.230 --> 00:25:10.950 Kate Taylor: Really.

00:25:12.300 --> 00:25:15.780 Kate Taylor: I needed that I could tell that that I wasn't going to be.

00:25:17.910 --> 00:25:19.470 Kate Taylor: capable of of.

00:25:20.490 --> 00:25:22.770 Kate Taylor: navigating this.

00:25:24.090 --> 00:25:31.170 Kate Taylor: You know, career without some without an anchor you know and so.

00:25:32.310 --> 00:25:38.880 Kate Taylor: that's that's basically how that happened how I got into the tp and then I ended up we there were six summers in the tp when.

00:25:40.320 --> 00:25:42.630 Kate Taylor: James came into my tp yard and said.

00:25:45.360 --> 00:25:54.420 Kate Taylor: i'm changing record labels and they've offered me the opportunity to produce somebody would you like to make a record and I said yes and we went to New York and.

00:25:56.070 --> 00:26:02.550 Kate Taylor: In the Atlantic studios we made a record for what what was then the Columbia records.

00:26:04.500 --> 00:26:05.220 Kate Taylor: and

00:26:07.440 --> 00:26:11.970 Kate Taylor: And then, a couple of years later I went down to well muscle shoals Alabama made a record down there.

00:26:12.600 --> 00:26:13.950 Albert Dabah: Oh, and.

00:26:14.280 --> 00:26:17.820 Kate Taylor: In the meantime, I have one daughter, and I end.

00:26:21.030 --> 00:26:29.940 Kate Taylor: It you know why, like I did some touring with both those albums and then I brought my daughter along and then my husband and I.

00:26:31.050 --> 00:26:36.810 Kate Taylor: We another there was another child on the way and.

00:26:38.190 --> 00:26:48.450 Kate Taylor: So I you know I realized pretty pretty quickly that trying to travel and perform with two children who needed, you know stability.

00:26:50.190 --> 00:26:58.650 Kate Taylor: Was you just traveling was kind of had to be put on the backburner so so that's what I did we you know we have wonderful we've had a wonderful life here on the vineyard and.

00:26:59.250 --> 00:27:10.680 Kate Taylor: And you know there were moments, where we could where we could perform, and you know some very exciting moments to sing and stuff and, but they were few and far between really and the kids got big and.

00:27:13.020 --> 00:27:21.720 Kate Taylor: thrived on martha's vineyard and and you know, in the meantime, we were writing some songs and putting band together bands together when we could and.

00:27:23.580 --> 00:27:24.510 Kate Taylor: We started.

00:27:25.590 --> 00:27:26.910 Kate Taylor: We started work on a new.

00:27:27.990 --> 00:27:31.770 Kate Taylor: New album that was in the middle mid 90s kids were in high school.

00:27:32.220 --> 00:27:42.540 Kate Taylor: So we started a new record in the mid 90s, and my husband and I had always thought that eventually when the kids were bigger that we get the you know and get back out on the road and get to do more singing.

00:27:43.410 --> 00:27:52.770 Kate Taylor: Right and and he co produced this this that that what was that record though he'd written a lot of the songs on it and so.

00:27:54.090 --> 00:27:58.860 Kate Taylor: During the making of the record we realized that he was very ill and.

00:27:59.910 --> 00:28:07.110 Kate Taylor: He so it became this kind of his focuses main focus in his vision to finish this record which we.

00:28:08.130 --> 00:28:21.120 Kate Taylor: did just you know just you know, in time, and we had not known that you know his demise was imminent, but we, but he in fact did have a medical event, where he.

00:28:22.320 --> 00:28:22.680 kind of.

00:28:23.730 --> 00:28:36.330 Kate Taylor: took its toll and we had to let him go and but then saw you know it's just been sort of restarting this career, you may jumps you can go back into step back into a career after.

00:28:37.950 --> 00:28:40.740 Kate Taylor: was probably 20 years, especially something like you know.

00:28:42.300 --> 00:29:00.150 Kate Taylor: pop music business, you know it's it's it's it's been it's it's been a wonderful journey i've played with some amazing players and i've and i've made a couple more albums and since since 2001 when we released that one that Charlie my husband produced.

00:29:01.320 --> 00:29:15.360 Kate Taylor: And you know we've been touring with some wonderful players and and writing songs and and then i'd always had this hope that I somebody would get to work with Peter again.

00:29:15.690 --> 00:29:25.200 Albert Dabah: Oh wow well let's let's stop there, because I want to pick up on that we have another commercial coming up, but i'd like to go into you know that picking up with Peter again and.

00:29:25.530 --> 00:29:35.340 Albert Dabah: And some of the you know some of the ups and downs that came about during that time because i'm sure it was a pretty wild time that you went through and the whole family went through and.

00:29:36.060 --> 00:29:45.720 Albert Dabah: Anyway, we'll be right back with Kate Taylor to learn more about her journey through her life, thank you we'll be right back.

00:32:33.240 --> 00:32:41.160 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with K Taylor okay i'd like to pick up on something that we were talking about.

00:32:42.180 --> 00:32:47.310 Albert Dabah: But before that I want to talk about because you're talking about your family a lot and.

00:32:48.630 --> 00:32:55.290 Albert Dabah: One of the things I love about hosting this show is talking to different people about where they come from in their family.

00:32:55.680 --> 00:33:12.510 Albert Dabah: And ups and downs within their family and, as I know you saw the film extra innings and got to see you know as true, as I could make it a story about my family and and, obviously, you know I lost my brother and sister.

00:33:13.980 --> 00:33:30.060 Albert Dabah: To to really the sense of them feeling they had to leave this earth, the way it was because of their problems and their way they saw things, and it was tragic and sad and um I think in.

00:33:30.690 --> 00:33:43.170 Albert Dabah: In our lives we have so many things that come up in front of us that we everyone, you know deals with these things in one way or the other, and sometimes it's.

00:33:43.860 --> 00:33:55.890 Albert Dabah: Sometimes drugs helps us sometimes alcohol sometimes meditation sometimes yoga whatever it is that helps a person get through a period of tough period and.

00:33:58.200 --> 00:34:12.210 Albert Dabah: For me baseball was my landing point, it was a game that I learned how to play and play well I didn't go on professionally the play, but I still i'm a big baseball fan and a true lover of the game.

00:34:13.290 --> 00:34:19.620 Albert Dabah: But it opened me up to music it opened me up to it being inquisitive about life.

00:34:21.150 --> 00:34:34.890 Albert Dabah: And, but I think I really got that also from my brother and sister because they're always questioning so in your life as you're talking about you know here you are now apparent and where you we will we just left off.

00:34:36.390 --> 00:34:37.470 Was was.

00:34:38.910 --> 00:34:55.770 Albert Dabah: To soldier, and I believe you said at that time and you're thinking about you'd like to get back into it, how can you make that happen, and yet there's difficulty in doing something like that, and so tell us about you know some of that stuff what was that, like, for you.

00:34:57.300 --> 00:35:11.550 Kate Taylor: Well, you know I I my life has been so full you know when the children, you know when we are live here on the vineyard was very filled with art and creativity and all kinds of you know very satisfying.

00:35:13.740 --> 00:35:16.410 Kate Taylor: You know means of expression.

00:35:17.730 --> 00:35:23.580 Kate Taylor: But I i'd always hoped that I would get back to the music and I think i'm.

00:35:26.160 --> 00:35:34.770 Kate Taylor: You know that you, you, I guess, I guess you know to start back up again, you just have to I realized early that I.

00:35:35.820 --> 00:35:43.770 Kate Taylor: It was most important for me to appreciate every opportunity to to perform you know and.

00:35:44.850 --> 00:35:50.850 Kate Taylor: No matter where or how many people were there, or what what the situation was, you know that that.

00:35:52.320 --> 00:36:06.570 Kate Taylor: Just the the preciousness of the people that were there to hear to hear me I you know sing a just it's quite a you know it's quite a gift, you know to receive you know, to have an audience there.

00:36:07.680 --> 00:36:08.580 Kate Taylor: So.

00:36:09.930 --> 00:36:19.020 Kate Taylor: um you know it's been a journey it's been a wonderful journey and in the middle of it all, you know, of course, I always felt that.

00:36:21.390 --> 00:36:26.340 Kate Taylor: You know, it would be wonderful to work with Peter because he he was so.

00:36:28.890 --> 00:36:46.770 Kate Taylor: accomplished, you know, and he just he's he went on to produce the most iconic music of our day, and it was wonderful to kind of watch him from afar and oh my God this guy's amazing and and so.

00:36:48.180 --> 00:36:52.890 Kate Taylor: i've been working with him, you know it's funny how your path, if you sort of let it.

00:36:56.100 --> 00:37:09.390 Kate Taylor: Let it be you know things open up and and Peter had always felt like family because he not only work with me, but he worked with James for many years, and so you know through.

00:37:10.500 --> 00:37:27.420 Kate Taylor: Parents dying and weddings happening, and you know also you know concerts going on, we you know, we had a chance to really continue to be close and in the last few years I have had a chance to do some shows with him so.

00:37:28.530 --> 00:37:38.190 Kate Taylor: that's how I sort of got back you know in you know into computers, we you know orbit a little bit and dumb.

00:37:39.000 --> 00:37:48.420 Kate Taylor: And then, this 19 2021 is the 50th anniversary of sister Keith of that first record that we made together so so we.

00:37:48.870 --> 00:38:08.550 Kate Taylor: Just sort of fell into place, that we would get to do this, and the whole band from the early 70s, a lot of those same players were also available thanks to cove it, you know they weren't touring the world, and so we got to get the band together and make the record um.

00:38:09.780 --> 00:38:10.710 Kate Taylor: yeah I think.

00:38:12.270 --> 00:38:22.680 Kate Taylor: uh you know of course we're all kind of a bundle of all kinds of mixed emotional you know emotional makeup you know.

00:38:23.820 --> 00:38:24.390 Kate Taylor: and

00:38:26.400 --> 00:38:39.780 Kate Taylor: Sometimes it gets in our way you know our own selves get in our way but that's I think that's what we use this you know what we're we're here to do is to kind of battle through our.

00:38:41.820 --> 00:38:52.410 Kate Taylor: The voices that you know the telus you know from that there weren't that we're not ready or that we're not you know, but just battled through those and get to it and.

00:38:54.630 --> 00:39:04.680 Albert Dabah: In other words, like there are times when you say battle through those voices the voices that are basically saying what something like no you can't do it or it's.

00:39:04.680 --> 00:39:12.060 Albert Dabah: Not low i'm not good enough or it's not the right time, you know the negative I guess stuff that up and.

00:39:13.200 --> 00:39:16.350 Albert Dabah: I think that's I think that's what i'm you know.

00:39:17.040 --> 00:39:30.570 Albert Dabah: And then, and then sometimes that leads to whatever it leads to in a bad way or in a way that you need to transform yourself to go through that to get to the next level whatever whatever it is that happens, because I think you know that's part of.

00:39:32.190 --> 00:39:33.420 Albert Dabah: You know I meditate.

00:39:34.740 --> 00:39:49.590 Albert Dabah: And not daily, but maybe whenever I can, and I find that it, it gives me a certain grounding even if it's for 10 Minutes it just lets me feel the sense of what it's like to breathe.

00:39:49.830 --> 00:39:56.250 Albert Dabah: war without any you know other sound going on, or just the sounds of.

00:39:56.280 --> 00:39:56.910 Albert Dabah: What I do.

00:39:57.270 --> 00:40:16.020 Albert Dabah: And and but just to you know get that inner peace or inner relaxation, and it, you know it gives me a certain kind of energy to feel okay now i'm ready to go and whatever it is to do that I, you know have plans to do, and I think that.

00:40:17.190 --> 00:40:24.030 Albert Dabah: You know, being in in place that you are I know you're having a you having a concert coming up is that right.

00:40:24.210 --> 00:40:33.240 Kate Taylor: Yes, summer run a release of the record with them will sell right here on the vineyard with a big show yeah and then we'll be doing some touring yeah.

00:40:33.750 --> 00:40:35.550 Albert Dabah: Oh that's tremendous that they know.

00:40:35.730 --> 00:40:38.100 Kate Taylor: What i'm so looking forward to it.

00:40:38.310 --> 00:40:41.880 Albert Dabah: Oh bad, how do you how do you brothers feel about that of what you're doing now.

00:40:41.940 --> 00:41:01.080 Kate Taylor: hey or just so darling I tell you what I mean they are the best i'm very i'm very lucky, I mean I lucked out in the brother department, they are supportive and sweet, and you know, generous and and they unkind and you know they be.

00:41:02.280 --> 00:41:14.100 Albert Dabah: That is great to hear, because you know, not everybody has that and that is wonderful to hear, because you know it's like you get a glimpse of someone like James hailer.

00:41:15.120 --> 00:41:25.740 Albert Dabah: Through his music, a real strong glimpse and I actually sat next to him once in a restaurant i'll never forget, he was, I believe it was playing in central park that week, I believe, if i'm correct.

00:41:26.310 --> 00:41:34.290 Albert Dabah: And it was this little hamburger place on 72nd Columbus New York City and i'm with a good friend of mine, and it was like these little tables right next to each other.

00:41:35.370 --> 00:41:42.900 Albert Dabah: And I looked and he was sitting opposite meaning and you know I had to say something you know, James Taylor, how are you.

00:41:45.780 --> 00:41:55.620 Albert Dabah: And I said, you know how's the concert going he goes real good, and I know well, great and I love you music, you know just some something simple like that and but you know.

00:41:56.070 --> 00:42:05.790 Albert Dabah: it's funny because when you meet someone like that who so recognizable and you know the music and you grow up with it and it's a it feels nice to say you know.

00:42:06.210 --> 00:42:07.680 Albert Dabah: yeah do you know.

00:42:07.710 --> 00:42:17.340 Kate Taylor: agreeable to say thank you and they acknowledge yeah I know it's, it is nice and and he is pretty striking looking you know you, you seem like you know the table next to you.

00:42:18.510 --> 00:42:21.180 Kate Taylor: there's no mistaking who who it is right.

00:42:21.270 --> 00:42:23.010 Albert Dabah: I friend go I was going, I think.

00:42:26.490 --> 00:42:33.000 Kate Taylor: Well, you socially, he says he's a good be such a wonderful brother, they all are, and though you know we we.

00:42:35.100 --> 00:42:40.500 Kate Taylor: I think we feel, I mean, I know I feel grateful for it, you know and um.

00:42:41.730 --> 00:42:43.350 Kate Taylor: We uh.

00:42:44.550 --> 00:42:51.390 Kate Taylor: they've they've they've been nothing but you know but but supportive of this project, you know yeah.

00:42:52.110 --> 00:42:56.970 Albert Dabah: So, so is this are these all these new songs or.

00:42:57.990 --> 00:43:00.600 Kate Taylor: There i've got a couple of songs that I wrote on there.

00:43:00.990 --> 00:43:07.290 Kate Taylor: And song of james's and there's a song of etta James and.

00:43:07.320 --> 00:43:10.770 Kate Taylor: State fingers and little feet.

00:43:11.700 --> 00:43:22.320 Kate Taylor: Oh cool you know there's whole mix of a lot of different styles of music and along just so sometimes i'd love to sing for a long time and then some new ones that I haven't sung before.

00:43:23.700 --> 00:43:23.940 You know.

00:43:24.960 --> 00:43:31.410 Kate Taylor: So it's it's a good mix and work with these players Albert my God it's like.

00:43:33.360 --> 00:43:40.950 Kate Taylor: The Ted Williams and now you know, Carl is room ski and the babe Ruth of the world.

00:43:42.510 --> 00:43:43.920 Kate Taylor: This album.

00:43:46.080 --> 00:43:53.070 Albert Dabah: That must be so exciting to be able to play with them now, I think you were saying, because they're not torn because they call it, so they were all around and no.

00:43:53.430 --> 00:43:54.930 Kate Taylor: yeah wonderful.

00:43:55.260 --> 00:43:57.450 Albert Dabah: Oh that's fantastic, that is.

00:43:58.080 --> 00:44:06.810 Kate Taylor: And i've signed a distribution though work do your can't you know arrangement with a great company down nashville record company called compass records.

00:44:07.050 --> 00:44:25.680 Albert Dabah: Oh really oh that's cool all right, well, we have to let everyone know that that's cool well we're gonna come back, we have another break coming up and it's been really cool to hear your story and there's a little bit more time left, and I back was Kate Taylor.

00:44:26.580 --> 00:44:27.240 Kate Taylor: flip side.

00:44:27.690 --> 00:44:28.230 yeah.

00:44:32.340 --> 00:44:33.090 Kate Taylor: And my see.

00:46:46.080 --> 00:46:48.570 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Kate Taylor.

00:46:50.910 --> 00:46:56.040 Albert Dabah: Talking about her new album coming out and her performing live.

00:46:58.320 --> 00:46:59.190 Albert Dabah: So, Kate.

00:47:01.470 --> 00:47:03.120 Albert Dabah: hi there, how are you.

00:47:04.320 --> 00:47:06.150 Albert Dabah: Can you hear me, I think you need to.

00:47:06.660 --> 00:47:09.930 Kate Taylor: i'm sorry, you know what I did I just had to go and block the sun with.

00:47:09.930 --> 00:47:20.340 Albert Dabah: Oh Okay, no problem so um I was thinking during this little break that you've had you know kind of many different lives, it sounds like.

00:47:21.720 --> 00:47:24.570 Albert Dabah: And, coming from a family that you've come from.

00:47:26.340 --> 00:47:31.080 Albert Dabah: If what what advice would you give and it's just something occurred to me if.

00:47:32.220 --> 00:47:43.980 Albert Dabah: You know there's a lot of teenagers who you know it's a time you know we all been teenagers and you go through wondering what you're going to be when you grow up and what are you going to do and.

00:47:44.400 --> 00:47:50.040 Albert Dabah: You know there's all kinds of different influences that come up by the people you're around and.

00:47:52.200 --> 00:47:59.490 Albert Dabah: If you what would you tell a teenager who's let's say you know, and especially during this past year, with this pandemic.

00:48:00.120 --> 00:48:08.880 Albert Dabah: it's been a place a time where people are told to you know put your mask on stay away from other people, which is obviously.

00:48:09.570 --> 00:48:19.320 Albert Dabah: The total opposite of what I think as human beings, we want to be, we want to be social, we want to you know I think there's a part of us that we're social beings.

00:48:19.680 --> 00:48:31.380 Albert Dabah: Even when you look when you look at animals, you see them getting together, I i've been taking so many walks in parks and watching all these logs rubbing noses against each other and sweet stuff like that and birds and.

00:48:32.040 --> 00:48:48.600 Albert Dabah: seagulls and flying together and all that and I think we're all one universe, and when someone's going through some problems like trying to figure out their lives and whether they turn to drugs or not or alcohol or whatever it is, and.

00:48:50.940 --> 00:48:59.790 Albert Dabah: And you know, can become a severe problem, and it cannot become a severe problem, it can be just a trying out problem or whatever.

00:49:00.720 --> 00:49:11.820 Albert Dabah: What would you tell someone let's say who wants to be in the music or any kind of art, because that's where you come from a family of artists and i'm curious.

00:49:12.300 --> 00:49:18.570 Albert Dabah: What would you tell someone who's younger and questioning, how do you how do you go about your life, how do you navigate your life.

00:49:18.960 --> 00:49:32.430 Kate Taylor: Such a it's such a good question and i'd say you know at this stage in my life, I really have been thinking about what would, I say to young people or my younger self you know if I could go back and you know, or if I could.

00:49:33.660 --> 00:49:44.190 Kate Taylor: say something to a young young person who was just coming up it's so hard to be a teenager and to be a young adult I mean, some people are highly focused they know.

00:49:45.930 --> 00:49:55.200 Kate Taylor: What they want to do you know they they have an interest, you know music or or medicine or you know it's all kinds of different.

00:49:56.340 --> 00:50:02.850 Kate Taylor: paths that people taking some people just really know, but most of us don't really.

00:50:03.930 --> 00:50:22.260 Kate Taylor: You know, do we don't really know but as my mother would say to people who asked her a question similar to this we're talking about their youngsters and then she'd say just watch what they gravitate towards when they're just doing stuff that they enjoy doing and.

00:50:23.370 --> 00:50:35.400 Kate Taylor: You know if if you can guide them in that direction, you know I think she could see we were interested in music, we were interested in being on stage we were interested in, you know.

00:50:36.480 --> 00:50:53.310 Kate Taylor: poetry, you know, and she just a help you know, help to give us the tools and I think you know for for children for young people, you know do what you do what you love and don't let.

00:50:54.990 --> 00:50:59.490 Kate Taylor: Your own inner voices or other people tell you that you can't.

00:51:00.630 --> 00:51:06.180 Kate Taylor: You know don't let that dissuade you from doing you know from doing what you want to do and.

00:51:08.040 --> 00:51:13.380 Kate Taylor: I think, also um let's live, he says, my brother livingston he says i'm.

00:51:14.460 --> 00:51:15.000 Kate Taylor: A.

00:51:16.350 --> 00:51:22.050 Kate Taylor: expectation or your expectation is just a is a you know.

00:51:23.910 --> 00:51:28.230 Kate Taylor: it's it's it's some nothing you know it's.

00:51:29.340 --> 00:51:39.270 Kate Taylor: That you don't have any you know don't just do it for the love of doing it and don't have any expectations, because that might foster disappointment.

00:51:39.630 --> 00:51:53.130 Kate Taylor: yeah and, but if you just do it because you love it and let the let the you know the path lay out in front of you, and yes, there are things that we can do to help along the way, but if I think.

00:51:54.990 --> 00:51:59.850 Kate Taylor: Part two is you know for for youngsters where there's so much going on, you know you're just.

00:52:00.210 --> 00:52:16.260 Kate Taylor: you're tearing yourself away from this family unit that you depended on loved and when you know and grown up with, and you know all the things go on and a family life and then you say you're breaking away from that your hormones raging and you're also.

00:52:17.970 --> 00:52:28.800 Kate Taylor: You know there's this great big huge world out there, that you that you're you know you want to dive into and um it's huge it's a big deal and.

00:52:31.230 --> 00:52:31.860 Kate Taylor: I think.

00:52:34.410 --> 00:52:40.170 Kate Taylor: For me, when I was young, like that you know well before i'd gone to.

00:52:41.340 --> 00:52:57.420 Kate Taylor: London and you know, I was you know going through high school and and I had some challenges with my in my teenage years and I got some help, and I am so grateful for that help I I had a therapist that I would see and.

00:52:59.010 --> 00:53:03.390 Kate Taylor: tell you what I had the most eye opening experience, where one day.

00:53:04.980 --> 00:53:11.100 Kate Taylor: You know what you know the therapy they they they help guide you to you know you sort of.

00:53:12.150 --> 00:53:19.560 Kate Taylor: come up with it, but they help you get there, and you know, and I, one day, I said, you know what I think i'm angry.

00:53:20.640 --> 00:53:36.360 Kate Taylor: And he said, well, you have reason to be angry and you know what I didn't have to be angry anymore, because I somebody acknowledged my my feeling.

00:53:36.840 --> 00:53:51.930 Kate Taylor: yeah somebody said yes that's what it is, and yes it's it's you know dished up to be angry about so then it really helped me to be able to move forward, because I knew.

00:53:54.480 --> 00:54:05.790 Kate Taylor: You know, it was just I figured it out what it was, I was led to being able to figure out what did was you know, of course, you know it's a teenager this all kinds of stuff we're part of a designer.

00:54:06.780 --> 00:54:20.610 Kate Taylor: And, and I I you know I had a lot of other great emotions as well, but, but you know that was sort of the overriding one that was causing me kind of how do I deal with us, and I think um.

00:54:21.960 --> 00:54:23.790 Kate Taylor: But, but basically.

00:54:25.050 --> 00:54:36.750 Kate Taylor: I think if people follow their the things that really interest them, then there would they will find a way to be able to express it that way you know express themselves that way.

00:54:37.050 --> 00:54:44.640 Albert Dabah: yeah I think what you just said is you know again following your passions and, but if you need that help.

00:54:46.110 --> 00:54:51.450 Albert Dabah: it's so important to get it, because it can open up a whole door for you.

00:54:52.440 --> 00:55:09.510 Albert Dabah: Yes, you're opening the door a therapist that is in tune with you and to say hey you're angry, are you saying i'm angry and helping you see it's okay to be you know he's validating your feelings which is, I think we all want that validation.

00:55:09.720 --> 00:55:18.870 Albert Dabah: yeah and sometimes we've we look, you know at places that we're not going to get it we're just going to you know stall it and.

00:55:19.740 --> 00:55:34.140 Albert Dabah: You know, do some things that are not the best thing for you, but it could lead you eventually to get there by constantly questioning asking that question, where do I want to go and I, I want, I want to, I want to move to another level of what i'm feeling i'm.

00:55:34.140 --> 00:55:35.430 Kate Taylor: Learning right.

00:55:35.640 --> 00:55:40.410 Albert Dabah: letting go of that anger or feeling that anger first and only it's OK and.

00:55:40.560 --> 00:55:52.530 Kate Taylor: OK, and then letting go being able to let go and get and then move on and and you know I think there's a there is, you know we have to practice joy.

00:55:53.130 --> 00:56:04.830 Kate Taylor: and happiness, you know you kind of have to say, you know what is it what does it feel like to be joyous and then feel it and it's like it's like any other kind of practice.

00:56:04.890 --> 00:56:11.850 Albert Dabah: Well, I love that what you just said practice joy and happiness I love i've never heard that but that's wonderful.

00:56:12.270 --> 00:56:17.040 Albert Dabah: Because I think it's so important there's so much you know if you put it on the news.

00:56:17.580 --> 00:56:28.800 Albert Dabah: If you listen to the news and there's so much negativity I was telling my girlfriend and I go I can't I can't I have something like you know this kid from the tree fell from a tree in the farm and pick them up or that.

00:56:29.190 --> 00:56:41.100 Albert Dabah: or something like that, but there's so much negativity that goes out there and we're fed with it, and you know, sometimes we just get addicted to it and listen to it, but like you say practice joy.

00:56:41.490 --> 00:56:42.450 Kate Taylor: Practice Julie.

00:56:43.110 --> 00:56:46.530 Albert Dabah: I love that well, we were about, we need to say goodbye.

00:56:46.800 --> 00:56:47.100 Kate Taylor: I am.

00:56:47.250 --> 00:56:51.450 Kate Taylor: So thrilled advantages to talk with you and your beautiful people out there.

00:56:51.720 --> 00:57:00.270 Albert Dabah: Oh yeah Thank you so much for joining us tonight, and I think you said you are you going to be in concert at the vineyard I think you said August 3 is not.

00:57:00.420 --> 00:57:03.330 Kate Taylor: Third yeah so come on up come on up.

00:57:03.780 --> 00:57:10.710 Albert Dabah: i'm gonna I hope to be there, I have it down on my calendar and I, I hope to meet you and see you there.

00:57:10.800 --> 00:57:12.900 Kate Taylor: I hope I look forward to bad day.

00:57:13.230 --> 00:57:25.200 Albert Dabah: Okay, all right well listen Kate it's been a real pleasure to have you on the show and to you to talk about your family and yourself and we'll talk again soon.

00:57:26.400 --> 00:57:28.470 Kate Taylor: Okay we'll see down that beautiful road.

00:57:28.770 --> 00:57:33.210 Albert Dabah: Okay, thank you have a good night okay okay bye bye bye.

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