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Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/04 - The Return of CoffeeTalk

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/04 - The Return of CoffeeTalk


2021/05/04 - The Return of CoffeeTalk

[PREMIERE] The Return of CoffeeTalk

Kevin Barbaro is a full-time actor and model that is also a former nationally-syndicated radio host and a former NCAA Division I head coach. CoffeeTalk XL is the fourth edition in his CoffeeTalk brand.

The show takes the audience on a journey through his career as an actor as well as touching on the different aspects of his life from sports to the music industry.

As a businessman, Kevin has built three companies from the ground up in LIVE entertainment as well as construction. A variety show that is fun and engaging with guests from all walks of life and from around the World.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Our host Kevin Barbaro is coming to your from South Carolina. Kevin started this show to highlight his own program as well as college track and field. He is happy to be back at Talk Alternative Broadcasting because of it’s engaging dialogue driven content.

Segment 2

Kevin talks about some track and field news. Football player DK Metcalf will be running 100mm at the USATF Golden Games. Before discussing this further Kevin decided to open up about the two people he has lost in the last year, his sister Wendy and close friend Philip Bower. Continuing with his thoughts on the USATF Golden Games, Kevin discusses the difference between football fast and track fast. He believes that DK Metcalf will get smoked but Kevin is grateful for the press that comes with his presence, it’s good for the sport. Kevin thinks that Bo Jackson is the fastest NFL player.

Segment 3

Kevin introduces his guest Yuri Poole, lead singer and founder of Paul McCartney tribute band The McCartney Years. He’s always had a love of Paul McCartney. His father had the original pressings of Beetle’s records and hearing those records was his aha moment. This is when he realized that he wanted to be a musician and learned to play the guitar. In his early 20’s Yuri auditioned for a Beetles production that traveled across Europe and Asia. He got a callback that night and in the 3 weeks leading to the tour he studied Paul McCartney’s mannerisms and songs. When he came to America he started, the McCartney years. Yuri met a man who was a regional manager for the Hard Rock Chain. The man told him that he was great but he needed to find his niche and build upon that.

Segment 4

Yuri was raised in Holland and now lives in Ontario. He has a 44 acre farm manned Port Holland where he grows tulips. It has been a great way for him to keep busy and stay in place during the pandemic. WIth the help of one of his childhood friends, Yuri learned how to grow tulips and work within that industry. In the fall, he planted 10,000 bulbs. You can see their farm at @farmfairytales on instagram.


00:00:38.100 --> 00:00:57.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey everybody welcome back, hopefully, you can hear me this is Kevin Barber Oh, and welcome to coffee talk XL man, my first episode back baby on talk radio dot nyc and it's been a long time, and last time I was on the show was, I want to say.

00:00:59.370 --> 00:01:07.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: or so, when I was on the network my buddy Sam is back in the control booth in New York City right now and i'm actually.

00:01:08.640 --> 00:01:23.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: broadcasting to you right now, from myrtle beach South Carolina and actually the cool thing about my life was a lot of cool things about my life man, but one of the cool things about my life is the fact that I travel all over the country.

00:01:26.130 --> 00:01:35.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I live a unique existence and in that unique existence i'm going to be taking you on a journey.

00:01:36.270 --> 00:01:46.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In a lot of different ways on this show so join me every Tuesday night at eight o'clock and live here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:46.710 --> 00:01:53.160 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Or, of course, you can go to Facebook and go to the talking alternative and you'd be able to watch the live feed right now.

00:01:53.610 --> 00:02:09.210 Kevin Barbaro Productions: rocking two cameras Sam I know you can't talk to me right now, but I can chat with me, but I decided to give the two camera thing is shot man and just to be a little bit different of course everybody's getting a on the one camera view here you got a pretty good.

00:02:10.800 --> 00:02:13.440 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You get a pretty good view of the backside of my bedroom.

00:02:14.760 --> 00:02:18.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the other view you know you've got you've got me.

00:02:20.100 --> 00:02:24.390 Kevin Barbaro Productions: squared up here, so I just got a note that the that the Internet.

00:02:26.130 --> 00:02:38.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A little spotty here, we got a storm coming through I literally live, I want to say 10 minutes from the ocean here in myrtle beach and, of course, if it does store man it's gonna be for like four minutes because that's that's usually the case but.

00:02:39.360 --> 00:02:48.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On my first episode back I just kind of want to take everybody through you know just a reader's digest version of what's been going on in my life.

00:02:48.900 --> 00:02:57.930 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of things, been going on since I was on the show, since I had my last show, and if you hear cats in the background man i've i've actually become.

00:02:58.650 --> 00:03:04.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The crazy cat guy and which is a whole other story so i'll share that in a minute, but.

00:03:05.040 --> 00:03:13.890 Kevin Barbaro Productions: For those people that are tuning in for the first time, coffee talk is actually, this is actually the fourth version of coffee talk so coffee talk so.

00:03:14.730 --> 00:03:20.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And I was actually I got a credit my my buddy Sam who's back in the booth and and the owner of the of the station.

00:03:21.720 --> 00:03:33.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because I was going to call it coffee talk IV, but he was one I said man, I like coffee Doc excel better because I was that was my other choice so cough dog excellent is man, but the.

00:03:36.420 --> 00:03:51.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The whole genesis of coffee talk is that going way back to like 2000 gosh 2009 I want to say I started radio show in Toledo Ohio I was on FM station in Toledo, and was actually broadcast live.

00:03:53.070 --> 00:04:06.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: sort of broadcast I mean there was a there was a camera in the control booth and it was a regular terrestrial radio station and the interesting thing about coffee talk the original coffee talk was that it was actually centered around.

00:04:08.820 --> 00:04:15.990 Kevin Barbaro Productions: college cross country and track and field, and because at the time I was deep into a long career and.

00:04:18.570 --> 00:04:25.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: As an nc double a division one head coach for cross country and track and I was at the University of Toledo, we have a great team championship teams and.

00:04:26.070 --> 00:04:36.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: had a great career till went belly up that's all other story and that's a whole nother episode or two, but in any event, I started this show I started coffee talk, because I, I wanted to.

00:04:37.890 --> 00:04:41.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Have a show that was not only highlighting.

00:04:44.190 --> 00:04:55.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Not only highlighting on my program, of course, but also, it was highlighting just in general, you know track and field and I had guests on from all.

00:04:58.710 --> 00:05:12.270 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Over the country and, and it was sorry, it was my first episode man so i'm trying to read the notes coming through from the control booth and i'm trying to talk so, but in any event, it was about college track and field, so I would have.

00:05:13.590 --> 00:05:20.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I would have different guests on the show from all over the country from different programs and.

00:05:21.360 --> 00:05:28.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And that way that they could highlight their own programs, you know and it wasn't just about mine, and so there was a taped version of that show which was.

00:05:29.340 --> 00:05:38.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Essentially, the very first college track and field podcast and now, and of course it's almost a decade now, since I was a college coach but.

00:05:39.180 --> 00:05:53.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Now it seems like just about every other coach in the country has their own podcast and which is cool man, I mean I I dig it, you know I dig you know people want to have conversation I, I think that.

00:05:54.840 --> 00:06:06.420 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, in my world i'm more interested in having dialogue with people i'm not necessarily interested in having a monologue and I, you know, of course, a lot of.

00:06:09.570 --> 00:06:19.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Gas and i'm we're not just talking track and field, but a lot of podcasts in general, it turns into just the big monologue that's why I love being on talk radio.

00:06:19.860 --> 00:06:28.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: dot nyc and the talking alternative because these shows every show on this channel every show that you can tune into.

00:06:28.650 --> 00:06:36.300 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is a dialogue and even if it's just one person like I am right now talking you feel as though you're engaged in the conversation.

00:06:36.720 --> 00:06:42.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And the whole goal is, you know to be positive, to be uplifting to give people advice.

00:06:43.140 --> 00:06:54.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To tell stories and and, hopefully, everyone can take something away from it, you know I live a different life, then i'm sure most of the other posts on the on the station, but.

00:06:54.600 --> 00:07:04.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In in my world because I I live in so many different roles i've so many different things going on but i've realized in order to be successful.

00:07:07.920 --> 00:07:16.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In all areas of my life I have to be learning from all these other different areas and and and I may I may be applying things that I learned as a college coach.

00:07:16.500 --> 00:07:29.640 Kevin Barbaro Productions: To how I run my concert production company or or or vice versa, you know and so it's a it's great to be back on here and so anyway coffee talk it evolved.

00:07:30.090 --> 00:07:39.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: actually had coffee talk to, which was actually a cup of tea oh that was on the same station because coffee talk became the most popular.

00:07:41.010 --> 00:07:47.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Show on that station and then they asked me to do a music based one, so we would do you know music from you know.

00:07:48.270 --> 00:07:57.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: All different genres but basically the whole gist of the show was that it was to educate people about you know i'm kind of music nerd so so it's no.

00:07:57.600 --> 00:08:05.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's not a big stretch and i'm a concert promoter now real life, and so you know it was um.

00:08:06.060 --> 00:08:22.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was a great show, then everything went belly up with my coaching career is you know big fallout, it was embarrassing and all the different things, and then I went through a huge transition transformation in my life and.

00:08:23.340 --> 00:08:40.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and actually we're going to we're going to switch to just the one camera because I think that the Internet is just not holding up here, for us, so let me just switch this real quick and hopefully this is going to improve the the broadcast here, so an event.

00:08:43.980 --> 00:08:48.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Getting back and Sam let me know if the audio is coming through a lot better now but.

00:08:49.410 --> 00:09:09.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: went on to decide, you know I had to start my whole life over as a as a as a as an actor, which was what I chose, I mean I was, I was just coaching all those years, and it was really the only career, I ever had, and so I ended up you know basically.

00:09:10.290 --> 00:09:21.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Making the decision that I that I want to be an actor, you know I and and I don't want to say it was whimsical Okay, but, but I did.

00:09:21.900 --> 00:09:30.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pack up everything and move to New York City on a whim, so that I could do so that I could do this and i'll tell that story i've told it before, on the other, shows no.

00:09:31.500 --> 00:09:41.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'll tell it again, but just not right now, and so, when I moved to New York City, and this was this was back almost a decade ago now.

00:09:43.080 --> 00:09:47.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I had that experience of being on the radio and, and so I.

00:09:50.130 --> 00:10:01.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I I ended up coming here to talk radio dot nyc or or the talking alternative and and having coffee talk 3.0 well what ended up happening randomly was that.

00:10:03.000 --> 00:10:07.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I get a phone call or a phone call or an email I can't remember which, but it was this cat from mountain.

00:10:08.940 --> 00:10:09.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: out know.

00:10:10.590 --> 00:10:21.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Northwest and he said hey man, you know I I stumbled across your your show, because I was live, just like I am right now versus no video feedback then but.

00:10:22.500 --> 00:10:33.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But anyway, we he said I really like your show he's like if you ever thought about being on terrestrial radio and am and FM stations I explained them.

00:10:36.060 --> 00:10:37.470 Kevin Barbaro Productions: yeah man dude I was on.

00:10:38.790 --> 00:10:50.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Regular radio for all those years back in Toledo so long story short we're going to be going here to our first commercial break here but long story short, I ended up.

00:10:52.770 --> 00:10:56.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And sorry i'm gonna have to go to the notes, here again, real quick.

00:10:57.780 --> 00:11:07.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So okay I got you know, Sam thanks appreciate it about the Internet still being a little bit wobbly it's because we got a storm coming through so we're just gonna have to deal with it at this point, but.

00:11:09.090 --> 00:11:09.630 Kevin Barbaro Productions: anyway.

00:11:10.770 --> 00:11:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The show ended up being picked up for national syndication and so coffee talk 3.0 went from until about 2016 and it was a nationally syndicated show that was on in 56 different cities on am and FM stations.

00:11:27.090 --> 00:11:44.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Every Sunday morning, and it was you know it's still the same format, it was me talking about just life in general, having get us on from different walks of life and and and but it just became a tremendous amount of work, I can't even explain to you the amount of work that it takes to.

00:11:46.500 --> 00:11:47.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: tape a.

00:11:48.870 --> 00:11:55.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: one hour long show like I do now that has commercial breaks every 15 minutes ish 14 minutes ish.

00:11:56.910 --> 00:12:05.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then edit that into a nationally syndicated format, so that it can be on in all 56 different cities, at the same.

00:12:09.300 --> 00:12:19.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Time and the commercial breaks were different, so I had to edit out there was only three minutes of time out of its way to edit basically a 48 minute show or 49 Minutes show down to.

00:12:20.280 --> 00:12:25.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: 38 minutes or 36 minutes or something like this and it just became like it was just too much so.

00:12:25.800 --> 00:12:34.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So I ended up deciding to not do the radio show anymore, but right now i'm excited to be back on the air and the show.

00:12:34.650 --> 00:12:42.510 Kevin Barbaro Productions: is going to be live every Tuesday, going to be talking about my life as an actor that my my buddy Yuri here is going to be on the show here in a little bit with us.

00:12:42.810 --> 00:12:54.750 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And what my life is an actor, I also own a concert production company and and and a live event production company I got a lot to talk about with that and i'm also partners in a construction company, but.

00:12:55.470 --> 00:13:04.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Here myrtle beach one or two partners, and then on top of that, I started my own cat rescue and I am the crazy cat guy and we'll be talking about that.

00:13:05.280 --> 00:13:08.190 Kevin Barbaro Productions: In just a couple of minutes when we come back from our commercial break but.

00:13:08.940 --> 00:13:15.570 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Keep with me here we're going to be back from commercial at about a 30 i'm going to have my buddy your report he's gonna be my guest here.

00:13:16.080 --> 00:13:26.460 Kevin Barbaro Productions: One of the more interesting news that I know he's the lead singer of and the founder of the McCartney years, which is a famous worldwide famous.

00:13:27.390 --> 00:13:38.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: tribute to Paul McCartney, not just Beatles but the wings and but also what makes it so interesting is a lot of things, but one is he started his own to a farm.

00:13:38.370 --> 00:13:54.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: in Canada and we're going to talk about that in just a little bit and they've started farm school so he'll be with us at about 830 will be back here in just a couple of minutes so just stay tuned and thank you for listening here to coffee talk XL on talk radio dot nyc.

00:16:54.360 --> 00:17:02.880 Kevin Barbaro Productions: There we go a welcome back everyone to coffee talk XL this is Kevin barbro and you're listening on talk radio dot nyc and.

00:17:03.360 --> 00:17:14.910 Kevin Barbaro Productions: just getting back to what I was saying before the commercial break excited to be back on the on the air side have my weekly show back and we're going to be talking about a lot of things from acting to to.

00:17:15.510 --> 00:17:26.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: business to the music industry and whatnot but you know, of course, also a big part of my life through all of these years is the world of athletics, and so.

00:17:27.150 --> 00:17:35.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I like to talk about you know, not necessarily the mainstream sports course I love track and field, because that's I was a college coach for that, for many years.

00:17:35.940 --> 00:17:41.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so we're gonna be talking about some college track and field, going to be talking about track and field just in general, because it just.

00:17:41.700 --> 00:17:51.810 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A big bit of news it's kind of hit the airwaves just in the last like 48 hours is about DK mccaffrey the the Seattle seahawks wide receiver.

00:17:52.140 --> 00:18:02.820 Kevin Barbaro Productions: going to enter the USA tf golden games on NBC on Sunday and we're going to talk about that here, in just a minute, but before I get to all that I do want to take a second.

00:18:03.630 --> 00:18:16.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I don't want to be debbie downer man, but I do want to take a second and just talk, talk for a minute about two really important people in my life that that I lost this past year and i'd be remiss.

00:18:17.490 --> 00:18:26.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: If I didn't mention this because it is something huge has happened since the last time I had my show, and so the the first loss was that sadly.

00:18:27.300 --> 00:18:37.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: my sister Wendy passed away and those people that know me and have known me for all these years, dating way back when I was a college coach.

00:18:38.070 --> 00:18:49.800 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They know that I was actually the guardian of her three kids from the time that they were to form six to the time that they were 810 and 12 and.

00:18:50.520 --> 00:19:00.180 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know it's a sad situation it's a sad story, I mean we find positive and in everything but back then, what happened was my sister.

00:19:00.750 --> 00:19:15.090 Kevin Barbaro Productions: She had fallen into a deep depression and and you know mental health is is a big issue that really affects all of us directly and indirectly, but my sister lost her husband.

00:19:16.230 --> 00:19:19.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Back in 2004 and.

00:19:20.670 --> 00:19:22.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: fell into a deep depression wasn't able to.

00:19:23.790 --> 00:19:30.240 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Take care of herself, let alone take care of the kids, and so I actually am valentine's day in.

00:19:33.330 --> 00:19:34.530 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I picked him up and.

00:19:35.700 --> 00:19:55.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They live with me for for six years till she got back on her feet and changed my life completely it may be more responsible, maybe you know I went from single guy basically just doing whatever I wanted to to all of a sudden, I got people relying on me and so.

00:19:56.280 --> 00:19:59.700 Kevin Barbaro Productions: They went back to live with her, and you know she still.

00:20:02.190 --> 00:20:11.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: will continue to struggle on and then in March of this past year, she passed away from complications from alcohol from liver and and kidneys and you know it's it's.

00:20:14.970 --> 00:20:27.000 Kevin Barbaro Productions: it's sad to watch somebody that you care about struggle so deeply with just trying to get over her, and we all experienced adversity in our lives, my sister experience probably more than the.

00:20:30.660 --> 00:20:40.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: average person does, I mean she not only had lost her husband at a young age her husband passed away when he was 43 she was only 34 at the time 33 at the time.

00:20:41.550 --> 00:20:53.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And every you know you never know how much somebody can handle because 10 years before that, even before her kids were born she lost a child to leukemia is usually two and a half caitlin and.

00:20:54.300 --> 00:21:03.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So, by the time I sisters what 33 years old she's already buried a baby and her husband and you know everybody's got their breaking point.

00:21:03.990 --> 00:21:16.950 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so, in any event, she lost that battle and and we all miss her so much now i'm back to being the the the parent, you know of course they're grown now they're 18 a Nicholas.

00:21:17.340 --> 00:21:27.450 Kevin Barbaro Productions: My nephew he's still in high school, but the other two cassie and Alex they're they're 18 and 20 and and or 19 and 21 now and and they're living up in Ohio and.

00:21:30.870 --> 00:21:36.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm just so proud of them were just in our family isn't like a really family, but this is our family, you know.

00:21:36.630 --> 00:21:48.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And then the other person I lost one of my very best friends in the entire world, and anybody that met him knows that i'm not this isn't hyperbole this isn't just.

00:21:49.290 --> 00:22:00.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, building something up you know, to talk about somebody that passed me this is genuinely one of the nicest coolest interesting people that you can meet and his name is phil Bauer.

00:22:00.990 --> 00:22:16.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Philip was a Johnny cash impersonator but he but he was actually he was so much more than that, I mean he was just incredibly smart guy incredibly nice incredibly kind and giving and very funny like probably.

00:22:17.970 --> 00:22:25.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know I I I consider myself, have a good sense of humor a lot of people think I got his sense of humor it takes a lot for me to think somebody else's funny.

00:22:26.460 --> 00:22:37.260 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This dude was funny and we had a lot of great stories and I traveled as a concert promoter I was promoting a lot of his shows, so I would rent the venue and sell the tickets.

00:22:37.800 --> 00:22:50.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hope to make a profit and etc, so we traveled around the country numerous numerous times and just you know it was just one of those things man, we did a show up in Wisconsin right before.

00:22:51.120 --> 00:22:54.690 Kevin Barbaro Productions: right before March of this year and.

00:22:55.710 --> 00:23:00.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: want to say it was march guy time is flying by so fast, but we did a show up in Wisconsin.

00:23:01.440 --> 00:23:11.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He was complaining, because he didn't have a lot of energy and and he was experiencing some stomach pain, he thought that he had a hernia that seat he thought that he was having some complication that.

00:23:12.120 --> 00:23:23.610 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And went to the hospital, because the pain got excruciating and dude it was like worst case scenario, yet huge tumor on his liver, a huge tumor.

00:23:24.660 --> 00:23:26.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On his coat.

00:23:29.100 --> 00:23:38.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: When and one of them ruptured I mean it was just and literally i've never experienced it I haven't experienced a lot of loss, I mean, obviously I lost my sister and i've lost people that care about but.

00:23:39.390 --> 00:23:49.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: I haven't had a ton of loss in my life, and this was a tough one to swallow my sisters, we kind of saw it coming and obviously was tough to swallow, but with Philip.

00:23:49.560 --> 00:24:00.870 Kevin Barbaro Productions: It was like we're here we're having fun we're in Wisconsin and 10 days later he's dead and it just you can't even wrap your head around it, or maybe you can maybe you've been through something like that, but.

00:24:01.830 --> 00:24:09.120 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, I just wanted to send a shout out to all the people that know fill up because a lot of my friends know who he is a lot of.

00:24:09.570 --> 00:24:19.050 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The people that are in my life in the world of music know who he is, and you know, he was just a great guy and my heart goes out to kimmy his wife who's.

00:24:19.530 --> 00:24:32.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just the purest of hearts as well and and i'm gonna miss both Wendy and Philip so but just wanted to touch on a couple of things on in the world of sports here before we get on to.

00:24:33.750 --> 00:24:41.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The second commercial break and then, when we come back i'm going to bring your report on here the lead singer and founder of the McCartney years but.

00:24:41.430 --> 00:24:58.860 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Like I was saying before this past commercial break Seattle seahawks wide receiver DK metcalf has entered the USA tf USA track and field golden games on NBC it's gonna be on Sunday may 9 at 430 Eastern time from.

00:25:01.470 --> 00:25:14.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: mount SAC and so here's the deal is is why does such a big deal in the world to track and field that was track and field coach many years man long time and and track I was college track athlete track track is my first love in terms of sports and.

00:25:15.870 --> 00:25:20.430 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The one thing that true track and field fans can't stand.

00:25:21.630 --> 00:25:31.110 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Is when we're watching other sports particularly particularly football and inevitably you can watch any.

00:25:31.650 --> 00:25:43.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: broadcast have an nfl game and I guarantee you I guarantee you they're going to see a play happen they're going to see a defensive back or wide receiver that's fast football fast.

00:25:43.890 --> 00:25:53.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they're gonna say inevitably he's got world class speed he's got world class B that's all they talked about he's got world class view, let me tell you something man, let me tell you something man.

00:25:55.770 --> 00:26:16.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: What looks fast on TV and what is fast in real life are two completely different things because it's just a matter of perception, you know I i'm 51 years old man, I can go outside find a bunch of slow people videotape myself and you would think that that that I was.

00:26:18.090 --> 00:26:22.920 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You know, speed demon but the reality is i'm just maybe faster than the people I chose to run again.

00:26:26.520 --> 00:26:38.220 Kevin Barbaro Productions: So i'm not saying i'm not saying DK metcalf isn't fast okay what i'm saying is that he's going to get smoked on the track on Sunday mark my words.

00:26:38.970 --> 00:26:45.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: First of all, and and I know we're going to go to commercial break here in a couple of minutes and then we'll come back and we'll talk with Yuri but.

00:26:45.390 --> 00:26:50.730 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Let me tell you something, this is my take on the whole thing Okay, I think it's great for the sport of track and field.

00:26:51.330 --> 00:26:58.320 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You have to get track and field is the purest of sports, it is one of the oldest sports, it is the Olympic sport.

00:26:59.100 --> 00:27:13.710 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And so I love it, I think that that the amount of press that it's getting right now from the mainstream media because of DK deciding to line up and hey man kudos to this cat right he's not hyping himself up.

00:27:14.100 --> 00:27:19.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: On Twitter and instagram and things like this, you know he just he's like hey man i'm just going to run.

00:27:19.890 --> 00:27:31.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Because Everybody talks about how fast, he is and you see video clips in Google right now and you've seen one ridiculous play that is the one everybody sees where where he ended up catching somebody who would intercepted the ball.

00:27:32.580 --> 00:27:38.100 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And and running them down and then get a touchdown but the reality is do.

00:27:39.210 --> 00:27:46.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: This guy 642 29 Okay, he ran a 433 40 in college at the combine.

00:27:47.520 --> 00:27:58.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: The reality is Bo Jackson is the fastest nfl player ever to play oh Jackson you would say had world class P, but the reality of Bo Jackson was he ran track and college.

00:27:59.400 --> 00:28:10.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: He qualified for to nc double a indoors never made the final that's the guy that ran 4.12 seconds for 40 yards my take and we're going to go to commercial break my take on this Sunday.

00:28:10.620 --> 00:28:19.740 Kevin Barbaro Productions: you're going to see at 40 meters DK metcalf maybe winning that race by 85 meters DK mccaskill the moonwalk Okay, because.

00:28:20.280 --> 00:28:31.080 Kevin Barbaro Productions: At 642 29 and no track and field experience since high school and he wasn't even spring reason hurdler it just thinking to happen it's good for the sport my money is that he.

00:28:34.320 --> 00:28:43.500 Kevin Barbaro Productions: said i'm a Batman so we'll be back here in just a couple of minutes I don't have my buddy Yuri pool from the McCartney years joining me and we're going to talk McCartney years and we're not tulips bro we're gonna talk to us bro.

00:28:44.190 --> 00:28:49.410 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And we'll be back in a minute, this is coffee talk excel on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:34.800 --> 00:31:39.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: hey welcome back to coffee talk XL, and this is Kevin barbro you're.

00:31:39.060 --> 00:31:42.150 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Listening here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:42.540 --> 00:31:50.790 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Just coming back from the break, as I was saying before real quick just to follow up on on the whole DK metcalf thing.

00:31:51.360 --> 00:31:57.360 Kevin Barbaro Productions: i'm not saying he's not fast, but he just think world class fast and we're going to find that out pretty soon so.

00:31:58.050 --> 00:32:13.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: With me tonight dude I got one of my one of my good buddies one of the more interesting cats that i've met in my life and he's broadcasting right now, from it from an amazing four miles that he has up in Canada it's Yuri pool you worry how you doing today buddy.

00:32:14.430 --> 00:32:17.370 Yuri Pool: hey Kevin i'm doing great how are you.

00:32:17.850 --> 00:32:20.280 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Man i'm just living it brother and.

00:32:23.220 --> 00:32:32.550 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And i'm digging through the hair out well I know those people that are watching the feed will be able to see it, but of course you're going to see him podcast you gotta you gotta Mane of hair going on now brother he.

00:32:32.970 --> 00:32:33.960 Yuri Pool: Is no longer care.

00:32:34.380 --> 00:32:39.480 Yuri Pool: yeah well yeah it is pandemic here but it's also a bit of a.

00:32:40.650 --> 00:32:46.590 Yuri Pool: test to see how long I could grow my hair before the next show, because you know the funny The funny thing is.

00:32:47.910 --> 00:33:01.890 Yuri Pool: In between in between tours I would always grow my beard and you know if i'd meet up with my guys in between tours everybody would be able to tell how long it was since my last gig but.

00:33:02.760 --> 00:33:15.690 Yuri Pool: Obviously you know after about three or four months that beard became ridiculously big so it's like Okay, you know what i'm just gonna let the hair girl so well yeah, this is what it looks like if you don't.

00:33:16.500 --> 00:33:31.140 Yuri Pool: Cut your hair for was it 1415 months, I know I lost track of time, but yeah the last time I got my haircut was, I think it was like early February 2020 so yeah that's yeah.

00:33:31.200 --> 00:33:37.080 Yuri Pool: It looks pretty mean again go back to my days you know they used to wear leather jackets and cowboy boots.

00:33:37.260 --> 00:33:38.130 yeah.

00:33:40.230 --> 00:33:54.660 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Well, for my guests here on coffee talk XL I had mentioned already, that you had founded the McCartney years and you're the leader, you are Paul McCartney and McCartney years tribute, and so I.

00:33:55.200 --> 00:34:10.980 Kevin Barbaro Productions: want to talk a little bit about just not so much even just specifically the McCartney years but you know you guys run that show it first of all it's an actual concert it's not like don't.

00:34:13.590 --> 00:34:26.070 Kevin Barbaro Productions: pointed just see a tribute and somebody karaoke you know something, this is a full scale live concert, where you are able to transform the stage into Paul McCartney and wings and and his career.

00:34:26.430 --> 00:34:34.230 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Tell everybody a little bit about how when did you just wake up one day and say you know what I think I sound like Paul McCartney.

00:34:36.570 --> 00:34:39.720 Yuri Pool: Oh man um I mean i've always had.

00:34:40.410 --> 00:34:55.170 Yuri Pool: A great love for mccartney's music, a fact, but I mean you know a lot of people do I mean if you just look at the amount of audiences that come and see your shows very diverse demographic and demographically and geographically.

00:34:55.710 --> 00:35:20.940 Yuri Pool: um I mean for me the Aha moments to become a musician and to play the music of the Beatles or you know which later became occurred to me was really my dad's records my dad has all the original lps the original original English pressing from the 1960s, in his.

00:35:22.320 --> 00:35:49.170 Yuri Pool: record collection at home and occasionally we on in our home but um for me the Aha moment was when my dad spun those records for me and and that's the moment I knew I wanted to become a musician and and play the music of the Beatles that's really all I wanted to do um I mean I.

00:35:50.250 --> 00:35:51.480 Yuri Pool: got my first guitar.

00:35:51.480 --> 00:35:51.990 When I was.

00:35:53.580 --> 00:35:54.090 In Holland.

00:35:55.800 --> 00:36:05.490 Yuri Pool: yeah so yeah so yeah I actually have to go back there a go back in time, a little further I grew up in Holland in the bulb fields which we'll.

00:36:06.090 --> 00:36:18.420 Yuri Pool: Talk about later as well in here but um yeah I grew up in Holland and and the Beatles or or immensely famous in the Netherlands, they came to the Netherlands in 1964.

00:36:18.840 --> 00:36:31.380 Yuri Pool: I asked my dad if he he'd been there, because it was born in 47 so that was right around yet another time he he would have been able to go, but he said he didn't which I didn't understand, but all right.

00:36:32.940 --> 00:36:48.480 Yuri Pool: yeah so I mean I I I guy guitar from my mom when I was 11 years old, and the first song that I learned how to play was Obama do blah blah and literally from that day, for I wanted to play every single song.

00:36:49.050 --> 00:36:59.100 Yuri Pool: And, by which time my dad actually taped all the LP Center little cassettes, and I would play them every day until they disintegrated.

00:36:59.700 --> 00:37:15.390 Yuri Pool: And the crazy thing about it is, is that I still draw from that knowledge that I acquired over like a decade of listening to those tapes every day to be able to recognize every single instrument in every single beatle song.

00:37:16.410 --> 00:37:22.650 Yuri Pool: So I mean I just don't want to listen to the Beatles I hear everything you know I hit the drums the bass, I hear all the.

00:37:23.040 --> 00:37:28.230 Yuri Pool: The the the pianos and the synthesizers later on, and all the little.

00:37:28.680 --> 00:37:48.720 Yuri Pool: little bits that are happening in the songs the handclaps and whatever it's just for me it's like a multi color painting in front of me, so you know I mean naturally i'm wanting to play the Beatles I I found myself in a position when I was in my early 20s.

00:37:51.030 --> 00:37:52.830 Yuri Pool: going to see a friend in England.

00:37:53.880 --> 00:38:09.660 Yuri Pool: was an audition being held for a Beatles production that traveled traveled all across Europe, they had been in in Japan parts of Asia as well, I was hugely interested, I think, for me it was more about.

00:38:10.680 --> 00:38:18.120 Yuri Pool: connecting with like minded individuals, because I was like well why would they hire a Dutchman from Holland to do this job.

00:38:18.750 --> 00:38:27.840 Yuri Pool: So I went for the audition and I I I got a couple of songs and you know saying some of this stuff they wanted me to sing and and.

00:38:28.470 --> 00:38:39.330 Yuri Pool: went home later that night in London that was living in London, England and I got the call the same night and said, if I wanted to join the band, and I had like three weeks to learn the entire show.

00:38:40.860 --> 00:38:43.170 Yuri Pool: Worse, I said yeah no problem.

00:38:43.260 --> 00:38:53.640 Yuri Pool: You know, you know as things go my dad always used to say first tell him, you can do it then figure out how are you going to do it, so I was kind of like in a situation like that.

00:38:54.270 --> 00:38:56.730 Yuri Pool: Where I had to sort of figure out how to be.

00:38:57.150 --> 00:39:11.580 Yuri Pool: A become Paul McCartney in three weeks, so I I played, day and night for like three weeks straight looked at myself in the mirror, you know, a kiss because I knew obviously how Paul McCartney moved and you know i'd seen a lot of the Beatles by that time.

00:39:12.210 --> 00:39:26.460 Yuri Pool: Even though was way beyond my time so and I had a guy that did Lennon in the band, he was very strict and you really helped me sort of nail down the authenticity of everything so.

00:39:26.970 --> 00:39:36.660 Yuri Pool: um so it working in that band for about four years really gave me a good basis stuff and McCartney years because I know.

00:39:37.440 --> 00:39:46.650 Yuri Pool: After about four years i've seen a lot, you know, I was one of the only few guys in England that could play all the instruments, you know piano and.

00:39:47.100 --> 00:39:49.410 Yuri Pool: bass and guitar you know the whole spectrum of the.

00:39:49.890 --> 00:40:08.250 Yuri Pool: Beatles from the early years later years, so I was quite busy with that so i've been playing in a lot of bands, so I sort of figured out after four years what I wanted in a tribute and and you know it's look of the things I really liked about how they were doing things.

00:40:09.240 --> 00:40:22.530 Yuri Pool: um so yeah sort of I wanted to do something different um by that time I knew every song of the Beatles a really enjoy playing it, but I felt like I wanted more I felt like.

00:40:23.130 --> 00:40:31.830 Yuri Pool: Paul mccartney's music and especially the wings was so overshadowed by by the Beatles and but yet at the same time very.

00:40:32.160 --> 00:40:43.830 Yuri Pool: Very well known, I mean you know when you think about yeah songs like let them lead that and on the run and all those you know when you start naming those songs people know them, but nobody was playing them nobody was doing a show.

00:40:44.790 --> 00:40:58.200 Yuri Pool: To to Paul McCartney and wings it's been a few guys by that time that we're sort of doing his whole spectrum, you know the the some of the wings stuff but then, a lot of his solo material.

00:40:58.650 --> 00:41:09.450 Yuri Pool: After that, as well, I figured I really wanted to to do wings, but then you would be a hard sell because you know if you just play wings, I felt like that was a very narrow narrow market.

00:41:10.290 --> 00:41:21.720 Yuri Pool: um so I had an opportunity in North America friend of mine in Canada, asked me to to come and play in the in a band for a little bit so that's how I got sort of.

00:41:22.140 --> 00:41:37.980 Yuri Pool: injected into the North American music scene and coming from England people over here were like wow you know your Beatles stuff it's like spot on and and you know it's funny because a friend of mine, used to say, many years ago, once you start doing the Beatles.

00:41:39.000 --> 00:41:50.370 Yuri Pool: It can never let you go, you can never let it go, but it cannot let ever let you go good, because people will always you know you around saying that so yeah I went to Canada and and the same thing happened and it's like.

00:41:51.420 --> 00:42:05.820 Yuri Pool: You know why don't I start something out here so really literally off the plane I started the McCartney years, in fact, I have some really old sketches still where I was trying to draw logo and all of that.

00:42:06.960 --> 00:42:11.130 Yuri Pool: yeah so I got a couple of guys together made like a pretty quick.

00:42:12.270 --> 00:42:15.660 Yuri Pool: show a little setlist with some of the songs I really wanted to play.

00:42:17.190 --> 00:42:29.880 Yuri Pool: And did that for about five years, and you know, back then, the McCartney years is really more like a project like it was really more about the music than anything else.

00:42:30.570 --> 00:42:41.490 Yuri Pool: And then I I met a guy, who was a was a manager or regional manager, for the hard rock chain, and he worked a lot in the US.

00:42:42.240 --> 00:42:56.940 Yuri Pool: And, Canada and we connected and and he told me point blank he said, you know you're really you're really great but um you know if you really want to take the show to the next level, you should find your nish.

00:42:57.390 --> 00:43:09.960 Yuri Pool: And and build upon that and and I thought about that for a couple of weeks, and then I woke up one morning it's like you know what wings over America was one of the the the.

00:43:10.590 --> 00:43:24.120 Yuri Pool: Probably the greatest tour that Paul McCartney did during wings in the 1970s, and it was right here in North America, I mean he you know played from Detroit to Atlanta, like all over the place.

00:43:24.690 --> 00:43:28.620 Yuri Pool: And that's why I wanted to do so, I literally I bought the.

00:43:29.310 --> 00:43:41.460 Yuri Pool: DVD and and looked at the DVD and listen to the music much in the same way that I was listening to those tapes that I had when I was a kid and studied it note by note.

00:43:41.880 --> 00:43:54.210 Yuri Pool: All the moves and everything in it and the great thing about it was that that show contains songs from the Beatles as well, so here, I had an opportunity to play wings, but also to play.

00:43:54.690 --> 00:44:04.920 Yuri Pool: The songs by the Beatles which really you know just holds the whole show together, you can pull those Beatles fans into the into the show.

00:44:05.490 --> 00:44:09.810 Yuri Pool: And that, for me, was the Aha moment when it came to them a curtain years.

00:44:10.680 --> 00:44:18.720 Yuri Pool: And and and that's how I started really focusing on getting the McCartney years into that wings over America.

00:44:19.080 --> 00:44:41.520 Yuri Pool: Look and sound and that's when I started just going crazy on everything wanted to everything to be authentic from what we're wearing to to to how we look, and even the instruments we play and I know you and I have talked about this so many times, and you know I know you understand this.

00:44:42.540 --> 00:44:43.410 Yuri Pool: so well.

00:44:44.640 --> 00:44:54.870 Yuri Pool: The the the the level of authentic authenticity that you want to create needs to include the original instruments and a fan like myself.

00:44:56.280 --> 00:45:04.140 Yuri Pool: wants to see that in the show, so I started acquiring all these instruments from all over the world, because I mean.

00:45:04.200 --> 00:45:06.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: A lot of these instruments Yuri.

00:45:06.090 --> 00:45:06.420 Yuri Pool: i'm going to.

00:45:06.480 --> 00:45:11.940 Kevin Barbaro Productions: cut you off there for one half a second and we're going to come back and pick up with the instruments and the authenticity.

00:45:12.270 --> 00:45:24.060 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And because we're going to go to commercial break right now we're gonna be back in just another minute or so and you're listening to coffee, talk, talk radio dot nyc this is coffee talk XL and give them Barbara will be back in just a minute.

00:45:31.530 --> 00:45:31.740 In.

00:47:37.830 --> 00:47:51.960 Kevin Barbaro Productions: and welcome back everybody to coffee talk X, though i'm Kevin Barbara and you're listening to talk radio dot nyc i'm here today and I last segment i'm finishing up our discussion here with your ripple Yuri is the founder and.

00:47:54.660 --> 00:48:07.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Lead singer of the McCartney years you can you can go to their website, which is the McCartney and you'll be able to see some videos and and catch up on their tour, you can also follow them on Facebook and on instagram.

00:48:07.560 --> 00:48:22.200 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, and as Yuri was saying just before the break there one of the amazing amazing things about the show itself it's an actual full scale concert it's not just some karaoke thing, but with the authentic.

00:48:23.100 --> 00:48:31.830 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Paul McCartney instruments so that he's completely replicating the actual sound and because that's what makes it different than just.

00:48:32.220 --> 00:48:46.170 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Any other tribute, is the fact that you're picking up all the little idiosyncrasies the tiny things that make it Paul McCartney, and so that, when you close your eyes, you feel like you're listening to Paul McCartney, even though it's my it's my duty.

00:48:48.870 --> 00:49:08.580 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Yuri right and so that's that's that to me, I think, is is the probably the best part of the entire show itself and I enjoy because I also promote the show, so you know put my money where my mouth is brother, but getting back man I I do want to touch on.

00:49:09.840 --> 00:49:24.480 Kevin Barbaro Productions: You mentioned obviously grew up in Holland and you grew up in in the bulb fields, and so you live in Canada now you live in Ontario and you own a farm a of all how big is the farm and be evolved.

00:49:25.530 --> 00:49:36.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Take us on a little journey on how all of a sudden now you want to take over the Tulip industry because dude I didn't know this until I went and visited you I didn't know this at all that.

00:49:36.990 --> 00:49:44.970 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Basically, all tulips come from Holland, I didn't know that I, in a million years I never would have guessed that and so tell me.

00:49:45.870 --> 00:49:58.140 Kevin Barbaro Productions: How this is evolving and kind of give us a little lay the land there for people that are that are listening in on what what new Holland, was what you call your farm what it looks like and what it's what it's all about.

00:49:59.340 --> 00:50:02.970 Yuri Pool: yeah so so we live on a on a.

00:50:04.020 --> 00:50:11.430 Yuri Pool: 44 acre farm so yo its decent size 25 acres is his foreign land and.

00:50:12.600 --> 00:50:25.680 Yuri Pool: yeah so I mean we obviously in 2020 in March, that every musician experience was everybody's sort of got sent home because the industry collapse due to covert.

00:50:26.520 --> 00:50:41.010 Yuri Pool: And you know that was awful and in in that hit I mean hit everybody in the band really hard, because I used to tell my guys in my crews like you know I don't know what's going to happen, but we have to try and stay put.

00:50:42.300 --> 00:51:02.520 Yuri Pool: And you know my guys they're great they do all they've got they get busy, and all of that nobody's board, you know we all remain friends through through all of this really strong we meet like this zoom every week, so you know, for me, was also like I gotta do something.

00:51:03.810 --> 00:51:08.370 Yuri Pool: To keep busy you know I mean you can only do so much music in your studio.

00:51:09.960 --> 00:51:16.140 Yuri Pool: I wanted to get out and especially because the summer was coming, and you know my roots have always been following me quite literally.

00:51:16.680 --> 00:51:31.590 Yuri Pool: um I grew up in in and around the ball fields in the Netherlands and around this time of year, and last year, the same time, obviously what you see along the coastline of and melons is just color everywhere.

00:51:33.720 --> 00:51:45.540 Yuri Pool: Like like 10s of thousands of acres of ball fields flowering tulips like red, yellow purple white you name it everything is there and it's just fantastic majestic it's great.

00:51:47.130 --> 00:51:49.440 Yuri Pool: You know, so I started thinking about like.

00:51:50.730 --> 00:52:03.150 Yuri Pool: crazy ideas anything, how it started them carden years it's like i'm gonna start the band i'm going to play the music of Paul McCartney i'm going to travel the world with it, you know when I first set that people are like okay yeah right.

00:52:03.990 --> 00:52:10.800 Yuri Pool: So that's what I thought you know why don't I take a little bit of Holland, right here.

00:52:11.160 --> 00:52:25.200 Yuri Pool: put it in in in all the land that we have and grow to live, so I got in touch with one of my old neighborhood buddies that now happens because now everybody's old right your neighborhood bodies now all of a sudden 30 years older.

00:52:25.560 --> 00:52:35.400 Yuri Pool: So you know I got in touch with him and it's like hey you know I have this crazy idea just want to grow tulips here can you help me out so.

00:52:35.970 --> 00:52:43.620 Yuri Pool: he's been like answering all my questions because I knew very little of the industry, other than that i've worked at the farm, you know.

00:52:44.310 --> 00:52:57.330 Yuri Pool: I i've seen obviously a lot of it, but the be insights I had no idea so i've been like on the Internet and messenger and everything with my buddy for ages, about how to grow to lips.

00:52:57.930 --> 00:53:08.070 Yuri Pool: So yeah I just literally important 10,000 to live balls from the Netherlands and bought like a planter machine over there and the harvester machine.

00:53:08.610 --> 00:53:20.430 Yuri Pool: And then I got like in last week and I last fall I just decided to to blend blend the bulbs and and right now they're just all flowering and it's it's amazing and.

00:53:21.330 --> 00:53:36.810 Yuri Pool: yeah I I feel like you know, this is something that that we can do over here much in the same way that McCartney here the mccartney's Linda Linda and Paul have cheap on their farm and the horses and.

00:53:37.470 --> 00:53:45.870 Yuri Pool: You know it's just a great way to stew relax feel good about what you're doing and it's so much more than.

00:53:46.170 --> 00:53:55.680 Yuri Pool: Just the color it's just the fact that you're putting in all that work and then you look out the window in the morning and you see a sea of color that's 10,000 balls that you planted yourself so.

00:53:56.220 --> 00:54:05.070 Yuri Pool: it's a very satisfying thing, but at the same time yeah people like what are you going to do with them like just keep growing them and hopefully.

00:54:06.390 --> 00:54:11.160 Yuri Pool: start a little business out of it that's sort of like the long term goal, I guess.

00:54:12.330 --> 00:54:13.650 Kevin Barbaro Productions: become immediately have.

00:54:14.130 --> 00:54:18.030 Kevin Barbaro Productions: um so these 10,000 bulbs that you have.

00:54:19.080 --> 00:54:26.760 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And they're blossoming and if you go to if you go on to instagram go to farm fairy tales that's actually Jennifer who's your wife.

00:54:27.540 --> 00:54:35.310 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And she chronicles their life on the farm and it's beautiful like that she's an amazing photographer, by the way, I didn't realize that was.

00:54:35.730 --> 00:54:48.600 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And, but you can see Yuri and gentlemen, there and and their two little ones on the fields but and we only have a couple minutes left, but basically the 10,000 bulbs they're blooming now.

00:54:49.110 --> 00:54:59.370 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Okay, because I can see him on on instagram what happens now do you then replant does that does that 10,000 become 20,000 or how's that work.

00:55:00.690 --> 00:55:12.270 Yuri Pool: yeah so so what I what we do is we take all the heads of the the the two lips it's The saddest thing about being a tool bald farmer, I should say.

00:55:12.720 --> 00:55:18.570 Yuri Pool: um but yeah you take a take off the heads of the two lips, and that will happens is instead of all the energy.

00:55:18.990 --> 00:55:27.960 Yuri Pool: that's in the plan going to the the flower making seed it's going back into the bulb and what happens to the ball ground is the one ball that you plant it.

00:55:28.440 --> 00:55:38.760 Yuri Pool: Now grows three or four or five little bulbs, so what happens is when you take that so when when the plan starts dying off, which is a sign that.

00:55:39.180 --> 00:55:47.760 Yuri Pool: for you to know this Okay, the bulb is now fully grown you take them out of the ground so you end up with like between three usually between three and four times as many bulbs.

00:55:48.090 --> 00:56:02.910 Yuri Pool: That you put in the ground so the 10,000 that I have been there, right now, this summer, about admitted late June will be yeah between 30 and 40,000 and then they will go back into the ground in the fall.

00:56:03.180 --> 00:56:10.380 Kevin Barbaro Productions: And man that's amazing well listen Yuri I gotta I gotta cut it short man, I could talk for hours bro so i'm going to have to.

00:56:10.380 --> 00:56:11.040 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Have you by now.

00:56:12.120 --> 00:56:14.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But listen yeah you know what I can.

00:56:15.390 --> 00:56:23.670 Kevin Barbaro Productions: But I really appreciate you being on if you want to follow Yuri and Jennifer and their life go to the form fairy tales on.

00:56:23.970 --> 00:56:25.440 Yuri Pool: On in send them all.

00:56:26.100 --> 00:56:31.020 Yuri Pool: Like poor poor tall and is sort of like the the name of our farm.

00:56:33.030 --> 00:56:45.270 Yuri Pool: People can people can see what we're doing there so it's yeah poor tall and and then obvious obviously the McCartney years and then our farm fairy tales it's like jennifer's like chronicle of everything that we do, including the music so.

00:56:45.510 --> 00:56:51.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: awesome man Thank you so much Yuri listen we're going to be back i'm going to be back yuri's not be back i'm going to be back next week.

00:56:52.230 --> 00:56:53.340 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Every Tuesday night.

00:56:53.430 --> 00:57:05.130 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Thanks man, I appreciate it brother we'll catch up again soon bro, but you can catch me here at eight o'clock every Tuesday night coffee talk XL we're talking sports music acting.

00:57:05.640 --> 00:57:12.900 Kevin Barbaro Productions: Two lives bro you name it we're going to be talking about it, thanks for listening and we'll be back next week on talk radio dot nyc.

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