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Monday, May 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/03 - The Path of Healing

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/03 - The Path of Healing


2021/05/03 - The Path of Healing

[NEW EPISODE] The Path of Healing

Cathleen Elle is a three time #1 International Best Selling Author of Shattered Together, Women Who Rise, and Women Who Empower. She is also a transformational Speaker, Certified Success Coach and master healer, creator of the Ellelogy Healing System and Co-Host of the Beyond Your Best Plan Podcast.

Cathleen shares powerful healing techniques for those who have experienced unexpected loss or hidden trauma to reconnect with their joy and freedom by transforming limiting beliefs. She has coped with multiple traumas, but the death of her 19-year-old son from suicide was the catalyst that changed her life forever.

Today, she assists in changing the trajectory of others’ lives by providing the tools that aid them on moving through the emotions accompanied by these challenging experiences. Whether it’s a divorce, a job, substance abuse, emotional or physical abuse, illness, or the sudden death of a loved one, she now serves those in the midst of their own healing journey to take the next step of redesigning their lives.

After 25 years of political service and extensive experience as a suicide awareness advocate, today, Cathleen is a global speaker and healer who has been featured on top podcasts and radio shows within the emotional wellness space. She’s also been featured on Facebook and Instagram LIVE interviews offering her expertise as a resource to those moving through their personal healing journeys.

Tune in for this important conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

After a brief overview of the podcast’s origin, Cathleen Elle is welcomed to share her story. She grew up in a troubled household. Her father was physically and sexually abusive which resulted in PTSD. Furthermore, occasionally he would come home drunk and fire his gun in the house. She used her past experiences as motivation to become a public figure, coach, healer and author. Her 19-year-old son took his own life when he was mad at her and wrote a note stating that he did not want his mother to attend the service. This series of events caused her world to shatter. She went through her vigorous healing process in order to cope with guilt. She went to cognitive thought therapy and thought groups that allowed her to heal so she could resume helping others.

Segment 2

Her belief that she was not good enough and not lovable caused her to make bad choices in her life. Through healing, she was able to clear her perception. She now understands that her mother did in fact love her. She was getting beaten by her father in hopes that her children would not be taken away. Cathleen confesses that if she did not go through every single experience in her life, then she would not have been able to survive her son’s suicide. Those past events are what gave her the strength to push forward. She has a three month program called Heal that allows the client to work with Cathleen on a deep level. Next, ayahuasca is mentioned. It is a brew that is used as a medicine. Its purpose is to clear the soul. People react differently to the hallucinogenic. Some people see visions while others may get sick. To end the segment, the two talk about the soul and body. The soul is always alive while the body reemerges.

Segment 3

To begin this segment, past lives and generational trauma is mentioned. For three generations in Cathleen’s family, the mother’s only son died tragically which transitioned to her. Thanks to the ayahuasca ceremony, she was able to heal the guilt and shame that she had burdened. Now her daughter will not have to bear those traumas. Cathleen stresses that past traumas are carried over through past lives if they are not healed or resolved. Albert lost his brother and sister to suicide when he was younger which was part of the plot in the movie Extra Innings. His coping process consisted of therapy, baseball and one very helpful tarot card reading. He says it is important to understand that there are people who care for them and they are not alone.

Segment 4

Cathleen connects with people in many different ways. She is a medium and also does tarot card readings. She can channel energy, give messages between others and more. She says that for this work to fully work, it is a partnership. If someone truly wants to heal, they have to be comfortable and open with her. She has worked with United States Army veterans, widows and divorced people among others. One of her main goals is to just give people a safe space. As a healer, she once was working with someone who reminded her of her son. Ultimately, she referred him to someone else because if she continued with him she would have developed an attachment to his outcome. It is important for her to stay unbiased.


00:00:41.910 --> 00:01:00.420 Albert Dabah: hi there everyone, welcome to extra innings covering all the bases, my name is Albert dabba I am a life coach therapist and a filmmaker on extra innings we cover all kinds of subjects welcoming all different kinds of guests from all different spheres of life.

00:01:01.440 --> 00:01:05.850 Albert Dabah: We talk about subjects like family what it's like to be an apparent.

00:01:07.350 --> 00:01:18.030 Albert Dabah: Mental wellness schooling mental illness subjects is like anxiety depression suicide.

00:01:19.170 --> 00:01:39.990 Albert Dabah: How people deal with subjects like this and the different people we have on have been very kind very therapist from all over also we've had people who work in the police force we've had writers we've had sports people authors of books.

00:01:41.100 --> 00:01:55.650 Albert Dabah: Dealing with all kinds of subjects, but basically it comes down to how people get along in the world, and how many people feel alone and how there is help out there for four people so.

00:01:56.160 --> 00:02:13.500 Albert Dabah: i'm an extra innings actually came from a film that I made called extra innings that is now on Amazon prime and it deals with the family, I grew up with during the 1960s in brooklyn New York and where I lost my brother and sister to suicide.

00:02:15.360 --> 00:02:24.690 Albert Dabah: And to on tonight's show we have a wonderful guest named Kathleen l who I met just recently, who has a really.

00:02:25.440 --> 00:02:40.200 Albert Dabah: A pass and a history that's pretty remarkable and her I see her as a healer based on talking to her and work that she is done so i'd like to welcome Kathleen how are you tonight Kathleen.

00:02:40.980 --> 00:02:45.210 Cathleen Elle: i'm great Thank you so much for having me it's definitely a pleasure to be here with you.

00:02:45.600 --> 00:02:49.080 Albert Dabah: Sure sure, as I just said to you I love your background.

00:02:49.200 --> 00:02:50.310 Cathleen Elle: right there yeah.

00:02:51.690 --> 00:02:52.080 Albert Dabah: A.

00:02:53.760 --> 00:02:55.230 Albert Dabah: Little note there.

00:02:55.860 --> 00:02:57.330 Cathleen Elle: Love is all that is.

00:02:57.420 --> 00:03:03.000 Albert Dabah: Yes, that's right um so uh tell me how did you.

00:03:04.560 --> 00:03:11.250 Albert Dabah: i'd love to start by talking to you about your journey on you know where you came from and where you are now.

00:03:12.240 --> 00:03:25.890 Albert Dabah: From talking to you the other day on the phone I know we can talk much more than an hour, but we're limited to that So if you can just start and say you know tell the audience a little bit about yourself and what got you want to the path that you're on now.

00:03:27.330 --> 00:03:38.670 Cathleen Elle: So it is a long story, but I can give you the abridged version of my life is little bit like a strawberry rhubarb pie, you know there's been a lot of bitterness and some.

00:03:39.060 --> 00:03:50.010 Cathleen Elle: Some just as much sweetness as well, and the better necessarily started when I was a toddler I was a very young girl that lived in an abusive alcoholic and.

00:03:51.030 --> 00:04:00.390 Cathleen Elle: sexually abusive environment, and so my trauma started at a very young age and actually my mom was pregnant, for me, when she lost her son.

00:04:00.810 --> 00:04:12.210 Cathleen Elle: So my my trauma started pretty early in life, and I remember as a child, we thinking there's got to be something more to life than this, I just remember that very clear and vividly.

00:04:12.420 --> 00:04:17.160 Cathleen Elle: Has there's you know my father shooting at us and some you know my birth father is shooting at us.

00:04:18.150 --> 00:04:24.810 Cathleen Elle: And so fast forward, you know that that drive within me that belief that there's got to be something more in my life created.

00:04:25.140 --> 00:04:34.890 Cathleen Elle: The ability for me to own and operate a businesses with my former husband to be a legislator to be elected as a legislator without a college degree, before I was 30 years old.

00:04:35.550 --> 00:04:55.920 Cathleen Elle: served for the governor for eight seven years and served as a legislature for eight years and then I became a CEO of a the largest commercial contractors association in the state of Vermont so I lobbied as well, so my my adult life is mostly political and being of service in that way.

00:04:56.940 --> 00:05:14.730 Cathleen Elle: I was a single mom for most of my children's life they were five and six years old and their father and I decided to go our separate ways and when Logan was 19 my son was 19 in 2010.

00:05:15.780 --> 00:05:28.680 Cathleen Elle: He was angry at me and he took his life, and so in 2010 my life was shattered, not only did he take his life when he was mad at me he also wrote a note saying he didn't want me to attend to service.

00:05:29.700 --> 00:05:39.690 Cathleen Elle: And so, just to to speak a little bit about that shattering that's you know 11 years ago, just over 11 years ago and my life.

00:05:40.590 --> 00:05:44.160 Cathleen Elle: instantly with a snap of your fingers changed forever.

00:05:44.910 --> 00:05:56.760 Cathleen Elle: What I used to think mattered no longer mattered and I found myself lying upon logan's grave begging and pleading and wishing please whoever whatever took my son to take me to.

00:05:57.060 --> 00:06:08.100 Cathleen Elle: I could not withstand the pain, the physical pain, the emotional pain, I was alone, they sister was in college, so I was all by myself and Vermont.

00:06:09.690 --> 00:06:21.030 Cathleen Elle: And, as I was lying I just heard this voice come out of nowhere, the first clear thing that i'd heard, since my son had had transitioned was if this happened in your life, then you're meant to do something with it not do it.

00:06:22.050 --> 00:06:27.810 Cathleen Elle: And so it was that that moment, I decided that I wanted to speak out about suicide awareness, to use the.

00:06:28.200 --> 00:06:35.160 Cathleen Elle: The outlets that I knew that I had the ability as a public figure I had, I had the outlets that most people didn't have.

00:06:35.670 --> 00:06:46.230 Cathleen Elle: And so I spoke out about suicide awareness and about the signs of suicide also talked a little bit about not a little bit a lot about how we address suicide, a lot of people.

00:06:46.800 --> 00:06:56.220 Cathleen Elle: Think of suicide is committed suicide that's still a stigma today and I educate people every time I have a chance to is that.

00:06:56.880 --> 00:07:05.130 Cathleen Elle: Our children our loved ones, our siblings our parents whomever it is whoever take their life to take their lives.

00:07:06.000 --> 00:07:16.770 Cathleen Elle: they're not doing something to us, so the committed suicide was created when it was illegal and it was banish banned from.

00:07:17.220 --> 00:07:26.550 Cathleen Elle: I believe the Jewish community in the Catholic community that you couldn't have services in the church and you couldn't bury them in their in their cemeteries.

00:07:27.090 --> 00:07:30.780 Cathleen Elle: And it there, at one point, it was illegal to take your life.

00:07:31.590 --> 00:07:40.050 Cathleen Elle: And so, now I try to educate people that more than 90% of those who take their lives are either diagnostic on diagnosed with a mental illness.

00:07:40.320 --> 00:07:54.300 Cathleen Elle: So we should be treating suicide, just like we treat cancer or diabetes, or any other illness people transition from so the way the language could be is take their lives completed suicide.

00:07:55.230 --> 00:08:06.780 Cathleen Elle: died by suicide, so I started speaking out about suicide and then I realized that I hadn't healed enough that I wasn't healing that I was delving into punishing myself.

00:08:07.920 --> 00:08:14.100 Cathleen Elle: By speaking out now I would never change that for for anything because I did help other people.

00:08:14.520 --> 00:08:28.860 Cathleen Elle: But every time I spoke out publicly I was out for the count for a week afterwards my just so much pain so much guilt so much shame around, how could I be such a public figure and not prevent my son suicide.

00:08:30.150 --> 00:08:41.490 Cathleen Elle: So eventually I started to invest in my own healing and it was then that I just know that my my purpose is to help other people move through their pain and and alleviate.

00:08:42.150 --> 00:08:57.540 Cathleen Elle: and eliminate suffering, so we can get stuck in the suffering of of all of those negative thoughts of judgment of south of shame of our you know our own shame and our own guilt, we get stuck in the suffering of that.

00:08:58.320 --> 00:09:06.090 Cathleen Elle: And we, we do have to move through the painful process of of our loved ones body, no longer being care.

00:09:07.170 --> 00:09:22.560 Cathleen Elle: And yet there's a way to actually heal through that and feel love and joy and connection because they're energetic being this is always here with us, so the never really gone We just have to learn, or we get to learn to create a new relationship with their spirit and their soul.

00:09:24.180 --> 00:09:25.590 Albert Dabah: Could I ask you a question.

00:09:26.040 --> 00:09:41.190 Albert Dabah: Sure right, you said so, you had you were speaking out about your son's suicide and what it was like and then you said you realize that you know it, you needed to go through your own healing.

00:09:42.330 --> 00:09:55.950 Albert Dabah: So, how did you go through your own healing what what what because I know there's so many people who are just human to feel you know that sense of guilt when something like that happens.

00:09:57.360 --> 00:10:09.240 Albert Dabah: From my own experience from being in groups of people and talking to people and everyone has their own way of going about healing and some some people never, never heal from it, and I was curious about that.

00:10:10.380 --> 00:10:17.940 Cathleen Elle: Well, I believe we heal through it, I never believe that we get over and move on and we always have to heal through it and my healing journey.

00:10:18.510 --> 00:10:30.630 Cathleen Elle: consisted of everything there was to try, so I started with grief therapist I went to the group therapies, you know the group suicide support groups that didn't work for me.

00:10:31.110 --> 00:10:40.470 Cathleen Elle: You know, there are many people in those those groups that had been there for 15 years I didn't want to get caught up in the story in the pain, I wanted to.

00:10:41.160 --> 00:10:47.970 Cathleen Elle: heal through the pain so where I could assist others so there's there's the support groups there's cognitive thought therapy.

00:10:48.390 --> 00:11:02.880 Cathleen Elle: So I started with all of that, and then I had a friend that introduced me to energy healing and it's the energy healing that truly made a difference, for me, I could feel the difference and as we, as we were working on.

00:11:05.160 --> 00:11:15.060 Cathleen Elle: Removing the layers of pain that my heart was covered with I started to feel a little more light in my in my soul and so.

00:11:16.800 --> 00:11:26.430 Cathleen Elle: There was all kinds of healing so cognitive thought therapy I don't know if I said that or not, but I went through cognitive thought therapy for a long time, and ultimately about five years and.

00:11:27.720 --> 00:11:32.370 Cathleen Elle: I felt like coming up on it, the fifth year anniversary of his transition.

00:11:32.700 --> 00:11:43.650 Cathleen Elle: Of logins transition, I was like I cannot feel this pain any longer, I still wasn't feeling good I still was feeling like I was right back to the moment that I was laying on his grave.

00:11:44.100 --> 00:11:57.690 Cathleen Elle: And I was talking to my therapist and she goes well let's do an assessment, so I was working through his who, through the pain of my son's transition, but what I didn't know is that I had ptsd.

00:11:58.830 --> 00:11:59.790 Cathleen Elle: Post traumatic stress.

00:12:00.930 --> 00:12:05.790 Cathleen Elle: Post traumatic stress syndrome or post my pts yeah pts.

00:12:05.850 --> 00:12:06.360 Albert Dabah: Yes, yeah.

00:12:06.900 --> 00:12:19.920 Cathleen Elle: pts from my childhood from my father shooting at us from from the watching my mom being be on a regular basis from from the sexual abuse from the emotional abuse.

00:12:20.640 --> 00:12:28.530 Cathleen Elle: From all that I had had experienced I had thought that I had dealt with it by reading self help books and by by.

00:12:28.980 --> 00:12:47.910 Cathleen Elle: You know, stepping into personal development, I thought that I had moved through that but what it what I didn't realize, is that the patterns, the programs that I was programmed with from zero to eight years old, was how I was living my life, and so I went through the post traumatic stress.

00:12:49.050 --> 00:12:49.920 Cathleen Elle: therapy.

00:12:51.000 --> 00:12:57.480 Cathleen Elle: To help me work through some of those programs some of those limiting beliefs and blocks that were in my body.

00:12:58.590 --> 00:13:20.460 Cathleen Elle: And then I found I Alaska and regenerating images and memory energy system that's called Ram that's what i'm a master in and I started to explore some of these alternative ways, and it was Ram in iowa raska that that really shifted my life in a very dramatic and very quick way.

00:13:21.540 --> 00:13:24.990 Cathleen Elle: Like it within a two year period everything changed for me.

00:13:26.490 --> 00:13:31.830 Albert Dabah: So um let's go back a little bit you said twice about your father shooting at you.

00:13:32.070 --> 00:13:32.610 Cathleen Elle: yeah.

00:13:32.820 --> 00:13:33.720 Albert Dabah: Did you in.

00:13:35.160 --> 00:13:36.720 Albert Dabah: Shooting in like what.

00:13:37.830 --> 00:13:49.470 Cathleen Elle: yeah and just quickly my birth father was an abusive alcoholic and he came home drunk one night and my moms and he got in an argument he said okay and you're basically.

00:13:50.040 --> 00:14:00.810 Cathleen Elle: i'm done with this i'll take care of this, and he goes up and loads his gun and by my mom and I and my sister hide in the bathroom close it or hide in the bathroom we start shooting through the door literally shooting through the door.

00:14:01.410 --> 00:14:11.910 Cathleen Elle: And then he goes to reload the gun and my mom was able to get us out into the car, but, as we were backing out of the driveway he started shooting at us again and hit the tire and.

00:14:12.450 --> 00:14:19.830 Cathleen Elle: yeah so we got out of there safely clearly i'm here so, but my you know, I have a different perspective on my my.

00:14:20.400 --> 00:14:28.530 Cathleen Elle: father's life and his his impact with me and we can talk about that I know after the break, but then I was.

00:14:29.160 --> 00:14:44.700 Cathleen Elle: devastated and completely traumatized and I was really traumatized because of actions that my mom had had taken which basically she didn't let the COPs take him away because she was afraid that that her children would be taken away as well.

00:14:45.840 --> 00:14:59.400 Cathleen Elle: So she she she didn't let that the COPs take him away so we stayed in that environment for a while, unfortunately, I have a dad that adopted me, and you know later in life that.

00:15:00.510 --> 00:15:14.310 Albert Dabah: God, I mean sounds pretty pretty dramatic well we'll come right back with Kathleen after this break and get back to lower talking about really amazing stuff Thank you we'll be right back.

00:18:11.790 --> 00:18:14.040 Albert Dabah: hi there we're back with Kathleen.

00:18:14.940 --> 00:18:16.260 Albert Dabah: We were just talking.

00:18:16.650 --> 00:18:32.550 Albert Dabah: Some about your family if you'd like to, and then the break came if you'd like to maybe just continue on where you left off because I found some of the things you're saying obviously pretty traumatic that left an imprint on you as you, you know that older and.

00:18:34.560 --> 00:18:35.940 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah.

00:18:37.230 --> 00:18:41.070 Cathleen Elle: So, so you know the belief that I wasn't worth.

00:18:41.850 --> 00:18:53.760 Cathleen Elle: Being you know protected the belief that that I wasn't lovable that belief of all of those experiences led me to make choices in my life that continue to re victimize myself.

00:18:54.180 --> 00:19:00.390 Cathleen Elle: I married people who weren't the right fit for me they weren't bad people they just weren't the right fit for me.

00:19:00.780 --> 00:19:13.440 Cathleen Elle: I got in relationships that were were challenging my I continue to repeat the pattern until I didn't until I became aware of through these healing modalities that i've mentioned through rim, and through I was QA.

00:19:13.920 --> 00:19:30.330 Cathleen Elle: And what those healing modalities did, for me, was able to create a new story around the experiences I had so my perception as a three year old as a five year old as an 18 month old when my father's Father touched me and appropriately.

00:19:31.980 --> 00:19:46.680 Cathleen Elle: Those experiences I had only one story and it's a very limited narrow story from the mind of that child and that story was all of what I said unlovable not worthy and.

00:19:47.370 --> 00:20:01.380 Cathleen Elle: Very judgmental environment and that story continue to repeat that, but once I went through these healing experiences, I was able to recreate a whole story around that of the fact that that.

00:20:02.370 --> 00:20:15.330 Cathleen Elle: My mom did love me and she didn't take me away and she was willing to be be on a regular basis, because she was afraid that if he left then she wouldn't have the means to take care of us, then the state would take.

00:20:15.780 --> 00:20:23.250 Cathleen Elle: The children away so then she would lose lose not only her son that she'd lost when she was pregnant, for me, but then she lose her other two girls.

00:20:23.640 --> 00:20:32.880 Cathleen Elle: So I would I was able to create more compassionate around the circumstances, for example, my my birth father, he was an alcoholic.

00:20:33.300 --> 00:20:39.510 Cathleen Elle: He blacked out he did not remember shooting at us he did not remember the experiences that he had.

00:20:39.990 --> 00:20:46.200 Cathleen Elle: And the role that he played in my life now this that i've gone through these healings is that.

00:20:46.740 --> 00:20:58.470 Cathleen Elle: He experienced 100 times worse than what I experienced so for him to be able to do what they did he had to go through some pretty traumatic stuff which I know to be true.

00:20:58.920 --> 00:21:10.110 Cathleen Elle: And he has chosen now, I also believe that we all have agreements with the people that we come into live with, we have agreements, this is going way off on to another subject about.

00:21:10.470 --> 00:21:18.780 Cathleen Elle: You know, multiple lives and and energy and House continues and the agreements we have with the people that are on this earth with us.

00:21:19.380 --> 00:21:24.570 Cathleen Elle: Is that he was willing to come down and play the role that he was so where I could learn ultimately.

00:21:24.900 --> 00:21:34.470 Cathleen Elle: That had I not gone through all of those experiences that I did up until the age to until Logan was 19 there's no way that I would have survived Logan suicide.

00:21:35.190 --> 00:21:55.080 Cathleen Elle: I would never have had the strength, the tools, the resources to be able to get through day by day, step by step hour by hour and so all of those experiences gave me that strength, and it also gave me an experience so where today as a healer as a person who creates compassionate space.

00:21:56.490 --> 00:22:04.200 Cathleen Elle: And a safe place for other people to move through their healing I understand, most of everything, of what people come to me for.

00:22:05.220 --> 00:22:12.180 Cathleen Elle: You know whether it's divorce, sexual abuse, physical abuse emotional abuse death of a loved one or traumatic death of a loved one.

00:22:13.530 --> 00:22:29.100 Cathleen Elle: multiple marriages job losses, whatever is like i've been able to i've had the blessing to experience all that so where I can create that compassionate space for others to be able to move through their experiences and have them heal through that.

00:22:29.820 --> 00:22:35.910 Albert Dabah: yeah well, one of the things you talked about when it's cold.

00:22:36.540 --> 00:22:37.290 Cathleen Elle: Yes, yeah.

00:22:37.470 --> 00:22:38.640 Albert Dabah: That that's emperor's.

00:22:39.960 --> 00:22:51.060 Cathleen Elle: It does is regenerated it's regenerating images in memory and it's a healing modality, that is very similar to io basco except for the purging it's very different.

00:22:51.630 --> 00:23:02.370 Cathleen Elle: So there's some different Meg mechanisms, but what what Ram does is be able to go back into your subconscious go back to a particular time in your life so where you can.

00:23:02.700 --> 00:23:10.410 Cathleen Elle: have another dialogue, basically, with the people who were in that environment and learn from a different perspective.

00:23:10.890 --> 00:23:26.010 Cathleen Elle: and your brain it creates a new memory it's what it does, and so what used to be, is no longer there's not the pain attached to it that used to be attached to it, you have new information as an adult you have new information than what you did as a kid.

00:23:26.610 --> 00:23:31.170 Albert Dabah: So is that done like through a healer and a group situation.

00:23:32.760 --> 00:23:39.600 Cathleen Elle: It can be a group situation, but I do i've got a program called heal and it's a three month program that.

00:23:39.900 --> 00:23:53.730 Cathleen Elle: People can work, one on one with me and that's part of the one on ones that I that I work with and it it works best one on one, it does working groups, because you can go back and and recreate and.

00:23:54.360 --> 00:23:59.940 Cathleen Elle: There the whole process still works and that you can go a little deeper when you're on your own because you can.

00:24:00.360 --> 00:24:19.470 Cathleen Elle: there's more of an ability to follow the client because I get to facilitate it the client is in charge that's the difference between Ram and I Alaska Ram the client is the one that is leading it and I get to facilitate it and in iowa raska it's the client all the way it's.

00:24:21.090 --> 00:24:30.420 Albert Dabah: done some people who have done, I Alaska, and so I know it's out there, but maybe you can tell the audience a little bit about I Alaska.

00:24:30.750 --> 00:24:43.950 Cathleen Elle: Sure it's a plant medicine that indigenous communities have used for over 5000 years and it is a feminine plant medicine, but what it's a hallucinogenic that has the empty.

00:24:44.490 --> 00:24:51.600 Cathleen Elle: I think it's the empty that's a part of it, but it is a sacred process so you're proud of a sacred circle.

00:24:52.020 --> 00:25:11.520 Cathleen Elle: You commune with shamans and you drink the feminine they call i'll ask a mother I Alaska and you create an intention, so one of my ceremonies i've done 18 ceremonies I participated in 18 ceremonies and one of my ceremonies I, I had asked to.

00:25:13.470 --> 00:25:20.610 Cathleen Elle: To you know remove any limiting belief or block that I that i've experienced in this lifetime or any other lifetime.

00:25:20.940 --> 00:25:27.870 Cathleen Elle: that's preventing me from being in my highest and best and so there's intentions that you say you drink the medicine.

00:25:28.230 --> 00:25:47.370 Cathleen Elle: And then you wait and the medicine, some people have clear clear visions other people are purging from their body in the ways that we purge from our bodies when we're still here it's vomiting diarrhea shaking crying yawning sleeping.

00:25:49.350 --> 00:25:50.220 Cathleen Elle: sweating.

00:25:52.230 --> 00:25:54.270 Cathleen Elle: So any way that you would vom.

00:25:55.320 --> 00:26:03.180 Cathleen Elle: purge from your system in life, you purge from your system in this ceremony so it's at night and it's a ceremony that.

00:26:03.600 --> 00:26:11.670 Cathleen Elle: And you ask basically what you're purging that's coming out you ask what is it what are you and sometimes you can see.

00:26:12.390 --> 00:26:26.760 Cathleen Elle: What it is sometimes you hear what it is there's different messages that come through so what it's doing is cleaning your soul, from all the stuff that you've that's attached to you from the experiences that you've had that you haven't moved through.

00:26:28.320 --> 00:26:30.510 Cathleen Elle: And the brief experience.

00:26:30.540 --> 00:26:38.790 Albert Dabah: Right usually is it covering one day one night, how long when people go do I Alaska.

00:26:39.540 --> 00:26:55.110 Cathleen Elle: it's different for everyone, you know anywhere from two to four nights is what i've experienced yeah and actually 889 side did one time, you know, in a two week period I did eight nights I participated in the ceremony frayed nights yeah.

00:26:55.680 --> 00:26:57.570 Cathleen Elle: So you you've done tense healing.

00:26:58.050 --> 00:27:13.080 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah because i've known i've known to people have done that you've talked to me about at least that I verbally they told me about it and well, it sounds to me like you've gone through a lot of you know your own healing you also talked about energy and.

00:27:14.250 --> 00:27:23.910 Albert Dabah: I guess you're talking about different lives that we have had, where we can you talk to us a little bit about that.

00:27:24.360 --> 00:27:30.000 Cathleen Elle: sure our soul carries all the experiences we've had in any lifetime that we've had so.

00:27:31.500 --> 00:27:38.880 Cathleen Elle: It is my belief, I think it's different for everybody, or, most people, but it is my belief that we come back onto Earth.

00:27:39.120 --> 00:27:48.540 Cathleen Elle: To move through the pain that we haven't dealt with in the past, so whatever experience that we are holding now we can be holding, and so we have wisdom in and.

00:27:48.930 --> 00:27:58.860 Cathleen Elle: knowledge that comes from other past five past lives as well in our soul our soul is always alive it's our bodies that come back in different ways, and so.

00:27:59.760 --> 00:28:08.130 Cathleen Elle: We get to choose to heal through that in this lifetime, where we get to choose to not and you know live a destructive life and come back again.

00:28:08.880 --> 00:28:21.990 Cathleen Elle: i've chosen that I really don't want all these energies attached to me anymore like this lifetime, is my healing journey, and I would love to be able to be the example for others to be able to move through their healing as well.

00:28:23.250 --> 00:28:42.810 Albert Dabah: Well, no, I think that's a subject that is, you know that I have personally, have a lot of interest in and talking about energy, and you know past lives it's something that I feel something close to that I haven't had any.

00:28:44.670 --> 00:28:49.950 Albert Dabah: we're gonna have to go on a break so we'll get back to that, but it's something i'd like to pick up on because I find it.

00:28:51.090 --> 00:28:59.490 Albert Dabah: You know, when you talk about the soul and talk about the body it's it is to me two different things so yeah.

00:28:59.640 --> 00:29:03.360 Cathleen Elle: It has, and you know just quickly that there's.

00:29:03.660 --> 00:29:09.390 Cathleen Elle: I i've been told that seven generations back and seven generations forward that you're carrying.

00:29:09.870 --> 00:29:11.280 Albert Dabah: wow okay.

00:29:11.970 --> 00:29:18.540 Albert Dabah: that's a lot okay well we'll be right back with happening right after these commercial breaks Thank you so much.

00:32:05.940 --> 00:32:18.090 Albert Dabah: hi there we're back with Kathleen l we were discussing past lies the soul, the body can you continue on that please Kathleen.

00:32:18.330 --> 00:32:30.510 Cathleen Elle: Sure, and we were talking a little bit about a generations and how we we carry generational trauma and i'm just gonna give you a little story about some generational trauma, to put it in perspective for me.

00:32:31.260 --> 00:32:43.680 Cathleen Elle: So I lost my son my only son to suicide at the age of 19 when my mom was pregnant, for me, she lost her only son to SIDS and then, when my grandmother.

00:32:44.610 --> 00:32:57.720 Cathleen Elle: my grandmother lost her only son at birth, because it was out of wedlock so they took him away so all three of us for three generations we've lost our only son suddenly and unexpectedly.

00:32:58.920 --> 00:33:10.950 Cathleen Elle: And while they're different experiences that generational trauma carried forward into me my grandmother didn't even speak my uncle's name didn't until I was a teenager.

00:33:11.220 --> 00:33:17.940 Cathleen Elle: My uncle came back into our lives and told me told us that he was their brother and so that that whole secret came out.

00:33:18.420 --> 00:33:26.490 Cathleen Elle: And my grandmother would cry every single Christmas and no one would know why and that's because he was taken away the day after Christmas.

00:33:27.090 --> 00:33:43.620 Cathleen Elle: He was born on Christmas and then my mom she was pregnant, for me, she lived in an abusive man that was was perfect or she wakes up one morning and understands dead in the crib and the night of his service.

00:33:44.430 --> 00:33:57.060 Cathleen Elle: Her husband was out with another woman, while she was home grieving by herself and she never talked about she she lived in the pain in the suffering they so they both lived in the suffering.

00:33:57.540 --> 00:34:08.190 Cathleen Elle: Of the loss of their child fast forward to me losing Logan transit you know to logans transition and I chose to step into the healing.

00:34:08.520 --> 00:34:16.620 Cathleen Elle: To start to move through that so as I started to go through the rim process and the energy healing channeling energy.

00:34:17.400 --> 00:34:23.310 Cathleen Elle: I do that as well, and then the iowa ask a sermon one of the ios go ceremonies.

00:34:23.790 --> 00:34:33.330 Cathleen Elle: It came forth where I could move through the sorrow that my that, for me, I was moving through the experience of logan's transition because i'd already.

00:34:33.810 --> 00:34:38.580 Cathleen Elle: You know move through the pain and the suffering of that, then I get to my mother and.

00:34:38.940 --> 00:34:45.480 Cathleen Elle: Between the music that's happening and in me, I was able to move through the suffering that she was carrying.

00:34:45.690 --> 00:34:59.640 Cathleen Elle: And then it went back to my grandmother that just hear devastation and suffering, I could feel this the pain and the guilt and the shame and all of all their experience during this IOSCO ceremony.

00:35:00.270 --> 00:35:09.990 Cathleen Elle: And I was able to heal that so we're my daughter doesn't have to worry about that in the coming generations so we carry the trauma.

00:35:10.500 --> 00:35:15.090 Cathleen Elle: From our from generation to generation to generation so sometimes.

00:35:15.690 --> 00:35:26.700 Cathleen Elle: We say, for example, we don't we respond to someone, and we have no idea with the way the way we respond to something that happens in our life, we have no idea why we respond, the way we respond.

00:35:27.180 --> 00:35:32.580 Cathleen Elle: And it keeps us stuck and it keeps us stuck and it keeps us stuck, no matter what you do you can't figure it out.

00:35:33.210 --> 00:35:46.320 Cathleen Elle: Well, could it possibly be and I say yes, but just to ask a question to the listeners like, is it possible, your pattern the way you're acting the way you're responding to something in your life could it be.

00:35:46.680 --> 00:35:56.910 Cathleen Elle: A trauma that you're carrying in your body from your past generations from a past lifetime so lots of times we don't know what is stuck in our body was stuck in our soul.

00:35:58.380 --> 00:36:13.560 Cathleen Elle: blocks and pain and that can be removed for you like, and you can do it yourself there's different means and how you do it, I I believe it's more powerful when you can you know do it on you know with someone to to assist you through that but yeah.

00:36:14.940 --> 00:36:19.770 Albert Dabah: yeah you know it, for me it brings up a lot of stuff because of.

00:36:20.910 --> 00:36:32.760 Albert Dabah: You know myself growing up what it was like for me, but even when I looked at my brother and sister, I have one other sister who's five years older than me, I may have told you when we spoke earlier.

00:36:33.900 --> 00:36:40.860 Albert Dabah: Who has seven children she's Orthodox Jewish and she has 62 great grandchildren.

00:36:41.970 --> 00:36:46.890 Albert Dabah: And something like 45 great great grandchildren or something like that and.

00:36:48.150 --> 00:37:00.360 Albert Dabah: She, as I said when she read the script said, if this film gets out there, my grandchildren won't be able to get married and and I said you never talk about our brother and sister she goes no.

00:37:01.260 --> 00:37:14.040 Albert Dabah: And I said, your kids know because the older ones do, but they didn't know because one day I asked them and and they didn't know that they took their lives that they thought there was an accidental death and.

00:37:15.660 --> 00:37:21.300 Albert Dabah: So for me it was like wow this Stigma is so strong and it was strong for me growing up.

00:37:21.840 --> 00:37:30.120 Albert Dabah: I didn't talk about my brother, and you know I thought my first encounter with a therapist was about three years after he died and.

00:37:30.600 --> 00:37:40.950 Albert Dabah: I I said to him, I thought I sometimes I think i'm going to go as I probably Louis put it as i'm gonna go crazy like my brother didn't take my life I.

00:37:41.310 --> 00:37:58.050 Albert Dabah: I just was I didn't actually have thought that I would do it, but I felt like that could possibly happen, based on being so close to him, and no one, you know, there was no understanding what really happened it wasn't talking about and.

00:37:59.160 --> 00:38:10.890 Albert Dabah: So it really helped for me just to have this wonderful therapist so basically and he's sometimes would say something like normal as a matter of degree, you know what is.

00:38:10.890 --> 00:38:11.880 Albert Dabah: Really normal.

00:38:13.470 --> 00:38:30.780 Albert Dabah: And that made a lot of sense to me, I mean luckily I was educated and I wasn't a serious student because my love was to be a baseball player that was my dream which really you know help me keep my feet on the ground, I mean it did, I mean 100% and.

00:38:31.920 --> 00:38:39.480 Albert Dabah: You know I think sports can do that for for someone or anything are whatever it is that can get someone focused on.

00:38:40.680 --> 00:38:59.730 Albert Dabah: Whatever it is that you know really well as them and and then after my sister took her life, I you know I started thinking more about past lives and I this other therapists who I started seeing much later she actually told me to speak to this tarot card later.

00:39:00.810 --> 00:39:14.370 Albert Dabah: A woman and which was odd for her is she even said it's odd, for me, a therapist to recommend that but she's helped a lot of people, I know, including myself, she said so, I had a session with her with this tarot card reader.

00:39:15.870 --> 00:39:21.240 Albert Dabah: And i'll never forget it, I was like I couldn't believe the things she said and.

00:39:22.350 --> 00:39:31.140 Albert Dabah: I call the therapists up later that day and I said, did you tell her about me, did you go cuz I thought that would be so unethical, of course, you.

00:39:31.620 --> 00:39:42.630 Albert Dabah: wouldn't you know, he was so right on so many things, but it was really soothing for me to, and I read some books about you know past lives and stuff and.

00:39:42.990 --> 00:40:00.540 Albert Dabah: I started to connect with that, too, I never forget one day I was on the train going to my office and, and here I am in a New York City subway and people sitting around and I wanted to speak to her to my sister I just had, I guess, I had this feeling, she was right.

00:40:00.780 --> 00:40:03.540 Cathleen Elle: There yeah yeah she was there with you yeah.

00:40:04.560 --> 00:40:13.380 Albert Dabah: And, and it was brief, was maybe a minute and a half, but in my mind, I was talking to her, and it really became as a result of that.

00:40:13.770 --> 00:40:21.510 Albert Dabah: interaction with this tarot card reader with this energy going through you're talking about, because I think energy can be seen in so many different ways.

00:40:22.080 --> 00:40:28.860 Albert Dabah: and explained in so many different ways, and for me the little bit i've had experience with it, that that was.

00:40:29.250 --> 00:40:40.890 Albert Dabah: You know there and I felt and one of the things she said was your sister is looking over you and she's yeah you see supporting everything you're doing and doing the film, for me, was.

00:40:41.970 --> 00:40:50.430 Albert Dabah: Even though i've made so many videos in the past, but people never did a feature film never wrote a feature film and.

00:40:51.600 --> 00:41:07.380 Albert Dabah: It really cleanse me it by not just writing it not just doing it and shooting it, but you know editing it and seeing it over and over again, and I remember one day I was so I just got really depressed and.

00:41:07.860 --> 00:41:18.420 Albert Dabah: What am I doing this for you know, and I went to someone who's really like my best buddy growing up, and still is, we just you know can connect like that.

00:41:18.900 --> 00:41:25.800 Albert Dabah: And I I just started crying with him my son Morris I don't know what's going wrong with me, you know i'm feeling so depressed.

00:41:26.220 --> 00:41:29.250 Albert Dabah: And I just don't know what i'm doing is worth it, and he said something.

00:41:29.940 --> 00:41:39.210 Albert Dabah: That you know i've heard before I think it goes back in town mode or something in the Jewish law or something, but you know if you can save one life it's worth it whatever you doing and.

00:41:40.020 --> 00:41:49.770 Albert Dabah: And I couldn't believe those words came out of his mouth, because you know we joke around so much and so serious and it just it just that burden just left me, you know just here.

00:41:50.790 --> 00:41:54.270 Albert Dabah: And I think it's real important that whole.

00:41:55.320 --> 00:42:09.630 Albert Dabah: feeling of knowing that you're not alone with with whatever is going on with you, and that there are people, you can reach out to and and I am you know more curious about yourself that will get into is.

00:42:10.380 --> 00:42:18.060 Albert Dabah: Not just how do people contact you why people contact you because you know i've heard so many stories or people say yeah I went to this therapist and.

00:42:18.450 --> 00:42:27.840 Albert Dabah: They were terrible they told me this and they told me that and they don't believe in therapy because of one bad experience, and I said, well, as you know, there's tons of therapists out there and.

00:42:29.220 --> 00:42:35.520 Albert Dabah: Sometimes it's like anything else if you you try something it doesn't work, you know try something else and.

00:42:36.570 --> 00:42:40.350 Albert Dabah: What i'm always curious about is how does one find.

00:42:41.430 --> 00:42:59.370 Albert Dabah: The right person for them, because it's really a journey between you and a therapist together from myself being in therapy and me being working as a therapist is you know learning to trust each other learning to.

00:43:00.540 --> 00:43:11.670 Albert Dabah: feel safe, which I think is so primary in and and vulnerable to be able to open yourself up to like to the experiences that you're talking about so.

00:43:12.570 --> 00:43:24.690 Albert Dabah: I guess when when we get back i'm going to have a break coming up that I would love to you know hear from you more about how you know how does someone hear about you and.

00:43:25.260 --> 00:43:35.070 Albert Dabah: Do you feel you have certain success with certain kinds of people than others i'm really curious about that, because I think being a healer.

00:43:35.640 --> 00:43:51.090 Albert Dabah: in whatever way you heal people is a very special I look at it as a very special art and and I use the word art, because I think I don't think there's a I think it's a combination of science and art and how one puts everything together so.

00:43:52.230 --> 00:44:06.180 Albert Dabah: Anyway, so we'll be right back with Kathleen and stay tuned and we have a little bit more to talk about but but we'll we'll get in as much as we can all right Thank you again.

00:44:10.020 --> 00:44:10.860 As an.

00:44:13.020 --> 00:44:14.190 educator in.

00:46:22.980 --> 00:46:27.270 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Kathleen we were just talking about.

00:46:29.100 --> 00:46:31.320 Albert Dabah: different kinds of healing that there is and.

00:46:32.490 --> 00:46:37.020 Albert Dabah: How people choose their therapists healers.

00:46:38.310 --> 00:46:49.500 Albert Dabah: or wherever they need to seek help had had is that usually happens so Kathleen How do people find you and how, how do you find like if you're working with someone.

00:46:50.010 --> 00:46:58.200 Albert Dabah: That is connecting or not connecting i'd love to know how that I know you do one on one, but you do groups as well and yeah we're.

00:46:59.250 --> 00:47:06.030 Cathleen Elle: So I connect with people in many different ways, people can find me on my website at Kathleen

00:47:06.420 --> 00:47:15.690 Cathleen Elle: They have three international best selling books that they can find me on Amazon, and I also work at a local metaphysical shop a crystal shop, you know.

00:47:15.960 --> 00:47:23.790 Cathleen Elle: spiritual shop whatever someone wants to call it, I work there twice a month, just to just to get out and do readings there so.

00:47:24.090 --> 00:47:31.830 Cathleen Elle: You mentioned tarot cards yeah I have probably 30 decks of Oracle cards and I have tarot cards as well, so i'm a certified tarot card reader.

00:47:32.190 --> 00:47:47.760 Cathleen Elle: And i've used many different Oracle cards, and I use different modalities, because I think it's really important for the client, to be able to feel comfortable, so I channel information i'm a medium I channel energy and.

00:47:48.870 --> 00:47:59.940 Cathleen Elle: I get information and I share that with people, but sometimes they don't believe it, so I use the cards to verify it or use the pendulum to verify it so.

00:48:00.240 --> 00:48:08.520 Cathleen Elle: When there's tangible thing, so people need different things and i'm just guided, I have a session that's called the spiritual spa session.

00:48:09.150 --> 00:48:14.700 Cathleen Elle: And so, however i'm guided to work with the client is how i'm guided whether it's channeling energy.

00:48:15.480 --> 00:48:25.140 Cathleen Elle: Just messages, whether it's Oracle cards or rim session, whatever it is, it just comes out because I trust that I am the vessel.

00:48:25.530 --> 00:48:34.650 Cathleen Elle: Of of the energy in the messages for the individual that's working that's in front of me and i'm not the i'm not the healer.

00:48:35.130 --> 00:48:45.240 Cathleen Elle: I am this the person that creates a space of healing and share information and I think it's really, really important that people have the understanding is that they don't need to be fixed.

00:48:45.900 --> 00:48:55.470 Cathleen Elle: What they get to do is move through the pain that they've been setting in and the suffering that they've been setting in and the limiting beliefs and blocks that are they are in their body, so I get to help remove that for them.

00:48:56.040 --> 00:49:02.790 Cathleen Elle: And or change the story around that but they ultimately are the ones that are doing that's doing the work as well.

00:49:03.180 --> 00:49:10.350 Cathleen Elle: it's a partnership so whenever I work with someone I really talk about it's a partnership i'm not going to be the one to heal you.

00:49:11.130 --> 00:49:18.690 Cathleen Elle: I need your partnership in this like I can go in and remove blocks and beliefs, but if they choose to continue to pattern.

00:49:19.230 --> 00:49:30.600 Cathleen Elle: Because it's a habit that they're used to, then those blocks and beliefs will start to be recreated from new new experiences so they could continue to to serve in that.

00:49:31.170 --> 00:49:41.220 Cathleen Elle: spiral that they're on so if someone is truly interested in moving through their healing journey, I am all in, and I will help in any way that I can.

00:49:41.790 --> 00:49:51.600 Cathleen Elle: And the person has to be comfortable with me as me as well as me comfortable with that person, and so we have a discovery call we talked about what what their goals are how they want to get there.

00:49:52.920 --> 00:49:58.770 Cathleen Elle: How I think that I could be of assistance to that, and you know my clients range from.

00:50:00.840 --> 00:50:21.090 Cathleen Elle: Well i've had men, you know, a veteran that worked with me that had served, for I think three different deployments in Iraq and then he was a first responder for all of his adult life and local police department and I assisted him through some some pretty severe trauma.

00:50:22.380 --> 00:50:30.060 Cathleen Elle: and his life change he's one of my he has a testimonial on my website and i've gotten from that to.

00:50:31.110 --> 00:50:38.520 Cathleen Elle: People who just who have lost their job and that was their trauma or two people who have divorce, and that was the trauma.

00:50:39.750 --> 00:50:40.920 Cathleen Elle: there's usually a pattern.

00:50:42.030 --> 00:50:50.400 Cathleen Elle: As an adult there's usually a pattern so that's why I think it's so important to heal is heal through whatever limiting beliefs, that you have going on.

00:50:50.880 --> 00:51:00.420 Cathleen Elle: As early as possible, so you can prevent that from happening, and your children and to be open to your children going to an energy healer I had a.

00:51:01.500 --> 00:51:01.950 Cathleen Elle: Had a.

00:51:03.390 --> 00:51:16.770 Cathleen Elle: Okay under 24 I think he said 21 but i'm not I can't remember the 2121 year old i'm just gonna say 20 oh boy man came into the metaphysical shop and.

00:51:17.280 --> 00:51:23.940 Cathleen Elle: We did a session, he was last he said he was guided to come there, he was really at his wits and he just he was just.

00:51:24.930 --> 00:51:36.990 Cathleen Elle: He was over life and he shared with me some of his experiences, and you know after our conversation we were able to get to the space where he was receiving messages.

00:51:37.440 --> 00:51:49.770 Cathleen Elle: That were of assistance, not to be scared of and when he left he left a different man he left a like he was connected and like oh great i'm not crazy and it was just.

00:51:51.210 --> 00:52:01.830 Cathleen Elle: it's it's transmitting the energy that that is there in your body to really be the love that you are, and I think that's you know for me.

00:52:03.810 --> 00:52:15.660 Cathleen Elle: My role my heart's calling is to show people that they are their own light that they have the power to move through whatever they're experiencing with assistance, of course, but.

00:52:16.140 --> 00:52:32.040 Cathleen Elle: They have the power and that they don't have to give their power away to anybody, I am not there keeper i'm not their their guru i'm going to put that in quotes i'm not there guru I am there to assist them to hold space hold the light for them to find their own light.

00:52:33.450 --> 00:52:38.430 Albert Dabah: Well, do you find that with some people, though, that you.

00:52:39.540 --> 00:52:46.950 Albert Dabah: You know you find a connection that maybe is so strong that maybe it's so strong because close to your.

00:52:47.370 --> 00:53:03.420 Albert Dabah: own experience, and maybe not your own experience, but your own interpretation of your experience yeah bad and they have that it's almost like I don't know i'm just lightning where it comes up where and because I can see that.

00:53:04.680 --> 00:53:08.880 Albert Dabah: You know something come up like that, and does it ever dude.

00:53:09.990 --> 00:53:14.640 Albert Dabah: Maybe my my my question also do you ever get frightened by anything like that, because.

00:53:14.940 --> 00:53:21.000 Cathleen Elle: Interesting that you would say that there's two people that that didn't frighten me, but I was on high alert.

00:53:22.170 --> 00:53:28.170 Cathleen Elle: One is this boy that I just mentioned to you have that I saw a lot of my son and him.

00:53:28.860 --> 00:53:39.630 Cathleen Elle: And I knew after that session that I would have had I continued working with him me working with him, one on one I would have had an attachment to his outcome.

00:53:40.260 --> 00:53:50.850 Cathleen Elle: And that's not good my I should not have an attachment to how my job is to hold space and to share the information that comes through in energy that comes through me.

00:53:51.390 --> 00:53:59.220 Cathleen Elle: And to provide the expertise that I have, and once I start to have an attachment to their outcome, then i'm no longer on bias.

00:53:59.640 --> 00:54:13.410 Cathleen Elle: I you know, and so I referred him to someone that I knew would be perfect for him and so as a i'm going to call it myself as a healer because that's that's i'd create space for people to heal.

00:54:15.480 --> 00:54:25.140 Cathleen Elle: I have to be connected enough to my heart to know what's right for me and what's not right for me, there was another gentleman that came in and.

00:54:27.540 --> 00:54:29.880 Cathleen Elle: The energy that was there.

00:54:31.800 --> 00:54:35.100 Cathleen Elle: brought up stuff for me that I had to work through as well.

00:54:35.670 --> 00:54:49.290 Cathleen Elle: So, so when something frightens me or doesn't feel right for me, I get to step back and say what about this doesn't work for me, what about this do I have an attachment about it, so I have the ability.

00:54:49.650 --> 00:54:58.380 Cathleen Elle: To really discern whether it's that energy that I shouldn't be work or that that doesn't work for me that he would be better off to work with someone else.

00:54:58.650 --> 00:55:04.410 Cathleen Elle: Or if it's my stuff that I have to work through so he still is better off to work with someone else until I work through my own stuff.

00:55:05.160 --> 00:55:17.100 Cathleen Elle: it's it's about being authentic and being you know to to my values and listening to my heart, of being of service in the highest and best that I can be.

00:55:18.450 --> 00:55:24.090 Albert Dabah: yeah I think what you just said, you know really rings true for me being authentic being of service.

00:55:25.380 --> 00:55:26.580 Albert Dabah: really being present.

00:55:28.110 --> 00:55:47.700 Albert Dabah: I was working with someone few months ago and His story was so really sad that you know I had tears in my eyes, we were just talking learn zooming or anything but, but they were real tears for him and knowing how that that pain.

00:55:48.780 --> 00:56:06.180 Albert Dabah: I didn't know you know he that was his pain His story has real thing that happened to him, but I know what pain can feel like, and you know I i've helped that my listening, like the first thing he said to me, is I just need to vent.

00:56:07.230 --> 00:56:19.200 Albert Dabah: And I let him meant like you said, give them the space you're there to give them the space, so I think it's really important for people like you to do the work that you do.

00:56:20.340 --> 00:56:34.650 Albert Dabah: And, and you seem to have very wet you know you've gone through all different ways for your own healing that I think really helps anyone to help other people so sorry to say, we're out of time.

00:56:35.550 --> 00:56:41.790 Albert Dabah: Oh, let people know where they can find you on your website, you said, maybe say it again, your your website.

00:56:42.210 --> 00:56:54.540 Cathleen Elle: Sure it's Kathleen or just spell my name name all my social medias Kathleen l inspires and i'm on most social media, the only one that's not as Twitter and that's Kathleen now.

00:56:56.160 --> 00:56:59.190 Cathleen Elle: Because of the inability to have longer.

00:57:02.160 --> 00:57:11.520 Cathleen Elle: Name right yeah and you know my books yeah I think it's really important that shatter together a mother's during from grief that belief.

00:57:11.970 --> 00:57:22.740 Cathleen Elle: If you're experiencing any kind of trauma if you're experiencing any kind of loss that book is for you there's practices at the end of each chapter and it's meant for anyone.

00:57:23.130 --> 00:57:27.000 Albert Dabah: Great great okay well Thank you so much for being on the show tonight.

00:57:28.140 --> 00:57:37.320 Albert Dabah: happening next Monday night and if any of you want to see a film and looking for a good film to see watch extra innings on Amazon prime.

00:57:38.190 --> 00:57:49.050 Albert Dabah: I think you'll get something out of it and, again, my name is Albert dabba i've been here with Kathleen L and thank you again and we'll see you again next week, all right.

00:57:50.130 --> 00:57:51.780 Albert Dabah: Thank you everyone bye bye.

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