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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/12 - Change & Your Body From a Soul's Perspective

Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/12 - Change & Your Body From a Soul's Perspective


2018/09/12 - Change & Your Body From a Soul's Perspective

[EPISODE]  Change & Your Body From a Soul's Perspective

Have you ever come down with a cold right before a big event? Or have you ever got sick in the middle of a big move, right after starting a new job, around the holiday season, ending a relationship, getting married, or losing a loved one? What do these things all have in common? They are all significant times of change! In this week's Nourish the Soul we will continue to dive into the topic of change as we look closer at how the body is a tool for us to see how comfortable we truly are with change. On Wednesday we will explore the spirituality of the body as we travel farther into our beliefs about change and our reaction to change on a much deeper level. What if a change is an opportunity to learn our soul lesson(s) or start/end an instrumental soul contract? Not exactly sure what these things mean - Fear not! We will explore change from a soul perspective and uncover the ways the body signals to us we have veered slightly off course in our soul's journey. I want to know how does your body talk to you? CALL IN and share your comments, thoughts, or feelings and you will win something special from ME! Let's go on a journey to see how the body is a beautiful tool to truly see our magnificence in change! If your ready to open your heart and mind up to a whole new definition of change while creating a whole new level of health and well-being for your mind, body & soul this is the show for you! Tune in to learn more!

Segment 1 Elizabeth begins tonight’s show by welcoming listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Self discovery begins with finding a space to ignite your inner power, to sink deeply into oneself. Elizabeth explains her approach to using food as a platform to generate spiritual, physical, and mental change. We delve deeper into the theme of change, specifically how our bodies react to change. The goal is to shift your understanding of change so you can walk in true power of mind, body, and soul. Remember that in every moment of life, we embody change and can always learn. Segment 2 In our lives, we are constantly unbecoming who we think we are and becoming who we truly are. We physically embody impermanence; our bodies physically express change as we age. Elizabeth points out how our egos resist mental change in our lives. Our “monkey minds” and egos have their own safety mechanisms that hold us back from change. Elizabeth explains why stepping into the unknown and embracing change runs against the comfort and safety of staying the same. She pivots to show how the ego influences food and personal life decisions. If we become comfortable with that which we seek to overcome, we overcome our egos to learn soul lessons, to learn what we want to accomplish for ourselves. Segment 3 Elizabeth describes how the ego can be used in times of change to orient us to our highest self. Our highest self wants us to learn strength, self-love, and freedom. Elizabeth challenges us to step outside of the safety of our minds to pursue our highest self. We pivot to how our bodies respond to our mind and ego’s responses to change. We recognize that change can have physical consequences on our bodies. Our bodies are tools, which will teach us not only what ails us mentally and spiritually but also how to be at peace. Segment 4 Elizabeth considers how our physical symptoms point us to what we need to learn about ourselves. We learn how even the words we choose to describe our symptoms further show what we need to change.  Elizabeth expresses how our bodies can remind us of our power at times when our mind may think otherwise. She proposes the idea that our bodies become ill at times when we are resisting change or using outdated ways of living. Elizabeth concludes by encouraging us all again to approach change from mind, body, and soul perspective.  
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