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Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/05 - Stand in Your Power with Change & Food

Facebook Live Video from 2018/09/05 - Stand in Your Power with Change & Food


2018/09/05 - Stand in Your Power with Change & Food

[EPISODE]  Stand in Your Power with Change & Food 

In this week's Nourish the Soul we will be diving into the topic of change and food! Join me for an exciting show as we look deeper at the thoughts and feelings that arise during times of change and how they can influence your relationship with food and your body! I want to know how do you feel about change? CALL IN and share your comments, thoughts, or feelings and you will win something special from ME! ->877-480-4120 Let's go on a journey to see how your beliefs about change truly impact the relationship you have with your whole-self - mind, body & soul! Ever have something unexpected come up in your life that demanded you change course? Maybe your partner broke up with, you lost a pet, your boss suddenly quit, your car broke down, or your best friend tells you they are moving... Yes - OK - So now you've found yourself heading in a different direction - You're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, maybe even scared and as a result, you begin to want to find comfort amidst these feelings... How did you make yourself feel better- Do you find food or drink to do the trick? Hmm... I want you to ask yourself this - how healthy is it to fear change if CHANGE is the key that unlocks the door to having a truly healthy and happy life? If your ready to open your heart and mind up to a whole new definition of change while creating a whole new level of health and well-being for your mind, body & soul this is the show for you! Tune in to learn more!   Join host Elizabeth Tripp as she guides listeners on their journey to align mind, body, and soul. On tonight’s show, Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of bringing your whole self and soul self together. It is important to learn to let go of things holding you back in order to become truly happy and find your inner balance in life. The focus of tonight’s show is change. Through sharing her own life experiences, Elizabeth seeks to embrace change and demonstrate how we can grow from our past experiences. By exploring her own vulnerabilities, she seeks to gain freedom and wisdom to be shared with her listeners. Segment 1 Elizabeth begins the show by exploring how she has responded to change in her own personal and professional life. She shares her story of embracing change in the face of uncertainty to pursue the highest good. She offers her attitude of gratitude as a solution to overcoming abrupt or unexpected changes in life. The key to embracing change lies in gratitude and seeing change as an opportunity for growth. Despite the uncertainty of change, Elizabeth affirms that life’s landmines can be transformed into opportunities to develop yourself into person that you want to be. Segment 2 Elizabeth further delves into how unexpected change can rock you and challenge your ideas. The challenge of change can reconnect you with your central values and ignite the fire to rise up to your soul’s mission. Change does not mean the end of dreams; rather, it allows you to evolve and transcend. Elizabeth then connects her message of embracing change to her relationship with her body and food. With the help of an insightful call from a listener, we learn the power of embracing change and sense the excitement that can be found in change. Segment 3 Elizabeth confirms the importance of leaning into discomfort and overcoming the initial fears that arise in the face of change. She asserts that we should stand in our power and understand the root beliefs that make us afraid. She cautions against seeking temporary solutions to our fears of change. Elizabeth pivots to how food can be a tool to explore feelings and understand oneself more clearly. By understanding the roots of our relationships with food and our bodies, we can learn to let go of negative emotions and feelings, especially when it comes to change. The goal is to recognize discomfort and learn to let go. Segment 4 The final segment explores how we can work through past ideas that impede our progress. Elizabeth provides mindful practice as an activity to allow you time to connect with your inner self. Begin with your breath, slow yourself down, and quiet your mind. Elizabeth shares how her recent experience of change reconfirmed her commitment to mindfulness. When we feel better mentally or emotionally, we increase our desire to eat better and take greater physical care of our body. Discomfort is the key that allows us to unlock our own path. Elizabeth concludes by encouraging us all to use change to expand ourselves and trust that changes occur to orient us to our highest good.
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