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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/29 - The Power of One Word - NO! 

Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/29 - The Power of One Word - NO! 


2018/08/29 - The Power of One Word - NO! 

[EPISODE]  The Power of One Word - NO! 

How can something as small as word become a tool that changes your entire life? Well, to put things simply within this small word resides an incredible power, especially when you walk your talk with it. On this week's Nourish the Soul will close out this month's theme "Relationships" by looking at the power of one word, NO. How many of you find it difficult to say no to people? Are you curious to explore what happens to you mentally, physically and spiritually as you say YES to others and No to yourself? When you AREN'T able to say no to others how does your body feel over time? Are you left tired, dried, and overwhelmed? Do healthy habits with eating and your body fly out the window? BEFORE WEDNESDAY I want you to explore the following: 1. What you are teaching others about yourself when you say yes to them 2. Do you feel you are truly helping them on their journey? 3. Are your habits with food and your body impacted? CALLERS WILL BE WELCOMED WEDNESDAY TO SHARE THEIR OBSERVATIONS WITH ME LIVE TO WIN A 1 FREE TICKET TO MY WORKSHOP ON 9/22 ($435 value) Would you like to learn how to take your health back and begin to walk in true well-being by learning the benefits of saying no for your mind, body & SOUL? Over the past 4 weeks, we have gone an incredible journey to see how the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves influence the health and well-being we bring to our lives. We now are beginning to understand we are in control of who we attract and how we react to people in our lives, not others. It's time to step into your power in all the relationships you have but especially the one you have with YOURSELF! *Promotional Partner:  Movemeant Foundation + * *Sponsors*  NY Loves Yoga + Wei of Chocolate Tune in to learn more!  

This week, Elizabeth discusses the power of one word; “no!”

Segment 1:

Elizabeth gives a shout outs to 3 new supporters, The benefits of letting go what no longer serves you, Cultivating true health and well being, What is our souls mission?, Introducing new partner Movement Foundation, Dare to Bare event, Giveaway announced, Our relationship with the word “no”

Segment 2:

Elizabeth shares more about the Dare to Bare event, 88% of people poll’d that saying yes makes them feel worse, What drives us to say yes to others and no ourselves?, Elizabeth shares a story from her childhood about her desire to please everyone around her before herself, Elizabeth takes a call from a listener

Segment 3:

Elizabeth speaks with another caller, Elizabeth continues her story, Constantly saying yes teach people that you are a rug, Reaching physical mental and spiritual exhaustion, Transforming negative feelings into a protocol, The backlash and benefits of saying no

Segment 4:

Elizabeth discusses upcoming Soul Cycle giveaway, Elizabeth talks about the power of no with another caller, The key aspects to Elizabeth’s story, Giveaway winner chosen

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