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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/22 - What I Seek is Seeking Me

Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/22 - What I Seek is Seeking Me


2018/08/22 - What I Seek is Seeking Me

[EPISODE]  What I Seek is Seeking Me: Mirror Images Continued 

Have you ever felt like you could hardly be around someone because they bothered you so much? Perhaps after spending time in their company, you find yourself deep in the blame game as you rationalize what irks you about them? "He is so lazy, it's unbelievable - I don't how they made him senior partner..." It seems in their presence your mind loses all sense of control and you find everything they say or do to be so annoying... Sound familiar to anyone? C'mon we've all had that ONE (or more) person in our life that has driven us insane! Whether it's our mother law, co-worker, neighbor, or ex-husband...there is something much deeper the Universe is asking us to see... Now, I want you to ponder this - how did you end up making yourself feel better after all the anger angst, upset, and frustration that came to surface for you? Ever grab a beer or two or three? Ever head to the fridge for an extra helping of ice-cream? Or decide to just veg out on the couch all day? Join me as we go on an even deeper exploration of how food and the body serve as tools to see the significance of these difficult people in our lives (or really anyone in our lives for that matter). Come along as I help you look more closely at the beliefs you have about yourself AND the people you attract into your life as a result. Join me as we discover how the stories you hold about "who am I" influence all aspects of your life to include the choices you make with food, your body, and the health & well-being of all of your relationships. Could it be possible the most challenges relationships serve as mirror images to a part of yourself that you have yet to see but deep down have always wanted to? Are you ready to truly uncover how what you seek is seeking you AND use this to your advantage -to master your relationship with food and or your body? Would you like to have a healthier body image, improved stamina, a boost in confidence? Are you ready to step into a new powerful version of yourself this Wednesday night? Tune in to learn more!  

Segment 1: 

Elizabeth continues her talk on Mirror Image. She talks about how this show will make you let go of the past and things that hurt us. She explains how letting go is very powerful. Elizabeth goes in why she loves to help people be emotionally fit with themselves. Today, it would be a deeper talk about certain foods can be bad for us and what was the point in life made you change. Elizabeth has a special announcement about how Nourish The Soul has a partner.   

Segment 2: 

Elizabeth talks about the self-discovery journey for yourself. She continues her talk of what she discussed last week. How the questions we asked during our relationship comes from fear and worries and insecure thoughts. Elizabeth opens up about how these worries make us turn to food and alcohol where we turn to unhealthy thing, that our partners can be closed off. Elizabeth shares how her past relationships were going. She stresses on growth and transformation 

"There is something that universe keeps sending us that we need to see." -Elizabeth Tripp 

Segment 3: 

Elizabeth opens up about an event that is going in September. She continues her talk about seeking out what is seeking us. She also talks about how to deal with challenges and how we can deal with them. She even discusses how we can meet people that annoys us and how we can deal with them and what the universe says about them. She opens up about her past relationship and she has dealt with her problem. 

"There is a part of you that is in them" -Elizabeth Tripp 

"We will seek not-so-powerful people" -Elizabeth Tripp 

Segment 4: 

Elizabeth continues to talk about the challenges in our relationship. She talks more about the partnership that Nourish The Soul has. The information will be on her Facebook. She closes on what anyone can get out of tonight's show. How people can be 'energy vampires'. They can be there to help you learn or drain you entirely of your essence. She continues to talk about what your soul could possibly feel.  

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