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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/15 - Mirror Images

Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/15 - Mirror Images


2018/08/15 - Mirror Images

[EPISODE]  Mirror Images: Nutritious Relationships Part 2  

Why is it all relationships seem to offer us challenges to overcome? Can you recall one relationship where your union was 100 percent seamless - no bumps along the way? From parents, friends, life partners to siblings, relationships test us by challenging the parts of ourselves we have yet to master. Are you curious to learn how relationships from a soul's perspective are opportunities for growth and transcendence? Would you like to see how limiting thoughts and feelings can influence your behavior in relationships and show up through your actions with your body, food, and alcohol? This is going to be a fantastic LIVE Nourish the Soul! Join me this Wednesday on Talking Alternative Broadcasting at 7 pm EST as I take you on a journey towards understanding the deeper meaning of relationships! Are you ready to discover how relationships serve as mirror images to the soul lessons you have come to this Earth Journey to learn for yourself? What if we could overcome what is holding us back from having the truly nutritious relationship we deserve by taking a closer look at our behavior with food and our body - what is it that we are thinking, believing, and saying to ourselves that is shaping the challenges we face with the relationships we are having today? Nourish the Soul is brought to you by @nylovesyga - Join there "Upstairs Oasis" for $99 unlimited this month!  

Segment 1: 

Elizabeth talks about Mirror Image: Notorious Relationships Part 2. She is always happy to empower other as well as helping other finding a permanent solution in their lives. "Going on a journey of self-discovery." Elizabeth opens up about her journey "around the world" and having an eye opener during her journey alone. She began to redefine who she was.  "The person that I am is the person that I need." Relationships is the mirror image of who we are.  

Segment 2: 

Elizabeth talks about partnerships/relationships is a mirror image of ourselves. "Who want to create a sweet and notorious lovetonight?" Elizabeth discuss about how we look at ourselves. Elizabeth wants everyone to open up to themselves on a self-discovery journey to a notorious relationships with friends, family, partners, colleagues, etc. "Food can be a way to seek comfort when we are in relationships." She observe how people can make unhealthy choices when they are in an unhealthy relationship. Are you trying to make yourself feel secure or are you trying to make your partner feel secure? 

Segment 3: 

For a short time, Elizabeth get a little insight from her guest, Arian Sterling. Arian opens up about her past relationships and past hurt, leaving her insecure and distrustful towards positive future relationships. Elizabeth also think about and suggest the listeners to think about love. "Is it really love?" Elizabeth suggest to begin to open to yourself up, look at you well-being, and find out what is affecting your mind and your food choices. "Is it really my responsibility to worry about my partner?" 

Segment 4: 

Elizabeth continues her talk about how we can have a notorious relationship. You can lose your sense of self when you are trying to make your partner feel secure. Elizabeth want to dissect your past relationship and current relationship to think about all the effort and energy you put into them. Elizabeth opens up about her past relationship and all the energy and effort she put in. "If they were happy, I was happy."

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