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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/07 - Crazy Mother Heals Her Son's Vaccine Injury

Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/07 - Crazy Mother Heals Her Son's Vaccine Injury


2018/08/07 - Crazy Mother Heals Her Son's Vaccine Injury


with  Denise Otten & Celebrity doctors


THIS WEEK:  Crazy Mother Heals Her Son’s Vaccine Injury!

Crazy Mother, Hillary Simpson Healed Her Son’s Vaccine Injury! Listen to her Vaccine/Autism Rap that went Viral! Click here for the video! She's a Brilliant vaccine/autism activist who's telling the world that vaccines Are Not Safe! This week we're talking Healing Autism and Vaccine Safety! Listen in and Share this show and save a child from vaccine damage!

On this week’s show, Denise welcomes her favorite “crazy mom”, Hillary Simpson.

Segment #1:

Denise opens the show welcoming Hillary Simpson, a warrior mom against vaccines that cause autism. Next she goes into the story on how they met and Hillary gives a brief preview of her vaccine rap. After the rap segment, Hillary talks about her own experiences with her son and his un-diagnosed autism. She goes into the different vitamins and antibiotics she gave her son that helped to combat the autism. Hillary talks about her goals and plans for the Crazy Mothers movement.

Segment #2:

Denise and Hillary open the segment talking about Hillary’s objective with her song and how she wanted it to appeal to mothers. Denise urges her audience to not believe anyone and to do their own research on things such as vaccines, and just anything in general when it comes to staying healthy. Denise previews the next segment about Hillary’s trip to California for an anti-vaccine and a vaccine safety rally.

Segment #3:

Hillary goes into detail on the purpose behind the anti-vaccine rally that she attended and what it was about. They talk about the true nature of the CDC as a corporation and some of their unethical decisions. Next, Denise inquires about Hillary’s next move with the Crazy Mothers movement. They end the segment as Hillary has to deal with a little meltdown with her kids.

Segment #4:

Denise and Hillary talk about the pressures from society that come from not vaccinating your kids. They talk about communicating with fellow mothers and their advice to them. Hillary talks about exemptions in New Hampshire and the differences between the law there and in other states such as New York and New Jersey. Hillary gives her contact information as they end the show and Denise previews next week’s show.

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