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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/01 - Friends and Food

Facebook Live Video from 2018/08/01 - Friends and Food


2018/08/01 - Friends and Food

[EPISODE]   Friends and Food

I want to know what does it means for you to be a friend? Let's go on a journey to see how the definition you hold about friendship can impact the relationship you have with food & your body! How about this - Ever have a friendship where you vowed to be there for them no matter? Yes - OK - So now you've suddenly found yourself super involved in their life - feeling all the things they're going through and as a result, you start to feel drained, overwhelmed or off... How did you make yourself feel better- Ever find food or drink to do the trick? In this week's Nourish the Soul we will be diving into the topic of friendship and food! Join me for an exciting show as we look deeper at the reasons why food and alcohol can become pillars in what many people believe are "healthy" friendships. Ever find yourself not making the healthiest food & drink choices with your best pal? Do you notice food & drink are what bring you two together? Hmm... Ever find yourself a couple hours deep listening to your friend's drama and wanting french fries, ice-cream, or a few more glasses of wine? I want you to ask yourself this - how healthy is what you think "being a friend" is if you're overeating and or over drinking when you're around them or when you get home after spending time with them? If your ready to open your heart and mind up to a whole new definition of friendship while creating a whole new level of health and well-being for your mind, body & soul this is the show for you! Nourish the Soul is brought to you by NY Loves Yoga! Check out their brand new "Upstairs Oasis" at Tune in to learn more!  

What does friendship mean to you? This week, Elizabeth discusses the relationship between friendship and food, and wraps up July’s theme of storytelling!

Segment 1:

Elizabeth discusses how to shift from unawareness to awareness through release, Changing our definition of friendship, The relationship between friendship and food, Theme for the month of August is relationships, What do the people in your life have to teach you, Elizabeth shares her experience researching and interviewing others about their definition of friendship

Segment 2:

Elizabeth continues to discuss friendship, Reveals poll results: Should we always be there for our friends or allow them to go through things on their on, Elizabeth reads friendship definitions from listeners, “Being a good friend is allowing the other person to find their inner power”, The difference between the majority perception of friendship and the minorities, Is it healthy to put conditions on friendship?

Segment 3:

Elizabeth exposes the cons of a friendship shaped by the majorities definitions, The emotional toll always listening to a friends problems, How we take refuge in food when forced to listen to negativity, Bar venting, The feeling of giving more than receiving, Growing codependency due to your definition of friendship, Drinking and eating more to get through venting sessions with a friend

Segment 4:

Tyler: “Sometimes the most loving thing to do is allow people to fail for themselves”, Elizabeth shares her definition of friendship, Elizabeth shares a story about a prank phone call gone wrong and ties it back into toxic friendship, How to manage friendship in a healthy and conducive way, Friendship with no conditions

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