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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/31 - Music Healing Therapy

Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/31 - Music Healing Therapy


2018/07/31 - Music Healing Therapy


with  Denise Otten & Celebrity doctors


THIS WEEK: Music Healing Therapy
For Chronic Pain, PTSD, and the Best Night's Sleep! Tune in Live and listen to a High School Music Director and the best darn guitarist who actually heals people with his Sacred Geometry and Music written especially for you. He also uses Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies....and writes tunes made just for your problems. Musician And Healer, Tom Cassella, Is In The House!!!
Denise and her guest Tom Cassella talk about the healing abilities of music and how it affects the brain. Segment #1: Denise opens the show talking about her guest, Tom and his work with sound therapy. He goes into how he went from a musician, to music teacher, to sound therapist. Next they talk about “Sacred Geometry” and how it relates to everything. Tom continues to talk about his work and his usage of the “Solfeggio Frequencies”  and how each frequency helps to alleviate a different aliment. Tom plays a minute of a song off his “Ancient Orchestra” album before the break. Segment #2: Denise opens the segment asking Tom about the first few people he healed, and then they go into some testimonials he’s received from people he helped. Tom goes into detail about the process that he uses for each client and how each frequency is different depending on each person and each aliment. Next he takes out tuning forks and displaces specific frequencies for things such as pain relief. And they talk about the miracle frequency and the primal energy that all life comes from, whether one thinks it’s God or anything else. Tom then reads some more testimonials he’s received from people in the medical field. Next Tom plays another minute of a song off his album before the break. Segment #3: They start the segment detailing how all of this started for Tom, how his desire to be healthier lead him on this path. Next Tom talks about his book The Flower of Music and how it deals with Sacred Geometry and binaural beats. They talk about how at our core we are all musical beatings, and how even the earth vibrates at a musical frequency. “The universe is one large symphony.” Segment #4: Denise opens the final segment detailing some general health tips that are necessary to keep yourself healthy. Next, Tom details how people can find his work and website and hire him. Next he talks about his work with kids and teenagers and how he helped to ease their anxiety and other issues that come from being at that age. “The music that I create puts your body in the state to heal itself.” Denise thanks Tom for his time and previews her show for next week. They end the show with another segment of Tom’s work.

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