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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/24 - Vaccines and Glyphosate

Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/24 - Vaccines and Glyphosate


2018/07/24 - Vaccines and Glyphosate


with  Denise Otten & Celebrity doctors


THIS WEEK: Vaccines & Glyphosate
Vaccines And Glyphosate May cause Autism. And Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT tells us that it's a "Toxic Combination". Dr. Seneff warns "If we don't change our ways, half of all children born in 2032 will develop autism." You'll Never be the same after you hear this Brilliant Scientist speak. What she reveals about Glyphosate & Vaccines will shock you and you'll find out. Why Our Kids Are So Sick And What Can We Do About It?
On this week’s episode Denise talks about the reason behind why autism rates are rising and talks with Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Segment #1: Denise opens the show previewing the episode’s topic, rising autism rates and the possible causes behind them, specifically glyphosate, a common pesticide. Then she welcomes Dr. Stephanie Seneff onto the show to talk about the possible correlation and causation of glyphosate when combined with vaccines and autism. During some technical difficulties, Denise gives some background on how she met Dr. Seneff and how to fix the problem, including changing our diets to avoid harmful pesticides. Next as Dr. Seneff is back, Denise moves the conversation towards the benefits of alpha lipoic acid. Segment #2: Denise opens the segment with shocking research results from Dr. Seneff: if continued at this rate, we’ll be looking at every one of two boys born with autism by 2032. Next, Dr. Seneff elaborates on her findings and her research. Denise shares a story of when she realized what we in America have been eating such powerful and harmful toxins with our food. Dr. Seneff talks about specific ways to combat the glyphosate in our systems, including through methods such as antibiotics. Segment #3: Denise and Dr. Seneff open the segment talking about more of the negative side effects that can come from the merging of glyphosate and different kinds of vaccines. Next Dennis asks Dr. Seneff about Alzheimer's and how it originates in the brain and Dr. Seneff proceeds to elaborate on the process. Dr. Seneff talks about some of the things a person can consume to slow and combat the effects of Alzheimer's, including fatty foods. Denise ends the segment previewing the final segment. Segment #4: They open the segment talking about some of the things you can do to alleviate other medicate conditions, specifically some organic alternatives. As they close the show, Dr. Seneff talks about her current and future work and projects. Dr. Seneff gives the audience some last minute information on thyroid and Denise thanks her for her time on the show.

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