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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/18 - Food and Forgiveness

Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/18 - Food and Forgiveness


2018/07/18 - Food and Forgiveness

[EPISODE]  Food & Forgiveness 

Food & Forgiveness! What does forgiveness have to do with food? Has you journey to find balance with food been a maze of diets and exercise plans?
Are you tired of going up and down on the scale and with your feelings? How do we permanently heal our relationship with food? Is the root to freedom with food, food? How do we become truly at peace and in alignment with our whole self? Brought to you by NY Loves Yoga - Your first week is FREE at their NEW Upstairs Oasis!! #talkradionyc #nourishthesoul #nylovesyoga
Tune in to learn more!   On this week’s episode, Elizabeth talks about food and forgiveness through the art of storytelling. Segment #1: Elizabeth opens the show going into what her show is about: getting people to relax and embark on a journey of self discovery. Elizabeth talks about the month’s theme of storytelling and how stories bring us together and are incredible teachers. Elizabeth talks about the events that she is holding: Unraveling Life’s Mysteries. The event will take place on July 29th 4-6pm at New York Loves Yoga. Elizabeth starts the conversation on food and forgiveness and how industries haven’t thought about how food and diet impact our souls. “How can we grow without any challenges in our lives?” Elizabeth ends the segment asking the audience to think about their hardships. Segment #2: Elizabeth opens the segment with some shout-outs to her fans tuning in to the show. She invokes her audience to not see hardships as negative things, but as obstacles to overcome that will help them grow. Elizabeth talks about experiences that have angered and hurt us that we have yet to forgive. Next she brings the conversation back to food: the natural response to make ourselves feel better after negative experiences is with food and alcohol. “The secret to walk with freedom with your whole life is learning that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person.” Segment #3: Elizabeth continues to talk about forgiveness and what it means for you: letting go of the past, letting a very old story die, and the birth of a new story. Next Elizabeth starts one of her own personal stories about her own experiences with pain and dealing with it with alcohol and food. She further opens up and reads a letter she wrote to her ex two years ago, about eight months after the relationship ended. In her letter, she forgives herself and finally enables herself to love herself. She takes a brief break in her letter for the last break of the episode. Segment #4: Elizabeth open the final segment reminding the audience that it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to release pain from past experiences for you. Then she finishes reading the letter she wrote to her ex. After forgiving herself, Elizabeth realized that she became stronger, physically and mentally. She no longer needed to eat to deal with her problems. Elizabeth invites her audience to write a letter to whoever hurt them in the past, and just the act of writing it can help start the process of forgiveness.
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