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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/03 - Vaccines and Autism with Polly Tommey & Sheila Lewis Ealey

Facebook Live Video from 2018/07/03 - Vaccines and Autism with Polly Tommey & Sheila Lewis Ealey


2018/07/03 - Vaccines and Autism with Polly Tommey & Sheila Lewis Ealey


with  Denise Otten & Celebrity doctors


THIS WEEK: Vaccines and Autism
1 in 22 Boys in N.J. are Autistic ...It's Epidemic! This, from a CDC Report. On this show, Polly Tommey - Producer ofVaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophethe movie & Sheila Lewis Ealey, Activist, also in Vaxxed...will join us. Both Moms have Boys with Autism who they say, "it happened right after their Well Baby Vaccines." These Modern-Day Heroines will talk Vaccine Safety, When Doctors Bully Moms, Coping Skills, Nutrition & Polly's Building A Holistic Facility for Autistic Adults! If you value your children or grandchildren...You Can't Afford to miss this show!!! On this show, Polly Tommey – Producer of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe movie & Sheila Lewis Ealey, Activist, also in Vaxxed… will join us. Segment  1  Denise Otten starts off by introducing her two guests. She brings awareness about vaccine safety. Sheila Lewis Ealey talks about how she knew her son was vaccine injured and what she did to heal him. Ealey talks about the symptoms she seen her son implicating and she rushed him to the hospital. She talks about how they tried to tell her about her son but she knew exactly what he wasn’t okay. Ealey walks you through the whole story of a problem concerning her son and a vaccine injury.  Segment 2  Polly Tommy tells her side of noticing the injury was caused by a vaccine. Ealey then talks about the nutritional plan she put her son on to help with the injury.  Segment 3 Denise Otten asks Polly her protocol and how it changed for her son. Polly talks about what her son Billy is like now verse what he was before. He also has autism. She talks about putting Billy on a strict diet. Polly is actually making an autism trust due to the injury. Otten believes children are being vaccinated now frequently due to money and it’s not in the best need of your child. Polly tells us how to donate to the trust. Ealey talks about not sleeping at all since the injury and putting all her time into her child. Ealey talks about her youtube show about vaccine injury and making parents aware of the injury. Segment 4 Ealey tells all parents this issue is a worldwide issue and not just someone else issue. She helps the viewers be aware of the symptoms and noticing that they need to treat it. She gives the viewers a link on how to listen to her show and become aware when it comes to there child. Ealey gives us her first 3 coping skills when it comes to treating her child. She writes in her journal everything that is bothering her and takes time out to just relax for a moment. 
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