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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/06/26 - Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis

Facebook Live Video from 2018/06/26 - Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis


2018/06/26 - Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis


with  Denise Otten & Celebrity doctors


THIS WEEK: Wheat Belly!
Wheat Belly, Author, Cardiologist Dr. William Davis explains Why Wheat is causing most diseases in this country! He tells us how "The doctors are wrong!" Lose The Weight And Get Off The Meds! The Caveman Diet Heals The Heart. Listen to this Bold and Brutally honest Doctor tell the Whole Grain Truth! And how to 'Undoctor' yourself ...and get on a Great Food Plan and Vitamins so you don't have to keep going back to the doctors all the time. Take your life back, lose weight & get healthy! Dr. Davis will shock you and help you heal!  
Part 1: Dr. William Davis, cardiologist, discusses his new book, “Wheat Belly.” He talks about making the switch to eating wheat. Dr. Davis discusses the most common abnormality for heart disease is the access of small LVL particles. Grains and sugars have LVL particles in them and cutting them out helps prevent heart disease. People started getting healthy when switching off grain and sugars. Wheat is the worst, and by removing it, there are more benefits. It’s all about diet, and cutting things out can often help with autoimmune diseases. Part 2: Dr. William Davis discusses the dairy portion of the diet. Grains were never supposed to be a part of the diet. Strain specificity is important, to avoid strains like E. Coli. He talks about making yogurt and increasing the bacterial count to increase testosterone in men and bone strength, along with many other benefits. So many people did the wheat belly strategies and removed arthritis, obesity, and other diseases.  Part 3: Dr. William Davis talks about Oxytocin, talking about the hormone released when one orgasms. It also causes a disinterest in food, which also helps with fasting. He talks about his add on vitamins that are recommended in his book, specific brands of supplements. Dr. Davis talks about probiotics and how most manufacturers do not talk about strains. Fermented foods are very important. Dr. Williams talks about sibo and how common it is.  Part 4: Dr. William Davis discusses cancer and how the majority of gastrointestinal cancer is caused by grain consumption. Being vegetarian is very unnatural and requires many supplements. He really wants to educate those on the issues with grains and what else you can supplement them with. He discusses statins and how they are a huge deception, with little benefit and many toxic effects. Dr. Davis discusses the importance of lipoproteins.
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