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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Facebook Live Video from 2018/06/12 - Paleo Cardiology and Your Daily Health

Facebook Live Video from 2018/06/12 - Paleo Cardiology and Your Daily Health


2018/06/12 - Paleo Cardiology and Your Daily Health


with  Denise Otten & Celebrity doctors


THIS WEEK: Paleo Cardiology and Your Daily Health

Segment 1:

Denise starts off the show by introducing her special guest for tonight’s episode. She explains to her guests that people with heart problems need to start the diet explained in Dr. Jack Wolfson’s book. That means no wheat, no rye, which means you must turn to other organic options. Denise explains that instead of taking a medication approach of taking pills and what not, people can change their diets to help with their medical conditions like autoimmune hepatitis and diabetes. Denise urges her listeners to grab a pen and paper and write down the supplements that they NEED to be including in their diets. She goes on to explain that american citizens have the right to the freedom of choice when it comes to vaccinations and that it is our duty to convince the governor to change vaccination laws.

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Denise continues to talk about heart health, what’s really important? Sleep. She explains that since having kids she has never been on a great sleep schedule, she goes on to share her methods to help have a good night sleep. Denise shares that she has bought a pair of blue blocker glasses, puts all cell phones in a different room and has lavender going off throughout the night. One key tip that helps Denise sleep in CBD oil, this combined with her other methods help her fall asleep before 11. Two other practices that can lead to a good night of sleep are “Earthing”, which consist of walking around with no shoes while at home, and getting exposed to sunlight. Denise shifts her conversation to toxic chemicals and more specifically birth control. She is an advocate of birth control, but not an advocate of birth control pills. Using anything that changes your menstruation cycle can cause cancer. Before the break Denise circles back to her view on vaccinations and how she strongly believes that these vaccines are linked to autism.

Segment 4:

Denise continues her discussion on vaccinations by shifting to ways parents can help keep their kids safe. When your kids have any virus buy colloidal silver, oil of oregano and olive leaf extract, this combination will help cure your kids of the most common viruses. Denise explains how diet matters, it’s not just about losing weight. Certain foods and products can help cleanse the body and fight off viruses.  

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