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Friday, December 8, 2017
Facebook Live Video from 2017/12/08 - Communicating Change and Strategizing Success with Gia Moron


2017/12/08 - Communicating Change and Strategizing Success with Gia Moron


Join us on this episode of In The Know 420 with Joseph A. Bondy and Jake Plowden as they discuss Cannabis PR and Marijuana Communications Strategy with Gia Moron.

Hosted by well-known criminal defense attorney and cannabis advocate Joseph A. Bondy, Esq., the show focuses on today’s ever evolving cannabis revolution.

This week on In The Know 420, we first discuss the news. First off, Nevada, is running out of marijuana so fast that the governor declared a state of emergency. Ever since starting their new recreational program, dispensaries were not well equipped to deal with demand for legal weed. Next, we talk about an area in South Boston, where a billboard from Weedmaps was put up with a statistic about how states that have legalized recreational marijuana have had  fewer opioid induced deaths. There is large backlash against the billboard, especially seeing that it is near neighborhoods dealing with opioid overdoses. Finally, we talk about the “Hood Incubator”, a California based group that supports and educates people of color to transition to legal marijuana businesses instead of staying trapped in the illicit market. This is another example of young people being really motivated” says Joe. Finally, we talk with special guest Gia Morón, founder/CEO of GVM Communications and the National Director of Communications for Women Grow. She has also worked on Wall Street and has been a major media influencer in the marijuana world. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she went to Columbus State University in Georgia where she majored in business. After her time in Georgia she came back to New York, and continued to go to school, build here career and even started to do make art/jewelry.   Later in her life, she started working in the media sector for companies Goldman Sachs and The Fremantle Corporation. She transitioned her skillset to start her own company GVM Communications, and continues to thrive today as a multifaceted media maven coordinating many events within the canna-space.     
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