Facing our past can be challenging.

Looking into our old ways of being can sting.

We have grown so much since then.

Yet the ghosts of yesterday still haunt us.

When we look into our past, and truly face what we did and who we were, we begin to heal.

What we experienced and how we reacted to everything gives us fertile soil to dig into our own patterns and behaviors.

These are valuable clues on the road to improvement.

For it is only when we can look at who we used to be and what did that we can heal from the guilt, shame, and trauma we may have experienced or even caused.

The past still lives within us every new day.

We carry the burdens of our past on our backs and constantly bring them with us to each new encounter.

Until we decide that we no longer want to have that pain live inside us.

Awareness of just what is going on inside of us is the first step.

How our past affected us, and still affects us, shows up every day.

When we are willing to look into our past, our patterns, and our triggers, we can start to unwind those beliefs that no longer serve us.

While they still may have a hold on us, we can lighten their grip.

Being willing to be truthful with ourselves about all of this can feel hard.

When we seek the help of a professional to support us, we are giving ourselves a great gift.

For the support of someone who is trained and experienced in supporting people through the healing process is invaluable.

Unwinding those patterns and beliefs can take time.

This journey is not an overnight experience.

It is a life long effort to grow and be a better version of ourselves.

Our demons may try to stop us.

At the same time, synchronicities may support us.

Regardless of what is happening around us, staying with it until we find the relief or the change we seek is essential.

Sometimes after we start this journey we doubt ourselves.

We ask ourselves, why didn't I leave well enough alone?

It is normal to have these doubts.

Keeping in mind the goal of where we want to go is important during these times.

Our perseverance will pay off in the end.

For when we reach that day when we can look upon our past without judgment, fear, or dread, we will feel so free.

Perhaps we will even feel compassion, for ourselves and anyone else involved.

How wonderful would that be?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour