There is a lot of noise in the world today.

Information is coming at us at tremendous speed.

Even in regular conversations people's voices can feel loud.

It seems like everywhere people are shouting at us in all different ways.

The funny thing is that when others raise their voice, we actually hear them less.

By everyone vying for our attention there seems to be less attention available.

So the force and veracity with which people communicate has reached a fever pitch.

Yet there is something we can do about it in our own lives.

How we show up in the world can be a model for how to change all of this.

For when we stand in our quietness, we actually make a significant statement.

We can let our presence speaks for us instead of our words.

And give space to the moment instead of filling up every second with sound.

For our quietness can be very profound.

When everyone else is shouting, the person we hear the most is the one with the quietest voice.

The one who bucks the trend.

Who has something so important to say, they almost whisper it.

Allowing our presence to be a quiet reminder that we do not all have to shout.

Indeed, when everyone shouts no one hears.

Standing in our confidant presence, our way of being speaks volumes.

By allowing the profoundness of silence be our guide, we can use less of our energy yet make a greater impact.

We can rise above the fray of noise and distraction.

And be there for everyone who wants to hear.

Not everyone will notice us when we stand in our profound silence.

The ones that do will listen more intently than most.

So when we share our heart with them, they will value our words more.

If we allow the silence to fill the gaps in between our words, they will stand out even more.

And with just a whisper we can change the world.

Where have you been shouting that you could have used your quietness instead?

How can you be more powerful by standing in your profound silence?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant

Host of The Conscious Consultant Hour