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Thursday, June 27, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/06/27-Innerviewing for Personal Growth with Cali Alpert

Facebook Live Video from 2024/06/27-Innerviewing for Personal Growth with Cali Alpert


2024/06/27-Innerviewing for Personal Growth with Cali Alpert

[NEW EPISODE] Innerviewing for Personal Growth with Cali Alpert

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)

The audience will learn about the diverse background of Podcaster, Emmy Award Winning Producer and Digital Marketing Executive Cali Alpert. 

Cali Alpert is a former host of the Rob and Cali show at She comes to Frank About Health to show the evolution of her life and career both before and after that time. Cali Alpert, is an Emmy award-winning interviewer, spiritual explorer, storyteller and deep listener whose life guidance sessions combine decades in the wellness space and her own healing journey to help guide you toward inner peace, finding answers to your most pressing issues, and spiritual awareness. As the final episode of Brain Health awareness month, she will go into personal stories reflecting her experience with parents that struggled with dementia related issues and the challenges of relating with non-compliance from her mother who was also struggling from Borderline Personality Disorder.

This episode will tie in many of the issues I have addressed in June over the last month.


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00:00:46.280 --> 00:00:52.150 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome to the season finale of this episode of Frank. About health now

00:00:52.250 --> 00:01:12.989 Frank R. Harrison: season finale! But of course I'll be here. I'll be here again, coming up with greatest hits, episodes, or I'll be coming up with a new season of episodes starting around August. That's what I'm estimating, but it's time for a break. Because I'm 1st going to reflect with today's special guest. And then I'm going to explain later on in the show why I need a month break, because it's all for the benefit

00:01:12.990 --> 00:01:29.569 Frank R. Harrison: of all you listeners and viewers out of there out there, that all being said today's guest is a former host from Talkradio, NYC. If any listener or viewer out there knows of the Robbie, Rob and Kelly show. This is Kelly Albert

00:01:29.620 --> 00:01:40.389 Frank R. Harrison: A. Referral from Sam Leibowitz again. I'm very grateful to all of his referrals, because I learn a lot from those individuals who come on the show end up either becoming a co-host or of recurring guests.

00:01:40.420 --> 00:01:57.989 Frank R. Harrison: But what I like about you is your background, and because of the fact that I'm going to let you talk about your background. I'll let you do all of the introduction, because I think that a lot of listeners and viewers out there will benefit from your experience. Remember everyone. This is brain health awareness month.

00:01:58.050 --> 00:02:18.650 Frank R. Harrison: And we do have a brain health awareness story that Kelly will share in segment. 2. But again, the focus of this episode is to show how to use your experience when living with brain health issues within the family or within friends or your community, how it can make or break you. But in Callie's case it made her

00:02:18.650 --> 00:02:29.020 Frank R. Harrison: just like as I've been advocating for epilepsy. It's been keeping me stable and becoming an advocate. But there have been those moments I'm just continuing to learn. As I go on this journey

00:02:29.260 --> 00:02:48.240 Frank R. Harrison: I will issue a disclaimer. Any information about this episode shared between myself and Cali is food for thought. They're not the views of Talkradio, Nyc. Or of Frank about health, but rather they're insights that hopefully you can benefit from. If you can relate, they're not us

00:02:48.240 --> 00:03:00.659 Frank R. Harrison: trying to persuade you to change your primary care, physician, or to stop taking the medications you currently are taking. They're us just to give you insight, awareness, and advocacy, and ultimately support

00:03:00.850 --> 00:03:08.979 Frank R. Harrison: that all being, said, Kelly, welcome back to Talkradio, NYC. While welcome to this episode of Frank about health.

00:03:09.640 --> 00:03:14.449 Cali A.: Thank you so much, Frank. It's really fun to be back even to hear the introductory

00:03:14.500 --> 00:03:24.539 Cali A.: music really hearkened back to many years ago, when I had the the show. So it's a pleasure to be here, especially for your season finale. So thank you so much for having me.

00:03:24.690 --> 00:03:44.800 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, you are so welcome! I'd like you to tell the audience about your broad background, not just being a former host with talkradio. NYC, but you're an Emmy Award winning producer. So I'd like to know more about what kind of shows or podcasts or media that you were producing.

00:03:44.800 --> 00:03:48.604 Cali A.: Thank you for for that. That cuts a wide swath of

00:03:49.180 --> 00:03:52.447 Cali A.: questions and answers that I could offer to you.

00:03:52.870 --> 00:04:05.499 Cali A.: I mean, I started when I was a kid, actually, just to kind of go linearly and chronologically, when I was a child, before I knew what I wanted to be and do as an adult I was an interviewer very intrinsically, and I would

00:04:05.850 --> 00:04:09.460 Cali A.: practice on my stuffed animals with my hairbrush.

00:04:09.820 --> 00:04:26.910 Cali A.: asking them what I thought were very deep and existential and prophetic questions. God knows what they really were, and this was also back in the seventies. So I was a huge fan of Barbara Walters, and I was studying her interviews again, not consciously knowing. But I guess some bigger force did know.

00:04:26.930 --> 00:04:36.480 Cali A.: and led me down that path that I really loved the engagement of the interviewing process and the art form of it. Now I consider it one of my art forms.

00:04:36.480 --> 00:04:37.120 Frank R. Harrison: Right.

00:04:37.280 --> 00:04:42.859 Cali A.: So I went to college for broadcasting and telecommunications.

00:04:43.370 --> 00:04:48.100 Cali A.: And I did a lot of radio and television during those years in my twenties.

00:04:48.290 --> 00:05:00.370 Cali A.: And when I graduated college, really having no clue how to even find a job. This was in the mid eighties, and not really having the perfect like the guidance or the resources. I didn't know what I was doing.

00:05:00.380 --> 00:05:17.989 Cali A.: I looked at an ad in the back of the New York Times, and I got an administrative assistant job at a small advertising agency in New York City. But I started coordinating and producing radio commercials, and from there moved. I kind of faked my way into some really cool TV jobs

00:05:18.424 --> 00:05:25.660 Cali A.: started with. I worked with a lot of rock and roll and celebrity programming earlier in the in my career.

00:05:25.690 --> 00:05:33.170 Cali A.: and was interviewing some of my favorite rock icons and all kinds of different venues and and entertainment outlets

00:05:33.390 --> 00:05:41.689 Cali A.: from e-entertainment. TV. And access Hollywood King Biscuit Flower hour for those of us who grew up at a certain, you know, time and space.

00:05:44.050 --> 00:05:54.199 Cali A.: And it was a really good way for me to cut my teeth. I was in Los Angeles for a a good chunk of this during the nineties. It was a really good way for me to cut my teeth and to really learn beyond

00:05:54.270 --> 00:05:55.095 Cali A.: the

00:05:56.020 --> 00:06:04.590 Cali A.: kind of expanding the way I ask questions and learn to listen and engage in conversation, knowing what production was, and knowing the difference between

00:06:04.730 --> 00:06:12.780 Cali A.: how I'm holding an agenda for a professional organization that needed you to meet certain needs with the material you got from a certain interview.

00:06:12.850 --> 00:06:30.470 Cali A.: and and the ones that I wanted to ask on the side, just for my own edification and pleasure. So it was a really good way, and also just learning, tiring, you know, working with camera people and editors and all the things that go into making television shows. And so that was really the very early. It's a an abridged

00:06:30.799 --> 00:06:42.089 Cali A.: version of the early days of my TV career. And then, after I worked in Los Angeles I discovered that I was really probably more interested in in what I call real people versus an all due respect to

00:06:42.130 --> 00:06:49.819 Cali A.: celebrities and famous rock stars, because I did have some great thrills and have really great stories to tell, and gained a lot of wisdom from them.

00:06:50.090 --> 00:07:04.710 Cali A.: I started working more in talk shows, and I started doing field work on a variety of different talk shows where I was being sent to dip into people's lives and learn how to elicit and tell their story in very short periods of time.

00:07:05.781 --> 00:07:15.500 Cali A.: And was around all kinds of subcultures and people with all kinds of different challenges and interesting lifestyles. And

00:07:16.054 --> 00:07:20.999 Cali A.: I could go on and on. But that's sort of the gist of the early springboard for my

00:07:21.250 --> 00:07:23.230 Cali A.: production and storytelling career.

00:07:23.660 --> 00:07:31.930 Frank R. Harrison: Amazing, so predominantly. Were you always interviewing people in terms of health and wellness? Or was it a myriad of topics.

00:07:31.930 --> 00:07:40.649 Cali A.: Hmm that. Yeah, it no, it wasn't. Initially I am. So in my early 20 I was always on my personal wellness, more internal, like spiritual path.

00:07:40.916 --> 00:08:01.703 Cali A.: That was something. I probably have been on that path since I was 5 or 6 years old, but it wasn't conscious. Now, when I look back, given how deep I am into that whole world, both personally and professionally, I can say in the rear view mirror that there were signs of it very early on. But no, in answer to your question. I wasn't. I was doing more promotion for different projects or films or

00:08:02.150 --> 00:08:20.239 Cali A.: And then, when I got into certain talk shows I was working on talk shows where I was doing a lot of psychologically bent stories. It wasn't until the early days of the Doctor Oz show. I was one of the producers who launched that. I was there for the 1st 5 years before Doctor Oz got

00:08:20.270 --> 00:08:21.550 Cali A.: controversial

00:08:22.878 --> 00:08:34.169 Cali A.: and it was a really really powerful and beautiful experience. And that's when I started lobbying for more of the wellness, psychological spiritual energy. Some of the more alternative.

00:08:34.179 --> 00:08:45.989 Cali A.: Dare I say woo, woo! Or, you know, kind of far out modalities as well, because I was really interested in my own personal journey, of integrating all of my parts.

00:08:46.110 --> 00:08:50.680 Cali A.: Yes, because I'd always kind of live from a place where they were dualistic, and I had my

00:08:50.710 --> 00:09:14.580 Cali A.: personal life, which was very passionate about all of wellness and spirituality and psychology, and then my professional life and I struggled with that for many years, early on of them being kind of separable. So that was part of my impetus beyond the fact that I had a great, you know these great platforms to support people that were had voices in the wellness community. So it was later in my career that I started to do that.

00:09:15.430 --> 00:09:23.790 Frank R. Harrison: Incredible. I think in some ways we kind of reflect off of each other because I was in the music industry for 10 years.

00:09:23.810 --> 00:09:36.170 Frank R. Harrison: and I had a chance to go to Oscars, and and Emmy awards believe it or not, I never went to the Grammys. But that's okay. I got mistaken for being at Grammy award parties, so as a result, I would get Vip benefits at the after parties.

00:09:36.170 --> 00:09:43.870 Cali A.: Who did they think you did they think you were somebody else? Did they think you were some Ra. Did you have a double gang, or that was a rock star or something that was there already.

00:09:43.870 --> 00:09:48.649 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, although I used to do a good, mean impersonation of Michael Jackson, I got away.

00:09:49.340 --> 00:09:55.100 Frank R. Harrison: Of different venues. But but the thing is is that in terms of being, in that constant

00:09:55.220 --> 00:10:01.309 Frank R. Harrison: environment of the music industry, I would call it actually glamorized pathology.

00:10:01.310 --> 00:10:01.970 Cali A.: Becau-.

00:10:01.970 --> 00:10:29.860 Frank R. Harrison: You've not only got a lot of individuals that are very successful musicians or artists, let's say that could probably be coming from a place of narcissism, but a healthy type, because everyone's engaging in their content, whether it's their tours, their albums, their interviews on TV, so forth and so on. But then you've also got the internal politics. Where? How do you know this person? And why were you invited to that event? And I found myself naturally becoming very

00:10:29.870 --> 00:10:31.150 Frank R. Harrison: strategic in.

00:10:31.150 --> 00:10:31.650 Cali A.: I am.

00:10:31.650 --> 00:10:50.770 Frank R. Harrison: Approaching the people I was working with. Not that I was isolated or estranged, or anything, but I always felt like I was in a negotiation of some sort when I was in a meeting a marketing strategy meeting, let's say, or an album release party that was being set up, and it was a little bit overwhelming@firstst

00:10:51.230 --> 00:11:05.400 Frank R. Harrison: I mean, because I'm not used to that, having been in more traditional industries prior to that financial services, for example, you know now. Yet it became the impetus for me to know that the best way to relate to people

00:11:05.900 --> 00:11:19.369 Frank R. Harrison: was by understanding who this person is, what character representations do they show? What possible defenses are they showing or traumas, and somehow get on the same path with them? If it was.

00:11:19.650 --> 00:11:41.420 Frank R. Harrison: if it was not possible, then there was no relationship, and I moved on, but it allowed me to all of a sudden become more entrepreneurial in my ways of doing business, and then, due to Covid as well as due to my epilepsy. In addition due to my father, cancer, recovery and my cousin's dementia diagnosis.

00:11:41.740 --> 00:11:44.089 Frank R. Harrison: I fell into health and wellness.

00:11:44.635 --> 00:11:45.180 Cali A.: You.

00:11:45.180 --> 00:11:53.519 Frank R. Harrison: Like what you described of your own background, using my experiences to try to create a product out of that or an eco.

00:11:53.520 --> 00:11:54.360 Cali A.: So system.

00:11:54.510 --> 00:11:56.149 Cali A.: if you will, but it does.

00:11:56.150 --> 00:12:07.180 Frank R. Harrison: Does touch upon all my skill, sets my marketing, my my my forecasting, my my technology. But, more importantly, the ability to communicate that, I think, is fundamental in both of our cases.

00:12:07.180 --> 00:12:18.389 Cali A.: Yeah, that is, that's a big one, because that sort of underlies everything. Right is the ability to communicate. And early in my life I was not only a big mouth, and you know, Kid, who was talking during class all the time.

00:12:18.400 --> 00:12:21.990 Cali A.: but also an avid oratorical contest

00:12:22.130 --> 00:12:25.469 Cali A.: participant in my town in New Jersey and winner.

00:12:25.950 --> 00:12:40.779 Cali A.: And so I really grew my chops and my my affinity for talking and sharing information. But I love the way you just said that 1st of all, just the way you just encapsulated, your experience was really great, and I relate to that. And I do think

00:12:41.510 --> 00:12:57.159 Cali A.: the other piece that I take away from just what you just described is when you approach anything in your life from sort of a meta perspective. And so you're not just sort of in that role as producer or working in the music industry. But you're also in a place of witnessing and observing

00:12:57.540 --> 00:13:00.789 Cali A.: and really noticing and using that for your own

00:13:01.280 --> 00:13:07.909 Cali A.: awareness, personal growth, mental health, whatever it may be, I really relate to that. I think it's so important.

00:13:08.200 --> 00:13:16.699 Frank R. Harrison: I think that like for most people, if you're advocating for people, or you're advocating for yourself, you don't only want it to be when you have a health crisis.

00:13:16.700 --> 00:13:17.380 Cali A.: Exactly.

00:13:17.380 --> 00:13:19.329 Frank R. Harrison: You want it to be all the time.

00:13:19.370 --> 00:13:30.390 Frank R. Harrison: but you also want to be aware of the threats that are out there. People that are not good for you, whether they're called toxic people or environments or situations that would only derail your focus

00:13:30.390 --> 00:13:49.450 Frank R. Harrison: and your energy. So for that reason alone, like. They always say it all starts with you, or they say, without health. You can't build wealth. But fundamentally, I think what I'm always trying to bring home on Frank about health and thanks to Sam and understanding, when I approached him back around the time you were on the network.

00:13:49.760 --> 00:13:55.690 Frank R. Harrison: I only wanted to remove the stigma on epilepsy, that I may be deemed different because of a history of seizures.

00:13:55.770 --> 00:13:59.840 Frank R. Harrison: But I may have some secret sauce or some specialties that you might need.

00:13:59.880 --> 00:14:03.640 Frank R. Harrison: which I think, thanks to being on the show after Covid.

00:14:03.690 --> 00:14:06.360 Frank R. Harrison: now 122 episodes later.

00:14:06.840 --> 00:14:09.729 Frank R. Harrison: I think the message is finally getting out there. You know

00:14:09.830 --> 00:14:14.269 Frank R. Harrison: we're about to take our 1st break. But now I want to hear more about your personal

00:14:14.420 --> 00:14:30.199 Frank R. Harrison: health and wellness story that has motivated your career that you just mentioned in the 1st section. It is brain health awareness month. And from our pre-interview you have mentioned some related topics that I've talked about this past month. So I'm looking forward to hear

00:14:30.200 --> 00:14:47.089 Frank R. Harrison: how that story made you evolve into the producer that you are today as well as whatever talking points you can share with the audience as to how they can learn from that similar experience, and not take it too much to heart, because sometimes, when they do

00:14:47.190 --> 00:14:52.009 Frank R. Harrison: it can lead to different defenses and structures that are just unhealthy.

00:14:52.070 --> 00:14:57.199 Frank R. Harrison: All right, ladies and gentlemen stay tuned as we are talking with the interview.

00:14:57.250 --> 00:15:08.559 Frank R. Harrison: the interviewer with Tally Alpert right here on Talkradio, NYC. And on our social media platforms, Youtube, linkedin, Facebook and Twitch. We will be back in a few.

00:17:20.319 --> 00:17:23.169 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back! We're here with Cali Alford.

00:17:23.279 --> 00:17:39.719 Frank R. Harrison: former host of the Robin Kelly show here, on talking alternative broadcasting, you can actually see 100 episodes that are archived on our website. Talkradio, NYC, but, more importantly, we're going to learn about the other shows that she's done since then.

00:17:39.799 --> 00:17:42.819 Frank R. Harrison: But we're going to segue 1st into hearing

00:17:42.829 --> 00:17:49.249 Frank R. Harrison: her brain health, awareness, story that has led to her career direction and her success thus far

00:17:49.379 --> 00:17:51.389 Frank R. Harrison: so welcome back, Callie and.

00:17:51.390 --> 00:17:52.250 Cali A.: Thank you. Frank.

00:17:52.250 --> 00:17:53.500 Frank R. Harrison: Excited to learn more about.

00:17:53.500 --> 00:17:54.420 Cali A.: Pardon me.

00:17:54.420 --> 00:17:59.249 Frank R. Harrison: Experience in dealing with the various health, brain health awareness issues that I brought up this past.

00:17:59.250 --> 00:18:01.230 Cali A.: Hmm, thank you.

00:18:02.610 --> 00:18:17.159 Cali A.: it's a big one. This is a loaded topic for me, and frankly, it's still so concretized. I'm not that familiar, or used to talking about it. So this is a powerful exercise. I'm honored to do it with you.

00:18:19.020 --> 00:18:33.620 Cali A.: you know, when I was so, when I was being raised in New Jersey with my sister and my parents. There was a lot of love and a lot of wonderful experiences, and there was also a lot of chaos and a lot of rage.

00:18:33.910 --> 00:18:56.219 Cali A.: And it really took me. I'm gonna skip decades forward. It really took me to. I'm in my, I'm just 60 now. It took me until I was about. I would say my late forties early fifties through deep therapeutic process, to even know that my mom was on the borderline personality. Narcissistic spectrum.

00:18:57.444 --> 00:19:04.679 Cali A.: I we never talked about. We still haven't talked about it. There has really, rarely, there wasn't any

00:19:04.690 --> 00:19:33.130 Cali A.: language for this. This wasn't the kind of conversation we were having in our household, and also when you grow up in a dysfunctional family, as most of us have to some degree or another. There's a certain homeostasis that exists, and you don't know any differently until something really wacky happens. Or a friend says, Wow! That was really wild to observe that, or you get older, and you are on a very deep spiritual and psychological trajectory, and you learn what healthy is, and what non-toxic is

00:19:33.130 --> 00:19:40.057 Cali A.: right? So I'm clumping a lot into just a few, you know. Short thoughts there.

00:19:40.650 --> 00:19:53.169 Cali A.: but so that is the way that I was raised and what I was surrounded by. I didn't know about mental illness then. I've since learned a lot number one because of the

00:19:53.380 --> 00:19:58.510 Cali A.: psychological, emotional trauma that it causes to be raised in that kind of a household.

00:19:59.110 --> 00:20:01.790 Cali A.: And then the unpacking that's necessary.

00:20:01.810 --> 00:20:16.829 Cali A.: I've also had a few partners in my life. I lost one. I lost a boyfriend actually, to a psychotic break that led to a drug overdose when I was in my thirties, and he was in his thirties as well.

00:20:16.830 --> 00:20:37.860 Cali A.: and I've since had one other boyfriend who suffered with mental illness, but thankfully, is fine. So it's something that, once removed has been a very big part of my life for many years, I think again, often when it's something that's as close as when you're the person that's your primary caregiver, or one of your 2 primary caregivers, and you don't know any differently.

00:20:38.070 --> 00:20:39.999 Cali A.: There's no frame of reference.

00:20:40.000 --> 00:20:40.640 Frank R. Harrison: Correct.

00:20:40.860 --> 00:20:49.450 Cali A.: So you know I could sit here now and spout out all kinds of crazy circumstances and things that happened, and know that none of them were acceptable

00:20:49.570 --> 00:21:12.850 Cali A.: or quote unquote, normal, although I hesitate to use that word. But I also know that it's what set me on my course to be my own version of a healer to be a better interviewer, to have a very deep and beautiful spiritual practice to counsel others in that way.

00:21:13.050 --> 00:21:26.739 Cali A.: You know it's really it's character building when you go on a path that a healing journey like so many of us, especially if you're somebody that's, you know, listening to your show, do, and it most of the time is caused by some kind of crisis.

00:21:26.930 --> 00:21:53.210 Cali A.: I also feel like it set me on a path to. You know I'm a firm believer also that our professional superpowers are often created by whatever deficits we experienced when we were younger, and I'm generalizing, but I do think so for me, I'll be more specific like for me. I know that I'm a really good question asker and a good listener, because that was a huge deficit in my life when I was a kid.

00:21:53.380 --> 00:22:07.859 Cali A.: And so when you're being raised by somebody who is the one sort of ruling the roost in a household, and your presence and your needs don't really matter as much as theirs, do you don't feel as heard and seen and important.

00:22:08.030 --> 00:22:28.390 Cali A.: and so I'm really good at making other people feel that way, because I've spent my whole life compensating for it. Now I have the pendulum, a swag in the middle, and it's not as compensatory. And all those things I don't want to bore you with too much of an analysis of me, but that's just kind of the experience of my household when my mom now is 90.

00:22:28.520 --> 00:22:30.530 Cali A.: She turned 90 a few weeks ago.

00:22:30.620 --> 00:22:37.230 Cali A.: and in the last few years she's been declining, and there is dementia there

00:22:37.400 --> 00:22:56.830 Cali A.: that's also not being treated or properly. It's only recently been really diagnosed other than outside of, like myself and my sister just knowing it, and maybe a few other hospital visits she made for other reasons where they got a glimpse into her psychological makeup, but it never really amounted to much else.

00:22:57.010 --> 00:23:07.659 Cali A.: and so dealing with that is really interesting because it creates a need for more patience and more acceptance and more compassion.

00:23:08.080 --> 00:23:16.009 Cali A.: And it complicates things, because this is somebody that I've spent my whole life trying, or at least my adult life trying to heal from.

00:23:16.150 --> 00:23:23.080 Cali A.: And you're I'm still operating on all these different levels. One is of deep love and compassion for this elderly woman, who

00:23:23.300 --> 00:23:31.750 Cali A.: is ill and declining, the other is deep compassion for myself and the experience that I've had

00:23:31.960 --> 00:23:37.840 Cali A.: growing up and trying to heal that, and for those to coexist is very powerful.

00:23:38.400 --> 00:23:43.359 Cali A.: And a great learning experience. But I'll I'll I'll take a I'll take a pause there.

00:23:43.570 --> 00:23:54.949 Frank R. Harrison: No, I think it was actually a perfect end of sentence period, because I'll tell you when I listened to your story, and I know you were just providing a schematic.

00:23:55.420 --> 00:24:01.719 Frank R. Harrison: Basically, I mean, you didn't mention dementia was in there. I think, earlier. You mentioned something about your father having Parkinson's.

00:24:02.150 --> 00:24:02.580 Cali A.: Yes.

00:24:02.580 --> 00:24:05.879 Frank R. Harrison: Which is in itself another neurological condition.

00:24:06.380 --> 00:24:15.679 Frank R. Harrison: But yet the aspect of living with it, whether it's the patient living with it or the people, the family extensions, caregivers, whatever

00:24:16.000 --> 00:24:29.289 Frank R. Harrison: it has its own psychological side effect, if that's the right word to use here, and if you are trying to recover from that through your upbringing, but at the same time engaging with them to help out where you can.

00:24:29.400 --> 00:24:33.880 Frank R. Harrison: The constant juggling act has to be bridged by some anchor.

00:24:34.030 --> 00:24:37.010 Frank R. Harrison: That for me has been this show, Frank about health.

00:24:37.740 --> 00:24:55.519 Frank R. Harrison: That three-year journey that I've taken thus far with Frank about health has allowed me to deal with my cousin's dementia, my father's cancer recovery, my own epilepsy issues that have for some reason, even throughout Covid. I didn't even have one seizure. So who knows?

00:24:55.520 --> 00:24:56.439 Cali A.: Maybe I was just so.

00:24:56.440 --> 00:24:59.670 Frank R. Harrison: Conscious of everything that I did, all that I could

00:24:59.750 --> 00:25:13.229 Frank R. Harrison: to just do, all the precautions, all the all the necessary consultations with medical professionals, and by virtue of doing the show I would be doing additional research, and before you knew it I can't say I became a doctor. I'm not licensed to.

00:25:14.070 --> 00:25:14.810 Frank R. Harrison: but

00:25:15.590 --> 00:25:18.502 Frank R. Harrison: I would take on an opportunity to go to Med school if given the

00:25:19.250 --> 00:25:28.729 Frank R. Harrison: I don't think I would eagerly seek it out like I've seeked out in my previous education. The issue remains, though, that fundamentally I've always been concerned

00:25:28.950 --> 00:25:39.879 Frank R. Harrison: through my knowledge of psychology, and which I would say was my defense structure, from having lived in a dysfunctional environment or having dysfunctional situations hurled at me.

00:25:39.920 --> 00:25:45.189 Frank R. Harrison: but that psychology is allowing me to be my own best friend. Use my thinking.

00:25:45.390 --> 00:25:47.309 Frank R. Harrison: hone my intuition.

00:25:47.450 --> 00:25:50.660 Frank R. Harrison: and allow myself to observe the situation

00:25:50.730 --> 00:25:53.740 Frank R. Harrison: and determine if it's worth engaging in or not.

00:25:54.410 --> 00:25:59.559 Frank R. Harrison: and try to try to keep it. So that all being said, what you just talked about

00:26:00.090 --> 00:26:06.760 Frank R. Harrison: shows that one way that anyone who's watching the show right now can teeter between both sides.

00:26:06.970 --> 00:26:12.940 Frank R. Harrison: freeing yourself from the dysfunction, but also engaging when you need to, is have a platform.

00:26:13.000 --> 00:26:14.179 Frank R. Harrison: It doesn't have to be a show.

00:26:14.510 --> 00:26:25.419 Frank R. Harrison: It's great if you have one. But just what do you stand for? What pros and cons are you weighing against and act according to where the best benefit is for everyone involved.

00:26:25.420 --> 00:26:31.991 Cali A.: Hmm, yeah, I love that I I am a former therapist. Very, very important

00:26:32.480 --> 00:26:34.450 Cali A.: person, formative

00:26:35.350 --> 00:26:37.860 Cali A.: chapter of my life. The work that I did with him.

00:26:38.050 --> 00:26:46.049 Cali A.: and and my therapy work used to call it my like base camp, like fortifying your base camp.

00:26:46.270 --> 00:26:51.589 Cali A.: The play. And then he came he. You know he comes from a very deep spiritual psychotherapy

00:26:51.790 --> 00:27:01.749 Cali A.: perspective. But it's sort of the same thing you're thinking like you are saying you have to have whatever your fundamental root is

00:27:01.910 --> 00:27:09.839 Cali A.: to create more spaciousness and equanimity around the things that have caused you the most pain, so that you can function and find some neutrality

00:27:09.860 --> 00:27:27.359 Cali A.: and some space, and then the energy and the fortitude to help others like you've been doing so much with the show. And so, yeah, I really do believe that often our superpowers and the things that are of the most benefit to the planet were born of a lot of pain and suffering. Often I really do.

00:27:27.480 --> 00:27:36.700 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly so. It's funny. I've heard stories whether I've heard them on TV. Or whether I've heard them even through other friends and family, that sometimes there are those warriors out there.

00:27:36.700 --> 00:27:37.050 Cali A.: That's.

00:27:37.050 --> 00:27:57.770 Frank R. Harrison: Give me more pain. I'm going to become stronger for it, you know. I don't think I have the stomach for that kind of mindset. I try to resist as much pain as I can handle, especially because I worry that it could cause a seizure in my case. But lately, especially when I've had stories on this show that are traumatic, that some, you know in the past I probably would have been like, I I really can't handle that

00:27:57.940 --> 00:28:01.750 Frank R. Harrison: I just look at it as, okay. This is food that I'm going to learn something.

00:28:02.105 --> 00:28:02.460 Cali A.: From.

00:28:02.710 --> 00:28:21.390 Frank R. Harrison: And I guess also there is another thing, and we're about to take our second break. There is another thing I notice, like when I'm doing this show. I'm so busy monitoring our conversation, what's going on behind the scenes, the timing of our next break that it feels almost out of body, so it doesn't allow me to fully engage until after I've seen it back

00:28:22.630 --> 00:28:22.950 Frank R. Harrison: or.

00:28:22.950 --> 00:28:29.980 Cali A.: Or you could be that present. Maybe you're so present in the experience that you're not in here, not in your mind.

00:28:30.370 --> 00:28:36.059 Cali A.: That's either way I understand. I cause. I know that experience really well. So I I appreciate that.

00:28:36.620 --> 00:28:40.040 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, you're so welcome! So, ladies and gentlemen, when we get back

00:28:40.470 --> 00:28:44.160 Frank R. Harrison: we're now going to meet Kelly Alpert, the interviewer.

00:28:44.385 --> 00:28:44.610 Cali A.: Bye.

00:28:44.610 --> 00:28:47.469 Frank R. Harrison: But, more importantly, what we've already talked about in the last

00:28:47.710 --> 00:28:50.539 Frank R. Harrison: 27 min or so is that

00:28:50.630 --> 00:28:53.979 Frank R. Harrison: just like myself and other guests I've had on this show

00:28:54.190 --> 00:29:11.330 Frank R. Harrison: we have all dealt with, whether it's neurological, mental health or physical issues that have led us on different paths. And what we're saying, Here is being your own advocate, can make that path more constructive if you remember to think 1st before you respond or act.

00:29:11.390 --> 00:29:14.030 Frank R. Harrison: or say the wrong thing, so forth and so on. And

00:29:14.040 --> 00:29:15.789 Frank R. Harrison: Kelly has definitely done that.

00:29:15.820 --> 00:29:26.640 Frank R. Harrison: So we're going to learn how she's doing that even more for others in the next segment right here on this episode of Frank about health, on Talkradio, NYC. And on all of our socials.

00:29:27.060 --> 00:29:28.240 Frank R. Harrison: See you in a few.

00:31:29.150 --> 00:31:33.910 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody and welcome back. So basically, here we have Kelly, Albert.

00:31:33.960 --> 00:31:47.540 Frank R. Harrison: three-time Emmy Award-winning, producer, former host here at Talkradio, NYC. And has worked at various media companies, whether it's in a production role or an executive role, or even another podcasting role. But

00:31:47.760 --> 00:32:10.919 Frank R. Harrison: want to hear about a new role that actually encompasses all of what she just spoke about. In the last half hour, having lived through watching mental illness at work in an environment that could have taken her down, but did not. She was able to hone her inner talents of interviewing and communicating, and hosting and advocating for many people, including herself.

00:32:11.010 --> 00:32:15.550 Frank R. Harrison: But there's something you have on another website, the

00:32:15.660 --> 00:32:25.089 Frank R. Harrison: that I'd like to learn more, and the listeners and viewers would like to learn more about because I'm not sure. Is it a podcast? Or is it a practice, or is it both? Or maybe it's something else.

00:32:25.930 --> 00:32:53.349 Cali A.: 1st of all, thank you. I would like to hire you as my agent. If you're available for side hustle. That's number one. I'm I'm very touched by what you just said. Thank you for encapsulating. It's it's interesting when people encapsulate your life for you. So I'm moved by by that. So thank you for that. So yes, I have. Recently, I actually just to back into where we left off in terms of the professional ride that I've been on.

00:32:53.600 --> 00:32:57.850 Cali A.: I started advocating and lobbying more for

00:32:58.270 --> 00:33:00.799 Cali A.: wellness practitioners

00:33:00.820 --> 00:33:06.760 Cali A.: and healers to be a part of mainstream TV when I was working in mainstream television because I feel like.

00:33:06.770 --> 00:33:16.229 Cali A.: you know, there's at least at the time not enough people using media and its wide reach and its huge platform in ways that were as idealistic as I am.

00:33:16.390 --> 00:33:29.900 Cali A.: and there's thankfully been some exceptions to that. But I was hoping to be on that same mission. And so that's how I really started to become more familiar with a lot of the people that were in the wellness community separately from me.

00:33:30.357 --> 00:33:36.180 Cali A.: Reading their books, listening to their radio shows podcasts. Later, you know, eventually.

00:33:36.390 --> 00:33:49.450 Cali A.: And a lot of them became my teachers. Adjunct, you know, at a distance, spiritual and psychological and mental wellness teachers. Yes, and so I'd always wanted to gravitate more toward that industry.

00:33:49.550 --> 00:34:04.930 Cali A.: And for the last 4 years I had up until very recently been working at Omega Institute Holistic Retreat Center, Iconic Retreat Center in the upstate New York or 2 h north in the Hudson Valley, I should say north of New York City.

00:34:05.376 --> 00:34:09.653 Cali A.: Real upstate New Yorkers wouldn't like that, so we'll separate it out

00:34:10.250 --> 00:34:22.980 Cali A.: and then recently got downsized, laid off out of that position. And so I have started my own company called the Interviewer, and it's INNE. R. Viewer.

00:34:23.010 --> 00:34:36.010 Cali A.:, and it's a play on my experience as an interviewer. I'd also hosted the Podcast, for Omega Institute, which is still living and breathing on their Youtube playlist channel dropping in

00:34:36.645 --> 00:34:37.260 Cali A.: and

00:34:37.400 --> 00:35:02.000 Cali A.: so from that experience of continuing to further. And I'd had another radio show on another platform unity platform. Hope it's okay to mention that because I'm very because I love Sam. And I love this network. So I just really started to further my career and my passion for spending time in that world and interviewing those types of luminaries and hearing those types of voices and giving them a voice.

00:35:02.080 --> 00:35:29.940 Cali A.: And then the more I got into it, the more people were telling me that they could see, when they were listening or watching some of these long form interviews that I was doing, that the person I was asking questions of was having a healing experience, and that by a certain question that I was asking them, or a series of questions that I was posing to them, that they could see the listener or the viewer could see my subjects sort of waking up to new concepts, even though they were

00:35:30.540 --> 00:35:34.169 Cali A.: in the position of being the expert and the teacher.

00:35:34.280 --> 00:35:57.209 Cali A.: and that was not my conscious intention. It's just what happens when you have dynamics, or when you bring certain things to your career right or to your love or your art form. And so what I've done recently is like I said. The interviewer is just the name of the container, and it's a 3 pronged business that I started. The 1st is

00:35:57.210 --> 00:36:16.010 Cali A.: private practice, where I do private one on one life, guidance, sessions with people you could call it life coaching. I tend to veer away from that word just because I don't resonate with it no disrespect to the life coaching industry, and because it's also focused more on my specific brand of question asking

00:36:16.230 --> 00:36:27.650 Cali A.: and the culmination of the years that I've interviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of people from all walks of life famous, not famous, everyday heroes, everything in between.

00:36:27.710 --> 00:36:33.170 Cali A.: and that wisdom that I could share, coupled with my own healing journey, which I've been on in a very deep

00:36:33.636 --> 00:36:54.520 Cali A.: and gut it out way gut, wrenching way. Now I'm not in that place thankfully, cause I've had great support, and I've worked really hard, and I have a pretty decent understanding of ancient wisdom traditions. And then I've worked in the wellness industry now for 15 years. Given the TV. Wellness shows that I've done, and the holistic retreat centers that I've worked with.

00:36:54.520 --> 00:37:20.920 Cali A.: So that combined that sort of 3 prong tentacle tentacles is the culmination of what comprises the interviewer. I also do legacy interviews for people that are interested in having a deeper version of their own story to leave behind for posterity for their family members asking the types of questions that I ask. That might not typically be what you'd find if you got those done somewhere else.

00:37:20.970 --> 00:37:34.277 Cali A.: And then also I help people with storytelling with their own brands or their own websites, because so many people are so busy launching their businesses and are amazing practitioners and healers, but might might not have the right

00:37:35.330 --> 00:37:50.130 Cali A.: facilitator to tell their personal story, which I think is what people resonate with so much these days, when they choose a business, a service, a practitioner is that they want to know who they are as a human, so that all feels fits under the umbrella of what I'm offering.

00:37:51.210 --> 00:38:00.540 Frank R. Harrison: Wow. So then, I gather a podcast would be an extension of that. But it's really a 1-on-one session, as you called it.

00:38:00.550 --> 00:38:04.859 Frank R. Harrison: that is, is it videotaped, or is it just one-on-one in private.

00:38:04.860 --> 00:38:34.350 Cali A.: No, these are private. I'm doing them online now. I could do them in person for people where, logistically, we're in the you know, where it's feasible. But so far they've all been online. They're private zoom sessions. I don't have an active podcast, right now, I am looking for new opportunities and have a few feelers out for some ideas that I'm pitching around, and I'm available, you know, for hosting and helping other people with theirs. So no, I don't have a podcast right now. But I look forward to it. And you're reminding me of how much fun it is

00:38:34.350 --> 00:38:37.160 Cali A.: to talk with a microphone and just connect and

00:38:37.606 --> 00:38:43.479 Cali A.: you know, and just really share more about these topics and these subjects that we hold so dear.

00:38:43.970 --> 00:38:57.030 Frank R. Harrison: You know, I I think, what I what I noticed throughout our conversation is the common thread that definitely, whatever our experience was, whether it was traumatic or professional. It just is a natural segue to what you're doing next.

00:38:57.070 --> 00:39:02.170 Frank R. Harrison: And I'm thinking, I know, that in your case you were talking about being exposed to such

00:39:02.330 --> 00:39:12.500 Frank R. Harrison: traumatic issues that it just made you really look deep, dive into various people that you would be interviewing whether it was in your various jobs, or whether it's now what you're doing in private.

00:39:12.590 --> 00:39:38.010 Frank R. Harrison: But I think one aspect that made this so comfortable for me other than the fact that I have been involved in the music and entertainment industry, and have been able to speak in front of thousands of people when hosting events with artists and release parties for albums or tours, or whatever was going on, is that there was also my personal desire to be in the recording studio.

00:39:38.550 --> 00:39:39.170 Frank R. Harrison: And ironic.

00:39:39.570 --> 00:39:40.340 Frank R. Harrison: The only time that

00:39:41.150 --> 00:39:44.820 Frank R. Harrison: mic that resembles it. But I am not a great singer, so that'd be.

00:39:44.820 --> 00:39:46.310 Cali A.: I was going to ask you.

00:39:46.310 --> 00:39:59.740 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, I mean, I I've I've done talent shows, and I've either impersonated people that sang a certain way. AKA Michael Jackson. But you won't find me actually recording an album many times. Soon I'll do karaoke, but that's as far as it is.

00:40:00.190 --> 00:40:02.710 Frank R. Harrison: you know. But from the perspective of

00:40:03.440 --> 00:40:08.900 Frank R. Harrison: just being on the microphone and knowing that you're really reaching many ears.

00:40:08.930 --> 00:40:36.940 Frank R. Harrison: not just 5 people or 10 people, although in the beginning that probably was just the size of it. But now, from the metrics I've seen, I have an interesting audience, but I'm only hoping that with my relationship with Hilton, that it'll get even by default, bigger, because what I do want to do with Frank about health as well as any other platforms that I'm engaging in right now is, I want to reach out and create

00:40:37.060 --> 00:40:44.790 Frank R. Harrison: health and wellness for crises that we've all undergone. One motivation for me has been the recent fires in Maui.

00:40:45.250 --> 00:40:45.930 Frank R. Harrison: August.

00:40:45.930 --> 00:40:46.550 Cali A.: Yeah.

00:40:46.550 --> 00:40:58.280 Frank R. Harrison: Then, of course, there are, you know, the ongoing threats of a resurgence of Covid that I keep hearing about, but I think it is so contained at this point that is no longer an impetus like it was 3 years ago for me.

00:40:58.320 --> 00:41:03.640 Frank R. Harrison: Then you hear about other kinds of issues that you just want to.

00:41:03.700 --> 00:41:15.389 Frank R. Harrison: you know, have that voice and and and say your piece about it, even if you can't create the direct change. But hopefully you reach someone that has the power to make the change occur. So that's where I've noticed.

00:41:15.600 --> 00:41:18.400 Frank R. Harrison: 122 episodes have taken me.

00:41:18.400 --> 00:41:19.540 Cali A.: So.

00:41:19.540 --> 00:41:28.230 Frank R. Harrison: Who who knows? Maybe I will take take you up on being one of your potential clients, or something with the with the interviewer.

00:41:28.571 --> 00:41:31.300 Cali A.: May I ask you an interviewer? Ask question.

00:41:32.030 --> 00:41:32.660 Frank R. Harrison: Sure.

00:41:34.570 --> 00:41:50.989 Cali A.: Is, if you had to tell me and your listeners and viewers right now of all your many hats that you wear, and the pursuits, the future pursuits I know we're going to hear about momentarily as well. Is there any one particular thing that's top of mind today.

00:41:51.030 --> 00:41:54.679 Cali A.: of all of your passions and missions that you care about the most today.

00:41:56.510 --> 00:41:58.309 Frank R. Harrison: Wow, yes.

00:41:59.480 --> 00:42:06.920 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I mean, I could say this out loud because it's public information. Back in 2,001 prior to 9 11

00:42:07.120 --> 00:42:08.930 Frank R. Harrison: I was given the pleasure

00:42:09.180 --> 00:42:13.170 Frank R. Harrison: of having Cindy Lauper come to Fordham University

00:42:13.310 --> 00:42:16.179 Frank R. Harrison: and make a presentation on the music industry.

00:42:17.040 --> 00:42:21.650 Frank R. Harrison: I was the host. So it was my media club that I created at that school.

00:42:21.890 --> 00:42:42.469 Frank R. Harrison: and she came out of the willingness of a lot of people that I worked with at Columbia house and Sony music, and not to mention because she is an individual that is a kind, hearted soul. You wouldn't know it unless you got a chance to meet her, because we do live in a media platform that likes to alter perceptions that accommodate the sales of the product.

00:42:42.470 --> 00:42:43.490 Cali A.: Just a little.

00:42:43.650 --> 00:42:49.830 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, just a little but either way, that being said, she's now going on her farewell tour.

00:42:50.180 --> 00:42:55.789 Frank R. Harrison: So what's on my priority list, even though it could go my way, or it may not.

00:42:56.220 --> 00:42:59.060 Frank R. Harrison: is I would love to have her come on, Frank, about health

00:42:59.980 --> 00:43:03.530 Frank R. Harrison: and advocate for what she she does a lot of advocacy work for.

00:43:03.910 --> 00:43:23.489 Frank R. Harrison: Causes in the health and wellness, space for the environment and other stuff. The irony is is that I was texting her on Facebook. She's an avid Facebook user. And I was reminding her of that time 21 years ago. She responded to me and said, Yeah, I remember you. I mean I can hear her voice. She didn't actually say that to me.

00:43:23.630 --> 00:43:24.927 Frank R. Harrison: you know, but

00:43:25.510 --> 00:43:27.850 Frank R. Harrison: Just the fact that she seems accessible.

00:43:27.910 --> 00:43:32.459 Frank R. Harrison: my wish or my priority. To answer your question is to somehow

00:43:32.700 --> 00:43:40.030 Frank R. Harrison: well, I will attend one of her dates on her tour. I have to but I would love to meet with her and and have her come on the show.

00:43:41.080 --> 00:43:43.129 Cali A.: So be it. So you just put it out there.

00:43:43.670 --> 00:43:47.097 Frank R. Harrison: Put it out there and hope the universe provides exactly.

00:43:47.630 --> 00:43:49.120 Cali A.: Thanks for indulging me in that.

00:43:49.420 --> 00:43:54.909 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, no problem. I do think we're about. Yep, we have 1 min to our next break. So

00:43:54.980 --> 00:44:17.819 Frank R. Harrison: who knows? Maybe this is the segue to talk about the future, which is what we're going to do right here on Frank about health in the final segment. So everyone please stay tuned right here on Talkradio, Nyc. And on our socials. And if you have any questions out there on Youtube or Linkedin, just ask away, and either myself or Callie, or both of us will answer. So thanks for listening, and we'll see you in a few.

00:46:21.400 --> 00:46:37.430 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back. So, Callie, to be frank with you, I want to start this segment by talking about your future. What would you say with everything you've been through, and what you're doing now with the interviewer are going to be your plans for, let's say the next 3 to 6 months.

00:46:37.650 --> 00:46:43.130 Cali A.: Wow! I'm way better at asking those questions, and I am answering them.

00:46:43.380 --> 00:46:59.049 Cali A.: I would like to. I'm in the process of focusing on building my business. That's really my primary focus, and also personally, which to me is not separate from my professional life anymore, is to be the embodiment of that to the best of my ability.

00:46:59.528 --> 00:47:02.390 Cali A.: To marry, to have all my parts more married.

00:47:03.245 --> 00:47:07.599 Cali A.: To make sure that I'm in a place of alignment

00:47:07.700 --> 00:47:09.500 Cali A.: and receptivity.

00:47:09.960 --> 00:47:10.654 Cali A.: and

00:47:11.470 --> 00:47:16.749 Cali A.: Cutting ties with some of my old habits of over efforting and over trying

00:47:16.780 --> 00:47:19.930 Cali A.: and just trusting that by being

00:47:20.020 --> 00:47:41.380 Cali A.: very in touch with this mission and this desire that I'm both in a place of wanting to serve others, and also to serve myself. And you know, circularly. So it's really it's about building my business, but that's my the sort of spiritual and psychological bent as well as to make sure they're all that I'm embodying. All those things at the same time. So thank you for asking that. Yeah.

00:47:41.380 --> 00:47:51.329 Frank R. Harrison: You're so welcome. I mean, if anything, when we are in the health and wellness space. Or if we're doing podcasts, or if we're doing all the myriad of things that you've done.

00:47:51.560 --> 00:47:57.040 Frank R. Harrison: There's a constant you'll talk about interviewing. You have to view yourself from within.

00:47:57.040 --> 00:47:58.279 Cali A.: You do. It's true.

00:47:58.280 --> 00:48:20.430 Frank R. Harrison: And then bridge that out, or transfer it out to all the people that you are dealing with. I mean, everybody calls it networking, but when you are networking, it's not just we're all at a party networking with each other. There's 1 aspect to it. But when you start cementing the key contacts or relationships, you building your professional family that in some cases can become your personal friend.

00:48:21.000 --> 00:48:23.240 Frank R. Harrison: I mean, I know that's what college is for, and.

00:48:23.240 --> 00:48:24.069 Cali A.: It's okay.

00:48:24.070 --> 00:48:28.070 Frank R. Harrison: For. But in the professional world you have to make your own family.

00:48:28.220 --> 00:48:39.389 Frank R. Harrison: you know, especially because you want people to see you as you're representing yourself, not just your products or services. They have no value. If the person representing them is not being authentic.

00:48:39.550 --> 00:48:46.080 Frank R. Harrison: you know, so it has to start from within, and then you make sure that whatever you're designing or creating

00:48:46.120 --> 00:48:54.090 Frank R. Harrison: or mapping out as far as milestones or targets are concerned, are a reflection of your long-term mission or view or vision.

00:48:54.160 --> 00:49:00.721 Frank R. Harrison: I I say, the view I was thinking of to show the view, you know, but the thing is, is that

00:49:01.090 --> 00:49:10.679 Frank R. Harrison: I can relate to that. I know that I've been mentioning on Frank about health, that I've been working on a project for the last 6 months that is hopefully going to come to fruition

00:49:10.720 --> 00:49:14.690 Frank R. Harrison: throughout the summer, which is actually a documentary

00:49:14.770 --> 00:49:22.519 Frank R. Harrison: synopsizing or summarizing the last 3 years of frank about health, and where it's going to go next, and in the future.

00:49:22.590 --> 00:49:34.090 Frank R. Harrison: so to have you on the season finale. Talking about that very thing that you just answered. It's definitely we're on the same page here in terms of what my next plans are. For the next 6 months. I know that

00:49:34.710 --> 00:49:38.179 Frank R. Harrison: I definitely will take a 1 month hiatus to start setting up

00:49:38.260 --> 00:49:43.859 Frank R. Harrison: everything. I'll come back to Frank about health the 1st Thursday in August, which I believe is August first, st

00:49:43.970 --> 00:49:47.870 Frank R. Harrison: and then I will just continue to do

00:49:47.920 --> 00:49:57.969 Frank R. Harrison: the release of that documentary in addition to expanding a new platform that is going to work in conjunction with Talkradio, Nyc, to add.

00:49:58.080 --> 00:50:07.159 Frank R. Harrison: you know, added value to existing program. That's programming. That's on the network. In addition to creating more original programming, that probably is more suitable.

00:50:07.320 --> 00:50:15.749 Frank R. Harrison: My platform that ultimately, when it's packaged on a new website that I'm calling healthy Media Comm. For now it could change based.

00:50:15.750 --> 00:50:17.779 Cali A.: I love that so good.

00:50:17.940 --> 00:50:21.400 Frank R. Harrison: I I like it because of the play on healthy.

00:50:21.880 --> 00:50:22.450 Cali A.: I do, too.

00:50:22.450 --> 00:50:27.589 Frank R. Harrison: Media and E media. It's electronic media. It's podcasts it's downloads. It's.

00:50:27.620 --> 00:50:34.710 Frank R. Harrison: you know, it's any, it's blogs, even, you know. So the thing is is that it's a bridge like I was saying throughout the show.

00:50:34.950 --> 00:50:44.099 Frank R. Harrison: One destination point is Hilton like I said, another destination point could be Nyu Langone health systems, which has been a big advocate for me and my family the last

00:50:44.250 --> 00:51:02.620 Frank R. Harrison: well, I would have to say, really the last 30 years. But, more importantly, the last 5 years, especially. Then there's also just trying to get to the bigger audience out there that really needs to learn to self-advocate. We do live in crazy times right now we are, after all, in an election year, and just hoping

00:51:02.630 --> 00:51:14.879 Frank R. Harrison: that whatever the results are in November, don't make all of these plans that I'm sharing, that you've been sharing all of a sudden. Take a detour, you know. I really hope not. I think what was very interesting about Covid

00:51:15.040 --> 00:51:18.340 Frank R. Harrison: is that it allowed us all to become by default the community.

00:51:19.540 --> 00:51:27.389 Frank R. Harrison: Allow you to reflect, and that's why I reached out to Sam and said, Hey, I'd like to come back because I just felt it would

00:51:27.430 --> 00:51:38.164 Frank R. Harrison: just definitely keep me not only busy but informed, and also help to advocate from within and externally to the world out there, or to the viewership that I've built since then. So

00:51:38.840 --> 00:51:43.229 Frank R. Harrison: I think both you and I are on a pivot direction, starting in second half of this year.

00:51:43.230 --> 00:51:46.959 Cali A.: Yeah, I'm excited for you. I may ask you question about your hiatus.

00:51:47.230 --> 00:51:47.700 Frank R. Harrison: Sure.

00:51:47.700 --> 00:51:50.979 Cali A.: Just how. How are you gonna use that time?

00:51:51.970 --> 00:51:54.210 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, you mean, in terms of programming the shows or.

00:51:54.210 --> 00:52:07.100 Cali A.: Yeah, what do? What do you hope to get out of? Because you're gonna take a pivot and take this that this month right to to take them a down month. But it's not a down month. I know you're gonna be working pretty hard. What do you hope comes from that month.

00:52:07.470 --> 00:52:11.519 Frank R. Harrison: Well, the irony of July 4th being a Thursday and being Independence Day, there's not going to be

00:52:11.920 --> 00:52:13.489 Frank R. Harrison: so, no matter what. So.

00:52:13.490 --> 00:52:14.439 Cali A.: I think the.

00:52:14.440 --> 00:52:22.450 Frank R. Harrison: Other 3 shows the 11, th 18, th and I've already chosen in the back of my mind. I just have to let the network. Know for sure

00:52:22.610 --> 00:52:27.850 Frank R. Harrison: my top 3 episodes since January that have had the most views I already know which ones they are.

00:52:27.920 --> 00:52:50.190 Frank R. Harrison: I just have to get them all set up, and then come back August 1st from the Hilton, Chicago, where me and my monthly co-host, Karen Ross, will talk about whatever that health care awareness month is either with a guest or without. Most likely it's with a guest who has a book or a podcast or something to discuss that is related to the type of month that we are looking at in August.

00:52:50.320 --> 00:52:51.820 Frank R. Harrison: and then.

00:52:52.060 --> 00:52:57.490 Frank R. Harrison: you know, I have some ideas of bringing back some guests that have been on the show last year.

00:52:58.730 --> 00:53:06.110 Frank R. Harrison: and you know this documentary that I'd like to see completed. I'd like to put it on Talkradio, Nyc. If it makes sense.

00:53:06.250 --> 00:53:09.679 Frank R. Harrison: because it's a much bigger story than a 1 h show.

00:53:09.700 --> 00:53:17.470 Frank R. Harrison: But yet, you know, there's a marketing side of it. We are featuring people from Talkradio, NYC in it.

00:53:17.610 --> 00:53:32.729 Frank R. Harrison: So it would be a way to promote the various shows that are on the network and drive traffic to the network. There's that aspect to it. But ultimately it's a show about advocacy and creating awareness of how to maintain your mental health. And

00:53:32.800 --> 00:53:34.420 Frank R. Harrison: it's also.

00:53:35.190 --> 00:53:43.459 Frank R. Harrison: and where everybody that I'm working with has helped me become to where not only I'm going, but where they've been going. So

00:53:43.630 --> 00:53:47.419 Frank R. Harrison: I'm I'm just hoping that ultimately the story is sold

00:53:48.010 --> 00:53:53.620 Frank R. Harrison: to Hilton in particular, because of the advocacy work and the philanthropy work that we've discussed.

00:53:54.586 --> 00:53:57.430 Frank R. Harrison: You know, potentially doing in the future.

00:53:57.430 --> 00:53:57.820 Cali A.: I have it!

00:53:57.820 --> 00:54:00.919 Frank R. Harrison: Forgotten about the Maui fires. That's a 5 year rebuild.

00:54:00.980 --> 00:54:03.579 Frank R. Harrison: you know. So if I'm going into year 2,

00:54:03.670 --> 00:54:13.160 Frank R. Harrison: I'm right at the beginning in terms of helping out if I can. Again, I'm being mindful of the realities and the restrictions and the limitations. And

00:54:13.260 --> 00:54:18.630 Frank R. Harrison: just not to mention, like I said, I am concerned about the political outcome that we have in November.

00:54:18.970 --> 00:54:21.870 Frank R. Harrison: you know I would hate to experience restrictions in that vision, but.

00:54:22.730 --> 00:54:26.429 Frank R. Harrison: All you can do is take one day at a time and see what happens.

00:54:27.840 --> 00:54:37.879 Cali A.: I. There's so much I could say so much I could say about that that what you just left off with. But I will. I won't do that right now. I'll make this thing. But.

00:54:37.880 --> 00:54:42.410 Frank R. Harrison: Still have a good 2 or 3 min. I'd like, like maybe 2 or 3 bullet points that you'd like to highlight.

00:54:42.410 --> 00:54:54.789 Cali A.: Yeah. Well, 1st of all, I'm just excited for you and knowing what it's like to make documentaries. And also you're doing it. You know, independently and about your story. And the story of the network is very brave

00:54:55.190 --> 00:55:15.280 Cali A.: because it shines a light. It's more of a mirror when it's not so. It's easier and harder when something's so removed. And it's a topic that's not your, you know, as personal. So I commend you for taking that on, because that's always it's not easy. It can be a really deeply gratifying experience, but not an easy one.

00:55:15.710 --> 00:55:20.900 Frank R. Harrison: Well, that's true. I I think of anything like we've talked about during the past hour A lot of it

00:55:21.130 --> 00:55:28.019 Frank R. Harrison: is the equivalent of being with a family. Sam knows me back since 2,016,

00:55:28.190 --> 00:55:34.690 Frank R. Harrison: and we met through a mutual friend, and it was going to be called frank about epilepsy. But now that's so irrelevant compared to everything else

00:55:34.740 --> 00:55:37.109 Frank R. Harrison: that has come up since Covid. So.

00:55:37.130 --> 00:55:54.799 Frank R. Harrison: But the fact that I came back what I think that was 5 years later, or something. When I came back, and this whole new platform, the Zoom Platform, and I was able at the same time to balance out what was going on with my father and cousin, and so forth. It just became part of my.

00:55:54.900 --> 00:55:57.240 Frank R. Harrison: my, my personal mission.

00:55:57.660 --> 00:56:14.270 Frank R. Harrison: Versus back. Then, when I was actually just trying to talk about epilepsy, that is what what you were just saying, that when it's far removed. Because I'm talking to a small segment of the audience versus now, everyone about the various issues when the hidden message is not the healthcare issue

00:56:14.390 --> 00:56:16.989 Frank R. Harrison: which we talk about during the show. It's

00:56:17.160 --> 00:56:19.569 Frank R. Harrison: self ownership, self-advocacy.

00:56:20.120 --> 00:56:29.480 Frank R. Harrison: Using what God gave you to be mindful of what resources are out there and what to think in case you haven't thought it, you know.

00:56:29.480 --> 00:56:29.900 Cali A.: Right!

00:56:30.320 --> 00:56:58.639 Frank R. Harrison: I can't say I've changed a large segment of the population, but I have seen a lot of progress in the past year in particular, and I'm hoping when the documentary gets out there it'll make the message louder and stronger, and not only will people follow me more, but they'll follow all the other people that are featured in it, including Sam as well. And so who knows? Maybe potentially. And I'm being frank about this right now, live on air. Maybe we can collaborate on this on some level.

00:56:59.300 --> 00:57:06.819 Cali A.: It would be my pleasure to learn more about what that might look like, for sure. Thank you for even holding me in the running, for your thoughts.

00:57:07.070 --> 00:57:22.279 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. As I said, 2 people have become co-hosts after appearing on Frank about health, you know, and a, as I mentioned, they've been. They become like friends to me, colleagues and friends and and definitely

00:57:23.060 --> 00:57:30.519 Frank R. Harrison: fellow advocates, and I view the whole network and and the whole experience as having built a family, not just a platform.

00:57:30.970 --> 00:57:39.049 Cali A.: And that's what we all need a especially now as a sense of community, it doesn't matter if it's blood or chosen family. It's family.

00:57:51.690 --> 00:58:13.189 Cali A.: I'm going to wrap this up for Frank, because I think he might be having some technical difficulties. So I'm going to thank everybody for participating big congratulations and love to Frank for wrapping up this season, and much appreciation for including me on the show. Thank you all for watching and for listening. It's been a pleasure. Thank you, Logan, for making sure that we.

00:58:13.230 --> 00:58:17.860 Cali A.: We keep everything moving here from the behind the scenes, too. Take care, everybody.

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