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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/04/11 - The Best of Morry

Facebook Live Video from 2024/04/11 - The Best of Morry


2024/04/11 - The Best of Morry

[NEW EPISODE] The Best of Morry

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) 


This is a compilation episode where I will use older clips from Frank About Health to illustrate Morry Zelcovitch and his various discussions on the show regarding The Morry Method, The Quantum Method, Artificial Intelligence and a review on Alzheimer's Disease.

Morry Zelcovitch has become an instrumental part of Frank About Health especially as he is a pioneer in brain entrainment and in artificial intelligence techniques. While the plan was to have him come live to the show, I am not certain that will happen so to echo what was said on last week's Stress Awareness show with Dr. Mort Orman and Karen Ross, I will still deliver some of the key moments that Morry has indicated in how we can use various techniques he has developed to help us in managing our stress, sleep and other neurological activities that we actually can manage for ourselves.

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00:00:54.720 --> 00:01:00.860 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome to a compilation episode of Frank about health. I call it the best of Maury

00:01:00.900 --> 00:01:18.980 Frank R. Harrison: Maury Zelkovic, who has been on the show about 5 previous times, was here to talk about his brain and trainment programs known as the Mori method. Talking about his visual programs, visualizing quantum confidence. He was on the show to help me recap about mental health

00:01:18.980 --> 00:01:31.850 Frank R. Harrison: as well as to talk about Alzheimer's disease. In addition, he has been a very supportive friend of mine in terms of helping my mother deal with sleep, distress, as well as even discussing about techniques

00:01:31.850 --> 00:01:53.160 Frank R. Harrison: that I could use for my relaxation during moments of crisis, such as the technical moments that I've had on various shows, including with him. If you remember, I think one or 2 of them were done on my mobile phone. And yet the irony, the sound quality, was better. The high definition was focused. And even so, it just showed that he's just on the

00:01:53.160 --> 00:02:22.899 Frank R. Harrison: forefront of all of his engineering programs that he's created first for his own mental health and prevention of suicide that he attempted at least 6 times, and at the same time. Now in his work on AI, which we will dedicate a segment of this show. So let me issue my official disclaimer for everyone out there. Remember, this is stress awareness month. And I wanted him to be on the show today to talk about stress awareness month, and how AI can help.

00:02:22.980 --> 00:02:50.809 Frank R. Harrison: and at the same time how the brain and training programs that he has programmed himself can also support a lot of the efforts that each of you are going on out there. That's why I'll issue the disclaimer, because most of this can be suspect, especially when you are not aware of all the fine details of the information. So please do not presume that the information that I'm going to review on this episode of Frank about health is to be taken as any push

00:02:50.810 --> 00:03:06.599 Frank R. Harrison: for you to change your thoughts and views on ways to manage your stress. If you're already working with a neurologist, a psychologist, a therapist, a psychiatrist. If you have alternative means going on, do not dissuade from using them. If they work for you. That is excellent.

00:03:06.600 --> 00:03:19.850 Frank R. Harrison: What we want to do is add an alternative or add a supplement to your ongoing treatment protocol, and if it doesn't work for you, then it is not for you. But this show will just host information that has been said

00:03:19.850 --> 00:03:41.069 Frank R. Harrison: as food for thought. And they just as a reminder. They're not the views of talk radio, Nyc. Or Frank about health. But I could tell you they are proven techniques that have worked for me over the past year since Maury first hit the airwaves on Frank about health and I just, I believe in him a great deal, which is why I continue to have him

00:03:41.070 --> 00:03:44.790 Frank R. Harrison: come on the show. Now I did receive a text from him.

00:03:44.860 --> 00:03:45.930 Frank R. Harrison: stating

00:03:46.270 --> 00:03:52.960 Frank R. Harrison: that it might be possible that it'll make an appearance, but to please accept his apologies for not

00:03:53.000 --> 00:04:20.550 Frank R. Harrison: being able to coordinate with his schedule. He is based out of Canada simultaneously, even though it's the same time zone. It's just an issue where I was traveling. I sent the email request. He didn't see it till yesterday, but I was going to continue with my efforts to promote stress awareness month as I indicated that the end of the last show which featured Karen as well as Dr. Orman, where he was talking about perception

00:04:20.570 --> 00:04:24.579 Frank R. Harrison: being one of 4 filters that we all go through when trying to

00:04:24.620 --> 00:04:27.449 Frank R. Harrison: manage our stress more effectively.

00:04:27.540 --> 00:04:44.709 Frank R. Harrison: So I just thought Maury is another counterpart that can add to what was said on that show. I want to thank all the viewers out there who who actually watched it. I received input that over 30 downloads occurred of the free Pdf. That is still available till the

00:04:44.710 --> 00:05:05.670 Frank R. Harrison: April thirtieth. It's about his new book, Anger management, and I'll talk more about that later on in the show. But again, I just wanted to dedicate this hour to reflecting on what was said about Maurice. 5 different appearances. I'm gonna try knowing full well that there have been technical difficulties in the past.

00:05:05.670 --> 00:05:11.439 Frank R. Harrison: I have more bandwidth on this computer, but I get the feeling, after trying some

00:05:11.440 --> 00:05:40.140 Frank R. Harrison: samples of what I intend to show during each segment that you may not be able to hear his voice thoroughly. So, if that is the case, I will narrate over it, anyway, to tell you the highlight that was said during that segment. And that way you'll still get the point of this show, which is a retrospective about Horizk, and all of his efforts that he does in with the mental health community here in Canada, and virtually here in the Us. As well.

00:05:40.990 --> 00:05:53.749 Frank R. Harrison: so that, all being said, let me give you some history about Maury Zelkovich. Well, first of all, he was referred to me by Sam Leibowitz, and his first appearance was on May 1120, 23.

00:05:53.940 --> 00:05:57.660 Frank R. Harrison: Now it is April eleventh, 2024,

00:05:57.760 --> 00:06:10.380 Frank R. Harrison: not quite one year yet. But how better than to bring him back now, especially during stress awareness month. The irony is his first appearance was during mental health awareness month.

00:06:10.470 --> 00:06:19.379 Frank R. Harrison: and so he's just an expert at being able to use his engineering skills and talents and abilities to self-help

00:06:19.380 --> 00:06:47.910 Frank R. Harrison: and reprogram, retrain your brain and engage your neural pathways so that you can get rid of the voices in your head that are telling you to kill yourself so that you can hopefully reduce the amyloid protein. Build up that can create Alzheimer's so that your own stress can be reduced by the pulsations and vibrations of the sound waves that he's created, or the visual files that he's created. I think, if you recall, as you will also see again.

00:06:47.920 --> 00:07:00.300 Frank R. Harrison: had one called happy that would allow you to relax right before that stressful meeting business meeting that you were about to go to, or a doctor's appointment that possibly had bad news to give you. Either way.

00:07:00.430 --> 00:07:14.520 Frank R. Harrison: Mory Zelkovich is definitely a pioneer with neuro programming or brain and trainment, as he calls it. But at the same time a lot of it is still in its developing mode. So

00:07:14.530 --> 00:07:20.669 Frank R. Harrison: much of it can be left as a choice or a supplement, and not the be all cure

00:07:20.680 --> 00:07:23.880 Frank R. Harrison: for whatever your neurological issue may be.

00:07:24.260 --> 00:07:31.010 Frank R. Harrison: all right. And so I will now attempt to show you his first appearance on Frank about health

00:07:31.160 --> 00:07:33.770 Frank R. Harrison: episode, one called the Moorie Method.

00:07:33.820 --> 00:07:52.260 Frank R. Harrison: and it will basically have a very interesting perspective. The declaration that he gave to the audience during that episode that I hope you can hear again, but if not, I will repeat it for all of you, and then I will put the screen back and give you some of my other thoughts before we go to our first.

00:07:52.730 --> 00:07:55.300 Frank R. Harrison: So bear with me for a second

00:08:13.900 --> 00:08:15.169 Frank R. Harrison: so quickly

00:08:15.890 --> 00:08:17.030 Frank R. Harrison: reasonable

00:08:17.470 --> 00:08:20.629 Frank R. Harrison: it takes, and you won't be able to stand up on your own

00:08:21.420 --> 00:08:25.330 Frank R. Harrison: incredible use. Your brain, your brain is a muscle.

00:08:25.500 --> 00:08:30.879 Frank R. Harrison: If you don't use it, it will turn to mush just like any other muscle. You don't use turns to mush.

00:08:30.960 --> 00:08:43.539 Frank R. Harrison: You have an opinion. Listen to what other people say, sure, if you're inspired by what I'm saying, by what Frank says, by what you know, a President says, what a Prime Minister says, what a religious leader says, fantastic.

00:08:43.570 --> 00:08:57.089 Frank R. Harrison: but don't act on it like it's a blueprint for your life, reimagine, reinterpret it, translate it into your own frame of experience, and then, if you're still inspired, take the yeah action.

00:09:05.220 --> 00:09:23.399 Frank R. Harrison: I come back to all of you, and I don't know if you heard anything that he said, but I did very precisely what he said is, all of you should remember you have a brain, use it, continue to flex it. It is like any other muscle in the body. If you are inspired by people.

00:09:23.440 --> 00:09:48.820 Frank R. Harrison: religious leaders, political leaders, influencers, your own doctor just, or even the sources that you read for information about your brain and its impact on depression or sleep disorders or Alzheimer's or any of the neurological issues that most of us do face. You have the power to go ahead and take the information that you receive and use it.

00:09:48.900 --> 00:09:54.939 Frank R. Harrison: or don't use it at all if it doesn't fit your needs. He says you advocate for yourself.

00:09:54.970 --> 00:10:21.360 Frank R. Harrison: The whole purpose is to understand that in order for you to use the mori method you have to believe in that it's going to help you. You have to own your own neurological pathways, your own intuition, your own foresight. Don't be dissuaded by any information. Don't be dissuaded by me. Just basically go ahead and take any of the information, especially if you're an avid viewer, Frank, about health.

00:10:21.360 --> 00:10:32.950 Frank R. Harrison: I hope I have provided significant information over the past 111 shows, but if not, he is a verifier for some of what was said on that show, as well as what's being said on this show.

00:10:33.060 --> 00:10:45.520 Frank R. Harrison: He's pretty much showing on that first episode of Frank about help that he appeared on the Maury method, that it is a tool to help you be in charge of your own brain?

00:10:45.660 --> 00:11:05.090 Frank R. Harrison: Alright, and I hope that was the big takeaway that all of you who saw that show had received also the other ironies that occurred. That was the first episode of Frank about health held at the Nyu Langon Center, where I am today. And also it was on the day when the mass mandates in New York

00:11:05.550 --> 00:11:10.039 Frank R. Harrison: all the quarantine vaccine mass mandates were lifted.

00:11:10.270 --> 00:11:13.560 Frank R. Harrison: And so here it is. 11 months later.

00:11:13.900 --> 00:11:19.840 Frank R. Harrison: I haven't worn my mask in all that time, but I can say I am still

00:11:19.840 --> 00:11:44.580 Frank R. Harrison: covid free, and I am at the same time using the mori method for a lot of my stressful moments, including these bone conduction headphones, which is something that he highly recommended because it has a very sedative approach to when you are listening to his sound files, or even when I'm doing my show and listening to the conversations, it's almost like a massage going on in my brain. I have told him on

00:11:44.690 --> 00:11:52.340 Frank R. Harrison: some of the other shows. He's done that. When I leave a show with him I feel more relaxed, not only because of

00:11:52.440 --> 00:11:55.529 Frank R. Harrison: the show we did together, and the information that we learned.

00:11:55.540 --> 00:12:09.871 Frank R. Harrison: But it is also because of the impact that his voice had on relaxing my brain. So I can focus on a conversation with him. So these are available on Should you choose to buy them? If you wanna try them out?

00:12:10.590 --> 00:12:18.659 Frank R. Harrison: Let's see what else I can tell you. We are going to go to our first break in just a couple minutes. But remember.

00:12:18.850 --> 00:12:41.299 Frank R. Harrison: Mori Zelkovich is a pioneer in brain and trainment, and he's using sound files, visual files. But he also wants you to continue using music and exercise and other forms of meditation that you are used to using, especially in terms of

00:12:41.400 --> 00:12:55.159 Frank R. Harrison: retraining your brain, to learn new healthy habits, and get rid of those toxic habits that unfortunately keep you depressed, or or create other kinds of neurological or psychological difficulties.

00:12:55.771 --> 00:12:57.929 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, 2 min to break

00:12:58.030 --> 00:13:06.129 Frank R. Harrison: that. All being said. Please stay tuned as we're continuing the best of Maury Zelkovich, right here on Frank about health

00:13:06.220 --> 00:13:13.840 Frank R. Harrison: Talkradio, Nyc. And on our Youtube channel, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitch.

00:13:14.140 --> 00:13:24.359 Frank R. Harrison: If you have any questions during the show. Please comment on the Youtube twitch and Linkedin portions of the chat box, and I will try to answer them. Live.

00:13:24.410 --> 00:13:31.269 Frank R. Harrison: or if you don't get a chance to ask your question, and you would like to reach me. You could do that at

00:13:31.440 --> 00:13:35.060 Frank R. Harrison: Frank R. Harrison,

00:13:35.550 --> 00:13:44.540 Frank R. Harrison: or you can reach Maurice Zelkevich at the Maury Okay, everybody. We will be back in a few. Stay tuned.

00:15:57.380 --> 00:16:16.549 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody and welcome back. Remember, April is stress awareness, month stress is generated for many, many reasons. If you recall from last week's show we had learned that each of us are wired to pretty much jump from cause and effect. Instead of looking that there are typically

00:16:16.810 --> 00:16:31.130 Frank R. Harrison: 4 steps involved in the brain's processing of the problems that are triggering stress within you. Of course the big lesson learned during that episode was the aspect of perception. I've always said, perception is everything.

00:16:31.260 --> 00:16:33.240 Frank R. Harrison: When we receive input

00:16:33.380 --> 00:16:38.150 Frank R. Harrison: from the environment or other people or other crisis, if you will.

00:16:38.250 --> 00:17:00.430 Frank R. Harrison: our body reacts differently, based on our own historical experience. Some people just look at it and deal with. Okay, that's another problem. I need to tackle. Some people have a meltdown and don't know how to cope. And then there's the middle of the road, the gray area. Well, that made me to theorize that most people can't tolerate the gray area. I think all of us went through that during Covid. That's for sure.

00:17:00.580 --> 00:17:08.220 Frank R. Harrison: Now the thing is is that the next segment of, or the next appearance that Mori had on Frank about health.

00:17:09.420 --> 00:17:13.139 Frank R. Harrison: much understanding, some stressful issues going on

00:17:13.470 --> 00:17:20.490 Frank R. Harrison: in his life as well as my own, all centering around Alzheimer's disease. Now Alzheimer's disease

00:17:20.650 --> 00:17:27.750 Frank R. Harrison: or dementia has been an ongoing concern for me related to one of my cousins since 2022.

00:17:27.950 --> 00:17:38.380 Frank R. Harrison: The thing is, as I only learned recently. She does not have Alzheimer's disease. She has toxic dementia from tobacco poisoning to the brain

00:17:38.480 --> 00:17:45.929 Frank R. Harrison: overuse of smoking cigarettes, and it's unfortunate because that is her escape from her stressful moments in life

00:17:45.960 --> 00:17:49.370 Frank R. Harrison: she would be smoking repeatedly, and in turn

00:17:49.380 --> 00:18:09.210 Frank R. Harrison: completely rewiring her brain, not processing words, not completing sentences, recognising people, but accidentally calling them a different person's name within her life, not a fake name or a name of someone that doesn't exist. It's never been that kind of disassociation that most people who present with Alzheimer's do have

00:18:09.380 --> 00:18:12.300 Frank R. Harrison: so on one level, that's a relief.

00:18:12.470 --> 00:18:15.010 Frank R. Harrison: But on another level it's still a disappointment.

00:18:15.050 --> 00:18:17.320 Frank R. Harrison: And the reason is for the fact that

00:18:17.540 --> 00:18:23.119 Frank R. Harrison: it's an individual, my cousin, who I love very dearly, who just never learned to cope with stress.

00:18:23.160 --> 00:18:29.880 Frank R. Harrison: And so, as a result, we do see that people who don't have the ability to cope with stress.

00:18:30.180 --> 00:18:39.800 Frank R. Harrison: whether it's due to a problem in your own life or a problem in a loved one's life. I mean, I've had the ongoing stress of also watching my father go through

00:18:39.910 --> 00:18:43.570 Frank R. Harrison: adjust medications and also resolve

00:18:44.220 --> 00:18:48.400 Frank R. Harrison: prostate cancer. It's stressful even in the resolution stage.

00:18:48.610 --> 00:18:52.420 Frank R. Harrison: Is it like a form of Ptsd that develops? So

00:18:52.530 --> 00:18:56.159 Frank R. Harrison: that's another reason why Maurice Elkovich has been very helpful to me and my

00:18:56.230 --> 00:19:00.840 Frank R. Harrison: Emily, because he's been able to show how some of his technologies can help

00:19:01.210 --> 00:19:11.100 Frank R. Harrison: maintain a calm within me, can help my mother sleep better, and at the same time can help my father see things more clearly. It's all a matter of education.

00:19:11.840 --> 00:19:34.209 Frank R. Harrison: It's all a matter of transparency. Let's just say it's a matter of frankness as well as managing the perceptions that we all continue to have, trying to create more knowledge within the perception, so that the person is in a position to accept the conflict and therefore reduce the stress while building the energy to resolve the problem.

00:19:34.310 --> 00:19:41.959 Frank R. Harrison: So I would have to say that at the next segment again, which I hope you hear I will narrate through if you don't.

00:19:42.110 --> 00:19:47.699 Frank R. Harrison: is an example of how each of us can learn to cope with stress, and in this case

00:19:47.750 --> 00:19:59.490 Frank R. Harrison: the stress of dealing with loved ones that have Alzheimer's disease, or, in my case, perceived Alzheimer's disease, while in Mori's case I believe it was his father. So

00:19:59.520 --> 00:20:02.150 Frank R. Harrison: bear with me while I show that scene

00:20:18.590 --> 00:20:19.440 Frank R. Harrison: over

00:20:21.175 --> 00:20:22.100 Frank R. Harrison: enough.

00:20:22.410 --> 00:20:24.480 Frank R. Harrison: It does right

00:20:24.500 --> 00:20:25.949 Frank R. Harrison: absolutely removed

00:20:26.540 --> 00:20:38.250 Frank R. Harrison: here. And and you know my wife, who had multiple issues with autoimmune. That should have killed her. Her doctor thought, 3 months, if she's lucky, is now 13 years later, and she's considered cured.

00:20:38.470 --> 00:20:47.559 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, because she paid attention, and she didn't say, I'm afraid, she said. I want to know everything there is to know about this, so I can try everything under the sun

00:20:48.130 --> 00:20:49.580 Frank R. Harrison: to get better. Yeah.

00:20:50.150 --> 00:20:52.470 Frank R. Harrison: become vigilant in a good way.

00:20:53.480 --> 00:20:54.290 Frank R. Harrison: All right, we're

00:20:59.850 --> 00:21:08.550 Frank R. Harrison: I don't know if you heard that, but I will do my best to give you an overview of what he said. Most people are always stressed

00:21:08.600 --> 00:21:10.309 Frank R. Harrison: or not able

00:21:10.360 --> 00:21:20.640 Frank R. Harrison: to process the information that they are receiving because of fear, fear, as the acronym indicates, implies false evidence appearing real.

00:21:20.690 --> 00:21:41.500 Frank R. Harrison: There is also the issue again, where it appears real, because it is based on your perception, due to all the filters in your brain that are focused on past experience, that have served as the triggers for looking at a present circumstance that might be like the past rather than living in the moment and observing it for what it is.

00:21:41.550 --> 00:21:44.660 Frank R. Harrison: In this case he talks about his wife.

00:21:44.830 --> 00:21:46.690 Frank R. Harrison: where she had

00:21:46.830 --> 00:21:50.499 Frank R. Harrison: some form of of cancer.

00:21:50.580 --> 00:21:58.360 Frank R. Harrison: I don't want to misquote, but I believe it was Non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Either way. She appears cured now.

00:21:58.380 --> 00:22:01.750 Frank R. Harrison: and as a result of the treatment that she received.

00:22:02.210 --> 00:22:17.950 Frank R. Harrison: She basically has the desire to learn more about the disease, to find out all the possible solutions, if it were to recur at the same time she's now still alive when she was given only months to live. So the proof is

00:22:18.310 --> 00:22:25.609 Frank R. Harrison: that stress is provoked by fear and faulty perceptions. When people receive the knowledge, information, treatment.

00:22:26.260 --> 00:22:41.949 Frank R. Harrison: it can only help make them rebound, become resilient to the stress, probably even be cured of the disorder. But knowledge is power, and knowledge is able to provide a solution from the fear, so that you're common up

00:22:42.020 --> 00:22:44.350 Frank R. Harrison: to process the

00:22:44.400 --> 00:22:54.629 Frank R. Harrison: what could be very fatal or bad news and cope with it, deal with it, manage it just like what we said on last week's show. When you are aware of your anger.

00:22:55.240 --> 00:23:07.109 Frank R. Harrison: I mean you're aware of the filters of what's creating the anger. It is the awareness and the managing of your perceptions and and filters allows you to cope and deal with it.

00:23:07.260 --> 00:23:16.190 Frank R. Harrison: So it's ironic that we were talking then, me and Maurie, about how we wanted to energize your life by energizing your mind

00:23:16.820 --> 00:23:25.960 Frank R. Harrison: in your mind with information as well as the sound files and other techniques that he has built in order to help your brain rewire.

00:23:26.600 --> 00:23:39.009 Frank R. Harrison: But it is a metaphor for the same thing that Dr. Orman mentioned last week. If we use our brain and education and knowledge and advocate for ourselves, we can

00:23:39.110 --> 00:24:01.009 Frank R. Harrison: detach from the emotional component of the trauma and process it, manage it and become a champion at the end of the day. So I thought that was a poignant episode for the duality of his appearance, and that was, I believe, in July, after Independence Day of 2,023, and here we are. April 2024.

00:24:01.120 --> 00:24:15.590 Frank R. Harrison: Can you imagine what life was like for New Yorkers last week during first those big rainstorms and then the earthquake on Friday? That doesn't happen in New York most occasions, I mean the rainstorms do happen, nor Eastern, as they call them, but earthquakes happen on the West Coast.

00:24:15.640 --> 00:24:26.969 Frank R. Harrison: You know the irony is, every time an earthquake happens. I don't happen to be in the city. I'm either in the air or I'm probably asleep, or I'm in another

00:24:27.370 --> 00:24:54.920 Frank R. Harrison: meeting when the epicenter is in New Jersey, so I guess I've been one of the lucky few to avoid living inside earthquakes during a tremor, or even when I'm in la half the time. I've never experienced an earthquake or tremor while being there, so fate has had me be removed from that. I'm sure I was telling a friend of mine the other day that if I experienced a tremor, I would think is an aura for an epileptic seizure. The point is, that's all my perception.

00:24:56.060 --> 00:25:21.570 Frank R. Harrison: Perception is something we all have to own and work with when dealing with our problems. And in this case, when Maury was on the show. We were showing how his wife had dealt with her health problems after being cured. She wanted to learn more and advocate for it, and he himself dealt with his own desire to kill himself by creating these effective sound files, to

00:25:21.960 --> 00:25:28.019 Frank R. Harrison: and train his brain and get rid of all those voices, telling him to do it, and he has not attempted suicide since.

00:25:28.090 --> 00:25:29.200 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:25:29.310 --> 00:25:33.630 Frank R. Harrison: well, I guess that was another poignant moment, and I think

00:25:33.850 --> 00:25:38.499 Frank R. Harrison: we're about to go. Nope. No, I think we still have another couple minutes

00:25:38.580 --> 00:25:44.980 Frank R. Harrison: overall. What I can say about Mauriz Zelkovich is that he definitely has a 360 view

00:25:45.010 --> 00:25:55.630 Frank R. Harrison: of how the brain works. There are obviously the understandings of the psychological and emotional impacts that each of the disorders that we covered on the shows

00:25:55.730 --> 00:26:05.350 Frank R. Harrison: have for not just the individual, but for their families and friends. He also has an understanding of the brain's engineering capacity

00:26:05.410 --> 00:26:20.720 Frank R. Harrison: where he's able to create the necessary audio and video files to help us take control of this muscle up here that controls everything about us, our breathing, our sleeping, our life, our focus, our energy

00:26:20.840 --> 00:26:25.330 Frank R. Harrison: and pretty much our rational thought, which is what we all want to keep and maintain.

00:26:26.860 --> 00:26:51.479 Frank R. Harrison: I guess it's when we reach the point of people who have suffered strokes or or traumatic brain injury, or Alzheimer's disease. That's so. The some of the agency is gone, especially if it's just borderline dementia based on some other impact besides Alzheimer's. But when you have a support system around you, and when you, the individual who's part of the support system is also supporting your brain.

00:26:51.510 --> 00:26:57.379 Frank R. Harrison: you're able to create a lot of good within those stressful moments and stressful times.

00:26:57.620 --> 00:26:58.490 Frank R. Harrison: Well.

00:26:58.690 --> 00:27:15.179 Frank R. Harrison: I think I'm gonna give this break a little early time. So I just wanna say, if anybody has any questions, please feel free to chat in our Youtube Linkedin or twitch feeds or to send me an email at Frank R. Harrison,

00:27:15.590 --> 00:27:18.479 Frank R. Harrison: But we're now going to go in

00:27:18.540 --> 00:27:25.760 Frank R. Harrison: to our next commercial break. So stay tuned for this episode of the best of Maury on Frank, about health.

00:27:25.790 --> 00:27:29.950 Frank R. Harrison: on talk, radio, Nyc. And on all of our socials. We will be back in a few.

00:29:33.460 --> 00:29:40.820 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back. We're now halfway through the show, the best of Maury on Frank about health. I can say that I just

00:29:41.000 --> 00:29:58.799 Frank R. Harrison: showed you guys an outtake of Aretha Gray's appearance on Retirement House, or rather on Good morning, America, with the cast of Retirement House, which I announced last week, when we did our last episode, and from Chicago, I realized, speaking of technical difficulties, I had shown the commercial.

00:29:59.271 --> 00:30:02.639 Frank R. Harrison: The episode she had done on Frank about

00:30:03.050 --> 00:30:25.760 Frank R. Harrison: back in October. I believe it was, and the only one who saw it was me and Karen. But either way it was better to see right now the loop of her appearance on good morning, America. That show has had billions of streams on Tiktok, and I think there's like almost 6 million followers on Tiktok. It is a perfect

00:30:25.840 --> 00:30:30.910 Frank R. Harrison: outlet for seniors predominantly, but even the younger set to watch

00:30:31.020 --> 00:30:41.040 Frank R. Harrison: these seniors, all living in a retirement house together as one big, happy family, all living out their senior years reducing stress.

00:30:41.130 --> 00:31:00.760 Frank R. Harrison: you know, through little pranks and little spoofs and little branding tricks that they have done. They've done it for consumer products. They've done it for Barbie. They've done it in Las Vegas. They've done it in the Bahamas. They've done it here in New York. They've done it with rap artists. They lip sync some of their songs. It's definitely a nice show. If you get a chance to watch it again. It's on Tiktok.

00:31:00.760 --> 00:31:19.849 Frank R. Harrison: but I think the intention is to make a reality show out of it. And hopefully it'll be ABC. But I don't know anything about that. That'll that'll be the future. And when it happens I'll have read on the show promoting the show and its impact, especially in with the mind and with health, and she's been such an advocate of this.

00:31:20.250 --> 00:31:33.320 Frank R. Harrison: So for now going on 3 years that she's priceless, and I just hope that a lot of you, if you're not already watching Retirement House, have a chance to see it on Tiktok. Now that all being said back to Maori

00:31:34.720 --> 00:31:44.669 Frank R. Harrison: talk about visual confidence and visual stress reduction. He started to appear on the show again towards the end of the year.

00:31:44.930 --> 00:32:00.229 Frank R. Harrison: when we did 2 episodes together. One was called More Insights with Lori, and the other one was visualizing quantum confidence. Now I think I'm just going to go straight to the quantum confidence show, because that was the main

00:32:00.290 --> 00:32:14.500 Frank R. Harrison: impact of that episode. I I think the more insights was more of a review of what he has done for me and my family in discussing Alzheimer's disease and sleep deprivation, as well as a recap

00:32:14.720 --> 00:32:28.270 Frank R. Harrison: on how he's been able to create his sound files. But what's more evident is that his major impacts in healthcare right now, or with brain and treatment, all involve artificial intelligence, and I think

00:32:28.320 --> 00:32:31.699 Frank R. Harrison: the fourth segment of the show is where I'll dedicate most of that to.

00:32:31.720 --> 00:32:47.330 Frank R. Harrison: But I just want you guys to learn that there are resources available out there to help with your confidence to help with your your energy and energy. You need it at the same time to also help in dealing with those same effects of of depression

00:32:47.430 --> 00:32:48.150 Frank R. Harrison: tap

00:32:48.490 --> 00:32:52.599 Frank R. Harrison: which definitely has helped me.

00:32:52.820 --> 00:32:56.579 Frank R. Harrison: I'm sure you all out there are trying to figure out

00:32:57.820 --> 00:32:58.570 Frank R. Harrison: Elaine

00:32:59.540 --> 00:33:02.329 Frank R. Harrison: being that I'm here. But what?

00:33:07.560 --> 00:33:15.079 Frank R. Harrison: But I'm doing my best to to spread the wealth of Maury Zelkovich. And I'm hearing this, the the playbacks.

00:33:15.150 --> 00:33:21.880 Frank R. Harrison: It would just give you a big picture. Well, and it's stressful. That's the whole point. But I'm relaxed, knowing that.

00:33:35.970 --> 00:33:37.110 Frank R. Harrison: Okay?

00:33:37.170 --> 00:33:50.579 Frank R. Harrison: Well, apparently the technology has rebooted the system. I don't know if I was frozen in time, or if you've heard anything that I had just said. But I'm about to show another segment of more Rizalkovic on Frank about health.

00:33:50.840 --> 00:34:04.270 Frank R. Harrison: And I'm basically glad that I have just gotten the feedback that you guys could hear me. So I am now going to show this new segment. And it's gonna be. It's about visualizing quantum confidence. And if you.

00:34:04.500 --> 00:34:09.360 Frank R. Harrison: and even if you do hear it, or if you hear it choppy, I will tell you when I get back what he said.

00:34:09.570 --> 00:34:10.870 Frank R. Harrison: Bear with me.

00:35:22.130 --> 00:35:32.160 Frank R. Harrison: Okay. Now I am sure none of you heard that one, but I am letting you know exactly what he said. He created an app, a visual app on his device that's called happy.

00:35:32.290 --> 00:35:52.300 Frank R. Harrison: And what it does is it is a be a a flickering of light that goes to your your eyes, probably for just 30 s or a minute or so, especially when you are doing what you can to elevate your mood and be happy, especially if you're about to make a presentation, or if you're about to do a meeting, or you're about to be in a conflicting situation.

00:35:52.300 --> 00:36:08.139 Frank R. Harrison: he was talking about how, when people listen, you could see. And he's done this virtually through his own Youtube or Google Chat system that he has up in Canada, where he would be able to see individuals looking at the visual app

00:36:08.460 --> 00:36:31.509 Frank R. Harrison: and they'd start smirking. He was even roleplaying it right there, for those of you who saw him stop talking, and then he was smirking through the corner of his mouth. He was just explaining that you could see that a smile is being born when they're looking at the app. These files are available on his website, which I already did show you. But again, for any of you wanting to

00:36:31.540 --> 00:36:32.290 Frank R. Harrison: look at

00:36:32.460 --> 00:36:33.150 Frank R. Harrison: but

00:36:33.280 --> 00:36:37.550 Frank R. Harrison: sound and visual files. It's the morbi

00:36:38.380 --> 00:36:45.210 Frank R. Harrison: and basically what you are able to do is download them as a sample, and if you like them.

00:36:45.420 --> 00:37:06.590 Frank R. Harrison: you can then subscribe and and receive updated files as they come along to help you. With various mood issues you might have. But visualizing quantum confidence is something new, I think, is part of his AI platform that he's building. If you recall, during one of the previous shows, he was on, I mentioned, he created an AI podcast that's available on Youtube.

00:37:06.780 --> 00:37:22.169 Frank R. Harrison: And it's actually the Youtube. I'm sorry the AI voices that are available. I think on perplexity is one of them as well as on Chat Gpt, the mobile version that has voice activated.

00:37:22.690 --> 00:37:26.340 Frank R. Harrison: and he would have an interview with the voice, and they would respond.

00:37:26.470 --> 00:37:32.199 Frank R. Harrison: and they would be 1010 min podcast episodes. I think only one episode is in there right now.

00:37:32.320 --> 00:37:34.980 Frank R. Harrison: Still, in the process of building more overtime.

00:37:36.760 --> 00:37:58.629 Frank R. Harrison: well, I guess all I can say is that in the last half hour of the show I've talked about really 4 episodes that he's appeared on. If you want to take a look at them in their entirety, they're available on the Youtube page. You could look at talk radio Nyc on Youtube, and you will see the Frank about health playlist.

00:37:58.630 --> 00:38:22.769 Frank R. Harrison: and you will see one is called the Maury method, which was May eleventh, 2,023. You will see, energize your mind will energize, energize your life by energizing your mind. That was available in July of the same year. You will see in more insights with mori and visualizing quantum confidence that was available towards the end of 2,023,

00:38:22.770 --> 00:38:34.739 Frank R. Harrison: and then, when we return in segment, 4, I will show his most recent appearance when he was helping us with cardiac awareness month, and showing how to use perplexity

00:38:34.740 --> 00:38:53.679 Frank R. Harrison: as well as a chat, Gpt. To be able to show where you can get information about your heart and your brain. The segment I will show for stress awareness. Month has more to do with the brain. Because, again, what you put in is gonna manifest what comes out especially stressed.

00:38:54.050 --> 00:39:16.549 Frank R. Harrison: And again, he is not a neurologist by trade, and a lot of what he says cannot be clinically proven, nor are they going. Nor is he gonna make any kind of medical references, because he does know the value of hipaa and and patient privacy, and all we're trying to do is give you techniques that could be supplemental in what's going on.

00:39:17.809 --> 00:39:38.530 Frank R. Harrison: I know that more, Resilkovitch will be on the show again at some point, probably even next month. Maybe on this, maybe we'll do an anniversary show. How's that? But the thing is is that he definitely is a champion of the show, and I managed to join his AI group, although I'm guilty of not attending many of them because of my own

00:39:38.680 --> 00:39:59.090 Frank R. Harrison: travels to different locations to do Frank about health. But I have learned enough so far to try to show the AI portions of his talent by doing a show about him without him, although he did say he might make an appearance. I'm just going to rely on

00:39:59.090 --> 00:40:10.099 Frank R. Harrison: the knowledge that each moment will happen, and whatever happens will be great enough. And I just want all of you out there to know that there are resources available for you.

00:40:10.150 --> 00:40:16.200 Frank R. Harrison: If you are dealing with confidence issues, sleep issues, dementia issues.

00:40:16.270 --> 00:40:22.850 Frank R. Harrison: Ptsd, thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety.

00:40:23.370 --> 00:40:41.850 Frank R. Harrison: Maybe. You just need some meditational techniques. There's just a lot available for you. The more is the website where you can sample the files. You can also contact me. I have access to all of them, and I can send them to you.

00:40:41.910 --> 00:40:52.419 Frank R. Harrison: you by your email, for you to download and and try out on these bone conduction headphones, and you will see that it does work, especially during

00:40:52.520 --> 00:40:57.280 Frank R. Harrison: specific situation that you're looking to take care of for me. It's been about

00:40:57.320 --> 00:41:06.730 Frank R. Harrison: meditation, relaxation, confidence, boosting, dealing with change, dealing with technical difficulties, so forth and so on. But

00:41:06.800 --> 00:41:23.680 Frank R. Harrison: Maury is also been a friend, and he is also involved in a project that is ongoing right now, that is, gonna show the value that he has in frank about health, and that frank about health has in him and in understanding his influence in the AI. World

00:41:23.690 --> 00:41:28.869 Frank R. Harrison: which I'm anticipating, we will become more involved in together at some point hopefully

00:41:29.010 --> 00:41:47.899 Frank R. Harrison: during the summer, if not, if not after let's see what else I can say. Karen Ross and Maury know each other as well as Maury is familiar with Dr. Orman. They've all met through various networking groups, but they all had their components.

00:41:47.900 --> 00:42:09.370 Frank R. Harrison: You know that Karen Ross is involved in hypnotherapy, and Dr. Orman is involved in anchor management. With all of his books he has written books on on sleep, success as well as 14 days to living a stress, free life among other kinds of psychological and neurological issues.

00:42:09.400 --> 00:42:17.820 Frank R. Harrison: But they have collaborated through those various groups and being able to host webinars appear on different podcasts.

00:42:18.360 --> 00:42:22.400 Frank R. Harrison: We're all here to help each other, and I could say that the 3 of them

00:42:22.410 --> 00:42:34.210 Frank R. Harrison: have definitely been very helpful to Frank about health. Ha! We have 2 min until our next break. So that being said, please stay tuned. This episode of Frank about health.

00:42:34.590 --> 00:42:39.280 Frank R. Harrison: where we're showing the best of Maury and his appearances on Frank about health.

00:42:39.450 --> 00:42:43.939 Frank R. Harrison: I am hoping that within the fourth segment we may see

00:42:44.120 --> 00:42:47.549 Frank R. Harrison: him show up, but if he doesn't, I'm going to replay.

00:42:47.720 --> 00:42:51.959 Frank R. Harrison: I think I'll even start the show with the replay of his appearance

00:42:52.140 --> 00:43:02.260 Frank R. Harrison: in February, when he talked about AI in health care. So please stay tuned right here on Talkradio, Nyc. And on our socials. We will be back in a few.

00:45:07.470 --> 00:45:14.800 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody, and welcome back to our final segment. As we are talking about the best of Maori Zelkovich right here on Frank, about health.

00:45:15.000 --> 00:45:39.139 Frank R. Harrison: I've already spent the past 45 min also reminding you of the book offer that Doc. Orman had presented on last week's show. That will be expiring on April thirtieth. You have until then to get a free copy of his current of his new book on Anger management before it arrives on the Amazon shelves last week it was on a special website because it was still temporarily being set up

00:45:39.140 --> 00:45:58.019 Frank R. Harrison: as part of an April book offer. But now it's on his personal website, feel free to download it anytime, and then, of course, if you like it enough to get the hard copy on Amazon. That'll be perfect, because I can already say that the few pages that I've read, or a few chapters, I should say.

00:45:58.320 --> 00:46:24.899 Frank R. Harrison: have done what they can to help me deal with some issues that I think if you saw that show, you could see I was dealing with some anger issues that were being masked by. I don't know just my unawareness of being able to filter it and understand it for what it was rather than just reactions I was having. So I have been spending a lot of the last 2 shows, especially this one

00:46:25.030 --> 00:46:40.549 Frank R. Harrison: relaxing through very stressful moments, including this one where I can't even tell if you're all listening to the videos I've been playing back, or when the technological difficulties occur. If that's creating a very negative reaction to your exposure to this episode

00:46:40.680 --> 00:46:50.180 Frank R. Harrison: either way. Maurice Selkowitz did a very informative webinar that's what I'm calling it. When he appeared on Frank about health back in February.

00:46:50.740 --> 00:46:58.199 Frank R. Harrison: and was talking about AI in health care in particular cardiac care, because it was for cardiac awareness. Month.

00:46:58.260 --> 00:47:18.850 Frank R. Harrison: Now I was wearing red during that time because of heart health. I think white is about stress. I could be wrong, but I am noticing that as I'm wearing this color, I feel kind of relaxed. But I did say in the last break, or before the last break, that I was going to show his section. So I'm gonna engineer this to hopefully pick up his lesson.

00:47:18.880 --> 00:47:24.720 Frank R. Harrison: and it may run about 5 min. There's not really much that I could say, except to summarize it.

00:47:26.070 --> 00:47:30.016 Frank R. Harrison: after it's over, but I will do my best to be back as

00:47:30.590 --> 00:47:36.780 Frank R. Harrison: Surprise! Surprise! Maury has come to the rescue. All right.

00:47:38.080 --> 00:47:41.269 Morry Zelcovitch: Hey? There! Sorry. I'm sorry I'm so late.

00:47:42.450 --> 00:47:43.459 Morry Zelcovitch: It's been a.

00:47:43.460 --> 00:47:45.330 Frank R. Harrison: Crazy, lazy time.

00:47:46.620 --> 00:47:50.320 Frank R. Harrison: I was literally the second about to show your last appearance

00:47:50.790 --> 00:48:10.800 Frank R. Harrison: on Frank about health back in February. But I have a concern that people are not hearing the sound. And so I've been acting as a narrator, and while that's good for your appearances on the show, I covered the first show on the more method, visualizing quantum confidence as well as when we talked about Alzheimer's disease.

00:48:11.285 --> 00:48:15.670 Frank R. Harrison: But that was in itself a sound bite, you know, and

00:48:16.100 --> 00:48:30.390 Frank R. Harrison: it wasn't heard effectively. I just compensated by summarizing what you said. However, the next scene was going to be your 2, maybe 3 min presentation on perplexity on the part and the brain, and it.

00:48:30.390 --> 00:48:31.559 Morry Zelcovitch: AI stuff. Yeah.

00:48:31.560 --> 00:48:38.240 Frank R. Harrison: If that went dead air for like 2 min, that would admit it. Not an embarrassment, but it would have been.

00:48:38.280 --> 00:48:42.850 Frank R. Harrison: you know, not satisfying, but you literally came as I was about to switch

00:48:42.910 --> 00:48:49.500 Frank R. Harrison: the screen. And yep, you know what this is real. This is the real Maury. This is not AI. Every day.

00:48:49.500 --> 00:48:50.569 Morry Zelcovitch: I'm not a

00:48:51.140 --> 00:48:52.249 Morry Zelcovitch: really, not AI.

00:48:52.250 --> 00:48:53.130 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:48:53.130 --> 00:48:54.039 Morry Zelcovitch: I'm not even in tele.

00:48:54.040 --> 00:48:54.530 Frank R. Harrison: Just.

00:48:54.530 --> 00:48:55.670 Morry Zelcovitch: Quite artificial.

00:48:57.360 --> 00:49:00.700 Frank R. Harrison: Well, you were intelligent enough to create the

00:49:01.160 --> 00:49:04.559 Frank R. Harrison: only those sound files and those video files, but

00:49:04.730 --> 00:49:05.580 Frank R. Harrison: can meet

00:49:05.790 --> 00:49:18.440 Frank R. Harrison: the show and to do the show with these cause. I know, that I even said to you that after I finish the show I feel more relaxed because of the vibration of of our conversation I don't know. Maybe it's

00:49:19.440 --> 00:49:24.340 Frank R. Harrison: again. It's not. It's passing the eardrum and going right to the middle ear, right? Or

00:49:24.360 --> 00:49:25.680 Frank R. Harrison: or the.

00:49:25.680 --> 00:49:26.420 Morry Zelcovitch: Well, it.

00:49:26.420 --> 00:49:27.130 Frank R. Harrison: Bones in the.

00:49:27.130 --> 00:49:34.250 Morry Zelcovitch: Sound is vibration. Sound is all vibration, so it just vibrates through the bone and soft tissues.

00:49:34.300 --> 00:49:37.329 Morry Zelcovitch: and your brain interprets it as sound. So

00:49:38.330 --> 00:49:39.719 Morry Zelcovitch: you just happen to.

00:49:39.720 --> 00:49:40.200 Frank R. Harrison: Awesome.

00:49:40.200 --> 00:49:41.359 Morry Zelcovitch: Boy, that

00:49:41.460 --> 00:49:43.420 Morry Zelcovitch: it's kind of like a massage.

00:49:43.470 --> 00:49:47.669 Morry Zelcovitch: You can almost call it a neural massage if you will.

00:49:48.690 --> 00:49:58.350 Frank R. Harrison: And I think I did. I think I called it a massage, and when I was talking about it, just for the benefit to see if maybe you can tell me if.

00:49:59.530 --> 00:50:19.169 Frank R. Harrison: or even the beginnings of your webinar, I'll only give it like a a 20 s play, and then come back to you, cause I really wanna finish the show with you. Let's see if we you could let me know if during the past 45 min I was playing a lot of dead air and narrating through it, so I will be with you in a second. As I pull up the show

00:50:23.100 --> 00:50:23.900 Frank R. Harrison: oops.

00:50:25.860 --> 00:50:26.580 Frank R. Harrison: Better.

00:50:31.110 --> 00:50:33.690 Frank R. Harrison: Alright! You know what it's not worth

00:50:35.420 --> 00:50:36.270 Frank R. Harrison: being one of those.

00:50:36.270 --> 00:50:37.060 Morry Zelcovitch: Days!

00:50:37.280 --> 00:50:38.180 Morry Zelcovitch: Oh! Dirt!

00:50:39.680 --> 00:50:40.460 Frank R. Harrison: Like in a

00:50:40.610 --> 00:50:41.900 Frank R. Harrison: mess up.

00:50:42.310 --> 00:50:50.449 Frank R. Harrison: I'm going to stop sharing and just be with sister in this month. So you, being here, has been the best representation.

00:50:50.570 --> 00:50:59.299 Frank R. Harrison: Basically this, let's just spend the rest of the time talking about what your experience was like on Frank about health when you appeared on those 5 episodes.

00:51:00.520 --> 00:51:06.289 Morry Zelcovitch: Well, I have to tell you that they are easily my most fun time being interviewed.

00:51:07.350 --> 00:51:15.390 Morry Zelcovitch: I like the exposure I mean. The exposure is good for my business and good for my, you know, sense of credibility to others.

00:51:15.620 --> 00:51:25.109 Morry Zelcovitch: You know I'm commenting that I've been on Frank about health a number of times. And people actually look and go. Really, no kidding. That's cool.

00:51:25.250 --> 00:51:29.450 Morry Zelcovitch: So it's helps my credibility. I have so much fun. You're such a good Guy.

00:51:29.490 --> 00:51:38.390 Morry Zelcovitch: you care about people that matters, you know. Sometimes people produce a show, and it's about ratings, or it's about, you know, selling advertising space or

00:51:39.270 --> 00:51:40.380 Morry Zelcovitch: or ego.

00:51:41.020 --> 00:51:48.169 Morry Zelcovitch: and you just don't have any of that as an issue. It you you kind of want to make a difference in the world. You want to help people

00:51:48.250 --> 00:51:53.020 Morry Zelcovitch: to be better than maybe they might feel like they are right now.

00:51:53.140 --> 00:52:07.369 Morry Zelcovitch: And I resonate with that. I'm exactly the same kind of person I wanna be like that, too. I wanna help people to help themselves. I want people to live a better life. I wanna live a better life. I want everybody to live a better life around me, too.

00:52:08.700 --> 00:52:19.390 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, no, I I appreciate that. I mean those. I feel those sentiments because of the fact that even when I was talking to the listeners and viewers out there, I'm saying, well, here I am by myself.

00:52:19.590 --> 00:52:32.890 Frank R. Harrison: and I am nervous and under my own stress, and you figure anyone who's statistical about their own image, wouldn't care about that. They would just go with the flow and talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and probably even talk through the commercial breaks.

00:52:33.237 --> 00:52:38.449 Morry Zelcovitch: Well, you know, sometimes you have to do. You're kind of thrown into a situation.

00:52:39.320 --> 00:52:44.570 Morry Zelcovitch: and you know the old Hollywood line of the show must go on.

00:52:45.640 --> 00:52:46.480 Frank R. Harrison: Musk.

00:52:47.320 --> 00:52:49.769 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah, I've done. I've done a webinar

00:52:49.810 --> 00:52:52.909 Morry Zelcovitch: look. I've done a webinar before where 3 people were at it.

00:52:55.060 --> 00:52:56.730 Frank R. Harrison: Only 3 people, total.

00:52:56.730 --> 00:53:07.059 Morry Zelcovitch: 3 people, and it got replayed, and other people saw it. But when you do it you can't sit there and go. Hey, Joe, Sarah and Steve. Let's just have a chat in my basement.

00:53:07.210 --> 00:53:10.439 Morry Zelcovitch: You have to behave as if you have a larger crowd, and

00:53:10.710 --> 00:53:12.840 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, and and even if you're alone.

00:53:14.310 --> 00:53:18.310 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, it's gonna every you know, it's gonna be played back for other people.

00:53:18.460 --> 00:53:21.079 Morry Zelcovitch: And you just go ahead.

00:53:21.250 --> 00:53:23.249 Morry Zelcovitch: you know, and you talk to nobody.

00:53:24.270 --> 00:53:31.550 Morry Zelcovitch: and you can take that as hard to do, or you can just say, Well, look, no one listens to me anyway. So who cares.

00:53:31.830 --> 00:53:32.530 Frank R. Harrison: Office.

00:53:32.530 --> 00:53:38.780 Morry Zelcovitch: 500 people in the audience, and they're all sleeping. You know. I have a joke, because, generally speaking, when I do webinars.

00:53:39.100 --> 00:53:43.419 Morry Zelcovitch: whether there's 13 people, or 30 people, or 50 or 80, or whatever.

00:53:43.960 --> 00:53:47.720 Morry Zelcovitch: by the end of the webinar. Usually there's just as many people there.

00:53:48.750 --> 00:53:57.590 Morry Zelcovitch: and I always get people telling me. Well, that's really good. You're keeping them there, like, you know, it's not easy to keep someone on one webinar for an hour and a half.

00:53:58.430 --> 00:54:04.680 Morry Zelcovitch: but you're really good at doing it. And I say, well, I think what's really happening is I'm putting them to sleep, and they don't know they're still there.

00:54:05.919 --> 00:54:12.409 Frank R. Harrison: That's possible, too, like I was even saying to myself, you know that

00:54:12.530 --> 00:54:17.969 Frank R. Harrison: I do know that most of my viewers are replays, meaning that I'll I'll get.

00:54:18.140 --> 00:54:23.760 Frank R. Harrison: I'll get my data as to how I mean. This is my 100 eleventh episode.

00:54:23.770 --> 00:54:39.679 Frank R. Harrison: and what I notice is that thank you, and it's been a steady climb thankfully. But the thing is is that I'll see an episode. Let's say even your show. The more we method. I think the first weekend, after it was live streamed. It only showed 5 views.

00:54:39.890 --> 00:54:48.489 Frank R. Harrison: but after a week or 2 weeks on, you know, having been replayed, or people being directed, it ended up a hundred views, so.

00:54:48.490 --> 00:54:48.940 Morry Zelcovitch: Base.

00:54:48.940 --> 00:55:17.440 Frank R. Harrison: It's like. And and now we're on other platforms, too. We're on Facebook, we're on twitch. We're on Linkedin, or whatever. So the numbers are rising, and I'm noticing that my live stream is also a live recording, which is why what was so authentic about your AI show is that we were giving a webinar that was gonna be seen later by a by a core audience depending upon how it was promoted. So even if it was just, you know, a live presentation, and whether people heard it or not.

00:55:17.440 --> 00:55:24.369 Frank R. Harrison: that would be great live leaving room for questions and answers. But the impact that I've noticed, has been

00:55:24.610 --> 00:55:26.720 Frank R. Harrison: after the original broadcast.

00:55:27.365 --> 00:55:31.339 Frank R. Harrison: So maybe that's what allows me to relax, even if only one person is watching.

00:55:31.340 --> 00:55:40.919 Morry Zelcovitch: You know, you should rely be relaxed anyway, cause everything happens for a reason. And if it's gonna be like 3 people on at a time, or one person, or even nobody, during the live part.

00:55:41.470 --> 00:55:43.529 Morry Zelcovitch: It's lots of shows are taped

00:55:43.950 --> 00:55:45.099 Morry Zelcovitch: in advance.

00:55:45.100 --> 00:55:45.840 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:55:45.840 --> 00:55:50.780 Morry Zelcovitch: I mean, Re, I remember in the olden days, you know, back when dinosaurs walked the Earth.

00:55:50.850 --> 00:55:53.939 Morry Zelcovitch: that a lot of television shows had laugh tracks

00:55:54.630 --> 00:55:57.680 Morry Zelcovitch: because they didn't have an audience. There was no one there.

00:55:57.690 --> 00:56:00.250 Morry Zelcovitch: but they were all playing to an audience, anyway.

00:56:00.730 --> 00:56:09.610 Morry Zelcovitch: because someone, even one person, is an audience. You know, 50 people as an audience, if you're showing, you know, makes a difference in one person's life, it's worthwhile.

00:56:10.520 --> 00:56:14.680 Morry Zelcovitch: It doesn't need to just think about it. One person feels better.

00:56:14.690 --> 00:56:17.429 Morry Zelcovitch: Every person they talk to is going to feel better, too.

00:56:17.750 --> 00:56:20.540 Morry Zelcovitch: It it just goes and goes and goes.

00:56:22.140 --> 00:56:37.970 Frank R. Harrison: Well, we don't have 1 min left. And so this is the thing. I was just telling the people that you appeared on the show the first time. May eleventh, 2023. So let's have you back to celebrate your one year anniversary. Let's do an entirely brand new show next month. Are you open for that.

00:56:37.970 --> 00:56:40.129 Morry Zelcovitch: Oh, yeah, for sure, it'd be a pleasure.

00:56:40.423 --> 00:56:44.829 Frank R. Harrison: We won't show replays of old stuff. We'll just have a nice new organic conversation.

00:56:44.830 --> 00:56:45.210 Morry Zelcovitch: Yeah.

00:56:45.210 --> 00:56:46.540 Frank R. Harrison: Alrighty!

00:56:46.710 --> 00:56:47.429 Morry Zelcovitch: Be my pleasure.

00:56:47.430 --> 00:56:47.980 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody.

00:56:47.980 --> 00:56:48.840 Morry Zelcovitch: Very much.

00:56:49.880 --> 00:56:58.209 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, and it would be my pleasure to have you back as well. I was also saying that you know Doc Orman, who was on the show last week, Mort Orman.

00:56:58.270 --> 00:57:02.009 Frank R. Harrison: and you also know Karen Ross, who is my monthly.

00:57:02.397 --> 00:57:25.410 Frank R. Harrison: Review co-host for the month when we do it like cardiac awareness month last month. This month is stress awareness. But either way. Maybe the 3 of us well, the 4 of us, I should say, will all get together for a show like that. So my head is spinning with ideas for the future. Now that we've covered the last 45 min or so of the past with more Rizalkovich. So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned

00:57:25.410 --> 00:57:32.799 Frank R. Harrison: for our next week's slate of shows. I have them all listed here in front of me philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. At

00:57:32.800 --> 00:57:41.250 Frank R. Harrison: 10 Am. Always Friday with Steve Fry at 11 next week. The hard skills with Dr. Mira Brank, who at 5

00:57:41.370 --> 00:57:44.950 Frank R. Harrison: one of our new shows the happy spot. At 6 o'clock.

00:57:45.240 --> 00:57:47.219 Frank R. Harrison: then next week.

00:57:48.780 --> 00:57:55.850 Frank R. Harrison: this consultant hour with Sam Leibowitz, followed by mind, body, health, and Dix at 2 o'clock.

00:57:56.000 --> 00:58:00.980 Frank R. Harrison: and another episode of Frank about health, and I have a surprise returning Guest, who hasn't been

00:58:01.170 --> 00:58:07.569 Frank R. Harrison: Joe for 18 months, and so I will leave the empty until next week. So please stay tuned.

00:58:07.620 --> 00:58:22.280 Frank R. Harrison: Thanks again, Mauri, for literally virtually being here as well as making that appearance. I'm really grateful, and I will definitely be in touch with you. Over the weekend. Bring that other appearance sometime in in May

00:58:22.440 --> 00:58:23.849 Frank R. Harrison: around your anniversary.

00:58:24.090 --> 00:58:29.920 Frank R. Harrison: All right. So, ladies and gentlemen, Moron Mori Zelkovich, his website, the Mori

00:58:30.240 --> 00:58:43.819 Frank R. Harrison: the various 5 shows we've we've highlighted, some of which I've left out for obvious reasons. But they are available on the Youtube page, and overall. If you have any questions for him, what's the email they can get you at.

00:58:44.380 --> 00:58:52.200 Morry Zelcovitch: Just my name Maury Zelkovich, so that's MORR YZEL COVI,

00:58:53.360 --> 00:58:57.520 Frank R. Harrison: Perfect, and you can reach me at Frank. R. Harrison wanted to

00:58:57.590 --> 00:59:21.169 Frank R. Harrison: help com. Thank you again for watching this episode, this very intriguing episode of Frank about health. But it I think it was capped out nicely in this retrospective and thanks again, Logan, behind the scenes for helping me with all the engineering on every level, and thanks again for Sam for the introduction a year and a half ago. Alright, everybody see you next week. Take care.

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