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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/22 - Nutrition for a Healthier Heart

Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/22 - Nutrition for a Healthier Heart


2024/02/22 - Nutrition for a Healthier Heart

[NEW EPISODE] Thatch - Nutrition for a Healthier Heart

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)



The audience will have a better understanding of how Proattitudes can train you to eat healthier and change your behaviors towards a healthier heart.

Evan Mestman returns to Frank About Health to give more insights on his Nutrition strategies and the Proattitudes program supports new nutrition skills and habits to maintain regular cardiac health.




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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank welcomes his returning guest, Evan Mestman, to discuss Nutrition for a Healthier Heart in honor of Heart Health Awareness Month. Evan is back to discuss how Proattitudes can train you to eat healthier and change your behaviors towards a healthier heart. Frank asks Evan how Proattitudes help people with heart conditions or help people who are trying to prevent heart disease. Evan explains that heart disease is the number one leading death in America. Frank and Evan discuss how changing one’s lifestyle is the hardest part of improving one’s heart health. Evan tells us how diabetes was found in 1 in 10,000 people, but today, it is found in 1 in 11. He says we are being overfed and eating the wrong foods, resulting in bad health. Evan explains how our genetics make up our body; some genes may fight against us. The good news is that we can change our habits to accommodate our bodies. Evan talks about the different components that can lead to someone having heart disease and how we need to be better to our bodies. 

Segment 2

Returning from the break, Frank and Evan discuss Evan’s book, The Habit of Healthy Eating, and how the audience can find a free download on his website at Evan’s book gives you the basic principles of a healthy eating lifestyle. Evan explains that there are too many options in the supermarket, and seventy-five percent are processed foods that are not good for us. He goes on to share how we can improve the quality of our calories by cutting out toxic waste like fried foods or dairy. Ensuring our bodies are active is essential because so much of our day is sedentary. Evan says that exercise will reverse most of your problems with your body. Another thing is to not eat as much throughout the day. 

Segment 3

Frank and Evan discuss how genetics influence the body but don’t necessarily control the outcome. Evan works with his clients and helps them change their perspective on life and their relationship with food. Frank and Evan talk about the difference between discipline and motivation. Evan says that discipline bypasses motivation because it ignores immediate gratification for benefits for your future self. Being disciplined is known to be the highest form of self-love. Evan says that there are benefits to using some of the medications out there, but it’s not healthy to stay on it for long periods. Evan explains there is a place for medication, but it can’t be the cure. We have to look at our habits if we want to correct our health. Frank and Evan discuss the importance of moderation and how it can help control some of our bad eating habits. 

Segment 4

Frank and Evan sit down to discuss Evan’s program Proattitudes and the kind of clients he works with routinely. Evan helps his clients create a lifestyle that includes their health. He talks about his inner critic quiz that helps assess our relationship with ourselves. You can find more on Evan on Wednesdays, where he does social media live at OptimizedHealthForLeaders. Evan leaves with a message saying don’t be afraid of change. One step can lead to a fulfilling future. 


00:00:47.240 --> 00:00:58.589 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health in honor of cardiac awareness. Month. I'm here this week with Evan Messman returning again from last November, when he came on Frank about health

00:00:58.630 --> 00:01:25.470 Frank R. Harrison: to discuss his company pro attitudes. If you recall that episode was losing weight with your mind, and in this case he's gonna talk about how pro attitudes help people live a healthier life, especially if they have cardiac issues, or they tailor make their own nutrition programs with Evan, so that they would be able to maintain their heart health. So the name of this episode is nutrition for a healthier heart.

00:01:25.490 --> 00:01:50.800 Frank R. Harrison: That being said, I want to issue my disclaimer. If you are already undergoing any treatment plan for your cardiac care. This particular episode of Frank about health is not trying to dissuade you from that plan. It's only trying to add additional food for thought, so that you can determine if maybe pro attitudes is a program that you would also want to become part of at the same time was just for you to have

00:01:50.800 --> 00:01:59.049 Frank R. Harrison: discussion with us. Live right here on talk radio, Nyc or on Youtube, or Linkedin or Facebook, or on Twitch.

00:01:59.050 --> 00:02:09.669 Frank R. Harrison: And that way we could actually answer any questions. Live if you have any. But more importantly, we're going to learn throughout the hour how pro attitudes and Evan works with people

00:02:09.669 --> 00:02:32.499 Frank R. Harrison: who may or may not have heart heart health problems. But in honor of heart health month wearing my my colors. We wanna be able to just take the discussion focus on that segment of the population. We all know that nutrition is for a healthier mind, healthier weight, healthier blood pressure. The list goes on, but this episode is dedicated to the heart

00:02:32.580 --> 00:02:44.130 Frank R. Harrison: that all being, said, Evan, welcome to Frank about health again. And I'm really glad that you're able to help us from the cardiac perspective on this particular episode.

00:02:45.760 --> 00:02:47.909 I need you.

00:02:50.680 --> 00:03:03.809 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, there you go. Don't you love that? The mute button? Thank you. I'm grateful for you to have me back on no problem. My pleasure. So tell me overall, what, how has pro attitudes dealt

00:03:04.020 --> 00:03:11.699 Frank R. Harrison: with people who have cardiac issues or trying to be preventative in having cardiac problems when they get older.

00:03:11.910 --> 00:03:20.570 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, I you know most Americans, you know, we live our lives, not realizing that our health is only priceless when we lose it.

00:03:20.880 --> 00:03:24.709 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and the number one killer in the United States today. Do you know what it is?

00:03:25.700 --> 00:03:29.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's hard to see. That's why we have a whole month devoted to it right?

00:03:29.270 --> 00:03:35.170 Frank R. Harrison: 660,000 people that die every year from heart disease.

00:03:35.950 --> 00:03:42.930 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Do you know what the number one symptom is for nearly half of them 49.7%.

00:03:43.870 --> 00:03:46.280 Frank R. Harrison: What is it? What is it? Sudden death?

00:03:47.160 --> 00:03:48.869 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: They don't get a second chance.

00:03:49.640 --> 00:04:09.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I do what I do when I went for my masters in clinical nutrition. I did my math. Master's thesis on cardiac rehab, because I really wanna understand what's going on. I worked in a cardiologist office, and we had a cohort of people who are who had gone through

00:04:09.340 --> 00:04:14.129 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: guest of a cabbage, which is a bypass surgery

00:04:14.180 --> 00:04:15.590 Frank R. Harrison: and then

00:04:16.060 --> 00:04:28.879 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: put them through a 6 week nutrition intensive program to see if we could impact their numbers, their cholesterol at back. Then. We really didn't understand cholesterol as well as we do now.

00:04:28.990 --> 00:04:37.769 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: but we got them to lose weight. We got them to exercise. We got them eat healthier, and sure enough, we got better blood sugar control. We got better

00:04:37.790 --> 00:04:39.480 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: better weights.

00:04:39.740 --> 00:04:45.700 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: We improved their chances for survival post cabbage, post surgery

00:04:45.760 --> 00:04:49.129 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and the big issue today is with people is that

00:04:49.280 --> 00:04:55.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they don't realize that you can't just take a medication and think that it's going to solve your cardiac problem.

00:04:55.430 --> 00:05:00.570 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So many people are on statins today. So many people are are taking diabetes medication.

00:05:00.740 --> 00:05:07.809 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I mean, when we think about the illnesses today of chronic illnesses that we have like diabetes, heart disease.

00:05:07.850 --> 00:05:19.190 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: answer autoimmune, funk dysfunction. I don't believe they're just diseases of metabolism. I believe they're diseases of the neural pathways in our brain from our habits.

00:05:19.270 --> 00:05:22.770 habits that we have, and a medication is not going to solve that.

00:05:22.850 --> 00:05:32.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And I think that's part of the problem where, when I worked in the hospital setting and in private practice. If people had gone for bypass surgery.

00:05:33.390 --> 00:05:36.890 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they ended up coming back in 6 to 8 years.

00:05:37.000 --> 00:05:41.150 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: being recluded, blocked again. Why? Because they never changed.

00:05:41.330 --> 00:05:53.610 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: They continued smoking, or they continued eating the way they did. They became sedentary again, and those habits are hard to change when you just go on a diet

00:05:53.790 --> 00:06:04.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and you go to a cardiac rehab center and say, Okay, we're gonna do 6 weeks while you're you know, insured. And you're gonna do these exercises. And then, as soon as insurance runs out, what do you do?

00:06:04.810 --> 00:06:07.279 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Go back to Sylvester? Yeah.

00:06:07.630 --> 00:06:09.830 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So part of the challenge is.

00:06:10.030 --> 00:06:14.719 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's about changing the lifestyle in America, or actually the whole world.

00:06:15.260 --> 00:06:17.660 Frank R. Harrison: When when you look back

00:06:18.310 --> 00:06:24.429 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: in the nineteenth century. one in 10,000 people had diabetes.

00:06:25.000 --> 00:06:38.550 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Now I say diabetes, because it's a metabolic disorder and heart disease and diabetes really go almost hand in hand. It's the pretty much the metabolic process is, you're gonna get heart disease. If you have diabetes. Not necessarily gonna have diabetes.

00:06:38.570 --> 00:06:42.550 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You're gonna have heart disease, but it it works that way. But now

00:06:43.220 --> 00:06:45.289 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's one in 11,

00:06:46.370 --> 00:06:49.099 Frank R. Harrison: 1 10,000 to one in 11,

00:06:49.490 --> 00:06:51.439 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: we have more

00:06:51.590 --> 00:06:54.650 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: medications. We have more technology.

00:06:55.680 --> 00:06:59.120 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What's going on? We're being overfed.

00:06:59.310 --> 00:07:05.060 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: We're feeding our bodies. The wrong foods and our lifestyles are completely

00:07:05.710 --> 00:07:19.009 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: really, not compatible with how our bodies were designed hundreds of thousands of years ago, or even in 1.2 million years that we've been around, but really probably 300,000 years ago.

00:07:19.350 --> 00:07:23.620 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And then the Agricultural revolution came up.

00:07:23.640 --> 00:07:26.990 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you know, maybe a thousand years ago.

00:07:27.140 --> 00:07:30.210 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and we not been able to cope.

00:07:30.460 --> 00:07:35.269 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And now the research that's out there shows that there are a lot of

00:07:35.770 --> 00:07:43.379 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: indicators that show that genes that people will have genetic markers that they have with genes are expressed

00:07:43.470 --> 00:07:47.930 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: means our bodies are making things with these genes as part of our DNA

00:07:48.170 --> 00:08:00.700 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: sometimes have genes that are not compatible with grains or carbohydrate loads, and sometimes our bodies are not able to handle the fat load.

00:08:00.740 --> 00:08:15.359 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and sometimes our bodies are not able to even handle other things like being inactive. And so that's why, when you see, look at populations, there are certain populations of people who end up with much higher risk of heart disease and diabetes

00:08:15.480 --> 00:08:18.759 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: than others. But the the good news is.

00:08:19.210 --> 00:08:21.320 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: we can change our habits.

00:08:21.350 --> 00:08:23.160 Frank R. Harrison: We can change what we eat.

00:08:23.180 --> 00:08:27.469 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: we can change our stress levels, which is also contributing.

00:08:28.140 --> 00:08:33.299 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: All of these things are doable. And so it's not all doom gloom.

00:08:34.549 --> 00:09:01.570 Frank R. Harrison: Well, you did come on the show back in November and discuss how we are in charge of what we put in our mouth, just based on our thought patterns and our pathways and things like that. But were you able to come up with that model based on a particular type of client, like a cardiac pla client, or was it a diabetic client, or was it just everyone across the board? What was the what was the main focus that got you in. Was it the cardiac patient or non cardiac oriented patients?

00:09:01.960 --> 00:09:20.190 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: II don't think it was any specific type of patient II did deal. I was in a cardiac hospital. So, being in that hospital and being in that critical care on Long Island, there's a a St. Francis is a world renowned cardiac care hospital that I worked in the critical care unit.

00:09:20.340 --> 00:09:29.279 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So this, this was filled with people. This was an Aha moment for me, because, you know people think, oh, I'm going to. Just if I eat horribly.

00:09:29.380 --> 00:09:41.189 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: If I'm overweight, if I have diabetes, I'm gonna end up with heart disease. So I'm I'm just starting out in this cardiac unit, and I'm going around seeing patients.

00:09:41.290 --> 00:09:42.949 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The first patient I need

00:09:43.060 --> 00:09:53.340 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: is 28 years old in phenomenal shape. He is a II would think he's a fourth degree or sixth degree belt. Black Belt

00:09:53.570 --> 00:09:55.019 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: does that for a living.

00:09:55.960 --> 00:09:57.450 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Just had a heart attack.

00:09:58.820 --> 00:10:07.989 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Okay? Then we have the other guy who, another guy who's a little older in his thirties. probably was not taking cocaine.

00:10:08.490 --> 00:10:09.889 Frank R. Harrison: ended up with a heart.

00:10:10.740 --> 00:10:12.429 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Then we go to the next room.

00:10:12.580 --> 00:10:16.469 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: There is a lawyer who's in his 40 s. Late 40 s.

00:10:16.920 --> 00:10:19.690 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: A runner. Yeah, really. Great shape. Also.

00:10:19.710 --> 00:10:23.660 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: high stress job just needed a quadruple bypass.

00:10:24.600 --> 00:10:39.010 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Then we go to another room where we have a morbidly obese person with diabetes. And he, he has all the markers. I'm like, okay, yeah, I can predict that he has heart disease. He he needed a quadruple bypass. Amazing. I'm looking at all these people.

00:10:39.370 --> 00:10:41.410 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The lawyer had no cholesterol.

00:10:42.570 --> 00:10:51.739 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the young guy who was 6 degree Black Belt. He was eating Mcdonald's every day, or those kinds of fast foods.

00:10:52.070 --> 00:11:20.749 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and really wasn't taking care of himself from that perspective, but was exercising planning. The lawyer was under so much stress, even though he was a runner. The stress did him in. So there were. That was an Aha moment for me where you know what it needs to be multi factorial. You can read what the American Heart Association says. Right? You can read American Diabetes Association says, and even my Association, American Dietetic Association. But what I'm gonna tell you is

00:11:20.950 --> 00:11:25.239 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the last 50 years we've been doing a disservice to

00:11:25.310 --> 00:11:30.750 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the entire population by saying, Eat low, fat. and high carbs.

00:11:31.960 --> 00:11:37.849 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because our bodies are not designed to manage it. Now. Why, there were, I don't remember the names of the

00:11:37.930 --> 00:11:49.059 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: influencers that were doctors that came up with these. They came up with these concepts. It was they they actually created policy.

00:11:49.380 --> 00:11:52.530 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and that policy was lord.

00:11:52.880 --> 00:11:58.149 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: based on what we need to lower cholesterol. We need to lower cholesterol by eating less fat.

00:11:58.640 --> 00:11:59.940 Frank R. Harrison: less saturated.

00:12:00.530 --> 00:12:05.269 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Now, I'm not saying that saturated fats not correlated with heart disease. But what I am saying is.

00:12:05.620 --> 00:12:18.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: what kind of diet do you want? It's very hard to study diet, because there's so many factors. There was a wonderful study that came out just recently back in November that was looked at 21

00:12:18.600 --> 00:12:34.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: identical twins. So we were able to remove a lot of variables, and they looked at exercise. They looked at biomarkers, they looked at they looked at diet, and they compared a Vegan diet to an omnivore diet.

00:12:34.930 --> 00:12:46.590 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And it was really fascinating. Watching these 21 pairs of twins, and looking at really what were some of the issues. To me the issues were their habits.

00:12:46.730 --> 00:12:50.820 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The ones that did the best were the ones that were able to change their habits.

00:12:51.080 --> 00:12:55.369 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and the omnivore diet did the best believe it or not, not the Vegan

00:12:56.790 --> 00:12:59.549 Frank R. Harrison: interesting now.

00:12:59.850 --> 00:13:05.810 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because our we we were designed. When you think about how our bodies were designed over the last

00:13:06.260 --> 00:13:17.510 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: several thousands, hundreds of thousands of years. We were hunters and gatherers, but we lived in many different places, so we evolved in many different places. If you're in the Savannah, in

00:13:17.680 --> 00:13:32.269 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: over in Africa, versus up in the the mountains in Northern Europe versus the American Indians right? And then use China, I mean. Every single indigenous population has

00:13:32.290 --> 00:13:39.359 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: been influenced by what they were, what was in their environment, and how their genetics played out.

00:13:39.450 --> 00:13:42.469 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And so you can't just say, there's one diet for everybody.

00:13:42.890 --> 00:13:46.499 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: That's that's the thing. So it's it's really

00:13:46.590 --> 00:14:04.179 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's the habits they have. And there are basic principles we can talk about that. I think that if we get the American population to start focusing on this, they're going to see that they can lower their risk of heart disease. They can lower the risk of any metabolic disease. And in the inflammatory response, and even the

00:14:04.280 --> 00:14:08.689 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: type, 3 diabetes which is Alzheimer's. All of these things can

00:14:08.820 --> 00:14:13.149 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: happen if we. They start taking a look at their habits and improving them.

00:14:14.060 --> 00:14:24.349 Frank R. Harrison: That being said as we go into segment, 2. Now that you've gotten the insight and the overview about how proatitudes has evolved in understanding your habits over your nutrition.

00:14:24.350 --> 00:14:44.339 Frank R. Harrison: The cardiac patient apparently served as part of his model. So we're going to go through the break. And I'm going to show you the website of pro attitudes. Scroll down, and if you're interested in participating after the show, you'll have ways of contacting Evan. Remember, as part of my disclaimer, these are not the viewers of talk radio, Nyc. Or Frank about health.

00:14:44.340 --> 00:14:55.970 but they are the views of again using your mind to have a healthier nutrition, habit, lifestyle, as well as a healthier heart. We will be back in a few right here on talk radio. Nyc.

00:14:56.320 --> 00:14:57.219 Frank R. Harrison: see you soon.

00:17:10.069 --> 00:17:16.769 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody? By the way, Evan, did you see your whole website? Scroll down nicely or.

00:17:17.010 --> 00:17:38.630 Frank R. Harrison: okay. Good. Just wanted to make sure, because I know when we sometimes record the show. Sometimes it doesn't appear, and I want to make sure that all of your details were present, including you mentioned, where people can download your new version of your book. Do you wanna actually discuss that a little bit, and how it may even reference heart health issues that you mentioned in the previous section.

00:17:38.700 --> 00:17:48.930 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, the things that we're gonna talk about are going to be today will are something you can find in my book. I sell it on Amazon, but you can get a free download on

00:17:48.940 --> 00:17:53.499 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: on my website. I'd be happy to share it with you.

00:17:53.590 --> 00:17:55.999 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the basic simple principles

00:17:56.040 --> 00:18:12.490 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: of healthy eating. Part of the challenge today is that people don't really even know what to eat. most likely, because it's the paradox of choice. There's just too many choices. There are 600,000 foods to choose from in the supermarket today.

00:18:12.820 --> 00:18:16.619 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It used to be a few 100, then a few 1,000.

00:18:16.680 --> 00:18:29.960 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Then it was 30,000. It's 600,000. But realize that 75% of those foods are processed or highly processed, and they have hidden ingredients in them that are making food

00:18:30.320 --> 00:18:31.460 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: addictive.

00:18:31.550 --> 00:18:42.729 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: making. You want to eat them. And those foods don't need. They don't serve you. And that's the challenge today that when we start eating those foods our bodies are not designed to eat that way.

00:18:43.050 --> 00:18:51.140 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's causing this epidemic today of obesity, we have 71% of Americans are either overweight or

00:18:51.520 --> 00:18:52.679 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: or obese.

00:18:53.160 --> 00:18:59.850 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I I've heard that we're almost up to 80%. But I'm still on those statistics I'll I'll use. It's just

00:18:59.860 --> 00:19:04.030 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: amazing. 51% of Americans are either

00:19:04.390 --> 00:19:11.639 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: prediabetic or have diabetes. Half of the people have diabetes in the United States don't even know they have it.

00:19:11.810 --> 00:19:14.379 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And if you don't know you have it.

00:19:14.500 --> 00:19:18.069 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the the elevated blood sugar and the elevated insulin levels.

00:19:18.110 --> 00:19:40.320 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because we're not really sure what's causing the damage. But I think that the latest research is really, really fascinating where it's elevated insulin levels that are really causing the damage in our body. They damage our kidneys, they damage our eyes, they damage all the small blood vessels. If you can consider where small blood vessels are okay. They're gonna damage those things.

00:19:40.320 --> 00:19:48.760 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You can end up with a very high risk of losing a limb, which is what happens usually with diabetes. 20 years in diabetes. You go blind.

00:19:49.110 --> 00:19:54.389 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You can have neuropathy, which means you're gonna lose sensation in your fingers and your toes

00:19:54.400 --> 00:20:03.220 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and risk of heart disease. We've already talked about that your risk of stroke, the reason why the risk of dying of sudden death. It's not from a heart attack.

00:20:03.330 --> 00:20:06.250 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's arrhythmias and all the other

00:20:06.530 --> 00:20:14.990 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: cardiac issues that occur that they're still trying to figure out. We don't understand heart disease nearly as much as we should.

00:20:15.250 --> 00:20:17.060 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And that's the real challenge

00:20:17.430 --> 00:20:18.950 Frank R. Harrison: is that

00:20:19.000 --> 00:20:31.279 Frank R. Harrison: okay? Go ahead. Sudden death is that happening while they're sleeping? Or is that happening? It can happen in anything. II was working in a cardiac, a cardiologist office and

00:20:31.580 --> 00:20:43.510 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: somebody had gotten on the Bruce protocol, which is the stress test machine and the doctor just give them a clean bill of health got off the first protocol, and all of a sudden you hear screaming, drop dead of a heart attack.

00:20:44.300 --> 00:20:56.019 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Now that was a heart attack, but it could have been from an arrhythmia. It could, but it didn't show up on the Bruce particle. It can happen at any time. Now. That was. You know, I was doing that over 30 years ago. As working in that office

00:20:56.110 --> 00:21:09.879 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: there, there are hold to monitors now. There are new technologies, but we're still the number one killer in United States is still heart disease. And what are they doing there? Instead of focusing on habits, which is what the problem is.

00:21:09.980 --> 00:21:17.969 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they're focusing on medication in their their first line of defense's medication. Doctors will say, Oh, no, I tell them to diet and exercise they don't.

00:21:18.590 --> 00:21:36.610 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because if it was happening that way we wouldn't have this epidemic, and we'd be having people asking in supermarkets for more fresh produce and more fresh vegetables and and fruits, and more of the foods that are going to help promote health versus all the processed foods.

00:21:37.550 --> 00:21:42.419 Frank R. Harrison: So it's the consumeristic mentality of the United States that essentially enables

00:21:42.780 --> 00:21:45.749 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the Western society is influencing. Yeah.

00:21:45.780 --> 00:21:48.139 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: there's a great documentary called.

00:21:48.250 --> 00:21:58.430 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Why are We Fat by Simon Galt? And it's interesting. It's not on Netflix anymore. But it was in New Zealand. It was in 2,017. You can find it on Youtube.

00:21:58.820 --> 00:22:00.110 Frank R. Harrison: And

00:22:00.230 --> 00:22:01.549 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's everywhere

00:22:01.590 --> 00:22:09.080 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that they, these, these statistics are so alarming because it's spreading everywhere around the world.

00:22:09.160 --> 00:22:25.140 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The Western Society. Now they did. They've done research where they've taken the indigenous people in Australia, and they've had spent 6 weeks go back out into the the the indigenous way of living.

00:22:25.190 --> 00:22:37.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: 6 weeks of it they lost on average 12 to 20 kg. It's a lot of weight to lose, and their diabetes nearly was. Nearly. Their numbers were nearly normal.

00:22:37.960 --> 00:22:44.610 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and they started eating the way the indigenous people ate. They ate they would the kangaroo

00:22:45.440 --> 00:22:47.560 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: right? They chunk the kangaroo.

00:22:47.670 --> 00:22:57.369 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So that requires a lot of energy. Right? You'd have to. We used to have to struggle to find food. Now we're gluttons. We eat 3 meals a day.

00:22:57.530 --> 00:23:07.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: huge amounts of calories. The average American is eating close to 3,600 calories a day. And that's really what's causing the problem. We're eating too many calories and we're eating too many

00:23:07.980 --> 00:23:09.220 Frank R. Harrison: Hi.

00:23:09.250 --> 00:23:15.089 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: calorie, dance low, nutrient, dense foods. So the first thing I want to teach everybody.

00:23:15.380 --> 00:23:28.990 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: if you want to help your heart is to take the food you're eating, and instead of just saying, Hey, I have to go on a diet. I want you to think about eating a food that has the most quality calories. And what's a quality, calorie?

00:23:29.190 --> 00:23:35.659 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's a food that has the most nutrition. with the least amount of fat and sugar in it, and the least amount of processing.

00:23:35.880 --> 00:23:49.300 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So when you go and have dinner tonight, or would it the next meal that you have? I don't want you to say I'm just gonna go from low quality all the way to high quality. All I want you to do is to say, Okay, how can I increase the quality of the calories in a meeting.

00:23:49.430 --> 00:24:10.950 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: If I'm gonna have a cheeseburger and French fries, and it's over here. Well, maybe I could switch to a turkey burger. It's not gonna increase it that much. But that's an improvement. Maybe I could have a bison burger. That's gonna be healthier. Believe it or not. Okay. And I'm gonna get grass fed, that's gonna be even better. Hmm! Instead of French fries. I'm gonna have air fried sweet potatoes

00:24:11.570 --> 00:24:23.249 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: instead of cheese. I'm going to have lettuce and tomato. Now, it's not going to go all the way, but it's going to be a better quality, and maybe even we take the bun off and we use lettuce, those lettuce a lettuce bun.

00:24:23.320 --> 00:24:32.320 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: There are so many different ways that we can improve the quality of the calories that we eat and everything that we eat just by thinking low, fat.

00:24:32.900 --> 00:24:36.090 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: low, fat, meaning not not non-fat.

00:24:36.130 --> 00:24:43.240 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Okay, and not highly processed. So instead of a hamburger having something like

00:24:43.440 --> 00:24:44.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: piece of fish

00:24:44.680 --> 00:24:47.870 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: or grilled chicken breast that's lower fat.

00:24:48.290 --> 00:25:00.650 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: or eating a piece of fish that has omega, 3 fatty acids in it that might have a little more fat in it. But the omega, 3 fatty acids that are in fish help lower your risk of heart disease and inflammation.

00:25:01.420 --> 00:25:18.310 Frank R. Harrison: The Omega threes are always best for the heart, I guess. Here's the question. Then I'm noticing from what you're saying that it's a combination where it's known, very popularized even in other documentaries, that American food is manufactured, processed, distributed. There are additives, preservatives, all of that

00:25:18.400 --> 00:25:29.539 Frank R. Harrison: kind of already defeats the purpose of having healthier food unless you go out and harvest it yourself, whether it's vegetables, fruits, or like in certain fishes. But at the same time.

00:25:29.610 --> 00:25:44.040 Frank R. Harrison: the way the mass media hypes and commercializes particular brands and foods. It's like they're trying to make food your drug of choice rather than using actual. You know hard drugs or other narcotic substances. I guess.

00:25:44.110 --> 00:25:52.439 Frank R. Harrison: What would you say is the part of the would you say is a twofold reason, which is what I'm assuming here, or what I'm picking up, that

00:25:52.620 --> 00:25:55.480 Frank R. Harrison: the society that we live in, coupled with

00:25:55.660 --> 00:26:05.609 Frank R. Harrison: the underdeveloped or not fully developed foods that are available are kind of enabling this pent, not pandemic epidemic of

00:26:05.630 --> 00:26:07.880 Frank R. Harrison: not healthy food. It's just it.

00:26:08.140 --> 00:26:28.040 Frank R. Harrison: And also the doctors issuing drugs instead of nutritional programs. They're just knowing that there's more market share. There! And the purchase of these drugs. So what would you say? It's like a chicken and a thing. What would you say is part of the motivation for? Why, our society has a big statistic of 80% obesity. Right now.

00:26:28.880 --> 00:26:34.409 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I think it's going to be first of all that we wake up every day. and we sit down for breakfast

00:26:34.850 --> 00:26:37.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and go to work, and we sit down.

00:26:37.880 --> 00:26:41.239 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Then we get up and go to have lunch and sit down.

00:26:41.810 --> 00:26:48.280 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Then we go back to work and sit down, and then we come home and sit down for dinner, and then we sit down in front of the TV,

00:26:48.640 --> 00:26:59.910 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and then we go to bed and start all over again. So part of the problem is, our bodies were not designed to be inactive, so we need to make sure that a good part of the day that we're focusing on activity.

00:26:59.950 --> 00:27:02.630 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And there are certain ways that we can do that. I know that

00:27:02.670 --> 00:27:10.439 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: some people are behind a desk. I am, too. I get that. But we've got to make a commitment to start using muscle the best.

00:27:10.650 --> 00:27:15.389 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So prescription out there. If doctors had to prescribe.

00:27:15.910 --> 00:27:20.880 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Exercise like it was medicine. It would be the number one prescription. It

00:27:20.890 --> 00:27:22.210 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: will reverse

00:27:22.420 --> 00:27:46.740 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: all the problems that you're having, or most of the problems that you have with having problems, with insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, where your body is having elevated blood sugars and elevated levels of insulin, and also just not functioning properly at the cellular level. We need to tell our bodies. We have to stress our bodies by doing certain types of exercise, whether it's weight training

00:27:46.790 --> 00:27:56.309 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to build muscle, and just the contraction of the muscle creates a whole cascade of hormones and chemical reactions and enzymes that are going to

00:27:56.610 --> 00:28:01.579 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: get our body to do what it needs to do and put us in the right metabolic state.

00:28:01.830 --> 00:28:05.000 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The other thing is that we have to stop feeding our bodies so much.

00:28:05.430 --> 00:28:14.410 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: We we and I know food tastes great. There is a pleasure principle to food. and I'm all for that. But you need to learn that you can enjoy

00:28:14.540 --> 00:28:27.819 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: high quality calorie foods just as much as low quality calorie foods and teaching the inner city kids teaching affluent kids teaching everybody out there because it starts with the kids

00:28:28.180 --> 00:28:32.540 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: makes a difference, and they've done the research to show that it also will get rid of

00:28:32.840 --> 00:28:37.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it. There's an influence on diet, on depression that when you

00:28:37.790 --> 00:28:46.450 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: feed the body correctly, you feed the gut which 70% of your immune system is down in the gut, and it also affects your mood. You can

00:28:46.510 --> 00:28:50.419 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: put depression into remission just by changing the diet.

00:28:50.440 --> 00:29:03.080 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: They've done this where you can also just change a dive, and you can start seeing these kids that are in school that are morbidly obese. Some kids are 30. Third, 3% of the kids. Some of them are overweight and obese in the United States.

00:29:03.200 --> 00:29:19.910 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Diabetes in these kids is rampant. It's not. It's never was seen before. It's so sad because it's going to be such a burden billions of dollars on our healthcare system. So these are just, you know, some of the things a simple thing of just saying, hey, how can I increase the quality of calories?

00:29:19.980 --> 00:29:24.049 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Getting liquid calories is a huge one. No more soda.

00:29:24.270 --> 00:29:28.610 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Start drinking water or use?

00:29:28.650 --> 00:29:29.900 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I'm sorry. What

00:29:30.030 --> 00:29:41.049 Frank R. Harrison: smoothies most smoothies are still liquid calories. Tell you. No, I don't want you using smoothies because a lot of people are putting a lot of fruit. They're putting Sweetener in it.

00:29:41.280 --> 00:29:48.280 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's not the solution. Now, if it's a smoothie that's based on vegetables, and it's just a half a cup of fruit in there

00:29:48.480 --> 00:29:50.760 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that works. But most people don't do that.

00:29:50.860 --> 00:29:54.299 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Most food out there are liquid calories.

00:29:54.490 --> 00:29:55.580 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: alcohol.

00:29:55.780 --> 00:30:09.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I tell you that the way our food supply is is is toxic, as alcohol is, our liver are over fat, our bodies are over fat and our bodies are breaking down. And we're we're actually.

00:30:09.250 --> 00:30:11.720 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: we're losing our longevity because of it.

00:30:13.300 --> 00:30:28.809 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm. well, speaking about losing our longevity, we're about to take our second break. But what I want to do when I we come back on the third segment is. See what role genetics plays into it, and get further discussion from you on that, because a lot of it could be learned

00:30:28.840 --> 00:30:47.169 Frank R. Harrison: from our ancestors. For all we know, or at the same time, when you develop certain habits, you could be activating certain genes, that kind of preprogram you to remain addicted to food food, even if it's against your better judgment or your better health. So when we return and we're looking for nutrition for a healthier heart.

00:30:47.170 --> 00:31:03.069 Frank R. Harrison: we will be back with Evan, messman, as we talk about genetic components to a healthier heart as well as other recommendations that we will uncover. So please stay tuned right here on talk radio, dot, Nyc and on all of our socials. We'll be back in a few.

00:33:05.780 --> 00:33:30.240 Frank R. Harrison: everybody. This is just a little bit of a production notice. If you noticed during the commercial break, those were you watching the show at the moment I was going back and forth with my computer, trying to show images of Hilton. I was with poor success in getting you even one photo. But the bottom line is is that the particular tribute to heart health awareness month couldn't have happened if it wasn't for my live show that I did at the Doubletree, Chicago with Karen Ross.

00:33:30.240 --> 00:33:55.160 Frank R. Harrison: and that being said, I'm just, you know, being paying homage to her not being here at the moment by wearing the Red jacket jacket symbolising cardiac awareness month. We've been having a nice discussion, not just with Karen 2 or 3 weeks ago, but also with Mauri Zelkovich last week, when he talked about AI and heart healthcare. And now this week with Evan, and we just want to be able to continue the pattern here at Frank about health

00:33:55.160 --> 00:34:10.580 Frank R. Harrison: in our collaborative efforts with Hilton to be able to have a leadoff show at a Hilton, where we talk about what the heart health awareness month is and then continue to do episodes throughout the month. That mirror, that narrative that we're starting to create here.

00:34:10.580 --> 00:34:31.430 Frank R. Harrison: but, technical difficulties aside. I think our conversation with Evan enough has already provided enough visualization for what is going on with our minds when we are busy indulging in foods that are not good for us out of habitual learning or out of just not thinking before we eat. And that is why, especially if you have been.

00:34:31.600 --> 00:34:51.269 Frank R. Harrison: you know, suffering from the number one cause of death in our our nation. You have to get on board the right train of thought literally, and I'm hoping that pro attitudes is something that you listeners out there will become more involved with, because I could tell you I'm already involved with pro attitude since Evan was on the show, and

00:34:51.620 --> 00:35:18.670 Frank R. Harrison: and although I haven't seen too much change yet, I can say that some of my thought patterns have changed in the way I want to approach each show, for example, or how I want to be able to approach each discussion, because when you have improved your mental state. Not only will your nutrition improve, but also other areas of your life. So here at Frank about health, what am I doing? I'm always continuing to advocate for various ways of life that we all go through depending on our circumstances.

00:35:18.670 --> 00:35:34.230 Frank R. Harrison: But for heart, health, awareness, month. We want to beat the odds and hopefully, heart cardiac problems won't be the leading cause of death in the future if things are done right now, Evan, that being said, what would you say about the genetic components to all of this?

00:35:35.160 --> 00:35:38.539 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, so

00:35:38.760 --> 00:35:48.579 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: everybody thinks genetics plays a huge role, and and genetics definitely influences it. But genetics is like, if you're building a house is like the blueprints for the house.

00:35:48.980 --> 00:35:53.490 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: so everybody has a different blueprint. Sometimes the

00:35:53.510 --> 00:36:05.040 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the the living room is really small, and the bathroom is really large, but it's how it would be. Materials that you use to build the house. Are your habits

00:36:05.870 --> 00:36:18.429 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: think about? You know. My mom used to say I was made of peanut butter because I ate peanut butter so much, but we are what we eat sometimes. That's part of the challenge, and there is like, that's what the documentary was about. We are what we eat.

00:36:18.530 --> 00:36:35.919 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And when you look at genetics it's just the threshold. What your potential is. Epigenetics is the expression of those genes. And that's something we have a that has a there's a huge variability there that we can influence, that by

00:36:35.980 --> 00:36:44.139 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: our thoughts, our feelings, our attitude. And that's really where I come in where I like to work with my clients on changing

00:36:44.160 --> 00:36:56.199 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the way that they see things reframing it. And suddenly they start firing different neural pathways. The neurons that fire together wire together, and then you create new

00:36:56.300 --> 00:37:05.530 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: neural pathways and those new neural pathways are habits. Habits really make the difference. But understand that if you're in the habit of waking up every day

00:37:06.260 --> 00:37:12.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: here, let's pretend that in this hand I have the healthiest food you can think of. What would it be?

00:37:13.560 --> 00:37:18.609 Frank R. Harrison: An orange? Okay. How about the healthiest meal? What would be the healthiest meal.

00:37:19.390 --> 00:37:26.850 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Oh, a salmon, salmon and vegetables, salmon and and broccoli. Okay, in now this is the most unhealthy meal. What would it be?

00:37:27.500 --> 00:37:39.609 Frank R. Harrison: double decker Cheeseburger. There you go with French fries. Okay? So one of me, neither one is gonna make a difference. Long term in your health.

00:37:39.770 --> 00:37:54.229 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's what you do every day, day in, day out, week in, week out, month in month, that's going to have the impact. That one meal never made a person ill or fat unless they're having it. There are always exceptions to the rule.

00:37:54.270 --> 00:38:10.519 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you know. They can't handle all the fat, or there have diabetes, and their blood sugars go out of control, but it's not going to make them lose their eyesight from one meal. It's not going to cause all the damage. It's the things that we do over time.

00:38:10.790 --> 00:38:20.760 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So if you can understand that, it starts with awareness saying, Okay, I need to be a fly on the wall and be aware of what do I? What am I doing every day that's

00:38:20.770 --> 00:38:27.259 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: making a deposit in my health? And what's something I'm doing every day that's making a withdrawal.

00:38:28.060 --> 00:38:30.990 Frank R. Harrison: And if you just become aware of that.

00:38:31.030 --> 00:38:39.930 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and you start focusing on that. what ends up happening is you start seeing that there is a pattern. There's a pattern to

00:38:40.310 --> 00:38:53.220 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: things that trigger you to eat for deposits and for withdrawals as well as exercise as well as stress, and that's really where pro attitudes comes in aside to help you identify

00:38:53.720 --> 00:39:00.559 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: your whole lifestyle. What is it that you're having challenges with? And how can you slowly

00:39:00.940 --> 00:39:04.799 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: but surely make changes because change has to feel good.

00:39:04.840 --> 00:39:11.920 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It doesn't feel like you're going back to what you did before, but it requires discipline. So it's not easy.

00:39:12.700 --> 00:39:16.659 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: People don't realize that discipline. What is discipline?

00:39:17.930 --> 00:39:21.590 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: How is discipline different than being motivated?

00:39:24.010 --> 00:39:29.520 Frank R. Harrison: Well, discipline has a little bit of a misnomer to it. It can imply that you're being spanked if you don't do good.

00:39:29.540 --> 00:39:35.840 Frank R. Harrison: But I know that discipline is structure boundaries. It's it's creating your own motivation, even if you don't have it.

00:39:36.410 --> 00:39:48.929 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It bypasses motivation, because your future self is what you're making a deposit, and you're you're avoiding dealing, or you're delaying that immediate gratification

00:39:49.560 --> 00:40:01.580 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to do what you know is best for your future self. based on what you did yesterday with the commitments you made yesterday. So being disciplined is keeping a commitment.

00:40:01.680 --> 00:40:04.580 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and it's also the highest form of self-love.

00:40:05.260 --> 00:40:08.629 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Because when you make a commitment to keep it, you're saying

00:40:08.860 --> 00:40:11.469 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I'm important. I'm taking care of myself.

00:40:11.950 --> 00:40:26.090 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and you're one day closer to that future self that you wanna be. And having that mindset is really what makes the difference versus going on a diet or taking an injection. The one thing that's killing America today

00:40:26.180 --> 00:40:41.920 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: is this huge increase in these medications that people think are going to solve their problems. Imagine this. Hence the 80%, almost nearly 80% of Americans who have a huge target market for drug companies, right? 80%

00:40:42.550 --> 00:40:44.879 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: are overweight or or obese.

00:40:45.240 --> 00:40:50.289 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And they're targeting them with a drug that needs to be injected once a week

00:40:51.200 --> 00:40:55.210 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: for the rest of your life, and it costs $20,000 a year.

00:40:56.790 --> 00:40:57.630 Frank R. Harrison: Now

00:40:57.740 --> 00:41:10.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: there is a benefit to using some of these medications as a jump start. But if people are gonna stay on the rest of their lives, which is what probably is intended just like with diabetes management. These medications are a cardiac pills.

00:41:10.970 --> 00:41:17.289 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Medication is not a cure. Medication doesn't get to the root cause. Medication's important.

00:41:17.380 --> 00:41:22.120 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's necessary in certain situations, but we start with habits. First.

00:41:22.370 --> 00:41:23.710 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: their nutrition.

00:41:24.440 --> 00:41:25.570 Frank R. Harrison: then

00:41:25.690 --> 00:41:28.190 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: supplements down here. Medication.

00:41:28.480 --> 00:41:36.689 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Health care is non-health care because they're not focusing on that. They're focusing on really sick care. There. How do we manage people

00:41:36.950 --> 00:41:45.289 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: with medications? And that to me, not that there is. There is a place for medications, but it shouldn't be the first line of defense, and that's

00:41:45.310 --> 00:41:56.649 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that is to me the biggest paradigm shift that I want to get people to be aware of, so that they can look at their health and look at that. They don't need to be the average 50 to 60 year old

00:41:56.780 --> 00:41:59.399 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: who's on 7 medications? The United States?

00:42:00.390 --> 00:42:03.390 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly. It does not have to happen.

00:42:03.510 --> 00:42:13.919 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Why? Because there's a way to be accountable without letting the food companies who are manufacturing foods to get you to eat, more of them to be.

00:42:14.560 --> 00:42:22.880 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: but realize that. But there's be when you become self-aware, learn that you can find ways to

00:42:23.030 --> 00:42:24.940 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: eliminate those cues.

00:42:25.190 --> 00:42:29.950 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: How do you make a habit happen? You have to make the queue easy.

00:42:30.070 --> 00:42:41.079 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, how do you break a habit? You make the queue difficult or the trigger difficult. So if you want to get up and exercise, put your sneakers in your gym clothes right next to you.

00:42:41.490 --> 00:42:52.010 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: right at your best, but when you get up right there right there to put on some people I know even will wear their clothes to work out to sleep in right whatever makes it easy.

00:42:52.570 --> 00:43:03.450 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: But if you've got a cookie jar that's on your counter. you're always gonna know the cookies are there. But what if you put the cookies up on the top shelf? Or, better yet, you say, if I want a cookie.

00:43:03.670 --> 00:43:20.410 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I gotta go to the supermarket to go buy it or the bakery, and only when it's open so that you don't make it easy. You don't keep the ice cream in the freezer. You make it packed with yourself, saying, if I want ice cream, I'm gonna go where I want it. And this is what I'm gonna order, and I'm gonna make sure that I do it only this frequently.

00:43:20.730 --> 00:43:26.720 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because it's just this once that I won't. That matters. not just this. I'll cheat

00:43:27.210 --> 00:43:32.400 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: cause that cheating attitude. There's no such thing as cheating when you're intentional.

00:43:33.320 --> 00:43:34.070 Frank R. Harrison: right?

00:43:34.400 --> 00:43:49.680 Frank R. Harrison: A lot of people are just programmed by by the system, the society, their work time, whatever whatever's going on to just automatically go seek when they crave rather than even think about it. They don't take the time to think and process the reaction. They just go by the impulse.

00:43:49.760 --> 00:43:52.300 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, that's why self awareness is so important.

00:43:52.770 --> 00:44:13.369 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly. And speaking of which about impulses, we have one final break, I'm going to try to show more of the Hilton pictures. But, more importantly, I'm going to talk more about Frank about health, and where we're going after this episode ends tonight. So that all being said, please stay tuned on this episode of Frank about health right here on talk radio, Nyc, Facebook twitch

00:44:13.400 --> 00:44:16.349 Frank R. Harrison: Linkedin and Youtube. We'll be back in a few.

00:46:20.200 --> 00:46:45.409 Frank R. Harrison: everybody I just shown you a little bit of the Hilton photos. But you know what you can check them out yourself on the Internet. There's so many Hilton's around there. But Hilton is gonna become more activated as a partner starting in April. And we shall see how that morphs with the way we do our shows. Whether we're in person. I really like a lot of that, especially the few that I've done with Karen live as well as

00:46:45.660 --> 00:46:59.530 Frank R. Harrison: You know, any other projects that I've been working on. That's a hint right out there, I guess, for those of you remembering a show that I recently did with Emily Emily Shulman. We're actually working on a side project that is going to

00:46:59.530 --> 00:47:21.019 Frank R. Harrison: really expand the narrative of what Frank about health is as an advocacy platform, not just within talk radio dot Nyc, but also within the various networks of people that we are trying to reach here at Nyu Langone. Health, for example, what we are doing with Hilton, and among other communities that we are going to be outreaching to and really doing more advocacy work of the rest of 2024,

00:47:21.020 --> 00:47:35.329 Frank R. Harrison: that all being said, I wanted to close that segment by showing again the book that Evan has just introduced, and he just discussed in the last segment about especially, and how we have to look at the way we create our habits and our intention, how we

00:47:35.360 --> 00:47:47.790 Frank R. Harrison: take in the right foods at the right time, when we're also really hungry and not just out of habitual eating, and maintain our our heart health as well as other health related issues, like diabetes and stuff.

00:47:47.980 --> 00:47:50.370 Frank R. Harrison: But that all being, said, Evan.

00:47:50.540 --> 00:47:55.819 Frank R. Harrison: why don't you now just talk about exactly what proats can do for

00:47:55.850 --> 00:47:57.640 Frank R. Harrison: future heart health

00:47:57.830 --> 00:48:04.480 clients, or I wouldn't call them patients, I guess, like the way you work with them is more on a client relationship, correct.

00:48:05.730 --> 00:48:07.510 unmute.

00:48:09.710 --> 00:48:17.619 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I love that. The mute button. Okay. So you know, like I said, before, I work with

00:48:17.910 --> 00:48:28.650 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: business owners, leaders who and and any entrepreneur who are as they're climbing that ladder to success, they leave their health behind because they thought they had to.

00:48:28.770 --> 00:48:40.820 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it becomes less of a priority. So part of what I do with my pro attitudes is, I help them create a lifestyle that includes their health. and we do that by first.

00:48:40.910 --> 00:48:48.169 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The idea is, how do you become aware? Well, we do a lifestyle challenge assessment. It looks at 7 key areas of their life

00:48:48.500 --> 00:48:56.179 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that they're not aware of where they're having the most challenges, and it will bubble usually 3 to 5 of those

00:48:56.320 --> 00:48:58.240 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: key areas are going to

00:48:58.520 --> 00:49:10.419 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: come to the top. And those are the things that I'm gonna tackle first. So they're gonna see everything else is gonna fall into place. I also have an inner critic quiz which they can take, which is gonna identify. Who is it?

00:49:10.490 --> 00:49:27.939 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You know, the one person we talk to more than anybody every day is ourselves. And if it's negative, which what the default is. it's preventing you from doing all the things that you want to do. It's preventing you from being the person you truly want to be. So. If we can identify who that inner critic is.

00:49:28.010 --> 00:49:33.929 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: see where it came from and how to quiet it and help develop your inner coach.

00:49:34.350 --> 00:49:41.720 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Okay, like the Yoga sitting on my shoulder shoulder. We all have that inner coach that we can develop a kinder

00:49:42.220 --> 00:49:58.520 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: way of talking to ourselves and to encourage us to change. You're gonna start seeing that you're gonna be able to eat the way that you want to eat, you're gonna be able to do the exercises that you want to increase the activities that are going to help you get back to being

00:49:58.890 --> 00:50:08.649 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: more mobile right? Part of the challenge as people get older, it's all about freedom. Do you really want to spend the last 10 years of your life managing a chronic illness.

00:50:09.350 --> 00:50:13.540 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you know. That's like the to me. The the worst thing could possibly happen.

00:50:14.140 --> 00:50:32.150 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What if you could reduce the risk of that happening so that you could spend the time with the grandkids, travel the world, eat at the restaurants that you want to eat at and also be. Have the freedom to do all of the things that you want to do. That's part of them come up with a plan of how to get there

00:50:32.300 --> 00:50:49.859 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and it. And it really work with people during groups. I work with them, one on one or I have a do it yourself intentional health program that they can take going through my online program. And all of it is to help people live the life that we've always dreamed of one choice at a time.

00:50:52.000 --> 00:50:55.099 Frank R. Harrison: So would you say that the people that you see

00:50:55.710 --> 00:50:58.899 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I'm sorry I missed that part. Say that again. It's all about habits.

00:51:00.450 --> 00:51:16.619 Frank R. Harrison: It's all about habits exactly. Now. That would you say that the people you see that may come to you with a cardiac issue, also have diabetes at the same time, would you say a majority of them have that, or they are distinct people that you see, you'll see the diabetic, patient

00:51:17.630 --> 00:51:33.169 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: metabolic conditions right now. The metabolic syndrome will lead to heart disease, diabetes, even cancer and Alzheimer's. So it's people think there's all these separate diseases. But doctors want to treat illness so they'll

00:51:33.240 --> 00:51:39.349 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they'll label them, but they are finding that there are root causes, and these root causes are from

00:51:39.530 --> 00:51:42.249 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: our activity, our mindset

00:51:42.280 --> 00:51:45.749 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and our diet that if we can get back to

00:51:45.760 --> 00:52:05.530 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: really focusing on those root causes, we can prevent or reduce how quickly these metabolic diseases occur and ravage our bodies, we can actually reverse time. There are longevity experts. Dr. Peter. Atia. Okay.

00:52:05.530 --> 00:52:24.210 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: not. Dr. Eagleman. All of these doctors that are working. And Andrew Huberman has been interviewing. If you anybody wants to watch a really wonderful podcast somebody who's been interviewing a lot of these doctors so you can get it first. It's Andrew Huberman, the Huberman lab.

00:52:24.330 --> 00:52:31.030 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: He's on Youtube. He's on spotify, it's on apple podcasting. It's really fascinating.

00:52:31.100 --> 00:52:45.900 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's coming out so quickly. The information now, instead of it just coming through research that takes so long to get disseminated to the the actual media. It's coming from the horse's mouth now, right from the researchers really fascinating at the stuff

00:52:46.030 --> 00:53:01.269 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: on the microbiome. The the idea of how our brains are live wired in neuroplasticity and how sleep is so important. Sleep is a big part of health, too. So all of these things are

00:53:01.540 --> 00:53:05.370 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: incorporate it into my program so that you don't have to do all the work.

00:53:05.680 --> 00:53:11.890 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: so that I think it's simple, and I make it easy making it so that you're you're making a commitment

00:53:12.460 --> 00:53:17.240 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to 3 things every week. and that that allows you to see change.

00:53:17.630 --> 00:53:32.760 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: The whole idea is to not be stuck. So many people are stuck because they keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. And when I all I want people to do is to stop imitating what they did yesterday go deeper, stop

00:53:32.800 --> 00:53:47.699 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: hurting themselves and start taking better care of themselves. Because, I said before. discipline is the highest form of self-love. So really people have to start loving themselves more, and then we can start seeing a healthier society.

00:53:48.680 --> 00:54:17.259 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Yes, absolutely. Now I do see, obviously being part of pro attitudes over the last couple of months, that during the week you have your own. I don't know if it's webinar series or podcast series going on through linkedin and Youtube. Would you like to tell the viewers every Wednesday 11 Am. Eastern time. I do a Linkedin live, and anybody can go on and and sign up for that. I also do a Facebook live. It's within my Facebook group.

00:54:17.390 --> 00:54:23.500 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I'm it's a private group. But anybody can join. It's called optimized health for leaders.

00:54:23.920 --> 00:54:35.199 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Come down and it's B. 3 pro at B 3 pro attitudes. So that's my lingo, my handle on Instagram and on Facebook. I'm also on Tiktok.

00:54:35.270 --> 00:54:39.560 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I write every day on all of these meetings, including Linkedin.

00:54:40.280 --> 00:54:42.030 Frank R. Harrison: Awesome, awesome

00:54:42.190 --> 00:55:03.110 Frank R. Harrison: overall. II know that you really take care of more than just the heart, but being that it is cardiac awareness month. Would you have any last words for those potential pro attitudes, members that are dealing with cardiac issues? And what would you say is the most severe cardiac issue that they could really use your guidance on.

00:55:03.830 --> 00:55:08.880 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I think the biggest issue today is that people feel completely powerless to change

00:55:08.900 --> 00:55:18.400 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that. If you just decide to make one small change, what is the one thing that you could do today, based on everything I just talked about with Frank

00:55:18.550 --> 00:55:23.059 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: if you did it with a hundred percent commitment and a hundred percent integrity.

00:55:23.100 --> 00:55:27.810 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: not what you should do, but what you can do. And you did it every day this week

00:55:27.920 --> 00:55:39.920 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I guarantee you guarantee you. By the end of next week you're going to feel differently. Let's say you get up and go for a walk for 10 min. Let's say you decide to delay eating

00:55:40.090 --> 00:56:01.159 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: so that you give your body a chance to digest what you ate the night before, and you're you end up getting better blood or con control. What if you gave up soda? And you said I'm going to drink water instead? All of those things. It could be very simple commitments. What if you focused on the stress stress to me is probably the biggest issue killing Americans today?

00:56:01.540 --> 00:56:10.000 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: If you just focused on breathing. just taking 2 sips of breath in through your nose and blowing out through your mouth.

00:56:11.770 --> 00:56:22.719 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: That's called a physiological sigh. That's a physiological way to stop the stress response. It's a pattern interrupt for your body, and if you did it 2 or 3 times.

00:56:22.790 --> 00:56:25.029 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you're going to notice you're going to feel better.

00:56:25.230 --> 00:56:38.569 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Also notice, it becomes a habit to continue doing it, even if you didn't plan on it. Umhm, so it's I could tell you the 3 changes I've already made in working with you every day. I have a full bottle, 60,

00:56:38.580 --> 00:56:57.029 Frank R. Harrison: not gallon, 6 60 ounces of water that I make sure is gone within 3 or 4 h. That's wonderful. Now I know you recommended 100, but II depends on. If with what you can do right, and then you increase it until you say I can't do anymore

00:56:57.230 --> 00:57:04.949 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: is really important, especially with hard help to stay hydrated. It's very important, right also, to make sure you're eating

00:57:04.960 --> 00:57:34.209 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: healthy fats like avocado and nuts, and watching the highly refined seed oils, which is the stuff like Mozola, or the highly refined oils that are out there. Extra virgin olive oil is very much the healthiest oil that we know out there right now, related to the Mediterranean diet. That's the diet that I'm closest to is the Mediterranean style diet, and it again, you'll find all of that in the habits of healthy eating in my book.

00:57:36.130 --> 00:58:05.540 Frank R. Harrison: Alright. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are about to close the show, but I have to tell you that pro attitudes has been working with me. It's still in a slow trajectory. But it's happening. I highly recommend looking at his website and getting a copy of that book and and going through the surveys and quizzes to probably start working with him and improving, not just your overall heart health, but your overall nutrition. And if you have other related health issues that you can obviously get concern over, especially your mental health. That all being said.

00:58:05.540 --> 00:58:19.050 Frank R. Harrison: we're stay tuned for tomorrow's slate of shows right here on talk radio. Nyc, starting at 10 A. M. With Tommy D. In philanthropy and focus, and at 110'clock, ending out the week with Stephen Fry, and always Friday

00:58:19.050 --> 00:58:45.229 Frank R. Harrison: next Tuesday you'll see Dr. Mira Branko with the hard skills. And next Thursday, after the conscious consultant and Sam Leibowitz, you will see me again on another episode of frank about health. And I'm just gonna say, if you want to know what it's about, stay tuned. Everybody. Thank you for being right here on talk radio, Nyc. And all of our socials. If you have any comments or questions for me, Frank R. Harrison, one at Gmail, Com.

00:58:45.790 --> 00:58:50.459 Frank R. Harrison: Evan, Messen, you can get him at Evanet. Pro correct.

00:58:50.620 --> 00:59:00.070 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's Evan atporatitis com. And I also subscribe to my Youtube channel. I have a 21 day challenge that I just posted there to help with whiting. Nina, critic.

00:59:00.700 --> 00:59:21.160 Frank R. Harrison: Awesome, awesome. And yeah, the inner critic. Basically, it became negative for some reason or another. But you wanna turn it into the positive, because, as he said, throughout the hour, discipline is the highest form of self love. So we're gonna discipline the night out by checking out and see you all again next week. Thanks again. See you soon.

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