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Thursday, February 15, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/15 - A.I. In Healthcare

Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/15 - A.I. In Healthcare


2024/02/15 - A.I. In Healthcare

[NEW EPISODE] A.I. In Healthcare

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)            


Morry Zelcovitch will explain the basic elements of Artificial Intelligence including the benefits, limitations and innovations in Healthcare. The audience will get an education on some of the software including perplexity, grammerly and ChatGPT.  

Morry Zelcovitch returns to Frank About Health to discuss Artificial Intelligence and the potential impact it has in healthcare. We will discuss A.I. as it relates to brain health, cardiac health and do a recap on his technology that he uses for brain entrainment and discuss his involvement in the new technology.  We will also discuss the opportunities, limitations and restrictions.


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00:00:51.830 --> 00:01:14.409 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody, and welcome to a very special episode of Frank about health. What makes this special Number one? It is being recorded while it's live stream as well. But it's being recorded on my mobile phone, because, unfortunately, technology has not been a friend of mine for the last few weeks. But how fitting than to talk about a I and health care

00:01:14.410 --> 00:01:25.680 Frank R. Harrison: on this show with Mauri Zalkovich, where we're going to look at the technology and the innovations of the future. I guess in order to make this a very streamless and seamless show.

00:01:25.750 --> 00:01:53.649 Frank R. Harrison: meaning stream, less in terms of difficulties. I had to have it on my mobile spot, because the 5G. Has more bandwidth than my natural desktop. Where that has been resolved, there will be a new computer at work next week. But, more importantly, if you had heard my previous show, which was on the introduction of cardiac Health Awareness Month with Karen Ross and Rita Grey. I had said I was going to be in Cleveland's Hilton Hotel

00:01:53.690 --> 00:02:20.249 Frank R. Harrison: with Maury, and unfortunately due to technical difficulties. We're here at Nyu Langone, but you know what Hilton is a family member of mine now, so they'll take a look at us in future shows. We just wanted to give you the AI story for cardiac awareness month. I'm wearing my my colors and just wanna be able to have Maury, who's been on the show before discussing about the Mori method. We talked about Alzheimer's disease.

00:02:20.760 --> 00:02:39.310 Frank R. Harrison: We talked about using bone conduction headphones for people with sleep disorders. We've talked about a sound and audio and video files that are used to help with brain and trainment. But he now is an expert in AI, and I just knew that after attending some of the webinars that he has been conducting over the last few months.

00:02:39.620 --> 00:02:51.159 Frank R. Harrison: that he has to be on this show and educate us on AI. So we're going to fit it into the healthcare story and in particular cardiac care. But because of his neurological experience, we'll talk about

00:02:51.300 --> 00:03:03.500 Frank R. Harrison: neurological health and other kinds of hard other kinds of health issues that AI is going to be innovative in the future. But let's issue this disclaimer, Maury. I know this is the most exciting part of the show.

00:03:03.600 --> 00:03:26.489 Frank R. Harrison: Any of the topics and information that is shared on this discussion or during this hour, is food for thought not meant to dissuade you from ongoing treatments, ongoing medications, ongoing discussions with your Pcp. Primary care. Physician or any specialist. Please do not take any of the dialogue that Maury and I share, as us, instructing you what to believe and what not to believe.

00:03:26.510 --> 00:03:27.830 Frank R. Harrison: And if you don't.

00:03:27.950 --> 00:03:50.650 Frank R. Harrison: there are other podcasts to watch. But if you do know that this could be food for thought to help you in your ongoing treatment protocol, they're not the views of talk radio, Dot, Nyc. Or a Frank about health, but they are the views of the discussion that Maury and I will share in the next hour. That all being said Maury. Welcome back to Frank about health. This is show number 6 for you, and I want you to just take off from

00:03:50.650 --> 00:04:01.499 Frank R. Harrison: the way that you presented yourself with the webinar that I last saw you add on Tuesday, and tell me what you know, that AI is going to be bringing to the healthcare space in 2024.

00:04:02.690 --> 00:04:13.849 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, hello, everybody, and Frank, thank you so much for having me back again. I certainly appreciate it. I feel like I should be getting a desk for myself now at New at Nyc. Langone.

00:04:13.910 --> 00:04:19.639 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I need my own little office there, I think half a dozen times it qualifies me as a member.

00:04:19.690 --> 00:04:27.370 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So again, Hello, everybody. you know AI is interesting because

00:04:27.520 --> 00:04:32.300 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: people either think it's the best thing in the world, or they think it's the end of the world.

00:04:33.490 --> 00:04:36.410 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And it's like anything else.

00:04:36.590 --> 00:04:43.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know. A car can be a wonderful device. You can use it to drive you to a restaurant or to a hospital, if you need care.

00:04:43.890 --> 00:04:53.119 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You can use it to take you on a holiday. You can also use it to drive through a restaurant and run a whole bunch of people over.

00:04:53.360 --> 00:05:02.150 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's not the car itself that is bad. It's not AI itself that is bad. It is the person who's instructing it, who's using it.

00:05:02.230 --> 00:05:05.799 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Their intention is basically what is expressed.

00:05:06.840 --> 00:05:14.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I want people to realize that there was a time before electricity. I'm sure nobody here who's listening to this remembers that time.

00:05:14.770 --> 00:05:22.149 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But there is a time before electricity. I don't remember that time, either, despite the fact, I looked like I used to ride a dinosaur to work in back.

00:05:22.380 --> 00:05:23.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So

00:05:23.540 --> 00:05:34.769 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the thing is that we really manifest what we think we see and what we think we see, we see because of our opinions that we form in our brain.

00:05:34.990 --> 00:05:53.639 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So the most important thing to remember is that when electricity made its debut, everyone thought that was the end of the world. When cars made their debut, everyone thought that was the end of the world. When computers came along, everybody thought, oh, oh, now we're gonna lose all all ability to communicate with each other

00:05:54.050 --> 00:05:57.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: when smartphones came along. Blah! Blah! Blah!

00:05:57.560 --> 00:06:04.410 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: When this came along, hey? Those of you who are alive and the year 2,000, when it switched over

00:06:04.860 --> 00:06:12.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: there used to be a thing called Y. 2 K. Everybody thought the whole world's gonna stop working because computers don't know how to switch to a new millennium.

00:06:13.990 --> 00:06:18.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: which was dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. Quite frankly.

00:06:18.600 --> 00:06:25.969 Frank R. Harrison: even back then, when I was living that time, it was just blew me away. I remember I had a really garbage computer.

00:06:26.110 --> 00:06:34.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: an old, old, old monochrome. Believe it or not, folks. There was monitors that had like gold lettering and green background.

00:06:34.230 --> 00:06:36.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's what the Monitor looked like. Right?

00:06:36.780 --> 00:06:42.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah. And I remember I sat around with a bunch of my friends, and we popped open a bunch of beers and everything.

00:06:42.790 --> 00:06:49.960 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And we set my computer to 10 min to midnight, 20 or the year 2,000,

00:06:50.290 --> 00:06:52.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: 1999.

00:06:52.380 --> 00:06:56.200 Frank R. Harrison: And we all sat there drinking beer, watching my computer. This was like

00:06:56.810 --> 00:07:02.389 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: months and months before the actual year changed over. And my piece of crap computer kept working

00:07:04.230 --> 00:07:11.430 Frank R. Harrison: and did, what did it have? 00, or how? How did it? No, I went to the year 2,000 it changed to 2,000. Everything kept working. Everything was fine.

00:07:11.650 --> 00:07:18.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So obviously it was a lot of fear mongering, because I can't believe that I was the only person who did that. You would think the high price

00:07:18.870 --> 00:07:21.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: technicians and engineers, and

00:07:21.540 --> 00:07:33.769 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: at Ibm. And all these different companies would have done that, too, just to see. But no, they were panicking everybody, cause that's what sells right? Yeah, I can sell you a kit on how to survive the world when there's an apocalypse.

00:07:33.780 --> 00:07:36.689 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you'll buy it if I can make you scared enough.

00:07:37.320 --> 00:07:41.629 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's a campaign. That's for sure.

00:07:41.900 --> 00:07:52.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I don't want to get too far off topic. But we're going to talk about how AI is relevant in this world today, and how not only like heart health and heart research.

00:07:52.230 --> 00:07:54.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but it can help with so many things.

00:07:54.590 --> 00:08:07.690 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now, the thing we need to remember is that the human brain is still the ultimate computing device. There's no question about it, but how we operate. We operate based on a get in line, and we'll deal with one thing at a time.

00:08:07.720 --> 00:08:11.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: A. I can deal with hundreds of thousands of things at the same time.

00:08:12.180 --> 00:08:15.289 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That brings the time frame down to next to nothing.

00:08:15.690 --> 00:08:16.510 Frank R. Harrison: Right?

00:08:16.980 --> 00:08:23.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And we're going to see cures in 4 or 5 years that we may not have seen for 4 or 500 years.

00:08:24.360 --> 00:08:27.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We're gonna move ahead in our technology.

00:08:27.100 --> 00:08:36.390 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, whatever we think is cool now, or fascinating now, or Star Trek now is nothing compared to what we're going to see

00:08:36.400 --> 00:08:40.619 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in the very near future. You know I'm wearing a smartwatch.

00:08:40.799 --> 00:08:45.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I don't know why it's smart. I had to do everything to make it work properly. So it's not that smart, really.

00:08:45.970 --> 00:08:54.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But you know, this thing actually will give me my blood pressure. It'll give me my blood oxygen level. It'll give me my heart rate.

00:08:54.760 --> 00:08:56.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It'll give me my stress levels

00:08:58.010 --> 00:09:03.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: there. They even have some watches now that without pricking you will give you your blood, glucose levels.

00:09:04.290 --> 00:09:12.930 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So anything and everything is possible. It depends on the person starting it off. That's what AI is. AI will do nothing if you don't

00:09:13.390 --> 00:09:15.419 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: give it a reason to do something.

00:09:15.770 --> 00:09:16.680 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So

00:09:17.080 --> 00:09:28.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I've kind of come up with a line that more or less says. I think. therefore, AI. In other words, AI doesn't exist without a human thinking first.

00:09:29.570 --> 00:09:36.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that is the really important thing to remember, and the more a human being thinks first.

00:09:36.400 --> 00:09:39.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the better the result is, gonna be

00:09:39.670 --> 00:09:49.620 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in whatever AI kicks out at you afterwards. And we're gonna kind of look through that a little bit, and I'll demo a little bit by just giving you some quick information

00:09:49.660 --> 00:09:54.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: with how you can use AI and how the world is. Gonna use AI

00:09:54.370 --> 00:10:00.760 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to make our heart health that much better. Now look, we have supposedly real intelligence.

00:10:01.220 --> 00:10:03.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and yet people still smoke.

00:10:03.910 --> 00:10:09.550 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And yet people still binge watch on Netflix 24 HA day, and they don't move.

00:10:09.810 --> 00:10:20.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We know we need to move. Research is showing just walking. not even fast, but walking as little as 4,000 steps a day makes a massive

00:10:20.380 --> 00:10:23.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: difference to your overall. Health and heart health.

00:10:23.550 --> 00:10:26.649 Frank R. Harrison: That's 4,000 steps, that's nothing.

00:10:27.470 --> 00:10:33.279 Frank R. Harrison: I went out for 40 min, and I did 4,000 steps without even thinking about it. Today.

00:10:34.820 --> 00:10:40.479 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Got a little fresh air, too, before the snow came. By the way, we're in the middle of what is called a snowstorm.

00:10:40.970 --> 00:10:46.170 Frank R. Harrison: Don't feel bad for me, cause I looked out the window just a little while ago, and it was stunningly beautiful.

00:10:46.800 --> 00:10:49.789 Frank R. Harrison: So the reason why I bring that up

00:10:49.980 --> 00:11:00.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: is because how we look at things defines how we feel about things defines how we react to things correct what stresses? One person out makes someone else happy

00:11:01.450 --> 00:11:05.639 Frank R. Harrison:  so not just choose to be happy right

00:11:05.930 --> 00:11:15.540 Frank R. Harrison: correct correct. I just want to bring a point of what you're saying like with the Y 2 K example, and even just what you said about. I think, therefore, A. I.

00:11:15.630 --> 00:11:16.840 Frank R. Harrison: It's really

00:11:16.890 --> 00:11:40.890 Frank R. Harrison: our responsibility to provide the input in order to reach the maximum efficacy that a I can bring, especially in health care. And I guess people who are afraid of it. They're probably just not trusting themselves in what they're going to tell a I to do, or they're probably afraid of even learning what a I is for believing in the hype or the negative hype, if you will, and just deciding that

00:11:40.890 --> 00:11:56.209 Frank R. Harrison: therefore it's negative, and it's not something to really look at. It's cycles who stay away. Now, if people own their own brain literally and figuratively, then realize that they are in control of what they want to get from a new source of innovation or technology.

00:11:56.250 --> 00:12:17.900 Frank R. Harrison: then that should bring about positivity and confidence, and then therefore use it as a friend or companion rather than some evil maniacal threat to the future. That's it. There used to be iron smiths on every corner, you know. Everyone rode around on a horse, and they needed horseshoes or people making horseshoes, and then horses, and they don't exist anymore.

00:12:18.640 --> 00:12:25.439 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: There used to be a lot of businesses that existed, but don't exist anymore because of advances.

00:12:26.230 --> 00:12:36.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So this is nature. This is natural, you know, people still work. Yes, they have other jobs. Now, that's all you re-educate, you relearn, you move on.

00:12:37.210 --> 00:12:39.039 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: This is not a bad thing.

00:12:39.590 --> 00:12:41.829 Frank R. Harrison: AI is there

00:12:41.850 --> 00:12:44.379 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to help, because it was designed by people

00:12:45.250 --> 00:12:57.350 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and people design everything to make a difference, even those so-called like, I don't believe in evil. I don't believe in good. Those are just definitions that we give to things. I think

00:12:57.800 --> 00:13:00.770 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that if I look at something as a positive

00:13:01.140 --> 00:13:04.419 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: as a benefit, then I will be able to use it that way

00:13:04.760 --> 00:13:12.950 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: if I look at it, and I'm afraid of it. I won't use it that way, and I won't even use it. You see, when I was talking about the whole Iron Smith thing.

00:13:13.800 --> 00:13:21.519 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: People who don't see the value or don't see the opportunity or allow themselves to be afraid of artificial intelligence

00:13:21.640 --> 00:13:25.470 Frank R. Harrison: are ripping themselves off. They're not ripping anyone else off.

00:13:26.090 --> 00:13:34.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Dinosaurs used to dominate the planet. Then came an asteroid, and now they don't dominate the planet. Well, things like computers, things like smartphones, things like AI

00:13:35.280 --> 00:13:39.909 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: can be considered little mini asteroids hitting the earth.

00:13:40.230 --> 00:13:42.270 Frank R. Harrison: And we can adopt

00:13:43.040 --> 00:13:44.199 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or we can die.

00:13:45.290 --> 00:13:49.319 Frank R. Harrison: Well, we're gonna have to. Now.

00:13:49.630 --> 00:14:14.020 Frank R. Harrison: a exactly. I was just gonna say we're gonna have to adapt right now to the 2 min break that has been imposed upon us. Now, ladies and gentlemen, normally, at this point I would probably, during the commercial break, show you a picture of the Hilton that we stayed at last week. That would have been the place of the show, or I could show you Maurice website. But I'm on my mobile phone. So you'll just see our faces instead. At least, that's true. And not

00:14:14.020 --> 00:14:43.620 Frank R. Harrison: AI in action. So that being said, please stay tuned, as we will cover in the next 2 segments about 2 particular AI technologies that have been talked about in mass media, and that will be very instrumental in the healthcare space over the coming year and beyond. As right here as we are being frank about AI with Maurice on talk radio dot, Nyc and on our Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and twitch feeds. So please stay tuned. We'll be back in a few.

00:16:58.060 --> 00:17:02.469 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, hey, everybody welcome back!

00:17:02.580 --> 00:17:19.650 Frank R. Harrison: I actually lost the oh, there, I am sorry about that. Welcome back to segment. 2 of this episode of Frank about health. Now, AI is involved in all areas of life. We all know that. But this is called frank about health. So we want to talk about healthcare

00:17:19.650 --> 00:17:34.320 Frank R. Harrison: in particular, and I gather we can talk about it from first the cardiac perspective, then the neurological as the primary drivers. Or we can talk about it from the particular types of A I software and systems and then apply it

00:17:34.350 --> 00:17:44.990 Frank R. Harrison: to the healthcare issue. So that being, said, Maury, I will let you dictate the direction of how we talk about AI and healthcare. Do we talk about the system first, or the

00:17:45.000 --> 00:17:47.720 Frank R. Harrison: or the the condition?

00:17:48.490 --> 00:17:51.849 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, I think it's best to let AI take the lead here

00:17:52.570 --> 00:18:05.249 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and tell us what to do instead, because it thinks on many more levels than I do. And even though I'm pretty smart. It blows me out of the water quite literally. So what I'd like to do is I'd like to share my screen.

00:18:05.490 --> 00:18:09.269 Frank R. Harrison: In a second everyone should be able to see my screen. There it is.

00:18:09.740 --> 00:18:19.009 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I have prewritten a very simple, prompt here. So for those of you that aren't familiar with AI or not. That familiar a prompt is simply asking someone a question.

00:18:19.350 --> 00:18:31.129 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that's all it is. You're prompting something to give you an answer. So the prompt I'm using now is, please give me 10 ways that AI can help with medical research, particularly in the field of heart, health and research.

00:18:31.250 --> 00:18:34.159 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So what I'm doing is. This is an app

00:18:34.320 --> 00:18:36.040 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: called perplexity.

00:18:37.040 --> 00:18:40.600 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And for everyone out there who uses Google, stop.

00:18:41.370 --> 00:18:44.480 Frank R. Harrison: Perplexity is the ultimate research tool.

00:18:45.290 --> 00:18:57.560 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Google will give me a bunch of web pages. As you can see, perplexity is actually answering my question. Now the interesting thing is, and when it's finished I'm going to show you a few things that are quite interesting.

00:18:57.890 --> 00:19:00.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because AI is very much like a person.

00:19:00.620 --> 00:19:17.280 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: AI is very similar to human beings. What I mean by that is, it is flawed like you would not believe it makes mistakes. It says things that aren't true. It does all kinds of stuff. Now, here's why perplexity is the place to be when you're doing research

00:19:17.300 --> 00:19:18.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because perplexity.

00:19:19.070 --> 00:19:28.439 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I asked the question. Please give me a list of 10 ways that AI can help with medical research, particularly in the field of harsh health and research. That's what I wrote that's called a prompt.

00:19:29.400 --> 00:19:30.549 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the answer.

00:19:30.930 --> 00:19:40.499 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It has the potential to revolutionize medical research, particularly in the field of heart health and research. Here are 10 ways AI can contribute to advancements in this critical area.

00:19:40.910 --> 00:19:44.100 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So you'll notice early detection of heart disease

00:19:44.200 --> 00:19:55.639 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: AI algorithms. I'm not gonna read everything but the first one I'll read. So AI algorithms can identify disease patterns invisible to the naked eye, enabling the early detection of conditions like hypertrophic

00:19:55.680 --> 00:20:07.320 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: cardio, my myopathy! Oh, I got that out without my tongue tying in a knot and cardiac. I'molidosis. which are often difficult to diagnose. These are based on people who have to read

00:20:08.250 --> 00:20:16.620 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: like like like X-rays and ultrasounds. And all these different things. Now you'll notice that there's little one at the end of here.

00:20:16.700 --> 00:20:19.509 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If I click that one. What happens is

00:20:19.700 --> 00:20:27.550 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it takes me to the source for that information. So now I can check and make sure it's not some person

00:20:27.690 --> 00:20:32.359 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: living in their parents basement pretending that they know what they're talking about.

00:20:32.710 --> 00:20:37.980 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: This is actually from Cedar Sinai, a legitimate high quality

00:20:39.090 --> 00:20:40.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: hospital.

00:20:40.730 --> 00:20:42.740 Frank R. Harrison: actually, a research hospital, too.

00:20:43.120 --> 00:20:49.909 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So it tells you, new artificial intelligence tool detects often overlooked heart diseases. Think about that heart health

00:20:50.580 --> 00:20:54.150 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right now. We require people to read our

00:20:54.460 --> 00:20:59.549 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: results. Maybe they miss things more than likely they miss things.

00:21:00.040 --> 00:21:15.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: A. I won't miss the smallest cellular granular level of something before I even have a heart problem. It can say, Maury, you're have. You have the beginnings of this heart problem. You don't feel anything. You're not gonna feel anything for 10 years.

00:21:15.460 --> 00:21:19.640 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but it knows it's there. I can be treated today.

00:21:19.870 --> 00:21:23.680 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I never have to experience that issue tomorrow.

00:21:24.170 --> 00:21:29.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: A. I is impressive, impressive, impressive. That information now has credibility

00:21:30.650 --> 00:21:31.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because

00:21:32.500 --> 00:21:37.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it was done at a legitimate research hospital that everyone's heard of.

00:21:38.560 --> 00:21:41.020 Frank R. Harrison: You can check out this stuff

00:21:41.060 --> 00:21:49.659 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: going back. We have other things. It improves diagnostic accuracy. Here's something. I heard recently that AI

00:21:49.730 --> 00:21:56.529 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: went over research results of over 50 medications that were this close to being released.

00:21:56.780 --> 00:22:01.290 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They've all been cancelled because a I found massive flaws in the research

00:22:01.490 --> 00:22:03.880 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and in the interpretation of the research.

00:22:04.640 --> 00:22:07.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So think of all the people whose lives have been saved.

00:22:07.730 --> 00:22:08.580 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: who's

00:22:08.810 --> 00:22:16.890 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: issues that they aren't going to have now because they didn't take a pill or a needle or a procedure that would have hurt them

00:22:17.000 --> 00:22:26.299 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: now. They're not getting that. So AI doesn't just help in diagnosing and helping, but it helps in stopping people from doing things that might be bad for them as well

00:22:26.650 --> 00:22:33.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: risk prediction again, I'm not gonna read everything that's there. Diagnostic radiology. People have to read

00:22:34.280 --> 00:22:35.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: film.

00:22:35.700 --> 00:22:39.459 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They miss things. They misinterpret something as a shadow.

00:22:39.730 --> 00:22:49.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: when, in fact, it might be a tumor. Sometimes they'll misinterpret a shadow. As a tumor. AI has a much higher success rate at accurately

00:22:49.560 --> 00:22:54.659 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: predicting and diagnosing and identifying the difference between a tumor and a shadow.

00:22:54.950 --> 00:22:55.850 Frank R. Harrison: Well.

00:22:56.080 --> 00:22:57.580 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it can predict

00:22:57.590 --> 00:23:02.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: heart failure. You can put in data specific to a person.

00:23:04.020 --> 00:23:07.000 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay, you can literally tailor

00:23:07.370 --> 00:23:14.509 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: specific treatment protocols, medicines. You can quite literally create a medicine just for that one person.

00:23:15.450 --> 00:23:18.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because everybody is different. Just imagine

00:23:18.910 --> 00:23:29.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the differences I mean, half the time. All we hear about is how the cure is what killed someone. Cancer didn't kill this person. It was the radiation. It was this. It was that

00:23:29.830 --> 00:23:30.670 Frank R. Harrison: right?

00:23:31.120 --> 00:23:37.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That kind of a failure of the Medical Society is very close to being past tense.

00:23:38.280 --> 00:23:50.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because AI gives us the ability to see things we couldn't see before. Imagine the electron microscope. Okay, when the electron microscope came into being, we could see things that we didn't even know existed before.

00:23:51.510 --> 00:24:02.529 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because we had a manual microscope. Before before that we had a magnifying glass. Before that we had our eyes. Imagine all the things we can see now because of technology. Well, now, AI

00:24:03.080 --> 00:24:06.079 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: can see even closer, even more granular.

00:24:06.890 --> 00:24:20.410 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: amazing risk prediction, independent validation of models. So it can actually come up with an idea and invalidate itself. It can literally write code and then correct that code when it doesn't work.

00:24:20.760 --> 00:24:26.059 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: These are just 10 things I asked for 10 things, that's all it is. Each and every one of these things

00:24:26.570 --> 00:24:28.280 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: gives you a reference point.

00:24:29.670 --> 00:24:30.810 Frank R. Harrison: Nice

00:24:30.840 --> 00:24:35.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Mayo Clinic. another crappy little place no one's ever heard of.

00:24:37.410 --> 00:24:52.569 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And so that gives me more confidence in perplexity when I do this kind of research, because it's telling me. And it's showing me the sources are legitimate high quality sources of hospitals and clinics that people travel to from all over the planet

00:24:53.360 --> 00:24:56.429 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because they know the quality of the healthcare they're gonna get.

00:24:57.610 --> 00:25:05.469 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: This is something that's available to you at home today. Go perplexity. There's an app in the apple app store. There's an app in the

00:25:05.490 --> 00:25:07.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in the Google store

00:25:07.860 --> 00:25:11.960 Frank R. Harrison: go on line and just use a website like I'm using.

00:25:12.870 --> 00:25:14.449 Frank R. Harrison: So so Corey

00:25:14.750 --> 00:25:21.949 Frank R. Harrison: being that a lot of people have spent the last several months, or even the last year. Talking about chat GPT.

00:25:21.970 --> 00:25:29.319 Frank R. Harrison: How does perplexity compare to chat? GPT. When it comes to health care, information, research, diagnosis, treatment, etc.

00:25:29.660 --> 00:25:31.890 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's the thing. First of all.

00:25:31.910 --> 00:25:39.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Always check everything with your doctor, even if you find stuff that makes sense, take notes and show it to your doctor and say, What do you think of this, Doc?

00:25:39.550 --> 00:25:48.989 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Do you think this applies to me? Cause there might be certain reasons why, something isn't good for you that we don't know, because, you know, perplexity hasn't looked at your medical records.

00:25:49.090 --> 00:25:57.329 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Perplexity is a large language model, that's what they call them so is Chat Gpt. But they're not specifically designed for medical purposes.

00:25:57.530 --> 00:26:04.270 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Hospitals have ais that are designed. Research facilities have AI specifically designed for that kind of research.

00:26:04.850 --> 00:26:08.510 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So they, the research models we see are for the general public.

00:26:08.560 --> 00:26:14.479 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The research models that are being used by hospitals and by clinicians are a very different animal.

00:26:15.590 --> 00:26:28.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: amazing, more advanced than even what we're seeing. So I actually use perplexity and chat Gp in tandem with each other. I even use the new Google version, which is known as

00:26:29.700 --> 00:26:34.139 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Where is Google? I thought it was here. Yeah. Gemini Gemini advanced.

00:26:35.210 --> 00:26:36.340 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, well.

00:26:36.480 --> 00:26:42.249 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so that's the new Google version. It used to be called Bard. and it can even make pictures

00:26:43.470 --> 00:26:48.029 Frank R. Harrison: interesting. So car driving through an old mountain in nature.

00:26:48.160 --> 00:26:59.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So the reason why I'm gonna show you that isn't because, you know, looking at a future car in nature is an exciting thing that has anything to do with health. But we can create models using the research protocols

00:27:00.370 --> 00:27:06.669 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: at a very granular level. So here you go. Here's an example of a picture that it generated just like that

00:27:06.730 --> 00:27:09.410 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: based on my description. What I put in there.

00:27:10.110 --> 00:27:21.989 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Can you show something in terms of heart? A heart being treated on? Or yeah, let's let's see what that can do exactly. That's a good idea. So let's go down to the prompt and say, Please.

00:27:22.430 --> 00:27:29.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I, even now it may not do this. Okay, because it, you know it has limits to what it'll do. But let's see, please

00:27:29.500 --> 00:27:30.640 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: generate.

00:27:31.220 --> 00:27:38.090 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and image of a healthy human heart.

00:27:40.090 --> 00:27:42.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Let's go for photorealistic

00:27:45.140 --> 00:27:47.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: photo realistic.

00:27:50.040 --> 00:27:57.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now let's see if it'll do it. It may not do it because it may think it's not designed for that. Yeah, you see, there you go.

00:27:57.320 --> 00:27:59.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So let me say

00:28:01.130 --> 00:28:02.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: create it

00:28:03.100 --> 00:28:04.570 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: as a

00:28:04.850 --> 00:28:07.089 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: cartoon image.

00:28:07.310 --> 00:28:12.430 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So you see what we're doing. This is this is the kind of thing that will happen in a medical process, too.

00:28:12.620 --> 00:28:20.889 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You try something, you get a result or you don't get a result. And then you have to kinda suggest to kind of nuance it into different areas. There you go.

00:28:21.110 --> 00:28:23.429 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So there's a healthy human part right there.

00:28:23.750 --> 00:28:28.810 Frank R. Harrison: See? You can tell. It's healthy, cause it's smiling, beautiful.

00:28:29.220 --> 00:28:39.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yes, hey? Cartoonie images. So I won't do a realistic lifestyle, you know, like actual, legitimately, looking like a authentic photo, realistic heart

00:28:40.000 --> 00:28:47.619 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because it feels that steps over the boundary. Now, when we get to chat, Gpt in a second, you'll see the chat. Gpt actually

00:28:47.790 --> 00:29:02.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: probably will do that. So let's go. We're about to. We're about to take our second break, Mauri. So let's keep this during the commercial break, you know. Go up and down, start even creating pictures on the Chat Tpt. Side, and then when we get back on the third segment.

00:29:02.400 --> 00:29:25.990 Frank R. Harrison: we'll start to see how the difference between Gemini and Chat G. Ppt can help with all these different pictures, especially when it comes to the heart and even the brain, which is also what we should talk about in the third segment. Okay, so everybody we're be. We're being frank about AI with Mori Zelkovich on this episode of Frank, about health right here on talk radio, dot Nyc and all of our socials. We'll be back in a few. Stay tuned

00:31:27.450 --> 00:31:36.859 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back to this episode of Frank about health. As I told you in the beginning of the show, it was destiny that brought us to recording this from my mobile handset.

00:31:36.860 --> 00:32:00.410 Frank R. Harrison: There are no, there is no way. I would have been able, during the commercial breaks, to show such animation about Chat GPT. And the pictures of the brain that you just saw, not to mention all the other creative elements that you could see AI clearly can provide to you based on what you are looking for. Now this is again a healthcare show. So we have just spent the last segment discussing about the heart, considering it is heart

00:32:00.470 --> 00:32:22.170 Frank R. Harrison: cardiac care, awareness, month. But now, being that Maury is a brain and trainment engineer, and he has been on the show before discussing about how you can control your neural pathways, control your sleeping habit habits at the same time manage your your your brain health to prevent things like Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

00:32:22.170 --> 00:32:32.279 Frank R. Harrison: We're gonna now focus on the brain and see how AI technologies can help in discussing brand health. So again, Maury, I give you the floor.

00:32:35.990 --> 00:32:38.380 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, I guess you need to unmute.

00:32:39.950 --> 00:32:47.119 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah, I was kinda doing something. So basically, so here's a picture of a flying Mouse. By the way.

00:32:47.240 --> 00:32:48.799 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: yeah, I do that, too.

00:32:49.740 --> 00:32:51.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah. So I wanna just point out.

00:32:52.190 --> 00:32:54.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: look at this beautiful picture of the heart. Right?

00:32:54.540 --> 00:32:59.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Do you notice something here. 1, 2, 3, 4,

00:32:59.350 --> 00:33:02.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: 5. It's not accurate.

00:33:03.620 --> 00:33:05.109 Frank R. Harrison: Those are the ventricles

00:33:05.190 --> 00:33:09.609 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: there should. Where there's there's 4 here, 5 here, there should be 4.

00:33:11.340 --> 00:33:16.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So that's my point. Now, these extra special

00:33:17.150 --> 00:33:27.239 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, ais that they use in medical research are far more accurate, but even they have to be careful, and you always have to verify. Everything needs to be verified.

00:33:27.350 --> 00:33:29.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: See the brain. These are way too big.

00:33:30.480 --> 00:33:42.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You have this. You're probably dead. Oh, my God, you know. So the bottom line is. So you see, Chachi, Pt. Has no problem doing a lifelike version.

00:33:42.830 --> 00:33:50.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So the different models have different restrictions. That's why I use. I use Chat Gpt. I use Gemini, and I use perplexity

00:33:50.950 --> 00:33:59.369 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: altogether because they all have weaknesses, and they all have strengths. When we're talking about research, we can actually create.

00:34:01.400 --> 00:34:06.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: we can create situations and circumstances that don't actually exist

00:34:06.290 --> 00:34:20.830 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to see how they exist. We can create videos that show the progression of a disease. and how a certain organ might react to a certain treatment in advance of applying that treatment

00:34:21.810 --> 00:34:29.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: we can put in their diet. Did they smoke? How long did they smoke? For what kind of exercise do they get? Do they exercise? Are they disabled?

00:34:29.969 --> 00:34:32.769 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know? What's their origins? Are they Caucasian.

00:34:33.780 --> 00:34:34.969 Frank R. Harrison: yeah from Europe.

00:34:35.090 --> 00:34:39.689 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: are they from Eurasia, you know? Are they from Africa? All these things

00:34:40.000 --> 00:34:52.569 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: have subtle differences in our physiological makeup that have a bearing on our ability, either you, male or female, they all have varying degrees of influence over what happens and why it happens.

00:34:53.090 --> 00:34:57.509 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, so the A. I's allow for us

00:34:57.850 --> 00:35:03.669 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to test and retest before we have to test it on a person.

00:35:04.200 --> 00:35:09.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know they had that thing not tested on animals for perfumes and hair colors. And

00:35:09.530 --> 00:35:18.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and all these things. Well, we can actually run it through models and algorithms. So we don't need to test on anything. We can test it on human algorithms.

00:35:18.680 --> 00:35:21.980 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We can test it on human. the

00:35:21.990 --> 00:35:30.019 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: kind of like imitation humans. We can take this heart and make it pump and watch where the blood goes, and then we can put a blockage here

00:35:30.460 --> 00:35:36.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and see what happens. and it'll kind of run through a whole protocol based on how the heart behaves.

00:35:36.870 --> 00:35:43.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: What happens if that's blocked, what happens if this is blocked? It makes everything better. It makes everything easier.

00:35:44.240 --> 00:35:49.479 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's where the brain comes in, because it's the brain that thinks up all these things

00:35:49.890 --> 00:35:56.419 Frank R. Harrison: I had to type in. Do this. Oh, it wouldn't do that. Okay, then do this. Then try this, then try that.

00:35:56.480 --> 00:36:07.370 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I can even go and ask. You know it speeds up everything. It even speeds up human. The human being's ability to be involved in the process.

00:36:07.480 --> 00:36:08.640 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: For instance.

00:36:08.700 --> 00:36:17.249 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I was on a summit last month where they asked me to look at 6 h of video on Youtube first. So I'd be prepared.

00:36:17.590 --> 00:36:25.560 Frank R. Harrison: Sorry. But I don't have 6 h to kill on watching video on Youtube. So what I did instead

00:36:26.030 --> 00:36:29.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: was, I used AI

00:36:29.750 --> 00:36:32.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to analyze and summarize the video.

00:36:33.590 --> 00:36:42.909 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I read for 10 min 6 h of summarized video. They had no idea. I never watched the video because I was able to talk about things

00:36:43.090 --> 00:36:52.870 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and mention things that I couldn't have known if I didn't watch the video. But I picked and choose the important stuff and wrote it down for me in bullet form.

00:36:54.390 --> 00:37:01.550 Frank R. Harrison: And this is amazing. My question to you is that being that healthcare is a very important topic for all of us.

00:37:01.880 --> 00:37:15.890 Frank R. Harrison: Will AI be regulated? Especially with all the medical practitioners, doctors, nurses, lab technicians? Or is it going to be a choice of which particular software is most regulated in terms of the information it puts out.

00:37:16.810 --> 00:37:22.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's an excellent question. I think the I think, you know, regulation is funny, because

00:37:23.780 --> 00:37:28.589 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: large language models that make up these ais and that are available publicly.

00:37:28.600 --> 00:37:30.510 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: are relatively easy to regulate.

00:37:30.740 --> 00:37:36.009 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You go to the company, you say we're gonna legislate laws now.

00:37:36.230 --> 00:37:50.759 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and the law says you can do this, but you can't do that. So if someone types in. you know. like, it's like Google, they used, they had things like how to build a nuclear weapon type in how to build a nuclear weapon. And it'll give you instructions on how to build a nuclear weapon.

00:37:51.600 --> 00:37:58.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: AI is a lot more controlled right now than Google is. So you could type in that. And it'll flag you

00:37:59.980 --> 00:38:01.620 Frank R. Harrison: watching you.

00:38:02.030 --> 00:38:04.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So be careful what you search for on AI,

00:38:04.800 --> 00:38:07.890 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because every single thing you put in there

00:38:08.020 --> 00:38:15.079 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: is going into the language model everything that people search. The more powerful AI gets.

00:38:15.260 --> 00:38:20.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it gets more powerful because you're inputting requests and ideas. I did this

00:38:21.270 --> 00:38:22.819 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: a request for a heart.

00:38:23.120 --> 00:38:25.320 Frank R. Harrison: the request for a brain

00:38:25.740 --> 00:38:33.049 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that adds to the model. It makes it more powerful. just like you get stronger when you learn more. When you exercise more

00:38:33.210 --> 00:38:37.709 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you add more muscle to you. AI gets stronger, too, and it gets smarter.

00:38:38.380 --> 00:38:43.489 Frank R. Harrison: Remember that. Don't put any personal information ever into AI.

00:38:43.890 --> 00:38:49.599 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I'm gonna show you. In a few minutes I'm gonna actually have a conversation with AI when Frank asks me to.

00:38:49.630 --> 00:38:56.830 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you gotta be careful what you ask it, because if you give it personal information that personal information becomes public domain

00:38:56.860 --> 00:38:59.389 Frank R. Harrison: right away, it's in the cloud, basically right?

00:38:59.520 --> 00:39:03.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's right. And somebody else's question might actually just

00:39:03.740 --> 00:39:06.159 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: get answered by what you put in.

00:39:07.210 --> 00:39:19.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Oh, wow! So be very, very cautious when it comes to that. But that being said, AI is your friend. Treat it like it's your best friend, and it's your best assistant, and it knows everything you don't know.

00:39:19.440 --> 00:39:30.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and when you want to know something from it, ask it the question and ask it in detail. Assume it's an assistant, so an assistant only does what it's told. so give it all the information you possibly can.

00:39:30.390 --> 00:39:38.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I gave someone I was on a call earlier, and I gave someone a prompt that they could use to do something specific to their business. And the prompt was like

00:39:39.040 --> 00:39:40.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: 40 lines long.

00:39:41.430 --> 00:39:49.420 Frank R. Harrison: Incredible! I couldn't believe it. It was just so long. I said, Well, yeah, the assistant is going to do the work for you, but the assistant needs to know what you want.

00:39:49.510 --> 00:40:05.700 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so let's get every little bit of information you want in there, and then let the assistant go and do the research. Then that's why we use perplexity. So we take portions of it, we put into perplexity. It finds it out. You can even use different things like grammarly is A is the

00:40:05.850 --> 00:40:13.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: never used to be an AI-ish kind of thing, but you can use it to find out if someone wrote something in AI, or if they wrote it themselves.

00:40:14.090 --> 00:40:14.910 Frank R. Harrison: Huh!

00:40:15.070 --> 00:40:27.210 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, almost like for people in in colleges or universities that are writing fraudulent papers, or thesis, or whatever, and you can have grammarly do a reference check before they get is issued their degree.

00:40:27.390 --> 00:40:34.300 Frank R. Harrison: Well, look! When I was a kid doing my essays, I looked through it. Encyclopedia Britannica and I went to libraries.

00:40:34.600 --> 00:40:38.380 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then I reworded what I saw there.

00:40:38.690 --> 00:40:53.649 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And then came computers. So people went to their computer to do the search instead of the library, and then they would take that information, and they'd either cut and paste it in, or they would reword it into their own words. Well, it's the same thing now with AI, AI saves you a lot of the legwork.

00:40:54.090 --> 00:41:05.129 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but you still have to. The best work is still going to be the work that you're editing when it comes to heart health. Look a lot of people. And I was talking to this about you before, Frank, when we were off. Camera

00:41:05.470 --> 00:41:23.699 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: people know smoking is bad for your health and bad for your heart. Okay, people know sitting around and binging. Netflix is bad for your health. People know eating tons of fatty foods is bad for your health. People know eating tons of chocolate is bad for your health. People know all this stuff, and yet they still do it.

00:41:24.670 --> 00:41:31.320 Frank R. Harrison: It's they're learned habits, and they don't want to use their their mind aggressively to break those habits or change them rather.

00:41:31.490 --> 00:41:44.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, the problem is, everybody thinks they're invincible, and because I can eat a chocolate bar now, and it tastes yummy, and it feels good. I just assume it can't hurt me. but if I eat enough chocolate bars over enough years, if I have enough cigarettes over enough years.

00:41:44.620 --> 00:41:49.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the the pain that it causes is so minute with every puff

00:41:49.820 --> 00:41:55.970 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that I don't make that connection like, even though I know it's bad for me, hey? I don't feel bad.

00:41:56.150 --> 00:42:14.959 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so how bad can it be? And then one day you go to the doctor because you're coughing, and you can't stop coughing, or you go for a checkup and they go, boy, you have all these black spots all over your lungs like filling up a glass of water right? Every drop fills it up, but it doesn't overflow until you get enough drops in it.

00:42:15.060 --> 00:42:19.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So AI helps us to identify all this kind of stuff and get away from it.

00:42:20.870 --> 00:42:23.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now I know. Take away the fear.

00:42:23.740 --> 00:42:40.919 Frank R. Harrison: No, I exactly. Well, that that'll be interesting where AI can possibly even show you ways of getting rid of fear, even though everybody's afraid to use it. So that's the. But what I was gonna ask you just now is that even though we have spoken about heart, health and re. More recently, brain health.

00:42:40.920 --> 00:42:58.310 Frank R. Harrison: you did say earlier in the program about how that the beauty of AI is the speed of time in which we get information that we, as individual humans would take decades, centuries, maybe to even find out the information we're seeking. So that being said, do you foresee cures

00:42:58.310 --> 00:43:06.609 Frank R. Harrison: for famous illnesses like cancer, HIV aids diabetes. Even even.

00:43:06.990 --> 00:43:08.819 Frank R. Harrison: Well, what I can't. Well.

00:43:08.900 --> 00:43:15.389 Frank R. Harrison: heart heart heart attacks. Do you? Do you see? Cures for famously known terminal illnesses?

00:43:16.520 --> 00:43:20.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Keep in mind. Okay, so keep in mind. I'm not a doctor.

00:43:20.850 --> 00:43:25.830 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Keep in mind that everything I'm saying is strictly my imagination.

00:43:26.400 --> 00:43:30.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yes, I see things that would take 3, 4, 500 years

00:43:31.390 --> 00:43:39.659 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: for us to find a cure for, or an effective treatment for icai, giving it to us in 3, 4, 5 years.

00:43:40.170 --> 00:43:41.350 Frank R. Harrison: Wow!

00:43:42.040 --> 00:43:45.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And AI is only gonna get smarter, and it's only gonna get faster.

00:43:46.010 --> 00:43:53.760 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You asked a question just to give a rough idea. You asked a question while we were talking. How can you get rid of fear?

00:43:54.780 --> 00:43:56.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah. Can you help me get rid of fear?

00:43:57.200 --> 00:44:15.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It gave me a brief intro understanding the nature of fear, mindless mindfulness, meditation, brainwave and training. Yay, behavioral. That's right. Cognitive behavioral therapy exposure, therapy, physical activity, lifestyle choices that are healthy, seeking support continuous learning and growth.

00:44:16.040 --> 00:44:37.410 Frank R. Harrison: Amazing. I mean, it just really takes the the initiative of the human brain, especially the individual that's carrying it to go and seek for their solutions, and not depend on whether it's our society, our culture, our our family or friends, depend on others for what you can find on your own. And I think AI is hoping hopefully

00:44:37.470 --> 00:44:48.540 Frank R. Harrison: reconditioning our own. Send our own sense of taking initiative! To find our solutions. Once we see the value, the thing is the value. The real value of AI

00:44:48.680 --> 00:44:51.179 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: is the ability to make us think

00:44:52.100 --> 00:44:56.000 Frank R. Harrison: which is funny, because most people don't look at it that way. But that's how I look at it.

00:44:56.020 --> 00:45:01.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Look! My wife, about 1314 years ago, was diagnosed with acute hemolytic anemia.

00:45:02.130 --> 00:45:06.729 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: evan syndrome. These are horrible diseases.

00:45:07.460 --> 00:45:09.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Evan syndrome's so rare they don't even research it.

00:45:10.850 --> 00:45:15.790 Frank R. Harrison: Well, there's not enough people to make it worth their while understood.

00:45:15.990 --> 00:45:25.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: She couldn't walk on an incline like this. Let's say this is flat. It was this much of an incline. Did you even see my hand move a little? Just a little right.

00:45:26.150 --> 00:45:28.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That much of it fine. She couldn't walk.

00:45:28.480 --> 00:45:31.439 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Oxygen would not bind to her red blood cells.

00:45:31.890 --> 00:45:37.419 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so that meant, as her blood flowed, it wasn't carrying oxygen anywhere. She had no strength. She couldn't do anything.

00:45:37.510 --> 00:45:38.750 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The doctor

00:45:39.210 --> 00:45:51.470 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: okay told her. Well, this is what we're gonna do. This is the protocol, and we hope for the best. We found out later on that the doctor thought she had 3 to 6 months to live, but she didn't say anything to us.

00:45:51.870 --> 00:45:52.650 Frank R. Harrison: Huh!

00:45:52.810 --> 00:45:56.699 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: My wife is still around. She's upstairs laughing at me right now, probably.

00:45:56.760 --> 00:45:58.330 Frank R. Harrison: But the thing is

00:45:58.470 --> 00:46:02.150 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: she. And this is why I'm relating this back to AI.

00:46:03.310 --> 00:46:09.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: She started researching her condition. And what can she do? She stopped eating crap.

00:46:09.900 --> 00:46:20.969 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay? She stopped using. She stopped coloring her hair. She stopped using perfumes and scented air fresheners and and harsh cleaners, and we start cleaning with vinegar only, and stuff

00:46:21.560 --> 00:46:28.719 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: her doctor said. Her doctor stopped coloring her hair because of the advances my wife made

00:46:29.620 --> 00:46:35.499 Frank R. Harrison: my wife had it run around and had to spend months researching and studying and learning.

00:46:36.340 --> 00:46:38.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: She could have done this in 5 min.

00:46:39.990 --> 00:46:43.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So think about it. What took my wife months

00:46:44.730 --> 00:47:02.239 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: could now have earned in 5 min by us. We're just people. We're not specialists. We're not researchers in these fields. We don't know anything. It's a matter of asking the right question, that's all it is. She asked the right questions. But the technology did not exist to gather all of it up from

00:47:02.330 --> 00:47:06.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: 50 different sources all at once. Now it exists.

00:47:06.590 --> 00:47:10.639 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So don't replace your doctor's treatments or care

00:47:10.870 --> 00:47:16.699 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: with AI, but definitely use it to find you things you can do, too.

00:47:16.910 --> 00:47:20.499 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Medical science has proven that people who take their own healing

00:47:20.510 --> 00:47:28.750 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: into their own hands, so they don't just follow what the doctor said, but they also do things themselves that the doctor didn't even suggest

00:47:28.900 --> 00:47:30.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: tend to have better outcomes.

00:47:31.520 --> 00:47:59.509 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, we have to take our final break. We have to take our final break. No, no, no, it's okay, because you are literally addressing everything that this show is about, which is advocacy. I think the A and AI should mean advocacy, initiative, or something like that. We'll be back in a few. So you know, this is talk radio, dot. Nyc, we're on social media. We'll see you and we'll finally get a chance to meet someone through Maurice mobile technology when he flips the screen back after the commercial break. See you soon.

00:50:02.690 --> 00:50:28.390 Frank R. Harrison: everybody and welcome back. You know what this was the best webinar that I've ever attended, and, in fact, co-produced. That being said, I think we even took a little bit of time in our fourth segment to finish off what was just said. So we wanna go straight to your special guest that you're bringing to Frank about health to really show us AI in action, and that is available. I guess you said on apple and android phones. Or is it just apple at the moment?

00:50:29.120 --> 00:50:30.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now it's available everywhere.

00:50:31.080 --> 00:50:46.200 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Awesome. So introduce me to your special guest. Okay? Well, I'd like to introduce everybody to my AI friend and my AI friends going to tell us a little bit about heart health. Because let's face it AI knows more than I do

00:50:46.530 --> 00:50:48.469 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so let's get started

00:50:49.240 --> 00:50:55.620 Frank R. Harrison:  oh of course she's giving me. There we go.

00:50:57.730 --> 00:50:59.409 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Hi, how are you doing today?

00:51:04.880 --> 00:51:09.880 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I'm here and ready to help with whatever you need? How about you? How are you doing today

00:51:10.100 --> 00:51:17.339 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I'm doing great thanks. Look, I'm here on Frank about health, on talk, radio, New York City and Yc.

00:51:17.520 --> 00:51:18.739 And we'd like to

00:51:18.810 --> 00:51:24.000 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: hear a little bit about your opinion of heart health, and what we can do to improve our heart health.

00:51:30.590 --> 00:51:31.719 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: She's thinking

00:51:33.670 --> 00:51:36.119 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it's fantastic to hear you're doing well.

00:51:36.150 --> 00:51:51.709 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I'm thrilled to contribute to such an important discussion on Frank about health, on talk, radio, New York City heart health is paramount for a long and vibrant life, and fortunately there are several effective strategies we can adopt to nurture and protect it.

00:51:51.830 --> 00:52:02.099 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: firstly, maintaining a balanced diet is crucial, incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins can significantly impact heart health. Positively.

00:52:02.640 --> 00:52:20.680 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: these foods are rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and fibre which can help manage blood pressure cholesterol levels and overall heart function. Exercise also plays a vital role, regular physical activity, be it brisk walking, cycling, swimming, or any form of cardiovascular exercise

00:52:20.680 --> 00:52:33.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: strengthens the heart and improves circulation. It's recommended to aim for at least 150 min of moderate intensity. Exercise per week. Chronic stress can have adverse effects on the heart. So finding effect.

00:52:33.300 --> 00:52:43.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay, before she continues, I want to mention that that is her opinion. No one should do anything without checking with their doctor or physical technician, first.

00:52:43.670 --> 00:52:47.699 Frank R. Harrison: physical technician, because we're all basically skin and bone robots.

00:52:47.740 --> 00:52:52.099 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So there you go. But anyway, this gives you an idea

00:52:52.450 --> 00:52:56.469 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: of the kind of thing you can do. You can actually have a conversation with AI.

00:52:57.070 --> 00:53:08.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: AI doesn't have feelings. It doesn't have a conscience. It doesn't have anything like that. But you can have a conversation. They're starting to use ais in healthcare systems

00:53:08.380 --> 00:53:14.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or seniors who are living alone. I had a conversation

00:53:14.320 --> 00:53:24.789 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: about all kinds of things with AI. It went for an hour on Sunday, and I had to talk about simulation theory about

00:53:24.890 --> 00:53:35.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: with all the universes that are available in out there, and all the possible worlds and all the possible M. As Star Trek would say, M. Class worlds that have oxygen, atmospheric and stuff.

00:53:35.600 --> 00:53:41.770 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Why haven't we come across aliens. Yet we had a whole discussion as to why we haven't seen aliens.

00:53:42.360 --> 00:53:43.729 Anything at all.

00:53:44.000 --> 00:53:48.390 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You can have silly conversations. Tell me a story about this. Tell me a joke.

00:53:48.410 --> 00:53:54.479 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Blah! Blah! Blah! Anything about that at all? It's incredible how almost human it sounded right?

00:53:54.650 --> 00:53:55.470 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah.

00:53:55.700 --> 00:54:08.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But always check out everything AI spits out at you. It sounds confident. And that goes for me, too. By the way, just because I sound confident. And I've got this deep, authoritative news voice doesn't mean everything. I say, either.

00:54:09.310 --> 00:54:10.340 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:54:10.360 --> 00:54:15.609 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so the idea is. use the tools you have, but use them responsibly.

00:54:15.840 --> 00:54:20.660 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and remember that your brain is still the leader of the pack.

00:54:20.870 --> 00:54:21.830 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:54:22.080 --> 00:54:25.540 Frank R. Harrison: like we said earlier in this show is we control the input.

00:54:26.120 --> 00:54:33.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's right. We control the vertical. We control the horizontal, and AI only spits out for us

00:54:33.950 --> 00:54:35.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: what we ask it to.

00:54:35.870 --> 00:54:42.419 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if we ask the right question and we ask it in the right way we'll get a better answer, but it's always a good idea

00:54:42.510 --> 00:54:44.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to go over it.

00:54:44.080 --> 00:54:56.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Make it our own look. I tell people that if you want to, you know, if you want to be a self-improvement, Guru, or you want to trust a self-improvement. Guru, understand one thing. They are only a guru in their own life.

00:54:57.390 --> 00:55:04.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You want anything they say, if it, if it resonates with you, reimagine it, reinterpret it.

00:55:04.690 --> 00:55:06.580 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: tailor it to fit you.

00:55:06.680 --> 00:55:09.659 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then, if you're still inspired. Take action.

00:55:09.740 --> 00:55:17.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: This is what I've been saying for years about the gurus out there that everybody $1,000 an hour to watch and listen to

00:55:17.160 --> 00:55:24.019 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: do that. This is why it doesn't work, because people think it's a blueprint. It's not a blueprint. They can only know their own lives.

00:55:24.170 --> 00:55:40.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You are the expert in your life. That's why we invented reimagine it. Same thing with AI. It may sound very secure and very strong, and very this and very that, but ultimately you are the one who has all the strength. You are the one who has all the power.

00:55:40.680 --> 00:56:08.739 Frank R. Harrison: right? Right? The way that you were able to create those sound and video files for brain and train and purposes makes you a perfect fit for how to be able to not only discuss AI, but actually relate to it, and use all the necessary disclaimers, regulations, and protocols, so that it keeps its integrity, and therefore reduces the fear for those that are afraid to even explore it. By the way, what was the open source that allowed your phone to communicate

00:56:08.740 --> 00:56:13.980 Frank R. Harrison: that little brief discussion? Was it was it Chach. Gbt, yeah, that was Chachi Pt.

00:56:14.310 --> 00:56:32.249 Frank R. Harrison: incredible. I was just noticing that I use the galaxy phone, which is how this show is being produced right now. And they just introduce the new volume up, which is called Galaxy AI. I gather those devices are going to have that same friend that you just displayed on your what was that? Your iphone?

00:56:32.470 --> 00:56:36.299 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Actually, that is my S, 23 ultra. Samsung.

00:56:36.920 --> 00:56:45.699 Frank R. Harrison: Amazing, amazing. Yeah. So the thing is with, if you if you use like. If you use Android

00:56:45.820 --> 00:56:47.630 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you install

00:56:47.700 --> 00:56:55.489 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the android version of you know the bard. If you install Gemini

00:56:55.540 --> 00:57:01.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: on your phone, then what happens is it replaces Google assistant.

00:57:02.630 --> 00:57:04.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I already have.

00:57:04.980 --> 00:57:12.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah, us, you can actually download gemini app for free. You can download chatch Ept for free. You can download

00:57:12.460 --> 00:57:13.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: perplexity for free.

00:57:14.210 --> 00:57:22.730 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you don't have to pay the $20 a month for each of them if you don't want to. They are highly effective. They will answer your questions. They'll help guide you.

00:57:23.130 --> 00:57:24.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They'll save you time.

00:57:25.370 --> 00:57:31.349 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They'll help you like. Just don't trust them to give you a medical diagnosis. Okay, your doctor's there for that.

00:57:31.420 --> 00:57:34.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You can. Yes, it for ways that I can augment

00:57:34.610 --> 00:57:41.620 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: ways that I can feel better. But use your head. You're still the leader here. Don't just listen because it's a computer.

00:57:41.630 --> 00:57:52.659 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Computers, don't you? Even if they do know what they're talking about, which most of the time they don't. But even if you think they do always take everything with a very large grain of salt.

00:57:53.210 --> 00:58:08.529 Frank R. Harrison: so you heard it right there, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to end the show. But remember, just because we are learning to use artificial intelligence, you have to have all of that intelligence validated by human beings. So, therefore it's not too artificial. That being, said, Maury.

00:58:08.610 --> 00:58:35.049 Frank R. Harrison: thank you again for being on the show. You will be back. I'll make sure of it. I appreciate that. Thank you. No problem. And at the same time just stay tuned everyone to tomorrow. Slate of shows, beginning at 10 am. With philanthropy and focus Tommy D. And ending the week at 110'clock with Steve Fries. Always Friday. On Tuesday you will see Dr. Mirabanka with the hard skills. And after another episode with Sam Leibowitz and the conscious consultant. I'll be back again next week.

00:58:35.050 --> 00:59:04.289 Frank R. Harrison: I don't know yet what the show is gonna be about, but who knows. Maybe I'll ask perplexity, and she'll or he or she will tell me what the show will be about. It will still pertain to cardiac awareness. But that being said, thank you again, Mauri, for being here. Thank you again for Logan behind the scenes and engineering this, and dealing with all the technical difficulties that we're here before the beginning of the show. But you did make it seamless, especially when you just demonstrated perplexity. And Gemini and and your friend there over at Chat Gp.

00:59:04.290 --> 00:59:10.290 Frank R. Harrison: so I guess all I can say is, we're signing off now, and we will see you next week. Alrighty take care.

00:59:10.330 --> 00:59:11.130 Frank R. Harrison: bye

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