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Thursday, June 15, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/06/15 - The Chameleon Mindset

Facebook Live Video from 2023/06/15 - The Chameleon Mindset


2023/06/15 - The Chameleon Mindset

[NEW EPISODE] The Chameleon Mindset


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Keynote Speaker, Life and Business Resiliency Expert, Nikki Green.


Nikki Green has worked in the international business industry for more than 20 years. Empowering young people to reach their full potential is her greatest passion, and as an inspiring keynote speaker, Nikki motivates event attendees from around the globe.

With her company, Green Chameleon Collective, Nikki has dedicated her life to assisting others in overcoming the fear of following their dreams. She has worked with several notable C-Level executives in top Silicon Valley companies. Nikki received double promotions in two different Fortune 500 companies and The Golden Microphone Award. A four-time published author, she hosts the podcast “Stand Up & Stand Out” and has been featured in USA Today, Podcast Magazine, and Authority Magazine.

Nikki earned her master’s in international business administration from California State University, Hayward. Nikki lives outside Chicago, where she enjoys running and has completed seven marathons, three ultras, and dozens of triathlons across three continents.

Tune in and join the conversation as Sam and Nikki discuss how to embrace change and build mental resilience to transform your career & life. 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

In today's episode, Sam kicks things off by sharing an insightful excerpt titled "The best reason to do the hard work is what we learn in the process" from his book, Everyday Awakening. He acknowledges our inherent fear of the unknown but emphasizes that by embracing the discomfort, we have the potential to make a significant impact. Following this, Sam warmly welcomes Nikki Green, a renowned Keynote Speaker and Life and Business Resiliency Expert. With over 20 years of experience in the international business industry, Nikki's greatest passion lies in empowering young individuals to achieve their full potential. As an inspiring speaker, she motivates event attendees from around the world, leaving a lasting impression.

Segment 2

Nicki provides insights into her extensive experience across various international industries. While she currently focuses on the tech sector, her background in finance grants her a unique perspective when addressing the challenges she encounters. Nicki shares a glimpse into her extraordinary family dynamics, with the presence of six parental figures, which presented her with distinct obstacles during her upbringing. These experiences have profoundly shaped her worldview and influenced her approach to her work. In the ever-evolving world of technology, Nicki's adaptability shines through, thanks in part to her upbringing. During the pandemic, she made the bold decision to leave her corporate job and transitioned into building her career virtually. Initially, she took some time off to prioritize herself. Journaling her experiences during this period led to the publication of her first book. Eventually, Nicki embraced the role of a virtual career coach, guiding individuals on their professional journeys.

Segment 3

Nicki shares the story behind The Green Chameleon Collective, reflecting on her nomadic upbringing and the profound impact it had on her search for community, making it a central pillar of the collective. Discover the inspiration behind the collective's name as Nicki unveils its significance. Sam and Nicki engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the societal pressure to always maintain composure and its detrimental effects on our well-being. Nicki shares her observations of the younger generation's unique perspective, emphasizing the importance of early intervention to prevent long-term damage. Lastly, tune in as Sam and Nicki explore the promising potential of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Segment 4

Nicki and Sam delve into the new challenges and opportunities presented by the post-pandemic world. Nicki emphasizes the importance of staying connected with peers, even in hybrid or virtual settings. She recognizes that emails alone may not suffice and advocates for the effective use of technology. The pandemic has accelerated the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as an essential communication tool. They explore the phenomenon of "zoom exhaustion" and the potential of virtual reality. Nicki also provides insights into her book, "The Chameleon Mindset." As a parting message, Nicki encourages listeners to embrace experimentation and embrace failure as a fast track to growth. For more information about Nicki and her programs, visit


00:00:25.450 --> 00:00:55.259 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Good afternoon. Good evening. Good morning. Wherever you tuning in from welcome to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you are all here with me today. We've got another wonderful show in store for you with a fun fun, Guest. I'm looking forward to bringing her on in just a moment. But first, of course, we have my little section from my book Everyday Awakening.

00:00:56.100 --> 00:01:15.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We we're we're we're in the last section of the book. This just you know. A few more to go. We'll be finishing this up before the end of the year. And then I have to figure out. I'm gonna kick. Start off my show each week. We'll figure it out anyway, this week the section of Everyday Awakening is entitled.

00:01:15.920 --> 00:01:22.320 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The best Reason to do the hard work is what we learn in the process.

00:01:23.060 --> 00:01:29.419 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: When the time comes to step up, stand out, make some noise, and take a stand.

00:01:29.470 --> 00:01:33.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We are all a little shy, a little awkward.

00:01:33.300 --> 00:01:42.100 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and a little scared. That's okay. It is scary to try something new to push outside our comfort zone

00:01:42.180 --> 00:01:46.999 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and become the center of attention. We are, when we are not used to it.

00:01:47.330 --> 00:02:01.389 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yet, if we are to make a difference, contribute, discover and lead. We have to embrace that awkwardness and integrate it in as part of the process.

00:02:01.850 --> 00:02:08.270 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Nothing happens when we step back. Don't take risks and maintain the status quo.

00:02:08.910 --> 00:02:22.650 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Get it? Yes, it's safer that way. and it leads us to just more of the same. But when we muster the courage to put ourselves out there, allow the spotlight to shine on us

00:02:22.670 --> 00:02:35.860 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and speak our truth. Then we can have impact. All great work impacts us sometimes in ways we don't understand.

00:02:36.000 --> 00:02:52.869 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Sometimes the best reason for creating great work is merely to go through the process so that we can learn to take the next step and become the example. Others need to feel comfortable in taking their next step.

00:02:54.210 --> 00:02:57.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Let's embrace the awkward stage.

00:02:58.070 --> 00:03:06.479 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for soon it will be gone. Hmm! I I I believe you know this. I wrote a while ago.

00:03:06.870 --> 00:03:13.500 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and I believe, sort of the inspiration, for this is a combination of

00:03:13.540 --> 00:03:20.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: a a blog post. I read from Seth Goad in the the marketing Guru who I really love.

00:03:21.070 --> 00:03:24.369 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and a comment someone once made

00:03:25.400 --> 00:03:30.780 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: about, you know, when we're doing our deep inner work. and and we

00:03:31.490 --> 00:03:36.000 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and we decide to try something new and sort of step out a little bit.

00:03:36.710 --> 00:03:43.840 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that we all feel awkward when we're trying that something new when we're being different

00:03:44.100 --> 00:03:48.330 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and not necessarily different from anyone else. It's different from the way we were before.

00:03:49.180 --> 00:03:54.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and that they were saying, like revel in the awkwardness of it.

00:03:56.090 --> 00:04:09.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: because that's where we learn and grow, and that's where, like all kinds of magic happens. and soon that awkwardness will be gone, and then it won't be so exciting anymore.

00:04:10.490 --> 00:04:12.999 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then and I kind of realized

00:04:14.090 --> 00:04:19.370 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and and this is really just true for myself so much that

00:04:21.890 --> 00:04:28.780 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when I'm trying something different, when I'm trying something I've never tried before learning something new.

00:04:29.060 --> 00:04:39.959 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know, I get really nervous because I don't want to screw up, and I made a mistake, and I got try again, and I messed up again, and and and there's like that whole

00:04:40.550 --> 00:04:44.359 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: kind of feedback loop we get into

00:04:45.650 --> 00:05:00.939 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: where we we. We're kind of not feeling good because we're trying something new. We're not doing that well at it. And and it's not, it's it's awkward and uncomfortable. And we're messing up, and we just feel like we will never get it right.

00:05:04.140 --> 00:05:14.999 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And I think what I've come to understand, and I understand it. Embodying it, you know, can still be a bit of a challenge. But I'm definitely much better than I used to be.

00:05:16.530 --> 00:05:18.809 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What I've come to understand is

00:05:19.040 --> 00:05:21.130 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's it's that

00:05:21.510 --> 00:05:32.869 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: wonderful area where we're messing up and and and trying something. And it's not coming out right and and and trying again, and it still doesn't sound quite right

00:05:32.920 --> 00:05:33.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: like

00:05:35.190 --> 00:05:38.219 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that's a beautiful state to be in.

00:05:39.780 --> 00:05:45.120 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That's like the moment of chaos. That's

00:05:45.460 --> 00:05:47.330 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when the this

00:05:47.560 --> 00:05:53.059 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the plant is breaking through the seed casing and just starting to come out of the ground.

00:05:54.690 --> 00:06:01.450 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and it's really quite funny. I've I've heard you know people say this before that.

00:06:02.330 --> 00:06:03.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The

00:06:03.630 --> 00:06:19.100 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, the flower doesn't criticize itself when it's just a seedling coming up because it doesn't look like a flower yet, and it's kind of trying to break through an awkward stuff. It it just does it. It's just part of life. It's part of the cycle that it goes through

00:06:19.560 --> 00:06:32.699 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but as human beings. Oh, my God, it's like if we're not completely perfect the first time we're like totally in our heads and criticizing ourselves. And oh, I shouldn't do this because I can't do it. Well.

00:06:34.020 --> 00:06:42.159 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: a. And it it's if we reflect our nature and how nature works

00:06:42.880 --> 00:06:46.870 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it. It's just so funny it I mean,

00:06:47.600 --> 00:07:04.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: a a a, a small deer when it's learning to walk, and it's and it's kind of awkward, and it slips sometimes doesn't like. Oh, my God, I I can't walk! Well, I'll I'll I'll never walk properly. No, it just gets up and keeps doing it until it's comfortable, and it can run away.

00:07:06.500 --> 00:07:12.000 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, we are so self-conscious

00:07:13.030 --> 00:07:17.949 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and so afraid of being awkward.

00:07:19.210 --> 00:07:33.590 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and I get it. I was an awkward kid. I was an awkward teenager, and the other kids make fun of you when you're kind of awkward and gawky, and you know you you you just. You haven't quite grown into your body, so to speak, so

00:07:33.780 --> 00:07:43.120 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: nobody wants to be made fun of. Nobody wants to feel like people are looking and laughing at you behind your back. I get it.

00:07:46.850 --> 00:07:57.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But I guess what I've come to embody more of is that if we're going to really make an impact in this world. if we're going to

00:07:58.590 --> 00:08:01.969 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: influence people, if we're going to

00:08:03.080 --> 00:08:05.670 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: live as a role model

00:08:06.460 --> 00:08:22.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: for our children, our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews, our our workers, if we're really going to be leaders. And being a leader doesn't mean you have to be a a CEO or a speaker on stage with thousands of people in the audience

00:08:22.990 --> 00:08:30.539 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we lead in our lives every single day. By how we show up we lead with our presence.

00:08:33.480 --> 00:08:36.790 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And I guess that's really the key, right. It's presence.

00:08:36.929 --> 00:08:43.830 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's can we allow ourselves to be present to our awkwardness when we're

00:08:44.080 --> 00:08:51.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: disrupting something disrupting the way we've been disrupting. You know what we know.

00:08:52.700 --> 00:08:53.790 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And it's

00:08:54.810 --> 00:09:00.150 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it's in those moments of awkwardness that we really get to shine.

00:09:01.540 --> 00:09:06.619 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And we get to show others that it's okay for them to be awkward to.

00:09:08.540 --> 00:09:22.329 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, it's just kind of a funny aspect of human psychology that we will do things for others that we will never do for ourselves like. I see it all the time, like parents will do things for their kids that they would never do for themselves.

00:09:23.700 --> 00:09:35.179 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So if reveling in your awkwardness is a challenge for yourself. Don't do it for yourself. Do it for others.

00:09:36.320 --> 00:09:38.100 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Do it because

00:09:38.260 --> 00:09:42.879 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you want others to feel less awkward in the awkward phase.

00:09:45.280 --> 00:09:59.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So that's the little section of my book entitled, The Best Reason to do the hard work is what we learn in the process, and that's, you know, doing the hard work that's that's when we fall into the awkward phase.

00:09:59.400 --> 00:10:23.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And that's again from my book, Everyday Awakening, which, of course, you can find everyday a weakening, which again just takes you to the Amazon listing. And if you're like me, and like to support the small local bookstores, just go into the bookstore. Say, Hey, I want this book every day awakening from this guy, Sam Leibowitz. They will get it. They can order it through through. we're in major distributors. So it it's not a problem

00:10:23.980 --> 00:10:25.860 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: all righty.

00:10:27.300 --> 00:10:51.239 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And now it is my extreme pleasure to welcome to the show keynote speaker, life and business resiliency expert. Nicky Green Nikki has worked in the international business industry for more than 20 years. Empowering young people to reach their full potential is her greatest passion, and as an inspiring keynote speaker, Nicki motivates

00:10:51.240 --> 00:11:11.929 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: event attendees from around the globe with her company. the green chameleon collective Nicki has dedicated her life to assisting others and overcoming the fear of following their dreams. She has worked with several notable sea level executives and top Silicon Valley companies, Nikki's received

00:11:11.930 --> 00:11:31.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: double promotions and 2 different fortune, 500 companies, and the golden microphone, award whoo, a 4 time published author. She hosts the Podcast stand up and stand out and has been featured in U.S.A. today, podcast magazine and authority, magazine and welcome to the Conscious Consultant Hour. Nikki

00:11:32.230 --> 00:11:57.019 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: thanks so much, Sam. I am so excited to be here today.

00:11:57.020 --> 00:12:13.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we we we have to go to break in a moment. But I'm just curious. Did you know that you were? Gonna be a speaker and affecting so many people like when you were younger, like like when you were a little girl. Were you like Lucy? With little stand, and like 5 cents for advice and stuff?

00:12:14.050 --> 00:12:40.380 Nikki Green: Yes, pretty much From the about the age of 12 I was on the stage, and I knew that's what I wanted to do. I've been very fortunate with my complex family to have some performers, musicians, singers, and some athletes, and so, whether it was on either of those stages I knew it was up to me to really perform. So I'm super excited to just be fulfilling my dreams, and finally, do this as my full time career.

00:12:40.380 --> 00:13:05.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Oh, awesome, wonderful, wonderful! Wow! 12 years old on the stage. Huh! That must have been something awesome. Okay? And I see loyal listener, Paddy. tuning in. Thank you, Patty, as always, I I so appreciate you being there every week. I mean, she repatty. Really, it deserves like triple gold stars, because she's always tuning in and

00:13:05.380 --> 00:13:32.720 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and checking this app all right. So we're gonna take a quick break. And when we come back we're we're gonna dive into some of Nicki's wisdom and find out what what's with all this this chameleon stuff. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now are awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to one Pm. Eastern, and we will be right back with our guests. Nicky Green, in just a moment.

00:13:55.720 --> 00:14:01.949 Please join me and my various special guests on Friday at 11 Am. On talk radio and Nyc.

00:15:48.140 --> 00:16:05.609 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consultant now awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with life and business resiliency expert. Nicky Green. So, nicky, that you've worked in international business for over 20 years in in what industries?

00:16:06.330 --> 00:16:18.489 Nikki Green: Yeah, I've been in Silicon Valley for the last 20 years, working across different sectors in tech. My background is actually in finance. I began doing financial planning, and then gradually I moved into corporate finance.

00:16:18.490 --> 00:16:43.469 Nikki Green: and when I got there I realized the finance was actually quite easy. And what was breaking was the systems. And so I ended up creating these amazing hybrid roles where I would go work with the engineering teams to improve the internal financial systems for each of these companies and optimize them so that they could, you know, do more with less. They could make sure that they were correctly accounting for things, you know, meeting soft starvings actually, and things like that. So it was a really interesting, you know, evolution of my

00:16:43.470 --> 00:16:59.620 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: something I could have never planned for. And I got to travel all over the world, and I still have friends and every pocket I can think of.

00:17:00.280 --> 00:17:10.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: How did you go, though, from being just a a, a a corporate employee like, how did you move over into this more role of being a coach and a consultant?

00:17:11.660 --> 00:17:26.360 Nikki Green: Yeah, you know my whole life was filled with adaptation and change. I grew up with 6 parents. I moved pretty much every 2 years of

00:17:26.599 --> 00:17:53.509 Nikki Green: yeah 3 moms, 3 dads, all in different houses in different states, with different siblings with each family pairing. And so it was. It was a lot. So we were in California, Nevada, Colorado, and it meant moving, changing, you know, and dealing with very different personalities and and different aspects of how life went with with each family. So 3 sets of parents like, how many siblings do you have?

00:17:53.900 --> 00:17:59.630 Nikki Green: So I have a half, brother, a half sister a step, brother, and 3 steps.

00:18:00.220 --> 00:18:03.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Wow, wow!

00:18:04.330 --> 00:18:26.579 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Okay. So. you see, here's the thing. It's like you, you know, to you, it's like, Well, yeah, this is just something that happened. It's like, No, no, no, to the rest of the world. It's like, wait a minute. What's going on here. So there must have been some very interesting, unique challenges. As you were growing up in in such a different kind of family structure compared to most people.

00:18:27.370 --> 00:18:57.189 Nikki Green: A. And I say, I'm actually incredibly fortunate because each of them had things that they loved didn't like the way they approached life, their religions, their beliefs, and it opened up so many things for me. There wasn't just one way to see the world. There were lots of ways to see the world, and and my parents were very open with discussion and dialogue. As we were having dinners, and especially because they didn't see me for time. You know, I would be at one parent's house, and then I'd have to go to the next one, and then over the summer. I'm at the next one.

00:18:57.190 --> 00:19:14.319 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and so they would miss out on part of my life. And so we spent a lot of time talking and understanding each other. And it was really great, you know, and and I feel like I'm more well rounded because I have so many influences in my life

00:19:14.320 --> 00:19:29.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: talking to people who have such different kinds of backgrounds because it it it just makes this sort of this tapestry of life so much richer. So how did you think, growing up in that kind of environment, affect you

00:19:29.390 --> 00:19:34.909 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: with with what you ended up doing as as a career, and as a as a business. Now.

00:19:35.610 --> 00:19:50.180 Nikki Green: yeah, for me, it it was especially working in Silicon Valley. Things change so rapidly. You know, I had a new job every 12 to 18 months. I had new managers. There was a restructuring you know, new technology came out. So you had to adapt to that.

00:19:50.200 --> 00:20:11.750 Nikki Green: And for me it actually came quite easily. And it was something people always commented on that I didn't really think twice about. They're like, Oh, Nicky, you just sort of jump in, and it's no big deal, and you're just kind of going with the flow. When a lot of other people were stressed and always worried about. You know, the different changes that were happening to them. You know, they weren't things that they had chosen like going to choose a new job.

00:20:11.750 --> 00:20:35.089 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so I really started ruminating on that and trying to understand my mindset, and why those things were easier for me. And what could I help share with others, even when I was managing their and corporate to help them also adapt through those times of change.

00:20:35.090 --> 00:20:55.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: A lot of people had a very hard time kind of navigating that switch over from a in person to virtual. I I'm very fortunate, and literally we we changed the whole network over from being in studio in person to virtual over a long weekend. Wh, what was your experience like having to to make that sort of switch?

00:20:56.490 --> 00:21:25.309 Nikki Green: Well, and this actually ended up being why I left my corporate job. So right before the pandemic happened, I got a new job. I got a new boss, and that boss did not really seem to believe that the pandemic was going to be real. So his his answer to all of us was, this isn't really happening. It's gonna be done in about a week. So just pretend nothing's going on. And it's status quo. Yeah, you need to work from home. But you have a laptop. So figure it out.

00:21:25.400 --> 00:21:49.780 Nikki Green: And I was just like, Oh, yeah, are you kidding me? This is our response to this. And and it got progressively worse. Obviously, as he continued to deny sort of what was happening and the length of time that it was going to occur, and the impact on all of my employees. Many of them had young kids. The kids are now at home. I had to move. I lost my apartment, so I had a great transition.

00:21:49.780 --> 00:22:14.779 Nikki Green: and through that I was just like, you know what? This isn't right. This isn't the way I want to lead. This isn't the way I want my team to lead. And so it really was my impetus to leave my corporate job and start really helping the next generation of leaders do and think about things differently.

00:22:14.780 --> 00:22:20.059 people so that they can come up and do better than than our generation, so to speak.

00:22:20.590 --> 00:22:47.670 Nikki Green: Absolutely, you know. And this is something I struggled with a lot during my time in corporate 20 years, and it was always like, Why is this so difficult? Why are we just making the decisions we need to do. Why are we appreciating our employees more? Why are we not a acknowledging their uniqueness in a way that actually exemplifies the strengths that they have. It was always like, no, you need to be, you know, kind of in the boring middle, you know, and and that's the only thing that's going to get ahead.

00:22:47.670 --> 00:23:06.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so for me, it was kind of a long time coming, and a lot of research on my part to just say there is a better way, and I and I want to be a part of making that happen so.

00:23:06.440 --> 00:23:31.829 Nikki Green: Well, at first I just said. You know what. I've been working a long time, and I've been working real hard. Everything's closed. Can't do much of anything. So I just got on my bike. I rode, I ran, I swam in the pool like I just took a month off to just relax. And just think about what I wanted to do. People were calling, you know. I had job offers all over the place, you know. So there was opportunity, and I just said.

00:23:32.030 --> 00:24:01.479 Nikki Green: Not now. It's summertime. It's July and Chicago. It's beautiful. So you've been with stuff. Shed it. It's just time to take a break. And so through that process it really gave me the time to be creative. I started to write. I started to. I got my own career coach to help me through that journey, and that journal ended up becoming my first book, and really started to become the evolution of how I built my business and where I got my focus of of what I wanted to do.

00:24:01.880 --> 00:24:06.899 Nikki Green: The first book is called I Laugh in the face of Danger.

00:24:07.270 --> 00:24:09.450 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Okay.

00:24:09.660 --> 00:24:23.049 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: very cool, very cool. So. And and then sort of how did things evolve like once you started you, you wrote the book, and once you started doing things like, how did that turn into the work that you're doing now.

00:24:23.880 --> 00:24:51.799 Yeah, I I went back and I said, when were those times that I really enjoyed what I was doing? And it was always that coaching, mentoring, and being on the stage, I I missed that sort of performance element of it, and even though things were in lockdown, I knew there was opportunity to still speak virtually to connect with people through podcasts. And so really starting to get that message out there and then, you know, do smaller forums through corporate workshops workshops at schools and universities.

00:24:51.800 --> 00:25:08.779 Nikki Green: because everybody was dealing with such a difficult time and so doing. Some of those workshops really helped. I think a lot of people get through some of the challenges and realize people were in the same boat that it wasn't just that they were all alone, even though they were isolated. Obviously.

00:25:08.780 --> 00:25:17.150 I think a big learning lesson for a lot of us that, you know, even if we're not in the same space. We're still having to deal with the same issues, right

00:25:17.390 --> 00:25:20.809 Nikki Green: absolutely what did you find

00:25:21.170 --> 00:25:25.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: helped the people that you worked with the most during that time period.

00:25:26.500 --> 00:25:34.460 Nikki Green: Yeah, I I mean, there's just so much fear. And for a lot of people. And I, you know, I I've run a lot of Marathon. So I kind of make that analogy.

00:25:34.460 --> 00:25:58.730 Nikki Green: When you go to run a marathon, you know how long it's going to be. It's it's 26.2 miles. It's long. It's gonna take a lot of time and you train for it. You don't just wake up and go, hey? I'm gonna go run a marathon. And so you have that time to mentally and physically prepare yourself. What happened with the pandemic was okay. Tomorrow you may run 5 K. You may run a marathon. We don't know it's so. It was very difficult for people to get their head around it, because

00:25:58.880 --> 00:26:23.400 Nikki Green: there was no clear endpoint, and so you don't know if, mentally and physically, you have to make it through a week, a month, 2 months, and so that's the part where I really tried to help people just stay in the moment and don't get so wrapped up on. When is it going to get back to normal or whatever comes next right staying in the moment, staying present and where you're at right now, and enjoying every day

00:26:23.430 --> 00:26:32.340 Nikki Green: doing the best you can with it. That was what really helped a lot of people that I worked with get through. And what did you learn about yourself in that process?

00:26:33.030 --> 00:26:57.969 Nikki Green: Oh, wow! A lot. It it was such a transformative journey for me as well, and and I've continued to transform as I've stepped into. You know what you talked about in your chapter is, what am I really supposed to be doing? How am I supposed to be making an impact and making sure I'm clear on that? I thought I was so many things I had many I should in my mind, just like many other people do.

00:26:58.020 --> 00:27:15.939 Nikki Green: and breaking those I should, and just going back to trying new things, pushing myself every single day. I had the freedom to do it because there was no boss there. There was no one telling me right from wrong. It's like, Hey, try today like it. Do it again. Don't like it. Don't do it again

00:27:16.410 --> 00:27:21.030 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: right and really kind of honoring ourselves right it. It's so much.

00:27:21.880 --> 00:27:39.910 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, being a little older, I I it. It's like so much in in the way we were growed up the way we grew up in the way we we entered the workplace. It was like, Put yourself on the side, and you just gotta do the work because you gotta make the money, and you gotta pay the bills and take responsibility and all that stuff.

00:27:40.140 --> 00:28:09.249 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And now, all of a sudden, it's like, no like that doesn't serve us like that's not how we're the most productive, most creative, contributing the most to society. It's only when we honor ourselves and take the time to really sit back and and examine? Is this really serving me, and am I showing, and am I showing up the best that I can in this situation that we really are making the best impact and the biggest contribution, right?

00:28:09.660 --> 00:28:34.189 Nikki Green: Absolutely. And and I talk a lot about. And there's a great Ted talk on it. But the way school taught us is, you start it perfect. You started a hundred, and every time you try you get worse. E okay, you're gonna take a little bit off for this and a little bit off for that, and every attempt it tells you you're wrong or you're bad, or you've done things wrong. And really, what I like is more of the video game version. Right? Is, you start at nothing

00:28:34.190 --> 00:28:48.990 Nikki Green: and you don't know where you're going. You don't have a map, you don't have any tools, and you have to go. Try. You have to go explore, and build that up, and then you level up. And then you get a little bit more vision of what's going on around. You get more tools.

00:28:48.990 --> 00:29:07.329 Nikki Green: And so teaching people that way of learning and growing really helps them. And you get confidence as you build. And you get more and experience. And you make friends and community. And it helps you build exactly exactly exactly wonderful. Okay, So I first take our next break when we come back.

00:29:07.330 --> 00:29:21.690 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: let's talk about the chameleon, the the green chameleon collective. And and what's that all about? And let's let's share where we where you came up with that idea, and and how that, how you work with people with it. Okay.

00:29:21.910 --> 00:29:44.420 Nikki Green: absolutely wonderful, wonderful. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now, or weakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to one pm, eastern, right here and talk radio dot, Nyc and on Facebook live on Youtube, make sure if you haven't go subscribe to our Youtube channel. It's slash talking alternative.

00:29:44.660 --> 00:30:04.660 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: singular. And of course, on Wednesdays, at 10 am. On Kmt and Palm Springs, California. And you can find us on, on linkedin and twitter and twitch. So whatever your favorite streaming platform go and find the conscious consultant. Now, we're there and on all the podcasting platforms, and we will be right back with our guest, Nicky Green. In just a moment.

00:32:09.400 --> 00:32:35.369 Nikki Green: Okay, Nikki. So let's get into it. What's the green chameleon? Collective and somehow collective sounds? So apropos, considering your background now that I know that. Yeah, exactly. Well, one of the biggest mistakes I made when I was younger is that I thought school was all I needed. Okay, just get the book study. Do good in your classes, and then you're going to get a job. And magically, you know, it all comes together.

00:32:35.370 --> 00:32:52.260 Nikki Green: and nothing could be further from the truth. I I lost community, even though I came from. You know, this big family. I was constantly moving, so everything was really temporary and really ephemeral for me, it was like, I didn't really have long term relationships because of all that transition.

00:32:52.290 --> 00:33:09.059 Nikki Green: And so when I got to college, and you know I didn't really do a lot of social stuff. I played volleyball, I, you know, did the school stuff when I got out, and I tried to find a job. I had no network. I I didn't tell anybody like kind of what I was looking for in a job. I didn't even talk to my professors or the career center.

00:33:09.060 --> 00:33:32.750 Nikki Green: And so this is really where I want to make sure, as I'm working with people, that this becomes a community that people feel comfortable sharing their really big dreams and goals, and they want to help each other achieve what they need to do. So for me. That's where kind of the collective came in. Is that community building part? It's not just you and your career, and what you need. But how can we all help each other together.

00:33:32.860 --> 00:33:35.840 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Gotcha, gotcha, and and why? Chameleon?

00:33:35.990 --> 00:34:03.210 Nikki Green: Yeah. Well, as I started kind of looking into okay thoughts on adaptation and and change and resiliency. The chameleon kept coming up sort of over and over again, and and I read a lot all sorts of different types of things, and I ended up finding a scientific study about chameleon. And you know most of the time when you talk about chameleons, people think of this sort of negative thing like you're blending in to, you know, just sort of make other people around you happy.

00:34:03.380 --> 00:34:06.479 Nikki Green: But that's actually nothing could be further from the truth.

00:34:06.620 --> 00:34:29.110 Nikki Green: A chameleon is in their most calm state when they're green, when they blend into their surroundings. They're just chill hanging out on the branch, and when they flash their colors. When they are changing, they are changing to track to mates to attract food, to change their temperature regulation. And so I really started relating that a bit to like law of attraction

00:34:29.110 --> 00:34:43.299 Nikki Green: when we're calm, when we're green. That's when we're in our best state. And when we need to tell someone we're not okay. I need something that I'm not getting. We need to be able to voice our opinion, our color.

00:34:43.610 --> 00:34:52.120 Nikki Green: and let them know how to help us. And that's, I think the thing where most people have struggled is they're keeping those burdens inside of them, or even their dreams and hopes.

00:34:52.159 --> 00:35:07.900 Nikki Green: and until they start to share them. No one knows that they need that help. Go to bad ugly whatever's happening in their lives. Right? And so that's where I started blending in the chameleon into this about, let's figure out a better way to adapt.

00:35:08.000 --> 00:35:15.720 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I mean talking about 2 things that I find so important, which is community. First and foremost, because we are social creatures.

00:35:15.720 --> 00:35:38.310 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and I would say today, more than ever before, we need community regardless of whether we're connected to a lot of people virtually or not. That's not the same as as a as a tight knit community that are like minded like hearted, like spirited, who, who, you know, have each other's back.

00:35:38.700 --> 00:36:08.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and then being able to express our needs. You know so much in our life, especially as we're talking before about school. It's it's shut up. Sit down, hold it in. Wait until break, you know. Raise your hand if you got a question, and it was all about not voicing our needs. So it's almost like we have to be retrained into. Hey, it's okay to voice our needs. And as a matter of fact, it's not just okay. It's a very healthy way to live, isn't it?

00:36:08.710 --> 00:36:21.590 Nikki Green: Absolutely? And and work a lot of times is that way, too? You know, when I started working it was, well, don't show emotion at work, you know. Never. If someone asks you how your day is. The answer is, it's fantastic, no matter if it's good, bad, or what's happening.

00:36:21.590 --> 00:36:44.419 Nikki Green: and and that's not good. And that's why so many people have struggled, and you don't know what they're going through, and that's a difficult part about virtual is, especially if you don't have the camera turn on. You're missing all of those queues which you could better tune into how a person is feeling, how are they doing? Do I need to ask them and have them pull out a little bit of of what might be going on behind the scenes.

00:36:44.420 --> 00:37:00.400 Nikki Green: so I'm really encouraging us to rethink school work personal relationships so that we can better connect and share. You know what's really happening.

00:37:00.780 --> 00:37:14.240 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I've had people kind of open up to me about like what's going on in their life, and and like the majority of the call was more about sort of personal stuff, and then at the end, we kind of squeeze in the business stuff in the last 10 min.

00:37:14.410 --> 00:37:35.970 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But it it. It's really quite fascinating that when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with someone. And and again, we have to feel safe in order to feel, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable right. But but when we allow that to happen, like the connection we make is even deeper, and and the trust in the bond is even greater.

00:37:36.210 --> 00:37:59.660 Nikki Green: absolutely. And and that's the careful part I talk about as well, because, you know, if you are in such a vulnerable state, you need to make sure. The person that you're sharing with is the right person. and so it takes time to build that up. And so how do you get through? Those trust factors? Get rid of that anxiety that fear acknowledged those emotions, but work through them with the right person.

00:37:59.660 --> 00:38:16.919 Nikki Green: And so I talk about the difference between sort of a cheerleader versus say a mentor or a coach, and making sure you know which lane those people sit in. There are some people that can really relate and help you with the specific thing that you're dealing with. And there's other people that are just gonna be there for a shoulder to cry on, cheer you on when you're doing well.

00:38:16.920 --> 00:38:40.759 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and they may not actually know and be able to relate to what you're doing. So then you know the difference of how much to share and like, you know where you sit in that spectrum. So right? Exactly. Yeah. There, there, if we're paying attention. There are a lot of little clues along the way that let us know like, oh, I should mention this to this person, or Oh, you know what I think? I'm going to keep that to myself. This time. But you know, i'll talk more about business as time

00:38:40.900 --> 00:39:05.040 Nikki Green: and you feel the mountain. We're both in different spectrums, too. So it's like, Okay, well, actually, where you out in this space, maybe if you're troubled, I don't also want to burden you with my stuff. Right now let me be the listener. Let me be on the receiving end, and then I'll get my turn the next time, right? And so what's been the response to the people you've you've worked with with this code of approach. What have you seen happen over the last couple of years that you've been working with people

00:39:05.690 --> 00:39:16.129 Nikki Green: it. It's been such a fantastic transformation, this next generation. They really do start to see things differently. They've been through a lot, and they're in a delicate state.

00:39:16.130 --> 00:39:29.940 Nikki Green: But I think the sooner we can acknowledge that the sooner we can help them the better off. They're going to be, you know, for most of us. We kind of wait until we sort of start hitting this midlife crisis, or, you know, start having issues. And then we're trying to call, you know, and get the help we need.

00:39:29.940 --> 00:39:46.510 Nikki Green: So really starting to be proactive with saying what they need and what they feel and really going and doing big things, I think, you know, for a long time, especially my generation. A lot of folks were like, Oh, get the corporate job. Get the benefits, get the K, you know, and pay the bills as we talked about earlier.

00:39:46.570 --> 00:39:57.820 Nikki Green: Now, it's like, No, I want to be creative. I want to give back. I want to do something that's fulfilling. And so, really starting to see that vision of making sure both of those things happen. I can go be creative.

00:39:57.820 --> 00:40:19.700 Nikki Green: But I can get paid for doing it, too. And there's so many new opportunities with, you know, the way technology is changing. It creates an accessible way. You're not building a brick and mortar store anymore. Right? Right? Right? Yeah, it kind of like the levels, the playing field in a way where, especially now with with AI being such a tremendous enabler that if you have an idea

00:40:19.700 --> 00:40:34.779 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you can, you don't need a ton of money to to get access to the tools that you need to take that idea and really develop it and flesh it out and get it out there and create a real business from it. And so it's kind of exciting, right?

00:40:35.250 --> 00:41:00.229 Nikki Green: It it is. There's so much potential. And you know, there's, you know, the usual news about. There's always downside with everything, but sometimes you have to push the limits to know where the limits exist, and to make new limits for things, and just really starting to rethink those things, I think, is incredibly important for us, because the way we've been doing a lot of things really isn't the best for most of us. It's the best for a few, and the rest of us are kind of struggling, you know, to really

00:41:00.230 --> 00:41:10.230 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: get what we need out of things. So

00:41:10.530 --> 00:41:19.089 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: these practices, these systems, these these ways of living that we've been doing for the last couple of 100 years.

00:41:19.230 --> 00:41:44.420 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, we managed. Okay, the last couple of 100 years. But now the planet is saying a a and and and just all these systems in place. They're just not sustainable. And and we need to find if if we're going to survive as a species, we need to find more sustainable ways of doing something not not just physically sustainable, but but mentally, emotionally and spiritually sustainable.

00:41:44.650 --> 00:42:09.210 Nikki Green: Oh, absolutely. You know, we kept getting told. Oh, when technology comes, it's you're gonna work less. And it's gonna be easier. But my job went from, you know, 40 h a week to 70, 80 h a week. What happened to I wasn't saving any time. I never went home. I literally slept under my desk and some of my jobs, because there was such a crazy expectation, and and that expectation hasn't gone away, and that's not realistic.

00:42:09.210 --> 00:42:16.679 Nikki Green: even if you're young and you don't have, you know, family and kids and all these things you're worrying about at some point you will, or at some point, you just want your own life back.

00:42:16.680 --> 00:42:41.419 Nikki Green: And that should be okay. Technology should have started to save us time, energy, and we should be rethinking the way we do this, not pushing people to their physical limits. We are not robots, we are human beings. We need a break. We need to eat. We need to sleep, and we need a vacation

00:42:41.420 --> 00:42:52.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: cutter by Geshe Michael Roach, and how in the book one of the things he negotiated with his employer when he went out and got Job at this diamond Startup was to get Wednesdays off.

00:42:52.490 --> 00:43:18.719 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and what he meant by off was completely off. He'd go for a walk in the woods. He'd meditate to do whatever completely disconnected to work. So when he came back on Thursday he was refreshed. He was more creative and and and more efficient. So then he was able to get more done in 4 days a week than most people were able to do in 5 days a week, because that what they call the law of diminishing returns as though

00:43:18.720 --> 00:43:23.269 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: harder and harder you work the the less and less creative and effective. You are

00:43:24.040 --> 00:43:53.589 Nikki Green: absolutely and and we're doing knowledge work. We're not physically, you know, building widgets and on the factory lines, you, you know. Yes, there is still some of that work going on here, you know, in the United States, but for the most part we are in a knowledge economy. And in order to build the dream, create, collaborate. You need that time and space to be able to do that. And so I think it's really starting to rethink how we best enable that for workers that is going to be the future of how we do things.

00:43:53.590 --> 00:43:58.039 Okay, Nick, it. It's time for us to take our last break of the show. So when we come back.

00:43:58.040 --> 00:44:18.639 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: let's talk a little bit about where do we go from here? You know now that we're sort of living in this new, I would call it hybrid world. because we are back doing some things in person. But still, you know, like, like with the radio station, we're still gonna be doing things virtually, you know. Where do we go from here? And what is the future look like, okay.

00:44:18.910 --> 00:44:30.719 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Sounds good, awesome. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now, awakening humanity, and we'll be right back to wrap up with our guest, Nicky Green, in just a moment.

00:46:37.100 --> 00:46:40.140 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back. So, Nicky.

00:46:40.150 --> 00:47:06.699 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we're in this new world, right? I mean, for the most part, everyone fairly agrees. The pandemic is over. We've you know, it's things have mutated. It's not as serious. there are other challenges we're facing. And and we're kind of living in this new world, this new world, of of of hybrid work, of, you know. A lot of people now are going into the office 1, 2, 3 days a week, but not 5 days a week anymore.

00:47:06.970 --> 00:47:12.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Where do you see all the challenges today? And and where do you see us going from here?

00:47:13.460 --> 00:47:33.209 Nikki Green: Yeah, I think you know, I, fortunately, in tech, worked in a hybrid work environment long before the pandemic happened my team was across 10 time zones, physically, that's not possible to cover. But how do I make sure that my employees, my peers other senior leaders that I needed to collaborate with

00:47:33.210 --> 00:47:59.119 Nikki Green: that I connected with them on a regular basis. And so it's setting our own boundaries of what that looks like. I would spend one week sort of working European hours. I would start Super early 6 or 7 in the morning, but then I'd leave in the afternoon, and I'd go for a run, go for a bike ride, go find something fun to do with my friends. Then the next week I'd flip over and I do Asia time, and I'd stay later, and I'd come in later I'd have breakfast at home and chill out with my cats.

00:47:59.130 --> 00:48:13.840 Nikki Green: and it's really finding those boundaries for yourself. And so one is your physical. Well being and making sure you're not trying to be on everyone else's schedule, because this does mean people are gonna do their own thing. I gotta do my laundry. I gotta pick up my kids, whatever all those things are.

00:48:13.920 --> 00:48:23.279 Nikki Green: But the other thing is communication email is not working. E-mail is asynchronous. I send it to you as if I'm sending you a letter in the post.

00:48:23.280 --> 00:48:45.939 Nikki Green: and maybe you get it. Maybe adult. Maybe you don't care. You may respond. You may read it, you may get mad. Who knows what's going on right? Email is not a good way for us to communicate, especially in these environments. And so it's really important that we start to leverage technology for voice messaging, video messaging using slack and Whatsapp and some of these other kind of instant messaging systems.

00:48:45.940 --> 00:49:10.130 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So that way we can get better connected more quickly without long essays and dissertations. and and since you did work in Silicon Valley, I'm I'm curious what your take on things like AI and VR like, where do you see things taking us in the next 2, 3, 4, 5 years, are we.

00:49:10.670 --> 00:49:17.969 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, moving into a whole new thing, or is just just going to be more leverage in a way, for us to do things.

00:49:18.500 --> 00:49:35.409 Nikki Green: Yeah, I was really fortunate. I had a great AI expert come on to my podcast stand up and stand out. And we talked about that a little bit of how the pandemic actually accelerated AI, because again, that downtime gave people time to collaborate and work on these side projects that they had in the back of their mind, but

00:49:35.540 --> 00:50:03.920 Nikki Green: you know, didn't quite come to fruition. And now you can see how rapidly it's self procreating. It's it's making new things for us. and it's going to go faster than we're ready. Th, that's just the nature of technology a lot of times. And then we're gonna have to figure out how to pull it back and how to set the boundaries, but it will enable us to do things that we've never been able to do before before. A lot of times. You needed an engineer. You needed high level degrees to be able to do all these coding and create these genius things.

00:50:03.920 --> 00:50:27.709 Nikki Green: Now I can edit a video and add on a cool song to a dance to talk into less than 60 s. So it's going to help us in ways we can't even figure out right now, but it will make things more accessible to everyone, and you won't have to have these super advanced degrees to be able to do pretty high tech and and complicated things so cool. Cool. Yeah, you know, I know someone who says that

00:50:27.710 --> 00:50:44.150 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the way things are going with also virtual reality. And and and you know the supposed quote, unquote metaverse, that things are, gonna go even more virtual over the next few years, and and that they'll actually be sort of.

00:50:44.760 --> 00:50:53.010 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I don't know if there'll be less in person stuff, but that the the experience of being virtual will be a richer experience.

00:50:53.550 --> 00:51:19.689 Nikki Green: Yeah. And and I can attest to that. So when I started working at Cisco, you know, we did a lot of video conferencing again way before a lot of these things were commonplace. And then they bought another company where the video was real life like you were full size, you sat across from everyone. So we had these incredibly, you know, robust conference centers where this person's in Sweden, and this person is here in San Jose, and another person is in New York.

00:51:19.690 --> 00:51:38.069 Nikki Green: But you actually have that feeling that you are right across from it each other. And so whether that's virtual reality kind of the the next level. But I think that's what makes the difference. People are zoom exhausted now, because it's not quite real. It's still very flat. You're still kind of distant.

00:51:38.070 --> 00:51:53.249 Nikki Green: and you don't have those interpersonal reactions. So the closer it gets to a human reaction. I think the better. We are all going to start accepting it as as commonplace. So so what's your advice to to younger people today? Like.

00:51:53.340 --> 00:52:05.689 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: what do you think people can be working on to prepare them for the future. And and what sort of skills should they be focusing on developing that can help them to really thrive in this new world.

00:52:06.370 --> 00:52:26.660 Nikki Green: that learning is going to be key. I I mean, just like we were talking about. It's try a lot of things and fail fast. It's not getting so set on one path forever. It's just not going to work that way. By the time you finish a 4 year degree, the career you thought you were going to have probably doesn't even exist.

00:52:26.690 --> 00:52:48.029 Nikki Green: Jobs are changing so rapidly that we're going to have to rethink this whole process. But the core of it is going to be comfortable learning and trying new things, talking to other sharing ideas, and that collaboration aspect, and just jumping in the deep end and going to do it. So the more the next generation, and even the existing people working

00:52:48.030 --> 00:53:04.260 Nikki Green: start doing that as a natural behavior. You take a Sabbatical, you take a week, off you go immerse yourself in books, videos, meeting other people. You're going to be so much better for it because things are going to be happening so rapidly. You're not going to have time to go get another 4 year degree in this.

00:53:04.280 --> 00:53:31.659 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah. And and degrees. I think it seems like they're gonna be losing their status, so to speak, because so much is available online. And I mean even Harvard and Yale and Mit. They all have online courses that you can audit for free. Almost. So it's like, if all this information is out there for free, what do you need? A degree for, you know, just to prove yourself. But I I I'm neglectful in my duties. I didn't ask you about the chameleon mindset your book.

00:53:32.150 --> 00:53:57.149 Nikki Green: Oh, my goodness! So many fun projects! We could talk forever. But yes, so This year's book is chameleon mindset. it is adapting to change in times of chaos. And really it's a fun interactive book for people to be able to start to immerse themselves in the process of change. There are these great credit kid style exercises you can do by yourself you can do with a friend or family member, and start to work through

00:53:57.150 --> 00:54:21.150 Nikki Green: through embracing change without having to actually do the goal and get that fear and anxiety ramped up. So it's been a super fun project. we're adding on an online course, obviously right? And all kinds of other fun stuff with it, and we've built a whole network of gamification around it with chameleon coins. So as you finish modules and you post things on social media, you'll get credit towards actually new stuff going on in life

00:54:21.150 --> 00:54:33.469 Nikki Green: mit Ctl, and and you'll be able to come to my events when I want coaching things that I'll be helpful for you in real life. Wonderful, wonderful. And so if people want to learn more about you, find out about your courses and your your programs and stuff, where would they go? 150?

00:54:33.940 --> 00:54:51.370 Nikki Green: Yeah, you guys can catch up on me. on my personal website, which is the Nicky Green 3, and there you can find my books. I'm doing a lot of local events here in Chicago. just click on the buttons just like any of those little link consolidation ones, and you will find me there.

00:54:51.390 --> 00:55:02.419 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and Nicky is N. I, K. I. Green, g r e n so yes, check out the nicky green 3, or the nicky

00:55:02.560 --> 00:55:18.899 Nikki Green: both work. I'm everywhere you can find me.

00:55:18.940 --> 00:55:43.889 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: There you go guaranteed.

00:55:43.890 --> 00:56:07.170 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And of course, you can find, the conscious consultants hour on all the major podcasting platforms, apple, Google stitcher, spotify Pandora. I heart radio where everywhere there's a podcast you'll find the conscious consultant hour. And of course, you can find our videos on the talk radio channels on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Just look for talk radio, Nyc, and you'll find us there.

00:56:07.170 --> 00:56:16.860 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Thank you all for tuning in. I appreciate you all. I appreciate you, Nikki. Take care, and we will talk to you all next week. Bye, bye.

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