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Thursday, June 8, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/06/08 - The Soul Frequency

Facebook Live Video from 2023/06/08 - The Soul Frequency


2023/06/08 - The Soul Frequency

[NEW EPISODE] The Soul Frequency


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Intuitive Healer and Celebrity Manifestation Coach, Shanna Lee.


Shanna is the #1 best-selling author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life and the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast; leading the conversation on raising your energy frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment.

She is a speaker, businesswoman, and consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry experts.

With over two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business development coupled with her intuitive gift of insight, she is an expert in leading purpose-driven individuals and supporting the development of their core mission from the ground up. 

Shanna has been featured in Awareness Magazine and the international docuseries, Depression and Anxiety Secrets. She is a contributor to Medium, Tiny Buddha, and Elephant Journal and has been featured in numerous podcasts and international radio shows.

Tune in and join the conversation as Sam and Shanna discuss how to rediscovery your core soul mission. 

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Show Notes

1st Segment

Sam highlights the pressing issue of climate change and emphasizes the need for collective action. He shares an excerpt from his book, "Everyday Awakening," titled “Our ability to focus is our most magical superpower.” Every individual possesses the power to direct our mind and our thoughts. Inadvertently we can fixate on detrimental elements of our life, but by mastering this skill we can choose the areas of our lives we wish to magnify. Joining Sam is Shanna Lee, an accomplished Intuitive Healer and Celebrity Manifestation Coach. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business development, combined with her intuitive insights, Shanna excels at guiding purpose-driven individuals and helping them establish their core mission. 

2nd Segment

Shanna recounts her spiritual awakening, which propelled her to embrace her intuition fully. The birth of her son acted as a catalyst, setting her on this transformative journey. During a  visit to Sedona, she had a profound conversation with her departed grandmother, who advised her to trust her intuition. Supported by her husband, Shanna's journey became a shared experience as he too underwent a similar awakening. Shanna and Sam discuss the natural occurrence of losing connections along the spiritual path. Shanna's interest in nutrition and its impact on energy led her to create personalized meal plans for clients. Recognizing the mind-body connection, she expanded her focus to include mental well-being, incorporating her marketing and business background into her work.

3rd Segment

Shanna introduces her book, "The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened, and Authentic Life," sharing her realization of having undergone a truly unique experience. Encouraged by a friend, she embarked on the journey of compiling her experiences into a book, which helped alleviate her sense of isolation. The book bears the same name as her brand, "The Soul Frequency," and Shanna elucidates the rationale behind this branding choice. She then guides us through her treatment process, highlighting a shift in her recent focus from nutrition to the human journey. One common challenge her clients face is internalizing past experiences as integral aspects of their identity. Shanna provides an example, explaining how if a client has been labeled as unintelligent, they tend to make decisions in alignment with that expectation. 

4th Segment

In the midst of a tumultuous world, Shanna reflects on the current state of affairs and offers her insights. She recognizes that we are undergoing simultaneous transformations on both collective and individual levels. According to Shanna, chaos often precedes change, and in the midst of this chaos, old energy systems are being dismantled to make way for new ones. As a parting thought, Shanna imparts one valuable piece of advice to the audience: stability is an illusion. For further information about Shanna and her work, interested individuals can visit


00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:06.709 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Humanity. I am very, very pleased that you were all here with me today.

00:00:06.930 --> 00:00:31.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Oh, it's been interesting here in New York City lately it's been really smoggy. This like reminds me of the old days and long, long time ago in Los Angeles, when they that daily air advisories. And you know, it's all because of these wildfires that have been happening up in Canada, and the smoke kind of blowing down the eastern seaboard and and through the United States.

00:00:31.800 --> 00:00:48.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and and this to me, is really just a lesson in how climate change is going to affect all of us, no matter where we are, no matter how we live. You know New York's been relatively

00:00:48.860 --> 00:01:03.979 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: unscathed compared to to some parts of the world where they've really felt the the effects of climate change. And and now we're starting to feel it. And so

00:01:04.280 --> 00:01:12.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to me it it's really just a lesson that we all need to wake up. We all need to do our part of

00:01:13.050 --> 00:01:25.019 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: really caring for the environment. We can't wait for governments. We can't wait for the corporations. We can't wait for other people to do something about is, it's time for us to do something about it.

00:01:25.310 --> 00:01:47.399 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So all right, I'll get off my soap box about that. Okay? So as usual, let's start off with a little section from my book Everyday Awakening. really getting through the book. I don't have too many chapters left. We're We're definitely finish up before the end of the year. Okay? And this little section of my book is entitled.

00:01:47.490 --> 00:01:58.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: our ability to focus is our most magical superpower. We all share a magical superpower, although we may barely notice

00:01:58.610 --> 00:02:01.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that we use it all the time

00:02:02.130 --> 00:02:05.720 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it is so strong that it creates worlds.

00:02:05.820 --> 00:02:08.650 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: This is the power of our focus.

00:02:08.770 --> 00:02:15.320 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the power to direct our mind or our thoughts is extraordinary.

00:02:15.490 --> 00:02:22.690 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We have all seen it in action, whether it is something that benefits benefits us or not.

00:02:22.770 --> 00:02:32.079 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The more we focus on something, the larger it grows. we can focus on our pain and we find more pain.

00:02:32.160 --> 00:02:36.180 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We can focus on our joy and we find more joy.

00:02:36.550 --> 00:02:48.229 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It is up to us what we get to magnify. we get to choose what we focus on. Do we focus on the solution?

00:02:48.310 --> 00:02:49.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What the challenge

00:02:50.010 --> 00:02:53.799 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: do we focus on our past, the future.

00:02:53.870 --> 00:02:55.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or the present.

00:02:56.350 --> 00:03:00.660 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And there's what we focus on. Serve us in the moment.

00:03:01.540 --> 00:03:11.979 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to focus on something we don't want in our lives. Instead of focusing on what we really want.

00:03:12.240 --> 00:03:15.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: perhaps more health, more fun, more prosperity.

00:03:20.920 --> 00:03:25.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: more energy. more prominence in our lives.

00:03:30.550 --> 00:03:37.669 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to recognize that it is we that that it is we who are actually giving power to it.

00:03:37.970 --> 00:03:44.989 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: However, once we have that awareness, we can bring more choice to our lives

00:03:45.460 --> 00:03:48.939 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and choose to focus on something else.

00:03:49.480 --> 00:03:53.230 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or a different aspect of the same situation.

00:03:59.460 --> 00:04:03.790 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It all depends on what we are focusing on.

00:04:05.010 --> 00:04:09.930 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Are you aware of what you focus on in your daily life.

00:04:10.670 --> 00:04:12.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So

00:04:12.420 --> 00:04:14.880 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I wrote this section of the book.

00:04:15.710 --> 00:04:29.090 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant:  because even though I mean, this is something I I I feel a lot of people know a a lot of people are aware of this this idea of of what we focus on expands.

00:04:29.940 --> 00:04:37.320 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But still, even though we're aware of it. we we forget the implications of it.

00:04:38.160 --> 00:04:41.879 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so often I find

00:04:42.040 --> 00:04:42.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that

00:04:43.620 --> 00:04:49.069 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, I'm talking to people, and they say. And they and they start talking about.

00:04:49.210 --> 00:04:57.379 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, some challenge in their life. And and they're putting so much energy into it. And they keep focusing on their problems.

00:04:58.970 --> 00:05:11.519 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and me being sort of a A, a second party observer like I can see it so clearly that they, their problems, keep increasing. Their problems are so bad because they keep focusing on them.

00:05:13.030 --> 00:05:19.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and I try and remind them over and over again that what we resist persists

00:05:21.090 --> 00:05:27.080 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: that what we keep pushing against by the mere act of us pushing against it

00:05:28.110 --> 00:05:31.429 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: causes us to really give our energy to it.

00:05:32.520 --> 00:05:42.690 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and then that keeps it going, keeps it feeding, it keeps it growing. And I use the example. Actually, this past weekend. We had a a healing circle

00:05:43.550 --> 00:05:55.269 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: at our place. and I I use the example with someone like there was a time when you know I I remember hearing about this, and how like, you know, if you have some pain.

00:05:55.320 --> 00:06:07.000 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: ignore it like focus on something else, and watch later on, when you become conscious of it, what happens to the pain? And and I'm the type of person. I rarely get headaches. Headaches are very unusual for me.

00:06:08.590 --> 00:06:26.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and I remember this one time I I I got this headache. I didn't know what to do. And I remember this thing of like, Oh, stop focusing on it. So it's like, Mo, okay. So I started to do something. I don't remember what it was probably working on the computer or whatever. And I really got into something, whatever I was doing.

00:06:27.270 --> 00:06:43.150 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And then, like 1015 min later. I I I look up, I I have to go to the bathroom or something, and I realize, oh, my God! My headaches gone like merely by shifting my focus and really focus intently on something else.

00:06:43.320 --> 00:06:47.849 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: It dissipated whatever that energy was that was giving me a headache.

00:06:50.350 --> 00:06:58.910 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And it's a small example. And look, I'm not saying. If you've got some severe medical issue you should ignore it. Of course not.

00:07:00.980 --> 00:07:05.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But it's the principle that I'm trying to get across that

00:07:08.100 --> 00:07:12.049 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: if there's something unwanted in our experience.

00:07:13.760 --> 00:07:28.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: maybe it's it's something about our partner, or a friend or or a lover that something that just really annoys us and drives us crazy. And that's like all we see are like all the little ways in which they annoy us.

00:07:28.540 --> 00:07:40.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What's that going to do? It's just gonna make us feel worse. We W. We're The the good feelings we have about the person are going to diminish. And then we're just going to keep getting more and more upset.

00:07:42.720 --> 00:07:56.730 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or we can choose. And this is the key thing. It's always a choice. We can choose to remember. What are the wonderful things about that person that we love. What are the things that they do that make us feel so good that light us up?

00:07:57.610 --> 00:08:04.630 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so when we choose to shift our focus, we're making a conscious choice, saying, Look.

00:08:05.080 --> 00:08:11.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I I don't want to feel this way. This doesn't serve me in this moment. This is not helping.

00:08:13.230 --> 00:08:15.519 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Let me choose something different.

00:08:17.790 --> 00:08:19.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Now, again.

00:08:20.040 --> 00:08:34.009 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we can't ignore things that are calling to our attention that are an indication for change. Like I talked in the beginning about all the smoke coming down from the wildfires in Canada into New York, and and and how

00:08:34.120 --> 00:08:40.269 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: climate change is affecting us so much. This is something we can't afford to ignore.

00:08:40.789 --> 00:08:58.050 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: but what we can do, instead of feeling like it's so big and it's so hopeless. We can choose to shift our focus onto what are the solutions, or what can I do individually myself that could make, even if it's just a little bit of a difference that can make a difference.

00:09:00.960 --> 00:09:11.040 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, like I, I used to have a car many years ago, but living in Manhattan, having a car is actually more of a liability than an asset. So I

00:09:11.950 --> 00:09:30.819 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I it was my mom's car. We we actually got rid of it. We said, you know what for the price it is to keep them a car here in Manhattan I can rent a car 6 times a year, and and it's still be saving money, and and what happened? We got rid of the car, and I barely rent, I mean, I rent the car 2, 3 times a year. Maybe when I'm in New York, and

00:09:31.300 --> 00:09:33.600 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: usually I'll rent a car if I'm elsewhere.

00:09:34.870 --> 00:09:44.709 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But I limit my use of cars. I limit my use of taxis, and you know I do what I can to use public transportation, or walk, or or carpool, or whatever it is.

00:09:45.260 --> 00:09:49.869 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and it may not be a big thing, but it's it's it's something that I can do.

00:09:51.970 --> 00:10:00.009 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so, when faced with any great challenge, larger, small W. Whatever we're working on.

00:10:00.740 --> 00:10:07.720 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we always have a choice focus on the problem which can lead us to being

00:10:07.760 --> 00:10:14.059 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: a a a stuck and lead us to like oh, my God! I don't know what to do and to overwhelm.

00:10:14.740 --> 00:10:22.770 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We choose to focus on what we can do. focus on what small steps I can take.

00:10:24.150 --> 00:10:30.360 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And by doing that we're shifting our energy to putting our energy into

00:10:30.770 --> 00:10:32.869 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the solution, not the problem.

00:10:33.870 --> 00:10:36.790 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And isn't that what we really want to feed?

00:10:37.030 --> 00:10:47.370 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Do we want to keep feeding the problems in our lives? Or do we want to feed the solutions? Do we want to feed the the outcomes that we so desire?

00:10:49.830 --> 00:10:56.269 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Again, this is not about spiritual bypassing. This is not about ignoring something that you have to deal with.

00:10:58.780 --> 00:11:03.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: because sometimes focusing on the solution means having to do something difficult.

00:11:03.920 --> 00:11:19.799 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Like if you're in a relationship. And it's really not working, really, not serving you, not going anywhere. And it's violating your standards and your boundaries. Then, yeah, you gotta focus on the solution which might mean leaving the relationship or leaving the other person.

00:11:20.170 --> 00:11:24.029 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: or having a very difficult conversation with the other person.

00:11:25.530 --> 00:11:32.009 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Right? Focusing on the solution is not always about doing the thing that makes us feel the most comfortable.

00:11:32.420 --> 00:11:37.809 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But it's about doing the thing that takes us ultimately, ultimately, where we want to go.

00:11:39.520 --> 00:11:52.969 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So that's this little section from my book. it's called the Our ability to focus is our most magical superpower. And your mission this week. Should you choose to accept it.

00:11:53.120 --> 00:12:00.180 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: pay attention to your focus this week, see? Just stop every now and then and say, Oh, my God, what am I focusing on?

00:12:00.280 --> 00:12:04.420 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And notice? Are you focusing on the challenge? Are you focusing on the solution?

00:12:04.580 --> 00:12:29.309 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So that's from my book Everyday Awakening, which, of course you can get@www.everyday awakening That'll just take you to our Amazon listing. But if you're like me and you love to support small independent bookstores. Please go to them if they don't have it, ask them to order it for you. We're in all the major book distributors so they can easily get it. so that's everyday awakening awesome. So

00:12:29.960 --> 00:12:35.530 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: now it is my extreme pleasure to welcome to the show

00:12:35.670 --> 00:12:40.490 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: the intuitive healer and celebrity. Manifestation. Coach Shauna Lee.

00:12:40.560 --> 00:13:05.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Shawna, is the number one bestselling off author of the sole frequency your healthy, awakened, and authentic life and host of the sole frequency show, podcast leading the conversation on raising your energy, frequency, and creating a life founded on truth and alignment. She's a speaker, business woman, and consultant to executives of fortune, 500 companies, celebrities influenced.

00:13:05.560 --> 00:13:27.249 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and fashion industry experts with over 2 decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business development, coupled with her intuitive gifts of insight. She is an expert in leading purpose-driven individuals and supporting the development of their core mission from the ground up welcome to the conscious. Consult now, or Shana.

00:13:27.740 --> 00:13:43.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Thank you. I'm happy to be here.

00:13:43.570 --> 00:13:49.819 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Did you always have this intuitive side to you? Or is this something that developed later in life.

00:13:50.560 --> 00:14:00.909 Shanna Lee: It's something I was born with, I would say, and then didn't utilize in a certain section of my life. So it was, you know, when I was a small child I

00:14:00.990 --> 00:14:28.129 Shanna Lee: would tell people that I saw things in the room, and I, you know, had people that I talked to, and it was, you know, other than my grandmother. Really, everybody else in my family was like, oh, that's cute, you know. She's a little girl, and but my grandmother was really really spiritual. I feel like some of the connection I have is kind of through this lineage with my grandmother, and she was the one that started to ask me questions about it, and she started to really

00:14:28.200 --> 00:14:57.949 Shanna Lee: wonder what I was experiencing, which allowed me to speak about it more and to connect more. And really, throughout our life and our relationship even to her passing, we just had a very special connection, and she kind of fostered this in me. And so, even during let's say, my teenage years in my twenties, when I really wasn't paying attention. She would say, you know you you should return to this or this is something that is special that you can experience. And so

00:14:57.950 --> 00:15:17.409 Shanna Lee: I really took a very simple path of like going into business. And you know, really feeling like I wanted to be successful. Using my mind. And at a certain point I realized that both the skills I developed in business and this other side needed to come together and needed to really benefit in that way.

00:15:18.040 --> 00:15:20.360 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, I I wonder if

00:15:20.590 --> 00:15:37.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, as you say in your lineage if there might not have been somebody before you who had the same kind of skill, because over the 13 years that I've been doing my show now I've interviewed so many people who are psychics and mediums and intuitive.

00:15:37.290 --> 00:16:00.319 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and not all the time, not all the time, but the vast majority of the time there was normally an a grandmother, an aunt to an uncle a a great grandfather, or somebody somewhere back there who exhibited a similar kind of talent. So I'm I'm curious if you ever did. Did. Did any genealogical work to see.

00:16:00.620 --> 00:16:04.060 Shanna Lee: Yes, and definitely. My grandmother's

00:16:04.140 --> 00:16:28.869 Shanna Lee: father was an inventor, and I and he was a hands on healer as well. So he was able to lay hands and to heal people. But I feel like a lot of the things. He was the first inventor of the first version of the hearing aid, and I feel that he used his gift in that way to create things that had not been created before, and and then, on the side, he would have people that would come to his house, and he would

00:16:28.870 --> 00:16:47.110 Shanna Lee: lay hands, and he all different parts of their body. So he, you know definitely my grandmother had, you know, came through her lineage, and and she had. She grew up around that she had some of that herself. And so for sure, I mean, I think I agree with you. It comes down through the lineage.

00:16:47.110 --> 00:16:48.440 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Okay,

00:16:48.440 --> 00:17:05.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we're gonna take a quick break when we come back. I'd like to just get into what was it that got you as an adult to kind of say, I need to take my professional career and bring this intuitive side to it. Okay? And then we'll kinda continue with you on your journey from there. All right.

00:17:06.119 --> 00:17:29.220 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Sounds great, wonderful. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now are awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to one pm. Right here and talk radio, Dot, Nyc. And you can also hear us on Kmt and Palm Springs, California, on Wednesday mornings at 10 Am. And we will be right back with our guest, Shauna Lee, in just a moment.

00:19:45.350 --> 00:19:58.899 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consult now awakening humanity. So, Shawn, as you said you. You had these gifts from a young age. You kind of put them to the side you focused on being successful at business.

00:19:59.870 --> 00:20:12.469 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and then eventually, you kind of brought them together. W. Was there some incident or something that was happening that caused you to start to again pay attention back to these gifts that you had.

00:20:13.310 --> 00:20:28.540 Shanna Lee: Yeah, I was definitely having an awakening experience at a certain point in my life. There were, you know, things going on in my personal world that were shifting quickly. And obviously, you know, a lot of us are going through this at this time. The world is changing in so many different ways.

00:20:28.550 --> 00:20:49.280 Shanna Lee: And if things feel like they're breaking apart, or, you know, coming undone, this is just an opportunity to shift our energetic frequency and to up level our life. And so that is a natural process that started to happen. It actually was triggered by the birth of my son in 2,012, which was a very powerful year, obviously change in transformation.

00:20:49.280 --> 00:20:59.420 Shanna Lee: And When I became pregnant with him like, I felt a different energy in my body. Right. I felt this energy around me. I felt like

00:20:59.420 --> 00:21:21.559 Shanna Lee: his energy. Obviously, the children coming on the planet. You know, their frequency is at a different level than a lot of us would have been here for a little bit, and and I really felt like called to start doing these really interesting things. So I went to Sedona right away. When I was pregnant I was guided to talk to certain people there. And the whole time this is happening

00:21:21.720 --> 00:21:47.310 Shanna Lee: I'm literally thinking, this is crazy like I'm crazy. This is crazy. And why am I doing this? You know. So it's like one part of me was, you know, this sole aspect of me was pulling me in these directions. And then this very, you know linear mental, you know 3D. Part of me was going. Why am I doing this like? Why do I feel like I need to go here? And why do I feel like I need to talk to these people, and one of the interesting experiences I had when I went to Sedona is.

00:21:47.310 --> 00:22:11.649 Shanna Lee: I went there, and I had already been so. It was only a couple of months since I had last been there, I went again, which I'm like, what am I doing? And I went there because I specifically knew I was supposed to talk to somebody, but I didn't know who that person was, and so, before we had, you know, you fly into Phoenix Airport. You rent a car. Take a car to Sedona. It's a few hours drive, and so the first time we had.

00:22:18.160 --> 00:22:27.409 Shanna Lee: So we get a town car. We leave Phoenix airport we're driving to Sedona. And all of a sudden the driver of the town car starts telling us that he and his wife

00:22:27.410 --> 00:22:50.399 Shanna Lee: met because they had this past lineage together, and and he starts sharing this story. And then he tells me that people that have passed come to visit his wife, who's a medium a few days before their family member actually calls to like book a session with her. So so that this, you know, this family member will come, and she's like, I wonder if this person is connected to? And then the person will call and book the session.

00:22:50.400 --> 00:23:14.989 Shanna Lee: So we're driving. And the minute he says this, I'm like, Oh, this is, you know, I am supposed to talk to this woman. So I I set up a session with her, and of course it was a large conversation with my grandmother, and she really talked about this time of my life, and what was going to happen, and what was already happening, and who my child was. And it was a really powerful profound, you know, experience, because she had. She had passed

00:23:14.990 --> 00:23:35.620 Shanna Lee: maybe 7 years before that at this time. And she told me to follow. Follow those nutrients, you know, to not think I was crazy for thinking this. They're doing these things. But to really just surrender and let go and follow. And that's what really started to, you know. I always say that when we have our awakening we look back on our life.

00:23:35.680 --> 00:23:54.079 Shanna Lee: and we say all the different things I've done in my life are converging. In this moment. All the skill sets, all the you know, parts of ourself are coming to make us really be able to step into who we came here to be, and that was the experience that was starting to unfold

00:23:54.080 --> 00:24:08.839 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: when you started kind of re-engaging in this path. Did your husband kind of look at you sideways and go? What's going on with you, or did you know your friends and family start giving you a hard time? Or they were like, oh, that's just Shawna.

00:24:08.840 --> 00:24:32.290 Shanna Lee: It's a great question. I'm really, really blessed that my husband is who he is. He was like, you know. I think in some ways he was evolving, too. And we really, you know, a lot of times, an awakening experience can really change your relationships. So for some people, you know, one person starts awakening and and the relationship comes apart.

00:24:32.290 --> 00:24:57.289 Shanna Lee: It doesn't work because the person goes. Oh, my gosh, you are going crazy, right? But really my process, like kind of went into his process. And we really have made this walk together, and it's been the biggest gift to be able to, you know, have somebody with you. There are many family members of ours who didn't make that walk with us. And you did think that the way that we wanted to live our life and the ways

00:24:57.290 --> 00:25:02.999 Shanna Lee: that we wanted to change was too far out there or 2 different, or they couldn't.

00:25:03.060 --> 00:25:20.700 Shanna Lee: I like to say that they couldn't keep resonance with it. They just didn't understand it, and they didn't have an openness to learn right and to grow. And a lot of the, you know, we bring a lot of things from our family members into the present moment. Right? A lot of history. And so as we started to heal my husband and I,

00:25:20.700 --> 00:25:45.699 Shanna Lee: we started to not be okay with some of the programming that, you know had run through our families right? And then come from our parents. And we started to push back against that, and just say, you know what? This doesn't feel good. And this isn't right. And we're not okay with this. And sometimes when you put boundaries in place. People get very threatened by that, and they don't. Really, you know, they're not really able to honor, they don't really understand. And so, yeah, there has been changes in

00:25:45.700 --> 00:25:56.949 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and in our, you know who we have in our life at this time

00:25:57.670 --> 00:26:02.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: kind of independently, we're always very dedicated to improving ourselves.

00:26:02.530 --> 00:26:17.910 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so when I started to step back on my spiritual path like 15 years ago, you know she she came with me. She's a therapist. She was very open but she always approached things from a very grounded perspective.

00:26:18.900 --> 00:26:32.670 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and that there was, and she's grown and changed so much. I I would say, even more than I have over the last 9, 10 years. And you know we've had conversation when we've said like, if it was anyone else.

00:26:32.920 --> 00:26:34.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you know, potentially.

00:26:35.220 --> 00:26:50.990 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We wouldn't still be together like if she was with someone else, and they didn't keep growing, and she did. She wouldn't be able to stay with them. If I was growing, and the person I was with didn't, I wouldn't be able to stay with them. And so it's something that I know can sometimes

00:26:51.110 --> 00:26:56.959 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: cause a little hesitation or a little concern. When you start stepping on this path fully.

00:26:56.960 --> 00:27:21.769 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's like you start losing people. You lose friends, I mean some of the friends I had years ago are just not in my life anymore. And it's not that I purposefully cut them out. It's it's just that as I grew and shifted over the years and and my interest. So my focus shifted, and going back to my book my focus shifted and there's didn't shift like they didn't keep up with

00:27:21.910 --> 00:27:32.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: their own personal work, and and and being curious and and looking into things. So we just kind of naturally drift it apart, and that that's not uncommon, is it?

00:27:32.940 --> 00:27:39.879 Shanna Lee: No, it's not. And I think the the distinction that needs to be made about this is that most of the time

00:27:40.140 --> 00:27:55.039 Shanna Lee: when people have, you know, situations where other people leave their life, it feels sad and traumatic and dramatic and awful, and so we relate to it as that. But my experience and many of my clients experiences

00:27:55.090 --> 00:28:08.309 Shanna Lee: is that as you're growing, and as you're shifting your energetic frequency, people will start to drift out of your life, not from some big argument or some big drama. It's not this thing that we've experienced. Maybe in the past.

00:28:08.310 --> 00:28:33.280 Shanna Lee: It's just we no longer kind of resonate and and are focused on the same things. And so that's okay. And I like to say that the people that are no longer in my life. I still love them like I still feel like deep love and care for them. It's not any kind of animosity. It's just run different paths, right? And that's okay. And I love them on their path. And I think I'm happy for them. And I think about them. And I go. Oh, that's great. They are doing their things.

00:28:33.280 --> 00:28:50.379 Shanna Lee: and then I'm on my path and doing my thing. And so so I think we have to develop a new kind of belief system around this idea of allowing people to grow into our life and grow out of our life, and that it doesn't have to be an awful traumatic thing.

00:28:50.500 --> 00:29:10.869 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: like we're walking on a path on our individual pads. And then that individual path will come together. And then we're walking basically on the same road. But you know we're walking independently, and then, at some point in life that roadmates diverge, it may split off. And now we? We continue on our path. The other person continues on their path. But now it's not the same road anymore.

00:29:11.380 --> 00:29:12.820 Shanna Lee: Exactly

00:29:12.940 --> 00:29:27.519 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: beautiful. so what? How long ago. Did you kind of make that decision that you wanted to bring these talents and these skills into what you do to make a living?

00:29:28.790 --> 00:29:51.009 Shanna Lee: It started. Very. You know, I started becoming really interested in what we put in our bodies like food, and how that affects like our energy. So that's kind of where my journey started just on a personal journey, right? Started eating really healthy start eating, really organic start understanding. And of course, that made me feel better right, and it made my body heal in different ways, and that that gave me a lot more energy in my life.

00:29:51.010 --> 00:30:27.889 Shanna Lee: And so people would come and ask me how to do that. And so I was helping other people, you know, with what to put in their bodies. And then I started kind of realizing that people were coming, you know, and it was translating into. Now I feel better in my body. I want to do this, or I have this idea, or I have this dream right? And so I started talking to people about those ideas and dreams and concepts. And of course, like all this, these years I've had a business experience started coming into those sessions. And I started sharing like, Okay, well, if you actually want to do this like, here's how you can do it. And so I started just getting a lot of guidance in the room with people

00:30:27.890 --> 00:30:52.889 Shanna Lee: about how to create what they came here to create. Now we not? We may not be present to what we came here to create, because we kind of have to be at a certain vantage point to be able to connect with that. So here was my pathway of like helping people here. Their bodies get out of the aches and pains, and all of that kind of stuff. And then here comes the inspiration. It would. It would almost happen like clockwork. When someone started feeling better, they start feeling inspired, they start having a.

00:30:52.890 --> 00:30:58.540 Shanna Lee: And so it naturally translated into like, Wow, I really.

00:30:58.540 --> 00:31:13.410 Shanna Lee: I'm able to bring this wealth of experience that I have decades of experience, and how to build businesses and how to market, and how to create into this moment with people. And and it's funny because I felt inspired. I have this new inspiration.

00:31:13.410 --> 00:31:32.630 Shanna Lee: because to me it wasn't exciting to apply marketing to something that was just like, you know, status quo for me. It felt exciting to give my gifts and my talent and my wisdom to things that were like soul driven to things that were a true inspiration from someone's heart and soul

00:31:32.630 --> 00:31:57.189 Shanna Lee: that they wanted to build or create, and that really let me up. And so I started getting excited about that. And then, at a certain point in time the sole frequency was born really, from just a download, like, what am I actually doing with people here like that? Was my point like, what am I doing? And and it just kind of came to me is that I am aligning people with their sole frequency, like we have our personalities, we have our egos.

00:31:57.190 --> 00:32:15.799 Shanna Lee: But this is like bringing people back into like, what is my. So why did my soul incarnate on this planet at this powerful time of change and transformation. Why am I here? And answering that question, and really helping that birth through people like? So I'm not just telling somebody, although I can see it.

00:32:15.800 --> 00:32:37.839 Shanna Lee: I'm creating an environment where that births through them. Because me telling you what your sole purpose is here is very different than you actually having the experience of birthing that, and I found that, like meat is telling somebody someone could dismiss it and say, Oh, well, you know just her opinion of what my sole purpose is. But when we have the true experience of having it come through us, it's profound.

00:32:37.840 --> 00:32:46.830 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, absolutely. It's it's just like that old phrase, if I say something, it means one thing, but if you say something, it means everything

00:32:46.830 --> 00:32:52.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: right. So it's when we say it for ourselves without being told it. Then it really has a deep meaning for us.

00:32:53.460 --> 00:33:00.789 Shanna Lee: Exactly. It's so beautifully said.

00:33:01.170 --> 00:33:25.969 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Like when you what what you decide like. Oh, I should put this in a book and and let's talk about what's in the book. Okay. wonderful. So everyone. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consult now awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with our guest, Shauna Lee, author of the book, the sole frequency, your healthy, awakened, and authentic life, and we'll be right back in just a moment.

00:35:30.380 --> 00:35:55.299 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back. I see loyal listener Alex checking in on the Facebook live stream. Thank you don't forget. The video of the of our show is streamed on Youtube, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Linkedin, and even twitch. So if you're a twitch follower. You can find the conscious consult now, or on twitch TV. So, Shawna, what made you decide to take all the stuff that you were experiencing and how you were helping people and put it into a book.

00:35:56.430 --> 00:36:08.859 Shanna Lee: I knew I had gone through something that was really unique at the time, and it didn't know anybody that was going through some of the stuff I was moving through in my life, and the way I was like helping people.

00:36:16.520 --> 00:36:41.520 Shanna Lee: I'm like no way, I know. But this is a book I was like, what are you talking about? And, my dear friend just said, we just sit down and write an outline, please, and send it to me. And you know he knew at the time that I needed to kind of get this out, and that it was important, and I think you know, lots more people are going through some of the things that I experienced at this time. I started writing the book in 2,016,

00:36:41.520 --> 00:37:06.499 Shanna Lee: and it just poured out of me like I don't even know if I was writing the book like the information was just coming and coming, and you know there was so much inspiration. It was really exciting creative time for me and cathartic time to share this, and to actually put words to it. Not just memories of, you know, these experiences, but to write them down was was great. And then.

00:37:06.500 --> 00:37:31.489 Shanna Lee: when we launch the book. We hit number one on Amazon, and the book was selling like crazy, and I started getting messages from people all the time going. Oh, my gosh! Like. I am going through this right now, like I am reading your words, and I'm experiencing this, and my world is shifting and changing. And it was such a beautiful full circle moment, because I was like, Wow, there's so many more people

00:37:31.490 --> 00:37:59.380 Shanna Lee: as every year goes by that are re-evaluating and having these awakenings. And so it just opened up a new world and community to me, of people all around the world that are experiencing this. And it made me realize that we're not alone. We're not going through these things alone, and we shouldn't feel like we're alone. And we should come together with people who understand, because there's definitely those that understand and those that don't understand at this time. And you really have to have community and support around you.

00:37:59.420 --> 00:38:28.149 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I agree. It's it's everyone I talk to people, everyone I've interview on on my show when I ask them about. You know our people more open to these ideas now than in the past. Are they more conscious? It inevitably the answer is, yes, so it. There's definitely sort of a worldwide, shifting consciousness, and and it can get easily. It can get to pressing. And you think like, Oh, there, there's so many wars there's so much

00:38:28.230 --> 00:38:39.779 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: separation. This is so much people at each other's throat. It it doesn't feel like like things are evolving. But they they they actually are.

00:38:39.960 --> 00:38:54.460 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I'm I'm curious. the term soul frequency. Is that something that was sort of part of your lexicon before you started writing the book? Or was that something that came out in in writing the book and coming up with the title.

00:38:55.130 --> 00:39:03.690 Shanna Lee: It was prior to that. My whole brand is called the sole frequency. And really that was, you know something that came through where I said.

00:39:04.400 --> 00:39:29.399 Shanna Lee: what I'm really doing is connecting people with their energy, of their soul like, and our soul has a lineage, and our soul is here learning lessons, and came to this lifetime to learn lessons. And so what happens when we reconnect with our sole frequency when we get outside of our ego and our in our personality in this lifetime, and we're able to connect to the database of information and lessons we've learned as a soul.

00:39:29.400 --> 00:39:46.800 Shanna Lee: and bring that into this now moment and bring that into. You know why you came here on the planet that's incredibly powerful. And so that became kind of like my north star. Of what am I really doing? What's the bigger intention which is to connect people with their sole frequency?

00:39:46.800 --> 00:40:10.479 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful? And so when you work with someone like, how, what's that process look like? I mean, when somebody is like comes to you, and maybe they're experiencing some things, or or or their life is just falling apart. And okay, you help clean up their diet. You help them be more conscious of what they're putting into their body. But but how does this idea of their sole frequency come forward?

00:40:12.200 --> 00:40:27.709 Shanna Lee: It really starts with, you know, at this point I don't talk so much about food or their body, or you know that kind of stuff. It's really starts off with looking at like, what is this human journey that we've been on. So the way that I perceive the energy system, it's kind of like

00:40:27.710 --> 00:40:52.649 Shanna Lee: I describe it as a motherboard of a computer. So if you're looking at all these different connections like an on on a computer board. And each connection is going to run different things like we as human beings, we we received programming from the time that we are born. and we are constantly receiving programming and downloading so much as children. Because we try to, you know. Understand? Who am I in this world? And how does this world work? And you know we're influenced a lot by our family

00:40:52.650 --> 00:41:17.650 Shanna Lee: systems and the people that were around as we receive all of this programming like a computer receives, you know, software. And that programming runs in our energetic system. And it directs us to how to interact with the world, what we're allowed to do, not allowed to do quote unquote in life. And so we look at the programming at the beginning. And the programming isn't a bad thing. It's not a bad thing that we're.

00:41:17.650 --> 00:41:42.610 Shanna Lee: We just want to make sure we're running the programs that we want to be running, and that the ones that are not beneficial to us, that we know that we can disconnect those. So I kind of do an analysis and assessment of like, what program is this person running or programs? And what programs do they say are not helpful because we all know the things in our life, the ways that we get stuck in, the things that don't work in our life. So we kind of go through what's not working, what don't we like?

00:41:42.610 --> 00:42:07.609 Shanna Lee: And then what do we wish we had more of what programs do we want to put in? And and once people start to consciously understand this. it really helps people start to realize that everything's in motion meaning sometimes we look at life and the things that bother us when we say, oh, I'm stuck with this right. It's going to be this way forever, or even worse. We say I am just this, I am irresponsible, or I am lazy, or

00:42:07.610 --> 00:42:13.359 Shanna Lee: I am this as if that's going to be that way forever and

00:42:13.440 --> 00:42:19.340 Shanna Lee: exactly, and everything is changeable. So so we start there and then we go down the rabbit hole from there.

00:42:19.500 --> 00:42:21.809 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What do you find is the most

00:42:21.830 --> 00:42:29.870 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: difficult thing for people to shift around this like? What is it that that is usually that toughest hurdle for people to get past.

00:42:31.170 --> 00:42:48.620 Shanna Lee: It's different for every person, but it has to do with like what we've really put stock into like. So sometimes, you know, kids will grow up in family systems, and they're the the stupid kid, the one that it's not smart, the one that doesn't do good in school, and so they internalize that

00:42:48.620 --> 00:43:11.370 Shanna Lee: as who they are like, who I am is not very smart who I am, and so then, of course, you build a whole world around that you're gonna constantly show up to people that come into your life, that reflect that back to you and and experiences like, maybe you go get a job and they go. Oh, well, you you're not going to get the, you know the raise because you're not doing that. Well, you're not that smart in this job.

00:43:11.370 --> 00:43:17.089 Shanna Lee: And so when we self identify with something, you know that big thing that we go, I am this.

00:43:17.330 --> 00:43:47.179 Shanna Lee: That's the most challenging part to unwind right? Because that's the thing that we get a lot of evidence in our life about. Because if we believe we are something like, I'm not smart. You will attract people and circumstances into your life. They continue that feedback loop of. Oh, yes, you're not smart. Oh, yes, you're not smart. And the more feedback that you get from your environment that you actually created right? Because you believe that's true. the the deeper that

00:43:47.180 --> 00:43:59.840 Shanna Lee: program gets ingrained into our being. This so those deep programs which everybody has right, at least a couple of them are the ones that we kind of start at that outer layer and we work down to those deeper ones to release them.

00:44:00.070 --> 00:44:14.679 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, yeah, it's so true. I was just working with a woman, this weekend, and she was saying, and and and she was undiagnosed for the first 50 years of her life is with with Adhd, or, you know, sort of being a a a neurodiverse, let's just say.

00:44:14.680 --> 00:44:39.679 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And she was saying how? Oh, I I was never the smart one like my sister's the lawyer. She's the smart one. I'm not the smart one, and you know it was such an identity. Yet I could see her starting to shift and change and realize, like she does have her own unique skills and talents, and that she's not so dumb after all. so it's a wonderful thing to watch, that is, people blossom and change.

00:44:41.930 --> 00:44:53.349 Shanna Lee: Yeah, it's a beautiful journey to be on. I mean, everybody who's on it right now. I just my hats off to you, because it really is such an enlightening, wonderful experience to know that we can shift and change.

00:44:53.350 --> 00:45:18.190 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yes, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And that like, just because we're going through a challenge right now doesn't mean our life is always going to be a challenge, or just because we had some extreme challenge or trauma in the past doesn't mean that it? It has to rule our life for the rest of our life, and it just feels like they're more and more modalities. They're more and more teachers, more and more people.

00:45:18.190 --> 00:45:23.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: people who are helping people to discover that for themselves.

00:45:23.640 --> 00:45:35.969 Shanna Lee: Yeah, tons of resources out there tons of modalities. And I just tell people like whatever resonates with you. If you feel really connected to somebody's work, or some modality like that's probably the right one for you at this time.

00:45:35.970 --> 00:45:54.750 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Right? Right? Exactly. Exactly. It's going what resonates with with you, because there's no one person who's the right person for everyone. Right? It's it's we all get attracted. We all align with different people. But when you meet that right person for you like, then that's the one to pursue.

00:45:55.380 --> 00:46:11.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Exactly wonderful, all right, time to take our last break of the show. So when we come back, let's talk about what you see going on today. And what is the future? Hold from a sole perspective? Okay?

00:46:11.160 --> 00:46:23.840 Shanna Lee: Awesome. Well, we'll dip into our crystal ball. So everyone, please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious, consulting. Our weakening humanity will be right back with our guest, Shauna Lee. In just a moment.

00:48:32.320 --> 00:48:45.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back see. Loyal listener, Paddy, checking in as usual from her, probably her home base in Tucson, though she might be traveling, as she usually does. Thank you, Patty, for listening and sharing the video as always

00:48:45.550 --> 00:48:52.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: so, Shauna, we're kinda in a very challenging time. And and

00:48:52.730 --> 00:49:20.090 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to a lot of people the immediate prospects don't look that great. There's so much change, so much upheaval. We've got climate change now we've got in in intelligent artificial intelligence systems kicking up there, there. It seems like there's more conflicts around the globe. What's going on in your perspective from that sole point of view, from that higher perspective?

00:49:21.120 --> 00:49:49.729 Shanna Lee: Well, 2 things are going on, and I talk about this in the book. We're having individual change in our own individual lives. And then we're having collective change going on. And I talk about in the book. The chaos is the predecessor of change. So for any energy to change right to have a big shift, it's like the energy ball has to break up, and then it has to reconfigure under a different frequency. And if you look around from that perspective in your own life, and collectively, because it's going on, you know, on both places

00:49:49.730 --> 00:50:08.529 Shanna Lee: that we are breaking apart old energy systems within ourself, within our government, within our, you know, like with within our financial system, within our education system like, and the only way that things change is for people to become aware, for people to pay attention.

00:50:08.530 --> 00:50:32.930 Shanna Lee: so that chaos and the and all the craziness that we feel like we're seeing in the world is getting people's attention, which is actually a really positive thing, right? Because, like you talked about the beginning of the show, about focus, like if we're just focusing on other things and and everything seems to be going along the status quo, we don't get engaged, and we don't. We all say, wait a second like what's going on in the world like.

00:50:32.930 --> 00:50:57.929 Shanna Lee: I want to make a difference. I don't want to see a change. And so activism is huge. Right now, right? Because you have a lot of people putting their energy and emotion behind. Wait a second like, what are we doing here? And all of this is part of the shifts that are occurring. So so even though it looks disastrous. it's actually waking people up, which is a really positive thing, and people are starting to pay attention

00:50:57.930 --> 00:51:22.930 Shanna Lee: is good. At this time. When we entered a time of massive, you know. I I talked about 2,012, which was a very big time of transformation, like 2,010 to 12 at the big wave of people going through awakenings, and so did like 2,018, like 1718, had a big wave, and then obviously 2,020 was huge on a much more global scale.

00:51:22.930 --> 00:51:43.949 Shanna Lee: bigger scale. And and 2,024 is another interesting time. where a lot of the changes have been going on from 2020 to 23 for people that have been doing the inner work for people that have been looking inside, going through shifts and changes in any of those markers that I just talked about.

00:51:43.950 --> 00:51:57.920 Shanna Lee: 2,024 is gonna feel like, Oh, I'm really starting to see and move into an a totally new. What a lot of people call the new Earth right, or a new or new frequency for people that have resisted

00:51:57.990 --> 00:52:23.570 Shanna Lee: all of these points that I've talked about. who have known. Maybe there's something I should look at and haven't. 2023 is is hitting people right? Because it's now kind of, we're crossing this line in 2,024 and beyond which is moving into entirely like our planet, is moving into a new energy system, and those that are kind of digging their fields and and not wanting to, you know, evolve and change

00:52:23.570 --> 00:52:48.490 Shanna Lee: are are being really confronted. So it's interesting because we have some people that will start to feel like the energy within their own life. It it doesn't feel so intense, or that push, you know that people been feeling cause they've they've really listened to that call, and they've done the work for people that have resisted that it might feel more intense. So we're kind of having these like really different experiences happening simultaneously.

00:52:48.490 --> 00:53:13.489 Shanna Lee: And it's not the conversation that a lot of people are having on the earth and the 5, the earth co-existing simultaneously on the planet where maybe your next door neighbor is totally in the and you live right next door. But you're really existing in the 5 d. And that you might not even run into that neighbor right? You might not even be existing in the same energy plane like they come and go from their house, and you might come back

00:53:13.490 --> 00:53:23.050 Shanna Lee: to go from yours. But you don't even ever cross paths, so it's a fascinating time energetically on the planet, one that we've not had before.

00:53:23.050 --> 00:53:42.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, yeah, it is I. there used to be an astrologer who did a show on our network a few years ago? By the name of Monti, who unfortunately has since passed on. And He would say, like we're getting. We're in the middle of the planetary returns

00:53:42.260 --> 00:53:48.379 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: of the American Revolution, the American Civil War and the Great Depression all at once.

00:53:48.480 --> 00:54:09.170 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and and you can really feel it in the craziness and the economy. How divided we are as a nation and as a people. Yet at the same time, there's all this revolution. There's all this new stuff coming up. And so it's like all of these trends. All of these energies are like hitting us all at the same time.

00:54:09.710 --> 00:54:24.200 Shanna Lee: Exactly. It's a it's a really, I mean, when we feel tired, when we feel like we need to rest like I tell people, even if you need to sleep a good 12 h one night, let your body do that because these changes are intense.

00:54:24.200 --> 00:54:44.080 Shanna Lee: and sometimes we put pressure on ourself to to stay on a certain schedule, or to be a certain way. And one of the things that I've learned over this journey is sometimes I need to see 12 h, and sometimes, you know, sometimes I don't need that right, like sometimes I'm really high energy, and then sometimes, you know, I say, when the planets move

00:54:44.250 --> 00:55:06.760 Shanna Lee: at a certain energy frequency. When you get to that point, you feel that right when the planets are having big planetary changes, I feel that energy so it can feel like, well, my energy is not consistent. But really we're starting to feel the pulse of the world. We're starting to feel the pulse of the universe. and know that we are part of it in a really beautiful way.

00:55:07.410 --> 00:55:08.590 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So I

00:55:08.790 --> 00:55:26.859 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: given everything that's going on, and and where you see things going like, what's the one piece of advice you think people need to hear today, like, what is it that people need to know for moving forward in our world. With all these changes, and with all these things that are happening.

00:55:27.870 --> 00:55:37.420 Shanna Lee: I think we need to understand that everything is always in motion. And I think what we're breaking down Humanity at this time is

00:55:37.720 --> 00:55:48.769 Shanna Lee: this need to hold on to things for stability and security, and that stability is an illusion which even me, saying that

00:55:48.770 --> 00:55:54.119 Shanna Lee: like can send people into panic because we hold on to whether it's our possessions

00:55:54.120 --> 00:56:18.779 Shanna Lee: or our bank accounts, or whatever to derive a sense of stability. And one of the biggest changes that happens is going from holding on to external things as a methodology for stability into understanding that stability is from within, and that the only way that I feel stable is to realize that I can move

00:56:18.850 --> 00:56:43.640 Shanna Lee: with the waves of energy. And that is like, imagine an entire humanity understanding that stability is in the motion. And I talk about this in the book, because, like, if you think about an animal right? An animal's ability to survive and be stable is their ability to move. If a predator is coming, they need to be able to move to another state, or move to a

00:56:43.640 --> 00:57:07.300 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: another tree or fle that situation. So they don't build concrete houses and buildings and say, I'm going to live here forever. Out in nature. Right they go. I move with the sun, I move with the tides, I move with the you know the weather patterns like if you look into. You know we are part of nature, although we've somewhat forgotten that.

00:57:07.300 --> 00:57:27.539 Shanna Lee: And if we connect back to that, and we look to nature. It can teach us so much about what true stability is. And so so the only way that people learn true stability within themselves many times is to have the things that they have held on to in life to garner stability for those to go away

00:57:27.540 --> 00:57:55.689 Shanna Lee: or break apart right? It's like, Oh, I've lost my job. I'm feeling extremely unstable, like, where do I go? What do I do? That is an opportunity to learn true stability. And when you have stability within yourself, and you aren't holding on to the things in your life doesn't mean you can't have large bank accounts and great houses and things, you know a wonderful job. It just means, I know that if all of those went away

00:57:55.690 --> 00:58:10.919 Shanna Lee: I'm okay because I have me and I am stable within myself. So that is the biggest lesson. I think we're learning in many different ways in our life, and if everybody is able to derive that stability within motion.

00:58:11.150 --> 00:58:25.300 Shanna Lee: then we can ascend to those higher frequencies which is really where you start to understand that everything like when you think about the quantum world. And you think about. You know the table in front of me. It's actually in motion.

00:58:25.300 --> 00:58:46.380 Shanna Lee: Right? So our perception is that things are stable and still, but at the at the most utmost, finest degree fundamental level. It's constantly vibrating, it's constantly moving constantly. Unfortunately, we have to leave it there, Shawn, we out of time. If if people want to learn more about you and and learn more about your work, where should they go?

00:58:46.610 --> 00:59:15.909 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: They can go to the sole, all of our podcast information and blog posts, and all of that's located there. Wonderful. Well, Shauna, thank you so much for coming and taking the time out of your day to come on my show. I really appreciate it. please, if you ever make it to New York City definitely look me up. Okay, I would love that. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for having me. Oh, my pleasure, my pleasure! And of course, thank you, my loyal listeners, for tuning in as always, without you there's no show. So thank you all.

00:59:16.300 --> 00:59:41.289 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: forgiving a a piece of your attention to me every week, and and my amazing guests. And don't forget if you did miss any part of today's show, you can always catch the replay on talk radio that Nyc and you can find us on all the major podcasting platforms, apple, Google, Stitcher, spotify Pandora. I heart radio where everywhere, where you listen to podcasts, there's a conscious consultant hour and find the video on all of our

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