Revival Radio Hour

Revival Radio Hour is a refreshing blend of alternative health, down-to-earth wisdom, and visionary art. Focusing on ‘The Nature Pyramid’, an evolutionary concept promoting the empowerment and well-being of all people, Revival Radio Hour delivers an uncommon and inspirational message. Anthony James Canelo is an intrepid inventor, health strategist, awarded speaker, author of twelve books, and the owner of the Phoenix Institute of Holistic Health and Research.

Anthony James Canelo is an author, health strategist, inventor, former musician, medicine maker, and owner of the Phoenix Institute of Holistic Health in Montclair, New Jersey. Anthony began his adventure into alternative health after a long fought battle with a rare nervous system condition known as post-herpetic neuralgia. Afterwards Anthony began consulting family and friends on natural methods to improve their health and well-being. Since then, his life has appreciably snowballed into a dynamic path of service, self-healing, and continuous education. He now lectures through the tri-state area, has authored over twelve books, and continues to consult with people from all walks of life. Drawing from a diverse background in sleep improvement, folk medicines, addiction management, do-it-yourself herbalism, disaster preparedness, electro therapy, iridology, raw foods, and cleansing, Canelo trademarked his ‘Nature Pyramid’ in April of 2013. His well known ‘seven fundamentals’ of health and longevity are respiration, rest, hydration, attitude, nutrition, fitness, and a connection to nature.

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Revival Radio Hour