@home Podcast Archive

@home explores the principals of Interior Design from the exciting moments of inspiration and desire, through the analytical study of function and form, the stages of client programming, architectural planning and the Interior Designer's process.

The show will look at the cultural and societal implications of sheltering and nesting. @home will focus on the benefits and rewards of creating beautiful interiors, all the while not forgetting about the frustrations, the heartaches and the missteps that can occur along the way. Ultimately, engaging the listeners to take part in the discovery of what is beautiful and how beauty is a reflection of self.

Questions from listener's Twitter accounts will add a wonderful teaching opportunity on specific topics, curiosities and need to know design subjects.

Weekly episode subject photos will continue the discussion with visual energy and substance on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Interviews with Architects, Textile Designers, Furniture Makers and the very best and brightest of the design trade will open the door to the creative process and individual passions.

Finally, a commentary on culture, art and the resources around us will close the show.

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