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Thursday, September 17, 2020

2020/09/17 - Faith & Justice

[NEW EPISODE] Faith & Justice

A road map to getting through this COVID19 as an individual and as a people

What's in your Faith wallet! Join us as we discuss how Faith plays an important role in how we cope with the madness around us.

This is a season of uncertainty and it is making many of us anxious. This week we look at Religion with Pastor Dwayne Royster and how it can help even if you are a non-believer.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Antonia introduces Dwayne Roster, the pastor at the Faith United Church of Christ in Washington DC. He talks about his two podcasts. Dwayne and Antonia reminisce about how they met. Wishes his brother good health. Lack of fellowship in church due to COVID. Antonia and Dwayne talk about what motivates them to be active in their communities and using faith to heal during the pandemic. Dwayne believes chaos brings hope. He brings up the police shooting death of Ricardo Munoz in Lancaster County, Penn. Dwayne hopes the church can tap into creativity in order to grieve and celebrate. They also discuss police brutality and how conversations about justice should have started years ago. Dwayne talks about creativity in the Black Lives Matter movement such as chanting, dancing, and marching. Antonia and Dwayne introduce how we tackle racism and faith.


Segment 2

Antonia and Dwayne continue their conversation about determining an approach to tackle racism and faith. Dwayne talks about the need to “decolonize” faith practice, specifically the use of religion to justify racism. Antonia talks about the importance of having tough conversations with our communities in order to establish trust. Antonia and Dwayne talk about the fear and frustration in the black community as voting season approaches. Dwayne urges the importance of talking about issues that are affecting the young black community. “Your vote counts”.


Segment 3

Antonia asks Dwayne about his stance on police defunding. He says defunding, for him, means a deeper conversation into public safety. Dwayne suggests sending out mental health professionals instead of police officers when 911 is called. He urges the importance of public safety, only utilizing police in extreme situations. Antonia emphasizes the importance of education about the criminal justice system. They also talk about the use of social media in documenting instances of police brutality. Antonia expresses hope but also wants pressure applied on district attorneys. Antonia asks Dwayne how people can use faith to calm their anxieties. He urges you to get help, whether that’d be professional or from a mentor, friend, or family member.


Segment 4

Antonia asks Dwayne’s opinion on a possible new vaccine. Dwayne expresses skepticism but expresses he trusts the CDC and his own physicians. Antonia asks if people in Dwayne’s community are following safety procedures: wearing a mask, social distancing Even though Dwayne wears his mask, there are people in this community who are not. They discuss Temple University’s shutdown and Antonia thanks Dwayne for being on the show. 


00:00:39.540 --> 00:01:00.660 Antonia: Happy Thursday, everyone. This is Antonia. So now you know it is five o'clock on Thursday. So we are in for a fun show. As always, I hope everyone this week has been doing my mantra. It seems to the last couple of weeks, six feet distancing wearing the mask washing the Hand Sanitizing

00:01:02.670 --> 00:01:14.670 Antonia: I just hope you all happy and healthy. I want to introduce you to this week, my co host is my good old buddy and PAL Duane royster I should say Bishop

00:01:15.300 --> 00:01:30.000 Antonia: Senior Pastor Duane royster good old friend and I invited today to talk a little bit about our faith and politics. Lot of looking around these days. I don't know if we have too much faith and politics.

00:01:30.690 --> 00:01:38.070 Antonia: But I thought that would be a really interesting topic to talk to pastor to wait about today. How are you, my friend.

00:01:38.250 --> 00:01:39.660 Dwayne Royster: I'm doing well, how are you doing

00:01:40.110 --> 00:01:46.950 Antonia: I'm doing well. It's been a minute, I think, wow, it might be over a year ago that we talked before on this platform.

00:01:47.010 --> 00:01:50.640 Dwayne Royster: Yes, yes, absolutely. But I'm glad to be back here with you again.

00:01:51.240 --> 00:01:55.860 Antonia: Yeah, and I think you've expanded right do you now have two shows are you still on that word.

00:01:56.070 --> 00:02:10.050 Dwayne Royster: Yeah, no, I'm still on word I have a show on Friday nights from five to seven called solutions and then every morning at 6am from six to seven, I have the power hour, along with the Reverend Dr. Mark Kelly Tyler, who is the senior pastor and other Bethel me church in Philly.

00:02:10.890 --> 00:02:23.940 Dwayne Royster: And actually that's a that's actually both of my SOS a political shows, although I'm a faith leader. They are primarily shows that are geared towards, towards politics and kind of analyzing the moment

00:02:24.480 --> 00:02:33.090 Antonia: That's just how our intersection came to be, is how we met each other on college campus and it was political, then I think it was a black student form.

00:02:33.660 --> 00:02:42.930 Antonia: That's correct. We both very, very active on politics on campus and they were all the organizations. I think the undergraduate government of the school.

00:02:43.650 --> 00:02:59.580 Antonia: So that's how we we we came to be in our debating form and always having conversations about things that are happening. So, it's so good. It's so great to see you. I'm glad that you're healthy I lift your brother, all the time in prayer. So I hope you're doing well he's getting

00:02:59.610 --> 00:03:01.770 Dwayne Royster: Getting better and stronger. Thank you for doing that.

00:03:02.280 --> 00:03:11.730 Antonia: Good, good, good. So as you know, since the last time we spoke a lot has happened in our community and definitely in the last several months and I know I've been keeping up

00:03:12.150 --> 00:03:20.700 Antonia: With your work in the community and you are definitely very outspoken on these issues and topics facing our country and in our media communities.

00:03:21.120 --> 00:03:27.780 Antonia: So I just thought it was really great to this week to touch to touch base with you. And I think the last couple of weeks. Guests have been coming on the show.

00:03:28.170 --> 00:03:33.690 Antonia: You know this, the anxiety of schools reopening we're trying to figure out how college campuses are looking

00:03:34.560 --> 00:03:44.820 Antonia: You know, even in my own church. It's been a, it's been a minute since we've been able to be together and fellowship because of different protocols with different churches are facing.

00:03:45.210 --> 00:03:54.300 Antonia: But I do see this just need of conversation of people having dialogue and i think you know obviously radio is a great platform because people can sit and listen and speak.

00:03:55.380 --> 00:04:00.570 Antonia: But then I thought to myself, Well, what about people's faith. What do people, how are they going through this journey.

00:04:01.590 --> 00:04:10.140 Antonia: With it, and I, and so I love how you infuse you know the voting and, you know, you go back into faith and how you need to do as a person of faith.

00:04:10.620 --> 00:04:20.700 Antonia: So, in this day and age will start from there. What was the tip of the iceberg for you what. What is your hope and prayer that will motivate people to be to be active.

00:04:21.360 --> 00:04:28.590 Dwayne Royster: Yeah, you know, actually it was on a call a little earlier with faith leaders from around the country who have been working with labor unions.

00:04:29.250 --> 00:04:40.560 Dwayne Royster: And we were actually talking about our hopes and I went back to them and I went to Genesis one, one and it says, In the beginning, the earth was formless in deep

00:04:41.070 --> 00:04:47.610 Dwayne Royster: And formless void and deep and it says, The Spirit of God hovered over the earth. And then God spoke

00:04:48.150 --> 00:05:00.270 Dwayne Royster: And I'm reminded that in the darkest moments of all of human history, even from what we would consider to be the very beginning of creation itself, there was always chaos, but then there became order.

00:05:01.470 --> 00:05:06.000 Dwayne Royster: And in this moment. I think we're in one of those chaotic moments that can bring great order.

00:05:06.960 --> 00:05:20.520 Dwayne Royster: If people are willing to stand up, speak their truth if they're willing to tell their side of the story, whether it's through voting or engaging in, you know, larger work around social justice and transform societal transformation.

00:05:21.630 --> 00:05:29.760 Dwayne Royster: I think you know I'm hopeful, because I do believe out of order does come out of chaos and sometimes you know you gotta

00:05:30.150 --> 00:05:38.280 Dwayne Royster: Bottom out before you can start building back up again. And maybe this is the moment that we're living in. It's very chaotic is painful. It's what Colvin with

00:05:39.210 --> 00:05:48.180 Dwayne Royster: You know the uprisings of comments runs up the Black Lives Matter movement, you know, even today, the organization and I'm serving as interim executive director for in Pennsylvania.

00:05:48.870 --> 00:05:56.730 Dwayne Royster: There's an action where clergy are actually taking over a bank and we know they're gonna get arrested. It's a civil disobedience active really draw attention to

00:05:57.450 --> 00:06:07.290 Dwayne Royster: The fact that the business community has not address the issues of racial violence and calling for them to do that in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where gentlemen was killed over the weekend by the police.

00:06:07.830 --> 00:06:19.950 Dwayne Royster: Basically came up house and they they shot him. So, um, yeah. So I think we are in this moment of deep chaos. But, you know, chaos also has another side to it, which is creativity.

00:06:20.910 --> 00:06:30.300 Dwayne Royster: And if we are able to come out of this moment, drawn from creative energy and that we can become architects of a new America architects of a new community for us to live in.

00:06:31.200 --> 00:06:45.030 Dwayne Royster: Using our, our tradition of faith to help shape the imagination about what it means to create whole communities and have places where people can live and thrive and that nobody's left behind. So my hope is in this moment.

00:06:45.750 --> 00:06:51.330 Dwayne Royster: That we will tap into that creativity will tap into that imagination that we will grieve.

00:06:51.930 --> 00:06:59.220 Dwayne Royster: But even in the grieving as when somebody passes on. There's also the funeral. And then there's the repast, which is the celebration.

00:06:59.640 --> 00:07:12.240 Dwayne Royster: Of their life of their experience of the journey and can we celebrate the past, you know, can we grieve over what we've lost but can we celebrate the past and then look forward to what we've gained from gleaning from that past as we move into the future.

00:07:13.560 --> 00:07:23.730 Antonia: I just sometimes feel as as as black people this chaos has been going on for an awfully long, long time. I mean, we can think back into our history.

00:07:24.390 --> 00:07:32.340 Antonia: You know, police brutality has always been here and I find the frustration, a lot of conversations that you have in people's like they just think oh, we'll charge for having

00:07:32.940 --> 00:07:40.860 Antonia: This conversation just starting. It's like, no, it has always been there that chaos has always been there. It's just we as a people.

00:07:41.730 --> 00:07:48.330 Antonia: Have had to kind of mitigate it. The best we could. As a people and I'm not quite sure what

00:07:49.170 --> 00:08:06.330 Antonia: If that act of seeing it was the tipping of the scale and said enough is enough. And then we have all of this unrest wasn't a social compact that everyone has it all of a sudden like you know what we really need to put a spotlight on this and and protest and so I kind of feel

00:08:07.710 --> 00:08:14.430 Antonia: Somebody. Some of it has to be an internal fee or feeling that one must have been it's bigger than me.

00:08:15.510 --> 00:08:25.350 Antonia: And I think part of what frustrates and I can't say that it's what causes the violence is the faith and the faith. But I do think it's an interesting

00:08:27.000 --> 00:08:38.520 Antonia: Idea of what this make people more spiritual. Will this bring people together on that level. So I think as you say this hope. What would that creativity look like

00:08:38.970 --> 00:08:47.880 Dwayne Royster: Well, I mean, I think, actually, we see the creativity, like the Black Lives Matter movement. So it's interesting, right, because when we talk about faith. I think there's always the notion that we're talking about Christian faith or

00:08:47.880 --> 00:08:56.280 Dwayne Royster: Expression Christianity and actually I think I'm talking about something probably far more universal than that, you know that there is ritual.

00:08:57.150 --> 00:09:09.300 Dwayne Royster: That there is healing that there's hope that there are practices in those spaces to dance and celebrate. You know, one of the things you know being coming out of the African diaspora.

00:09:10.050 --> 00:09:26.610 Dwayne Royster: If you were to go back and study the religion of Africa, whether it was Christian when Christianity was there Islam or even, you know, going back to the ancestral the ancestral religious practices of our communities dance was deeply tied to

00:09:26.670 --> 00:09:28.800 Dwayne Royster: Worship experience, right. It was a full body.

00:09:28.860 --> 00:09:32.100 Dwayne Royster: Experience. And so when we really take a look at

00:09:33.300 --> 00:09:37.590 Dwayne Royster: Even some of the activities. The protest the actions that are happening, and you take a look. I'm

00:09:37.890 --> 00:09:44.490 Dwayne Royster: Not talking about the experiences and when people are burning stuff down and blowing stuff up. That's, that's something totally different and separate from that.

00:09:44.850 --> 00:09:53.550 Dwayne Royster: But when you look at the x, the singing There's dancing this worship. There's chanting that's happening in the midst of all these experiences. This is a religious experience.

00:09:54.660 --> 00:10:02.250 Dwayne Royster: That people are having it's connecting with something bigger than themselves and beyond themselves at the same time. And so

00:10:03.000 --> 00:10:03.750 Antonia: Of what's

00:10:03.930 --> 00:10:06.600 Antonia: Been in the past, because if we look at old spiritual

00:10:08.340 --> 00:10:11.430 Antonia: Hymns, yes. Right, they were singing through slavery.

00:10:11.460 --> 00:10:12.570 Dwayne Royster: Right. Right. Absolutely. Well,

00:10:12.630 --> 00:10:14.310 Antonia: Our story, our history.

00:10:15.390 --> 00:10:20.700 Antonia: You know that chaos has always been kind of replicated in our hymns in our music

00:10:21.930 --> 00:10:30.750 Antonia: And I open i again i think it's interesting, but now we if we look at our history and when things have changed civil rights whenever it has been through the arts.

00:10:30.990 --> 00:10:34.710 Antonia: Yeah, has been through that that lens of hearts.

00:10:35.220 --> 00:10:35.400 Well,

00:10:38.220 --> 00:10:45.960 Dwayne Royster: Because the odds transcend the divisions. Right. You know, the music transcends young folk and old folk

00:10:47.010 --> 00:10:50.850 Dwayne Royster: You know, I kind of chuckle with my youngest now who's a senior in high school.

00:10:51.660 --> 00:10:58.980 Dwayne Royster: But, you know, I'll play something from the 70s, and she'll start with, like, oh, this is really cool music, you know that you weren't even born when even thought of it that time.

00:10:59.730 --> 00:11:10.920 Dwayne Royster: You know, but there's something about the arts that that transcends time, we can look at older movies and things like that, you know, plays that have stood the test of time over generation upon generation.

00:11:11.850 --> 00:11:21.300 Dwayne Royster: You know, when all those things that become very important that continue to build the legacy from one generation to the next generation. It's all an act of worship.

00:11:21.810 --> 00:11:30.540 Dwayne Royster: Right. It's all an act of celebration. It's a celebration of life. It's a celebration of our experience, but it's also a deeply whether God has mentioned or not, and they're

00:11:30.540 --> 00:11:36.510 Dwayne Royster: Actually books in the Bible where God is not mentioned at all the name of God is never mentioned, but that

00:11:37.140 --> 00:11:41.970 Dwayne Royster: You know, when we we we do that we're celebrating the god that's brought us through it all at the same time.

00:11:42.270 --> 00:11:48.990 Dwayne Royster: And then every time we look at that story every time we look at that piece of art thats hanging on a wall. Every time we listened to the song we look at a picture.

00:11:49.260 --> 00:12:05.190 Dwayne Royster: And it brings back a memory. We're being reminded of where we've come from and how we've gotten over you know when I when I consider this moment that we're in and it's bad. It is not as bad as our slave ancestors had to experience. And it's just not

00:12:06.000 --> 00:12:06.900 Antonia: Really was life or death.

00:12:07.380 --> 00:12:14.100 Dwayne Royster: That's right, absolutely. And, you know, back talk and the slave catchers coming after you. Which was a predecessor to the modern day police departments.

00:12:14.760 --> 00:12:24.150 Dwayne Royster: You know, when they were. It was a totally different ball game. And yet they prayed and they had hope and they snuck around to people to worship and to

00:12:24.660 --> 00:12:29.490 Dwayne Royster: Get together and periodically. They had their revolts and their protest that they used as well.

00:12:30.240 --> 00:12:41.760 Dwayne Royster: To be able to move ahead but they believe that the that things would get better and that the next generation and the generations to come, would not suffer the way that they did. And so even in this moment.

00:12:42.810 --> 00:12:59.430 Dwayne Royster: Even in in how difficult how painful this moment is I'm reminded that there were folks whose prayer still continue to this day from hundreds of years ago, so that we will be able to break through this moment and get to the other side and really know what it means to be free.

00:13:01.470 --> 00:13:07.620 Antonia: And as and now I'm thinking about it through the lens of racism, because as we saw

00:13:08.280 --> 00:13:18.780 Antonia: You know, to the Civil Rights Act and a lot of things did change a lot of things that were hoped and prayed for, we didn't see this movement coming to it. I can I put it in that context, because that's our generation. Right. We were really young.

00:13:19.140 --> 00:13:27.960 Antonia: In the 60s. When that was all happening but my parents live through it and their parents had lived through what had happened prior to that. So there was that continuous change.

00:13:28.350 --> 00:13:36.120 Antonia: And then we kind of settled, and I would again say we didn't settle because we still were dealing with the vestiges of everything that was happening then

00:13:37.110 --> 00:13:50.760 Antonia: But now I think about, well, how, how do we look at faith and racism, are we there to pray for the change of heart, are we there to just be patient and obedient and hope that he works through these other people that were facing and

00:13:51.960 --> 00:13:59.190 Antonia: And that's also a hard question. I think for people who, again, whether it's Christian faith or whatever faith that people have that that would be enough.

00:14:00.360 --> 00:14:10.200 Antonia: So we're gonna we're going to take a break and I just want to talk a little bit about like how does that come in when we do see the violence in the community. We do see a sub group of our people who are just

00:14:10.710 --> 00:14:14.100 Antonia: Frustrated, they were thrown it up like, dude, I've been talking to you.

00:14:15.060 --> 00:14:30.600 Antonia: And I'm not seeing. I'm not seeing the change and then that that's the flesh. That's people who are creating that chaos, here and now. So we're going to get ready to take a quick break and listening to Antonia I have my good old friend, who am I gonna say old can you

00:14:31.800 --> 00:14:32.340 Antonia: Say to me.

00:14:32.670 --> 00:14:33.810 Antonia: Who's. All right.

00:14:36.750 --> 00:14:40.530 Dwayne Royster: If I go back. How many years it was that we were in college together that's long

00:14:40.590 --> 00:14:41.880 Antonia: I was just thinking about that.

00:14:43.380 --> 00:14:47.400 Antonia: A little while ago and I said you know why I think we're just more experience right

00:14:51.510 --> 00:14:53.760 Antonia: How do we say with wine. It's just a very aged

00:14:57.210 --> 00:14:57.570 Dwayne Royster: There you go.

00:14:58.230 --> 00:15:05.400 Antonia: Absolutely. It's one of those things right. Did you pick up where you left off. Like I feel like it was just yesterday that we were just, you know, kicking around as

00:15:06.030 --> 00:15:17.010 Antonia: As young kids, but I guess we just say we are we are more experienced I'm going through going through this. I'm so excited that you're here, and I know I'm throwing all these questions that you but

00:15:17.520 --> 00:15:26.610 Antonia: Again, I just think, even as we can be as educated and well versus we we think we are. But sometimes we just have to have these conversations to make it a little clear to us.

00:15:27.630 --> 00:15:33.300 Antonia: as we as we go through this. So again, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know we're gonna take a quick break and we will be right back.

00:17:41.160 --> 00:17:49.800 Antonia: We're back with Antonia. So now you know we're here with pastor Duane Duane before we got to the break, I was

00:17:51.240 --> 00:17:55.950 Antonia: Just thinking about racism and how do we navigate

00:17:57.000 --> 00:18:06.690 Antonia: That barrier, because I do think as as a people as black folks, we look at our history that we were just talking about. It's always been there. It's in our songs. It's in our books.

00:18:07.350 --> 00:18:20.250 Antonia: It's been in our movies. It's something that we've all spoken about. It's just never been addressed. So how do you feel that navigation one creativity is there that we can face this

00:18:20.970 --> 00:18:26.790 Dwayne Royster: Yeah. So going back to what you were saying earlier and tied to what you're just saying that I think part of this is

00:18:27.390 --> 00:18:34.140 Dwayne Royster: faith communities have to stand up and begin to address this within their own bodies. This is an issue that

00:18:34.920 --> 00:18:41.250 Dwayne Royster: We have to deeply address I'm often I chuckle and, you know, I'm a Christian minister, I come out of the Christian tradition.

00:18:42.060 --> 00:18:52.920 Dwayne Royster: You know, member of the United Church of Christ and founder of an ecumenical religious order called the Society for faith and justice which comes out of a Protestant tradition. But the interesting thing is that

00:18:54.180 --> 00:19:04.500 Dwayne Royster: You know, our faith actually has been used as a tool for racism in many ways the images that we use the words that we use. Even the, the language of some of our hymns.

00:19:05.190 --> 00:19:14.580 Dwayne Royster: What what the words that we use to define good and bad often can be attributed back to race as well. And so we've really got to do some

00:19:15.390 --> 00:19:25.470 Dwayne Royster: At the colonizing work to our faith traditions as well and to our faith practices and how do we legitimize some of the practices that we have in our faith communities.

00:19:25.950 --> 00:19:30.990 Dwayne Royster: If we are all created in the image and likeness of God, which is what Protestants many Protestants believe

00:19:31.950 --> 00:19:42.990 Dwayne Royster: Then how we treat others as a direct reflection of what our faith is so if I believe in the God of creation, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

00:19:43.470 --> 00:19:55.110 Dwayne Royster: Sarah and Rachel and the God of Hagar Ishmael and the God of Jesus, and I believe that God created all of us that if I treat you as less than because of the color of your skin.

00:19:55.590 --> 00:20:07.500 Dwayne Royster: Then I am not acknowledging nor honoring that God if I treat you as less than because of your gender than I am not honoring that God in that space. And I think we have to really have a reckoning.

00:20:08.310 --> 00:20:13.530 Dwayne Royster: With the ways that faith has been used in this country, there's a large portion of our country right now.

00:20:14.430 --> 00:20:30.540 Dwayne Royster: That is in a deep belief that our current administration has been set forth by God but there's nothing that says that that particular individual, serving as the leader of this country right now does has even a relationship with God. Oh, it's, it's a very difficult and

00:20:31.590 --> 00:20:47.880 Dwayne Royster: Painful moment for us because we have to acknowledge that our tradition in and of itself is not racist, but it has been used as a tool for races right when we think about the Klu Klux Klan and other organizations like that they consider themselves Christian institutions.

00:20:49.500 --> 00:20:56.940 Dwayne Royster: You know that were born out of faith traditions, but the very images, the things that we see on a regular basis. Do not reinforce that God have multiple

00:20:57.630 --> 00:21:04.950 Dwayne Royster: Multiple races or multiple communities. So we have to do that internal work. We've got to call it out when we see it. We've got to address it.

00:21:05.280 --> 00:21:13.680 Dwayne Royster: We've got to call for our religious institutions to deal with their own notion of white supremacy and what's happening inside their bodies and begin to

00:21:14.310 --> 00:21:17.520 Dwayne Royster: Operate in a different fashion to make sure that the voices of those

00:21:18.480 --> 00:21:25.560 Dwayne Royster: folks of color in particular, African Americans in particular, African American women who had been far more depressed than any other group in this country.

00:21:25.860 --> 00:21:31.740 Dwayne Royster: Those voices are heard those voices and brought for those folks are brought into deep levels of leadership and skill.

00:21:32.370 --> 00:21:44.670 Dwayne Royster: That helps us to move forward as a country, we will not, this is not a top down model, about the way we need to move forward, we need to bring folks from the deepest levels of the grassroots to help us help lead us into a better tomorrow.

00:21:45.390 --> 00:21:52.830 Antonia: I think that is so true. And what come compounds that work that needs to get done is wearing coven season right

00:21:53.280 --> 00:21:59.730 Antonia: So as we look at our communities that have been devastated by this by this disease. And it's mostly us of color.

00:22:00.840 --> 00:22:09.300 Antonia: Getting our own community to believe in the medicine in the science right, whether you're asking them to get tested or you're asking, you know,

00:22:09.630 --> 00:22:15.750 Antonia: I mean, clearly the underlining conditions that many of us have that have not been addressed because of other systemic racism.

00:22:16.290 --> 00:22:26.940 Antonia: Things that are happening but again it is talking to our community and understanding that you know what this is a time that we do have to trust this. This is a time that we do have to

00:22:27.510 --> 00:22:33.540 Antonia: Step forward. You know, so I love that you said that because I do think we have to do our own work.

00:22:33.990 --> 00:22:40.290 Antonia: And I see it coming in, you know, lately with this whole talk about a VAC possible vaccine and

00:22:40.620 --> 00:22:49.620 Antonia: Trying to convince our communities. Well, when it becomes available. How are we going to approach you know do we take it, do we not take it and it frustrates me with right off the bat, our churches like

00:22:50.190 --> 00:22:56.880 Antonia: And I get. I get that. You know, we don't want to, unless it's reliable and trustworthy and it

00:22:57.480 --> 00:23:06.690 Antonia: But we have to have those conversations we have to let go of some of the things in ways that we've always thought that approach we've had to move forward. So

00:23:07.530 --> 00:23:12.540 Antonia: I think that's, that's just a great point that you made, but one thing that stood out to me is if if you are

00:23:13.440 --> 00:23:18.030 Antonia: Facing this type of him, and you didn't want to say his name, but him.

00:23:18.750 --> 00:23:25.380 Antonia: And that racism is standing you in the face in the face, but they control so much like some, some would say, you know what that is, the President

00:23:25.800 --> 00:23:40.350 Antonia: Of the United States and all of those people. Um, I don't know. I'm afraid that we're not going to show up to the polls. I'm afraid that we are too frightened or feel so defeated. Yeah, that we aren't going to come out.

00:23:41.580 --> 00:23:41.940 Dwayne Royster: You know,

00:23:41.970 --> 00:23:53.100 Antonia: You do. And you've been to a lot of work and voting and getting out there and so what, how would you feel if what is the sense of the community there. I know people are frustrated. But are they willing to

00:23:54.150 --> 00:23:54.870 Antonia: Do the work

00:23:55.260 --> 00:23:56.460 Dwayne Royster: It all depends on how old they are.

00:23:58.590 --> 00:24:12.450 Dwayne Royster: Interesting thing for, I think, for me, is that I found seniors are very willing to engage the middle aged folks, I'm not gonna claim that we're Middle East but we're Middle East that you know we're willing to engage in that fight. I'm actually finding my my eldest daughter is a millennial

00:24:13.470 --> 00:24:19.800 Dwayne Royster: And you know she's running her friends make sure they're registered to vote and ready to go. I you know I think

00:24:21.210 --> 00:24:27.870 Dwayne Royster: There, there, there is a segment of the community that is like this is not gonna make a difference.

00:24:29.490 --> 00:24:35.760 Dwayne Royster: I totally disagree with them because it certainly wasn't this bad four years ago.

00:24:36.780 --> 00:24:40.860 Dwayne Royster: When you know brock obama was still president of the United States right it was

00:24:42.060 --> 00:24:42.990 Antonia: The same people who

00:24:43.440 --> 00:24:51.000 Antonia: Who wouldn't have didn't vote for Trump came in. Are they the same people, or do you think they were active in all of a sudden over these last four years. They don't think it makes difference

00:24:51.060 --> 00:24:56.850 Dwayne Royster: No, I think, I think the people who are active. We're going to be active and I'm going to continue to be active. I think there's a whole segment of folks that are just

00:24:57.750 --> 00:25:02.340 Dwayne Royster: You know, talking about the black community. Right. There's a whole segment know folks that are just sort of like that make a difference.

00:25:03.030 --> 00:25:07.230 Dwayne Royster: You know, we go from one white man to another white man And you know what difference does that make to us.

00:25:07.980 --> 00:25:18.030 Dwayne Royster: But it does make a big profound difference because I think people would be alive today if there had been a different President in Office, right, we would probably not have lost 200,000 people to cove it

00:25:18.540 --> 00:25:24.840 Dwayne Royster: Many of them folks of color who were dying and some, you know, dying and deep isolation and alone and by themselves.

00:25:25.440 --> 00:25:38.430 Dwayne Royster: That we probably wouldn't have had immigrants that would have been hiding out because and afraid of going to the hospital because they were concerned that they might wind up getting captured and being detained in the deported and separated from their, their spouses and their children.

00:25:39.600 --> 00:25:44.460 Dwayne Royster: You know, I think that there would be a whole different attitude about policing right now in this country.

00:25:45.150 --> 00:25:52.740 Dwayne Royster: That would have seen over the last four years, a movement towards more community models more finding ways of community partnership with

00:25:53.190 --> 00:26:04.230 Dwayne Royster: Police departments as opposed to really sort of radicalizing and and militarizing police forces across the country and then making them feel like they can be immune

00:26:04.530 --> 00:26:11.970 Dwayne Royster: From having to address their own bias in their own prejudices. So I think voting makes a big difference. We're actually having those conversations

00:26:12.570 --> 00:26:20.190 Dwayne Royster: With my organization is committed to having conversations with 180,000 folks in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania and major swing state.

00:26:20.580 --> 00:26:27.180 Dwayne Royster: 180,000 conversations with folks not talking about candidates, we're not even talking about the candidates, but can we just talk about the issues that are important.

00:26:27.600 --> 00:26:34.380 Dwayne Royster: So whether we're talking with some time with some folks about criminal justice reform. We're talking with some folks about climate justice issues.

00:26:34.800 --> 00:26:39.270 Dwayne Royster: That are occurring and the fact that black folks are getting hit by climate justice worse than anybody else's

00:26:39.630 --> 00:26:46.830 Dwayne Royster: Or having conversations about educational resources and making sure that our black and brown children are getting the best quality education that's possible.

00:26:47.250 --> 00:26:55.530 Dwayne Royster: Whether we're dealing with the issues of raising the minimum wage or trying to fight for people to be able to have paid sick time and sick leave and

00:26:56.070 --> 00:27:02.940 Dwayne Royster: Get be able to get Kovac benefits from their jobs and not lose their jobs because they need to stay home with their children were fighting all those battles right now.

00:27:03.240 --> 00:27:09.450 Dwayne Royster: So I don't even need to talk to people about the candidates. I just need to talk to them about the issues that are pertinent to their lives right now.

00:27:09.720 --> 00:27:15.810 Dwayne Royster: And I think that that's important, especially for the younger voters because a lot of times when I was coming along. You're not alone.

00:27:16.260 --> 00:27:25.170 Dwayne Royster: You know, my mother when we voted. Actually, I voted for the first time absentee ballot, because I was a freshman at Boston College, when we had the election.

00:27:25.950 --> 00:27:36.870 Dwayne Royster: And I'll never forget. And my mother, you know, reminded me over and over again. I bet, but the fact that people died so I could have a right to vote right people got bit by dogs. They got chased down

00:27:37.830 --> 00:27:45.420 Dwayne Royster: His generation don't care anything about that. That's too far away from it. But when I can talk to them about the fact that they got beat by the police.

00:27:45.810 --> 00:27:50.370 Dwayne Royster: Or they got stopped them necessarily they got refresh unnecessarily. And I can say to them.

00:27:50.730 --> 00:28:00.060 Dwayne Royster: You know, if you put the right folks into office, they will straighten that situation out. So the police can't do that to you anymore. A whole police accountable when they pull you over unfairly

00:28:00.420 --> 00:28:09.780 Dwayne Royster: That begins to make a difference in their lives when we are having a conversation with them about how they're exercising their right to vote impact their material condition.

00:28:10.950 --> 00:28:19.020 Dwayne Royster: Every single day, that's what's really making a difference. So that's why we're talking to people about issues. I'm not talking about kidding. I'm just talking about issues, what's happening.

00:28:19.620 --> 00:28:35.340 Dwayne Royster: To you on a daily basis. And then I can explain to them about how different levels of government have impact on those issues and why their votes count. I have to remind people, you're the boss of politicians politicians are not the boss of you.

00:28:35.820 --> 00:28:43.020 Dwayne Royster: And so, you know, take, take back your power on your government tell them what you want and then let's get this thing going and get straightened out

00:28:43.740 --> 00:28:46.470 Antonia: And I hope that the momentum of the last couple of years is

00:28:47.040 --> 00:29:02.550 Antonia: Is that our youth and those that maybe weren't as active in voting actually see that it works when they see that certain people aren't voted out of office when they see that the protest, actually, you know, ended with some type of change.

00:29:03.120 --> 00:29:17.790 Antonia: I think the balances. You got to balance it against all the violence that is actually happening in the community and across the country and put it in the context of, well, why is, why is that, like, what is going on in those communities. We can we can say, you know,

00:29:18.300 --> 00:29:25.440 Antonia: Clearly, this is what they're protesting to but there might be a lot more that we don't know when you know we're not in those those communities.

00:29:27.030 --> 00:29:46.920 Antonia: So I'm hopeful. I mean, I am a hoping that they do come out and people come out and vote because i don't i just stuff. I think it'll just be a very chaotic path for the next four years. If things stay the same. I think it'll it really would be detrimental.

00:29:47.940 --> 00:29:51.450 Antonia: To a lot of the progress that we've made it on a lot of different platforms.

00:29:51.540 --> 00:30:06.240 Dwayne Royster: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And I mean, let me just be frank, I don't think November 3 is going to be the end of this right. I think there's gonna be some struggle a little bit afterwards. But I think in the end. By the time we get to January 20 it'll all be settled in done and

00:30:07.380 --> 00:30:08.610 Dwayne Royster: We'll move on to the next level.

00:30:09.180 --> 00:30:16.590 Antonia: I we're gonna get ready to take our next break here, you listen to Antonio. So now you know. And we're here with pastor royster. We'll be right back.

00:32:33.240 --> 00:32:38.460 Antonia: So you're listening to Antonia we are back here with Dwayne um

00:32:39.690 --> 00:32:44.130 Antonia: You know i i want to get your perspective on this on police to funding.

00:32:44.610 --> 00:32:46.260 Dwayne Royster: Yes, oh, let's talk about that.

00:32:46.650 --> 00:32:57.780 Antonia: Um, you know, I practice as a litigator for 10 years as a public defender dealt with the police over all of that time with it. So I totally get it right, totally get it.

00:32:58.890 --> 00:33:08.460 Antonia: And I'm always amazed when people talk about defending and it's this just this visceral effective up now my neighborhoods, you know, going to get robbed.

00:33:08.820 --> 00:33:17.640 Antonia: It's going to burn down and the police not gonna be able to show up because we have defended them. And I'm like, Yeah, I don't, I don't know if that I don't know if it works quite that way.

00:33:19.080 --> 00:33:36.480 Antonia: Um, and I think of it more in my focus always in passion is is law right because so much of it has been detrimental to our community and having practice it. So give me your sense when you talk about the funding and you're you're you're feeling you're in Philly. Right.

00:33:36.840 --> 00:33:37.380 Antonia: And then, you know,

00:33:38.370 --> 00:33:39.870 Dwayne Royster: What between DC and Philadelphia.

00:33:39.930 --> 00:33:54.630 Antonia: Okay, so I don't know. I don't know if I can say that they put their to drastically different police forces. I think they kind of have the same. They're almost similar. So when you talk about the funding there. What it, what does that mean

00:33:55.290 --> 00:34:09.060 Dwayne Royster: So, actually. So my organization power which is in Philadelphia actually is a part of a coalition that's around the defund the police work. And so, you know, let me just be clear, there are some people that want the absolute abolition of police departments.

00:34:10.080 --> 00:34:17.430 Dwayne Royster: And let me just say without a shadow of a doubt that there's always been some form of policing in the world since its earliest days.

00:34:18.420 --> 00:34:24.540 Dwayne Royster: fest try as we might, you know, folk are not always kind to one another and and not always good to one another.

00:34:24.960 --> 00:34:32.490 Dwayne Royster: But what defund the police means to me is it really is really inviting us into a deeper conversation around public safety.

00:34:33.360 --> 00:34:39.330 Dwayne Royster: And what public safety looks like, you know, it's just an interesting in this case that we're just talking about a Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

00:34:39.930 --> 00:34:48.090 Dwayne Royster: Where Mr Munoz was killed over the weekend by the Lancaster police department, you know, he had a history of some he was autistic and had a history of

00:34:48.630 --> 00:35:00.090 Dwayne Royster: Some problems, you know, mental health challenges right in with somebody like that when you call 911, why aren't we sending mental health workers out instead of police with flashing lights.

00:35:00.840 --> 00:35:06.210 Dwayne Royster: That are coming out in that situation or in domestic violence situations, sending out teams that can

00:35:07.200 --> 00:35:12.960 Dwayne Royster: Both, you know, provide social support for a person that might be be victimized.

00:35:13.290 --> 00:35:26.130 Dwayne Royster: On and also counseling supports and if we need legal stuff, then we deal with that as well. I think part of what we're trying to do is have a deeper conversation about what is going to make our community safe and investing in policing.

00:35:26.850 --> 00:35:38.640 Dwayne Royster: And especially the militarized police departments that we have today is not making our communities, any safer. Matter of fact, that we looked at most of the major cities in the country incidents of homicide is up shootings are up.

00:35:39.000 --> 00:35:43.050 Dwayne Royster: A variety of issues around, but I think some of that's tied to cold it, but I also think

00:35:43.830 --> 00:35:47.910 Dwayne Royster: You know it's tied to the fact that police departments are designed to be reactive not proactive.

00:35:48.330 --> 00:35:58.920 Dwayne Royster: And so we need to find ways to use money from policing that actually can go towards mental health services, public health services that can go to

00:35:59.400 --> 00:36:03.930 Dwayne Royster: diversionary programs drug treatment programs. I mean, when you consider the number of cases.

00:36:04.470 --> 00:36:11.610 Dwayne Royster: That are involved with the criminal justice system that have some level of drug activity tied to them if we were doing a better job about treating

00:36:12.300 --> 00:36:15.570 Dwayne Royster: You know, not just order yes but drug challenges in general.

00:36:15.840 --> 00:36:23.550 Dwayne Royster: I think we would see a very different outcomes. So when we talk about defund the police. We're not saying we're getting ready to police department. We're saying we're reducing the role

00:36:23.760 --> 00:36:29.490 Dwayne Royster: Of the police department in public safety in our communities and we are trying to

00:36:29.940 --> 00:36:40.410 Dwayne Royster: Find a way to do other support services that will actually address some of the core issues right police address symptoms. They don't address core issues. What we need addressed our core issues.

00:36:41.040 --> 00:36:50.250 Dwayne Royster: Congresswoman Alexandria cosmic Cortez was talking about defund the police and somebody said to her, What does defund the police look like. And she said, the suburbs.

00:36:50.730 --> 00:36:56.460 Dwayne Royster: And I mean, when you think about it for that minute though right when you know I've lived in both suburban areas and urban areas.

00:36:57.030 --> 00:37:10.170 Dwayne Royster: You know when when I'm home in and I live outside of the DC area in Rockville, Maryland. I don't see police cars very frequently when I see I'm kind of shocked that I do see them, you know, I don't see flashing lights. I don't hear silence, day in and day out.

00:37:11.790 --> 00:37:20.940 Dwayne Royster: You know, and it's like there's a, there's a, there's a whole level of nother level of services that we have in our county down here because we're not spending it on policing.

00:37:21.480 --> 00:37:27.930 Dwayne Royster: But when you go to many municipal budgets, the number one thing in their budgets are the police department. Well, how about if we put health in there first.

00:37:28.380 --> 00:37:32.880 Dwayne Royster: And we help people get their diabetic medication in their high blood pressure medication and

00:37:33.480 --> 00:37:44.760 Dwayne Royster: How about we made an investment in workforce development as a Policing Strategy and public safety strategy because Charles Ramsey, who was the former police commissioner Philadelphia Chicago DC and

00:37:45.180 --> 00:37:49.710 Dwayne Royster: One of the cities in Miami, said the best to turn to crime as a full time job with benefits.

00:37:50.310 --> 00:37:55.440 Dwayne Royster: You know, how about we work on getting those things in place, investing in those type programs.

00:37:55.770 --> 00:38:08.370 Dwayne Royster: And leaving policing to the most serious of matters and using other resources to address the other concerns that come up. That's what defund the police's I'm totally in support of defund the police that operates in that manner.

00:38:09.120 --> 00:38:15.750 Antonia: But, and I think part of that conversation has to be changing the community mindset, the community.

00:38:15.810 --> 00:38:16.740 Dwayne Royster: Fearfully

00:38:17.100 --> 00:38:21.450 Antonia: Of addressing those issues because a lot of times that becomes between the haves and the have nots. Right.

00:38:21.720 --> 00:38:34.110 Antonia: That have saying I don't know you're caught up the funding. I want to talk about, because you can have to go deal with those issues, but I'm here in the suburbs and I'm pretty cool with with what I'm at right but we're long as my, my home, my property.

00:38:35.580 --> 00:38:45.600 Antonia: Is is secure. And I think a lot of times when people talk about to funding the police. I always highlight what and then just needs to be more education into the legal system.

00:38:45.960 --> 00:38:51.930 Antonia: People talk a lot about police brutality has just all of a sudden happened over these couple of years, physically

00:38:52.350 --> 00:39:04.650 Antonia: Like police brutality has been here in many ways, but when we look at how many people have been on death row wrongly convicted. When we look at the central part of the Central Park.

00:39:05.010 --> 00:39:05.310 Dwayne Royster: That's right.

00:39:05.640 --> 00:39:16.290 Antonia: Right, that's police brutality that was organised police work that got innocent children convicted of a crime that they did not do.

00:39:16.800 --> 00:39:23.970 Antonia: And that happens all the time, right, we look at all the work of the Innocence Project, and we see all these Dateline.

00:39:24.510 --> 00:39:34.680 Antonia: And I look at people like no that's that's police brutality. It's not the physical right. You didn't see it, but that is someone's life that was completely derailed

00:39:35.340 --> 00:39:43.950 Antonia: Right, absolutely. And that's been happening for a very very long time. And we talked about, you know, cocaine powder cocaine and crack right

00:39:44.520 --> 00:39:59.220 Antonia: Um, so I guess we really frustrating that people aren't understanding the whole defending conversation and the whole way that the criminal justice system just needs to be to be discussed and changed. And so I don't know how quickly that will happen.

00:39:59.790 --> 00:40:07.590 Dwayne Royster: Well, I mean, I think it's taking place, you know, for example in Los Angeles cut their police department budget by 120 million dollars on a $50 million or something like that.

00:40:08.190 --> 00:40:18.150 Dwayne Royster: This past year in Philadelphia, the City Council refused to give them they're paying their increase this year. And, you know, instead of trying to reinvest the money.

00:40:18.870 --> 00:40:25.500 Dwayne Royster: That would have gone towards the policing budget and putting it in other services. Actually, there's going to be a battle of the measure.

00:40:26.010 --> 00:40:32.190 Dwayne Royster: That's coming up in Philadelphia this November that we're actually mobilizing people to vote for around

00:40:32.700 --> 00:40:43.080 Dwayne Royster: Creating a police oversight board that's actually fully funded right now. The police accountability where which really isn't that much teeth gets like half million dollars a year to look at 8000 cases of police misconduct.

00:40:43.800 --> 00:40:53.490 Dwayne Royster: We're actually trying to get the police accountability board to get one to 2% of the police budget to just hold the police accountable and they have you know

00:40:53.880 --> 00:40:59.400 Dwayne Royster: They'll have actual real teeth and police oversight board that can actually investigate make recommendations.

00:40:59.760 --> 00:41:10.680 Dwayne Royster: And we're actually hoping to get a police oversight board that can also hire and fire. The police commissioner. So, you know, we're looking at things like that can actually also help transform policing at the exact same time.

00:41:11.340 --> 00:41:16.230 Dwayne Royster: That we're looking at all this, but a lot of people do not understand how the criminal justice system works.

00:41:17.130 --> 00:41:21.480 Dwayne Royster: And, you know, unfortunately, we have to try to figure that out. I did want to say though.

00:41:22.350 --> 00:41:32.550 Dwayne Royster: That it's actually interesting. A lot of people think that like police brutality is on the rise. Actually, I don't think it's really on the rise. I think it's just that we have this democratizing tool called social media.

00:41:33.060 --> 00:41:38.550 Dwayne Royster: That has been used to really start to highlight these cases, a lot of times these cases have been

00:41:39.900 --> 00:41:49.710 Dwayne Royster: They have been categorized as other the lies about, you know, people they they victimized us. As a matter of fact, I was looking at one of the cases.

00:41:50.220 --> 00:41:54.240 Dwayne Royster: The most recent case. Oh, Daniel prudes case in Rochester, New York.

00:41:55.020 --> 00:42:00.630 Dwayne Royster: And there were, they were looking at all of the records that have come out of zone. Good Morning America this morning.

00:42:01.020 --> 00:42:09.570 Dwayne Royster: And one of the notes that somebody had written on one of the rap sheets was like treat him. It said, you know, basically, it said didn't say suspected to said, you know,

00:42:10.140 --> 00:42:14.520 Dwayne Royster: It was just individual person is somebody said put in there and said, Make him suspect

00:42:15.090 --> 00:42:21.030 Dwayne Royster: You know, in that wasn't the case he wasn't the suspected spamming call because he was having a mental health break

00:42:21.630 --> 00:42:31.200 Dwayne Royster: And they needed support to get him to a hospital to to get treated so you know this, but if if if all this happen to come out.

00:42:31.860 --> 00:42:35.790 Dwayne Royster: And Daniel prudes issue happened back before covert even happened.

00:42:36.750 --> 00:42:41.730 Dwayne Royster: You know, now we're just finding out about it if it hadn't been for the fact that folks, you know, work to get this story out

00:42:41.940 --> 00:42:47.730 Dwayne Royster: We would have never known the difference. And how many other Daniel proves how many other stories are there and like this.

00:42:48.000 --> 00:42:57.750 Dwayne Royster: Across the country that we are not talking about that have happened every single day and happen for decades and centuries, because we did not have that democratizing tool social media.

00:42:58.290 --> 00:43:02.160 Antonia: Yeah, I mean, when we think about our time Rodney King was nothing different.

00:43:02.910 --> 00:43:05.970 Antonia: Rodney King was quite a video, but all of a sudden like

00:43:06.660 --> 00:43:09.630 Antonia: Happens all the time that camera is not there. Right. Yeah.

00:43:11.250 --> 00:43:16.290 Antonia: Yeah, I am hopeful and as I do see these changes that you're talking about.

00:43:17.460 --> 00:43:29.880 Antonia: Employees to funding. I mean, we're having here in Connecticut conversations about the police commissioner and having the accountability boards and there is that conversation happening. I also want to see some legislative work. I definitely want to see some more.

00:43:29.880 --> 00:43:30.930 Antonia: Pressure on district.

00:43:30.930 --> 00:43:31.650 attorney's

00:43:32.970 --> 00:43:39.750 Antonia: Some more transparency and that I'd love to see some reform of our juries, the way that we

00:43:40.680 --> 00:43:44.070 Antonia: Create our jury trials, our sentences, our sentence and saying,

00:43:44.520 --> 00:43:55.590 Antonia: So I'm hopeful that that will trickle down because at the end of the day, that's where it's at. Right. When we look at the numbers of how many people are incarcerated at, you know, even if we look at the number of people who are held on bail.

00:43:56.430 --> 00:44:01.770 Antonia: That's a big issue and connected right people losing their jobs, losing their homes just totally you know

00:44:02.820 --> 00:44:14.880 Antonia: Having their, their lives ruined over money that the fact that they just can't bail themselves out for speeding ticket or for some, you know, misdemeanor charge. It's just, I don't know. It's unbelievable.

00:44:15.240 --> 00:44:28.560 Dwayne Royster: But you got to be like we did in Philadelphia, years ago we elected Larry Krasner who was a civil rights attorney to be the district attorney. I know Larry president was my attorney when I got the rest of the report for protesting. He was what got me out so

00:44:29.970 --> 00:44:40.530 Dwayne Royster: And actually, he's reduced our jail population by over 30% he's taken 75 different charges and made it so that they're they're no longer requiring bail.

00:44:41.040 --> 00:44:52.740 Dwayne Royster: That people can be released in their own retirement sense. I mean, I think we're electing Rachel Rollins got elected up in Boston, Kim Fox out in Chicago area. I think we're beginning to see these progressive

00:44:53.520 --> 00:44:56.760 Dwayne Royster: You know, prosecutors coming along that are really doing a lot to read

00:44:57.570 --> 00:45:09.390 Dwayne Royster: To change the criminal justice system. But, but, you know, there are only as good as determine their in office. And there's a whole lot of forces that are fighting against them at the same time to wait for you and Tony, you gotta run down. You gotta run.

00:45:10.080 --> 00:45:13.170 Antonia: You know, I hope so. I just saw one of the prosecutor. I had

00:45:14.010 --> 00:45:21.720 Antonia: Gone against for a number of years. When I was practicing was just a point to Superior Court, so I'm just hoping and praying that you know somebody Jesus found him over the years.

00:45:22.020 --> 00:45:38.730 Antonia: To change the way that guy. I used to be a district attorney, because it was, it was just horrible. It was just horrible. And so I just want to, you know, we're going to get close to taking our last break. But I want to get back to our faith and having that centered and

00:45:39.990 --> 00:45:47.370 Antonia: I mean just any tips or ideas or discussions that you've seen in your congregation of how people are dealing with the anxiety and it's um

00:45:48.570 --> 00:45:56.790 Antonia: You know, I see there's a in our community. I just see a lot of mental health issues that probably were always there. Yeah, absolutely. Now really heightened

00:45:58.020 --> 00:46:05.730 Dwayne Royster: Level of anxiety anxiety. It's not just around coven. It's also around Trump. It's also around the uprisings.

00:46:06.540 --> 00:46:13.410 Dwayne Royster: And I think you know folks need to be gracious with themselves. It'd be patient and to get help, please get help.

00:46:14.010 --> 00:46:26.550 Dwayne Royster: Whether you're talking to your pastor your priest, or your mom or your, your, your, your Rabbi, whatever your religious teacher is or even just getting professional help. I think that's absolutely important to for folks to do that right now. Yeah.

00:46:26.610 --> 00:46:33.120 Antonia: And again, it's something in our community. We just have to get over it, we really do have to get those barriers and

00:46:33.960 --> 00:46:45.690 Antonia: Because I feel especially with schools reopening when I look at clients that I have, you know, special needs children nonverbal children, children on you know the spectrum.

00:46:46.110 --> 00:46:52.710 Antonia: It's heartbreaking to see that there is a group of children that will be left behind, right at any given point that we have to pivot to

00:46:53.040 --> 00:47:07.620 Antonia: 100% virtual those kids that need that interaction and me that one on one help are just not going to be able to get the services, but then again you have to feel for their parents. Like, is it safe for me to send his three this third grade fourth grader.

00:47:09.540 --> 00:47:20.130 Antonia: Into this into this unknown. Right. I feel for our kids that have high truancy, they weren't weren't engaged accessing education, you know, we saw on the spring.

00:47:21.330 --> 00:47:23.700 Antonia: They just disappear. Right.

00:47:24.750 --> 00:47:37.290 Antonia: So I do feel that there will be some consequences and not consequences of the way of her part, but just a consequence of how we've got went into this. Your choice and the relationships that we had. We didn't have, um,

00:47:38.430 --> 00:47:46.500 Antonia: And it's going to take a minute to get it back, back, but get us back on track. I feel. Yeah, I know you're optimistic.

00:47:47.100 --> 00:47:52.350 Dwayne Royster: Absolutely I ever optimistic. I no doubt about that. No doubt about that. I'm we're doing the best that we can to

00:47:53.160 --> 00:47:58.110 Dwayne Royster: Keep focused and we will get past this one day we'll look up the sun will be shining

00:47:58.800 --> 00:48:09.810 Dwayne Royster: We will have gotten past people over the vaccinated will be returning to our communities in a community activities and hopefully we don't return in the same way we actually turn go back in a very different way, a healthier way.

00:48:10.680 --> 00:48:16.320 Dwayne Royster: You know having a deeper appreciation for what it means to have life and how to live it more abundantly.

00:48:16.650 --> 00:48:18.690 Antonia: And that that will be leadership.

00:48:19.470 --> 00:48:28.110 Antonia: Yes, right. That will be that'll definitely be a testament to what our leadership looks like and what we what we

00:48:28.560 --> 00:48:41.040 Antonia: Have in place. So I think we're going to get ready to take our last break so just hang tight and we'll be back. This is Antonia so you're listening to. Duane oyster Bishop senior pastor Duane oyster and we'll be right back.

00:50:29.520 --> 00:50:34.500 Antonia: So we're back. It's Antonia so pastor Dwayne, I'm going to ask you.

00:50:35.790 --> 00:50:38.820 Antonia: Some questions put you on the spot. So if the

00:50:40.620 --> 00:50:45.630 Antonia: Vaccine comes I'm we taking it right away what how do we feel about it.

00:50:45.870 --> 00:50:50.100 Dwayne Royster: Well, I mean that vaccine actually will go to healthcare workers and others first

00:50:50.940 --> 00:51:00.210 Dwayne Royster: We will not even get access to it, the general population will not get access is going to go to first responders and others that are you know in it will go to nurses, doctors

00:51:00.930 --> 00:51:15.120 Dwayne Royster: Probably politicians government officials, things like that. So it'll be a little bit of time before folk in the community will be able to get access to it, um, you know, I gotta admit, if it's if it's like ready by October. I'm a little leery myself. I gotta admit that.

00:51:15.750 --> 00:51:21.810 Antonia: You know mean Trump is our President saying it's record time is the fastest studies. I'm seeing a vaccine come together.

00:51:22.140 --> 00:51:22.680 Dwayne Royster: Dr. Robert

00:51:23.580 --> 00:51:29.670 Dwayne Royster: Robert Redfield, said the other day, that this is not going to be done until 2021 at best and

00:51:30.420 --> 00:51:36.330 Dwayne Royster: You know, Donald Trump might be a good salesman. He might be a good reality TV show host. He is no scientist.

00:51:36.900 --> 00:51:45.210 Dwayne Royster: So I'm not trusting what he's saying I'm going with the CDC person. I'm going with Dr. Anthony foushee and others, and my own physicians

00:51:46.170 --> 00:51:54.480 Dwayne Royster: To take some direction on whether this is a safe remedy or not. But once once you know get a short in those areas. Yeah, I plan on getting that shot for sure.

00:51:55.260 --> 00:52:01.590 Dwayne Royster: A lot of work to be done and I want to be protected and I want to protect my family. At the same time, while we're doing this work so sure.

00:52:02.370 --> 00:52:14.490 Antonia: So in your community. It's, you know, I'm always amazed by the people wear a mask not wear a mask. I think this I think our governor probably just came out I think in the last couple of days, finding people who aren't wearing them.

00:52:14.820 --> 00:52:19.110 Antonia: How's it in your community or people, most people following protocol and

00:52:20.280 --> 00:52:22.770 Antonia: Saying what they need to do to keep their fellow man safe.

00:52:23.250 --> 00:52:24.510 Dwayne Royster: I don't tend to where I am.

00:52:26.700 --> 00:52:35.880 Dwayne Royster: You know what, I'm in Philly, actually a lot of folks that are not wearing masks drives me crazy driving through the community and, in particular, and the black community because we know that we get hit hard with this.

00:52:36.840 --> 00:52:47.520 Dwayne Royster: And it just in folk live so close together houses, you know, departments, everybody's on top of each other. It's just a slack sensitivity when I'm in more suburban areas. Everybody's got a mask on.

00:52:48.720 --> 00:52:54.390 Dwayne Royster: And I'm grateful for that. So I wear a mask. Every time I once I hit my door.

00:52:54.420 --> 00:53:01.230 Dwayne Royster: There's a mask on my finger. They generally doesn't come off until I'm in my car with the windows up or I am back in my house again.

00:53:02.100 --> 00:53:11.160 Dwayne Royster: You know, it's just not. It's just, I'm not want to take that risk. And I'm not trying to put other people at risk. So yeah. Now, some people are just not doing a good job right now they need to do much better.

00:53:11.940 --> 00:53:19.860 Antonia: Yeah, you know it's it's another one of those things. I just, I look at people. I'm like, we do realize that it's flu season.

00:53:20.040 --> 00:53:20.400 Dwayne Royster: That's right.

00:53:20.430 --> 00:53:30.540 Antonia: We're gonna have all the kids running around with runny nose, right, and even without covidien people would sneeze or they'd have a stuffy nose and you look at him like, you know,

00:53:30.990 --> 00:53:42.930 Antonia: Go away like don't come hear me, I just don't understand in this day and age, knowing that that people still would be like, Okay, well there's a very contagious disease in the community, but I'm not taking any precautions to catch those terms.

00:53:44.610 --> 00:53:49.110 Antonia: Or cash it. I just think it's really interesting, especially when I see young, young adults.

00:53:50.070 --> 00:53:51.330 Antonia: Yeah care in the world.

00:53:51.660 --> 00:53:56.640 Dwayne Royster: They don't think, I mean, you know, it's actually interesting Temple University opened up and then Temple University and shut back down.

00:53:58.050 --> 00:54:01.170 Dwayne Royster: And honestly, I was driving from Philly one night and

00:54:02.250 --> 00:54:11.700 Dwayne Royster: And I saw the temple students. They were all just hanging out. Nobody wear a mask and next thing I know a couple days later I hear in the news big outbreak of covert 19 at Temple University.

00:54:12.630 --> 00:54:19.140 Dwayne Royster: Classes are on hold for two weeks. I will be going virtual for two weeks. Next thing I know, Temple University is cancelled.

00:54:19.560 --> 00:54:26.520 Dwayne Royster: The semester that all campus stuff for the semester. Everything's virtual then I'm like, Yeah, because people shouldn't be coming out right now.

00:54:26.790 --> 00:54:34.890 Dwayne Royster: It's not a good idea. We're seeing this in schools in the south where they're opening school districts and children are required to go to class, you know, kovats hit and everywhere.

00:54:36.030 --> 00:54:41.550 Dwayne Royster: I know it's hard. I understand it's hard. And it's also start using it can be depressing but folks stay home.

00:54:42.720 --> 00:54:54.360 Antonia: And ultimately, like our, our schools reopened. A couple of weeks ago. We've already had, I think, last week, it just open so we we've already had three reports of three different schools of coven

00:54:55.020 --> 00:55:06.870 Antonia: bound to happen. So it's kind of like, well, what is appropriate protocol going forward to keep those numbers down but I totally think by you know if mid October. It'll totally 100% virtual oh yeah yeah

00:55:07.560 --> 00:55:12.450 Dwayne Royster: My daughter went back, my youngest daughter their school never went back, they kept right on going into virtual this year.

00:55:12.450 --> 00:55:22.140 Antonia: Yeah, and I mean it is such a point of contention in the Thompson house because, you know, my husband's a big baseball coach and my son plays baseball. I was just

00:55:22.470 --> 00:55:35.880 Antonia: Going back and forth because they kept baseball going and they had all these regulations of the mask and at one point I just stopped going because I would show up and I would see parents like you know talking baseball talk two feet apart. No mask, it's like really

00:55:37.470 --> 00:55:46.380 Antonia: And so when I would see him engaged with that, oh Lord, he come home. And he'd be like a you go right out there go spend two weeks in the garage. That's right.

00:55:47.520 --> 00:55:52.350 Antonia: Say to my son, take it all off outside. I don't want any of that stuff. Um,

00:55:53.040 --> 00:56:03.540 Antonia: But it's tough. It's tough, but I do think at the end of the day, I'm one of those people that is like, put the mask on that, you know, the conflict selling my kids, but the hand sanitizer.

00:56:04.440 --> 00:56:12.510 Antonia: But again, we are at that more experienced age and I, it's just a risk. I don't. It's just a risk. I don't want to take why

00:56:12.540 --> 00:56:19.320 Dwayne Royster: I got it from the other side. My wife is a nurse and so she's had to work through this and work for Colbert, so I take it.

00:56:20.130 --> 00:56:29.220 Dwayne Royster: Seriously, in a very different way because she's dealing with people every day who might not have co video she comes in the house, she runs upstairs gets in the shower. You know, clothes, go right to the washing machine.

00:56:29.940 --> 00:56:39.000 Dwayne Royster: The whole nine yards. So I take it seriously, but I'm hopeful, because I know that this will come to an end. Eventually, it might not come to an end, immediately, but it will come to an end. Eventually,

00:56:39.420 --> 00:56:49.470 Dwayne Royster: And we will be able to move on and there is order out of the chaos that we're in right now, and they will get to better days ahead. Absolutely. Absolutely.

00:56:49.680 --> 00:57:03.630 Antonia: So I am so thankful that you joined me today. I'm wishing you guys a lot of happiness and health through this winter. I do think it's going to be one of the most interesting winters that we've all gone through in a very, very long time.

00:57:04.920 --> 00:57:07.530 Antonia: I see climate change. We didn't even talk about that and I

00:57:08.640 --> 00:57:12.870 Antonia: Would like to talk to you about God and climate change, because a

00:57:12.870 --> 00:57:14.670 Dwayne Royster: Lot of people would say it is a sign.

00:57:14.760 --> 00:57:23.970 Antonia: He's telling us something. Other people say, why is this happening. So we'll definitely I'll definitely have to come back. So we can talk a little bit more about that. But I do want to lift.

00:57:24.390 --> 00:57:38.700 Antonia: All of those that are in those fires and any of those communities that have just been devastated. But, as they say, Mother Nature. So, we will talk soon. Again, thank you. Pastor Duane Weiser. This is Antonia and so now you know and we will see you all soon.