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Friday, July 17, 2020

2020/07/17 - Mindfulness, Happiness, Well-Being Apps & Apps, Tools, Tactics

[NEW EPISODE] Mindfulness, Happiness, Well-Being Apps & Apps, Tools, Tactics

Mindfulness, Happiness, Well-Being Apps
From 20NTC, a survey of apps to help you increase resilience, work-life balance and calmness. My guests are Beth Kanter, master trainer, and Meico Whitlock, The Mindful Techie.

Apps, Tools, Tactics
More 20NTC panelists share their favorite resources for efficiency, raising more money and building stronger relationships. They're Meico Whitlock, The Mindful Techie, and Jason Shim from Pathways to Education Canada.

Segment 1:

Tony continues his coverage of 20NTC. He introduces his guests, Beth Kanter and Meico Whitlock. Meico discusses the duality of technology, and the ways it can be helpful for mindfulness and wellbeing. Beth and Meico share what they’re grateful for, and how their positive intentions can help their work and personal life.

Segment 2:

Beth stresses the importance of taking walks and getting enough sleep. She says that she avoids using her phone before bed, and using her phone as an alarm clock. Beth discusses her books, which include many tips for mindfulness and happiness. 


Meico tells Tony about his zoom virtual background, and says it's a great ice breaker during meetings. He discusses good practices and his favorite apps to prevent zoom fatigue. He also discusses his favorite apps to nurture relationships, with your family and work team.

Segment 3:

Tony reintroduces Meico Whitlock, and welcomes Jason Shim to continue discussing tech mindfulness. They discuss their favorite tools and apps to make themselves and their teams “faster, higher, and stronger”. Meico shares his favorite tools for easy communication and scheduling meetings.

Segment 4:

Jason discusses his favorite tools for communication with clients and donors. He plugs his top picks. Meico says that clear communication is important during the pandemic and for working from home. Tony thanks his guests and signs off.