Poker Divas

Thursday, November 8, 2018

2018/11/08 - Taking Your Seat at the Table

[EPISODE] Taking Your Seat at the Table

Today we will talk with Jennifer Brown award-winning entrepreneur, diversity and inclusion expert and Author of Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change on how Women can take their rightful seat at the poker table or the conference table.
The show will cover issues such as :
  • How to show your power and authority at the table or in the room
  • Why ambition is judged more harshly in women
  • The impact of the likability factor
  • How women can bluff more when it comes to money and promotion
  • Why women often try to emulate men but not the other way around
Tune in to learn more!

  Segment 1 

Ellen welcomes award-winning entrepreneur Jennifer Brown to discuss the power and authority of women in the work setting. Brown reveals how leadership in companies, colleagues and the systemic tone can be problematic for women. The importance of engagement and confidence in meeting job requirements even if you feel under-qualified. How significant projecting power and confidence can be for a women's career.

Segment 2 
Jennifer Brown addresses accountability for women in how they go about treating opportunities. The skill behind enabling other women to do business together and the manner in which the connections are made. Brown sheds light on the current distinction between ambition in men and women and how vital it is for future women in business.  
Segment 3 

Jennifer Brown and Ellen dissect why women don't feel comfortable bluffing as often as men during salary negotiations. The discussion then centers on where the method of playing it safe stems from and how to handle difficult, but common scenarios at the workplace and the creative ways to get one's message across to others without coming off in a negative light. 

Segment 4 
The conversation centers on why women are not as inspiring to men as men are to women in the work setting and how women are experiencing a re-balance in leadership roles in society today. Brown sheds light on the hesitation in men participating in women's initiatives and some of the content regarding gender issues found in Brown's upcoming novel.