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Thursday, November 8, 2018

2018/11/07 - The Future of Walking Dead and Politically Subversive Blockbusters

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[EPISODE] The Future of Walking Dead and Politically Subversive Blockbusters We dive head first into the future of Walking Dead now that Rick Grimes is out. Plus: Did you know Ghostbusters is a conservative's dream? Or Demolition Man has a libertarian story at its core? The most politically subversive blockbusters of all time! And Travis McIntire from Source Point Press stops in to tell us his favorite stupidest book in the world and the 96 releases on tap for next year! Tune in to learn more!

  Still got #Election Fever??? Come vote on the most politically subversive Pop Culture Popcorn flicks of all time! The Walking Dead has officially moved on from Rick Grimes (and Maggie too). Or has it...? We discuss the future of the show tonight! We'll welcome Travis McIntire publisher of Source Point Press to talk about breaking into the comic book publishing business.

Segment 1:

Michael and Hassan begin the show with The Walking Dead and weigh in on where the show will go without Rick Grimes. The guys agree Negan’s storyline lasted too long and how the show tends to overdo things. They speculate what will happen with the 3 feature length Rick Grimes films. They recap The Walking Dead’s mistakes over the seasons and wonder why anyone still watches the show.    

Segment 2:

Hassan and Michael guess which characters will take the spotlight with Rick Grimes leaving TWD. They then count down the most politically subversive films to celebrate election day. They debate whether Ghostbusters promoted conservative values and if Demolition Man promoted libertarian values. Is Starship Troopers fascist? What about Idiocracy?

Segment 3:

Travis McIntire joins the Sire to discuss the development of Source Point Press. Travis shares  his experience working with the Michigan Comics Collective and how Source Point developed by going to hundreds of comic shows countrywide to build Source Point’s following. Travis previews his favorite upcoming 2019 Source Point releases, especially Savants by Gary Reed.

Segment 4:

Spinning The Racks: Thanos did nothing wrong? Hassan and Michael debate whether heroes or villains are more violent and who’s good or bad in superhero films. Upcoming Explorers TV series? Interstellar object may have been an alien probe? Tune in to hear their reactions!