Poker Divas

Thursday, July 19, 2018

2018/07/19 - What Is A Poker Diva?

[PREMIERE] What Is A Poker Diva? Meet Ellen Leikind Founder and CEO of PokerDivas in her kick-off show . She’ll talk with Sam Liebowitz about what inspired her to start a company which uses Poker to empower and inspire women (and now men). We’ll talk about how what you learn at the poker table will help you at the conference table. Ellen will talk about how the Poker “boys club” is similar to what women face in business and how she used the game to advance her career and make her a better negotiator and people reader. And don’t be fooled men will learn about how the game can help them too. No poker knowledge is necessary to enjoy this new show. In fact Ellen will tell you you’ve been playing poker your whole life event if you have never played a game of cards.

  Part 1: Sam introduces Ellen at the premiere of her show, Poker Divas. Ellen talks about how she used to work in the pharmaceutical industry, but eventually found her way to poker. She was fascinated by the infomercial business and launching new products. That was her first parallel into business. She realized that there are a lot of similarities between business and poker. Her initial concept for poker was just to let women sit at the table, regardless of her skill set. Ellen wants to explore gender disparity, utilizing examples of different behaviors between women and men while they play poker. Part 2: Ellen talks about how poker is all about being assertive. No one is handing anything to you. Ellen discusses introverts and extroverts at the poker table. It is one of the few places both types of people can be and it will still be a leveled playing field. She talks about how she is building a community through poker clubs. Ellen discusses her book and working on her net one. The book is really not about poker, but about the people.  Part 3: Ellen talks about different personalities of the poker table. Poker is 70% skill and 30% luck. Any night, you can see luck take over. When Ellen was in corporate, she did not get a lot of help. It took her many years to build confidence. She talks about her poker events and teaching poker to novices. Women never get invited to the poker table, so they are very excited to be there. Men do not even mind that the poker club is called “poker divas.” It is a different type of networking, as different personalities come out. She is looking to expand her poker events globally. Ellen talks about funny anecdotes at the poker table. Part 4: Ellen goes through upcoming topics for her show. She discusses the laws that surround poker and online gambling. All skills around poker relate to both business and life. Ellen hopes that listeners will walk away with a sense of confidence and have no fear. It takes practice to develop confidence. You must practice until it becomes second nature. Her biggest challenge was teaching that poker is not about gambling. Poker is about gathering information on the players and making decisions. She talks about the environment at the table. Ellen discusses diversity and questions about whether something can be diverse when it still neglects gender.