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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018/05/15 - Gmail and Music

THIS WEEK: Gmail and Music
We talk about the latest changes to Gmail and how Google is effecting Gmail users, web design events around the world and more great original independant music.

This week, Coach Bruce talks about the latest changes to Gmail and how Google is affecting Gmail users. He also delves into web design events across the world and much more.

Segment 1

(To see the new Gmail changes, you must go to the top right and click the settings icon and then click “Try the new Gmail.”)

Coach Bruce begins the show going through all the new features added to Gmail. From a new sidebar to a new sharing options, Bruce goes through how these new changes work and why Google made the changes they made. He delves into other changes such as unsubscribing intelligence, changes to the two-way authentication system,

Segment 2

Bruce then goes through a list of future web conferences around the world. Then, Bruce gets into the independent music world with tracks from across the world.

Segment 3

Bruce continues exploring independent music, playing new and trendy tracks from across the world. Coach Bruce starts off with two alternative rock tracks, and continues forward with a rap song.

Segment 4

Bruce then goes on to play some more rap tracks with great flow and rhythm. He concludes the show on a few rock tracks that we can all jam to.