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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2018/04/10 - Live Kirtan!

Hosted by Kai Cole, we gather a loving community to discuss the MAGIC that we make in our lives through Healing, Heart & Holistic Wellness.

EPISODE: Live Kirtan
This week we welcome musically and spiritually talented guests:Brian McGuire of NEOLYTHRicardo Raghavendra Dacosta of Yogic Chai We will be discussing the magic of kirtan as well as a live musical performance! Exclusive tickets to be in-studio participant here:
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Kai welcomes musically and spiritually talented guests Brian McGuire of NEOLYTH and Ricardo Raghavendra Dacosta of Yogic Chai.

They will discuss the magic of kirtan as well as perform live on our airwaves!

Segment 1

Kai begins the show by asking Ricardo about his background and asked him to define what Kirtan is as a form of music. She welcomes back Our Daily Magic regular Brian McGuire to talk about his background. Even third member of the band Chris weighs in on his experience with Kirtan.

Ricardo talks about his experience as a healer and how Kirtan helps him in his healing work. He goes over different forms of healing he has seen in his life. Plus, they introduce the songs they will play for the listeners to jam out to.

Segment 2

Live Kirtan performance!

Segment 3

Live Kirtan performance!

Segment 4

After many chants and wonderful music, the trio recap their performance. Talk about what goes into Kirtan chants and what they feel when performing the chants. Also, Ricardo briefly discusses his love of tea (particularly chai) from a trip to India.