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Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018/02/01 - Compassion in Action

EPISODE XXXI: Compassion in Action  Before founding her private psychotherapy practice in 2015, Kerrie spent 15 years working with vulnerable populations. Through leadership roles at non-profits, she worked tirelessly to close disparity gaps and scale programs to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities. Through her work with Sidewalk Talk, a 100% volunteer nonprofit community listening project, she promotes putting Compassion Into Action through heart-centered listening.  
Tune in to learn more! Segment 1: What got you started in social work? I asked myself: "What are our problems within our community? Something was missing with the connection to our community." Kerrie specializes in providing more evidence-based treatments for people with trauma and all full range of anxiety disorders. Her private practice works with all different types of kids, couples, and families. Segment 2:  Challenges with this Service offered to everyone: You have to be brave to do something like this. It's all about paying attention to what is going on within you and what the purpose is for you to be there. Those skills do not come naturally as humans. Those things are challenging for everybody. There is also the thought of, is everyone going to get what they need out of this experience? Segment 3:  Once Kerrie finished at Columbia, she had an Internship in East Harlem that worked with immigrant families. There, Kerrie did research on how to better serve these families. She discovered that the most important thing is to make sure parents have what they need in order to support their children. Segment 4:  We have all had bad times when it comes to building our career, and in that moment, it is really difficult to be positive and feel like you can get past that hard time.  Me too movement: it's a conversation that needs to be had. A conversation that does not continue to victimize people. How do we grow as a society so that we understand the issues of consent and power? If you're out there listening to this show and need help, Kerrie and her team help with, depression, bipolar disorder, body image, and much more.