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Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017/05/04 - The Integrated Life with GP Walsh

THIS WEEK : "THE INTEGRATED LIFE" We welcome GP Waslh of Master HEARTInstitute ( to talk about how to live a spiritual life in a world of materialistic distractions as well as his newest venture in partnership with the Healing Farm... The Integrated Life Certification Series.
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GP Walsh talks about an integrated life. An integrated life is to serve and realize that we are all the same. We are all the same just going through different steps in our life. We are all integrated in life the moments we share.  We are all living at the same time but we have to choose if we are going to allow us to soak in all the knowledge around us. During the day we are all integrated but its if we want to experience it. GP says to give things time let things play out. Don’t be so fast to have everything handed to you. We have to wait and let things grow. If we are to fast in our wants we don’t accept what we have. Our desires distract us from what’s really important. Once we wait and let life happen and take it for what it is then that’s when we get everything that we want out of life. Have to let things grow and wait because in life the best things we have comes from when we grow and experience it first-hand. GP talks happiness that it is unconditional. You can watch someone go from being happy then to unhappy. Happiness is not something you gain its something you get from living. He talks about happiness now what in your life is making you happy at the current moment. People put conditions on their happiness which causes them to go from being happy to unhappy. Whether it was an experience that happened through life which caused your happiness to go unhappy. To live in the present don’t think about it just live life while life is happening we soak in the happiness from what is around us. Awakening is seeing things differently. Have to change the tape in your head to think differently ask why. When you ask why you are becoming more with yourself. Why is the first step in becoming more awakened.