Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery (TLC) is the creator of Pastology, the cutting edge field that focuses on the synergy between pastoring and psychology. She holds a Ph.D. from Hofstra University and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University.  She calls herself a pastologist and is a transformational leader, coach, speaker, author and retreat leader.

​Rev. Dr. TLC has a unique approach to healing, transformation, and manifestation.  She places the emphasis on the journey toward sacred intelligence: the ability to tap into one’s internal source in order to move toward intelligent choices. Those choices are intended to honor the Sacred and help them manifest their greatness, while simultaneously embracing the humanity of those around them..

​Rev. Dr. TLC works with highly influential and committed leaders who need spiritual,  psychological, or career support as they transform the world by creating a legacy of service, prosperity, and greatness.  

Rev. Dr. TLC is passionate about issues of social justice and has a long history of working with institutions, organizations, communities, and individuals to heighten the awareness of participants on the issues of race and how it impacts one’s interactions with others from different races as well as the level of care and service one provides to those in need.  In her programs, she offers participants an opportunity to engage in structured, thought-provoking, action oriented dialogue.  Her programs are designed to increase awareness of racial inequities and to deepen the level of consciousness and commitment of participants around issues of systemic and institutional racism.  These discussions are further designed to begin individual transformation and move to systemic transformation within a particular organization, community or institution.  

Rev. Dr. TLC also provides coaching support for leaders to help them understand how their sphere of influence can help to change the status quo and to dismantle structures that have intentionally and unintentionally created racial disparities.  While her work is customized to the individual, her coaching provides an opportunity for leaders to: create the right context for conversations on race and leadership development with their employees; discover how racism and unconscious bias influence their hiring practices, affect their clients and have a direct impact on the company’s financial goals; and understand how racism impacts employees (e.g., emotionally, physically, and psychologically), their work performance, and their feelings of safety in the work environment.

Rev.Dr. TLC is the author of Sacred Intelligence:  The Essence of Sacred, Selfish & Shared Relationships and will be publishing her second book this year:  Dismantling Racism: The Sacred Intelligence Journey Towards Transformative Leadership.

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Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery