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Thursday, May 11, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/11 - The Morry Method

Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/11 - The Morry Method


2023/05/11 - The Morry Method

[NEW EPISODE] The Morry Method

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)            


The audience will have the opportunity to learn about ways to retrain your brainwaves. It is known that certain sound waves can affect parts of the brain that regulate mood, thoughts, emotions and other neurological effects. The audience will learn the different types and how to obtain certain programs to help with depression, motivation, focus and others.


In continuing with this month's theme of Mental Health Awareness Month, Frank About Health presents The Morry Method. In this week's episode we learn of a new technology that can help with those who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Epilepsy and other neurological issues.  This promises to be insightful into ways that you can train your brain to reach the desired Positive Energy and Confidence in your life.

Morry Zelcovitch, creator of The Morry Method™ (TMM), first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state well over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment.

Morry sought out the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment expert and, after extensive study and training, became one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers in the world. From that impressive starting point, and with ongoing study and research, Morry has developed proprietary technology and techniques which he has named “The Morry Method™“.

Morry tirelessly produces the most leading edge recordings that incorporate The Morry Method™ proprietary techniques. These recordings, including Quantum Mind Power and Quantum Confidence, are acclaimed by his legion of listeners.





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Show Notes

Segment 1

Today, Frank welcomes Morry Zelcovitch, who comes to us from Canada. Morry’s work revolves around brainwave entrainment. He is also the creator of the Morry Method, which is the technology and techniques he has developed over the past 20 plus years which can help with those who suffer from depression, anxiety, epilepsy and other neurological issues. It is advised that you contact your physician and doctors before making any adjustments and changes with your lifestyles and treatments. Morry shares his story. He says that at one point, he hated everything in his life and people around him without reason. He opens up about his mental health and suicide attempts. He says “without finding a way to die, I had to find a way to live.” When trying a lot of treatments, he found brainwave entrainment. But he got even more depressed. Though Morry also believed that maybe he is going through these times as a sign to be someone to change this technology. He speaks with Frank about his first recording of sound waves.

Segment 2

Morry speaks about the feeling of being selfish with his work with brain entrainment and his first recording. His friends though asked to try and he received positive feedback from them. Morry assumed they were just being positive because they are his friends. He then started getting calls from other people about their experiences with it, how it helped them, and wanting to know more. The way he describes the relationship of sound and or brain is that he noticed one time while sitting by the campfire that he was hearing the wood crackling. Time went by fast for his experience because of this in his environment. These soundwaves he creates have pulsed vibrations which is why he says you can't use headphones to listen. Monitoring your brainwave pattern can be useful for many and Frank emphasizes that bettering your overall health starts with the brain.

Segment 3

Frank uses his theme music as an example of how sound can be powerful in reaching positive energy and focus. Morry describes this process like a chef in a restaurant. In a kitchen, a good cook will create something delicious while someone who doesn't know how to cook won't. When your life “tastes”good, your brain is producing an experience that is good tasting. Likewise, when your brain has thoughts that are negative, your life and experience won't have that good “taste”. Frequency following response is a factor in this technology that makes one's experience special. Today, Morry says we aren't producing chemistry we are naturally supposed to produce as often because society, responsibilities and more doesn't allow us to function in a way humans once used to; one example is being in the present moment and how much more difficult it is to have this experience. During the livestream, Frank shares a question from one of our listeners.

Segment 4

Frank asks Morry about how his area of technology compares to AI and other advances. He sees it as a benefit as it inspires thought; it depends on how you are willing to use it. It can increase our ability to solve and cure diseases. They discuss deciding to accept new innovations in a positive way and the advantages that it has created throughout time. Morry also discusses other ways we should use our brain such as reinterpreting things that inspire us. You can visit to learn more about his brainwave entrainment and how it can help you. You can also contact Morry at or Frank at


00:00:39.870 --> 00:00:43.410 Frank R. Harrison: everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about the health.

00:00:43.520 --> 00:00:53.750 Frank R. Harrison: Today we are broadcasting from the Nyu Langgo and health system over in New York City, and we are also continuing our trend for the month of May. On discussing mental health awareness.

00:00:53.780 --> 00:01:07.520 Frank R. Harrison: Now, first of all, there's another announcement that everyone has probably been made aware of, and that today may 1120, 23 is the lifting of the Covid Health emergency that has kept us really in a bubble for the last 3 years. And so today

00:01:07.520 --> 00:01:18.790 Frank R. Harrison: I wanted to be outside of the bubble. So which is why I thought that this would be a perfect setting, so that we can really also aesthetically be mentally appealing to everyone who is watching this episode.

00:01:18.840 --> 00:01:22.680 Frank R. Harrison: Today's guest is a special guest in the following way.

00:01:22.890 --> 00:01:42.060 Frank R. Harrison: He is going to show a unique solution that he has dubbed the moraline method. His name is Maurice Alkovic, coming right from Canada, but we're on the same time zone. So that's good. It's not too far from the border. It's an issue of where we're going to learn how to get over the borderline.

00:01:42.060 --> 00:01:49.240 Frank R. Harrison: and I will let him go into that discussion shortly. Basically he is in the science of and

00:01:49.250 --> 00:01:51.780 Frank R. Harrison: and training for the mind

00:01:51.950 --> 00:02:07.000 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: what what would be the specific way you're retraining your mind or your and training the mind? Well, what I call is it's brainwave and training? What that means is your neurons, which are your brain cells, pulse and electric frequency.

00:02:07.560 --> 00:02:10.240 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and depending on how many times a second

00:02:10.350 --> 00:02:17.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: they pulse that frequently. That's the kind of state you're in. So people who are familiar with Alpha Beta Delta gamma, theta

00:02:18.000 --> 00:02:23.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that's just the defining area of how many times your neuron is pulsing on and off in a second.

00:02:24.400 --> 00:02:28.690 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And what we do is we use sound and sometimes visual imagery

00:02:28.950 --> 00:02:31.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to entrain the brain, meaning.

00:02:31.470 --> 00:02:34.740 Frank R. Harrison: taking your neurons, getting them to swallow the

00:02:34.920 --> 00:02:36.060 so I give them.

00:02:36.520 --> 00:02:41.170 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You get different states of consciousness and different ways of seeing the world around you.

00:02:41.600 --> 00:02:59.270 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, yes; and then for those of you who remember my show last week. That was also held here at the Nyu Langone Health Place. We were discussing an epilepsy show where our guest was using spirituality as a way of changing her mindset on the diagnosis of epilepsy.

00:02:59.350 --> 00:03:07.640 Frank R. Harrison: Now, in this particular case, we're still showing how you're taking a condition in this case of mental health condition

00:03:07.640 --> 00:03:24.030 Frank R. Harrison: last week. A neurological condition. But the brain is the brain regardless. And yet we want to find new alternative therapies other than the traditional medicines or worst-case scenarios, surgery, or other invasive procedures there is

00:03:24.120 --> 00:03:28.000 Frank R. Harrison: a way that each of us, whether we suffer from

00:03:28.040 --> 00:03:36.770 Frank R. Harrison: epilepsy, depression, anxiety, stress or other kinds of psychological and neurological issues that we can

00:03:37.380 --> 00:03:45.060 Frank R. Harrison: retrain the brain through the frequency and through the Mori method technology that we're going to learn more about.

00:03:45.080 --> 00:04:06.190 Frank R. Harrison: so that you can really live that better life without having to go through processes that are kind of outdated, especially in the world of new technologies. And as San Libo, what said on his show today artificial intelligence and other kinds of new ways of trying to find cures for long considered disorders that you either had to live with or that

00:04:06.190 --> 00:04:08.610 Frank R. Harrison: there were cure.

00:04:08.880 --> 00:04:17.649 Frank R. Harrison: Now Mori has an interesting, unique story about his battling with depression, which spans now 40 years from what you told me. Correct?

00:04:17.720 --> 00:04:18.600 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yes.

00:04:18.850 --> 00:04:27.130 Frank R. Harrison: all right, and like our guests last week, who was in a car accident, suffered one seizure and received a misdiagnosis

00:04:27.290 --> 00:04:30.670 Frank R. Harrison: ended up in depression and use spirituality to get out of it.

00:04:30.890 --> 00:04:45.660 Frank R. Harrison: He did one level up, and that was by using his knowledge of brainwave engineering. and to go ahead and live a better life, and actually offer something to everyone else who suffers from similar disorders.

00:04:45.710 --> 00:04:55.060 Frank R. Harrison: which we'll get also get into later. So that all being said, I want to first issue my disclaimer the information you're about to hear on today's show.

00:04:55.440 --> 00:05:12.800 Frank R. Harrison: It's about a new technology that is useful in helping to deal with mental health issues ranging from depression and anxiety to something that could help with seizure. Control is been shown to help with those suffering from dementia and potential Alzheimer's.

00:05:12.850 --> 00:05:17.550 Frank R. Harrison: But it is not meant to be taken as absolute

00:05:18.520 --> 00:05:21.880 Frank R. Harrison: and off-recorded, guaranteed solution.

00:05:21.910 --> 00:05:28.340 Frank R. Harrison: but Maury will discuss about the possibility to become involved in it. If you feel it might be of use to you

00:05:28.460 --> 00:05:38.780 If you're currently seeking psychological or neurological treatment from your current provider. Please do not use the information on today's show to make any drastic decisions

00:05:38.780 --> 00:05:54.170 Frank R. Harrison: without consultation with your primary care Physician. Or, of course, the specialist that is treating your illness, that all being said and joy the next 45 min or so, as we learn about maury's story his innovation that he dubs the Mori method.

00:05:54.170 --> 00:05:58.930 Frank R. Harrison: and then we'll give you more time to actually ask us questions. Live.

00:05:58.950 --> 00:06:06.840 Frank R. Harrison: if you do seem to fit the case. Welcome to Frank about health.

00:06:08.260 --> 00:06:10.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I appreciate you are so welcome.

00:06:11.370 --> 00:06:16.970 Frank R. Harrison: So you are very welcome, because, like when we first have it. Oh, okay.

00:06:16.980 --> 00:06:25.860 Frank R. Harrison: I am getting word that there is a lag. I don't know if it's my conversation, or if it's the technology, Are you seeing everything clearly, Maury?

00:06:26.180 --> 00:06:29.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now I am. There was a bit of a lag earlier. But now it's fine.

00:06:30.330 --> 00:06:39.330 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, perfect. So i'm gonna leave room for you to completely share your story, which led you to the creation of the moory method.

00:06:39.860 --> 00:06:45.430 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay, so I Won't give you the complete story, because I would probably take 40 years to say all by itself.

00:06:45.720 --> 00:06:52.600 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that being said as long as I can remember from being consciously aware of my own life.

00:06:52.700 --> 00:06:56.280 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I heard thousands of voices in my head all the time

00:06:57.110 --> 00:06:58.970 Frank R. Harrison: I hated life.

00:06:59.740 --> 00:07:01.090 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: related people.

00:07:01.140 --> 00:07:04.160 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I hated the world. I hated the universe.

00:07:04.410 --> 00:07:06.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I I had no reason.

00:07:06.390 --> 00:07:16.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: My parents were nice. My, you know we weren't rich or anything. But we had everything we needed. We had clothes we had. We had a roof over our head. I really didn't have any reason

00:07:16.750 --> 00:07:29.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: healed it great, and yet I did. I would wake up every single morning for the better part of 40 years. I would stand up on my bed. I'd open up my fingers and wish I would see mushroom clouds.

00:07:31.430 --> 00:07:35.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because if I saw mushrooms that I wouldn't have to live through another day.

00:07:36.050 --> 00:07:44.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now I try to end my own life at least 6 times I can remember. I've injured myself hundreds and thousands of times.

00:07:44.510 --> 00:07:56.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But that being said. if you really want to die, it's actually not that hard to do it. and I made the connection that if I couldn't find a way to die. I maybe didn't really want to.

00:07:57.350 --> 00:08:03.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if I couldn't find a way to, but I had to find the way to live because I couldn't go on living there. It was either.

00:08:03.680 --> 00:08:07.760 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that started me on a research Odyssey

00:08:07.780 --> 00:08:21.630 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: of the better part of 40 years, looking for things I could do to feel better. I was addicted to sex. I was addicted to alcohol. I was addicted to all kinds of weird things.

00:08:21.790 --> 00:08:27.900 Frank R. Harrison: Unfortunately, all my addictions.

00:08:28.320 --> 00:08:32.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: as he made it worse. I felt even more depressed

00:08:33.250 --> 00:08:38.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: ultimately in the process. You know I tried everything I could follow, and nothing helped me.

00:08:39.200 --> 00:08:45.240 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I came across in my research, you know, longer you research, you don't really need to be formally training.

00:08:45.320 --> 00:08:46.350 Frank R. Harrison: You could be some.

00:08:48.090 --> 00:08:50.860 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I came across this going away from family.

00:08:51.240 --> 00:08:54.380 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and this was back in the days of the paper. Internet

00:08:54.790 --> 00:08:59.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Some people might know about better as a library. So I would just.

00:09:00.050 --> 00:09:09.580 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, neurological studies, medical study, psychological, and it seemed to me like brainwave and treatment should really make all the difference in the world. It should help.

00:09:10.000 --> 00:09:23.700 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And yet it didn't. I got even more depressed. And then all of a sudden, like someone flashed a light in my brain. I thought. You know, this technology is the same as it was when it was first discovered.

00:09:25.180 --> 00:09:26.570 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It Hasn't changed.

00:09:26.820 --> 00:09:37.570 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and to me. Everything in nature needs to change. I change, hey? I looked at a picture of myself the other day when I was in my twenties. I don't even look now like I could be related to that guy.

00:09:37.850 --> 00:09:51.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So things change. Even mountains change, rocks, change. Everything changes in the world. and I thought maybe I needed to change this. Maybe I'm going through everything I'm going through because I need to change

00:09:51.650 --> 00:09:59.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: this technology. And I started innovating, and I started reinventing it. I created something called dual brainwave stimulation, where I was

00:10:00.000 --> 00:10:06.270 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: creating audios that stimulated 2 hemispheres of the brain to separate and distinct frequencies.

00:10:06.460 --> 00:10:16.350 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I created new technologies and new techniques that had never been done before. Because, remember, i'm a self trained scientist, i'm a self trained

00:10:16.520 --> 00:10:20.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: innovator. I didn't go to school to learn any of this.

00:10:21.380 --> 00:10:29.980 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so I didn't know what's possible or impossible. I figured if I can come up with an idea it's gotta be possible. Otherwise, Why would I come up with the idea?

00:10:30.200 --> 00:10:46.060 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And that's what led me to create my innovations that when I started listening, you know the very first recording I designed took me a month to listen to the first half of the month. I didn't want to listen. Because what if it didn't work? Because, honestly, I was at the end of my rope

00:10:46.350 --> 00:10:57.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: after 40 years of looking, I figured this is my last folk. If this doesn't work, i'm going to live my entire life hating people and hating the universe and hating myself.

00:10:58.570 --> 00:11:04.150 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I didn't want to be like that. So for 2 weeks I didn't listen. Then

00:11:04.400 --> 00:11:09.810 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: for 2 weeks Additionally, I also didn't listen. I got over that fear that it wasn't going to work.

00:11:09.970 --> 00:11:15.770 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Then I had a fear. What if it did work. What if it didn't have the results I was hoping for?

00:11:17.270 --> 00:11:20.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I ultimately listen.

00:11:20.990 --> 00:11:25.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And what happened was I felt nothing. It was a half-hour recording.

00:11:25.250 --> 00:11:28.260 Frank R. Harrison: I heard everything that I put in. It

00:11:28.430 --> 00:11:34.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: don't like half a mile. I got depressed because it didn't do anything

00:11:34.620 --> 00:11:41.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but to myself. Well, I shouldn't be so hard on myself. It's only the first time listening. What do I, after 40 years of stuff right now

00:11:42.750 --> 00:11:43.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then

00:11:43.980 --> 00:11:50.100 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: after that? Oh! 5 min passed after the session was over. You know my listening is done.

00:11:50.220 --> 00:11:52.370 Frank R. Harrison: and what was really neat was.

00:11:52.540 --> 00:12:05.510 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I suddenly started hearing the voices coming back. I didn't even know they were gone. I didn't even notice that they were going. and that just blew me away, because for the first time in my life I never heard

00:12:06.150 --> 00:12:07.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: a voice.

00:12:08.410 --> 00:12:10.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It was silence. It was quiet.

00:12:11.620 --> 00:12:16.060 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: just totally freaked me out, and made me realize that i'm on to something here

00:12:16.660 --> 00:12:23.700 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and understand that the Maury method was designed to help me. It wasn't designed to help anybody else.

00:12:23.730 --> 00:12:28.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I'm depressed. I don't care about anyone else just myself.

00:12:28.240 --> 00:12:34.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and when I saw it was helping me that led to a whole slew of other things. But I finally had real hope.

00:12:35.940 --> 00:12:48.800 Frank R. Harrison: You know, that it's interesting because sort of like, in the case of me, living my life with epilepsy, when you have, at the time when I was diagnosed social stigmas, you have all limited medications that are toxic in nature.

00:12:48.800 --> 00:13:10.470 Frank R. Harrison: you still have the fear that you're going to embarrass yourself in front of family friends, social situations. It's like You're not living your best life, because you're always worried about what people are thinking. So you end up coming with certain ways of coping. You did exactly that. You retrained your own brainwaves, and then it opened up your own insight to say, now that I figured out a solution.

00:13:10.470 --> 00:13:17.440 Frank R. Harrison: how do I share this with those that are looking for it, but don't even realize it, because most people, especially with mental

00:13:18.210 --> 00:13:24.010 Frank R. Harrison: wait. I'm sorry. Say that again. Sorry, but that is an interesting story about how it ended up getting into the public.

00:13:25.800 --> 00:13:43.900 Frank R. Harrison: Well, and then, now we're 1 min to break. So we're definitely going to save that that piece of the story for the next segment. But the but the point I'm making is is that it is very interesting how, when it comes to mental illness or neurological illness, and you've got traditional medicine always using the tried and true methods.

00:13:43.900 --> 00:13:58.860 Frank R. Harrison: What they are failing to realise, or what most people are failing to realise is that there are other insightful cures out there, but it takes the individual suffering from the ailment to use their ingenuity, their intelligence, their creativity, and hopefully their education

00:13:58.860 --> 00:14:11.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to be able to come up with something that becomes a leadership position for others that need to be, as you've said, retrained, or very quickly, though I just like to say, not cures therapies.

00:14:12.120 --> 00:14:32.670 Frank R. Harrison: but say that one more time you had mentioned that there are cures out there. I would just like to say therapies as a therapist. You know people looking for cures when there only are there therapies because of the uncertainty of the future, of the neurological or psychological illness that all being said, please stay tuned as we're talking about the Maury method right here on Frank about health 3

00:14:32.670 --> 00:14:48.540 Frank R. Harrison: at the Nyu Langgo and health system Number one in neurological care in the country, or at least in New York State for starters, but that all being said will be right here on talk radio and Nyc. And all of our all of our social media in a few minutes. Stay tuned.

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00:16:25.880 --> 00:16:27.000 the

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00:16:33.840 --> 00:16:35.020 You

00:17:02.070 --> 00:17:08.790 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back, change my listening pattern to my earbuds, so that all of the echoes and sound effects during this important

00:17:08.920 --> 00:17:22.980 Frank R. Harrison: lecture is what i'm calling it. Maury is completely clear to all of you. I mean. The irony is that he's talking about a form of sound engineering and and the less and brainwave programming. You don't need to hear distractions and sounds.

00:17:23.609 --> 00:17:32.330 Frank R. Harrison: and as I've just been notified, it sounds much better, so i'm glad this will now open up the floor for all of you out there to start asking questions about what more we've been talking about

00:17:32.360 --> 00:17:42.880 Frank R. Harrison: prior to our last segment. You started to saying that a statement I made about a cure versus therapy led to another story. Would you want to begin to share about that?

00:17:43.060 --> 00:17:48.220 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah, it is it's just that. That. Okay. Now i'm getting

00:17:48.410 --> 00:17:50.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: sorry. Sorry

00:17:51.130 --> 00:17:54.060 Frank R. Harrison: you're getting feedback.

00:17:56.030 --> 00:17:58.570 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, okay, I mean.

00:17:59.080 --> 00:18:03.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: okay, You know what I I can go. I can talk through the echo so that it's fine.

00:18:04.090 --> 00:18:13.450 Frank R. Harrison: right? So the reason I was alluding to the fact that I was selfish in this methodology tells myself.

00:18:14.530 --> 00:18:20.060 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and the way it got out into the public. I was a bunch of my friends at the time

00:18:20.200 --> 00:18:21.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: noticed I was getting better.

00:18:22.610 --> 00:18:27.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and they asked me what I was doing, and I told them I created this one recording

00:18:27.450 --> 00:18:29.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the time. It was just one recording.

00:18:29.670 --> 00:18:32.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and they asked to try it.

00:18:32.710 --> 00:18:34.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I gave it to them right.

00:18:34.610 --> 00:18:36.370 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And then what happened was

00:18:36.440 --> 00:18:42.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I? So you know, they said. Oh, this is amazing. It's great. I just thought that's friends being supportive.

00:18:42.250 --> 00:18:44.000 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I didn't think anything about it

00:18:44.130 --> 00:18:56.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: until I start getting phone calls from people I don't know. They also gave it to asking me, hey? I'm feeling feeling that is, that normal is that supposed to be. Is this cool? I'm noticing. I have no patience. I know i'm sleeping better.

00:18:57.280 --> 00:19:09.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know all these things. They were telling me when I realized that people who are strangers. that it's working. I suddenly realized that there was real benefit to this, and maybe it needs to go beyond myself

00:19:09.860 --> 00:19:22.010 Frank R. Harrison: right right? So I mean basically, what you were learning as you were trying to cope with your depression and creating these these sound wave files for your for your own therapeutic, to really look at the light at the end of the tunnel

00:19:22.060 --> 00:19:37.060 Frank R. Harrison: is you were doing what they always say about individuals that do new patterns. You're rewiring your own brainwaves or not. The brain waves. You're creating new neural pathways as you're relearning new ways of doing things that you've been used to doing in a different way.

00:19:37.070 --> 00:19:44.670 Frank R. Harrison: So I gather the more action you took it actually fighting your depression and getting out of that dark tunnel

00:19:44.840 --> 00:19:58.490 Frank R. Harrison: was in itself. They sometimes say, when you're taking action to get it out of the darkness that in itself enlightens you and stimulates the neurons to fire in the a better direction or in a better frequency as you indicated.

00:19:58.490 --> 00:20:12.160 Frank R. Harrison: So it's interesting to see the viral response from others that want to now know about. I guess the moment you first heard the file, and then the mounted time it took after you did to notice a difference. Would you call that a neural incubation period?

00:20:12.170 --> 00:20:20.930 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I've never used that terminology before. But I might. It actually sounds pretty good, because that's that's really what it is.

00:20:21.440 --> 00:20:24.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Everybody is different, but everybody has a brain.

00:20:25.280 --> 00:20:28.370 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, and because of that. I believe

00:20:28.440 --> 00:20:34.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: my current understanding is at least that forms a boring wave in Kramer which it's pretty naive, anyway.

00:20:34.620 --> 00:20:40.390 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know, when you listen to music, and you pop your head. It's not your feet, that's all in training.

00:20:40.790 --> 00:20:49.670 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, and when you're walking in the street from being sedentary, and all of a sudden you're walking constantly, or doing a sprint, or a marathon, or whatever it does.

00:20:49.710 --> 00:20:57.090 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: change your brain wave as well, and if you've ever been driving, and you notice the white lines flickering by you.

00:20:57.200 --> 00:21:04.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Sometimes you kind of don't pay attention, and you get home, or to wherever you're going, and you don't realize that you've been driving the whole time.

00:21:04.060 --> 00:21:09.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's the form of what's known as Highway and Hypnosis, but in reality it's in training right.

00:21:09.730 --> 00:21:24.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's the light of the white line, and then a pause, the white of a white line line and a pause. It's just like a sound pop. That's what the neuron starts following.

00:21:25.310 --> 00:21:37.100 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, okay. So in that visual that you just created, there is a sound that the brain is responding to, and that inspired you to create sound files that the brain would be.

00:21:37.410 --> 00:21:47.060 Frank R. Harrison: and trained to reposition, especially when certain thoughts that you were used to thinking that would bring you to depression are now being shielded.

00:21:47.340 --> 00:21:58.510 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They're not actually being dealt with. They're not actually being dealt with. I was using the street example as a sign of what happened on how, how and that happens in reality

00:21:58.590 --> 00:22:08.100 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the way I came up with the sound aspect while I did other people. You sound but the way I made the relationship was because I was sitting around the campfire on a clamping check.

00:22:09.100 --> 00:22:13.370 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and time passes great for anyone who's ever been asked for like a moment.

00:22:13.580 --> 00:22:15.920 Frank R. Harrison: right of slow time.

00:22:16.430 --> 00:22:23.700 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, I notice i'm passing so slow. I'm 61 years old, and I feel like i'm a 100 years old.

00:22:24.250 --> 00:22:27.900 Frank R. Harrison: That's how much fun. It feels like there's 40 years of depression.

00:22:27.920 --> 00:22:30.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Add it up. It feels like the 100 years.

00:22:30.980 --> 00:22:35.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So when I was sitting around the campfire I was hearing the wood crackling.

00:22:36.180 --> 00:22:43.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The very first time in my life Todd passed fast. I'm sitting around that camp, and I made the relationship between the

00:22:44.070 --> 00:22:51.000 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I started researching your neurology, neurobiology, neural physics, and how it related to our

00:22:51.320 --> 00:22:53.290 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: experience with the environment.

00:22:53.320 --> 00:22:59.870 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: with sound in the environment, you know. Interestingly enough, you don't hear it, and you never have.

00:22:59.910 --> 00:23:05.410 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Nobody has. It is simply the brain's interpretation of vibration.

00:23:06.610 --> 00:23:12.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Right? Right? So these recordings give pulsed vibration.

00:23:12.600 --> 00:23:27.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's why you can't use your buds with. The mere bugs are too small, like what you have in your ear right now. They don't have the amplitude of the signal to create enough vibration, even though your brain of them still going to interpret the sound. It's going to sound the same.

00:23:27.620 --> 00:23:31.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The entrainment doesn't happen because of your perception of form.

00:23:31.170 --> 00:23:33.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It happens because of the vibration.

00:23:34.440 --> 00:23:35.060 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm.

00:23:35.780 --> 00:23:44.420 Frank R. Harrison: Interesting? Yeah. Well, you know what I find interesting, though, based on what you just said. I notice after I complete an episode of Frank about health

00:23:44.470 --> 00:23:49.400 Frank R. Harrison: after I, you know, take the buds off, or even if I didn't use buds on that episode.

00:23:49.600 --> 00:24:08.570 Frank R. Harrison: it's like, I say, where did the hour go? And did I really ask those questions? I guess it's sort of like i'm i'm driving my podcast right now and then, when I look back, I was like, Wow! I must have been sharp at that moment. You know it's very interesting how the brain interprets even visual cues.

00:24:08.630 --> 00:24:20.360 Frank R. Harrison: not to mention, of course, like I guess my buds are limiting me a little bit right now, but at least they're also limiting everyone else from hearing all the behind the scenes noise. That's right here, I mean, if anything.

00:24:20.400 --> 00:24:39.380 Frank R. Harrison: what i'm really looking forward to learn more about in the third segment of the show is, what particular mental and or neurological sound files have you created, and how you could exemplify for people to learn how to, you know, even get a sample, or or learn how, even just

00:24:39.650 --> 00:24:56.380 Frank R. Harrison: by having the patients to listen to it for about 15 min, or whatever the duration is, and then allow time, like what I dubbed incubation period to laps, because it takes time for new pathways to develop. And therefore, when

00:24:56.380 --> 00:25:01.310 Frank R. Harrison: a stimuli comes in that in the past made the person depressed.

00:25:01.590 --> 00:25:20.650 Frank R. Harrison: It reroutes to the new pathway and makes you, I don't know more optimistic, or maybe want to sing a song or something, you know. So I I I do believe, like they've said the brain is the CPU of our bodies of our whole life. Basically and I guess we have lived, especially during the time of Covid.

00:25:20.650 --> 00:25:34.180 Frank R. Harrison: We've lived in different societal structures that teach us not to use our brain as effectively as we would like. And when people are going through reactions such as being disconnected from each other.

00:25:34.210 --> 00:25:47.230 Frank R. Harrison: or if they are getting depressed or anxious or stressed out, because they're not getting enough stimuli, or they're getting too much stimuli, or they're not knowing how to process. The stimuli or the certain

00:25:47.460 --> 00:25:53.350 Frank R. Harrison: unlike, well detaching from each other is we're not. We're not wired for that. So

00:25:53.380 --> 00:26:06.600 Frank R. Harrison: we're we're fooling our own brains and creating a a long-term vision of post-traumatic stress disorder that most people are unaware of until we face times like this, where we're all going back out there, not wearing our mess like we used to.

00:26:07.270 --> 00:26:19.180 Frank R. Harrison: So I think, having you on the show on this particular day was timely on all, many, on many levels like I said in the beginning, this is the the the last day of the Federal mandate

00:26:19.270 --> 00:26:38.370 Frank R. Harrison: for a public health emergency known as COVID-19. But it also is the beginning of how we can all take charge and recondition our minds so that we can live a better life. Post, Covid, and that's what I want. Everyone on the show to know that the Mori method. I'm dubbing

00:26:38.370 --> 00:26:40.410 Frank R. Harrison: as frank about health

00:26:40.550 --> 00:26:44.020 Frank R. Harrison: method of self-efficacy.

00:26:44.520 --> 00:27:02.070 Frank R. Harrison: because I have had talks on the show before about caregiving and about looking at ways of repositioning. Your thought. If you've been diagnosed with cancer or or diabetes, or something, there are ways to change it. But if anything, whatever we're changing in our life.

00:27:02.070 --> 00:27:13.140 Frank R. Harrison: health, wise, or even just our quality of life. It really does begin here. and speaking as an epileptic who learned how to monitor my brainwave patterns for the last 35 years.

00:27:13.280 --> 00:27:23.750 Frank R. Harrison: This is something that intrigues me, and which i'm looking forward to participate in. As we further discuss. All right, we're 2 min out, and when we return

00:27:23.770 --> 00:27:25.510 Frank R. Harrison: Maureen's going to talk about

00:27:26.020 --> 00:27:33.480 Frank R. Harrison: some of of people that have suffered from particular conditions that he has probably consulted with

00:27:33.490 --> 00:27:39.370 Frank R. Harrison: and created sound files for, and give some insight into how useful they can be

00:27:39.500 --> 00:27:44.470 Frank R. Harrison: for the listeners and viewers out there. So please stay tuned on this episode of Frank about health

00:27:44.630 --> 00:27:55.030 Frank R. Harrison: as we talk about the Maureen method with Mauri Zalkovic right here on talk radio and Nyc. And on our Facebook, Youtube Linkedin and Twitter channels. All right. We'll be back in a few.

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00:29:24.290 --> 00:29:34.750 You're listening to talk radio and yc@wwwtalkradio.and live scene now broadcasting 24 h a day.

00:29:55.520 --> 00:29:58.620 Frank R. Harrison: Hey, everybody! Welcome back, Maury. I'm sure you're

00:29:58.740 --> 00:30:11.580 Frank R. Harrison: I heard my commercial and the music that I had chosen, which I actually just, you know, selected with Sam literally going back since 2,016. The reason why I thought that was the perfect theme. Music is because

00:30:11.600 --> 00:30:31.220 Frank R. Harrison: thinking in terms of retraining the brain, I was in the music industry for a while, so I I loved the power that music had with my mood as I was doing the job at the end, you know, at the company. But simultaneously as I was trying to get through my stressful periods in life, plus while maintaining seizure control for myself

00:30:31.260 --> 00:30:35.820 Frank R. Harrison: and that particular music. I don't know if you envision like you're driving a car.

00:30:35.990 --> 00:30:50.830 Frank R. Harrison: I was imagining myself on the 405 freeway in California, driving all the way on the or either that or on the Pacific Coast Highway, going from La all the way up to San Francisco, as I'm. Taking control of my life in the car, taking control of my health.

00:30:50.990 --> 00:30:55.420 Frank R. Harrison: Music has a message, and so I guess a way of retraining the brain right?

00:30:55.460 --> 00:30:56.530 Frank R. Harrison: So

00:30:56.540 --> 00:31:07.800 Frank R. Harrison: that all being said, I wanted you to now share some of your insights into the types of sound files you've chosen. Obviously you picked for yourself anything to deal with depression.

00:31:07.830 --> 00:31:14.160 Frank R. Harrison: a specific file that you probably wanted to share with the You know the listeners and viewers about that file. But

00:31:14.310 --> 00:31:23.400 Frank R. Harrison: have you also created files for Alzheimer's dementia stress confidence, I mean kind of run through your your catalog. If you go

00:31:23.690 --> 00:31:29.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: well, we don't have enough time for that.

00:31:29.030 --> 00:31:31.270 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but it's important to understand

00:31:31.330 --> 00:31:35.580 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that your neural activity, your brainwave patterns creates canvas.

00:31:35.960 --> 00:31:41.350 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and it's that chemistry that creates how you feel so. It's kind of like a chef in a restaurant.

00:31:42.140 --> 00:31:50.320 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If you have 2 restaurants and 2 chefs, and they both have the same ingredients. One knows how to cook like beautifully. The other one has no idea how to go.

00:31:50.660 --> 00:31:59.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, the one who knows how to cook will cook something that's delicious and nutritious, the one that doesn't know how to cook it. It won't be so delicious, and there will be some new conditions.

00:32:00.110 --> 00:32:01.740 Frank R. Harrison: That's what the brain does.

00:32:01.820 --> 00:32:06.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Your life tastes. Your brain is producing the type of

00:32:06.510 --> 00:32:12.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: neural activity that creates that really young meal that makes your life taste good.

00:32:12.370 --> 00:32:13.020 Right?

00:32:13.210 --> 00:32:18.700 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Alternatively, you're thinking all the wrong thoughts you create bad tasting, and that's not good for you.

00:32:19.020 --> 00:32:26.660 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The human experience is, it's my understanding, at least, that everything we create is related to

00:32:26.780 --> 00:32:34.160 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: ourselves and our bodies. Computers work much in the same way as we interpret our brains, working all kinds of things.

00:32:34.700 --> 00:32:35.600 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So

00:32:35.610 --> 00:32:49.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: your brain creates chemistry that chemistry allows you to feel how you feel that allows neural activity, and that allows you of neurons to form new pathways, which then, I believe, gives your mind more options.

00:32:50.360 --> 00:32:59.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I have created a lot of different recordings for a lot of different things, including general self-improvement confidence and self-esteem.

00:32:59.530 --> 00:33:06.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: meditation, general meditation I created a system called the Bite of Mind, about

00:33:06.060 --> 00:33:07.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: 14 years ago

00:33:07.560 --> 00:33:17.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that was designed for cognitive issues. I have learning systems. The cognitive issue was funny because I couldn't get anyone to listen to me for years over a decade

00:33:18.110 --> 00:33:32.810 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: hell. Dr. Dan Brettison, who came up with a repo program, wrote about it. wrote about one of my programs in just the end of outsiders. All of a sudden. Now I have doctors and clinicians all over the world suggesting to their clients

00:33:32.940 --> 00:33:36.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in certain circumstances by my recordings to them.

00:33:37.260 --> 00:33:40.870 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because they say that they call it meditation on stability.

00:33:41.020 --> 00:33:51.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if you want to know the benefits of meditation. Go to Google. Scholars, don't go to regular Google. Go to Google Scholar. You can just do a search for Google Scholar. It'll give you the link.

00:33:52.080 --> 00:33:56.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You'll find thousands and thousands of papers on the benefits of medication.

00:33:56.820 --> 00:34:06.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and much like Dr. Brettison called it. It's Meditation on steroids all the same benefits. Yours simply by meditating. I couldn't meditate on my own.

00:34:06.830 --> 00:34:13.550 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It was impossible. I kept questioning myself. Am I doing this right? Am I supposed to feel this way. You know, there's too many questions

00:34:13.870 --> 00:34:15.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: this type of

00:34:16.060 --> 00:34:21.239 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: technology allows you to meditate without any concerns about. Am I doing these flights

00:34:21.400 --> 00:34:35.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Because it takes advantage of natural factors in the blame, something called the frequency following response, which is same thing that makes you fall on a frequency. Oh, oh, bom! Bom! Your neurons will start following it like a monkey soon. If you do it, then

00:34:35.679 --> 00:34:42.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: things happen automatically. You don't have to worry about doing this right, because it just happens you can even fall asleep.

00:34:43.480 --> 00:34:45.560 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: How hard is it to do what I do?

00:34:45.710 --> 00:34:50.820 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Lie down close your eyes. put on stereo headphones and hit play.

00:34:50.889 --> 00:34:59.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's it. You can fall asleep makes no difference whatsoever. Can't get any easier than that. There's nothing deciding. There's nothing to read

00:34:59.700 --> 00:35:01.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Takes advantage of. Nature

00:35:02.150 --> 00:35:08.750 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because Nature wants you to take advantage of that. That's how you were designed when we were cave people.

00:35:08.800 --> 00:35:11.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know, multiple thousands of years ago.

00:35:11.740 --> 00:35:20.840 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: What if we you know we didn't have any concept of death. If you and I were walking next to each other, Franklin, I dropped dead you'd probably drunk and just keep walking.

00:35:21.080 --> 00:35:30.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: no concept of death. There were no taxes to worry about. There were no health concerns to worry about, because, first of all, everything made. It was organically natural.

00:35:30.570 --> 00:35:33.460 Frank R. Harrison: right, right, and also didn't know about health.

00:35:34.010 --> 00:35:44.000 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We didn't worry about things because we were in the moment, because that's all. Yeah. In the moment we cooked, we ate, we went to the washroom. Everything like that was natural.

00:35:44.010 --> 00:35:51.060 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Now we have so many things abusing our brainwave patterns. We have this garbage that distracts us all the time.

00:35:51.100 --> 00:36:03.670 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We're not producing chemistry. But naturally we're designed to produce. Is there any wonder our mental health suffers in my opinion, and i'm not a doctor. So i'm going to clarify that. But in my opinion

00:36:04.230 --> 00:36:19.290 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that's why we have all the problems we have, because our brains are designed to function a certain way, get our society and our responsibilities and our world around us Doesn't. Allow us to function as nature intended us to function. That's why we're on.

00:36:19.290 --> 00:36:33.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's antidepressants. That's why you're on inhibitors for hardy's. No advancement and excitement is for other world transmitters. It's all trying to rebalance us to have nature once we all we really, in my opinion, again.

00:36:34.050 --> 00:36:39.430 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: is to experience natural states a longer period of time than 2 s.

00:36:40.150 --> 00:36:53.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that one brains to create in their or chemistry. We need behave normally, formally and rationally, very, very quickly. I had Mac surgery that I wasn't expecting about a month and a half 2 months ago

00:36:53.980 --> 00:37:07.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I went to a doctor's office in a clinic. They said we're healing fine, but we felt a lump, and we think we should take it out right away. Within 5 min I was on the table I was joking around with

00:37:07.590 --> 00:37:24.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: while he was cutting this out like a slab of meat in an early I mean literally, I could feel what he was doing, not the pain, but I could feel the time you when the cutting. Yeah, totally fine that isn't me. I should be freaking out and panicking over all of this. But I wasn't

00:37:25.140 --> 00:37:40.550 Frank R. Harrison: because you were living in the moment you will change your mind to be in the moment. There you go. It's very interesting, because it says a lot about how society actually tried, whether they knew it or not, or whether you know 240 years of the United States, for example.

00:37:40.640 --> 00:37:57.080 Frank R. Harrison: or even I. I don't know how many years that the Canadian provinces have existed maybe 2 or 300 years, but that all being said. social structures, schemas, as they call them, or even just living life beyond our natural form

00:37:57.570 --> 00:38:13.640 Frank R. Harrison: that does program the brain for collective identity, for a sense of behaving like your peers it. That's it. Most people just don't realize that how damaging that had been that created us dependency on unnatural

00:38:13.640 --> 00:38:20.820 Frank R. Harrison: products or substances. We have expectations, right? That's the problem. We're taught to react and act a certain way.

00:38:20.890 --> 00:38:37.860 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We don't listen to our bodies. We don't listen to our minds, which actually knows exactly how we should be reacting, and I believe feeling good is not just a random emotion that I believe a feeling bad. It just random. Either you feel bad because you're being important.

00:38:38.020 --> 00:38:43.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That something is, you're being alerted of your thinking and or doing the wrong thing.

00:38:43.260 --> 00:38:47.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If you feel good, you're being alerted that you're thinking, and you're the right thing.

00:38:47.530 --> 00:39:00.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Don't ignore things, you know. If you eat something, it gives you a heartburn all the time. Stop taking hills or within a Hartford, but that food probably isn't good for you. That's why your body is giving you a message.

00:39:00.450 --> 00:39:13.480 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If you're satisfied and depressed, Don't think you know depression is a red light on the dashboard of your life. It's not there to put you or publish you. It's there to alert you that something has a missed, and you need to deal with it

00:39:13.980 --> 00:39:15.630 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Correct?

00:39:15.660 --> 00:39:22.050 Frank R. Harrison: No, I I totally agree with you. I mean, I think, fundamentally, especially when Covid came to town. That was a light

00:39:22.080 --> 00:39:41.760 Frank R. Harrison: on what society had done wrong, and it was also exacerbating that same conditioning by providing and an environment of disconnection and misinformation, and really no direct pathway to get out of it. It took the the society at large to try to come up with a solution

00:39:41.760 --> 00:39:46.260 Frank R. Harrison: that still resulted in the loss of 1.2 million United States citizens.

00:39:46.300 --> 00:39:47.980 Frank R. Harrison: and that's only a fraction

00:39:48.040 --> 00:39:56.140 Frank R. Harrison: of the world population that got lost by the disease. So societal thinking might be a way of allowing us to be civil

00:39:56.160 --> 00:39:59.320 Frank R. Harrison: human beings. but it's not allowing us

00:39:59.530 --> 00:40:11.760 Frank R. Harrison: to be our complete natural selves. So what I find interesting is that where Covid was now making us really fight for our own individual circumstances. It was bringing out the best of us in our own way.

00:40:11.820 --> 00:40:24.530 Frank R. Harrison: you know, and I think what people need to retrain when they come back into society is to retain their individuality at the same time. And Don't let some of the aspects of society that really don't work for you

00:40:24.850 --> 00:40:33.240 Frank R. Harrison: go into your personality. So I think the issue is living in the moment. The moment is the only thing that matters.

00:40:33.330 --> 00:40:48.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah. The only thing that exists, Frank, is the only thing that exists. Let me ask you. Can you chew in the past or chew in the future? Can you breathe in the past, or breathe in the future. No, when you eat it's now when you breathe it's now all we have is now.

00:40:48.520 --> 00:41:00.300 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I don't know why so many people have a hard time wrapping their head around that. That's all they have, you know. Now is all they have. If you're 120 years old. You only have. Now, if you're 2 years old, all you have is now

00:41:00.490 --> 00:41:01.210 Frank R. Harrison: right.

00:41:01.480 --> 00:41:06.040 Frank R. Harrison: Most people are conditioned to forget the now and just live in the past towards your future.

00:41:06.300 --> 00:41:11.550 Frank R. Harrison: You know. By the way, we have a question from our audience, and let me let me

00:41:11.650 --> 00:41:27.810 Frank R. Harrison: read it to you and i'll let you answer it. I know that many times change can only be effective if someone is willing to accept it. Many people with general or major depression go through a period where they do not believe there is any solution.

00:41:27.920 --> 00:41:36.470 Frank R. Harrison: Could this method some more method still help those who don't believe in it at first, or are unwilling to cooperate.

00:41:37.600 --> 00:41:48.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So the brain is interesting in that. It can be that you can fight the effects. My word, there's no question about it. If you want to prove it wrong, you can prove it wrong.

00:41:48.460 --> 00:41:50.120 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because that's your motivation.

00:41:50.280 --> 00:42:02.920 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But I try to explain to people that there's no such thing as bad in this world, and there's no such thing as good in this world, even suffering even even this, you know, for all we know

00:42:03.460 --> 00:42:11.700 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: our lives here last this one in the expanse of our real existence, right? Every one of us has stubbed our toe.

00:42:11.910 --> 00:42:15.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and it hurts like hell for a few seconds, and it goes away.

00:42:15.550 --> 00:42:19.960 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We don't know what comes after. We don't know what we've come before.

00:42:21.470 --> 00:42:26.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That is something we define as bad good as something we define as good.

00:42:26.530 --> 00:42:30.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We can choose to define anything any way we want.

00:42:30.580 --> 00:42:34.410 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I think we need to make a choice, so we need to make the

00:42:34.550 --> 00:42:36.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right choice is good for it.

00:42:37.020 --> 00:42:43.560 Frank R. Harrison: right? And also, if they're living in the moment, it's easy to make the choice, because they can just feel in their gut

00:42:43.600 --> 00:42:54.500 Frank R. Harrison: What is the current choice they need to make? And how is it making them feel hesitant, or with anticipation? And one can assume. If it's an anticipatory choice.

00:42:54.560 --> 00:43:01.280 Frank R. Harrison: you're going to make the choice in the direction that most likely is you're being veered towards. But you're going to end up with a positive outcome.

00:43:01.610 --> 00:43:06.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Look, I have 40 years of depression, and i'm grateful for every minute of it now.

00:43:07.510 --> 00:43:22.080 Frank R. Harrison: because it created a technology, it created a. You have become a leader in coping with depression in a unique way that a lot of people need to learn more about in terms of the product and how they can access it, and we're about to take our

00:43:22.080 --> 00:43:28.210 Frank R. Harrison: final break. So when we return, I would like you to share everything about

00:43:28.270 --> 00:43:39.160 Frank R. Harrison: the the technology, and what format it comes in, where they can go look for it in terms of website. Or if there's Youtube videos, or or even some testimonials that you could share. Okay.

00:43:39.440 --> 00:43:44.440 Frank R. Harrison: all right. So, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned as we are, have learned about the Mori method

00:43:44.500 --> 00:43:54.640 Frank R. Harrison: and his case study with depression, and how he's been able to recover from it, or maintain a better quality of life while living with it; and

00:43:54.740 --> 00:43:56.690 Frank R. Harrison: i'm interested in participating it

00:43:56.700 --> 00:44:09.470 Frank R. Harrison: for myself, because, trust me, doing a show every week with multiple sound sound effects going on in the background is a very stressful thing. But i'm just engaging in this conversation right now at peace. So

00:44:09.470 --> 00:44:18.090 Frank R. Harrison: something is working, even though i'm not listening to one of your sound files right now. But we will be back in a few to continue our conversation. So please stay too.

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00:46:21.750 --> 00:46:29.130 hey? Everybody! And welcome back, Maury. I'd like to first publicly say to Sam Liebowitz, Thank you again for introducing me to Mari.

00:46:29.260 --> 00:46:35.200 Frank R. Harrison: I have learned a lot in the last 45 min about what is going to be a revolutionary

00:46:36.540 --> 00:46:44.950 Frank R. Harrison: program to retrain the brain, depending upon what the neurological or mental health condition is. And

00:46:45.010 --> 00:46:52.220 Frank R. Harrison: he, as I said earlier, he did a show today on the conscious consultant hour on AI and cognitive

00:46:52.270 --> 00:46:59.840 Frank R. Harrison: neuroscience and neuro neuro-cognitive programming, which is pretty much a big hot topic, item, especially in health care right now.

00:47:00.030 --> 00:47:10.400 Frank R. Harrison: So my question is, you are an engineer. So you are aware of what AI technology is doing. How do you compare what you have built within the Maury method

00:47:10.620 --> 00:47:26.770 Frank R. Harrison: within the area of AI I mean, artificial intelligence is actually the opposite of everything we're saying we all need to do to be in the moment. It sounds like it's going to take over your life, even though it's not tried and true yet. So what would you be your opinion on that?

00:47:27.000 --> 00:47:37.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know I actually see AI as a real boon and a benefit because it inspires thought. I don't, I think, depending on how you use it. You know you can drive a car

00:47:37.540 --> 00:47:43.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and take someone to a hospital and save their life. or you can drive a car through a restaurant and kill a whole bunch of people.

00:47:44.180 --> 00:47:52.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It depends how you willing to use it. AI, If you're if you're using it to cheat into doing your work.

00:47:52.250 --> 00:47:54.040 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Then it's a horrible thing.

00:47:54.440 --> 00:48:06.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know. I remember when I was a kid seeing Sci-fi novels and the pictures were people, robots, school, and everything for people, and everyone weighed like a £1,000, and we're all like blobs.

00:48:06.730 --> 00:48:14.930 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's all we were. We didn't have arms anymore, because we didn't need them we evolved to out of having arms. We evolved out of having legs. You know we're just nothing.

00:48:15.450 --> 00:48:33.620 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because that's how we chose to use technology. But If you use technology to stimulate as opposed to replace. then it's going to increase our ability to evolve. Technologically, it's going to solve and cure diseases like hundreds of years faster than they would have been done ordinarily

00:48:33.800 --> 00:48:34.530 Frank R. Harrison: right.

00:48:35.010 --> 00:48:38.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know. It's really how we choose to use anything

00:48:38.750 --> 00:48:51.270 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that is going to define what it's going to do to us ultimately. How we use it, in my opinion, is going to be the defining factor which means AI isn't going to kill us will be dangerous.

00:48:51.390 --> 00:49:03.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We may use it to kill ourselves or to endanger ourselves, but we're not. It's not responsible for that. You know. People say about AI all the time. Oh, it's not perfect. It makes mistakes.

00:49:04.050 --> 00:49:07.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: How many people do, you know, are perfect, and Don't make mistakes?

00:49:07.310 --> 00:49:20.940 Frank R. Harrison: AI is perfectly mirroring humanity right now, as far as i'm concerned, that's true. Yeah, you know what it is. It's that technology has definitely grown at a rapid pace, especially after the last 3 years that people are looking it as like

00:49:21.230 --> 00:49:24.030 Frank R. Harrison: an attack monster instead of owning

00:49:24.050 --> 00:49:35.290 Frank R. Harrison: a specialized tool that we didn't have years ago. It's like I don't know if it's a passive response, or just plain old fear that something that is there to help you

00:49:35.490 --> 00:49:54.970 Frank R. Harrison: is people the first default response? Is, it's threatening your job, or it's threatening. That's our choice. Look, there's there used to be a lot of iron Smiths on every corner of every street there aren't any more, for yeah created the assembly line. Lots of people lost their jobs, but then other jobs were created.

00:49:55.010 --> 00:49:57.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know, this is nothing. New.

00:49:57.680 --> 00:50:04.560 Frank R. Harrison: People losing their current jobs because technology takes it over it, freeze them up to have more

00:50:04.600 --> 00:50:08.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and be more creative, and do more and end up with other jobs and better training.

00:50:08.970 --> 00:50:19.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's all about her, you know. I You're right. I don't understand why everyone is so. Yeah, don't understand why they're eager to be afraid it doesn't make any sense to me.

00:50:19.160 --> 00:50:25.230 Frank R. Harrison: I guess it's the same people who only live in the past in the future. They don't really live in the moment.

00:50:25.230 --> 00:50:41.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I guess one of the things that has to be developed is a way to retrain your brain, to accept new innovations as a blessing and not a curse. But this is my point right normally getting finding out. I need back surgery, and they have to dig like 2 inches deep to take out something the size of a quail at

00:50:41.290 --> 00:50:47.710 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it was like this big that they took out. and ordinarily i'd have been nervous and worried about it. But I wasn't at all.

00:50:48.250 --> 00:50:57.840 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I had the ability to think about it in context that this is for my betterment. It's for my betterment. It's not there to torture me if there to make me healthier.

00:50:57.990 --> 00:51:03.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I saw it for what it was, and because of that the fear factor was negligible.

00:51:04.390 --> 00:51:11.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We can decide. It's like I was telling you. We decide what's good or bad. There is nothing that's good. There is nothing that's bad.

00:51:12.090 --> 00:51:16.800 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, simply a definition. We choose to give something or imprint something with.

00:51:16.990 --> 00:51:30.960 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You can choose to give it a good meeting. You can choose, you know my relationship just ended sad, so sad. It was a 5 year. I'm not it didn't. But i'm saying it's a 5 year relationship. I was madly in love.

00:51:30.980 --> 00:51:33.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Why did this happen? What was me what was me.

00:51:34.380 --> 00:51:39.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, if you drink milk it doesn't stay good all the time. There's a best before date.

00:51:39.750 --> 00:51:52.530 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: sometimes with relationships. You've gotten everything you can out of it. You've given everything you can into it. It's time to move on. There's a best before date. It's not always me. It's aren't. I lucky?

00:51:52.710 --> 00:52:07.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I had met this person that I had this relationship that I learned what I learned, that I was able to teach what I was able to teach. And now i'm better prepared for the next person, who will either be the love of my life or the next teacher

00:52:07.560 --> 00:52:13.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in my life. Either way. It's beautiful. It's wonderful, it's fantastic.

00:52:14.150 --> 00:52:25.900 Frank R. Harrison: I I think we can agree that it is society that created a construct to always be subservient to new ideas and default to the negative, because it's a way of controlling the population.

00:52:26.000 --> 00:52:37.080 Frank R. Harrison: That's my current understanding exactly, and i'm trying not to get into the political realm. But I get anything. If it's understood that that is the consensus thought process.

00:52:37.190 --> 00:52:49.080 Frank R. Harrison: then we all, whether we use your sound files, or whether we just continue to tell ourselves. Don't think that way, because your choice it's. It's like a a lifelong process of individuating

00:52:49.090 --> 00:52:53.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that a lot of people got stuck and didn't do successfully which put them in the default.

00:52:53.840 --> 00:52:59.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I encourage people to remember one thing. If you get nothing else from this chat.

00:52:59.240 --> 00:53:04.480 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: remember one thing: you have a brain. you have it mine.

00:53:04.530 --> 00:53:12.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You were given that by nature, by God, whatever you want to believe by aliens. you were given that to use it.

00:53:12.610 --> 00:53:14.840 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If yes, if you can walk

00:53:14.990 --> 00:53:15.950 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay.

00:53:16.010 --> 00:53:20.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you sit still for 3 days, get up and try to walk.

00:53:20.730 --> 00:53:22.090 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: See what happens?

00:53:22.280 --> 00:53:26.270 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Your muscle test shifting deteriorates so quickly.

00:53:26.640 --> 00:53:30.830 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: 3 days is all it takes, and you won't be able to stand up on your own

00:53:31.690 --> 00:53:34.140 Frank R. Harrison: incredible use your brain.

00:53:34.240 --> 00:53:41.760 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Your brain is a muscle. If you don't use it, it will turn to mush just like any other muscle. You don't use turns to mush.

00:53:41.840 --> 00:53:54.510 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You have an opinion. Listen to what other people say. Sure, if you're inspired by what i'm saying, by what Frank says, by what you know. A President says, what a religious leader says fantastic.

00:53:54.850 --> 00:54:07.480 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but don't act on it like it's a blueprint for your life, reinterpret it, translate it into your own frame of experience, and then, if you're still inspired. Take the action.

00:54:07.600 --> 00:54:12.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's why a lot of self-help, I believe, doesn't work because their people aren't told

00:54:12.540 --> 00:54:23.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you. Know. How can anyone the big names in the industry. How can anyone know what's right for you? You know what's right for you? I can only be an expert in my own life, not in anybody else's life.

00:54:24.230 --> 00:54:28.140 Frank R. Harrison: So if I say something, it's only going to be good for me.

00:54:28.170 --> 00:54:38.300 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You need to reinterpret it to make it good for you. You have a brain. Please use it, please, even if you disagree with me. That's beautiful. You're using your brain good for you.

00:54:38.330 --> 00:54:49.870 Frank R. Harrison: Well, let's in the last 3 min of the show. Let's use your brain to show your website that people can learn more about the sound files and how to become involved in how to do brain

00:54:50.060 --> 00:54:57.740 Frank R. Harrison: and training to get rid of or to focus on healing depression, anxiety, stress, confidence.

00:54:58.080 --> 00:54:59.490 if you could right now.

00:55:00.120 --> 00:55:06.100 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay. So if people want, there's actually a link that I'm giving to Frank.

00:55:06.370 --> 00:55:18.340 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I prefer you. Let Frank give you that link when he's ready. because I have a specific system that can be very useful for cognitive issues, for learning.

00:55:18.610 --> 00:55:22.200 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: for patients, for stress, for anxiety, for sleep.

00:55:22.330 --> 00:55:26.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It may be helpful for all of these things if you use it properly

00:55:26.950 --> 00:55:40.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and consistently over time. It's just like doing setups. If you do 3 setups today and never again you're not likely to get a lot of benefits from those 3 setups. But if you do 3 setups every hour for 8 h every day.

00:55:40.100 --> 00:55:54.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: maybe you'll start noticing some difference down the road. It's a matter of changing habits, changing ways of being understanding that your brain is a muscle and your brain is essential, like Frank said. It's the central processing unit of your life.

00:55:55.140 --> 00:55:55.740 Frank R. Harrison: right?

00:55:56.000 --> 00:56:10.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Because of that, it's going to make all the difference in the world. The technology itself is simple. It's natural. It's totally natural. There's nothing abnormal about it. There's no pills to take there's no medicine to ingest.

00:56:10.710 --> 00:56:19.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: There's nothing to write. There's no notes to take. There's no reading to do. Everything happens automatically, because ultimately the most important part of any of my tech

00:56:19.850 --> 00:56:27.500 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: has nothing to do with me. It's your brain. and your brain has all the potential in the world. If your life isn't what you want it to be.

00:56:27.640 --> 00:56:31.220 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that's not a punishment that's your brain saying

00:56:31.260 --> 00:56:34.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I have a way of helping you. Listen to me.

00:56:34.800 --> 00:56:43.390 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So listen to your brain. Do things you could do to make it stronger and live the life you're supposed to live which is happy. That's why Happy feels good.

00:56:44.100 --> 00:56:48.640 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly so. Where can people reach out to you by email or by your social media?

00:56:48.760 --> 00:56:56.840 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They can reach out to me through email at the Mori method at Gmailcom Mori is spelled Mo. Orr. Why.

00:56:57.340 --> 00:57:04.830 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or they can just do a search for brainwave and treatment engineer on Google. I'm like 990 out of the top 1,000 Result.

00:57:04.900 --> 00:57:06.210 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So

00:57:06.680 --> 00:57:10.880 Frank R. Harrison: yes, because your website says you are the only one doing it. And that is very true

00:57:10.900 --> 00:57:21.930 Frank R. Harrison: Also, for anyone who didn't have a chance to ask a question to myself or Maury. Please email, and he did indicate also that he's sending me links

00:57:21.930 --> 00:57:41.110 Frank R. Harrison: for different sound files. We did not play them on air, because not. Everybody has the same condition. We're not about to inundate sounds that are unnecessary for people, but we can offer you samples to try out and determine if you want to learn more. So you can also email me your request for such links. Again.

00:57:41.530 --> 00:57:44.980 Frank R. Harrison: depression, anxiety, stress, confidence.

00:57:45.100 --> 00:57:49.300 Frank R. Harrison: Alzheimer's disease. Whatever the topic is

00:57:49.440 --> 00:58:05.920 Frank R. Harrison: email your request to Frank R. Harrison, And I will get it to you right away. Also on future shows of Frank about health where we are covering such a neurological issue. I will be referring the sound file appropriate for that topic, just like

00:58:05.920 --> 00:58:13.920 Frank R. Harrison: I have so many that I could have referred. But that's your library so that's why it'll be on demand. As for any of you who are interested to learn more.

00:58:14.160 --> 00:58:18.380 Frank R. Harrison: Stay tuned for tomorrow's sl of shows right here on talk radio and Nyc.

00:58:18.870 --> 00:58:31.090 Frank R. Harrison: which are philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. Stephen Fries always Friday, closing out the week with in tangify with Matthew as well, and of course i'll be back again next week with another mental health

00:58:31.120 --> 00:58:41.250 Frank R. Harrison: episode. I haven't yet figured it out, but I've got 3 that i'm considering. But either way thank you for paying attention to me and my second week at Nyu Lang go. I

00:58:41.480 --> 00:58:46.620 Frank R. Harrison: promise the final week of May, there will be a live interaction with

00:58:46.910 --> 00:59:06.850 Frank R. Harrison: Jeff Demetrek at Hilton, Homewood, suites at Edgewater, New Jersey, where I will be at my second anniversary show of Frank about health, live and in person, so that all being said, Thank you, Maury, for being on the show today. Thank you for the question we received earlier. Thank you, Dylan, for producing the show.

00:59:06.950 --> 00:59:15.530 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you, Sam, for making in the introduction. I look forward to seeing you all next week right here. Take care of signing off.

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