Thought for the Day

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

When There Is Space In Our Lives Magic Can Happen

Almost everyone wants to see magic. Especially in our own lives. We crave for that moment when the impossible happens. Yet often we miss the magic that is in the moment. There is one key to witnessing magic. Something most people forget. In order for magic to manifest there needs to be room for it to show up. When we are so busy figuring everything out there is no space for magic. When we are so concerning about having a plan we can squeeze the magic. Yet when we can be comfortable without a plan, we leave room. Room for possibilities. Room for the unexpected. Room for miracles to happen. When our life is so full of work and responsibilities we can feel the tightness. When we are constantly running from one place to another, we do not have time to breath. It is in the moments when we have no plans, when we have no agenda, that Life can work it's magic with us. For magic is a co-creation. A co-creation of Life and us. When we leave room for Life to weave it's web we can be surprised at the results. Those unexpected experiences. Those unexpected meetings. Those unexpected opportunities that can only come when we have time to be open. To open up ourselves to what is beyond our imagination. To leave room for the magical collision of our lives. Perhaps it is that chance meeting that brings us to a new experience. Perhaps it is the detour that brings us to an unknown place of beauty. Perhaps it is that chance encounter that brings us the love of our lives. We can not know what is around the corner. We can not imagine who is waiting in the wings to meet us. Life, The Universe, or whatever word we wish to use, have a far greater imagination than we do. So where can you leave a little room for some magic to show up in your life?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant