Thought for the Day

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We Can Avoid Panic If We Dive Into Our Fear And Learn From It

Panic is not about the immediate problem. It is not about what is happening right now. It is not about what happened yesterday.

Panic is about our fear of the future.

Our fear of what might happen. Our fear of what to do if it does happen. Panic is the result of letting our fear get out of control. Are there reason to be afraid? Of course, there always are. Should we not feel our fear? Of course not, we need to feel it to process it. There is a lot of information in fear. We can use our experience of fear to learn more about ourselves. It not only informs us of our triggers, it also shows us where our work is. Where we need to sit with ourselves and work through our experiences.

Yet when we ignore our fear, panic sets in.

When we avoid diving into our fear, the panic overrides our common sense. We start to act as if our fear is real. We treat life as if our fear is manifested. Without examination and without thoughtfulness. Yet when we stop and really look at what's going, we can avoid the panic. We can be concerned without being reactive. We can be thoughtful and careful without being defensive and instinctive. Does it take work? Yes! Is it hard? Of course. No one likes to dive into their fear. We all avoid it one way or another. Until we can no longer can. Until we are forced to deal with it. So we become present with our fear. We embrace it. If we are evolved enough, we love our fear. The interesting thing is that when we love our fear it no longer has a hold over us. The panic stops. Our reactive nature subsides. Our eyes clear up and we are able to see clearly again. Not through the lens of disaster. Not through the lens of trauma. Through clear and focus eyes that see what really is. The stark reality we are facing. Not colored by lack or anger. Not tainted by past traumas and nightmares. The real, true situation we are facing in our lives today. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Today. And in the present moment things don't feel as scary. Indeed, in the present moment, things are actually okay. Life continues. We move on. Better for having faced our fear. Perhaps even a little less fearful next time the unexpected strikes. For life is full of unexpected moments.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant